June 10th, 2007

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1. What can I do to keep Sharpie from coming out of a t-shirt in the wash?
2. Do you like the smell of weed? If so, is it because you genuinely like it or because you associate it with getting high?
3. What's your favorite kind of bread?

1. I don't know, that's why I'm asking. I'm thinking vinegar rinse 'cause that's sometimes used to set dye, but not sure.
2. I don't like the smell at all, and can't imagine inhaling smoke that smells like that.
3. My grandma makes this dill bread that is simply divine. Mmmmm!
Friends: Unagi.
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There's a little street not very far from where I live called the Laconiastreet. The streetsign says Laconia is a town in the USA. The only Laconia in the USA I can find is this one in New Hampshire.

1) Why do you think a random street here is named after a random city in New Hampshire?
Non serious answers are good too.

2) Do/have you live(d)/Do you know anybody who (has) live(s)(d) in Laconia?

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One of the girls I work with pretty much wants nothing to do with me, she' said it's because I'm white. I always have the same shift as her and one other girl, and the only time she ever talks to me is when asking where the other girl is so she can talk with her, or if she needs something that she can't get from anyone else. I don't understand why skin color has to be an issue, and it makes working with her very uncomfortable and difficult. I just want to make working with her less of a problem. How can I do this?

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My computer has a big fat horrible virus and it is making my computer suck balls. It constantly opens ads and windows that go to this one long address, (http://url.cpvfeed.com/cpv.jsp?p=110830&ip=
and it's making my computer go so so slow and I have to restart like every 10 minutes. It also does this Active Desktop Recovery bullshit. I've been running Spybot like mad and everytime I do it finds about 40 of the same spywares and removes them, but this one "Command Service" can't be removed because it's still in memory usage. I hate it!!!!!!!! How do I get rid of this virus? Help!

Music question...

All right, first some brief back-story. I am a music fanatic. I love to play it, write it, and listen to it. I'm also a terrible music snob, by which I mean I am very picky about music I will listen to (not in a stupid way, like some people I know, I am just very picky as to the vocals/orchestration/lyrical quality/etc.).

Anyways, I just started listening to Coheed and Cambria. I avoided them for a long time because everyone said they were just some lame emo band. Then I heard that all of their albums tell part of an ongoing story, which intrigued me. I finally listened to their newest album, and I loved them. They are an amazing progressive rock band (how people got emo from them, I will never know). Has something like this happened to any of you? Has there ever been a band you thought you would just hate but turned out to be nothing like you expected? I'm interested in any stories you have to share(and maybe I'll get pointed to some good new music, as well...).
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wedding stuff

So, some of my friends are getting married soonish, and that got me thinking about my own theoretical wedding. So, TQCers, what did you do or what do you want to do?

1) DJ or band? If a band, how large? Approx cost of band, any idea?
2) Type of food?
3) Open or cash bar? Or a combo of the two?
4) Write your own vows or stick to the standard?

And my parents got divorced when I was young, both remarried, but they still don't get along AT ALL.
5) For those who have divorced parents, how did that work out? Who did the giving away, and the daddy/daughter dance? The coordination of all that is freaking me out.
6) I've heard that some wedding planners specialize in divorced families, I'm tempted to find someone that does that...did any of you folks use a wedding planner? Good idea?

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If you care to share the cost of total or individual aspects of the wedding, that'd be awesome.
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I should be in bed

1. Have you seen Ocean's 13 yet? If you did, did you like it? If not, do you plan to?

2. Are you planning to see the Simpson's movie this *JULY*? Why or why not?

3. Name a role in a movie that you think would have been better played by another actor/actress.


1. Saw it tonight. I'd give it 6 out of 10. Not nearly as interesting/witty/fast paced as the first 2.

2. Yes. Morbid curiosity.

3. Still miffed that Jodie Foster did not do Clarice in Hannibal. I also think that DeNiro or maybe James Caan would have made a better casino boss in Ocean's 13 than Pacino.

Random much

1. Ever tried sneaking out of your home? 

1a.  If so, did you get caught?

2. What's your favorite Ben and Jerry's ice-cream flavour?

3. Do you really care if Paris Hilton is in or out of jail?

Yes, Yes, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, No
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Dear TQC,

Let's say you're using the bathroom and you get to the point where you need to wipe. You suddenly realize there is no toilet paper, no tissues, no towels, nothing you could actually use as a replacement for toilet paper, AND there is nothing in the rest of the house that can be used, as well as no one for you to yell to for help.

What do you do, and how do you wipe your ass?

(no subject)

Have you ever been called a failure or disgusting? Do you feel it was justified?

How would you respond if someone called you a failure or disgusting? What if it was someone in your family who constantly did so?

(no subject)

I'm not sure if any of you remember my post earlier about interview advice, and anyway it's not that important. The important part is that I got the job (so thanks for all your advice).

Anyway. Fisrt off, I didn't really know what the job was for. I posted an application on a site called workforstudents.com, and these people called me. The receptionist told me to come to the Sheboygan Sun building, which is a newspaper, so I thought it would be a sort of secretarial job. But no. Apparently, I'm supposed to go to people's houses and try and convince them to buy CutCo cutlery. ...traveling salesman not exactly what I had in mind for summer job. At the time, I was too surprised that I actually got the job to say anything about it, but the more I think about it the more I really don't want this job. I'm terrible with confrontation (one of the reasons I don't want this job, actually), so how should I tell my new manager I don't want this job? I considered telling him my parents won't allow it (which is semi-true, they don't think I would be good at it and so think it's a bad idea, but really they wouldn't stop me), I considered telling him I got in a car accident and my car was totalled and I won't be able to get it fixed 'til the end of summer, I considered blowing him off and never answering my phone when he calls. Tell me, TQC, what would you do? What do you you think I should do? (if the two are different, tell me both.)

(no subject)

1. Do even black people like the movie Norbit?
I'm trying to figure out if it's a horrible movie or if I'm just too little white girl to get it.

2. How often do you clean your car?
Once every other week, about.

3. Which comes first: Engagement or moving in together?
Yes yes we all know "it depends!!!" ... just play along. A or B.

4. What do nine year old boys enjoy doing besides video games?
My boyfriend's nephew is staying over for two weeks and I know nothing about kids.

5. Don't you hate when there's a post with a lot of questions and, in replies, people just number them and give really vague answers that give no indication as to what the original question was so you have to scroll back up in order to keep matching the "yes, no, maybe, okay" answers with the questions?
About as much as I hate run-on sentences.

6. Is there a completely unselfish reason to have a child these days, considering it's really not necessary for every single person to reproduce to keep the species going at this point?
DON'T HATE! I want kids, too. But people seem to get irritated when I point out that it's for purely selfish reasons. I mean, is there an instance where having a kid these days is totally necessary?
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SO! I need to go out today and find presents for my sister's teachers for the end of the year. She's in grade one, last year our mum gave the teachers these special memorial book thingies, and I'm lost for ideas.

So TQC - what would you buy for a first grader's teachers? (All replies welcome)
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Who else is watching the men's French Open final?

Who are you rooting for to win?

Did you watch the women's match yesterday?

Were you glad that Henin won or were you rooting for Ivanovic?

What's your favorite Grand Slam tournament?

My answers:


Federer. I'd love to see him get the calendar Grand Slam.


I was sort of rooting for Ivanovic, but I wasn't sad to see Henin win.

not mine, mat


I've been googling about as I'm planing a trip to europe for a month by myself.
so for those of you who've traveled/ live outside of the US:

1.what are the best places to go in europe to see ruins?

i did most of england and Scotland and a small smattering in ireland, but would be more than willing to go back to any of those places.
I'm probably going to focus on italy/greece but I'm coming from the US and i have a month so anywhere you think i shroud see, go for it.

2. anything that wasn't as cool as it could have been that i should skip?

3. anything that is a must see(ruins or not)?

4. is there anywhere i should avoid as I'm travailing alone and am female?

personal experiences / tips would also totally be appreciated.
thanks folks, and sorry for the length.
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another eyecon

working through school and sex music

So I've done the math and it looks like I'm gonna need to make about $900/mo post tax to break even on my living expenses while I'm in school. Yipes.

I know there are people who actually manage to work their way through college, and I've always wondered how they did it. Did you or anyone you knew do that? I don't really mean loans or grants, but actually held a job that paid for almost everything. What did you (or a person you knew) do, I mean what kind of job? Obviously I could get a minimum wage job and work forty hours a week to accomplish this, but that's not what I have in mind. (Edit: I'm surprised no one's suggested this yet, but just so we're clear: Not Stripping. It's not that I have such a problem with being objectified and dancing naked for dollar bills. I just don't want to shave every day.)

On a completely unrelated note, have you or have you not ever had sex to any part of Massive Attack's Mezzanine album? (Note, if your answer is no, you really ought to try it. I'm pretty sure they were having sex the entire time they were recording the album.)
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Hay gaiz!  I guess this community has apparently turned into a rating/"I need you to tell me I look good so I can have self-esteem" comm, so tell me:

Should I wear clothes tonight or not?

(no subject)

Poll #1000708 Fear Factor taken up a notch

For $5,000,000, you have to be locked in a coffin with one of the below occupants for 1 hour. Which do you select?

Completely naked in the coffin with 3 huntsman spiders
A dead body, 3 days past
Naked, with Mike Tyson, who's loaded on Red Bull and viagra
Lockdown restraints, so you cannot move or twitch a single muscle during the hour. Not one
I would not do any of these for the money offered
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Hey guys,

Yesterday I posted a cover letter I was working on, as I'm applying for a position within my company, and asked for some feedback. I've implemented all the really useful feedback and done a big revision.

Whether or not you read the first version, any feedback on the below cover letter would be really appreciated:

Tara and Gary,

Please consider this email my application for the Communications Team Lead position.

I've worked at *Company name removed* for a little over a year now; as a Cashier and Security Representative for 10 months, and as an Email Customer Service Representative for 3 1/2 months.

Over roughly the last year and a half, I've been taking night classes at
BCIT to complete a Technical Writing Associate Certificate.
The courses I've completed so far have introduced me to style guides, copy editing vs. proofreading, designing and writing online help, writing for specific discourse communities, documentation project management, writing for the web vs. writing for print, single-sourcing, and a whole lot more.

My biggest accomplishment here at work began early this year with an email I sent to my supervisor outlining an idea for a change to a cashier procedure. I soon turned the idea into a policy and procedure document, which was subsequently approved and implemented into the Handbook as an official policy and procedure.

My biggest goal is to make the transition to our Communications department. I feel that's where I can really use my skills to contribute to the success of this company. I'm really interested in ascending to a role that involves more writing/editing, leadership and contribution. The Communications Team Lead position sounds like a perfect match for my linguistic knack, knowledge and goals.

Thank you for your consideration, and please find my resume attached.
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(no subject)

What kind of animal is a fish?

How does ink come out of pens? (Lorelai from the Gilmore Girls asked that question.)

Does too much time on the internet beginning at young age lead to social retardation?

and lastly, hypothetically speaking, say while in high school, one's intellectual standard was above average but nothing particularly remarkable, is it possible to go to university and become significantly more intelligent? Has age anything to do with this increased intellect?

(no subject)

What would You say to a person who ended up NOT receiving a PhD after 3 years of hard and good work because of a failure he made?
He fell into depression and I would love to help, but I havent a clue what to say because I do not know him enough and I've never been in this situation. (I mean, to help somebody with this huge problem)
How would you encourage a person whose dreams have faded away ?
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(no subject)

Which would you rather have.

A midnight till 6am bed time enforced by the Government with the penalty of death but the ability to say or do anything you want at all times except in the set sleeping period.


No bed time what so ever but you're not allowed to say anything bad about the government or anything positive about it's enemies on penalty of death?

(no subject)

My dogs have been eating the grass in their little field they have in my backyard. They are like little cows, just staring at the birds and grazing.

Is this healthy?
If you have dogs, do they eat grass as well?
Are my dogs freaks of nature?
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I'm trying to find the episode title of a 2 part law and order episode I watched one part of a few months ago on the USA network.

I can't even remember what type of L&O it was, whether it was SVU, CI, etc. All I know is that it was about this girl who went missing after going clubbing, and was killed, and the main suspect was a 17 year old boy who idolized frank sinatra and was the leader of a "gang" who played poker in club basements. They would seduce girls and kill them...or something. And the key to finding one girl, and prosecute the suspect was to find the body of another girl I think, but by the end of the first part, they still had not found it.

Any ideas on what the title was, or at least which L&O it was on? I really need to watch the second part, but I have no idea what the first was even called.


If you were born with a possibly-awkward last name (Raper, Dingle, Beaver) would you change it?

Would your answer be different if you were going into a profession where your name may be very important (snazzy lawyer, CEO, judge, priest, etc)?

What's the weirdest/worst name you've ever heard?

Since I'm a wuhmun who plans on getting married at some point, I probably wouldn't keep it long enough past eighteen for it to be worth the hassle of changing.
Probably. Sorry but I don't want to be Justice Raper or President Nazze (sounds like Nazi).
Alquine -- was a first name.
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Skin & Sun

How long do you have to sit out in direct sunlight before you get burned? This is with no protection (clothes, sunscreen etc)

Edit: I don't mean you PERSONALLY. I meant how quickly can the human skin burn.

(no subject)

Does anyone know if Dell starts processing orders on the weekends or if they wait until the next business day? (in this case tomorrow)

If you have ever ordered anything from Dell with regular 3-5 day shipping, do you recall how long it took to be delivered? I think they are pretty quick, but I can't remember.

My laptop isn't recognizing my AC adapter unless it is in some crazy position cause the cord is fucked up. Eventually my laptop will die, and then I will die too :( also I have a paper due Wednesday so my computer would be convenient.

And here's another question so I'm not completely boring:

Has anything at your job, whether it be a policy, a sign, a comment of a coworker/boss (anything really) offended you or shocked you so much that you quit? What was it?
The Dude Abides

Strange ?'s

1) What feels stranger to you: feeling like you have to sneeze and not being able to, or feeling like you have to yawn and not being able to?

2) What is a movie that you dislike although it stars or is directed by someone you really like?

(no subject)

i wish i was a lesbian.
or a gay man, but unfortunately i am stuck in this straight woman body.
i would get so much action if i could just be attracted to girls! lesbians hit on me all the time. i've made out with girls and its just like making out with the mirror. i can't imagine going futhur with them, although i contemplate it because i am so damn horny all the time.

why can't a straight man love me?
sweet dee mothafucker

(no subject)

There is a community where you post 20 (I think) of your favorite books and they either accept you or don't accept you. It always made me laugh when people would rip people apart because of the books they like so could someone kindly tell me the name of that community?

I was curious

If you realized stuff like this happens more then you realize at Disney?


I know of at least a dozen incident similar to this in the short time I worked at Downtown Disney(2 years at Virgin Mega Store). Two just like this happening to a fellow employee, the kicker, they don't provide security protection to employees. They say they do they offer it but never do it.
So my question is, would you ever take a job at Downtown Disney if you knew there was a good chance of being kidnapped and robbed?

p.s. I was at downtown disney last night, well pleasure island, alone....... nice

last names

does anyone here have a last name that's completely unique to your family?

i do. my last name is polish and it was shortened when my relatives arrived in the united states. it didn't really help much, because it's still hard to pronounce. it's really cool because only my family/relatives have my last name. it's hard to find family tree information though, especially since it was shortened from its original form.

what nationality is your last name if its something completely unique to your family?

Google SMS

I have an unlimited texting plan for Verizon users, but only 250 for non-Verizon friends each month. Does Google SMS use the unlimited?

EDIT: & so if I were to get an unlimited texting plan for all users, then Google SMS goes toward unlimited, is that right?

Thank you!

(no subject)

Do you hate anyone at the moment? If so, what did they do to deserve it?

No, not at the moment. I don't think I have in a really long time. If I even really disliked anyone it's dwindled down to me being completely apathetic about their life or death.
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(no subject)

What do I do with the title of a television show in an essay? Italicize, underline, quotation marks? I don't think I've ever had to reference one before, which is kind of weird, and I don't know if there's a proper way.

(no subject)

Have any of you ever purchased a refurbished Apple iPod from the Apple Store? If yes, did it work to its full capacity, or was it just a piece of crap that worked for a couple of months and then gave out?

(no subject)

What does the phrase "born to run" mean, if anything? I've been hearing it a lot lately, but I don't know what it means, and the context I've heard it in doesn't help either. I googled it, but nothing of use came up, just a bunch of stuff about Bruce Springsteen.
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(no subject)

How old are you?

How old were you when you started considering yourself an "adult" (by your own definition, not legally), or how old do you expect you will be when you start considering yourself an "adult"?


(no subject)

Do any of you play online poker? Any recommendations/tips for good sites, etc? Do you have to pay to sign up? I play a lot of poker IRL but I haven't played online before. I'm not even necessarily interested in winning money online, I'd just like to find some games and hone my chops.

Shower time!

A week ago, after much anticipation, my bf and I were able to shower together.  Acquiring this shower wasn't easy and ended with us taking out his friends to dinner to pay them back :p

We obviously can't try that one again and must search for another!  Can't use mine since my aunt and uncle are uptight, Southern Baptist, and come home unpredictably, and there's always someone home at his house!  And really, we are impatient.

So!  Where could we find a decent shower!?  We guess a motel would be logical, but who wants to pay that much?  Something semi-risky would be fun too.
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you know when you're reading an interview in a magazine and they put something the interviewie said in brackets [like this]? why do they do that? is it paraphrasing or something like that?

A dire, burning question

Collapse )

After watching this video,

What do you think would be the most unpleasant thing in the song to put in your butt?
An alligator doesn't sound like much fun to have in your butt. Dinosaur bone is a close second for me.

How about most enjoyable?
Money seems like it'd go in easy and if you ever run into an emergency, hey there's money!
devil bunny

Audiobook fans?

1.  Does anyone have any suggestions for audiobooks that are a must listen?

I've got 3 Audible credits to burn through, and I can't think of what to get.

I'm not looking for anything too heavy content-wise.  The world is heavy enough, I like my fiction and nonfiction to entertain me, rather than depress me.

2.  What is a book you have read that has changed the way you look at the world?

I can't think of one right now, but I know that I have at the time I have read certain books felt this way.

3.  Best movie quote?

Right now, my favorite quote is from "The Waitress" 

Cal (responding the the question, "Are you happy?") "I'm happy enough. I don't expect much, I don't get much, and I don't give much. I'm generally pleased with whatever comes along. I'm happy enough. "

It gave a great amount of character depth in a few words.

lantern thing

this is really killing me because I can't think of how to phrase what it's called, or if it even has a name.

I'm trying to think of the name of a type of lantern, like box shape that has four sides covered in a rice paper that has a part in the middle that has picture cutouts that spins and creates a moving trail of images along the rice paper and it's lit from inside. If you have seen Sleepy Hollow, it's similar to the lantern the young boy Thomas has in his room right before the headless horseman comes in and kills him and his parents.

ahghghghgh help!

(no subject)

I keep getting 'cyber bullied' with hate-email, and I was wondering what kind of legal action I can take?

Is it different for different countries?

On a less serious note-
If you have a Wii, what's your favorite non-game thing to do on it?
lead me

(no subject)

Can you read Braille?

If yes, by sight only or by touch?

I just found out that you can get the last Harry Potter book in Braille on Amazon.com. I read Braille, but I don't read nearly as fast as I do with my eyes. Usually braille books have to be ordered through independent Braille press companies, so this makes me really happy.
Hurry up and look back

(no subject)

I can't stop coughing due to having the flu

have tried cough drops, cough syrup, warm water, cold water, popsickles, soup, tea with honey and lemon, honey alone, and I am still coughing to the point of throwing up

do you have any tricks?
Dwight Howard


Limewire is annoying me and I want to download a new program. For those who also feel no guilt in stealing their music, which program should I download? And any comments about it would be appreciated.

(no subject)

do any of you have those custom ear plugs made to fit your ear canal perfectly?
how do they work for you?

people who live/work on the road:
What do you guys do to keep from getting homesick?
What books are you reading to fill up all that travel time?
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(no subject)

Eddie Izzard was a presenter at the Tony's tonight. He was dressed in a masculine, perfectly drab suit. Is this something new and (please no!) permanent for my favorite Executive Transvestite?
minnie and zeus

potential interview questions

Someone was giving me hints on my job interview tomorrow, and she said one of the questions they asked her was something like, "What's your fav movie and why?"  so I'm brainstorming questions and answers for things they may ask.

What's YOUR fav movie and why?
What song would be the theme song to your life and why?
What are any other non-job-duty-related questions you've gotten in an interview that you'd like to tell me about to help me prepare? 
(eta: it's for a social work/child welfare type job - career type)

(no subject)

What's your top artist on Last.fm this week? Overall?
Defiance,Ohio this week and Incubus overall. But I've only recently started using Last.fm.

Who are you listening to right now?
Sufjan Stevens.

Baby carrots or big carrots?
Big ones are more fun to eat!

Because we haven't, to my knowledge, done one of these in a while, what's your computer desktop look like?
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Okay, I need help.

I dyed my hair purple about a year ago, and it has since faded to pink. I need to get the pink out so I can go job hunting. I tried a color stripper and it just made the pink BRIGHTER.

How can I get this pink out of my hair?

Failing that, what are some odd-haircolor friendly workplaces?

Edit: Yes, I've tried dying brown over it. It doesn't take. That's why I want a way to get rid of the pink first.
white dress

(no subject)

1. Do you have a widow's peak? Does it make you self-conscious? I have one and don't wear my hair back because of it because it's pretty pronounced. I would like to wear pony tails, but it makes my forehead look huge due to the widow's peak. :( I've always been weird about it.

2. Do you make your bed everyday? I have friends that can't believe I rarely make mine. "What if someone comes over?" "Trust me, no one is coming over that's going to see my bedroom."

3. It's been years since I've played my flute and I want to pick it up again. I live in an apartment complex, and you can hear neighbors (though muffled). I need to read the lease again but I don't think there's anything against playing musical instruments. That said, what time of day would be the best time to practice? I'm a teacher, so I'm not at work during the day during the summer. Obviously playing late at night is not a good idea. But when do you think most people would be at work during the day (between what hours)? Would you be annoyed if you heard your neighbor playing an instrument? Would it depend on the instrument or how well they played it?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here flown overseas lately? If so, were you able to listen to an iPod or other music-playing device?

When my family and I went to Ireland in June 2001 we were told that we weren't supposed to listen to CD players while going overseas. I'm leaving on a flight to France this weekend and want to bring my iPod, but am not sure if I'll be able to actually use it. I've been searching the FAA website and can't find anything on electronic devices besides cell phones.

Thanks for any help guys.
So's Toes

Satellites, Cords, and Cancellations

We canceled our Direct TV because they are total pricks. Collapse )
TQC, how do I get this fucking dish off my roof and these wires out of my house without touching the "live" one?

Also, what should I do with the dish once I have it removed from my roof? I'm partial to dropping it off the roof but our neighbors have children and I wouldn't want them getting hurt from a stray shard of whatever it's made of (bad grammar, I know).

Do you think the Cable guy will be nice enough to get this shit out of here for me? Exactly how much cleavage will I have to show for this to happen?

Thank you.

Do you think it's fair

to accept gifts, money, whatever, from someone that you want nothing to do with?  If so, should  you tell them you want nothing to do with them or their gifts?  If not, how did you go about dealing with stopping the unwanted stuff?
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Crazy familly

Apparently my family is crazy. We eat garlic bread with everything. And I do mean everything. Chicken, pasta, steaks, pork chops....

But, whenever I cook now that I'm all grown up, everybody looks at me like I'm crazy when I serve it with certain foods.

1) Is garlic bread appropriately served next to Chicken Noodle Soup?
2) What foods shouldn't you serve it with?

Hair Waxing & Movies

Ladies (& gents) who have waxed hair -wherever- on their body, a few questions.

1. How badly does it hurt?
2. Do you eventually get used to the pain somewhat if you keep getting it done?
3. Did you break out after or get really itchy for a short/extended period of time? If so, how did you remedy this?
4. Do you have any 'tips' or recommendations for someone who is getting it done for the first time? Also, how long did it take for the hair to grow back? (roughly)
I'm getting my eyebrows done for the first time, and I'm curious.

5. What are good movies you can recommend about psychological disorders? (Think Girl, Interrupted, A Beautiful Mind, etc.)
eta: Psychological thrillers are welcome, too.

(no subject)

Do you have anything pretty weird lying around in your car? I have a banjo pick and a guitar pick (I don't play either one) and a piece of broken glass in my console.

If you don't have a car, tell me about something weird you have laying around on your desk.

ripped from the headlines.

I feel this story is destined for a Law & Order episode. Do you agree?

The other night I heard a woman screaming somewhere in my apartment building like she was pushing out a fat head child. I was very tired and my mind went some strange places and spawned the following question:
The zombies are here (yes, again) and you tap into some serious heroic leadership qualities within you. You set out and round up people trying to stay alive and lead them somewhere to hide and defend yourselves. In your group is a very pregnant woman who has become injured...she's slowly slipping away and with her dying breath she tells you she can still feel her baby moving and wants you to cut it out of her. Do you?

If yes, what do you do w/ the baby?
If not, why?

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Okay, so I'm gunna try a diet.

I'm going grocery shopping in the morning and I need a diet-friendly grocery list. Help?

I was thinking in the morning I would eat a piece of wheat bread with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on it, and a piece of fruit.

For lunch, I'll buy some salad mix and low-fat dressing and maybe some sliced turkey and low fat cheese to eat on wheat bread.

Don't really know for supper.
dr. facilier


I have very sensitive skin. I can't use body wash, soaps, or lotions that are loaded with fragrances, dyes, or other harsh chemicals. Because of this, I have never tried Nair or Veet, figuring they would just irritate my skin very badly. I recently saw a commercial for Nair's new sensitive formula. They claim the pH balance is ten times lower than the original formula. Anyway, anyone out there with sensitive skin like mine, have you tried this? Did it work out or did it still irritate your skin?

Should I even try or just stick with my Intuition razor?
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1. Where'd that TQC last fm thing go?

2. How can I make myself do my essay?

4. Have ever injured yourself out of curiosity?
I stapled my finger in primary school because I wanted to see what it was like

5. Where do you keep your tomato sauce?
In the cupboard.

6. Do you feel like hurting people with massive vehicles, particularly if they have one person in them?
Yes. Yes I do. Fuck, some of those 4wds are half the size of my house.

7. What's the last thing you bought at an opshop or second hand shop?
A black pinstripe skirt for 50 cents

8. Does your money have names other than it's value? & Do you always call it by its name?
Eg. If something is 25c do you say it costs 25c or a quarter? What about multiples eg. something for 50c?

No, we don't feel the need to name our money, we're not that attached to it
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If you're single/looking, what sort of qualities attract you/are you looking for in a partner?

If you're taken, what are the things that make you love your partner even more, that you didn't notice right off?
Cap'n Spaulding


So, now that the Sopranos is over, there is a gap in my TV life. Are there any other good HBO shows? I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Six Feet Under but are there any other good shows?
I have seen like one or two episodes of Rome. Looked ok.
I don't like Big Love.
Flight of the Conchords are getting a show , they're funny. First episode is online in entirety, I don't know if it's On Demand yet or when it's airing.
I've seen like the first four episodes of Carnivale, it seems cool.
Dwight Howard

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I got a ticket tonight for failing to stop at a stop sign when I clearly stopped completly. 100 percent. No questions about it. That brings me to ask...

Have you ever gotten a ticket or been pulled over for something you didn't deserve?

Have you ever been pulled over, guilty or not, and gotten out of the ticket?

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Its been 12 days since I got fired and I've been in bed and pj's all day for probably 8 of those days.

I have been asked if I'm depressed like 3 times.

This may seem like an ultra dumb quuestion but:

How do you know if you're depressed?
What if you don't want to be?
How in the world can I stop feeling so freakin' shitty?
What do you do to cheer yourself up?

Also, when it comes to job interviews,
What are your least favorite interview questions? Any Favorites?
what are your usual answers for the following questions:

- What are your weaknesses/strengths?
- Why would you be an asset to the company / why should we hire you?

chest bruises

I noticed a lot of people stating dental surgery in the cosmetic surgery post, so I thought I might be able to get some people's edumicated opinions.

Last Thursday I finally got surgery on my lower jaw, getting it cut and elongated, with metal plates added. Things went less than perfect in surgery (right after the doc bragged to the nurse about how great it always goes for him D:) with one side of my jaw cracking, and the braces all on the bottom teeth popping off. But after surgery everything has been going better than usual.

EXCEPT. Saturday afternoon we noticed weird bruising on my chest. I TOOK A PICTURE. Today it didn't grow any more bruising, but there's a lot of yellowing under the skin, going up to my chin area.

Any idea what causes this? We called the doc today (he didn't know) and will be going in Tuesday unless I decide I'm too worried and want to go in sooner. But since it's not blood gushing out of my throat, I think I can handle waiting.

Second question: Does having the metal plates in my jaw make me part robot? When will I get my super powers?

ETA: Third question: Anyone that can read tea leaves, can you read the blotches of my bruise to tell me my future? (And if so, please tell me what you read.)
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