June 12th, 2007


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1. when is your birthday?
2. what was your due date?

my answers:
1. july 8th, 1987
2. june 29th, 1987..which is actually the birthday of my first best friend & my exboyfriend.
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i say, old bean

looking into the future

what are the chances my 5 year old sister is going to tell me one day 10 years from now that my sister and i fucked up while raising her?

have you ever had a tower of onion rings?

do you like tomatoes but not ketchup?

tomorrow is my friend tasha's birthday. should i:
a. give her birthday beatings
b. a swift kick in the ass
c. a really hard slap to the ass
d. smother her in kisses
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Help a girl out please TQC!

1. My husband has been hinting around about this watch he wants.  Thinking I’d get it for him for father’s day I’ve been looking around with no luck. (and yes I’ve Googled but it seems I suck at Google)   He says its sort of a dressy watch but it’s see through?  As in you can see all the gears and inner workings.  Any ideas of what a watch like that might be called or where I can find one?

see I knew TQC rocked!  They are called skeleton watches and hubby will have to hint to his sugar momma or something cause ouch! very cool but expensive on our budget right now.  Thanks for the help!

2.  I think it was this past Friday I ran across a post (it had to be here or stupid_free) about male to female transvestites.  It has a pictorial instruction on how to “tuck and tape"  My mom is reading a book about a hermaphrodite which in a round about way got me to thinking about this post and now she wants to see the instructions.  I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it anyone remember seeing it?  Got a link?
got it thanks!!!

Thanks so much TQC!
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Does anyone have any advice for someone trying to write a book?

I keep writing what comes to mind then erasing it because it then sounds like crap, then rewriting it... lather, rinse, repeat. I want to do this but if it takes me an hour to get a little less than one page done, I don't see myself sticking with it for long.
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Adventures in babysitting

1. Did you babysit as a teen or do you babysit now?

Did you ever :
A. Move the clocks ahead so that the kids went to bed earlier?
B. Judge people by the snacks they left for you or what food they had?
C. Snoop through their stuff?
C2. What was weirdest thing you found?
D. Have friends over when you should not have?
E. Fall asleep?

2. How much did you make an hour?

3. If you never babysat or don't know, what did you do to make spending money as a teenager?
death from above!

Some travel questions

I'm trying to plan a trip down to Texas to surprise my bf in October.  So:
1.  Why are tickets already so damn expensive and what's the chance the prices will actually go down at some point?
2.  How do you usually buy tickets online (as in do you use Priceline/Travelocity/buy straight from the airline,etc)?  Which way do you think is the best/worst?
3.  When's the best time to buy tickets?



Do you want Bush's Immigration Bill to pass?

Do you enjoy bodily functions? Do you enjoy some more than others? Which, and why?

Do you hate it when your friends announce that they have to burp/fart/sneeze/poop/pee?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite Disney movie?

2. Disney is remaking your favorite Disney movie, and they're updating it for today's Disney trends.  What do you think they'll change in the movie, and will it be better or worse?

idk idk idk

What are some things that you feel you will never ever fully understand no matter how many times people try to ram it into your head?

The rules/scoring of football, the stock market, and making pumpernickel bread.

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I left half of my delicious turkey and cranberry sandwich from lunch at work yesterday. I was going to take it home but I forgot. It was left untouched still wrapped on my desk this morning. It wasnt refridgerated though. Can/should I still eat it?

Also what's your favorite kind of sandwich?

(no subject)

1.) Growing up, the entire family next door would refer to breakfast as "brev'd-kist". I'd get into arguments with their kids, because they swore they were saying it properly and everybody else was wrong. Do you know anybody who pronounces a common word in a really unusual way?
2.) How often do you eat some kind of breakfast?
3.) What's your favorite cereal? Does it have to be the name brand or do you go for the bottom shelf store brand that comes in a bag? With or without milk? Sugar? Strawberries?

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Is there any member of the sex you are NOT usually attracted to that you'd like to have some sort of sexual experience with?

ETA: What's the biggest amount of multiple orgasms you've had (i.e. one after the other), if you can even have them?

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Cats pawing at mommy's face

iPod shuffle

My 2 best friends just gave me an iPod shuffle for my birthday!

I have more than 1GB of music on my iTunes, is there a way to determine what goes on there? I have more than a GB of audio books alone, and as much as I like listening to them, I'm pretty sure I don't want them on there.

Also, is there a way to make things go on there in some sort of order? I have it playing in non-shuffle, and the artists were S, K, P, TF... And the titles were T, R, B, G, and so on. Music by one artist doesn't all seem to be in the same section. Is this normal?

I guess if nothing else, it's an excuse to clean my iTunes of stuff I don't listen to.
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(no subject)

Ladies (heck, or men) do you carry a purse/bag? What does it look like? Describe or pics.

What do you think is the best way to get rid of hiccups?

What should I get for lunch? I was too lazy to pack this morning.

What is your favorite mind-fuck movie?

(no subject)

when you graduate from college, if you want to start another degree right after do you have to re-register?
(not a master's but doing another bachelor's)

what are some good websites for interesting prints (to be framed)?
it can be band stuff too.
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Do you let your pride get in the way?
I mean, do you ever hold back from saying sorry or admiting you're wrong beacuse you're too 'proud' to admit it?
Am I making any sense?

I do. I mean. I'm the type of girl who holds back her feelings, I dont show much emotions. I got in a fight with my bf last weekend. And instead of calling to apologize I waited for him to call me. And I still havent found the strength to call him, since he calls me everyday anyways. But I finally sent him a txt saying I miss him. that simple sentence took sooo much to write up and hit send. even with my bf its hard for me to show my emotions. i just hate that lovey dovey crap soemtimes. =p
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(no subject)

1. What are some rock/punk/alternative (really anything not country) songs that mention baseball? All I've got is Weezer "Perfect Situation."

2. What was the last play you saw?

3. How often do you go to see plays?

4. Have you ever made a food experiment that everyone else loved but you hated? What was it?

5. What are some unusual things I could put into eggrolls?

Some fake ID q's for a friend, some from me

1. How old are you?
2. Do/Did you have a fake ID?
3. How/ Where did you get it from?
4. How much did you pay for it?
5. Did it work? Did you ever get caught?
6. Have you ever heard of anyone getting a fake ID online? Was it legit?
7. Does theidshop.com seem legit?
Edit: Yes I know it's illegal, I'm asking whether or not it seems you will get a 'legit' fake id or if it's a complete scam.


(no subject)

Do you ever find yourself thinking that some person you've met is just exactly like a character you know from TV? Or maybe the other way around, like a TV character is very similar to someone you know in real life? If so, who is that person and their corresponding character?

meeting people!

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My question is - do you have any ideas for clubs, activities, etc where my husband and I could meet new friends together? not necessarily couples, as we aren't particularly mushy, but people our age. We thought of bowling, but around here, a lot of bowling league people are 50 and redneck, and we're 24. If it matters and you feel the need to get specific, we live in the DC area (virginia side).


What direction?

1. Do you talk to yourself? (You know, sometimes during normal daily processes, when making a list or going over a list in your head, etc.)

2. You go to Arby's. (Or whatever fast food place.) You order a beef & cheddar but you want swiss instead. You see that they charge you 50 cents for the switch. Do you make a comment about this? If they tell you that's all they can do, do you park your car and go inside and try to talk with someone about refunding your 50 cents?

3. After watching Blood Diamond, for those of you who saw it, do you believe that there is truth to how we American women get diamonds like we do? If diamonds are aquired by such brutal methods, do you really want any for yourself?

4. Do you and your SO have different values with money? (Like one of you wants it more than the other or one of you would buy big things while the other would give to charity, etc.)

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I microwaved a frozen cat and it came to life.

What is the weirdest dream you've had that you can remember?

Do you walk around your house(or wherever you live) naked? Why or why not?

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Every time I hear animal rights activists engaging in heated debate, I want to shout, “Shut the hell up and go invent a good tasting soy cheese!” Because it’s true, without one we are doomed. Of course, we can’t all invent a good tasting soy cheese (but can someone? Please?), so I humbly offer 10 steps even the most activist-phobic among us can use to help create a vegan world. While these things may seem obvious, maybe even insignificant in light of what animals are going through every day, look at it as a chipping away at our meat and dairy based culture.

Also, dealing with issues of animal abuse can take a toll on a person’s psyche, make us cynical, depressed and, worst of all, make us lose hope. It’s important that we keep our spirits up, and sometimes seeing the words “Vegan Muffin!” in a bakery’s display case can feel like reading a newspaper headline declaring “Bush Impeached!”

Do you guys really read these long posts just to answer a question or do you skip to the bottom to see whether there was a point?
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(no subject)

How do you turn a Nokia 6102 into airplane mode? Aka you can't receive/send calls but the phone still works as a clock, alarm, camera, etc.

I couldn't find any info about it in the userguide.

(no subject)

Time for a really random one, TQC:

In the movie Notes on a Scandal, what was the album that the art teacher was showing to the student (the one that "changed her life".) I thought it was a Pretenders album, but I was apparently mistaken.

(no subject)

are there any IM sites that are kinda under-cover (more unknown than meebo, anyway)? I have someone I'd really like to talk to but the school computers are blocking all the IM sites I can think of. any help here?

10 ways to get rich

An eccentric billionaire with a meat cleaver and a briefcase full of cash approaches you. He'd like to buy as many fingers as you're willing to sell. Each finger you allow him to cleave off, he'll compensate you, monetarily. The fingers are his to keep, but he'll put you in touch with the finest prosthetic worker in the business. How many, if any, fingers do you surrender?

Pinky - $500,000
Other pinky - $500,000
Ring finger - $1,500,000
Other ring finger - $1,500,000
Middle finger - $5,000,000
Other middle finger - $5,000,000
Index finger - $10,000,000
Other index finger - $10,000,000
Thumb - $15,000,000
Other thumb - $15,000,000
I keep all my digits, buster. I ball all my fingers together and punch him

If you are willing to lose all your fingers, you get paid a whopping $64,000,000, and you can pay someone to do all the chores you'd normally do with your fingers
The Dude Abides

Three ?'s

1) Was Manolo Ribera the greatest sidekick in cinema history? If not him, then who?

2) What's a movie or television show you watched where you root cheer for the "bad guy" to win/be successful?

3) Who is the worst, as in unsuccessful, fictional villain? (comic books, novels, movies, etc)
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Uh oh, spaghettios...

The other day, I went into town and bought a few CDs. Among them was Regina Spektor's recent album.
I got home, and through a series of unfortunate, yawn-enducing events, I didn't get a chance to listen to it until last night.
So, I open it up, and sample the CD art. It's one of those really nifty ones where they list the names of the tracks, except not one of them matched the list on the back cover. For that matter, the name of the album was also presented a few inconsistencies.

I've listened to the album (Soviet Kitsch), and it's actually fairly good.

Should I:

a) rip the tracks, burn a copy of the CD, and get the right CD?
b) take it back and get the right CD, since making an illegal copy of an album is morally reprehensible?
c) go get the case for Soviet Kitsch and ask them to mistakenly place Begin to Hope in it?

Also, I don't think I have a receipt. Every couple of months, I throw away old receipts and marvel at how my wallet is now actually smaller than my arse. I don't know whether it's the realisation of the actual size of my arse, or the comparison with something designed for such easy access yet used exclusively by me, but the experience just leaves me feeling kind of tired, and a little hungry.
So, I probably threw it out.

movie, or dream?

Okay TQC, help me determine if I just came up with this in my brain, or if it's a movie I once saw and just had popped back at me.

Girl lives with her mother, who had her very young. Girl gets in argument with crochety old kindergarten teacher about having pierced ears. Mother dog of girl's puppy gets run over. Some men kidnap and molest the girl while the mother is out partying. Cut to later in her life, she is looking more boyish and taking care of herself. Has a friend over even though the house is a wreck. (because again, mother isn't there to be responsible) Girl is hanging out with boys more and being tougher. With male friends at some kind of bowling alley where a man dies (heart attack, presumably) and the little brother of one of her friends is there. The brother tells his brother that the man left for a while, before the girl can tell him he's dead. This causes a fight, with splintered wood getting stuck in people.

So now the question is...did my brain make this up, in which case, how freaky is that? Or is any of it like a movie that might exist?

For the record, I'm a fairly vivid dreamer, but even this seems just...too "scripted" to be a dream.
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(no subject)

Everyone always says people usualy dream in b&w, but everyone I've heard asked that, including the questioners, dream in color. So do I. I starting to think b&w dreams are the oddity. My question is...

Do you dream in color or b&w?

Sorry if this was recently asked, it seems like a common question, but I havn't seen it...

Harry Potter

What series do you consider would be a good 'alternative' to Harry Potter? There are lots of adults and teens who do not like Harry Potter at all, because of the writing style or themes or whatever. So, what would you recommend as an 'alternative'?
Or, recommend as a series that a Harry Potter fan might *also* enjoy? Similar themes or whatever.

My answer: The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody.
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Ever Notice...

Have you ever noticed that, when you are already having a bad day, asshats seem to crawl out of the woodwork and direct their hateful attitudes at you? Or is that just my cynicism speaking?
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(no subject)

If someone was slandering you in a group of people you no longer associate with and the slander doesn't affect your life currently, would you step up for yourself?

Or just leave it be?

What if this person was slandering you to make up for their illegal actions?

(no subject)

If you went to a concert and wanted to find out the list of songs that the artist played, where would you go look?

If you have had a best friend thats graduated, did you get them a present? What did you get them?

(no subject)

1.) Yesterday morning some guy pissed me off so bad my right eyelid started to twitch. It's been over 24 hours, I'm not angry anymore, but my eye is still twitching. Are there any way to get this shit to stop? It's getting a little annoying.
2.) Do any of your body parts tend to twitch?
china town

(no subject)

What are some weird, useless facts you know about movies?

Wayne's World - When Garth was telling the Bugs Bunny dressing up like a girl bunny story and Wayne laughed, he wasn't laughing at that story. The director had yelled cut and Mike and Dana were just chatting and the camera guy caught Mike laughing his balls of at something Dana had said.

Goonies - It was filmed in the order that the movie progresses (semi-rare) and Chunk had the chicken pocks.

(no subject)

What are some nice, and relatively cheap laptops?

I need to get one for college. I don't want a crappy one, however, the less expensive the better seeing as I am going to be working my way through school.
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(no subject)

Come on now, what's the most illegal thing you've done? No cops here, honest! Bonus points if the worst you've done was something while using a fake ID.

Mine: Worked for an escort agency. Oooooooo, so scary. My phone was tapped though, and it made me feel so criminal. Blech.


1. Where do you live?
2. What restaurants do you have in your area that are of an ethnicity/country separate from the one of majority in your area?

Please only put the ethnicity/country down if there's at least a few of that type around. Don't just list everything in the tristate area (though we all enjoy a good dick measuring contest).

1. Central NC, USA
2. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Irish, Indian, Mediteranean (Greek/Turk/Leb), Carribbean (Cuban/Jamaican), Thai.
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(no subject)

This may be a little obscure, but it's worth a shot.

I have a '97 Ford Taurus, with a cassette player/radio. I bought one of those adapters that is basically a cassette tape with a wire that connects to an iPod or CD player headphone jack. It didn't work, it would just play for about 5 seconds and then try to switch over to side 2, and then say there was an error and spit the adapter back out at me. I told my roommate about this, and she said that her car only works with Sony adapters.

I don't know if I just got a defective adapter (it was the cheapest one there, made by Scocshe (sp?)) or if car stereos actually have brand loyalty. Does anyone have this type of car/radio, and do you use these adapters ever? What brands work?
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(no subject)

Is the website Inphonic.com legit?

I'm looking at the Blackberry Pearl, with 1000 anytime minutes for 34.00, and TMobile Unlimited for web browsing, and texting.

I need to buy a new phone, and I want to switch carriers, so I stumbled across the website, and before I do anything drastic, I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. Thanks!
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(no subject)

My cellphone was stolen yesterday when I was in the mall. Now, I called t-mobile and they suspended that line for 30 days. The person on the line was very nice and helpful. So no incoming or outcoming calls are accepted. I was also told to file a police report. But how exactly do they go about tracking my cellphone?

For you people who lost/had your cellphone stolen, what did you do? And the aftermath... how would you rate your particular cellular service in terms of you misplacing it? Thank you.

(no subject)

I'm thinking of getting my father a spiritual book for fathers day, He is very religious ( catholic ) and he's also pretty sick so he might not have very many years left ahead of him. I know he likes to read though, however I don't . So I have no idea which book to get him, I went to the Religious and spiritual section at chapters the other days but theres so many and I don't know which one to get.

so can anyone recommend a spiritual/religious book for him?


(no subject)

This summer is my first attempt at gardening. I have already killed my strawberries. We have a beef steak tomato, 3 cherry tomato plants, zucchini, yellow crook-neck squash, sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers, and a pumpkin plant. Maybe watermelon if my plants make it.

If you were planting a vegetable garden, what would you plant in it?

(no subject)

What has been the hardest thing you've had to get over?

You can put in perspective or stages if you want. Like, if your parents' divorce was harder at age 5 than your own divorce was at age 45, you can account for that or whatever.

(no subject)

1. Did they (or do they) offer sociology courses at your high school? Did you take any? Would you say that you enjoyed them or found them boring?

2. Did you take any sociology courses in college? If so, which ones? Have you formed an overall opinion on the subject in its academic form (you know, it's interesting/worthless/etc.)?

3. Does someone who is in the process of quitting smoking have the right to be a complete asshole to everyone as long as they apologize and explain the situation?
Daria procrastination

itching for the craving!

How long do you have to be craving something before you give in and have it?

I've been craving a Pepsi since...like 11 this morning. I haven't gotten it yet because the down the street from me is all torn up and it's right in front of the Kwik Star, where the Pepsi is. Ack.

What's the last song you played on repeat?

This one I'm listening to. *points*

Photoshop experts: How can I remove some of the redness on my face in this pic?
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In proper Say Anything style, a prospective suitor tries to win you over by standing outside your window at dawn with a blaring boombox raised above his or her head. You happened to be asleep at the time, but now, you gaze out upon your impromptu serenading wake-up call.

1. What is the strongest emotion that's running through you when you look down at them?
2. What song could he or she play that would win your heart in such a situation?
3. What would be the first words you'd say to them this fine morning at 6am?
Age 26

That's What It's All About

How many calories would a 150 pound woman burn if she actively danced the Macarena for 20 minutes?

How many calories would a 150 pound woman burn if she actively danced the Electric Slide for 20 minutes?

How many calories would a 150 pound woman burn if she actively danced the Hokey Pokey for 20 minutes?

What were you doing ten years ago this month?
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Yer makin my eyes bleed!

1. Do things like this happen world wide or pretty much confine themselves to these here great United States?

2. Doesn't that make you just feel ashamed...of something...how a human being can be that out of his mind and breathing the same air as me? Maybe I'm just sensitive?

3. Do frivolous lawsuits make you want to - well - what do they make you want to do?

**EDIT** Sorry, they were cleaning the walls with acetone today at work and the fumes got to me. How about a link so I'm not out here all crazy like...


multiple questions

1) My computer has been crashing a lot latey and in the event that it crashes for good *knock on wood* is there any online database or something where I can upload my entire music library to download later?

2) I noticed today that a few new AIM bots appeared on my buddy list and I've never IMed them (they are sharethisdotcom, spleak, WSJ and Prof Gilzot). Are they some kind of virus?

and lastly

3) A friend of mine told me that I need a passport to fly to California to visit a friend of mine (i live in New Jersey, btw). Is this true? And if it is, since when do American citizens/residents need a passport to fly within the country??

thanks a lot.

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(no subject)

I took a No-Doz about 2 hours ago. I still feel sleepy. The box says not to take more than 1 every 3-4 hours.

What do you think will happen if I take another?

How would you plan and carry out the perfect murder so you would never be caught?
Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

Am going out to a small party tonight and I can't decide what to do with my hair. Do I wash it and use a diffuser on it and have my usual curly mop that's easy, or do I make the effort to put heated rollers in and rock a 1940s look?


I have a hideous Beta named Troy.  I say hideous becayse he's off white/yellow and has navy eyes and some green streaks.  I think he looks pretty rad, but he is kind of ugly when you stare for awhile.

Anyway.  Lately his eyes are more of an aquamarine blue.  He stays at the bottom of his bowl.  He won't eat any food.  He's never been stimulated by anything, like a tap on the glass or my finger poking the water.  I cleaned the bowl Sunday and took out the bamboo that was in there because it was kind of gross looking.  Now he's acting all weird and sick.

Has this happened to you with your Beta (assuming you've had one)?  
Think it's because I need to buy a new plant?
Any idea what I should do?

;_;  I don't want him to die.  Why won't he eat?!
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(no subject)

1. If you have a handbag that has a lock & keys, do you ever use them?

2. If you don't have a handbag with a lock, but you do use handbags, would you ever buy one with a lock? Would you ever lock it?


Has anyone here flown Skybus? What was your experience?

I'm very hesitant and suspicious about taking a flight that is so cheap (in advance) because it makes me wonder how shady the plane and/or the pilot is. I heard that the pilots make half the salary of pilots with other airlines, which leads me to believe that they're inexperienced and possibly disgruntled.
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(no subject)

really random question: do large (larger than 8.5x11) sheets of transparent paper exist? i'm talking about the stuff they use for overhead projectors. and no, i don't want to tape a bunch of sheets together. :/
dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

Two things:
1. If you were a clone of a man, created in some kind of artificial womb, you’d still have to have a mother, correct? Clones would still have a mother and a father because despite the fact that they only have one set of DNA, they’d still need to be formed from an egg that was fertilized with semen, yes?

2. Is it thought that Einstein was such a genius and used more of his brain than most people because he was born late and therefore spent more time in the womb? Are there theories out there that more time spent in the womb = higher IQs?

(no subject)

It is 79F, thunderstorming, and I have to walk about five minutes to my bus stop. I have no umbrella.

What should I do, TQC? Serious and non serious answers welcome.
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(no subject)


1.  You try on a pair of shoes at a shoe store,  figuring they won't fit, because shoes like them usually don't.  Not only do they fit, but they feel good on your foot.  They're leather too.  And they're only $25.  You know that shoes by this brand usually cost $65-80.  Do you buy the shoes?  What if you really have no good reason to wear them?

2,  Anything happened to you lately that was scary at first, but funny after?

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The Receptionist Classic

I'm Anti-Barbie

What are the little kids into these days?
My niece turns four next weekend. I don't know anything about her (there's a TL;DR story behind that) and this is the first time I'll be able to send her anything.

[And because it does matter, they live in Hawaii right now. I was going to send her a gift card for Target because she apparently goes through clothes like mad, but um, there's no Target there. If you know of any major chains that happen to be in the Pearl Harbor/Honolulu area, please share.]

(no subject)

Do you donate items regularly to places like Goodwill and/or The Salvation Army?
Do you ask for a tax receipt (if that's what it's called) so you can use it when filing your taxes?

Do you think it's alright to donate underwear or socks?

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(no subject)

1. Do you like tuna fish sandwiches?

2. Have you done some really awful, horrible things that you hope no one else in the world ever finds out about?

3. Do some of the choices/mistakes you've made ever cause you to feel a tight, world closing in on you feeling?
3a. How do you deal with that feeling?

(no subject)

Is there any advantage to using a monophasic birth control pill over a triphasic*? Vice-versa?

What's the last thing you bought with a coupon?

Anybody else sunburned?

*Besides it being easier to skip the placebo week.
really never growing up


5:16 PM 5/26/07 · There's this movie called The Wedding Planner where they put forth that in Golden Gate Park they show movies on the side of the museum. I've actually seen this film before but I kinda missed this part the previous times.

Is this true or was that just made up for the movie?
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(no subject)

1. What do you collect?
2. How seriously do you take this collection?
3. What's the next or most important thing you'd like to add to it?
4. Why do you collect what you collect?
5. Would your collection be worth anything if you sold it, and if so, what? (And how much would you estimate you've spent on it so far?)

6. What did you do at work today? What's your job? (Alternatively, what did you do at school today? Or while being unemployed today?)

7. Ahem, are you aware of the various campaigns to save Veronica Mars? They sent all these Mars bars and marshmallows already, but today is the day to buy the last episode ("The Bitch is Back") from iTunes in the hopes of making the Top 10. (More info.) Anyway the real question is-- for those of you who care about Veronica Mars, right now do you feel like let it rest in peace already, or if you controlled the world, would you like them to make a movie, a whole new season, what?

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TQC, I just realized I have an audition tonight that I thought was towmorrow.

I have to memorize a short song by 7. It's now 5:30. Keep in mind I still have to eat dinner.

Think I can do it?

(no subject)

I am going to make ice cream this summer but i am not sure about combo flavors. I want to make something with rose and something with lavender but I don't know what to put with it. What would you mix them with?
Also, what are some great strange ice cream flavors that you like?
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One of my friends just got dumped by his almost-wife. He's very sad about this, as can be heard from his computer speakers - he's listening to Dashboard Confessional.

I want to make him a 'cheer up, emo!' mix tape.

What I need from you, TQC, are songs that have helped you to get over a breakup. I would love songs that are punk or emo sounding, but really, anything will do. Throw in some funny ones, too, if you can.

So what do you have for me?

(no subject)

1. How long do you think about something before you decide, "Fuck it, I'll ask TQC"?

2. Feel free to tell me my taste in music sucks if you wish, but what does the track "Me, Myself and I" here remind you of? I've been trying to work it out all day.

3. Anyone actually a Darren Hayes fan? Looking forward to the new album? On the off chance some of you are, which of the new songs do you like best so far?

4. I have woken up with one swollen eyelid the past two mornings. Why?

1. With my second question, about a day.
3. Yes, yes and Step Into The Light


I'm a Scandinavian Studies major and feel "obligated" to like Ingmar Bergman since he's supposed to be the greatest filmmaker ever, but I can't really get into this films (I've seen Cries and Whispers, Saraband and The Seventh Seal, and am lukewarm on the first one and generally dislike the other two).

a. Do you like Bergman?
b. Why or why not?
c. Which films of his would you recommend if you do like them?
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

I'm heading to Panama in August, and my only connection with American culture over the next two and a half years will be my iPod: 30GB and I have like 24GB free for music or videos.

That said:

1. What would you MAKE SURE to stock your iPod with, if you were heading out for that duration of time? Keep in mind you can't update it while you're there.

2. What would you suggest I update mine with? I like a little bit of something from every genre, and am not too picky, except I only like rap that sounds like Lupe Fiasco, or country that sounds like Johnny Cash. Current favorites include musicals (yeah, I'm that kid), The Polyphonic Spree, Regina Spektor, Juanes, Sigur Ros, Sondre Lerche, Frank Black, but really, I'm open to anything.
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Not that I even eat bread anymore...

When I was growing up my mum often had au-pairs or foreign students staying with us for a few months at a time. One girl was very homesick so my mother went out of her way to try and make the girl feel like part of the family, and gave this girl some minor preferential treatment, much to my 5 year old chagrin.

One evening, at the dinner table, the girl finally burst into tears. My mother rushed to her and asked her what was wrong and the girl replied that every night my mother had been giving her the crusty end-piece of bread from the loaf, and where she lived that's what they gave to the pigs. In my house we all loved that piece and occasionally squabbled over it. The girl was getting the piece over the rest of us but she thought she was being treated like a second class citizen.

Do you like the end piece/slice from a loaf of bread?
If no, why not?
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TQC, ever since we moved into our new house, I've become a cooking addict. I can't stop making strange and unusual things to eat; furthermore, unique recipes keep popping into my head, like the ginger crumble muffins I made this morning.

1) What's the wierdest food you've ever eaten?
2) Was it good?
3) Do you have the recipe?

(no subject)

I'm going to Maryland in two weeks. Are there cicadas there??!!! (like all over the ground..I can deal with them when they are in trees and not flying into me) I need to know before I make reservations because if there are, I will not be going.
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(no subject)

What is your personal strategy for keeping yourself from crying when you don't want to?

I clench my teeth and try and think of something hilarious, like when my friend Angela says, "horrible".
Good and Evil

(no subject)

Have you heard that Mr. Wizard died?

Did you watch Mr. Wizard?
Did you watch any of those science based shows as a kid (Bill Nye, Beakman's World, 321 Contact, Zoom)?

I only saw Mr. Wizard a couple times. I was pretty young even during his rerun days. But I loved Beakman's World!

(no subject)

1. At what point do you get sick of someone whining about their life and tell them off?

For those in relationships or think they know it all:

2. Do you think that compromise is an integral part of a relationship?

3. Who is the more dominant person in your relationship (non-sexually)? How?

(no subject)

1. Do you grow any of your own food? Fruits, veggies, etc.?

2. Have you read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius? What did you think of it?
edit: if you haven't read it, does the title make you at least somewhat tempted?

3. Do you know what a kangaroo word is? If so, isn't awesome?

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(no subject)

I got this icon in a bunch of perfume bases. The poster gave me a link to a site where she thought she got it, but there's so much to go through. Does anyone have any idea what perfume add my icon is from?
Question answered!!
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How would you react if you were in a semi-industrial area, lots of businesses and such, and there was a girl walking a horse down the sidewalk?

Would you stop and try to pick her up? Would you use a cheesy pick-up line?

I was that girl. And no, I wouldn't, since I don't swing that way, and it wouldn't look abnormal to me obviously. Cheesy pick-up line, after receiving business card with name/number on it from said guy: "Call me sometime and I'll make you un-bored." >.>
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(no subject)

I'm using Fire Fox 2.whatever. I have a lot of things bookmarked as toolbar thingies. Some websites don't provide little image buttons for their .. sites.

Does anyone know if I can customize these and put images for them myself? :D


Should a girl ask a guy out??

How long after you have met?

How many dates?

..and what should I say?

LOL HELP guys, I was in a 3 year relationship previously, he did all the romantic stuff...
There is a new guy in my life..and he just HAS to be mine..


Can you teach me how to do the Charleston tonight?

Or do you know of any videos/sites that could teach me?

I'm representing the 1920's in my skit for my history class tomorrow, and would like to be able to dance...

Friend sent me a link.  TOO HARD.  And embarassing.

Anyone actually ever done the Charleston?  Or any cool dances?

Choose: Greta Garbo or Clara Bow?

Star, Star of Life, Life


Anyone in here that uses incense on a pretty regular basis? I am just started to get back into Wicca (its been a few years since I started to learn about it) a bit more and my fiance is allergic to incense... Does anyone have suggestions on what I should use that wouldn't bother him, or at least not as much as with most incense? And no, not using it is not an option..

So yeah, anyone know of any good low-allergen incense?

(no subject)

So apparently I'm a weirdo because my toes can bend funny. CAN YOURS bend funny like the pictures of mine unerneath the cut or am I just a freak?

Will you post pictures of your toes whether or not they can bend funny?

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kihei akahi

(no subject)

A question for all you Ebayers out there:
I'm sure you've seen people's listings where they say that they aren't offering the actual item just information on how you can get your own thing for free or for a great discount, but you have to buy the information packet from them for 5 or 10 bucks. Has anyone bit the bullet and done any of that with either good/bad results? Just curious to hear about your experiences with this type of thing. Thanks :)

(no subject)

Hi TQC.  

1. I went out and bought the shoes I was asking about in this post.  So now I ask you TQC, what would you wear with these shoes?

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2.  How are you today?

3. Are you multi-tasking right now? What are you doing besides hanging around TQC?
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(no subject)

Have you bought a piece of infomercial exercise equipment that works wonderfully?
What is it?
How much did it cost?

Specifically I just saw an ad for AbLounge and want to know if they work. lol

(no subject)

Have you ever had a dream that you got some sort of take out food home, then woke up and realized it wasn't real?

I just dreamt that I bought and had a leftover quarter-pounder in the fridge. Then woke up and realized it was a dream. I'm very annoyed.
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(no subject)

1. What should I bake for my brothers class tomorrow? It's his last day of 2nd grade!
2. Californians-- Have you been on Nemo yet at Disneyland?
3. It's approaching midnight and I haven't eaten dinner. What should I eat?
4. Have any of y'all been to South Africa? What did you think about it? What are some spots I definitly need to see? WHERE ARE THE PENGUINS?!

(no subject)

What song/singer/group do you listen when you:

1) are having a "the world can visit Hades and never come back and i wouldn't care" day? (a really bad day)
i would listen to Linkin Park or Evanescence

2) are feeling a little blue and need something to cheer you up? (an okay day)
Gaelic Storm is always there to make me smile

3) are up to feeling good but are just to lazy to show it? (a blah day)
Norah Jones is my buddy on those days

4) are have an awesome day? (a super-duper day)
soundtracks like POTC:AWE are really good to listen to