June 8th, 2007

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1. Google has failed me. So in my desperation, I end up here. Anyway... does anyone happen to know where I can watch certain movies online? Specifically, Sybil? I've tried several places that Google came up with after searching for "watch movies online," but none of them had Sybil. :(
Bah, nevermind... I found a BitTorrent download for it. 49 hours to go!

2. What's your favorite movie?

Surprise surprise!

Copied and pasted questions are tEh best!!! Hahahahaha from my friend:

"1. Does anyone have any old neopets accounts anymore? They can be worthless, absolutely no NP, no pets, or a good name-- just 4 months or older? Email sophysical@gmail.com ... this is very urgent!!! it would be so much appreciated!! she may even offer you something for them (:

2. what would you guys do if your boyfriend peed on the carpet because he is too lazy to walk to the bathroom? i cant find appropriate punishment/get him to stop

3. how do you guys react to queefing with a guy? Is it not totally embarassing?!"

And a question from me:

4. Did you do anything amazing today? If so, what?

Have a nice night/morning!
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1) Less than 1 month-- Pro Life or Pro Choice?
2) 1 Month-- Pro Life or Pro Choice?
3) 2 months-- Pro Life or Pro Choice?
4) 3 months-- Pro Life or Pro Choice?


i agree this is better..
Abortions in the later trimesters.. Pro Life or Pro Choice?
Me--State Fair

"burning" question (ha ha)

When I burn a CD in iTunes, the audio quality comes out not nearly as well as it should. You have to turn the volume up pretty loud to get decent volume.

How can I increase the audio quality? Is there a setting that I need to fiddle with? It's kind of annoying having to really "crank" the volume and it's not even that loud.
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I've been applying for a lot of jobs lately, and I keep seeing this question on the assessment tests:

You do not fake being polite

o Strongly Disagree
o Disagree
o Agree
o Strongly Agree

What the heck does that question mean? The way I see it it can mean two things:

A) When I don't feel polite, I don't fake it (which would be a bad thing for jobs where you need to have good customer service qualities)
B) I don't need to fake being polite because I already am polite (which is a good thing)

What do you think? What should I say in order to give the best impression?
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1. If you have kids, do you object to them watching Spongebob Squarepants? Why?

2. If you don't have kids, would you object to their watching Spongebob if/when you have kids?  Why?

3. What shows aimed at children would you/do you object to your kids watching?

I ask because my youth pastor doesn't let his kids watch Spongebob, and I think that's....kinda strange, and my aunt won't let her kids watch Dora the Explorer because she doesn't want them learning Spanish(WTF?).
well...it's so shiny!

Need some help from all the drinkers :D

I'm planning to hang out with friends and get drunk tomorrow, and we've all been longing to try flavoured vodka. All the flavours sound good, and shit, I'll drink anything, but I can only afford one bottle, alas. So, out of these options:

Absolut MANDRIN (Orange and mandarin)
Absolut VANILIA (Vanilla)
Absolut RASPBERRI (Raspberry)
Absolut APEACH (Peach)
Absolut RUBY RED (Grapefruit)
Absolut PEARS (Pear)

which one should I get?

ETA: tally = raspberry 10, peach 4, grapefruit 3, mandarin 1, vanilla 12, pear 0.
Thanks guys!
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I just accidentally deleted an unsaved Word document, because I'm a moron like that. Is there any possible way to get it back? I still have another window open in Word, if that means anything...

EDIT: Never mind, the gods have been kind, I got it back. Whew.
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Knee-Jerk Google Response?

Why does someone always seem to pipe up and reply "google" or "why don't you just google it" automatically to so many questions here, and in other LJ communities and online forums?

My answer: maybe people really believe that this is the best approach to everything. I think most people mean well by giving this answer. People probably mean to save time and keep things interesting. I have gotten exasperated, myself, when people have asked me very general or simple questions ("what are some Jewish holidays?" "How to you make green tea?") and I've told many people to go use Google.

But I am finding it tiresome and nattery. And I wonder what those replying "google it" so frequently think about the depth and intricacy of information which often turns up from discussing, rather than simply googling.

I love Google and I use it constantly. But I can see its limitations, too. Google is not necessarily the last word in subjects which are enriched by discussion, especially discussion among a group of people familiar to the information seeker, a kind of peer group. Some questions really are answered better by human beings reading them, not by pages which happen to show up at the top of a Google search.
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Prince Charming

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I want to use the quote "Exit left, persued by a bear" from one of Shakespeare's plays, but I can't figure out which one it is from.  Am I wrong in beliving it is a Shakespeare quote?  I've tried two searchable Shakespeare sites, and nothing.

Another unrelated question:  Have any of you tried Danactive, and if so, did it make you feel sick?
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I had to take my car into an auto body repair shop to get some recent damage fixed. Yesterday I got a call from the shop letting me know that there has been extensive previous damage to my car that was left unrepaired and the only repairs made were done to cover up the internal damage.

I've never been in this situation before and I don't know what my rights are or if I have any.

The dealership I bought this car from ripped me off on the price of the car and the interest rate of the loan. Now to find out that there has been previous damage that was merely covered up just kills me. I bought the car a year ago.

What can I do?

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Say you have two employees.  One is stealing money out of the register on a regular basis, and has repeatedly denied it even though it could only be him.  The other lied on her time sheet because she was scared of loosing a job she really liked.  Which one would you fire?

Edit:  Yes they should fire her.  I agree.  But why just her?
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If someone tells you to "be nice" even though you're not doing anything that could be considered mean, how do you react?

Does it bother you when other people tell you how you're feeling?

"you're being grumpy, you're in a bad mood"
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I googled this but got no info so..

I suspect I'm Bipolar and have to monitor every weird thing to do with my head but the problem is I'm not sure if this is weird or normal so..

I was laying in bed failing to sleep and kinda phased out (no real way to explain it, it's like you get really disoriented for a moment) and heard a loud crash kinda like an explosion and books falling over combined. I get this a lot but never take much notice. It's a split second in and out type of thing and I usually shrug it off. But it happened again a few minutes later except instead of an explosion type noise it was three voices I'm unfamilar with (not that I have many voices in my head) and the first one I did not catch, but she was an old woman, the other two were an old man (who said mother in Japanese) and a young boy (who said brother in Japanese). It lasted maybe a second or two before I came out of it again. I've had the loud bang one while not in bed or remotely tired, but this is a new thing.

So erm.. is it normal to just phase out for a moment and hear voices or bangs like that? I should note my room was silent except for a clock and the buzz of my PC fan. I'm used to these and my clock makes no noises except tick and tock.

Would you want to take my picture?

You have pictures from an important event. In the pictures are a few shots of a family member who you know has issues with their weight and always thinks every picture of them is awful and has asked you from time to time to not show pictures of them anywhere - even if the picture was good and they think it's awful. You have just under 100 pictures to work with, 5 or so have this person in it. While the pictures will not be posted publicly but will be shared with family and friends (both in hard copy and online) - what is the proper way to deal with this person?
The Receptionist Classic

Is it just me...

If you are supposed to come to work by 9 AM, what time would you show up?

You need to talk to someone at a business. The business doesn't open til 9 AM, but it is 8:20 AM. Do you just wait til 9 o'clock or do you start punching in extension numbers until you find someone in the office?

On to a more pressing subject: FOOD. I've got some crackers that I'm going to be setting out tonight at this little get-together. I want to stick some cheese and meat on the tray, too, but I'm stuck as to what kind. Cheddar and...? What other cheese can I slice up? Do they sell salami pre-sliced? (I never buy salami or even look at that section - I honestly do not know how salami comes.)


Dear TQC,
I really want to get a camera…not a digital camera, but an old fashion film camera.

For those of you who know about cameras, what would be a good camera to get that costs under $100.00?

Give a dog a home

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1) Inspired by this.
Would it be as offensive if someone purposefully gave an Orthodox Jew pork or a Catholic fish meat on a Friday or a vegetarian meat?

EDIT: I'm a dumbass. The Catholic thing is fixed.

2) Why do people who say they "never smoke pot" or "this was my first time" seem to do it RIGHT BEFORE getting drug tested for a new job? Do you think they are lying to make it not look like they are a pothead?

3) For people who do not like the buttsecks: would you do it for $20,000?

4) Would you perform oral sex on a 400-pound 40-year-old deaf woman for $100,000

5) Do you belong to any macro communities? Which?

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So, I'm not wonderful at any video game outside of about five games, but I still like playing them. I'm trying to get through Final Fantasy 12 at the moment, but I have a feeling I'm missing out on a lot of things.

So, here's the question.
Should I buy a walk through this weekend and start my game over? I'm at like after the Hennen or something mines. 26 ish hours of play.

And random questions!
If zombies were taking over the world, would you just give in and become one or fight it?
Is Steve Buschemi not the world's most awesome strange looking man?
Have you guys watched that 'The Next Best Thing' show? Who's your favorite so far if you have?

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Let's say you fall in love with someone. Then you find out that they're the opposite gender than you thought. Do you fall out of love with them? Decide that they've turned you straight/gay? Something else?

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This question is spawned from the one I asked last night.

So, if wearing a band shirt to a concert with that band is lame or bad form, why is it not lame to wear a jersey to a sports game? Whats the difference?
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My Friday Five

1) What kind of car do you have? Year? Color?

2) What is your dream car? Year? Color?

3) If you're into NASCAR, who is your driver?

4) Where have you gone to see a race/races?

5) What do you think of the new front page to LJ?
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Gifts for the Wealthy

I have a friend who has recently had a baby and I would like to send a gift.  But I'm at a loss as to what to buy for her.  She's quite wealthy, in her early 30's, and lives downtown.  She already has many of the things I would buy for a new mother, like a masseuse, help around the house, etc.  But this baby is a big thing for her and I would like to acknowledge that (I have done baby shower gifts already, as well).   What could I send?

Do you have anyone in your life that has everything?   

If so, what do you buy for them? 

For the mothers out there, did anyone buy you a really excellent and useful gift after having a baby?  If so, what was it?

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I'm making tie-dyed shirts for Chemistry.
What three colors would look good together? Add more if you want!

Never mind! I chose red, blue and purple.
But, I just realized that blue and red make purple. :(

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Does anyone remember a Kung-Fu type midday soap/tournament that used to air on Fox on Sunday afternoons? One of the characters was called Tsunami, another was Night Wolf (I think?). This has been bugging me for years, please give me peace of mind!

ETA: VICTORY! It's WMAC Masters :-)

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My grocery store for some reason is having a sale on (knock-off?) crocs. 2/$12. Should I buy a pile of them and set them ablaze, filming it and putting the video to youtube to make the few people in the world who LIKE crocs cry?
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1. Have you ever dated any your ex's siblings?
2. How'd that work out for you?
3. what happened to TQC chat last night ):?
4. Does it bug you when someone says "thanks" rather than "thank you"?

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I'm a receptionist and my office is really relaxed and let me do whatever I want. The thing is corporate has basically blocked off all websites that has to do with any means of entertainment. I can't even get on livejournal. I'm not asking for proxies because I've done everything to get around this and I've given up. Besides my job [which is very easy], all I do is play solitare and read stories on crimelibrary.

However today everyone left for a company event & I'm here by myself. Reading so many stories on crimelibrary has me paranoid as hell. This office is huge and I'm already scared so I can't read anymore stories and that was my only means of entertainment [solitare gets old after you've won for the millionth time].

Can you guys please link me to things that are interesting to read and/or ways to entertain myself? I am here for another 3 hrs and I need something to get my mind off all the creepy little noises...

Thanks in advance! Oh, and the reason I can post this is because I'm on my sidekick. I can't really use it to go on websites though because it takes too long to load. :/

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Are you friends with any of your exes? I am friends with all of them, and still quite close with two of them, and have been informed this is odd.

What was the worst professor you had in college? Why?

The best professor?

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Which of the following do you own/have in your residence?

a globe
a Chilton's manual for a car I no longer own
a cookbook of recipes of a certain ethnicity/nationality
an 8x10 photograph of someone(s) I love
a sword or knife for display
a non-cordless telephone
a set of matching bookends
a wall calendar with cats on it
a refrigerator magnet with the number of a local restaurant on it
a mask (not the girly facial kind, but for a costume)
a fuck-it bucket
a skateboard
a bow and arrows
a map of the city I live in
a game that I never play

fuck-it bucket

Are you diabetic or is someone you are very close to (parents, siblings, spouse, etc.) diabetic?

When you go to an old fashioned 24 hr diner in the middle of the night, what do you like to order?

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Do experience the joy of the three-paycheck month? When is yours? When is your payday?

Yes I do, my next three paycheck month is August, TODAY IS MY PAYDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOO

PS I am hung over.
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I just read some one's review of Finding Nemo where they said the movie had a "powerful Pro-Life message", to which I say "uh WHAT" because... yeah, no.

So, TCQ, what is the last "message" or "point" some one got out of a movie/show/book that makes no goddamn sense to you?
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I had to get the windshield on my car replaced today. It says I should crack the windows an inch for the next 24 hours. I live in an apartment complex and really don't feel comfortable doing that because my parking space is right in front of a high foot traffic area where a lot of people pass through to get to their cars. My car is in a covered area, so would it be okay to just leave them rolled up?

Is it just me or....

1. What do you think about wearing uniforms/dress code at work? Does it make a difference if you working w/the public? Do you check out uniforms when applying for a job?

2. If you go to a friend's house and they (or their parents) cook a meal and you don't like it...do you still eat it?

3. When you're angry would you rather have someone try to calm you down and make it all better or just be left alone? What about when your sad?

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We recently got a CD player in the pharmacy that I work in, and I've put myself in charge of making some CDs for us to listen to. We've got a few now that have an assortment of tunes, but we're looking to make some drug-related ones. So give me your suggestions for drug-related music; they shouldn't have any swearing and bonus points if the drug references are subtle.

Birthdays and human decency.

1- Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and I'm taking him out tonight. Aside from hookers and blow, what should I do for him? We're definitely going to a steakhouse, but my brain is really fuddled, and he won't tell me what the hell he wants to go do. To make this easier, just tell me what you'd want someone to do for your birthday, since I don't think any of you are psychic. if you are, start handing out the lottery #s, and I'll really make it a great birthday evening.

2- Do you wear clothes that are entirely not meant for your body type, or show off not so attractive parts of your usually alright self? Do you not care what people think, or do you really think you're hot shit?
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A single male friend just bought a house. I'm putting together a housewarming gift for him. I've got his favorite cookies, his favorite movie that he doesn't yet have on DVD and his favorite bottle of liquor. Because of psychological issues, I don't want to just put it in a box with a bow, I want to put it in a container that he hopefully will find useful later on.

I was thinking an ice bucket but honestly, who uses those? Then I was thinking a theater-style popcorn bowl but apparently I can only find it online.

Should I buy the bowl or should I just put the gift in paper bag with a big bow on it?


I'd like to know what your ideal CD mix would be if you were asked to choose your all-time favorite songs.

So, tell me?

Edit: I chose 1 or 2 songs from each list and made a CD so I'm labeling it, "TQC MIX".

Feel free to still add because I'll be making more but here is the list I came up with...

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Random Questions!

1. What is your favorite non alcoholic beverage?

2. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

3. Do you sleep on your stomach, side, back or some other position?

4. Do you have an obsession with a certain product/thing (ie: shoes, DVDs, video games, memorabilia from a certain musician, certain brands of clothing, etc.)?

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1 Do you know what your eye colour is?
2 When asked, do you say blue/green/brown/whatever, or spice it up, like, 'emerald green', 'royal blue' etc?
3 How often do you forget how old you are?
4 What's the strangest eye colour description you've heard? A friend of mine says her brother has "piss blue eyes", which, if you mix yellow and blue properly, should make green, but his eyes are in fact blue. I don't know where the piss comes into it.
5 For those that do, what sort of moisturiser do you use? I'm using Olay Complete.
6 Does your hair get tangled easily? Mine gets knotty as I brush it. My friends torment me with how straight and smooth their tangle free hair is. Should I sneak in and cut it into horrible styles to retaliate?

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Dear TQC,
I have very dry hair. It is icky. In fact, the underside of it is more of a frizzy mess than curly.

What leave-in conditioner do you recommend? I do not dye my hair anymore and I'd prefer the conditioner be something I can buy from a grocery store. Also, I'd prefer not to pay like, $15 for 4 oz of product. Because I am poor. With frizzy hair.

Morelen credit

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Women: What would your dream wedding dress look like?

Men: Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?

Which team did you root for on Legends of the Hidden Temple?

You're on death row. What do you take as your last meal?

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What do you do about a parent who is more immature than you? How do you deal?

e.g. My mother can hardly write or read and doesn't think she needs school (she didn't even finish high school), yet wants to run a business. She can't balance a checkbook. She drives terrible. She lets the fact that she smokes run her life (she refuses to go to places that have no smoking... for example, I'm going to be working at Disney World soon, but she'll refuse to see me because smoking isn't allowed at all there). I lose something, she'll go on about how "she fucking knew I'd lose that, she should have kept it, I'm so fucking irresponsible and will never amount to anything," etc., but when she loses something she'll complain about how she has too much on her mind and just can't handle thinking about things. Like she just lost my driving lessons schedule. What else? She just never takes the blame for everything, it's always somebody else's (mostly my) fault. Not even going to get into what happens when her and alcohol mix.

Hoooowwww do you deal with that.
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Silly Questions

Give me silly answers, TQC. :)

1. Why do people order hamburgers with no onions, but eat a side order of onion rings?
2. Why do people who don't like tomatoes eat ketchup?
3. Why do people who don't like milk eat ice cream?
4. Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?
5. Why do they used sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
6. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
7. Why aren't finished buildings called "builts"?
8. Why are items shipped by boat called "cargo" and items shipped by truck called "shipments"?

9. How are you today? :)

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I want to spontaneously get my hair cut this weekend and not tell anyone but I usually need someone to reassure that I should get it cut, and as I am not telling anyone...help!

My camera is currently broken so this is the only picture I really have, ignore the fact that I look retarded!

1. So here the question: should I get it cut shorter it's about 3 inches below my collar bones, so relatively long. Any suggestions?

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2. I get my braces off in 2 weeks! So excited, has anyone here had braces? and I want to whiten my teeth after but my fiend told me NOT to use crest white strips, safer alternatives to whitening?

3. Anyone a vegetarian?

(no subject)

1. How comfortable do you think you would be with firing someone?
2. What factors might make doing so more difficult for you (knowing the person has dependents, the person is a few years away from retirement, health conditions, the person is very sweet, you've interacted with them quite a bit, etc.)?
3. What factors might make it easier?

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If you could post a shout-out to any TQC-er, who would it be?

Post a voice-post shout out, if you have the capabilities!

And TQC chat-room-ers....post the ones you've already made.  'Cause I said so.  So there.

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in less freaky-outy news...
I remember hearing a story in which Gandhi attempted to go to a church in south africa, and was denied entrance (knocked flat) at the door by some elder/deacon/pastor/whatever, who declared that no khaffir (sp) was going to attend his church. And so Gandhi decided Christianity was not a religion he had an interest in.
I can't find this story. Anyone know a place that references it? Gandhi + south africa + church isn't helping in google.

Every time I see this "eagle vs shark" ad, I can't help thinking it looks like something that would be on Adult Swim, really crude and more funny were I stoned. Why do I think this?
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TQC: should I give in to the ugly and buy a pair of crocs for a four day camping/outdoor music thing I'm going to? 
Word round the internet says they're the best for this festival.. comfortable, cleanable, good if it gets muddy.. it's just, wow. They're ugly. 

Anyone else really glad it's Friday? What are you doing tonight? I'm assembling tents and going out to eat with my family and best friend.

Random advice

What are some really random pieces of advice/tips that have been shared with you during your life?

[EDIT] Okay for clarification I don't mean deep spiritual awesome meaningful useful things (no I did not use a single piece of punctuation between those words). I mean, well, like the examples I gave.

1. Lighter fluid and Lysol will clean a paperback book better than anything else. (via my boss/personal experience during my time working in a used bookstore)

2. If you're going to cook chicken, buy a whole chicken. If a chicken is sold as only thighs, only wings, only breast, etc.. there's a good reason you aren't seeing the rest of that chicken. (via a former coworker who used to work in a poultry plant so no I can't swear it's 110% true but I trust him so :/)

(no subject)

Which foreign accents do you have the hardest time understanding?

If you answered the phone and
if it was your significant other calling and
if he/she wanted you to have phone sex and
if you said no because your best friend was in the room and
if he/she said that was okay because he/she had always been attracted to your best friend and wanted your best friend to be in on the phone sex and
if that thought made you feel weird but kind of aroused at the same time,
would you ask the folks in this community what you should do?

(no subject)

1) A gentleman caller is taking me out to thai food tonight. I have never had thai food. So, TQC, what should I order? Only rule is, I don't eat pork.
2) What's your favorite kind of 'ethnic' food?

3) The best Chinese take out in your city?

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The Dude Abides

Hypothetical? ?'s

What percentage of 'real life situation' questions in this community do you think are totally fabricated or grossly embellished by the poster?

What percentage of hypothetical questions in this community do you think are based on real life situations of the poster?
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Dear Question Club,

deleted background because apparently that caused confusion.

I need best friend songs, songs to say i'm sorry, songs to say we're the greatest people in the world.

anyone know any?

NO LOVE SONGS. Just best friend shit.

thanks though.
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I'm so mad.

TQC, my trash company (Allied/Midland Waste) sucks ass! Our pickup is Thursday at 6 AM, and they always miss it. I've had to call them 4 times over the past 3 weeks (once yesterday, once today) in order to get my trash picked up. Everytime I call, they tell me that the driver notated on their log that it wasn't out in time.

We put our trash out Wednesday night, around 8 pm. They're full of shit.

1) How pissed off should I get when the superviser calls me back?
2) Do you think that pissed off customers get more results than calm ones?
3) Seriously. How retarded is it that I have to babysit these guys when I'm paying for a service?

Comm Recs?

So, I'm a bit bored, and looking  for some cool but not often recommended comms.

My questions therefore are:
1 What are your favourite two or three comms that are not often recommended here? (since last time this was asked, the same three kept coming up...)
2 And, what are your favourite say, top 5 overall? (excluding any you mentioned above) And what are they all for?
3 How many comms are you a member of?
 4How do you find them, and what makes you want to join?
5. What really quiet comm would you like to see get more action?
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elvira sloo

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to a massive?

2. If so, what was your favorite one? Or which one are you most looking forward to?

3. What is the rave scene like in your area?

4. Drum and Bass or Trance or Techno?

5. Favorite DJ?

Edited because I forgot to put my answers, haha.

My answers:
1. Yes, many many many.

2. Favorite= Nocturnal Wonderland last year. Looking forward to= Almost Better than Sex 2007.

3. "poppin'" LA is fantastic for raving.

4. DnB hands down....the more evil the better :)

5. DJ Craze! or Tiesto, hard decision.

(no subject)

How much is your rent? What is included in your rent? Where do you live?

I was previously renting a room for $400/mo in a 4/4 apartment in Texas that included everything but water and electricity. I am moving across the country (more specifically, New Jersey) and just applied for a 1/1 apartment for $910 a month that includes everything except electricity. :(
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About Scrubs

1. When the word "Scrubs" is mentioned, what's the first thing that pops in your mind?
2. Do you wear scrubs?
3. If so, what do you do for a living?
4. Would you have ever thought that anyone other than a medical professional would wear them?
5. Do you enjoy the TV show "Scrubs"?

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Help me TQC!

I'm freaking out because I'm living in an apartment for the first time and I don't know what the Post Office will do with my packages! Will they leave them outside for the crackheads? Will they put a slip in my tiny mailbox telling me to come get them? Can I request that they just let me come pick them up instead? I don't want my stuff stolen, like the neighbor's table that was left out or like my slobbery dog toy I left outside for an hour (! ANGRY! Why take that? It's gross!)
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(no subject)

Okay, how about this:

You get a call from Mama Hilton, and she says, "I want you to serve out my daughter's time for her. Name your price."

And to clarify, you'd have to do exactly the service that Paris has to -- personal cell in celebrity jail.

So what's your price?

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So I've noticed (especially at my job) that I tend to sweat a lot more than the average bear, especially when moving around or when I get nervous.

Anyone have a similar problem? Are there any really solid treatments that will completely or mostly reduce perspiration? (I understand that sweating is healthy, but a well-kept appearance is important for my job.)

The biggest priority is rapid relief in a product that I can find at my house or buy at the store. Thanks!

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My brother's wedding is next weekend and I'll be taking the photos. I have very thick, long hair, and the wedding is outside, so I want to get my hair done up so that I'm not all extra hot running around with hair on my neck and forehead. I also won't be dressed as formally as I would be if I were just attending the wedding, or part of the bridal party, so a prom kind of up 'do would look kind of silly with my outfit. But those are the only kind of websites I can find - sites with prom/formal/wedding up 'dos.

Do you know of any websites that have good photos (as in it shows the hairstyle in a way that would make it easy for a hairdresser to replicate) of up 'dos for any occasion, or am I better off forking over a little pocket change for a hairstyle magazine? If the latter, any magazine (that is easily obtainable in the US) that you'd recommend?

Thanks! :)

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I'm visiting my best friend this week (she lives out of state) and I'll be staying with her and her family.  I want to get her family a gift to thank them for putting up with me for a week and a half but I have no idea what to get them.  Any general gift ideas?  My friend, who is turning 16 is the youngest of two, so it'd have to be kind of a more adult thing maybe?

Also can you block numbers from texting you on your cell phone?  My goggle searches say no, but my friend's boyfriend keeps telling me how awful I am via texts and won't stop.

EDIT: Sorry I have TMobile!  I meant to put that!  Thanks so much I love you all!

Thanks for all that!  And now....what's your favorite cheesy pickup line?


If you were writing a novel would you:

A) Start from the beginning (ab ovo)

B) Start from the present and flash back

C) Start from the middle (in medias res)

D) Some other chronological trick

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Is any one else really put off by the fact that there is more media coverage about Paris going back to jail than OTHER world news events?

Paris is the front story

Paris is the front story

Organic cows AND Paris share the top story. Lol.

Examples of things that are going on that are actually PERTINENT.
G8 leaders reach $60bn Aids deal

Gen. Pace to Step Down as Chairman Of Joint Chiefs

And yes, as a member of ONTD I should STFU but seriously, MSNBC is having Paris fest. That makes me a mad panda.

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Bye, bye E40 or whatever the hell that fat guy's name is.

1. According to a friend of mine, I am a role model for others. ARE YOU A ROLE MODEL?

2. I saw a standard, non-personalized license plate that said 420 AAH yesterday. Would that warrant a chuckle out of you? Would you even notice?

3. Would you want to work with your mother?

4. Do you want to see my boobs? Can I see your boobs?
Simba turns

Walk the line

1. Do people have problems following rules when stayin in line? i.e., no cutting, no 'saving' spots, etc.

2. If so, where do most problems occur?

3. How do you handle line infractions? (let it go, get help from an employee...)
Tim onstage!

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Do you think that dreams are truly your subconscious trying to tell you something about yourself...or are they just random bits of information your brain gathers together, and makes you live through while you sleep?

(I had a rather strange dream last night, and I'm rather curious about the interpretation other people can give me about it. o.0)

book question

I'm looking for a specific book and I'd like to pick it up @ Borders.

is there any way to find out online if my local store carries it?

yes I'm too lazy to look online

EDITED TO ADD : Not only did I reserve it online, I've already gone and picked it up (with my 20% coupon).


Beyond repair: cars

What's something that would screw over an already-beat up car beyond repair besides crashing it? Google is failing me here.

(For the curious, this is a fictional situation. I don't have a car make in mind, and I'm flexible with the situation, as long as the car really is screwed beyond repair.)

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Poll #999790 Dedicated to Paris Hilton and all the other convicts

Would you rather serve 5 days in prison (real prison, not a country club-type of prison), or serve 3 months of house arrest?

5 days of prison
3 months of house arrest

Would you rather serve 3 years in prison (no time off for good behavior) starting next year, or would you rather serve 10 years in prison, starting at the age of 50?

3 years, starting next year
10 years, starting at age 50

Would you rather serve 2 months in prison, sharing a cell with someone who's a murderer, or would you rather serve 2 months in prison in solitary confinement?

Murderer cellmate

Think about how sexual preferences. How many years in prison minimum do you think you'd have to serve before you were willing to sample same sex relations?

50 years
25 years
10 years
5 years
2 years
6 months
30 days
Honestly, there is no timeline. It all depends on whether or not they were cute

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My friend is cutting herself, and it stabs me right in the heart knowing that she does. She knows I care, I've talked to her about it, and clearly you don't stop just like that. Any help?
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Fuckin' A

Double-posting is bad, but I think in light of the stupid rap music playing on our page, it's entitled.

Will you post a random question to get this shit pushed to page 2?

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Gift-giving questions

Okay, TCQ, here's the situation. I have a friend who is visiting my state from Canada. She's going to be close enough that I can drive up and spent part of Saturday with her. She's traveling with a couple (as in husband and wife) who are friends of hers, but whom I have never met. I was thinking (um, just this evening, proving yet again that I'm socially slow) that it might be nice to give my friend a little "welcome" gift, something that is Texas-y, at least in the sense that it's from here and she couldn't get it elsewhere. There's a berry farm that I could stop at tomorrow that has various types of preserves, relishes, etc. that are made from their own produce or produce grown on other local farms.

1. Would getting my friend a gift in general seem like a weird thing, or would it be as welcoming as I would hope? (Seriously, socially slow here.)
2. Would a jar of preserves or something similar make a good gift if you said "welcoming" to #1, or should I go for something else? Please leave ideas for the "something else".
3. Given that we're talking about a glass jar here of food-type stuff, is that going to be a problem for her flying back to Canada, either from Customs or from air pressure causing the jar to explode? Should I wrap it in a lovely Zip-loc gift wrap so as to confine any potential leakage?
4. Would you also give something to the friends of a friend that you'd never met, assuming you'd give something to the friend in the first place?

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I've fallen for a guy. I think he feels the same way about me that I feel about him. I know he definitely has some feelings for me that are beyond platonic. I really want to tell him that I love him but I haven't been able to bring myself to saying those three words. It's not the first time I've said it to someone I had romantic feelings for. Why can't I bring myself to tell this guy that I love him?

Quick n easy legal question

The state of WI says that in order to file for divorce in WI, one of the parties has to have resided there for at least 6 months.

My question is, what establishes residency? (Basically, what do you have to show them to prove you lived there for 6 months?)

Does a valid WI drivers lisence count, or does it have to be more complicated? :)

Of course I would want to know this after 5 on a Friday. :P

Thank you!
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Freight Shipping vs Renting a Truck

My parents are getting a divorce. They live in St. Petersburg FL, whereas I live in Atlanta GA (about 7.5 hours difference drive time). My mother has a lot of furniture she's been wanting me to take forever, and the plan has always been for my husband and I to take some time off, rent a car to drive down and then rent a moving truck to drive back, with the furniture etc inside. Now that it's slightly more urgent, and with gas being $3/gallon here, I'm thinking of getting a freight company to just ship me all the stuff she wants us to have instead. I don't know anything about what that costs (about to do research after I post this) since I've never done it before. However, also because of my lack of experiance, I'm not sure if this is a better idea than getting it all myself. I don't know any of the companies out there, or their reputations (I am sort of hoping I can find a site that has reviews or something useful). So I come to all of you, in hopes of guidance.

Please share any experiances you might have with this sort of thing with me - if there's a company you'd recommend/avoid/etc, if you've done it in the past and found it to be more/less of a hassle than collecting the items yourself, etc! ANYTHING you have to offer will help me feel less overwhelmed, at the very least!

Thank you all very much for any and all help.
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1. Do you hate chana more than so_mikey?

2. There was a Tornado Warning near Rochester today. Have you ever been under a Tornado Warning condition? Did you seek shelter like they advised or did you just stay on the computer and crack open a Labatt Blue like me?

3. Are you going out tonight?

Clubs in Myrtle Beach

So i am thinking of going out tonight. I am going to go to some of the clubs at Broadway at the Beach.

However, they have a dress code, I know that much. However for the life of me I do not know what it is. Does anyone have any ideas on what the dress code is for Myrtle Beach or I guess anywhere else you think might be similar?

I tried googling but it failed me but I'll try again.

Edit: Google is still failing. But I do remember a sign saying no belly shirts and I believe no tank tops. :-\

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"Procrastination" is such an overused word, especially amongst students. What are some good words or phrases to use instead? Serious or silly both welcome, of course!

Which Facebook applications do you use and like?
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Hey guys,

So, for my final project in my Documentation Project Management class, I have to do a presentation outlining (surprise, suprise) documentation project management.

Basically, the main themes of documentation project management are: Document outlines, proposals, schedules, budgets, contracts, copyrights, delegating tasks to different team members, managing personnel, monitoring progress, revision, translation, delivering copies of the finished product, etc. We pretty much have alot of creative room, as long as it's somehow related to one of those things.

Examples that the teacher gave us from past presentations: Technical documentation in the Bible (showing how the Bible has been revised over the decades, and the reasons for the revisions) and Shakespeare (showing how his works were translated.)

I need to think of something super creative, that has anything to do with the themes above. I'm completely stumped.. I thought I was onto something involving talking about how lyrics are "revised" in a way, when another artist covers the song. But I really don't think I can talk my way through that for 5 minutes... My friend has this idea about how menus are "revised" when the menu items are updated, but that's pretty dull.

Any ideas? I have two weeks before this is due, so if you have an idea that involves lots of research, I have time.


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What movie should I rent?
I'm kind of in the mood for a drama, anything like "Little Miss Sunshine" or "Everything Is Illuminated"... something bittersweet but not over the top.

What's your favorite movie snack?
I love milk duds :]
devil bunny

Mmm, unbirthday time.

Tonight I am having myself a faux-birthday with just me, no presents, and sadly, no candles because we are broke.

But I do have cake!  Pink cake, pink icing.  Whut?  I love it from my childhood!  So. . . .

1.  Cake or pie?

2.  Which flavor?

3.  Are those candles that you can't blow out evil?  Or are people who dislike them loozers who can't take a joke?

All women's college

Why is going to an all women's college empowering to women?

I've heard so many women gush over how their all women's college has made them more strong-will, independent, and more powerful inside. But I don't get it. Can't you get that at other colleges, too? It's just that they seem more passionate about it than other women who go to co-ed schools. What makes an all women's college so great?

Maybe it's just that I've never felt incompetent compared to men JUST because I'm a woman.
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Are you going to the Download Festival? (there's still time I guess)
Are you going to the Reading or Leeds Festivals?

If you are going to any of the above, what band are you most looking forward to?
Jongkey on stage

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1) What sounds better for dinner, a crispy chicken sandwich from Burger King or Fettuccine Alfredo?

2) What DVD set should I start to watch first, season one of The X-Files or season one of Angel?

3) How often do you post to this community? How often do you reply to a post?
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Passive aggressive people suck.

If someone (a neighbor) has a problem with you but refuses to come and talk to you about it, choosing instead to leave snarky anonymous notes on your door, how do (or would) you respond?

I came home tonight to a note telling me to stop my dogs from barking "at 6am, 12 noon, and 9pm for 20 minutes at a stretch."


Since my dogs don't even go outside until 6:30am and are generally back inside at or before 8pm, I'm at a loss to see how this person can even be sure that its my dogs barking. I live in an area where almost everyone has dogs, they are all outside dogs, and they all bark pretty much 24/7.

Yes, I do have my dogs outside while I'm at work- I have no choice. They cannot be left inside because then they DO bark and tear up my trailer (they have some anxiety issues). And yes, they do bark when people walk by- as do all the other dogs in the compound. I'm listening to a few dogs barking as I'm typing, in fact.

So.. do I ignore this person? Lock my gate so they can't come in my yard?

What would you do?
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help me please tqc, cat spilt milk on laptop keyboard [arrow/spacebar area] and now keys not functioning. using tablet and onscreen keyboard but need it to work for school. how to fix it, i ask.