June 6th, 2007


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What happened when your wisdom teeth came in?

Not everyone has them, right? Or some people aren't greatly affected? I have friends who've gone through a lot of pain when they're removed. I'm eighteen (and a half, if that matters in tooth-years) and I think I see one in the back... just wondering what to expect before I go to the dentist.

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One of my friends bought me a really cool pair of patterned tights. But they're knee-high tights, and I fail at being a girl so I don't know what to wear them with.

Most of my skirts are knee-length, which leaves a stretch of bare knee between stocking and skirt that looks kind of weird to me.

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So, what should I wear them with?

EDIT: It's mostly the "knee-high" bit that's bugging me. Is it okay to wear them with something that stops above the knee?

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1. What do you do when you've gone through all of the questions, and there are no more for you to read on?

2. If you've been in love with someone, or have been before, how did you know? I'm not looking for answers like "When you don't have to ask this questions". This isn't a "OMGZZZ! I dunno if i luv my bf. do i?!" post. I just want to know what it was that made you realize you loved them.

3. What foods remind you of your childhood?

4. What did you do the summer after you graduated high school?
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Dream on..

Have you had any strange dreams lately? Anyone want to offer up an explanation of my dream?

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If it helps she's my baby sister and she's only 13. She's also a very young 13.

So in the end TQC, what am I smoking before bed?
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What happens to the umbilical cord after a baby is born? I do realise that they cut it off from the baby, but is the other end of it still attached to the mother or does it come completely out at birth? If it doesn't come out, what happens to it? Thanks.

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What happens when a female needs to serve jail time and she's pregnant? Does she get regular pre-natal care? How?

What about when it's time to give birth? I'm assuming she goes to a regular hospital but is her sentence time then suspended until she's able to go back to jail and her sentence time picks back up? What happens to the baby?

Just give me any info at all you have on this topic.

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Has a guy ever thought you're boobs weren't real? Are they real? Were you offended in anyway? Am I weird for being slightly offended by this?

Have you ever thought a girl had fake boobs only to find out they were real? Whats better, real or fake?
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computer dimming

my computer starts to dim slowly after 30 seconds if i do not touch the mouse,so i constantly have to move the mouse, i have my screen saver turned off. this has never happened before until now as i was watching greys anatomy on my laptop. does anyone know what could be the problem or what i could do to fix this??
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Anyone know anything about dream interpretation?

I've had several dreams recently about cheating on my boyfriend.
Now, I know the obvious thing to infer from this is that I am in some way unhappy with the boy, but I've read that dreams don't always literally mean what they show, and I really am very happy with him. Plus, most of the dreams I've had feature me cheating on him with my ex, who was emotionally abusive and someone I never ever ever want to go back to, much less even see again. I always feel guilty when I wake up from these dreams, and maybe I'd feel less so if I had an idea of what they might mean.

Any thoughts?

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Hello TQC. It is me again.

1.) Have you participated in NaNoWriMo?
2.) What was your word count each time?
3.) Who is going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year?
4.) Who has a plot already in their head and is anticipating it anxiously?
5.) Am I totally crazy for wanting to write all 50,000 words in a day like last year? ((Hey, I had class the next day and I didn't have time to do it any other way, really. :P 20 hours and 45 minutes later, I declared, "50,007 words! I am a magical leprechan!" and pranced off to bed under the spell of sleep deprivation. Also - my ex-boyfriend who I was still shagging promised me a good snog if I did it in under a day. I win!))
6.) Will any of you try to do it in one day as well?

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why is the best username ever too long for me to register? >:|!!

Are there any good blog sites that allow 18 character long usernames?

what security software do you use?

what do you think is the best word processor?
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Don't be a menice to south central...

What's the best "hood rat" name that you can think of?

Can you actually even say that you have a favorite hood rat name?

Isn't that like saying what's the best Republican name that you can think of?

Hmm, although it makes no sense, I think my answer is "George" for each of those questions.
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Life Moves Pretty Fast

1. Is it ok to show Ferris Beuller's Day Off to my students?

2. Will it encourage them to skip school?

3. Did you ever have teachers as painfully boring as the ones in Ferris? What did they teach?

4. What is your favourite movie from the 80's Brat Pack?

5. For those who were not around in the 80's to see them the first time they came out, have you been indoctrinated to the 80's classics? :)
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Bailey and I

Feed Me!!!

So my boyfriend and I just moved in together a few months ago. It costs too much to eat out, and I love to bake/cook. But Im not quite full of recipes, since I've only been cooking a few years. So TQC, my questions to you are:

1. What is your favorite home made food:
2. What is your favorite thing to make home made:
2a. What is your favorite recipe for your home made goodness:
3. What is your favorite dessert:
4. What is your favorite dessert to make:
4a. What is the recipe to your desserty sweetness:
5. What is something you never want to eat ever again?

6. Do you follow the recipe or Doctor it up?
7. Do you have a secret trick to cooking that you'd like to share with me? (Id gladly appreciate it)
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TQC, how come when my boss assigns me to answer everyone's phones if they ring more than twice, the caller hangs up? Do they think I'm answering the phone for my health? Why wouldn't they at least ask for the person whose line they are dialing?

What's the difference between healthy self-esteem and conceit?

Is it ever okay to be heartbroken over someone else's breakup, or is this making it "all about you?"

Fishsticks, win or fail?

Fishticks, Syringes, Bacos, or EVIL EYEBROWS?

Remedy for hiccups? *hic*
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I just almost told a user "I love you" before ending a call. Not because I love her, but because that's how I always end phone conversations with my old lady, and I guess it's just a habit.

Anyways, whens the last time you did something like that? Y'know, like accidentally calling your boss "mom" or when the server tells you to enjoy your meal you blurt out "THANKS YOU TOO!"
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What do you think is the happiest song ever?
(Light and Day by Polyphonic Spree)

So my husband and I are disagreeing. I desperately need new glasses. I have a very specific personal style, and I wear glasses 95% of the time, so I want something rather funky and OMGUNEEK, and all the local stores I've looked in don't have anything I really like. He says I should just stop being so picky, go to Walmart, get my eyes checked, and get a pair of glasses from there. I would rather go get an eye exam, get my prescription and get some of these cool glasses from this site.
- What would you do?
- Would you get several pairs?
- Do you think this site is reputable?
- Which ones do you like the most? (pics plz)

If your SO was accussed of sexually assaulting someone, being a child molester, or raping someone, would you disown them/divorce them immediately, or support them?

How do you like your steak cooked?
What do you like accompanying it?
What kind of spices should I use on it?
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Poll #998129 Tonight

What should I do tonight?

Go to a baseball game by myself.
Stay at home and clean.
Stay at home and stare at the TV.
Secret fourth option I've not yet thought of, which you will reveal to me in the comments.

2. Who makes the evil eyebrows icons? Do you think they should make an evil eyebrow Bacos icon for TQC?

3. Would you apply to live in this house?
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what's the most annoying thing a person can do...

a) when they're on the phone with you?
b) when they're in the car with you while you're driving?
c) while you're eating?
d) while talking to you?

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parks/monuments in Southern Utah / Northern Arizona

I'm taking a road trip in about a month, and plan to go to the Grand Canyon, and some of the other national parks/monuments in Southern Utah / Northern Arizona.

There's a lot of them. (Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Natural Bridges, Monument Valley, Any that you specifically recommend?

[This is a sightseeing driving trip, not a camping/hiking trip.]

Silent Movies question

(wondering how many - if any - replies I'll get)

In silent movies, they have the little cards that show you what the dialogue is. Why is it that the actors, while it appears they are speaking, are not ever saying what is printed on the dialogue? In fact, they appear to be saying something not only totally different from the dialogue you are shown, but something much, much longer! For instance, the dialogue image will read "Why, thank you!" and then the actor on screen looks like she's telling the other actor all about the best way to, I don't know, get stubborn stains out of a hat, or something. Why do they do that? We can't hear what they are saying anyway, and how many people are lip readers? Why don't they just have the actors speak the lines they are telling us they are saying or, even, why not have the even speak at all? Though I do know, many silents were re-dubbed later as talkies. Maybe this is why?

It really annoys me.

Also, why did so many women (read: Louise Brooks) faint in silents?


1. Pictures. Since I got back the most adorable picture of myself with my parents, I'm inspired to show it off and ask for ya'll to show off your pictures with your parents...so pictures with parents? If you have one with you in it, that's preferable - if not, a picture of one or both parents. 

2. Am I cool enough to have an evil eyebrow icon TQC?

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1. Last night, I couldn't call asleep because I had that damn "Hillbillies love it in the hay" song running through my head. I don't even like that song. What is the oddest thing that has kept you awake?

2. I have a burnt CD with a whole bunch of pictures on it. When I try to put it into my computer, the computer won't read it. It's not terribly scratched. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

3. What's the best product for degreasing a slippery kitchen laminate floor? Specifics, people.

4. Hypothetical: You're a young woman who's not getting married any time soon. An acquaintance flat out askes you that when you do get married, if she can be a bridesmaid. What do you say? Is the fact that she even asked absurd?

5. You've planned a vacation with your best friend who also happens to be your cousin. Same crazy girl who asked about your "wedding" is hinting towards wanting to come. She's not very, uh, easy-going and you would rather her not come. What do you do? You don't want to hurt her feelings, but you certainly don't want her there. The vacation was never discussed in her presence.
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I think the way I typed this question is a little awkward, so bear with me...

If the only way someone could get to know you better was through watching a list of films, which films would you choose to show them and why?

In other words, are there any movies that you would say somewhat "define" you as a person or are otherwise significant?


A while back I posted a question about how to order vegetarian meals in about five different languages. I also asked for help with some basic phrases (where's the bathroom, excuse me, I'd like some water, I'm sorry, etc.)

The information you guys provided was AWESOME!!! I was able to travel in Monaco, France, Italy, Turkey and Greece without a single problem.


And now for my question: What is the most bizarre souvenir you've ever brought home from a trip?

Do you have a standard souvenir that you collect?

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What/who do you think of first in the morning after you wake up?

Have you read any book of Coelho? Did you like it?
Has it changed anything in your life?
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In true Monty Python fashion, you qualify for a minstrel, to sing about your wondrous exploits and witty capers! You go to 'Mistrels R Us' to pick one out, but the choices are somewhat limited. Who do you pick out as your personal bard?

Celine Dion
John Mayer
Insane Clown Posse
Melissa Etheridge
Eric Idle
Joss Stone
Rascal Flatts
Pussycat Dolls
Fifty Cent
Marilyn Manson
Wayne Newton
Lady Sovereign
The Wiggles


I won $100 on a scratch off lottery ticket yesterday!!! (It was awesome.) Have you ever won any money from a lottery ticket (any kind) Do you know anyone who has won a large amount of money ($100 or more)? Did they share with you? Who would you share with if you won?

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1. what's your favorite old school hip-hop (like pre-1995) song?
2. if you have pets, do you apologize to them reflexively - like if you scare them by accident or something?
3. what do you like in your omelettes?
4. how do you spell that word - omelette or omelet or omlet? firefox doesn't like it with two ts for some reason.

Movie stars.

When do movie stars usually get paid? Before, after or in the middle of their movie production or movie release? Or something different? Is it given in one large sum or divided periodically?
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If I got 128/160 on a final, what percent does that give me??

If you're still in high school, what math are you in?
If you're done with school, what math did you get up to?
I'm going into Algebra II next year.
this is what my user name is from

Mobile phones for dummies

Do all mobiles take the same type of SIM cards? I just bought a Sony Ericsson Z610i and my SIM card from my old Z, that also worked in my W (both Ericssons) wont fit in. I've read the instructions, tried putting it in the way it shows but then the battery wont go in!
big alligator?


I asked #1 once before but it was part of a tl;dr question so only like 1 person answered it.

1. This is my mailbox. My dad told me I could paint it however I wanted as long as it wasn't "ridiculous." I'm thinking, hearts, polka dots, stripes, or a stencil of Conor Oberst's face similar to this. I have a feeling the last is a terrible idea and would be considered ridiculous. TQC, what should I paint on my mailbox? I'm lacking severely in the artistic abilities department so something easy would be good.

2. Is your mailbox on the same side of the street as your house?

3. What does your mailbox look like?

Travel in Europe

Where should I travel in Europe this August?

My friend and I are spending July in southern Spain,
and then we have 2 weeks to do whatever we want before returning to the states.

Needs to be:

*Cheap (student budget!)
*In Europe
*Not too much travel time, from Spain (we don't want to spend a whole day in route. We only have 10!)

What's the cheapest way to travel in Europe?


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How would I go about getting a video off a website and onto my computer?

For example if a website had an short interview with an athlete on their site, how would I be able to get that interview saved from their site and onto my desktop? Help? Please?

Sweet Lips

healthier eating

I got my cholesterol checked recently and it did not go so well. I need to make some minor changes to my regular eating habits and incorporate healthier foods into my diet. I already know to switch to any and all healthy alternatives provided for crappy but tasty foods but I don't know much about cholesterol friendly foods. All I have on my list thus far include:

oatmeal (at the adamant demand of my SO)
Smart Start cereal

Anyone know foods that lower cholesterol besides the above?
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one. when was the last time you questioned your lifestyle?
two.  do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
three. what was the last moment that made you perfectly content?


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Here goes my sad attempt at finding likeminded souls:

Are there any other women who, while they very much like the idea of being a parent, have an aversion to being a mother, and all that that entails?

ETA: Not looking for advice - at least, not advice of the "then adopt" variety - just empathy!

Would you tell people?

Let's say you're 40+ and you work in large company. You have an office job and people look up to you as a respectable, down to earth, nice lady. Lets say you went to the club last night and hurt your back to where you are walking funny today. Would you tell people exactly what happened or would you just say that you hurt your back last night and leave it at that?

*EDIT* Would you tell your manager or someone higher up that you that was older?

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Didn't watch, still wanna know

Last night I was flipping through channels and saw parts of House.

So please tell me, who didn't bother to watch, what was actually medically wrong with the overly large man?

I guess I should say there will be spoilers in the comments, eh?
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my husband loves music so i was thinking of burning him some music for "Father's Day". I don't know what to burn him though.
His music tastes are of:

-Def Leppard
-White Snake
-Avril Lavigne
-Brian Adams
-Garth Brooks
-Trisha Yearwood

what in the world could I burn him with him having such an eclectic taste and yet not suck as so I could listen to them too.

I like basically the same stuff but not metal or cat killing country.
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Hypothetical situation

Your daughter is about to marry a man you dislike. There's nothing really wrong with him, he just doesn't seem like the right man for her. You would like to try and delay the wedding to allow more time for your daughter to wake up and realize what she "should" do. You work for the Center for Disease Control and specialize in tuberculosis research. So you decide to infect the man with TB. Not enough to really hurt him, he's a strapping young lad, but he'll be unable to fly to the wedding, which is being held in another country.

But crap, the man ignores the doctor's warnings, skips the country, and flies to the wedding anyway. He and your daughter are married and you can't do anything about it now. They go on their honeymoon and eventually fly back into a neighboring country, coming back home by car. The authorities apprehend him and place him in quarantine.

Then it turns out, several people who had flown with him caught TB from him. One of them, an 80-year-old man, unfortunately dies from it. Your son-in-law is then charged with murder, facing life in prison. Do you fess up to infecting him?

What if he were facing the death penalty?

Hangin Closet.

I'm looking for a closet organizer for all the stuff I have - yes, baby stuff. Clothes for all the different ages, diapers, booties, blankets, etc etc. The small dresser/ changing table is on it's way but I don't think it is going to be sufficient for all the stuff. I have to order one of these via Target online so I want to be sure of my order.

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Which one and why? Or feel free to make any other suggestions...

bang bang

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I'm trying to find an artist's site, but I can't for the life of me remember his name or any of his paintings - all I know is that all the people in his paintings were all ... you could see their nerves and organs and skeletons and stuff, and there was one picture of a pregnant woman and another of two people having sex. Does anyone know who I mean?
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Buying a House

Under which set of circumstances will a married couple be more likely to obtain a home loan and/or get a better interest rate for said loan. Both people have good (740+) credit scores.

A Both working, combined income approximately $100K/year. Approximately $11K in unsecured (ie: credit card) debt. Approximately $4K in secured (ie: car payment) debt.

B One spouse working, income approximately $50K/year. Zero debt.
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1)Are there any TV shows or movies your parents wouldn't allow you to watch (at a certain age)? If so, why? For those of you who are parents, what would you not allow your child to watch and why?
2)What's the toughest thing you've ever had to learn?
3)What's the toughest thing you've ever had to UNlearn?
hidden depths of pain

Actual Zombie Experience

"actual" definied as the first time you came across a "real" one. Unless you live in Haiti it's fairly unlikely you've had a real zombie experience as, to date, you don't generally find them wandering around the Midwest or either coast of these United States.

Obviously fictional references count...with the exception of the Scooby·Doo series as any zombie will have turned out to be some demented old man in a costume.

So, what was your first actual (see above) zombie experience?

Also, what has been your overall favorite zombie experience?

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1. Don't you just want to strangle Jimmy Buffet?
Yes. Yes I do.

2. How casual is too casual for dressing while doing things around your own house but in view of the neighbors?
This stems from a debate over whether or not it was appropriate for me to go clean my car in a bikini top and raggedy shorts while letting my gut hang out and my unwashed hair in a headband.

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I may be travelling to Victoria Bus Station in London in the near future. I'm going to be going to a government building where large bags and electronic things like MP3 players aren't allowed, but the idea of several hours on a bus without my mp3 player makes me nuts.

Has anyone been to Victoria Bus Station recently? Are there lockers available for rent there that I could use? How much do they cost, if so? How big are they?

If not, would there be any sort of facility in the area I could use for that?

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sorry. i just posted, but this is completely unrelated and due to my extreme boredom..quite an emergency.
is there anywhere i can download the sims 2 for free? i had it on my computer, but deleted it to save disc space. i just stumbled across my nightlife expansion pack and realized that i can't use it unless i have the original version of the sims 2 installed. i don't have the cd with me (i'm currently away from home and at school).
i say, old bean

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how do YOU start up a conversation?

how do YOU keep the conversation going?

want to prank call someone for me?
some person called me a few times and I missed the calls, and then they sent a text message saying 'go fuck a goat' and when I asked if they were a goat, I never got a response back ): Ah well, here's the number if you do: 805-588-9886

would you tell me about something you know a lot about?
doesn't matter what it is, could be math, drinking, sex, cameras, music etc.

who wants to be my friend :D?
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1. What are some lines in songs that the audience usually ends up yelling during a musicians live performance? I worded this horribly, but like the WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM part from Suffragette City.

2. In fifty years people will look back and probably try to make documentaries talking about our current art/music trends and how they relate to the policital and cultural climates of our time. So, what do you think they'll say about the popular music of this time period in relation to such stuff? Like, is it escapism, is it social commentary, is it just complete rubbish, etc.

3. What legendary concert do you wish you could have seen first hand? Why?

4. Anyone else watching that seven ages of rock thing being aired on the BBC? Do you like it or not like it? Do you think they talked too much about Pink Floyd?

Is this really animal cruelty?

I live in a relatively large 2 bedroom apt in NYC, and I have three cats and a border collie. I walk my dog 3 times a day and play games with him and my cats.

Am I really being cruel to my animals?

Why do people believe keeping indoors cats is cruel?

Has anyone ever had to give up a pet for any random reason?
(I once had to give up my parakeet cause my parents thought she was too noisy)

How many animals have you had at a time?
(1 cat, 1 dog, a gerbil, 4 beta fish, and a salt water aquarium with 4 sea horse and some salt water fish...THis was when I was living in a house and yes, I love animals that much)
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This may seem like a stupid thing to freak out over but ahhhhh.

Okay, so I've been reading the book Salka Valka by Halldor Laxness from the University of Minnesota's library. I'm only 1/4 of the way through it and won't have any time to read the rest of it before leaving for Omaha on Friday.

Apparently this book is like...not available ANYWHERE. I can buy it on Amazon for $133.00 (NO) or go to the University of Nebraska @ Lincoln (45 minutes' drive away) but since I'm not a student there I can't actually check it out from there. I've looked on amazon.co.uk and borders.com and I can't get this book for a normal price and it's not at any public library near me!

What do I doooooo??

Seriously, does anyone know if there's any way I could get this book? Or a book trading community suggestion or something?

(no subject)

What age differences are considered normal in a relationship? Does the difference change depending on the age of the people involved? I'm really curious about opinions. By "normal", I mean, at what point does it become something that sticks out, and at what point if any does age difference have a social stigma?

ETA: does the opinion change at all depending on the sex of the younger person? This is just pretty interesting to me to informally survey

(no subject)

For anyone who has worn women's shoes in both Australian and US sizing: are the sizes equivalent or not?

I was going by Doc Martens sizing conversion, which says that Docs sizes are two sizes bigger than both AU and US sizing; but then some charts say AU is two sizes bigger than US, or one and a half, blah fucking blah.

Olive Oil vs. Vegetable Oil?

Can olive oil be used to sub for vegetable oil in a cake recipe?

Edit @ 8:42pm --> Thanks to all of the comments... I wish I had time to respond to all, but my toddler son is driving me batshit at the moment. Luckily I found the vegetable oil and was able to put that into the cake instead of the olive oil. *whew*
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Stop and Think

Help me plan my party games!

I'm having a party on friday. It is a "game night" party, where we play group games (Scattergories, Pictionary, Catch Phrase, Taboo, Outburst). All of these games require a pretty good grasp of the English language. However, 4 of my guests are not native english speakers (although they are pretty good, really) ... but I'd like to have at least one fun game that isn't word based. Do you know any fun group party games that aren't based on english words?

Also, I want to play "Who Am I" and I need suggestions for people/types of people. The concept of the game is simple - you pull an envelope out of the bin and give it to me - I pull out the card inside and attach it to your back. On it, it may say "Brittney Spears" or "Car Mechanic", or... (this is where you come in). You don't know what is on the card, but people talk to you throughout the night as if you are whoever it says you are on the card, and your job is to guess before you leave who you are. Make sense?

Can you give me ideas to put on the cards? I have some, but rather than listing what I have just give your ideas and I'll sort through them and pick the ones I like. Yay!
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My myspace layout stopped wroking so I need a new one.
Poll #998526 Annoying Layout Question

Which do you like better?

Sorry for asking but none of my friends are on to help choose.
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I was watching a movie at a friend's house eariler today. Her mother was there, and asked us to pause the movie and help her bring groceries into the house. I'd never been to the house or met the mother before. Was this rude of her?

(no subject)

I might be going to Washington DC in two weeks for just a weekend. (Highschool reunion time!) What should I not miss? I've seen pretty much everything since I grew up there, but I haven't been to anything fun like musuems and whatnot in like 12 years. I'm thinking the Smithsonian and the National Art Gallery. But, if anyone has anything that might be new and exciting to suggest, I'd like to hear it.
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What are some commonly covered songs?
I'm bored and want to do a video blog singing bits and pieces of commonly covered songs. I already plan on doing a bit of "Yesterday" by the Beatles, and I've already covered Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".
the sign of the tristero

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What three (or four, or five) historical events of the 20th century would you loooove to have witnessed? (You can't change them, just watch them.)

- Robert Kennedy's impromptu speech upon learning MLK had been shot
- the premiere of Shostakovich's Opus 110 (8th string quartet) in what was then Leningrad
- D-day. Possibly. I'm not so much of the blood-and-guts type.

Honorary: the White House during the "Thirteen Days" of October 1962 (Cuban Missile Crisis), and the Christmas truce of WWI.

What about you?

I have always wondered this.

Cigarettes come in a few different sizes such as 100's, 120's, 72's and Camel has ones called 99's. 

Why do they number them like that?

I heard that it was because each cigarette has tiny horizontal lines down it, and if you count them then thats how long the cigarette is?

Sounds stupid to me... 

I just don't know.

On a completely different note, I have the house completely to myself for the week and I tried sleeping naked and didn't like it.... Does it freak anyone else out to sleep naked?

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fair trade coffee

omg Sarah Silverman

Does she not rock, TQC???

Do you not feel nervous or sad or sympathetic for Paris Hilton, who, if I'm not mistaken, headed to jail straight after the MTV Movie awards?

Or was it something else?

Anyway, here is Sarah Silverman's opening monologue and it's TIGHT


ETA: whoa, like, whoa. Watch the clip, my question about PAris Hilton relates to the CLIP thanks

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Do you sleep with something that's not alive regularly? (Sleep, sleep, you plushie-lovers.)
What is it?
Do you it find it comforting?

Dr. Elle Jay: Why am I having cramps even after I'm done bleeding out the birthing tube? :(

Geeks: What's the best text based game?


The shift I've been working every day at work for the past month has begun at 6:15 AM. Suddenly, I had yesterday and today to sleep in, but I start back to normal tomorrow. One of my co-workers, upon seeing that I have to start going in early again tomorrow, asked me if I want to switch my hours with somebody so that I can sleep in. I told her "no, I'm always telling you I'm broke, and I am used to waking up early to work, so don't worry about it." We had this conversation this morning and again this afternoon at work.

When we talked about it in the afternoon, I asked her if she was just looking for hours and she wanted mine. She told me, "Lord, no, I never work that early, I just figure you might want to sleep in."

Then tonight after we got off work, she called me a few times and I ignored it. I hate to say it, I just ignore her calls a lot because I can barely understand her when she talks and I'd rather not try sometimes. Then at about 9:30 she called my house (instead of my cell phone) and woke my parents, and asked them to wake me up to ask me if I wanted to switch my hours tomorrow morning.

What could her intentions be? I can't figure out why she'd want to do this.

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I'm applying for another job at my company. To submit for the job posting, I have to fill out a profile and there is a spot for a resume, "cover letter or comments" and address info.

If I already work there, do I need to have a cover letter? I'm 99% sure the job is mine(from what I've heard). So it feels ridiculous to have to sell myself in a cover letter, but I will if necessary.
lulu guinness clutch


Are there any foods that you have tried to make many times, using different recipes, and they always turn out bad? What food?
Sugar cookies. They always end up tasting the same gross/weird way.

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does anyone know the song played in "What a Girl Wants" when Amanda Bynes character goes to the fashion show??----still not found

Lets say:...
im 16 years old and pregnant.... 
Would you tell me to get an abortion????

Adoption is out of the question..lets pretend putting a child up for adoption doesnt exist.???
andrew raycroft

AP textbooks & homeschooling

I'm a homeschool student, and I get my textbooks from the high school in my district. Some textbooks have "companion sites", which would really help me out because of the quizzes, reviews, interactive models, etc that are on there. The problem is, the school never gave me an access code. I really don't want to pay $43 to use it for a few months. I just don't have the extra $40 to spare :\ Does anyone know if there's anywhere that has free access codes for the companion sites? Or are there any resources for homeschoolers that do the same thing as the companion sites? If it matters, I'm using this book (it's a college textbook). Any help/suggestions on what to do or where to look would be great. Thanks!


Are you sad about anything right now? If so, what?

My boyfriend is terrible at keeping track of his phone. He promised me we would get together tonight and he never called/returned my calls or texts. I feel horrible. Tell me worse things so I can feel better, fellow TQC friends! :o(
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okay, so i was wondering.
if there was anyway i could find out my bfs pw to his cell phone, we have Tmobile, and we're on the same account....
besides, putting his phone number in, and having the p.w sent to his phone... any other way? 

and, heres a question,

1)you and your boy, have been togther for 10 months....... and, your boy...
has previously cheated on you, but not physically cheated, more like.... phone sex, trading nudes, etc.
would you still be with them, or would you take a break... and, see how things go from there.

2) do you trust him? like, fully trust. let him hang out with whomever, talk to whatever girl. etc. or, 
do you freak and want to know what hes doing, when hes doing it, and where. 

 -my answer-  i just dont know what to do anymore, i cant trust him... he flirts with so many girls
online(myspace) and though text mesgs, this one girl esp. *hey Jess, if this is you, im going to kick your face in hun.
i love the kid, we've been though hell and back, but i just... cant fully trust him, its like he needs to gain it back.

...i'm not expecting some rude ass remarks, im really stuck, and need some advice. bffs are shitty when it comes to boy problems, when they are single hAHA.


hahah, thanks guys you've kept me entertained for the time-being.

my boyfriend and i are fine, we're not fighting or anyting. bassicallllly, perfect. =)
and, i know he hasnt cheated because... how is it possible to cheat, when hes with me literally 19/7. and, its impossible to cheat, when hes asleep? ha.

oh, and as for the phone sex/nudes cheating.... it happend 7 months ago.

and as for the whole pw thing,
i was just curious, i could care less if i knew it or not.

thanks guys <3
you've made my night.

but, no.. for the real advice, not the stupid shit.
thanks, ill keep some of the stuff in the back of my mind.