June 9th, 2007

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Any other Australians (or anyone else who is reading this on a Friday) being big losers tonight and staying home rather than going out even though it's a Friday?

If so, why are you home? Did you have plans to go somewhere?

What are you going to do to fight off the boredom?
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How the hell did SendSpace find out that a file contained Kelly Clarkson's album when I didn't post the link in any public community or even give it a filename that any program can open? I'm upset that I spent an hour uploading it, only to have it deleted the same day.


Anyone here going to Austin City Limits?  What are some of the bands you are looking most forward to seeing? 

My answers:
Bob Dylan and his band, Wilco, Regina Spektor, Damien Rice, Andrew Bird, Bjork, Amy Winehouse, Amos Lee, Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

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Have you ever had food poisoning?
What was your experience like, and how quickly did it end for you? What'd you do to help it go away?

*I think I might have it, I've been sick almost every hour since 11pm. And it's 7:30am now.

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Do you have those flushable wet wipes/butt wipes in your bathroom?

Edit:would you say there is a distinct difference between purple and violet or are they about the same thing? Like if you saw somthing that was violet, would you call it purple or vice versa?
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Questions about food under the cut. Basically I'm bored and want to try some fun things to eat. So erm.. basically it's a shitty meme, with just a list of things to fill in (answer if you will).

Favourite hot food :
Favourite cold food :
Favourite snack food :
Favourite junk food :
Favourite Chinese food :
Favourite Indian food :
Favourite Thai food :
Favourite Fruit :

Favourite hot drink :
Favourite cold drink :
Favourite fizzy drink :
Favourite tea :

Worst hot food :
Worst cold food :
Worst snack food :
Worst junk food :
Worst Chinese food :
Worst Indian food :
Worst Thai food :
Worst Fruit :
Worst hot drink :
Worst cold drink :
Worst fizzy drink :
Worst tea :

Bad stuff
Allergic to :
Hates :

I could probably reformat it into less of a meme style, but in an hour the post will be dead so it seems stupid to do so.
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Open source economics? Meritocracy? Equal trade? Help!

I'm wondering if there is already a name for a type of economy that is focused on win-win exchanges. My idea is that people would pay the amount that they believe a product or service is worth, rather than some arbitrary fixed price. Bartering is sort of what I'm talking about, but I'm also thinking of something like a satisfaction guarantee, as well as something akin to shareware (where you get something for free and then pay what you want and/or can afford).

I'm also looking for a name for an economic model that is based on a bottom line of health for both the individual and the world. (And by health, I mean physical and mental health.)

Any ideas? I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to economics, as I've avoided the subject for all my life. But now I'm wondering about these things and have no idea where to start researching them.

Thanks TQC!
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Name my ducks

We just got two pekin ducks at my work (they are going to be used for educational programs) and I want to name them before someone else names them something lame. My volunteers came up with the great idea of naming them after slurs for white people (because they will be white ducks). The leading contenders are "Whitey" and "Quacker" (get it?).

Another idea is to name them after Chinese food: General Gao, for example.

What should we name them?

Does anyone know any Chinese slurs for white people? (because they are a Chinese duck breed)
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Hey guys,

I'm applying for a position within my company which is perfect for me, and which I'm really nervous I won't get. Could you please offer me some feedback on the following cover letter before I send it in?

Hi Tara and Gary,

Please consider this email my application for the Communications Team Lead

I've worked at *Company Name removed* for a little over a year now; as a Cashier and Security Representative for 10 months, and as an Email Customer Service Representative for 3 months and a few weeks.

While I've worked at *Company Name removed*, I've made an effort to educate myself in as many aspects of my job as possible. I'm qualified to do cashouts,
escalated cashouts, player to player transfers, escalated player to player
transfers, MoneyGram/Western Union deposits and emails, Cheques, Traffic
Analyst duties, DACC and emails.
I'm also a member of the esteemed Events Planning Committee, and of course the famed *Company Name removed* Bowling Team. (Inappropriate humor?)

Over the last year and a half, I've been taking night classes at
BCIT to complete a Technical Writing Associate Certificate. I've finished
several Technical Writing courses, including "Technical Writing,"
"Technical Editing and Grammar," "Writing for the Web," "Designing and
Writing Online Help," "Documentation Project Management" and "Definitions,
Instructions and Process Descriptions."

My biggest claim to fame here at work is a policy and procedure document
outlining cashier procedure changes I'd suggested to Lawrence, which was
approved and implemented into the Handbook.

My biggest goal at *Company Name removed* is to make the transition to the
Communications department. I feel that's where, as an admitted grammar
nerd, I can really excel at my job. The Communications Team Lead position
sounds like a perfect match for my skills and goals.

Thank you for your consideration, and please find my resume attached.
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Best liberal political blog(s)? News Agency?

Best conservative political blog(s)? News Agency?

Do you know of any blogs/news agencies that are relatively objective in their reporting?
The Dude Abides

180º ?

What are some of your favorite movies that have a major plot twist halfway through the film? (ex. From Dusk Till Dawn, 28 Days Later, Dead Presidents, The Predator)

EDIT: Comments may contain spoilers!

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My work friends made up a holiday; Gangster Fishing Day. So we all have gangster names, but we're having trouble finding one for an L name. We have: A-Money, G-Unit, and H-Snizzle. Any ideas for an L name?

I hate to admit it, but I have a really small head. Adult sunglasses just don't stay on me. So should I suck it up an buy a pair of children's sunglasses, (Provided they aren't Bratz, Barbie, or Dora) or stick with adult ones and hope I can find a pair that suites me?
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Does anyone know if being startled a lot has an affect on one's health?

Just wondering. My boyfriend's favorite pass-time is scaring the bejeebers out of me.

[ETA] Guys, guys. Calm down. It doesn't bother me that he does it, I was just curious. It's always playful and if I asked him to stop, he would.
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this is kind of random, and also rather specific, but here it goes...

although i am not really a big fan of papa roach, i've listened to a lot of their stuff, and although i don't know if i believe that chuck palahniuk is the literary genius people think he is, i enjoy his books for entertainment value and i've read quite a few of them, too.

my question is, anybody else familiar with these two find striking similarities?  There's at least two instances in papa roach songs where they almost directly riff quotes from something that palaniuk has written.  anybody else see this?  think this?  do i need to switch to decaf?


I decided it was high time to clip the budgies' toenails today, and now I have a trio of 3 very pissed budgies. :)

Sunny will forgive me quickly, Phoebe will be wary of me for a while unless she needs rescuing from the floor, and Powder already hates my guts, so no love lost there.

For those of you with pets, what is your least favorite pet chore?

Why is it nearly impossible to hold a squirmy, biting ball of feathers and clip toenails without fearing that you will end up taking the whole toe off?

The budgies are now doing the poof and shake while yelling at me, and the conures are preening each other, smug in the fact that they didn't need nail clipping!

Is it sad that clipping my birds' toenails is the high point of my day today?
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1. What year did you start using the internet?

2. How long have you and your SO been together?

3. Did you have any weird dreams last night?

4. How many different phrases can you make out of TQC? If any, would you name a few?

5. Do you have any hilarious(by hilarious, I mean it doesn't have to be funny to all of us, maybe just you) stories from your childhood you're willing to share?

6. Doesn't it bug you when you think up all these wonderful questions you'd love to ask TQC and by the time you get to your computer you've forgotten them all and end up making up other ones?

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Poll #1000288 Which way did he go, George?

If you were to get in your (or a car) car and drive one direction, which direction would you go?


If I were to get into my car and drive, which direction should I head?


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Are any of you vet techs?
If so, why/how did you decide to become one?
What are the pros/cons of the job?
What is the one most important thing you would tell someone who's thinking of becoming one?

Internet Cards

I'm collecting Internet cards (related to the internet obviously) they look a lot like this:

or Magic the Gathering cards. You can also make your own and make sure they'reinternet related whether it be trolls, random idiots or silly pointless stuff. I know there was Cosplayfucks the Gathering cards. Or even better if you want make them tqc related like the cosplayfucks types. Just passing around some ideas.

Does anyone have any? If not can you make some? =D
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Help me, TQC!  I just got my SAT scores in the mail this morning... Personally, I think I bombed it, but that's beside the point.

My problem is this: the new SAT has an essay section, which is graded on a scale of 1 - 6, with 6 being the highest grade.

WELL, on my SAT score sheet, the score I got for my essay was an 8.
Someone want to explain this to me?
How is that possible? I'm pretty sure they give extra credit for pretty handwriting or anything.
Am I just an idiot or is this a typo? And if it is a typo, how do I go about finding out my actual score?
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Isaac - MySpace Angled


1. If you have one, when does your drivers license expire?
2. How much does it cost to renew?

My answers:
1. March 18, 2052.  My 65th birthday!
2. $4.
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How many Law & Order series are there? (as in Criminal intent, SVU etc.)

Who were the original people (Descriptions please, I don't know names)?
Who were they replaced by?

Poll #1000013 Nipple sensitivity

How sensitive are your nipples? (unpeirced/altered)

Female: Not very
Female: Somewhat
Female: Lots
Male: Not very
Male: Somewhat
Male: Lots

Why do you like about TQC?

I like it because it amuses me when I'm bored/procrastinating but mostly because it enlightens me to the depth of people's lives. FOr instance, the bf peeing on the carpet- Wtf? I just can't encounter that kind of stuff in every day life.

What's your favorite crazy TQC story?

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If a black cat crosses your path, it's bad luck right?
If a white cat crosses your bath, is it good luck?
What if they both cross your path?
Does it matter which one crosses first?

What is your marginal utility for a Klondike bar?

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Last night all hope ended with my first love. Needless to say, that sucks, but having been through this before with her, I think I am doing okay. I would just like some hope for the future, please.

What great experiences did you have that you couldn't have done, or wouldn't have been as good, if you had an SO?

Can you tell me about the people you fell for after your first love, and (hopefully) how much better they were? If they then ripped your heart out, you don't need to tell me that bit.
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1. Hopefully you all can help. I'm looking for the name of the song in the movie, "The Replacements" where the main guy character is with a girl and it's romantic or something. I think there's a part in the song where it goes, "I'll be your king and you'll be my queen." I know I'm being very vague but I haven't seen it in forever and google hasn't helped me. Anyway, do you have any idea what I'm talking about? 

2. what was the last movie you saw? did you like it?

3. have you ever walked out of a movie? If yes, what movie?


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A couple of years ago there was a shooting a few blocks from me during a very extreme storm, nobody saw it, nobody even heard it. The man who was shot was found by his wife in the backyard, where he had tried to escape. Supposedly it was a gang initiation thing, but the shooter was never found. The backstory is relevant I swear.

Just a little while ago i was talking to a friend i haven't seen in a while. She told me that a girl she's friends with who lived next door to the man says she saw the whole thing happen. The girl said she saw a van pull up, could read the license plate, and saw the man go out to grab his trash cans from the curb. that's when she said the door opened, and she described the person who got out and shot the man. Then he got back in the van and drove away.

I know this girl also, and she's lied about almost everything she's ever told me (for example, she swears she was born in Egypt and is related to a pharaoh, but she also says she's never been to Africa) but I really can't tell if she would lie about something as serious as this.

Do you think she was lying about the whole thing?
Can she get in some kind of trouble for not telling authorities what she saw if she is telling the truth?
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I remember watching on Youtube an Urawaza Ito episode where the cleaning lady took a cleaning cloth, folded it and sewed it so that you could flip the cloth and use a different clean surface for 8 times.

The video has been removed, and I have yet to be able to find instructions anywhere.

Anyone by any chance know how?
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Family trees...

Is anyone here into geneology type stuff? Can you recommend any good websites that are for the most part free and easy to use? How much information do you have to have to get started (I don't know much beyond great-grandparents, and even then, that's limited)? How far back can you go? Any tips for working on a family tree?

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What the heck is a Sister City?

Like the town on one side of me (Mooresville, NC) lists it's Sister City as Hockenheim, Germany. The town on the other side of me (Concord, NC) once listed it's Sister City as Kilkenny, Ireland.

No one has ever been able to explain to me what, exactly, a Sister City is.
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1. Have you ever been ATVing? If so, how was the experience? If not, would you want to go?

2. In your opinion, is it safe for someone who is three months pregnant to go ATVing?

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what are your feelings about bob barker retiring?
do you think its time?
do you think the show will be the same now that he is leaving?

what about the sopranos?
will you miss them ???

I will.
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fix my life, please tqc?

1. Okay. So I am a broke college student, and left my parkers on while i was at work. The autoclub people came and restarted my battery, but since then it's been a little chokey on the startups, and there've been a few cold mornings. a)Does this mean my battery is dying? b)is there anything I can do to help it start on cold days?

2. So I had all these guy acquaintances at work that I got along with really well, but sinceI dumped my ldr boyfriend a few weeks back (because he was a big jerk, that's why) I've found myself all nervous and jittery around them. I'm pretty sure I'm not interested in dating anyone at the moment, so what gives?

3. Say I change my mind about the not-wanting to date anyone - how do you go about turning 'i met this guy and i think i like him' into 'woot,dating and teh sex'? In all my past relationships, the guys did all the work at this stage and it all kinda happened by accident from my perspective. I'd like not to end up with passive-aggressive person next time so I need a new method.

4. It's been a hard few weeks, what with exams, dumping the boy, being a long way from home, the death of a family member, not knowing many people up here- and I think I am kinda depressed. I have trouble getting up in the mornings and find myself getting teary out of nowhere. What do you recommend for lower-case d depression?

Father's Day

I'm in need of a father's day gift idea for my boyfriend's 3 year old daughter to give him. I would like to do something special to either remember this time in her life. For example last year we gave him a cement mold of her hand and a picture album engraved with her name and date of birth. But I've run out of ideas. Any good ideas? He has enough frames/albums, so I would like to do something a bit different.
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Poll #1000403 Self ear lavage

Do it yourself!

Do it!
Don't do it!
Do it and post results!
Go to a doctor!
Other (specify in comments.
I used peroxide but it didn't work, I'm tempted to try it out..

ETA: I did use warm water in the syringe and it worked once i got the angle right! I do recommend using hydrogen peroxide first, and once you are done with that and the water to use some alcohol in your ear to dry it out and prevent infection :)

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Maybe it's just me, but I'll ask anyway.
Is anyone else who's single get really annoyed by all the SO questions here? :( I'm kinna like, yes, I understand I'm a loser, now SHUT UP. :(

Okay, let's go on this theme.
I think a guy in my boring sociology class likes me.
Should I sit right next to him on Monday?
Or would that be too awkward?
What's the best way to meet someone?
People tell me that I should just stop looking for someone and I'll find someone, does that seem like I'm still supposed to be looking to anyone else?
Is there a magic fairy that's supposed to know that I've suddenly stopped looking and is going to put a boyfriend under my pillow? Hah.

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I want to order a DVD for my son to learn a foreign language.

What language do you think I should choose?
The DVDs are expensive

Spanish, Chinese, French, German, or Italian?

Edit: He said German then changed his mind to Spanish so majority rules!

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I was at a smoke shop the other day and spent ~100 dollars. The guy who worked there said that if anyone made a purchase over 40 dollars, they were required to put their license number on top of the receipt (that the store would keep). Any idea why this is?

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1. How long have you been masturbating?
2. How long has it taken you to master the techniques of a mind blowing orgasm? Or even just an orgasm?
3. Where is the most inappropriate, or embarrassing place you have ever masturbated?

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I locked myself out of my house so I had to kick my door in...(I did a really nice side kick and it went in with no problem at all)
Upon doing this, I cut my leg though, I was wondering if there is any way of getting an infection from the wood? like you would if you cut yourself on metal?
I put some antibiotic cream on it and cleaned it throughly and dressed it, but i was jsut curious that's all....
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Is there any way to make my compaq laptop run faster?
(I don't have that many documents, but I do have about 700 songs on here...)

Is there any way to make it so aim 6.0 doesn't always pop up when you turn the computer on?
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On dreams.

Do any of you ever have a dream, and then next day/week/month/whenever, something from that dream actually happens? Not like, you eat a sandwich in your dream and then have one for lunch the next day, but maybe a cousin gets accepted to a university you didn't know she applied for and calls to tell you about it the following week? Or you hear someone saying something in a dream, and a few days later someone says it in real life, verbatim and with the same inflection?

I ask because this happens to me on occasion, and upon bringing it up to a group of friends, it seems to happen to a lot of other folks as well. If this is the case, doesn't it strike anyone as being really, really weird?

Computer question...

For all the geeks out there: 

Why does my computer not automatically update my LJ and AOL dates? The headlines have been stuck on June 8th's for the past 24 hours. And my LJ doesn't update automatically either; I have to logout and then log back in, and sometimes it doesn't pick up even then. Is it my software (I use AOL 9.0 optimized, dial-up connection)?

Pit Bull: Reindeer
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I had a dream I cheated on my SO with one of his ex-coworkers who recently got hit by a train. I feel bad about having such a dream. Should I be feeling bad?

How come swishing/gargling salt water makes sores in your mouth feel better?

Quick quick!

I realize these would be a lot more flattering if I had left them on the hanger, but c'est la vie. I'm going dancing tonight with some of my friends (not at a club, just at a few gay bars) and I need you to tell me what to wear.

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Thanks, TQC!
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Of all the pictures you own (that you took or someone took of you or gave to you, etc, not something you found on the internet or whatever), which is your favorite?

I suppose you could describe it but pictures speak louder than words.
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wile e wtf

Attention beer experts!!!

So, Dubya was at the G8 Summit and missed a bunch of meetings because he felt "under the weather." He had been seen sipping a beer...but his camp insists that it was an alcohol-free beer. Uh-huh.

I think it's a German hangover...but i am unfamiliar with this beer in the photo.

Is this real or alcohol-free beer?????????


Do you like the look of genitals?

I have become disillusioned and therefore feel compelled to ask.

1. For those who like males: do you like the look of penises? If not, why do you like playing with them?

2. For those who like females: do you like the look of vulvas? If not, why do you like playing with them?

This'll probably be pretty gross, so deal :P

So, I have a skin problem on my arms.  I've always had it, and went to a doctor when I was younger.  I get these weird bumps, for a lack of a better word, on my arms.  They're like blackheads... only not.  I knoooow I shouldn't pick at them, but I do.  I was given a name for this a long while ago, but I cannot remember it for the life of me.  Does it ring any bells for anyone?

Also, back when I saw this doctor, I was given these sponge things to scrub my arms with, and was told to use a certain Phisoderm product.  This was back in the 90s, and I can't remember what it was called either. :(  I just remember that it was green and gritty.  Does that ring any bells?

Sorry this is vague and weird and gross sorry :(