June 7th, 2007

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Anyone know a good "world news" community that gets updated frequently? Like, about laws that are getting passed and just news and political stuff in general. I tried to find some but they haven't been updated in a long time. I'm trying to understand politics and be more conscious of what's going on in the news.

And for fun!
What're you watching/listening to RIGHT NOW?
Every Time I Die / Easy Tiger.

Thanks guys. :]
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My angsty woe

Actually, what the hell am I doing saying all this to a large group of mostly strangers? Quick version - I am fucked up and feel like crap, and anyone I would contemplate talking to is not home or has an exam in the morning so I can't call them. And it'll pass so I shouldn't worry them until I can be more coherent about it.

So, TQC, can you distract me until I calm down?

Any funny youtube vids you'd like to share?

New macros?

Simple but entertaining computer games?
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As much as I don't really care about Harry Potter, I have many friends who do, and I would LOVE to throw those Harry Potter alleged spoilers at them.  The only problem is, they've been deleted, and I didn't get a chance to see them.  Does anybody have a link to another site with them?  Or did anyone get a screen shot?

I just really like to annoy my friends.
WKRP--Johnny asleep at the board.

you tell me

What's the best album you've heard/bought lately?

For me, it has to be, hands down, Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full. Best album of his in years.
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sleepy time

When you wake up during the night because you've just remembered something you forgot to do, do you get up and do it or fall back asleep? What is the point at which delaying sleep recommencement becomes the lower priority?

When you wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep, what do you do?

Can you tell I just woke up because I remembered something important I had forgotten to do? -_-

Am I still coherent at this hour?
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1.) Where can I get a relatively inexpensive breathalyzer? (I think it's be fun to have).

2.) What would you do with your own breathalyzer?

3.) My nose has started running/dripping. The consistency of what drips out is very watery, and I can't seem to blow anything out. It's like my nose is a little stream. I've never experienced this before. Have you? What should I do?
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"No, you're perfect! Really!"

1) Don't you hate it when people ask you for your opinion and then get upset when you give the honest one and not the one they want to hear?

2) Do you think honesty is the best policy?

3) Can you be friends with people who won't at least consider your honest opinion?

4) Do you personally prefer to hear honest answers to your questions or do you like things all sugar-coated and happy-like?
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So it doesn't seem like much, but yesterday I dyed my hair brown (and made all my little Zwinky icons obsolete) after being a redhead for over 8 years. I kind of feel like I've turned over a new leaf.

What's the last thing you did that signaled a new beginning for you?
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Given the obvious omissions of war ridden countries, is there anywhere you would never travel?

This may or may not make sense so after I cross the street and get my coffee I may have to edit it.
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1. The same woodpecker flies into my window here at work every morning. According to people who've had this office before me, he's been doing this for years. Do birds have no memory or is he just really determined to make it in here some day?

2. Any plans for the weekend?

3. What name do you call yourself when you talk to yourself? Is this different than the name most people call you by?

4. It's payday!! Where should I go out to eat tonight to blow all this money they're giving me? Bills? What bills? I don't want to pay those!
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My boyfriend is sick, TQC. At the moment he's lovingly contaminating my bed while sleeping. I brought him water, left him my car keys, and might go get him ice cream at Sonic later after I'm done with work. I'm usually not this open to serving, but he's flying back to school later today and I don't want him to crash and die. 
1. What do you do for an SO when he/she is sick?

2. a. What are your favorite "oh my god it's so hot and humid I'm going to die, but I still want to look decent and not be naked" clothes for being outside in the summer? 
2. b. What kind of underwear do you wear when you've got to be outside and your shoes are melting into the sidewalk?

I always wore jeans and t-shirts until this summer. Now I go for shorts and thin shirts or tank tops when I can manage. It is so unpleasantly hot. >:(

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Why in our user pics is there a Baco's with a syringe?? I found it to be amusing, but also questionable.

Also, There is a young man that works in my building and he is very nice to me. He smiles when he looks at me and sometimes when he walks by it seems he tries to not look at me and also is trying not to smile. (he has a little grin on his face and i see his eyes bounce to the left, where i am, and then back) This morning he was practically running to open the door for me. 
So my questions are...do you think this kid has a slight crush on me? and Why does my boyfriend hate to hear about this kind of stuff?? Yet, if he hears me tell someone else he gets upset because I didn't tell him? 

Who else LOVES the show The Office? And Scrubs? Who else can't wait until these shows come back on?
I'm dying here waiting to see.....gah!


1. What's with these Harry Potter spoiler icons?
a. Are they even really the spoiler? Cause, I haven't really seen anyone throwing a fit over them...

2. Has anyone ever been on Wellbutrin? My doc put me on it yesterday and I haven't taken them yet.
a. What sort of things can I expect?

3. Why is my sociology class so boring!?

4. Would you rather have sex with Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

A bit of a heated topic..

Do you believe that all types of pregnancy clinics (those that offer/ support/ counsel and perform abortion AND those that offer/ support/ counsel and provide a healthy pregnancy and then adoption) should exist and be equally supported by the government? 

So if one gets millions of your tax dollars, do you want both to get your tax dollars? 
Do you want neither to get your tax dollars?
Why should or shouldn't all kinds of pregnancy method clinics have equal funding from the government?

Let's try to keep the debate/ conversation respectable folks! :)

**edit** woah, I didn't see all the abortion questions in here today..that's weird. Wonder why it's on the brain. I heard a few things on a radio program yesterday about bills going through for funding, etc etc..
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Do you think it is possible to be pro-choice AND pro-life? That is, pro-choice up to a certain point in pregnancy.

Is it a black and white issue, or do you think there is a grey area?

Does anyone recall that photographer who has the weird-looking puppet, and the most known picture is of a bunch of guys and the puppet pouring milk on a woman in a shower?
Do his pictures disturb you? (If someone can find me a link, I'll put it in here.)

If your SO tries to have sex with you at 4am and you are sleeping, do you have sex, or tell them that you're sleeping?

(no subject)

Do you have a bedtime routine? If so, what is it?

Do you sleep with the tv on or off?

I have no bedtime routine, and I sleep with my tv on. I don't like it when it's really quiet.
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be a man

1. If you had a sign on your back gate stating 'If you don't live here, don't enter' and day after day, your brothers friends continued to enter through the gate, what would you do? they never shut the gate, calling the cops isn't the answer, and they don't really listen to reason.
would you...
a. chase them with a shovel out of backyard
b. appear out of nowhere chanting the script from Evil Dead
c. fight it out, ninja style
d. other

calling them cops isn't the answer though. the cops have been here for trafficing..because there was about 5-6 cars parked on the side of our house with people comming in and out of the backgate and our lovely neighbors decided the cops should be involved.

2. what are the lamest rules you've ever been told to avide by, but broke anyways?
I was on house arrest. we weren't SUPPOSED to use the internet, I did anyways..whenever they showed up I'd turn off my monitor and pretended I was never on :P
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Boy issues!

What do you do when you realize you're falling out of love with someone--but you still love them? in other words, "I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore" line. I've been with my boy for the past year and a half, nearly, and its been the toughest year and a half of my life. Now that things are settling down, I'm finding that I don't need him as much, but I still really care about him. Should we try to salvage it, or should we just move on but remain friends? Help, TQC!

PS--how do you get to the AIM chat? I wanna join in, but can't figure out how.
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What's with the picture posts tonight?

Following the tradition of the night, what color is your tongue?  Post a pic, if you'd like.  I guess.  If you have nothing better to do.  Which I assume you don't.

Brownie points for people who use food coloring or candy to turn your tongue a different color....?
Beast mode!

Another pix post!

Do you have a camera or camera phone with you right now?

Would you like to do a photo scavenger hunt?

In the room you are currently in can you find (and photograph and share) the following items?
a. A toy/stuffed animal/doll with the color red on it somewhere.
b. A hat/head-covering of any sort.
c. A photograph (that's right, photograph the photograph!).
d. A measuring device.
e. Something purple.
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My (fourteen-year-old) brother's school recently had a big meeting with all parents to talk about THE DANGERS OF CYBERSPACE and how children will be CORRUPTED by DEVIANTS on MySpace, FaceBook and other similar sites. So our mother has decided that my brother is now only allowed a certain number of friends on his MySpace (fifteen or so, from memory), he has to speak to her whenever he wants to change something on it (add a new friend, change the design, update his profile information) and she's going to get a MySpace as well so she can friend him and watch his page.
  1. Do you think this is a little over the top?
  2. If you're a parent/guardian with kids under legal age, or an older sibling with a brother or sister under legal age, what are your rules concerning your kids' activity on the internet? Do you care if they have MySpace or something similar?
  3. Can you suggest anything I can do to intervene here and stop our mother from totally taking over my brother's Internet Life, yet still keep the kid safe? I've been thinking of sitting him down and having a talk to him about what you really should be careful of online (when my mother got home last night the first thing she said to him was, "ARE YOU HANDING OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR CYBERSPACE?", so she's not exactly a good authority), but in the meantime can you suggest anything for me to say to my mother to get her to back off a bit?
And for bonus points: what kind of stuff did you get up to as a teenager without your parents knowing? By the age of fourteen I was out getting drunk with friends, I had had a fair amount of sexual experience with boys and girls, I had seen porn, tried smoking dope, I smoked cigarettes for a while, I got a few piercings and was using sex toys.

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Unrequited love/crush/lust
Any stories that jump to mind?

I'm in a bit of an awkward situation with a friend of mine, he is being ridiculously forward, wanting a lot more than just friendship. Everything he does/says has something to do with me. His MSN/Facebok status, how he walks to his lectures incase we're going the same way, the TV shows he stays up and watches so I might pop round for a viewing...he's forever asking mutual friends' advice on how he can get me to feel the same & calls/tects me at least 5 times a day regardless of my replies.The thing is I have a boyfriend, and he knows it's not going to happen with him. Apparently he's getting very depressed because he can't handle the fact I'm staying with 'ski wanker dude'- what he calls my boy. How terribly mature of him.
How would you handle this? Would you be comfortable with staying friends with someone who had these inappropriate feelings for you? Would you tell your boyfriend?

I've never felt that strongly about someone before without them returning the feeling, but I've definitely had some kind of feeings for guys before knowing it wouldn't go anywhere..
I'd never be brave about it though, i'm the sort of girl who will let things lie & pass rather than make a move.

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I was going to post a question...then I completely forgot what it was...so now I'll go with different questions:

Have you done this same thing before?

Since, it's almost lunch time, and I'm so hungry I think that is what made me forget my question, what are you eatting/doing for lunch?

Do any of you own a bluetooth headpiece? If yes, do you feel akward, like people think you are talking to yourself?

I think I look crazy in my picture/icon...crazy bad...do you? 
haha. everytime my boyfriend see's it, he just laughs and laughs and says I don't look um...very pretty there, you actually look...kinda scary. I agree. 

Do any of you have any crazy/silly/bad picture/icons of yourself that you'd care to share??
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1. Does it freak you out if people have eyelashes/eyebrows that you can not see? Not that they plucked them out, but that they are so blonde/pale that without makeup, they appear not there.

2. What was the last item of clothing you had tailor made for you?

3. Are cheddar cheese, apple and popcorn together a good snack?

4. What is something(s) you are putting off doing at the moment?


My answers:
1. Not me, but apparently, it freaks my Asian students out. They ALL had to comment today on how Ms N's eyebrows are GONE! Heh.

2. A load of stuff. 12 skirts and about 7 tops. I love China.

3. Yes...one of my favourites.

4. Work. Calling Ms Mok about the job mess up from yesterday.

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TQC, it's my last offical day of freshmen year. However, I have one exam towmorrow, another on Monday, and two on Tuesday.

So, should I be:

A.) Happy that I am "officially" done


B.) Nervous and upset about exams


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If one night you had an incredibly graphic nightmare about being involved in a multi-vehicular accident, how nervous would you be the next day in terms of driving/being in a car?
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I just got home from taking two finals. My final tomorrow should be all that hard so I don't need to study for more than an hour for it. What should I do today?

I can't leave the house unless I decide to like go for a run. I was thinking of studying first, cleaning, and then reading. But that seems lame.

Any fun suggestions?

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I've been slicing bread all morning and I thought I'd ask...

1) What do you prefer, white or brown bread?

2) Do you eat/like the crust pieces?

3) Do you like seeded bread?

My answers:
1) Brown. It has more texture
2) I love the crust pieces. Everyone gives them to me ^__^
3) It's my favourite kind

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Who is a prominent peace activist? (preferably modern)
What did they do?

Who is an important peace writer or filmmaker?

No this is not my homework, but it is a starting point for part of my homework.

(no subject)

I have a pot luck tomorrow at work. What should I bring? I've already taken my staple pot luck dishes. I'd like to take something sweet/fruity.

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Couch Potato Was Robbed!

1.) When listening to music, do you play pretend instruments?
2.) If you do, what's your favorite? Air guitar, air drums, air bass, air accordion?
3.) If there was a contest for playing you pretend instrument of choice, would you participate? Would you go to size up the competition for next year?
4.) Anyone wanna start a wicked awesome air band with me?
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how is the weather where you are?

i'm in southern Wisconsin and they've been saying since last night that we're going to have some really severe storms today and let me tell you, they ain't lyin'. apparently there is/is going to be a Derecho. 9 years ago there was one and winds got to 128 mph. in WISCONSIN, sans tornadoes. they're sending kids home 2 1/2 hours early in smaller towns outside where i am. it's been windy since last night and it's getting pretty bad. i had my clothes out drying on the line and they started blowing away so i had to bring everything in.

it's still sunny right now, though :D
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She's No Name for now... :o(

A fantastic guy that I've been seeing rescued a kitty for me yesterday.  She's adorable and sweet, but I need a name for her.  

She's charcoal grey, with a small white patch under her chin and on one of her paws.  She was found on the roof, her mother was run over by a car and seems to have a tendency to follow me around.

fakey mcfakelson

fruit picking, laptop lines, some random bands, and sunscreen

1. Do you ever go to local orchards or farms to pick your own fruit? If so, what kinds do you pick?
Yes. Strawberries and peaches.

2. I have already googled this. I have a vertical line on the screen of my laptop. Is this the beginning of the end?

3. Have you ever seen any of the following bands: Santogold, Black Moth Super Rainbow? If so, were they any good/worth seeing?

4. What is your favorite sunscreen that isn't oily and doesn't smell terrible?
I have worn long sleeves and long pants for the last 6 years so I haven't really bothered with sunscreen except for the kind I use everyday on my face.
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NYC food, the beast

My friend is coming to visit me in NYC for a few days and I want to take him to some good restaurants. I don't go out to eat that much, and I like a lot of ethnic food- Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, anything, really, but he's not a big fan, and he has a serious peanut allergy, so he won't touch anything that might have traces of peanut in it. Can anyone recommend specific places or even cuisine? I know I can't take him to a Thai food place because of all the peanut that is prevalent, but I'm worried if a lot of different kinds of restaurants are safe for him... can anyone comment on this? I'm sure we'll go to an Italian place, beyond that, I can't really decide.

Also, I'm a vegetarian and he loves meat, but this isn't really a problem anywhere. I'd rather him enjoy the meal than me, anyway.

(Also, if you are recommending restaurants...! I don't want anything expensive, and we probably won't go out of Manhattan, unless it's near something else we want to see.)

Thanks a lot.

Oh- has anyone ever been on The Beast? How was it?

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Anyone who's a member on bookmooch.com:

I'm new to it, and don't exactly know how everything works yet. Is there a way to specify what kind of book you want? Because I want a copy of a certain book, but I want it hardcover and most of the descriptions of available copies don't tell me if it's hardcover or paperback (the only one that does is, in fact, a paperback). Is there a way to do this? When I typed in my list of available books, you could pick from a dropdown menu hardcover/paperback/ect, so why can't I see which it is before I decide to ask for it?
If not, is there a way I can get in contact with the person to ask them?

I have a job interview today. The receptionist on the phone told me to dress nice (well, that one's a bit obvious), be at least fifteen minutes early, bring a pen and pad of paper to take notes, and she said that if it went well it could last up to ninety minutes.
I've never had an interview as intensive as this. Do you guys have any tips about this sort of thing? I'm so nervous!

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1)A dear friend of mine asks, "Why the fuck do they sell tuna in vegetable oil?" I've always considered it nasty and wondered why someone would buy it myself. What do you think?

2)was not really worth asking

3)How many lapdances have you witnessed in person? Of that number, how many were for yourself?
Me--State Fair

to shower, or not to shower...

Okay, I got up at quarter to noon when my mail lady called...

I have to go to the post office, but it's blazing hot out. I tend to sweat a lot. Should I wait and shower when I get back, and go ratty, or should I shower now and deal with the sweat? (deodorant/anti-perspirant don't seem to work well, but I can't see a doctor--no insurance. It sucks because I sweat all manly and it's really un-feminine.)

ETA: Do you think there should be a special place in hell for people like this?

That's just wrong...to steal from a grieving mother while she's at her SON'S FUNERAL. Sheesh.
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elvira sloo

(no subject)

I just finished my last say of high school, well, about an hour and a half ago. Graduation is exactly one week away!

1. What did you do your last day of high school to celebrate?

2. Did you cry at all?

3. What did you get for graduation?

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Hurry up and look back

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i've been getting sick a lot and I am looking into eating a bit differently or incorporating certain vitamins and minerals into my diet to build up my immune system

do you all have any tips? is there something I can regularly take or a regiment that you've heard of that will help me build up my immune system?

(no subject)

1. i'm currently a canadian citizen living in the US (i've lived here since 1982). do you think i should apply for dual citizenship? what are some pros and cons i might not have thought of?

2. i had to fill out a form today that asked what color my eyes are. choices were brown, green, blue, grey, hazel, pink (for the albinos?), and maroon. does anyone have maroon eyes? have you ever seen/met anyone with maroon eyes?
statutory rape


From something I'm researching at work:

Lets say you're an employee of the state, and you violate your contract with the state in a fairly egregious manner. Now, lets say that the employer brings a disciplinary charge against you, but the arbitrator throws it out for a procedural issue and doesn't rule on whether you are guilty or not guilty. You then retire after the ruling by the arbitrator is handed down.

Do you think that the employer can bring a new disciplinary charge after you're retired? Do you think they should be able to? Why?

Have you ever been fired from a job? Why? Did you seek revenge or do anything silly your last day there?
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More abortion/adoption/babymaking questions

Do you really think that getting pregnant on birth control is as common as people claim it is?

Let's say abortion *is* illegal. What should a woman with an unwanted pregnancy do with the baby once she has it, if she does not want to keep it?

Do you think that people who can't handle the consequences of a potential pregnancy should just close their legs so they don't become a drain on the government?
Fashion 1

Obviously i have issues

1.Is there a way to cancel a sent email or know if the other person have opened it?
2. Have you ever sent an email that you thought was quite intelligent but right after it was sent,you realise how stupid it had sounded and you end up kicking yourself?

addams family

(no subject)

What does jealousy physically feel like to you?

Backstory: I was having a conversation with a friend and realised that to me jealousy is extremely physical. I'll begin to feel like I'm going to throw up, I get terrible shakes and often I'll be unable to breathe and end up curled in a ball on the floor in a sheer state of panic.

(no subject)

What TQC member has changed your perspective or way of thinking in a positive way? How?

What TQC member has changed your perspective or way of thinking in a negative way? How?

Do you wear a watch everyday?

Not everyday, sometimes.
I wish I had a watch to wear everyday.

Does the fact the TQC allows just about everyone to become and remain a member enhance or detract from the appeal of the community, in your opinion?

A little of both.
You're lucky it does b****, otherwise you'd have been outta here a LONG time ago. (hahaaaa)

How tired are you of hearing about this wonderful baby boy I'm about to have? 1 being none at all.

Mean: 4.93 Median: 4 Std. Dev 3.76

On the road and TV question..

1. Can you take a high powered microscope (barrel only) as carry on in a flight (domestic) in the US?

2. can you carry on DPNs (double pointed knitting needles)?

3. What TV show do you watch/TiVo regularly but are too embarrassed to tell your friends?
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Music, anyone?

What Depeche Mode albums are their best? I love them and I only have a "Best of", "Violator", and "Playing the Angel". I love them but I don't want to waste money on any "bad" CDs. Hahaha!

What other artists do you recommend? Albums? Or just songs that I can DL off of iTunes? I like all kinds of music, to be honest.
mr jummy

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

I got a package in the mail yesterday, but I wasn't here so they postman delivered it to my neighbor... who hasn't been home the 7 times I've tried to get my package since yesterday afternoon!

What do you think is in my package?
I hope it's birthday presents... I'm greedy today!

Do you think if my neighbor wasn't going to be home ever again after they got my package they should've tried dropping it off?
I'm not sure. I want to say yes, but I think I'd be annoyed if I had to deliver someone elses package to them. They are right across the hall though, literally 2 steps away.

What do you think of the practice of the postman delivering my packages to someone else and leaving a note in my mailbox?
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(no subject)

1) when you got married.. OR when you plan on getting married (if ever) did you or will you write your own vows?
2) what's something you don't understand?
3) tell me a lyric from your favorite song?


what is the strangest most random grouping of items you have seen someone buying or were buying at the grocery store?

for example i have seen someone buying goats cheese, coca cola, and some form of fruit.
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(no subject)

What do you guys do when you're idling on the internet?

I check my friends page, facebook, gmail, and school email. Along with webcomics and stuff. And I've been trying to get into digg lately.
Misc: Hardcore Chinchilla

Never arm a bored person with markers.

1. What's one thing you like least about your relationship with your SO?

2. What's one thing you like most about your relationship with your SO?

3. What's a good annoying thing to do to a person while they're sleeping?

My answers:

1. Sometimes when we're having a conversation, she'll talk about something as if she knows all about it when she's actually not that educated on the topic.

2. She can ask me what sort of day I've had and I can go "It's just been like... *pause, make awkward hand gestures, pause again* You know what I mean?" and she knows what I mean.

3. The back of my brother's neck says "I'm a Doofus" in black Sharpie.

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Kitty problems.

Do they make underground electric fences for cats?

I've tried everything under the sun to get my largest and most treasured cat to use the little boxes we have in the basement. He just plain won't do it.

It's probably because he was an outside cat before, and finds the whole idea of litter boxes to be beneath him. If it weren't for the fact that we live on a busy street corner, I'd let him out to do his business. But, we do, and I'm terrified that he'll get hit.

Also, he's declawed. While I don't like the idea of letting a declawed animal outside, there's simply no other solution at this point. Either he goes outside, or he goes to live with somebody else.

Halp TQC! I love my kitty, but I can't go through this summer with a terrible smelling house.

(no subject)

Who watches Hex?

And for those that are on this (US) side of the pond, is there a place where I can catch up on what the heck is going on? I somehow missed so much since the second to the last episode of last season and now and my On Demand doesn't have the back episodes so I can stop being so lost.


I didn't really think it'd be appropriate to post this in the vegetarian community, so into the q club it goes.

I've been a vegetarian for 4 years and I'm considering going back to meat. Or at least, chicken. Have any of you done this? Can it actually be bad for you? I've never really gotten a clear answer to the whole not-being-able-to-digest-meat thing...

I'm mainly just looking for stories here. This is such a big change for me.
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(no subject)

If you're one class away from graduating with a degree you don't even want or need, would you finish it?

What if you were three classes away?

ETA: Does it make a difference if it's a Masters instead of a Bachelor's degree?
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(no subject)

1. When people on the internets guess your gender, how often are they correct?

2. If you've ever colored your hair, did you notice a difference in the way you were treated?

3. Is Final Fantasy X really worth playing to the ending?

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ACL reconstruction.

My husband was just officially told that he tore his ACL and has to have surgery. He's really nervous, and asked me to ask around for recovery stories. Have you or someone you know had ACL reconstructive surgery? How was the recovery? Does the knee work normally now? Have you had an injury but NOT had the surgery? How's that working for you?

Anything you can tell me would be great. Thanks everyone.

I like chicken, i like liver..

So I want to adopt a cat. Thing is, I've never owned anything other than a dog, fish, or bird. I haven't the first clue about cats, other then sometimes they scratch you and they poop in sand.

What's some good resources for learning about cats? Books, websites, and so forth? What's something I absolutely must know, like don't feed them bananas because it will melt their eyeballs or something?

(no subject)

my friend is starting a magazine and it's centered around basically anything and everything. we're making it, mass-producing it, and distributing it as well. the first time around it'll be free, then we'll start charging. 

we can't think up a name, though. do you have any ideas as to how we can come up with one or what we can name it? 

also, any suggestions as to what we could write about or do with it to make it more interesting?

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1. what's something (or someone) that you think is overrated?

2. how about underrated?

3. Go to davidsbridal.com, click on "dress your wedding," sign up and sign in, and go nuts. If you do this, would you post a link to (or preferably) screencap of what you designed? You are encouraged to explain whether it is the most hideous wedding you could have possibly created, your dream wedding, a re-creation of your actual wedding, whatever.

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My brother is graduating from college on the 17th and his birthday is on the 13th. I've bought him a pocket watch for a graduation and birthday gift. I would like to bake him something, but I don't know what.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could make? Any recipes? FYI, I don't have a regular oven. I have a toaster oven.

spray paint!

1. How old do you have to be to buy spray paint where you live?

2. I'm using glow in the dark paint. I bought clear glaze spray paint to use over it. The clear glaze can't deactivate the glow in the dark paint, can it? They are both Krylon and it doesn't mention it on either one of the packages or their website. It doesn't seem like it should but I worry.

it's time to get domestic

My boyfriend wants cookies, but is being uncooperative in deciding what kind.

So, TQC, Extreme Brownie cookies or Rocky Road cookies?

Or something else that I would love for you to tell me about in the comments.

ETA: Thanks for the help :) I went with the extreme brownies. It was an adventure, because I didn't realize that I didn't have some necessary equipment. They turned out delicious though.

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For a project I have to make a slideshow to a song.. and I don't want to go for the entire 3 minutes.

Do you know of a simple mp3 editing program that I don't have to pay for?

P.S. For all interested parties I picked 'Baby Driver' by S&G.
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smokin hot asses, baby.

Do you consider it inappropriate for a person to wear very tight and thin pants that make their ass look super smokin hot? Leaving very little to the imagination?

Does it make you uncomfortable when a coworker or classmate (of your competitive sex) wears tight and thin pants that makes their ass look super smokin hot?

Do you ever wear tight and thin pants and revel in the fact that your ass looks super smokin hot?


Would you if your ass was super smokin hot?

TQC, can we see your smokin hot asses?

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I'm not very tech-savvy, but here is the thing:

I had a power outage the other day, which seemed to knock out my interent in both computers.
My dad somehow fixed this one (that is directly connected to the internet) yet, the other computer will not connect. The status says it is connected, yet i cannot access the web.
any thoughts on how to fix this?

This sounds stupid, but it's really important to me.

The world's biggest modeling agency apparently found photos from my most recent photoshoot and asked the photographer - who will be shooting some of their models soon - to contact me with their contact info to contact them. I had no plans on submitting for any agencies until September so that in this over analytical and very critical business there would be zero excuses for anyone not to sign me. This is the biggest agency in the world.

They want my stats and I don't know how to fill it out. I don't want to miss this opportunity and don't really know what to put and want it all in my best advantage. I know some of you may hate me, but this is the most important thing in my life ever so I really want your help in telling me what you think - to my best advantage in this situation - the answers are.

What color are my eyes? How old am I?



Why the hell can't I pack?!

I am moving in about.. 36 hours and I have only done about 70% of my packing. Every time I try to finish off I get distraced, or tired or just plain lazy. What do you do when you know you have to do something or you'll screw yourself over, but just can't seem to do it?

I know, I know.. Just do it, right? It's not that easy!!
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My friends and I are bored. Very, very bored. We have next to no money and the ennui is taking over our minds. So please, suggest things that we can do. Anything. Inside or out. Just so long as it doesn't cost all that much money.

ETA: Jeeze people, stop suggesting sex. Stupid internets.
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How do you quote an Internet news article in an essay? I know you put the author, title, url and date but is there anything else and in what order? And what do you write if the author is unknown?
Kurt Hasley

New room

I'm moving to Gainesville in August for school (go Gators!) and I'm moving into a place with red carpet. Like, deep red. I'm buying new bedding, so what color wouldn't look horrible look with the red carpet besides red and white?

-edit: What about the walls? They're a horrible shade of green now, which has to go.

Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance?
-I know a kid who made it to the top 34.

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Dear TQC,

I don't like shoes. I go barefoot or wear flip flops a lot, especially in summer. This is not good for my feet's sexiness.

What is the best and/or quickest way to de-nastify my feet?
In particular, what are the best products for dry, cracked heels?

default black mage coke slurp


TQC, I froze some beef about a week ago. Normally ground beef, when frozen, stays good forever.

However, when I pulled it out of the freezer to cook it tonight, I was surprised to see that it had turned brown, instead of staying bright red.

Does this happen a lot? Is it still safe to eat?

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all of my ringtones on my cell phone are locked, and I want to know if there is a place to get the crack code so i can unlock them ...

I have a centennial cell phone with blue tooth or is there a place to get free ringtones for centennial? I tried 3gforfree.com but there's no way to do it for my carrier :(
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1. When you brush your teeth, do you watch yourself in the mirror or look elsewhere? Orrr if you're like me, walk around the house?

2. What is the last thing someone said that made you say or think "No shit"?

3. Who is someone that you know whose name starts with a 'K'?

4. What color hair were you born with? (or had, once you started growing hair).

5. If you're a fan of the show House, what's your favorite House moment?
This is so ridiculous.

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Guys (and girls I guess except it doesn't apply to me very much()

When you bone some girl, is the state of her roomm important toyou? Like whne it's messy, are you all "aw hell no<" or whatever?

I'm just curiou cuz my room is a disaster and I'm trying to pack for Panama and get rid of shit, but athat made it even worse.



Tomorrow night I'm going to see Morrissey (YAYYYYYYYYYYY!) which brought up a question I was very curious about.

Would it be lame to wear a band t shirt to their own concert? Would you ever do it? If no, why not?

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Have you ever had a roommate that had a child who also lived with you? How did that go?

If you haven't would you ever do it?

If your closest friends DO have children, do you feel really close to the babies/kids as well?

I am finally starting to understand the bond I have with my mom's best friend since my very close friend and old roommate had a baby in March. I LOVE that lil baby so much :)

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What is a good drink that I can make with rum, but will also satisfy my sweet tooth?

And now for the real question I came to ask. For the guys.
Do you EVER use the hole the clothing companies so generously provide for us in the front of our underwear? Why do they even put it there?

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Thank you for being nice last night. Feeling less break-downy today.

1. I have something called ccApp.exe running which is taking 50 CPU and making my computer run like I'm torturing it with spikes. Google tells me it's part of Norton anti-virus. How do I make it go away? Closing my virus software isn't working, and it won't let me end that process on its own either.

2. What was the last thing you broke?

3. Are you aware that the British Barometer association has ruled that mercury is unsafe to use, and people of Barometer World, Devon, are angry? Do you know why that warranted a 10 minute segment on my local news?

4. I've lost one the little plastic nose resty thingies off my glasses. Have you seen it?

5. How many toes do you have? If you have six, I want a picture to prove it. ETA: It has been pointed out to me that most people have two feet. Having tragically lost one of my feet in a chicken-related accident, I forgot.

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So this guy was one of my subs a while ago, and he said he was a chiropractor. (I had back troubles at the time) HE TOUCHED ME! My back, I mean. And also gave me his phone number to call so I could go to his house because he didn't have an office yet, and his sessions were free for high school students. I just smiled and nodded, of course. I got a totally creepy vibe from the dude.
And now it turns out he was arrested for being a molestor!

So, TQC, has any creepy vibes you've had about people become true?
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Will my boyfriend propose to me when he comes back from Europe?

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I know you people won't be able to tell me seriously, because, obviously, he's the only one that knows, but TQC, what are your opinions?

ETA: I think it's interesting how this whole thing has become a talk about virginity.  No biggie though.  I know I shouldn't have such high standards for losing my virginity, and I really don't.  I may have high standards for the setting, but as far as the whole thing, I know it's not gonna be as magical as it may seem.  Also, more than likely, if he does propose, I won't be spreading my legs, due to the fact that I'd be feeling guilty to myself. 

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1) does walmart do drug testing when they hire you?
2) i smoked weed june 5. how long until i'd be safe on a drug test? eta: this is the only time i've ever smoked and i don't plan on smoking again. i'm definitely not a pot head.
3) wtf should i wear to my interview with walmart tomorrow? i'm going to be a greeter for the garden center, if it makes a difference.
4) any tips for a job interview? this is my third interview but i have yet to get a job, but i reaaally need this job.

5) do any of you live in/near buffalo, ny? what awesome things should i do/see while there next thursday?


embeding youtube into power point

Does anyone know how to embed a youtube video into a power point?

I googled, and tried mutiple tutorials, but none of them worked. One of them worked to the point where I converted it and saved it on my computer, but it only saved or converted the audio and not the video(?).


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1. Did you get your free root beer float from Sonic this evening? I did. It was good. There's still an hour left (in my time zone; they're serving them until midnight) if you haven't.

2. Have you read Stephen King's Dark Tower series? What did you think? Do you have favorite and least-favorites volumes in the series? I'm currently re-reading them coz it's been a few years. Book 3 is my favorite and 4 is my least. It's a 73985304 page flashback! Bah.

3. WHY ON EARTH did my dog eat a cat turd from the litter box? How can I prevent this from ever ever happening again? I thought I was gonna vomit/head asplode/cry when I saw her do it earlier. Now the litter box is where she can't get to it, but it's not convenient and can't stay that way forever.

4. What's the poorest you've ever been? How did you get by? I'm between jobs right now and scared I might have to go back to surviving off $700/month paychecks. Back then I was eating $.10 Ramen for every meal and sleeping at school some nights to save gas money.

EDIT:  5. Where the hell is the chat now?
abby &amp; baby monster cuddles &lt;3


help !! is there any way to get back all the deleted pictures back on my digital camera ? my mom somehow deleted all of them at once ! & there were pictures of my cat, that we just put to sleep, on there :[
it has a memory card, if that helps.
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deal or no deal?

So - here's the story...

I've been planning a 2 week holiday in germany (end of july, early august) since late last year.

I'll be doing one week of theme parks by myself, and a second week of more theme parks with friends.

Accomodation and transport for the second week has been paid for, and accomodation booked for the first week. No transport booked yet, wanted to travel by eurostar in a bit of comfort..

Now - here's the sticker!

I was recently made redundant

I'm not sure whether to book the train now - places are filling up fast.

Money isn't a huge issue quite yet, but if I was to get a job they might not let me take the holiday.

The second weeks accomodation is fully cancelable, I may be able to get something back from the second week's payment, But train tickets are either:

a - Incredibally expensive (about 350-450 pounds)
b - Non refundable, and about 120-200 pounds

so - what would you do?
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I can be interesting, but not today.

1.  Print or cursive?  Exclude times when you are signing your name.

2.  I am sitting outside so I can smoke.  Mosquitos are biting me.  How awesome will my West Nile Virus be?

3.  My cousin is 24 and appears to be dating a 15yo.  Will you call me to distract me from my cousin's pedophilia?  859-420-1160.

Edit for the win:  Chat peoples have made my night with strange phonecall through relay.  Even though I am not privy to your chatroom, ilu!  *netspeak netspeak*  *preparing for to have 3xsean's babies*

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Really quick, before I head to bed, does anyone know of a photograph where a man is on the ground with his head in a woman's lap?

I believe she is smoking and the room they're in looks like it's from the 70's. There is a bottle of alcohol on the table (maybe whiskey).

I'm trying to find the name of the photographer so I can order a print for my office.
Thanks in advance you big ass-holes.

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My mom kindly assisted me in finding an internship with a professional contact of hers. I wrote the guy a letter asking him if I could work for him, and she sent it along with a short cover letter explaining who I am.

His secretary called and scheduled a meeting with me. My mom thinks she should come too, to introduce us, but I'm a little hesitant to bring her since I've only scheduled a meeting with me, but it might be nice to be introduced formally. I can see both ways... and I'm not sure what to do.

So would you bring her or ask to go alone as planned?

edit: to clarify, she wants to come, introduce us, and then leave us to our meeting.
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Inspired by the earlier question asking for photos of your crushes:

Will you post a picture of your fictional crush(es)?

Include who they are and what film/show they're from, because otherwise I won't have a clue about most of them.

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How long does it take for a standard letter to travel from Germany to Chicago, Illinois?

For all you STARGATE SG-1 fans out there:
Did you know that this is their last season?

If you didn't know, how are you feeling after finding out?

If you did, when did you find out and how have you been dealing with it?
I found out a few weeks before the current season started. At first I wanted to deny it, but now I'm just glad I have seasons 1-9 on DVD.

Are you excited for the two straight-to-dvd movies that are coming out after the series finale?
I'm so stoked! I can't wait!