June 5th, 2007


Life long prostitution

If a rich person made a deal with you to marry them and have sex twice a week, in exchange for using their mansion and having a $1,000/week allowance (tax free), would you do it?

The marriage is totally open and there are no requirements other than having the sex. The person is 20 years older than you and is unattractive, but not ugly.

EDIT: If you want more money, how much would you want and why?

(no subject)

apparently, in the US, Order of the Phoenix is now coming out on Wednesday, July 11th instead of Friday, July 13th.

1. does this annoying the crap out of anyone else?
2. does anyone else hate when movies come out on Wednesdays? 'cause i fuckin' do. it seems so..nonsensical.

3. i want to do a study abroad program through my college in England but the website doesn't have any kind of a list of requirements. does anyone have any idea what i might need to be eligable? good grades, recommendations?

Oh LJ, please comment upon my life

I'm curious about general opinions on this (and not asking for advice). A friend of mine has been out of work recently and so has just taken a job being an exams invigilator, and the students in question would be age 16-18. He is 28/29 (I can't remember which).

In text messages to me throughout the day he has mentioned "teenage eye-candy," and said "these girls are stunning, I would've done this for free."

Creepy? Not creepy?

ETA: Is it creepier that he said it to me, and I am 17?

I deleted a double post of this

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Spare me the "you're an idiot for getting yourself into this" speech, because I'm pretty much giving it to myself every 5 minutes or so...

I slept with my ex-boyfriend (we were basically engaged, so it was a serious relationship) who was telling me how on the verge he was of breaking up with his girlfriend as she "doesn't get him" and it really frustrates him. I know the girl and I absolutely hate her (I knew her before they dated, so I wasn't really biased in forming an opinion of her at first) and now he's back to being "not sure" about what he wants to do.

I'm pissed, understandably so--at myself and at him. I'm more sad than anything I think, because I was totally over it and then he all of a sudden reappears in my life a week before moving halfway across the country for a job.

I have no idea what to do. I mean, I could be a heinous cunt and tell her. I'm certainly not above that sort of thing. I feel it may be fruitless, though, because there's a high chance he could convince her that I was lying. I also don't know if I even have the emotional energy at this point to do anything so drastic.

But I mean, where do I even go from here? I kind of feel as if, emotionally, I'm out of options and my hands are tied. It's incredibly hard for me to just not pick up the phone--no matter who it is, that's just the kind of person I am. Like I said, I realize this was the worst thing that I could have done to myself...I don't normally proceed into things with such reckless abandon.

What would you guys do?
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Am doing movie reviews. Doing Wolf Creek out of a lack of anything else to do. What should I review? I'm not a big fan of romance movies, and I mean, I don't mind doing a crappy movie and would even prefer it so I could mock it, but no romance, please.

So. What movie should I review next?

(no subject)

Might anyone tell me...

how to insert a picture (from a file) into a powerpoint presentation slide with existing text and have it wrap the text around the picture?

It is 2 am and my brain's not functioning, so thank you so much if you know!

(no subject)

1. What is the song playing on this YTMND?
I know it but I can't remember for the life of me, and I think I might be going insane. D:

Answered. Thank you, Ilyse! :D

2. Who is your NILF?
Anderson Cooper. And the more I see her, probably Erica Hill, too.

3. For those of you with roommates, what do you do when (s)he is away for the night?
Sleep in little to no clothing and masturbate

Male-female relations

If a guy makes a couple of sexual jokes concerning you, how does he see you? (He doesn't know what I've done sexually at all.)

How you you stop a male friend asking about your sexual purity without it getting awkward between you both?
misc - cemetery

i feel like butts. several of them. really nasty ones.

-my nose is very stuffed and has been bleeding on and off. when it's not stuffed, it seems like a never-ending snot factory.
-my ear feels like it's full of pebbles the size of a baby's fist
-the space between my tonsils is about the size of a quarter, and there are visible white streaks on them (just from looking in the mirror). I've been up half the night with a dry cough. It stings to swallow.
-my neck and back are incredibly stiff
-I stayed home from work yesterday. My dad is not too pleased with this. He is of the mindset that unless you're throwing up, you can go to work. This has probably been instilled in me to a degree, which explains why I would feel guilty if I skipped work again today.
-At work, I only use my own computer and phone, but I deal with a lot of paperwork that many others touch, as well as fax machines, copiers, and postage meters.
-I'm an hourly employee so I don't have any sick leave.

-take a long hot shower, take a Sudafed, and go to work.
-take aforementioned shower, take a Sudafed, call my boss, and go back to bed.

What would you do?

Ok, I'm going to take a shower. I'll tally the votes afterwards, compare that to how I feel, and then we'll see what happens.

Credit and such

So my credit is mediocre because I've got a bunch of credit card debt. My fiance, however, has super excellent credit because his parents have a joint credit card with him and they have craaaazy good credit. On the flip side, I make a lot more money than he does. (He'll be a teacher, I'll be a lawyer.)

What's the best way to go about getting a mortgage? Is it possible, say, to get it in his name so we get the mad good rate, or would it be better to get it in both our names? Is it even possible to get it in one name, if both our names are on the deed to the house?

Question the second: My fiance and I would like to start hiking in New York soon. We don't have any experience in any outdoorsy-stuff. What's a good reference/book to check out before we get started?

Hallo? Hola? Guten Tag!

TQC, I want to learn how to speak French. How should I go about doing this? I can't take classes at my university for it as they don't offer them, so I'm likely going to have to teach it to myself.. Unless you guys know of a better way, which you often do.
Have you ever self-taught yourself something?

In what style do you currently have your hair cut?

Good morning, TQC.

Yesterday I had some amazing sex with a guy I haven't seen in like 4 years. That's what inspired these questions.

1. Have you ever been someone's booty call?
2. Did you know what was going on from the start?
3. How did it make you feel?
4. Have you ever used someone else for a booty call?
5. Did they know what was going on from the start?
6. How did that make you feel?
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Oh the drama!

A few weeks ago, my friend met a guy at a bar, took him home and they had a nice night/day between the sheets.

Turns out, guy is married. Ok, fine. She's single and he did tell her before hand. They are both adults and that's really their choice.

The following week, I run into guy, let's call him Don. Don kinda cowers when he sees me, as he thinks I hate him. I don't hate him, I just don't care one way or the other about the guy. He asks where my friend is and I tell him that she will be out later. In the course of our conversation, he and I swap numbers for reasons that have nothing to do with my friend or this problem.

On Sunday this week, I get an SMS from Don. He tells me that he is upset that he did not see us out this weekend because he had to go to a wedding with his wife. He then says "let me know later this week if you want to get together for a sexdate".

I message him back and say "Uhm, right well, not for me thanks. I will pass that on to Jill (my friend)" as she is the one he slept with and he assumes I don't like him.

He replies, "Sorry if you don't want it. Please pass it on to Jill."

Do I pass the info on to my friend?
Do I ignore it?

If I were his wife, I'd be pretty pissed if someone was HELPING my husband cheat on me. Now, admittedly, I do not know what their marriage is like, but from the info I get from him and from Jill, his wife is clueless to his antics. At the same time, who am I to be someone else's conscience? It's his life and his marriage he is screwing up.

spilled chocolate milk.

1a. Have you ever caught someone in the middle of a secret of theirs? (a bulemic throwing up, for example)
1b. Who/ What/ How/ What happened? 

2. Have you ever been caught in the middle of a secret of your own?
2b. Who/ What/ How/ What happened? 

3. Did anyone else see __riaat the MTV Movie awards Sunday night?
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(no subject)

Do you like Pop-Up Video/remember it?

Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles?

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Besides slapping myself in the face and drinking coffee, how can I keep myself awake at work today? I have only been here an hour and I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Should I have hot dogs and french fries tonight, or Boca burgers and broccoli?

EDIT: My friend is really bitter over not getting cast in a part she wanted in Rocky Horror a few months ago, and completely flipped out and screamed at the directors and made a complete spectacle of herself. She asked me how things were going and what I've been up to, and I told her how well Rocky Horror went and that had been keeping me busy. She replied with "Well half the stuff you talked about in this email doesn’t exist to me. It’s cool that I’ve been dancing since I was three, and got into grad school, but I guess I’m not QUITE good enough for YLT. Strange."

How do I tell her to get the fuck over it and move on and stop being rude and bitter?

(no subject)

Does anyone know how i can convert Windows movie maker project (*.MSWMM) to .Avi or .Mov? It needs to be able to go into a Powerpoint presentation. (so if .avi's don't work... something that will!)

my boss's son needs help lol~

(no subject)

1.) What are your thoughts on organized dances like the macarena & the electric slide?
2.) What was the crappiest least-fun wedding you've ever been to? Why did it suck so much?
3.) The most fun. What was so great about it?
The Dude Abides

Three ?'s

1) Have you ever proposed a toast (ex. Best Man/Maid of Honor at a wedding)?

2) What's something that you've never done, but you think you'd be good at anyway?

3) Excluding holocaust/war/natural disaster related films, what movie do you think has the highest dead body count?

a question for Rogers Wireless customers in Canada

I'm in the process of paying my bills (since today was pay day).  On my on-line customer service feature on Roger's site I only have last months bill (up to April 22nd).  Since it's June 5 there should be one posted for May 22nd.  I know their website has a lot of issues so I called the self service number *811 and my account balance is zero.

Has everyone else received their May bills?  Am I just lucky that my phone still works and they seem to have stopped billing me?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. When you were growing up, did your family take regular family vacations?

2. If you are grown up and have moved away from your family, does your family take family vacations now? (As in, you and your siblings and parents all meet someplace that is not one of your homes.)

3. I want to change my icon, but I'd miss my baseball boy. Would it be too weird to just splice him into whichever icon I change to? (I know it'd be weird, but how weird? Eccentric millionaire weird? Crazy cat lady weird? Tom Cruise?!)

4. What is something you hate with a passion, even though you have no real reason to?
self conscious

(no subject)

I received the following message from the winning bidder on an ebay auction:

Note: I'm in Iraq right now and would rather have it shipped to me here instead of at home. The address provided above is my home address. Could you please send it to the following please?

[different address from the one confirmed by ebay]

If you could please send it to me here then it would be a huge help and save about 2 weeks of shipment to me. Shipping to an APO is just like shipping it to a stateside address since it goes to NY then the military pays for it from there on out. Thanks a lot for the business.

How should I proceed?


hey TQC,

(1) do you/your household have an emergency plan set up incase of natural or people-caused disaster? if so, does it include how to get out of your building or a meeting place?

(2) have you ever had to evacuate a location due to such disaster? i'm not talking about a fire-alarm for school, people, but actual trouble.

(3) do you have a packed/ready emergency kit for you? what about for your pets? what does it include?

(my answers in comments)

EDIT: after reading these questions, if you answered "no", are you inclined to make an emergency kit and plan, or are you still unconcerned?
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Who was your first legit music obession?

Balls, I'm too lazy to fix the HTML. Mine was The Smashing Pumpkins, spawned by my viewing of the Tonight, Tonight video.

If you don't like good music, when was the last time you took a good poop?

ALSO, INTERNETS, my boyfriend is half Japanese and he has a below average penis and no body hair. It kinda freaks me out. I still love him though, but I was wondering is it just him?!??!

(no subject)

You're dating someone, and they seem to be perfect for you. They make you happy. After about 6 months, through some incident, you find out your sweetie is a racist. The filth that comes out of their mouth when they're forced to deal with someone of that race. What's the future of the relationship?

It's definitely a bad thing, but not big enough to break us up. I'll tolerate it and try to difuse these rants as best I can
I can't date someone with that much hate in them. It's ignorant and I can't be with someone who's ignorant
Finally, a chance to tell my best racist jokes! We truly are made for each other!

Your closest friend tells you one day that they're not happy with who they are. They tried to make it work, but the only thing that will make them happy is if they had a sex change. You may think it's weird, but you support your friend as best you can. They go under the knife at some cheap surgeon. The end result is, the surgeon did a bad job. Your friend looks kinda freaky looking, but is indeed the opposite gender. Would this change your friendship?

No. We're best friends for a reason, and physical appearances and gender don't have anything to do with our friendship
Probably. Nothing too severe. There's some things we can't do together anymore, but I'd still consider them to be my dearest friend.
It would. I wouldn't want to be seen in public with them, and I just can't relate to them anymore
My best friend with a new set of compatable genitals to mine? My BFF will soon become my BFFWB
Honestly, I'd probably burst out laughing too often when I look at them. They probably wouldn't want to hang out with me, so yeah, our friendship would become frayed

(no subject)

Under what circumstances might one find blood in one's shoes?

Edit:If you happen to know about this one fabulous song with the word ORANGE in the title, would you please inform me of the title and artist?

(no subject)

Today I got my very first high school yearbook, and sitting here in computer class I'm wondering:

1.) High School Seniors and graduates-what was your senior quote?

2.) Soon to be graduates-At this point in time, if you had to pick, what would your quote be?

Skip this- solved!

So I haven't used AIM in a year or so, and want to reinstall. Thing is, I want to use my old screen name. But I have no idea what the password is.

I've formatted my computer several times over and have a new hard drive. There's no way I could try and find the password on my computer.

Anyone had this problem before? How did you fix it?

Edit: I use trillian. Sorry for the seemingly stupid-ness. Erm... I was wondering if it was different on Trillian.
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(no subject)

If you internet from work, do you type stuff in your browser, or do you just use a search engine for the link?

Do you clear your cookies/history often?

Think of the most annoying/exasperating person on your f-list that you just can't seem to unfriend. What are they like?

(no subject)

Okay, a question for everyone out there please just throw in your two cents even if you don't think its important.  If you have a friend who have differences with, and the both of you start talking about these things that sometimes bother each of you about the other.  The conversation ends, not because everything is solved but because you just can't talk anymore.  Afterwards, do you continue to think about what was said and what you should have said?  How do you deal with that?  Is is appropriate to write a letter about these thoughts (assuming that another conversation is not possible for at least a few days)?  Is it just me that gets impatient when all the things I should have said or didn't think of come flooding out as soon as I hang up the phone?  Is this all because I don't like leaving things unfinished and will tend to pick at things (metaphorically speaking) until they are perfect or I break them which ever comes first?  How do you handle these types of conversations?
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I have four more hours of work. I'm the only one here and customers almost never stop by between now and closing. All other work is done. What shall I do?

I once dated a man with only ten teeth (the five frontmost ones on the top and bottom). What is your odd dating claim to fame/anecdote?

Food in Spain?

Is anyone here familiar with Spain?

Specifically, the food there?

In 3 weeks I will arrive in Nerja, Spain (far southern part) for a 6-week Spanish study abroad program.

However, I'm kind of a health freak, and I'm nervous about the food.
I'm not vegetarian, or vegan,
but just wondering...

Any idea what I should avoid? (as in, unhealthy)
What should I expect?
Any ideas for what I would try? (as in, IS healthy)

Or if you just wanna tell me about Spain in general, I'd be happy to hear that too! I'm from the US! :D

(no subject)

What would you think of a mother who did her 18 year old, sophomore in high school, son's homework for him? This includes writing his papers. Would your answer change if you knew he had ADHD?
I think it's fucking ridiculous. No.
Kristin profile [SQ default]

Virginia Tech to reopen Norris Hall--your thoughts?

so Virginia Tech plans to reopen Norris Hall in the near future.

the summarization for the linkophobes:
-- it will be reopened for offices and laboratories. no classes will ever be held there again.
-- the wing where the massacre happened will be shut down forever.
-- part of the reason for the labs remaining is that Norris Hall holds specific equipment that cannot be moved from the building.
-- security guards will be posted to keep out curiosity seekers and presumably prevent other issues.
-- there is a petition out there to rename the building after Professor Librescu, the engineering/math professor and Holocaust survivor who used himself as a human shield and barred the door Cho was trying to get in so his students could escape out another door.

the questions (my answers in italics):
-- do you think Norris Hall should be reopened at all? (yes, because also as one of the victims' fathers (who is another professor) pointed out, "Erasing the building would not erase what happened." (this from Bryan Cloyd, father of Austin Cloyd)
-- if the answer to the above is no, why not?
-- do you think Virginia Tech administration should rename the building in memory of Professor Librescu and his selfless sacrifice for his students? why or why not? i think they should, and my answer to why is because i feel without his actions, the number of Cho's victims would have been doubled or worse.
-- (this one just for me) anyone know where that petition is?? i want to sign it.
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Some persepctive.

Do you "watch what you eat"?

Is there a set amount of calories that you allow yourself for the day, or try to stay near?


Do you try to eat healthy in a general sense, as in the food groups, pyramid, stay away from fast food/soda/sugar?


is there a strict eating/workout regimend you follow? Or a diet plan you follow? (Jenny Craig, low carb, ect)


do you not care at all? Eat whatever you want?

I guess I just want to know everyone's eating habits, feel free to answer in a general sense, or the questions above.

(no subject)

Does anyone know if you can transfer rename tokens from accounts with underscores to another account you have? Because I have a couple rename tokens for journals I never used and I want to rename this journal.

If you could rename your journal, what would you pick?

(no subject)

So, at one point one of my friends on facebook had a link in his profile where if you went to the link and your put in your facebook profile url it told you how compatible you are with that friend

so my question is...

does anyone know what that website/link was?

thanks for your help,
years go by

Native Americans / Indians

Political correctness sucks, but this is a question born of genuine curiosity.

What do Native Americans/Indians generally prefer to be called? I've heard some people say Native American is the best term (and that sounds most right to me, 'cause it's true, this is America and they are this land's native people), but I've heard some people say that they find the term "Native Americans" offensive and actually prefer "Indians." (?!) I know the most correct way to do it is to refer to a person by his or her tribal lineage (Sioux, Cherokee, etc.), but that's impossible when speaking in generalized terms.

So, which is it?
Harrison and I

To Gmail users

I noticed today that topic reply notifications from my (off of LJ) message board aren't going in my inbox, but in to my spam folder in Gmail. I have no clue why it's doing this, because I never maked any of them as spam, and I would've noticed if I'd done it accidentally.

However, I'm pretty sure that it's not just me, because my friend that also uses Gmail noticed the same thing; emails from relatives and other places got put in to her spam folder. I have no clue if it's just been today that it's done it or if it's been happening for a few days or what.

So is anyone else having the same problem, or is it just us?

Edit: it's not doing it any more, at least for me. Just got a notification in my inbox from my board.

Followup TICK question

About the TICK photo from yesterday.. WHAT IS THAT THING?

I emailed a state entomologist who told me
it's an engorged nymphal deer tick, Ixodes scapularis. The infection rate in nymphal ticks with Borrelia burgdorferi is generally around 15-20%, sometimes running a little higher or lower (this means
roughly 80% are not infected). However, if the tick is infected, the probability of transmission is high based on the degree of engorgement. The "dots" on the ventral surface are the two spiracular plates and the
central anal plate.

So .. *because it's TQC* WERE YOU RIGHT?

I think most of you were, thanks to all who responded (yes even the EWWWs.. cause it is gross, even if it looks like he has buttons on his pantaloons. :)

PS I'm keeping the darn thing until I see my lyme literate doctor whos treated me in the past. People don't always exhibit traditional 'bulls eye' symptoms, or the telltale rash.

I live in the heart of lyme country (Connecticut, USA) and not even the doctors here can necessarily diagnose it all the time. I picked up this little hitchhiker when I was jogging in a park last night, on a paved path.


(no subject)

1. do you like liver?
2. do you like mushrooms?
3. do you like ranch dressing?
4. do you like roast beef?
5. your autobiography. the first line/quote to start off the story, whats it say?
aw | blink

(no subject)

Do you think it's a bad idea to donate blood and then get pierced on the same day? I've given blood several times and I've never fainted. Since I won't be able to donate for awhile after, I want to donate as soon as possible (but I also want to get pierced as soon as possible).

Or do you think it really doesn't matter?

Additional possibly relevant info: I'm getting an industrial and I hear it's one of the most painful. This is my first piercing ever. I'm concerned that I might faint and it might be more likely if I've already lost a bit of blood.
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(no subject)

Hey, TQC.

What should I have for lunch? Choices are Herb and Butter rice, chicken breasts, or the chicken kiev I discovered in the freezer. ((Although I have to say, anything that has butter that is orange-ish red should probably not be eaten.)) Should I eat either the breasts or the kiev with some rice? What's your opinion?

How often do you post to TQC?

Who here has ugly pimples on their face right now? *hates her own face muchly*

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Which do you like more?

World or American History?

World History makes me rock out with my cock out
American history makes me feel all warm in that special place
I like both as much as I like Paris Hilton
What is this thing you call history? History began when I was born!
Less questions, more cat macros damnit!

(no subject)

I am a dumbass and cut my nail too short and made it bleed. Is there anything besides waiting for it to grow that I can do it make it stop hurting/bleeding?

I saw a video a few years ago that i belive was produced in the UK. It was a safer sex animation that showed a girl growing up and having sex with several different men, using a condom each time, but each man had something "wrong" with him- one requires a enormous XXXXL condom for example. At the end she wound up with a guy and the message was something about playing safe all along. I want to see it again, but for the life of me I can't find it. Sound like something you have seen? Can anyone help me find it?

Where do you store your bread? How long does it keep?
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(no subject)

I'm on a horror kick at the moment but the problem is that I've never found a movie that has genuinely disturbed me. It doesn't matter how creepy or gory they are, I end up feeling bored or amused most of the time. (Don't even recommend the Saw series, I fell asleep in the first one)

So...what horror movie would you say is the creepiest/most likely to actually scare you?

Talking heads.

What would you do if someone you knew and loved started commenting/ replying to themselves on their LJ? Praising themselves anonymously and arguing back under their screen name...crazy stuff like that. Would you say anything? Would you remain friends? Would you worry? Would you laugh?

I know this is comedy worthy - but in all seriousness - what if someone that you really valued started doing this crazy shite?
Mitty box

(no subject)

1) Are you good at keeping secrets?
2) Does it depend on the kind of secret?
3) Do you like giving presents?
4) Do you like receiving presents?
5) Which do you like better?
6) What's your favorite restaurant and what do you usually order?

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Who's number 1?

Came across this list today..


So my friends (not the greatest song mind you) which would you pick at the greatest guitar solo of all time?

I agree with the list for the most part but for my money I have to go with Jimmy Page's in Stairway, Slash in November Rain, and Stevie Ray Vaughn in Pride and Joy. I also like Slash in Sweet Child of Mine and Kirk Hammet in Fade to Black.

(no subject)

What do you make of this listing I found on Craigslist? Why would someone specify the race that would be allowed to have the dog (other than the obvious reason of being an ignorant racist)? I emailed her about it and no one ever replied. Verbatim:

amazeing pitt free to good home

i ha ve a 1 and a half year old female pitt bull that i need to finda new home for i was trying to sell her but havint she just needs a loveing home wih a white or black family and no other animals expet other dogs shes a sweet girl but i must get rid of her id hate to toher to the pound email me ifuare interested

(no subject)

Did any of you watch Creature Comforts on CBS last night? I thought it was adorable.

Do you have any cheap theaters ($3 or $1 admission) where you live? If so, do you go very often?

If you enjoy making playlists or have EVER made a playlist, what or who was it centered around?

(no subject)

Hi TQC. Today is my first "anniversary" of being a vegetarian. Should I celebrate by eating bacon-wrapped prawns and a juicy steak?

Edit - I wasn't being serious, by the way. Maybe on my 2nd anniversary, but the 1st is SACRED!

In the washing machine

Today while doing laundry, I found two dried pinto beans, a kidney bean, and a lima bean in the bottom of the washer after a load.  How would you interpret this?  (please, be silly with this, I need a giggle)

What's the weirdest thing you've found in the bottom of your washer?
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Why do people come into stores trying to get free stuff? For example, this will be the third times in two weeks that I have had to deal with someone coming up with a CD that's wrapper is SLIGHTLY torn and expecting to get it at no cost.

And of course, why do people expect me to fix their financial situations? I don't have the power to UNDECLINE YOUR CARD...stop asking!

Do I look like God/a higher power?

Totally expecting random nonserious answers, unless someone actually has a valid reason...

(no subject)

what are some easy-to-make dishes involving meat? i mean really easy.

i just moved into my first house and i don't know how to cook a lot of things. i think the most meat i'm going to be getting is in tuna sandwiches, or ground beef in my pasta sauce. i'd like to start cooking some chicken or something but i have no CLUE how to make anything.

links are fine or even just names of dishes. easy meatless dishes are ok too, i guess, because i don't know shit about cooking and the more things i know how to cook, the better. i'm just specifically asking for meat because it's what i lack most right now.

oh, and i don't eat ham or pork.

edit: thanks so far, people. you are suggesting a lot of things i wouldn't even think of to begin with. i feel more confident now.

New computer?

You are a student, attending a ThinkPad university where your laptop is an IBM ThinkPad T43, distributed by school. You have finished two years of school, and your computer is paid off. You are tired of its antics and would prefer a better computer all together, because you consider your laptop as more of a "craptop". Your computer is also networked on campus with an external wireless card, and the network is not setup to support Macs.

New computer--what do you want?

Brand? Memory? Hard drive? Etc, etc.
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Hi, I'm new. :D

1. Does anyone know where I can download (for free) the song "Aquaman's Lament" by Mark Aaron James and/or "As You Wish" by Aqueduct?

2. Has anyone gotten around to making a Davy Jones "I has a bucket" macro yet?

3. Why are Yakov Smirnoff jokes only funny when told by six-year-olds?
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Matching tattoos (friends, family, SO) - trashy or cute?

Do you regularly read any non-LJ blogs? If so, which ones?

Would you rather live in a bigger, nicer house/apartment in an okay or slightly questionable neighborhood or in a smaller, less nice house/apartment in a better area? ETA: Assume you're renting, not owning.

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What would be an interesting but inexpensive thing to do with two guys at 9:30 at night?

And we've already exhausted Wal-Mart and the mall. And no, I do not want a threesome.

Edit: Figured out what we're going to do. Thanks everyone! <3
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Have you ever caused a car accident?

...Without being the drivers seat?

...Without even being in a car?

Today, I can say that yes, I have, to all three. I was watering my flowers early this afternoon, when some dude who was too busy honking at me slammed into the side of a little red cavalier.

The kicker? I've never felt more complimented in my life.
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Cell Phone question!

So my apartment sucks for cellphone reception. Outside my door I get 2-3 bars, but when I go inside I lose all reception. So I've been trying to remedy this, but most solutions I see involve $500 worth of equipment and a house.

What I was wondering was, would something like this passive car antenna would work inside my apartment? Just put it on my window to the outside instead of on my windshield.

Even if it didn't work AS effective as it's supposed to, any boost in signal would be awesome.

If you know of a better place to ask this, I'm open to places to repost :)
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Has anyone gotten a job moving boxes for UPS? I'm going for an interview tomorrow night and was wondering what experiences anyone had working for them, how hard of work it was, and what the hourly wage was. Anyone got anything for me?
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Do you like chili?

What kind of meat, if any, do you like in your chili?

Do beans belong in chili?

Do you like your chili over rice, pasta, or just in a bowl?

Do you put anything on top of it, like cheese, sour cream, or green onion?

What's the best side to go with chili?

What would the PERFECT burger consist of, one that would win a contest?

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Hey guys,

What does the color "heather" look like?

I'm buying a shirt online, and I have the option between coral or heather for the color. I was completely unaware that heather was the name of a color!

Can anyone point me towards where I can see what this color looks like? I tried googling it, but to no avail.


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1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
2. What do you want to be now?
3. Do you have a role model in that area?
4. I happen to have an appointment with someone who is foremost in the field I'm trying to break into after getting my BA. I have a serious hero-worship for her. She's offered to help me strategize for grad school and further education, plus she's interested in offering me an independent study with her. Even though I see her every day, I am SO NERVOUS because I look up to her so much. How do I get over this? What specific things relating to furthering myself should I bring up wthout being a brownnoser or an asshole?

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It's your birthday! would you rather have

a) lemon bundt cake, filled with raspberries & dark chocolate

b) store bought raspberry-cordial cake, with layers of raspberry & chocolate ganache filling & chocolate cake

c) homemade yellow cake with dark chocolate icing?

d) ice cream cake (what flavor)?

Scary movies

Which scary movies are timeless and are still frightening even though they were made a long time ago?

Which movies did you find scary back when they are made but you now laugh at them and make MST3K type comments?
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A good friend of my parents is a retired oncologist who is now the director of a large hospice center in my area. He's seen pretty much everything in all his years of practicing medicine. Not long ago we got into a discussion about life and death and he mentioned that he believes that this life is someone's hell.

What do you think about that?

Is this life just a version of hell?

What do you think happens after we die?
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Why do people hate others that they've never met? Recently, there's been a lot of fuss about a certain band's frontman and his engagement (supposedly to a certain woman we know of, but he hasn't actually confirmed this) and now it's either, "She seems so cute, they look really happy together!", or, "God, she's such a two-faced b*tch, I hate her guts!" even though none of these people has actually met the girl in question.

Is it really jealously, or something else? Do you think that sometimes, fans take things too far when it comes to the personal lives of the musicians they admire?

Cell Phone Plans

I use Verizon, and I'm wondering when my free evening hours begin. My plan is in the Eastern time zone, but I'm currently in the Central time zone for a few months. Do I have to wait until 9:01pm Central to begin my free hours, or do they start at 8:01pm, as my plan is in the Eastern time zone?
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I just noticed a word in Urban Dictionary that is not defined. It is located under the 5th definition of the word faggotry. The word is Fagatronics. I'm curious as to what you think this might mean. Is it safe to say that fagatronics=faggotry+electronics/technology? If so, what do you suppose qualifies as being fagatronics?
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paging dr. eljay
why do I have to pee again when I just went pee less than 10 minutes ago?
is this a bad thing?

what's something I could say to my sister the next time she's freaking out about something not working out and she goes spiraling down saying shit like 'I'm never going to move out of this house'?

worst alcohol you've ever drank? - vodka
worst mix drink you've ever drank? - screwdiver: vodka + orange juice
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Long shot.

Anyone remember the Milwaukee Brewer's sausage race from a few years ago?
The one where that one guy took a bat and tripped the one sausage?

I'm dying to find the video for it!
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So in my class tonight, my professor handed out this "text messaging short hand" because part of the class is online and she wanted us to all be *~abbreviation savvy~*
Can you guess what some of these mean?
I know I dont have to tell you to be creative/silly :)
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No, this isnt my homework.
And Ill post the answers in the comments later ;)

[edit] Answers are here if you wanna know
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(first time poster!)

What should I rename my journal?

I want to use just one word, but I want the word to be really powerful. I've been through a lot in my life (I've been taking care of my sick mom for a very long time, my daughter almost died at birth, had a pretty rocky childhood) and I want it to reflect that. Something that says I'm still okay.

What are some good words?

Found one! :) Thanks guys!

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Why is my bank saying I have a negative balance?

I had ~40. Deposited ~240. Spent ~120. And it's saying i have a balance of -100.
ETA: I checked my spendings online against where I have been purchasing things. Everything matches up, but it appears my bank cannot do math.

What is the best thing you've seen today?

A man on the bus, who looked rather homeless, was listening to his iPod and clapping and snapping along (albeit off-beat) to his music. Once, he paused to giggle, and then he continued the clapping.

Do any good deeds lately?
I held the dumpster lid for a lady who was having a terrible time trying to throw away a big box.

Blockbuster Online

I had a Blockbuster Moviepass account for a couple years, and decided to upgrade to the Blockbuster Online. The BO is a trial-membership for 3 weeks. From what I understand, it's like Netflix, except you have the option of walking them to the nearest Blockbuster and renting off the shelf. My run-on, disjointed questions are as follows: Collapse )

Geometry in Precalculus?

Do you have to know Geometry in order to succeed in Precalculus? 

I know a lot of Algebra because I listened a lot in Algebra 2, but always copied in Geometry. Now I'm worried about starting Precalculus. They don't even have a Geometry class at the community college I'm going to, only Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 2, and beginner's math or something. 

I tested into Math 105 (Precalculus 1), but I wanted to take a Geometry class before going in there and now I'm worried.

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I'm graduating and my mom wants to get me a graduation gift. She's basically willing to buy me what I want, within reason, and spend around $300. I have no idea what to ask for - I already have the things I want and the only thing I can think of is clothes.

So, TQC, should I spend it all on clothes (I want more dresses!)? Should I spend half on clothes, half on something else? Or should I find something Meaningful and Important to buy?

What should I buy with this graduation gift money thing? I don't have a car so I don't need gas or insurance money, either.

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1. If your boyfriend/girlfriend/SO had no genitals, would you still be with them?

2. If your boyfriend/girlfriend/SO went to prison, would you wait for them? If so, how long? 2 years? 4 years? 8 years?

3. What are some good exercises for inner thighs?
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This is a question I've been grappling with for years now, so I figured I'd take it here.

What do super-militant feminists think of female-to-male transsexuals?

Now, I'm not talking your garden-variety, intelligent feminists. I'm talking the overly gung-ho lunatic fringe who totally missed the point of feminism as a concept. I worry that it's something like "ZOMG THEY BETRAYED THE SISTERHOOD!!1!" though that's probably not the case. I hope not, anyway.

For the record, I know that real, GOOD feminists stick up for people of all gender identities. This is a question about the crazies, not the majority.
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The bakery is open

I have three starter batches of Amish Friendship Bread dough that I need to give to people.

1) Will you take one?
2) Will you actually bake it, or will you smile, and throw it away when I'm not looking?
3) If you found out that it takes 10 days to prepare, would you still keep it, or throw it away when I'm not looking?
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What are some cheap, fun things to do in New York City with my boyfriend? We'll just be there for the day, with no preference towards which part of town.
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Which commerical is the best: the singing rabbit Skittles one, the berries and cream Starburst one, or TISNF?

Does toast sound good to you?

Do you ever eat your sandwiches upside down? eta:I mean like a sandwich that has a different top and bottom. Like a bun. I don't usually eat sandwiches on plain bread, so I wasn't thinking.
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Can someone help me with my firefox?

I have images adblocked and cannot for the life of me figure out how to unblock them. I've tried searching mozillas site and can't find anything.

Any suggestions?

ETA: Problem solved, thanks to all who helped :)
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Healing Garden lavendertherapy spray?

Does anyone know where (preferably a chain store to make things simple) I can buy The Healing Garden's Lavendertherapy Pillow & Room Spray? I can't find the exact thing I'm looking for online anywhere. All I can find is HG's zzzzTherapy (which I've tried and don't care for), some weird lavender/fig combination, or lavender body spray. I'm looking for just the plain old lavender pillow & room spray.I hope it hasn't been discontinued!

Any suggestions?