June 11th, 2007


I need a MAN PURSE.

What man-purse should I buy?

Seriously, I need something that's not a girly purse, nor a backpack to carry around my stuff. Something like those things where one strap goes around the shoulder and it's a about 2-3x the size of a normal purse.

1. It should be probably 2-4x the size of a normal old lady purse (which is on the bigger side).
2. It should be easy to carry and comfortable. If you have something fashionable that is two-straps that would be nice, but not a requirement.
3. It doesn't need to be super stylish or anything and I don't care about name brands.
4. It should be durable.
5. It should have various compartments, including several big open ones and various small ones. If you get pictures try to get ones showing the inside.

I'd prefer to order to online.
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idiomatic expressions?

i'm not sure if these are idiomatic expressions. have you heard of these? do you know what they mean (without looking them up, of course)? i'm a native english speaker and some of these were new to me:

- call a spade a spade
- carry the can
- come a cropper
- do a bunk
- do one's nut
- draw in one's horns
- get the wind up
- go by the board
- go great guns
- pip someone at the post
- save your bacon
- take the biscuit

(no subject)

There is a thread over on Postsecret about how gay men (or any men who've had sex with men, or any women who have had sex with a gay man) aren't allowed to donate blood to the Red Cross. One person mentioned how her fiance couldn't give blood because he was raped (by another man) when he was a child.
That's horrible and ridiculous, but my question is: if you KNOW you're not HIV positive, you CAN just... um, lie, can't you?

Questions about music creation...

So I've just gotten back into using Sonic Foundry Acid. I'm currently in between bands, which is annoying, but at least I still have something to make music with. It's been quite a while since I've used it, and my google searches were (of course) amazingly unhelpful. So:

1. Do you know of any good sites that provide free loops? Ideally these would be clearly listed and labeled, and packaged together (I have found a few sites, but the loops were poorly marked and only downloadable individually).

2. What is a good free program I can get to make loops? I used to use Taureg, but it doesn't seem to be available anymore.

3. Same as question one, but for samples.

I'd also be interested in programs/loop packs that can be purchased, but I'm specifically looking for free stuff I can get my hands on immediately. I'm in quite the music-making mood tonight, any help is much appreciated.
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(no subject)

1. what causes cellulite?
1.5. is there anything that can prevent cellulite?

2. if you cheated on your significant other, would you tell them?
2.5. would you expect them to forgive you?

3. for those of you who have had kids, what size pants were you before you first got pregnant?
3.5. did you need to have a c-section?

4. did you watch the tony's?
4.5. thoughts/opinions?


Hypothetical celebrity discovery post

You're about to use a public bathroom for whatever call nature is demanding of you, when you're brushed aside by either Brad Pitt or Lindsay Lohan, who enters a stall and within minutes, you hear the cacophonic ugly sounds of pooping, which goes on for a while. You go about your peeing, and as you're cleaning up, you notice that the air is odorless. There is absolutely no poopy aroma in the air. None! It's like the room has been completely purified! It would be borderline flabbergasting if you really cared (I'm assuming you don't). The buildup to this nauseating question is:

1. Would this change your mind about celebrities who 'think their shit don't stink'?

edit: it's still not entirely proven if girls do, indeed, poop, so in theory, Lohan drops a deuce in this theoretical restroom

(no subject)

1. What is the proper way to address a widow? (Meaning Mrs. Lastname, Ms. Lastname, etc)

2. Do you take photos at funerals? How about gravesites? Why or why not?
I never take photos at funerals. I took a couple of photos of my father's grave a couple days ago and felt really strange doing so. I don't know why, it just felt kind of crass.

3. Are you on good terms with your ex(es)?
My ex is one of my best friends. We hadn't hung out for almost two years, and the other day we picked up as if nothing had happened (when, frankly, a lot happened. Our story could go in the dictionary as the definition of "bad breakup"). We've texted each other literally about  50 times in the past couple of days, and his girlfriend/fiance and I are good friends.
i say, old bean

(no subject)

inspired by a silly survey:
What are three things that are needed in a relationship?
So TQC, in your eyes, what do you think is needed in a relationship?

silly answers are more encouraged, but serious work too.

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(no subject)

So, awesome! I got hives. I've been using a new nailpolish and was also outside in the sun all day, so I think that's what did it. I've never had hives before, but the internet works wonders.

If you have ever had hives, what is the best at-home treatment?
How long did they last?
What should I use to cool down my skin and make it stop itching so much?

Thank you every one. I would hav been lost, just itching, and freaking out making the hives worse in the pharmacy if not for you guys.

I got benydryl and the gold bond anti itch cream. I just took the benydryl and applyed the anti itch cream, but the cream feels so much better already.

(no subject)

Do you feel bad when you take a day off work and it isn't fully justified?

What is the proper buffer time to call in and request said day off?

Does it make it better if you know you're going to be handing in your notice pretty damned soon there?

I ask, because I just called in "sick" with a sinus headache and an upset stomach, but mainly because I couldn't find my wallet.
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(no subject)

This person and this person are engaged. They're fifteen and sixteen. They've broken up and gotten back together several times, and their parents signed the papers for them to get legally married this summer. Thoughts?

Edit: She's not pregnant.
Edit2: How old do you think is "just right" to get married?
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Picture ?'s

1) How often do you take pictures?
2) Where is your favorite place to take pictures?
3) If there were a tqc photo community would you join it?

Bonus: To those of you who are doing a project 365 what are you doing with the pictures you take once your project has ended?
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Over the Counter Meds

Where could I find a chart that lists what the different pain releivers are supposed to do best?
I know they list different ingredients, but I can't remember which ones are designed to be best for headaches, joint pain, inflammation, etc.

(no subject)

At my school, the computer system has a bunch of websites blocked so the students can't go on them. Sites include Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Habbo, etc.

The teachers computers also have these sites blocked, but one of my teachers has a 'go-around' program that lets him access these blocked sites. If he told us what the program was he could get in a lot of trouble, so I was wondering if anyone here knows of such a program.

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


I recently got a laptop and I'm getting cable for my laptop today from Time Warner. I'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to work. Do I get wireless or just regular cable? Is someone going to come over my house to install something? Does it work the same way or differently like on desktop computers?!

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(no subject)

If you're in a hellish amount of pain and no painkiller works, what do you do?

Is there anything you CAN do, or do you just suck it up and bear it? Do you go back to bed and hope you can sleep through it (assuming you don't have shit to do that day)? Do you curl up in a fetal position and cry? Do you work your ass off on something, hoping it will distract you enough from it?

I'm considering all of these options but haven't quite decided what I'm going to do. Buuut I DO have stuff to do today, so going to bed probably won't cut it... damn.
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(no subject)

I'm going to Montreal on Thurs (yay!) and my grandmother has all kinds of ideas, one of which was a dinosaur that was made of plastic chairs. But she can't remember if it's in Montreal or not. I've tried Google, but I can't find it.

Do any of you know if there is a dinosaur made of plastic lawn chairs and if so, is it in Montreal?
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German Girls

question 1. Has anyone heard recent news about the girl who escaped an underground dungeon after 10 years?

Question 2. What is the story behind the death of Silke Bischoff? All I can find is stuff about the band (which is very good) who named themselves after her, but nothing on her specifically.
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(no subject)

What is something that the U.S. has that India doesn't? We have an Indian intern for the next 3 months, and she wants to take something home that you can only find in America.

You're going to a BBQ! What are you bringing (food or booze-wise)?

How many drinks do you have before you deem yourself unable to drive? Does it matter how far you have to drive?

I'm supposed to go to a farewell outing after work for someone who is leaving. I don't want to go. What excuse can I make up to tell them tomorrow as to why I wasn't there?

What movies do you think should be redone?
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(no subject)

1. For those of you with children, did their eye color change? If it did, when did it change?
2. Is the tqc_notebook ever going to happen?
3. Whats the last thing you bought online?
4. What did you eat for breakfast?
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(no subject)

I want to make some scones and muffins today because I'm feeling all cheeful and domesticated, but we just had some guy come and put varnish on our front and back doors so the house smells like varnish. 

Would this affect the quality/taste of the muffins and scones? Should I wait a few hours for the smell to dissipate before cooking?
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(no subject)

Now, I don't normally eat chocolate.  Mostly, because I was sure for years that it was causing my migraines.  Today, however, I am in need of some chocolate.  Thus, I plan on making a fun afternoon walk to the store and buying a chocolate bar of sorts.

What should I buy, oh great TQC?

What's your favourite chocolate bar?

(no subject)

1. What are your favorite book covers? Whether you like the actual book or not.
2. Are you looking forward to the Golden Compass/Northern Lights movie?
3. If you got the opportunity to travel into space, would you? Basically, I just want to know if anyone is freaked out by the concept like I am.
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windows vista

like all computers and programs, i've heard good and bad recommendations for windows vista. i wouldnt like an os that has too many problems or w/e but the thing is i'm only using it for a few programs. my question is thus:

-does anybody out there use windows vista for word processing, internet/email, and itunes? can you give me a recommendation on how well those functions work?

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(no subject)

Is there something that a large number of people in your general area (not an organized group, just people) tend to do?

In my town, a lot of people will sing the song "Build Me Up Buttercup" when bored, or when there is a lull in conversation, or just entirely at random. I've actually asked people about it and no one has any idea why.

AU radio

Could you recommend me an online Australian radio which plays today's favourites?
Australians, which radio station do you listen to?

I'm from Hungary, and I usually listen to this hungarian radio - it plays mostly hits from both the 90's and today's.

EDIT: Thanks for everybody, who responded. I'll try all :) My only mistake is forgetting about time zones LOL (9,5 hours), so I wondered why there's a morning show on the radios ;)
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I've noticed that whenever I turn my central A/c on, I get rather dizzy in light headed within 30 minutes or so. Then when I turn it off, I feel back to normal in about an hour. At first I thought it might be carbon monoxide, but I have electric not gas in my house.

Any ideas on what it could be?
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(no subject)

Welcome to the TQC Greeting Card company's monthly meeting.. we're trying to come up with a new batch of greeting cards.. do you have any ideas?

1. what occassion is it for? (graduation, birthday, death, wedding, ETC)
2. what would the outside of the card say?
3. what would the inside of the card say?

in other news....

4. have you ever gone commando? under what circumstances? sometimes my jeans don't look right with underwear and i really don't care for thongs, so i have, lol.
5. if you haven't, would you?

(no subject)

when my boyfriend and i talk, he spends a lot of the time watching my mouth.
do i have bad teeth?
is he checking to make sure i don't have anything between them?
is he going deaf?
is he distracted by my lip ring?
or is it something more salacious?

Stuff and Things

1. Have you ever won anything on Blingo? What?

2. If you bring your lunch, what do you usually eat? I'm trying to figure out what to bring to lunch that doesn't have the word "instant" in its name. Suggest?

3. Why do a lot of businesses pay bi-weekly? It's annoying.

4. Are you good at detecting internets sarcasm? Are you often sarcastic online?

5. If I were to make a new icon, what should it be?
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(no subject)

1) I bit my tongue last night all the way in the back, and today my whole throat is sore. Why is that?
2) We have city water, and where the tap drips, there grows a pink mold. Is this dangerous? Should I alert the city? Should I avoid drinking the tap water?
3) If you have reflux, what do you take to help?
4) I am sleepy. Should I take a nap when the baby naps or should I do housework instead?
5) Do you have a Zune? Do you like it? Does it perform better than an iPod?

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(no subject)


Do you know the rest of the coconut song after the line "big ones, small ones, some as big as your head?"

ETA: I am not asking for them, I am asking if you know them from memory.

(no subject)

Do you know anybody who's ever been ripped off by a scam artist, like those guys who drive around in white vans offering discount speakers, or those dudes who will reseal your driveway with black paint and then disappear with your cash?

How'd that work out for them?

(no subject)

So TQC, I have a problem. I recently found out I was pregnant while I'm in the middle of getting a tattoo done. You can see the tattoo here:
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So my question is, should I wait to get it finished with getting color, or is it fine the way it is?

Edit: Oy, I meant in the process of getting the tattoo. I already had this done way before I found out I was pregnant.

Mixed Greens.

1. Does it or does it not freak you out when you seem to be in the loud majority? (If you don't know exactly what I mean, use your mind and just go with it because maybe there's no exact meaning.)

2. What was the last thing you cooked?

3. Without looking it up, finish this: Perfect love drives out ______.

(no subject)

Anyone else playing along with www.savemyhusband.com??

How do you feel about the commericals/the game itself? Is it misleading? Did you think that someone was actually missing??

If you're playing, have you figured it out yet?

(no subject)

1. If you sell on eBay, what sort of items are selling best lately? Have you recently bought anything on eBay? What was it?

2. How would a US citizen begin the process of moving to Canada? I'm talking about paperwork, documents, visas, citizenship, etc...

3. As it stands now, who are you going to vote for in the presidential election?
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spelling, beauty, noise, and revenge

1. What is the one word that you can't stand seeing misspelled?
I hate seeing people type out 'prolly' or some other stupid version of PROBABLY.

2. What size is your biggest diamond?

3. What do you like to put on the TV for background noise? What activity do you usually have to have background noise for?

4. What would you do to the person that walked up to you, grabbed your primary hand, and cut your thumb off?
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broadcast services

What's your favorite NPR/PRI/APM/public radio program?

NPR: National Public Radio
PRI: Public Radio International
APM: American Public Media

I like Sound Opinions, World Cafe, Car Talk, A Prairie Home Companion, and I also like (shameless plug alert) our own music show, Live From Studio One.
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Well, I tried that Banana Boat Sun Dial sunless tanner a few people have recommended in here. Unfortunately, my results were much worse than any other sunless tanning product I have ever used.

So, any tips on how to even out my splotchiness? Or get it all off? My brother is getting married this weekend D:

Alcoholic Rhymes.

I learned this:
Beer before liquor, gets you drunk quicker.
Liquor before beer, you can puke over here.

My boyfriend learned this:
Beer before liquor, gets you much sicker.
Liquor before beer, never fear!

They contradict each other.

Which version did you learn (or did you learn other words)? Which is correct?

(no subject)

What's the most hilarious/stupid lie anyone's ever told about you?

In like mid-highschool someone once said that I only pretended to have heart problems so I had an excuse to not do drugs. Idk what the hell that means but lololol especially considering I did used to do them so.. why would.. I don't know. I still think about that and laugh sometimes.
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Traded for a box of tomatoes

Backstory: I worked at a national fast food chain (the one that is Scottish named), and one day my manager told me that they needed a head cashier at the store near by. I did not have a car at the time so she took me over there, and as I was getting ready for the shift I saw my manager leave with a box of tomatoes. I asked the manager at the location I was at, and he told me that they [my location] was short on tomatoes, and they [where I was now] needed a cashier that they did a swap to cover the shift. I had been traded for a box of tomatoes, that really makes you feel special!

What has been the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to you at work?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here ever ghostwritten anything?

If you were applying for a job and wanted to show writing examples, would it be acceptable to use published articles that you ghostwrote but have someone else's name on them? How do you show that you actually were a ghostwriter and not trying to pass someone else's writing off as your own?
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Stripped Screw

I have a new (to me) vaccuum cleaner. But I can't use it. I need to put on the new fan belt, but ... alas, the last screw that needs to come off is freakin' stripped all to hell. I've tried everything.

What do I do to get this screw off? It's in a cramped, annoying area, too. :(

(no subject)

Have you ever considered that for all the mayonnaise you will consume in your lifetime all the molecules that will make up your mayonnaise exists out there somewhere but not as mayonnaise?
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(no subject)

1. What did you name your car?
2. How did you come up with that name?
3. What other non-living things have you named?

1. My first car was Bonnie. I'm trying to come up with names for my new one though.
2. She was a Bonneville, so Bonnie seemed to fit perfectly well. I'm having some trouble coming up with something for an Accord though.
3. None.

(no subject)

Cottage cheese?





Only raw
Only cooked

Bean: funny word?



Did you ever intend to "do things right" with your significant other and try to not have sex until you're married and then you end up not being able to do that and then feel horribly guilty afterwards?

Do you get really attached to those you have sex with?

Does having sex with somebody make breaking up with them more painful for you?

Did you come from a household that is really puritanical about sex to the point where you feel really uncomfortable with it?

Do you try to follow your religion's decrees about this thing?

Do you end up being torn apart by guilt when you break those rules?

Do you suffer from thinking too much and driving yourself batshit crazy?
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Hare Krishna Vegetable Curry


We went to this Hare Krishna place called The Cardamom Pod at Byron Bay and we had the YUMMIEST vegetable curry.

This inspired me to buy a slow cooker and make curries! Except for, after I went through the trouble of buying the slow cooker, I couldn't find any recipes!

So I made one up. I sort of just put a few of the ingredients I found in various curry recipes together

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1. Do you think this will be good?

2. I thought I'd make the rice in the rice cooker with some turmeric, cumin and cook it with veg stock (instead of water). Does this sound good?

2.b How much of each spice should I use for 1 cup of rice?

3. Does anybody have a recipe for Vegetable Curry that doesn't use tomatoes? Is it a Hare Krishna recipe?

4. Are you a Hare Krishna?

5. What is up with Ghee??? YUCK!

Round 2.

Okay, I know the posts are close together and similar, but it seems like we had fun chosing the best gemstones! I loved the feedback - so I narrowed it down some more to some much prettier rings, I think. Still opal. If you're game check em out, lemme know what you think. Um, so whaddya think?

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(no subject)

TQC, Rudezombie's last question rekindled my anger at my boyfriend for being a dick for four months this one time. It was a situation that, when I asked you all last year what I should do, got responses like "put nair in his shampoo" and "burn his things."

The situation has been pretty much resolved since and we're back together, but at the moment I feel frustrated with the remnants of the anger and drama that are still around even today. WHAT SHOULD I DO TO RELIEVE THIS FEELING? EXTRA POINTS FOR SUBTLENESS.

No vry srs answers plz. Can't put nair in his shampoo cause he uses mine. Burning things can't be done.
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(no subject)

1. Why won't Alltel send me my damn phone bill? Are they trying to get me to pay for their tacos and midget strippers or something, by only allowing me to pay the un-itemised online bill? Or am I just needlessly paranoid and/or money-grubbing?

2. Do you know where I can get any matte-black nail polish? I don't want the super-glossy stuff, and that's all I ever see. I like my sparkly dark blue polishes now, but it's nice to have something that goes with more than just dark blue.

3. Name my kitten? He's black with green eyes. I'm considering Zombi or Gollum, since he is sort of funny-looking. Opinions?

4. Do you know how to tell if cans of food have botulism, aside from just whether or not it's dented or bulging? EDIT: I mean like, once you open them/if they're not dented. All I could find online was how to tell if you have botulism yourself.
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(no subject)

How do you know when your boyfriend is going to break up with you? 

On a lighter note what was you funniest fall. Mine was when I fell up the stairs in school basically in front of everyone.
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(no subject)

1- Have you ever had to train someone for your job? If so, how'd that go?
2- Are you usually the one who breaks up your relationships, or the one who gets dumped?
3- Why must baby animals be so damned cute? Is it to trick me into almost getting them?
4- What is your favourite thing to do/see in a museum?
5- Where's your head at?

1- Doing that now. While running the office. My limited sanity is on a break, definitely.
2- Usually I'm the one tossed. I find it too hard to kick someone to the curb, sigh.
3- Yes. :(
4- EVERYTHING. Seeing stuffed animals ready to attack wins though.
5- Floating at the ceiling.
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(no subject)

My housemates moved out and left a huge piece of wonderful fudge in the refrigerator. It's highly likely they don't even knew it was still in there. Is it fair game, or should I wait?

Would it be insane for me to drive 45 minutes to get Arby's or Applebee's or IHOP for dinner tonight?

The only restraunts we have up here are more for the tourists and very expensive, plus I have a desire for processed food tonight. And I don't want to cook.
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What's a good way to get rid of a wasps nest...as opposed to the usual spray it down with a hose and then run for your life?
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(no subject)

1. What store is closest to your house? What kind of store is it?
Wawa. A convenience store.

2. Have you ever accidentally called a phone sex number? How long did it take you to realize?
I was trying to call this place but dialed 800 instead of 888. It took me like 30 seconds, at first I thought some guys are just really into tools.

3. I just got back from the grocery store and realized I was wearing two entirely different shoes. Do you think anyone noticed?
I hope not. I find both of them to be a bit ugly on their own, but I like them.

(no subject)

1. That stink someone gets after going to a tanning salon... Is that the smell of burning flesh?

2. My boyfriend got a new printer/scanner/copier. He's not home. Should I scan a body part?

3. Do you like grape soda? What about cream soda?

4. What do you post in more, your own journal or TQC?
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Something to pass the time while my roommates take forever to get ready...

With my old phone number I kept getting people looking for Adam. Now I've changed my number, I've only had it three days, and people are now calling looking for Tiffany!

Tell me TCQ, who the hell is Adam and why were so many people, especially young women, looking for him all the time?

Now who is Tiffany and what did Wal-Mart pharmacy have for her today?

Am I going to end up hating this Tiffany as much as I grew to hate Adam?

Am I secretly Adam and Tiffany and I just don't know it?

What is your current ringtone? (Mine is Disturbed's cover of "Land of Confusion")

(no subject)

Based on your past training and experience, why do you feel that ******** should consider you for this position?

I'm filling out a job application and I'm on the last page. I've already listed all my damn skills and whatnot on the previous pages (so I have nothing new to add), and it won't let me go back. Brain is numb after 40985039458 hours working on said app. Plz advise.

Bonus points for something outlandish and bold like "You'd be a damn fool not to hire me!" Except better.

Edit: Why is my text all funny? What did you do to it!? Or is it just weird on my computer? Nevermind. I was somehow in the rich text thingy.
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(no subject)

LiveJournal Etiquette

1) Does it bother you when lj-friends comment on your *personal* journal entries but the entire content of the comment is about themselves? nooooo reference to you? It bothers me.

2) Have you left or received more comments?

3) Do comments really matter?

4) Do you only 'friend' people you have similar interests to?

(no subject)

1. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 and I had to restart it and now I can't use my touchpad to scroll. I try to get the little icon back on the taskbar, but it won't show up. I really hate having to use my arrows to scroll, I love being able to scroll with the touchpad. Does anyone know how I can get this back?
Edit Please, no comments about how my computer sucks. I've heard it all

2. How many songs do you have in whatever music player you use? How many GB?
I recently deleted over 2,000 songs, now I have 5685. 35.29 GBm

(no subject)

Hello TQC,
How do you write about poetry? And how do you understand Edgar Allan Poe? helpful websites? My exam's in about 15 days and I'm still in deep waters - I'm not clear about most things and I don't really know how to start to get to know them. Help me please!

PS : I have tried doing assignments and things but I just keep failing them...and I really tried very hard. So, maybe I'm just not gifted in this area. :(



How do I make my new cats stop pooping two feet away from the litter box instead of in it? They came to me trained, and mostly use the box, but when I go to sleep, they decide that it's time to poop on my floor. Is it just because I'm asleep and not watching, or what?
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Leadershippy movies

I teach a grade 9 student Leadership option class (it's like student council, basically). I want to show them a movie or two in the last couple weeks of class since we won't be planning or executing any student events during the last few weeks of school.

1) Must be PG-13 or lower (I don't mind some swearing and violence, but nudity and explicit sexuality is a no go)
2) Should have a theme of leadership

So, any suggestions for movies to show?
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(no subject)

1. Is there a difference between a dork, nerd, and geek? My guy friends were debating it the other day and I was wondering what other people thought.

2. If you met a guy, and were pretty into him, would it be a turn off if you found out that he owned a comic book store?

3. Now that school's ending this week (FINALLY!), I need to make sure that I've seen all the coolest movies of 2006. What movies should I be SURE to add to my Netflix so that I can watch them over the summer?

(no subject)

im trying to find this music sharing comm i used to read

they used to have big directory posts of everything currently uploaded for the comm - it was really useful, huge lists of current uploads. i could have sworn it was on my flist, but i cant find it :(

anyone know what im talking about?

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I just made a new screen name, and AIM is being a little bitch. Every time I sign on the new screen name, it tells me there's an error, and it has to close. Now, it won't even let me sign on. However, all my other screen names work at the moment.

Is this screen name the spawn of the devil?
Why is it acting a fool?
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What was the last thing you thought, before you read this question?

I wished that people making image macros would realize that you don't need to mis-spell every goddamn word.
Text - best is yet to come

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For my nutrition class, we have to prepare a snack food from a random culture for our class. It has to be "attention grabbing" so I'm pretty sure ants on a log aren't going to cut it.

However, I have no ideas.

Do you? Would you share them with me?

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Are you addicted to Snood?

Do you have nice teeth?
I got my braces off today! I can't stop looking at my teeth.

Who would win in a battle, a narwhal or a unicorn?
Unicorn, fo'sho.
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All right, let's settle this once and for all.

Are macros funny?

I don't know what macros are

[ETA: if you think they're funny sometimes, that constitutes a yes. Obviously not every single macro is going to be a winner, but if you can appreciate the good ones, that's enough :)

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What's the funniest thing you've witnessed lately?

I was at a barbeque/party with my boyfriend and he was telling a story about his friend face planting, and right as he got to that point, his shorts just dropped to the ground. i still laugh when i think about it.
Give a dog a home

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Do you think that cops should be used to scare children straight?

For example, you catch your child shoplifting, and call the police, and explain that you need them to scare some sense into your child. Those kind of situations.

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The bulb in my fridge just went out. I didn't even know that could happen, but makes sense. How do I change the bulb? I've looked at the Kenmore and Sears websites, but I can't find anything about what bulb to use. Can I just use a small light bulb? and do I have to unplug the fridge?

I do plan on calling Sears tomorrow, so this is just info so I know what to ask about.
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My mom just found my iPod after it had been missing for about a year now.

1. Have you lost anything lately?
1a. What was it?
1b. Have you found it yet?
1c. Where was it?
1d. How long was it missing for?

Fathers Day

I'm sorry if this was already posted, I'm sure I'm not the first who has thought of it. I checked though, and didn't see it.

What do you do for your father on Father's Day?

What has been your favorite Father's Day?

This is my first Father's Day with my father in years, and I want to do something nice for him. Any suggestions? How about for a grandfather?
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What exactly is the point of posting a question and disabling comments?

Exactly how hard do you want to hit people who do that?

If you buy bottled water, what's your favorite?

Did you have a good day today?

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What type of flea preventative should I use? My 2 dogs and 2 cats have fleas like CRAZY (I blame the neighbor cat coming and chilling out on my porch) I was wondering what formula people were recommending these days. I know that formulas get tired and some summers one works better than the other.

What do you use?
do you find the flea/tick one less effective than exclusively flea formula?
have you ever tried Revolution?
have you used the frontline spray? did you find it effective (we've used it for our cat, because she can't have things directly on the back of her neck)

Last time we used frontline on our Boston Terrier, her flea infestation didn't go away and she ended up on steroids because the flea bites were causing BLISTERS :( we don't really have a tick problem here so I'm not sure I care if they are protected against them, but everyone has fleas.
that's what she said!

Costa Rica recommendations?

Has anyone here traveled in Costa Rica on a guided tour? If so - and you enjoyed your tour company - can you tell me the name of the tour group you went with? I'm looking to go later this summer or in early fall for 7 or 8 days, and I'd prefer to research tour companies that come recommended.

Thank you!

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1. I want to learn to play a melodica this summer. I don't know how to play any instruments, so I would probably take lessons. At what point do you think someone is too old for music lessons?

2. If you have ever taken music lessons of any variety, how old were you?

3. Have you ever taught yourself how to play an instrument? If so, how did that go?

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The clock said exactly 7:34am when I was woken up by a horrible noise that sounded like a continuous foghorn that was inside my room. It was so loud, that before I was fully awake I actually thought I was back living in the St. John's University Queens Campus dorms, where the fire alarm went off literally six+ times a week and that it was going off right then.

I looked around for the source of the loud, continuous sound and pinpointed the surround-sound speakers I'd hooked up to my PS2 a year ago. They were blaring feedback noise at FULL VOLUME. I turned them off but that didn't phase them at all. I finally had to find the wires and desperately yank them all out simultaneously for them to finally completely shut off.

My question is - WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?

I know electronics malfunction but I've honestly never heard of that happening. Now I'm afraid to touch them because I'm a moron and think they're possessed or something.

On a lighter note, in the third song (Synasthesia by Junkie XL) on THIS page is he singing "I'm eight months pregnant!" or am I just letting myself believe that because I'm amused at something like that being screamed by a man to upbeat techno music?
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Stranger with Camera

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1) What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
When I was 8, I saw Nightmare on Elm Street at a sleepover with my friends. I couldn't be upstairs by myself for about 9 months.

2) What's the most played song on your music player of choice? How many plays?
'The Kill' by 30 Seconds to Mars- 882 plays

3) What's the song you listened to most recently?
'I'm Sorry' by FlyLeaf

4) Do you have a favourite driving song?
I can't think of one. I guess it depends on my mood.

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what's something that seems to be commonplace for most people that you've never experienced?

i've never been to or really seen the ocean. the only time i did was on a flight home from London back in 2004 when i was coming back from the potty.
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What's the weirdest thing someone's asked you to do lately?

I had a guy email me through a kink site to ask if I'd be interested in being a 'milk maid' (like what's shown here and probably not best viewed at work for content and pictures). I think I'll pass. At least he was very polite and respectful in his email.
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Dancing and Love

Can you help me find this website?

About a year ago, I heard about this website from which customers can order pictures of the nightsky over specific locations on specific dates.  Does anyone know what the website is?

If you find it using a search engine, please feel free to mock me, because I am inept (but put forth a good effort!).
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for 65redroses :)

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So today, we found out that a squirrel mother had made a nest with her four babies in our air conditioner. Animal Control came, and they pulled out 3 of the babies- she came back and took one of them herself and ran up a tree. Animal Control placed the other three at the base of the tree she ran up. A couple of hours later, she's back on our window ledge, looking mournful.

1.Did she find the babies, and was mourning her really warm nest, or did she not find the babies, and was looking for them?
2. Any weird wildlife stories of your own like this?
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r there any talented photographers on TQC
in San Diego

i wish 4 "raw" pictures in "natural" lighting of me taken on digi cam. roughly a dozen usable ones must be taken. I will b shirtless in all and smiling in half, approx

thank u

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