June 4th, 2007

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Do most places tell you when they'll get a shipment of Wiis? I recently decided that I want one, so I asked (the only place in town that sells them) Walmart and they said they never have any idea when they'll be getting a shipment. That rings false to me, maybe it was how the guy said it, but it sounded like "well I don't know when the next time will be that I haven't promised my sister's boyfriend's brother that he could have the one we get." And I know in the town I go to school in, I could find out when they were expecting the next shipment. Should I just ask a different employee in the electronics department?

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If you were a boyfriend, what would you like to get in a package from your (very poor) girlfriend?  For information's sake, it already includes: candy, homemde fridge magnets, a He-Man action figure, a tweety pez dispenser a la Seinfeld and lots of cutesy little notes and tiny crafty things.


If you were a girlfriend, what would you put in said package?
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I just updated my journal and a screen came up saying "Getting Started- You Haven't Filled Out Your Profile", with a link to edit my profile. I found this strange, because I already have a profile, so I looked at my profile page, and all my interests were deleted.

Did this happen to anyone else? Any ideas on how or why it happened?
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1. I sent a friend a birthday card, but accidently put 603 Anystreet instead of 683 Anystreet. Do you think she'll still get it?

2. What books should I read?

I tend to read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, but I'm getting a bit tired of that, it all seems the same. I've also read a lot of non-fiction science and things like that...

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Do you think sibling or cousin incest in inherently wrong?

If so, how distantly related to people have to be for you to not think it's wrong?
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TQC, why is LJ taking so damned long to load

And why was it posting comments for me yesterday when I posted from Gmail, but no matter how hard I tried and what method I used to post a response to one particular comment, it wouldn't let me and would take me to a blank page?

And why is it still taking forever to looooooaaaaad waaah
Beast mode!

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1. Tropical Depression Barry: Is he really depressed or did the bitch set him up?

2. Do you "get" that last question? Where do you live? EDIT: If you say yes, tell me what you think you're getting, because I don't believe you; I'm not asking if the storm hit you.

3. Best thing to happen this past weekend?

4. Worst thing to happen this past weekend?
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(no subject)

1) i'd love to be a famous ______________?
2) if i had my choice, my mind blowing talent would be ___________?
3) would you prefer a personal chef or a personal trainer? why?
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Who watched The Sopranos last night?

What did you think?

What do you think will happen in the final episode

Obviously there will be spoilers in the comments so if you don't want to be spoiled don't click through


Hey!! I"m back after a wonderful wet weekend of camping.. with a question, my friend is a camp counsolor and is trying to remember games we played at camp, What kind of fun games did you play for evening programs?!

How was everyone's weekend?
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Has anyone ever put a random bumper sticker on your car?

Someone randomly stuck a bumper sticker on my car. I have no idea where it came from. It says "I'm knot into yoga" with a cartoon of a guy all twisted up. Where the hell did it come from?

Do you have more friends on LJ than IRL?

How do you deal with people who come off as thinking they are morally superior to everyone?

Are you getting your LJ comments?

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1)For those who consider themselves heterosexual, how upset would you be if someone thought you were homosexual?

2)For those who consider themselves homosexual, how upset would you be if someone thought you were heterosexual?
Smooth Criminal

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1. Does your bank teller let you know that your license is about to expire or was mind just being nice/creepy.

2. What do you think of Paris Hilton actually serving her jail sentence?

3. What is your favorite kind of Pop-Tart?

Wax. Fux.

Do ear lavages hurt? What about those ear vacuum things?
I'm usually really good with maybe-painful basic things like these but I have a horrible fear of people sticking things too far into my ear so I'm very paranoid. Apparently I am in desperate need of one of the two of these, though :(

What are a few simple, everyday things that just irritate the piss out of you when people say them?
"You know what my pet peeve is? The word pet peeve! Omg! Uniquelolol!!"

People who insist it's fine that they clean their ears by ramming q-tips in there because they and they alone know "the right way to do it".

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1. Have you ever walked out on a tab? Why? :( If so, did you get caught? :)
2. Have you (or anyone you've known) ever used pregnancy as an excuse for something ridiculous?
3. Can sitting too long be painful to someone who's pregnant?

(put one and two together in a logical sequence of events that involved yelling, anger, stress and that = my good day ruined. "I don't give a fuck! You could've given the money to the door guy if you really didn't mean on walking out! That money comes out of my pocket!! *total anger = can't even think of what to say next"...*moments of silence* NOT COOL!!! *chest heaves angrily*" hahaha..lame...)
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gender in friendslists?

Talking to someone today, it seems that people make judgments based on MySpace and Facebook friendslists. Assuming someone in a relationship has a myspace, and you noticed that they have a lot of opposite-gender friends:

Poll #996921 gender in friends and what that means to you...

Looking at someone's myspace, or facebook-- if they have (proportionally) a lot of friends of the opposite sex, what (if anything) does that mean to you?

they're friendly, duh
they're a flirt
that's weird
that doesn't particularly matter/ I've got no opinion on that

if your SO had a lot of friends of the opposite gender, how would get-togethers work, ideally?

I don't trust the two of them alone
I trust them
it depends on who it is but it should be fine
I want to go every time something happens
why is this an issue?
The Dude Abides

Matlock ?

In honor of Andy Griffith turning 81 this weekend, who's a celeb you didn't know was still alive?

I guess a better way to phrase it is: who's a celebrity that you're not sure whether or not they're still living?
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First Question

Ok guys here is my first question ever on TQC....

So I just got a phone call about a job opportunity here in town. It is a lot more money (almost 2x my current salary) and is totally up my alley. The problem is, my current job requires a month notice for exempt employees and this company will probably want me to start in 2 weeks and won't be willing to wait a month.

So do I screw over my current place? Or beg the new place to wait a month?
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Un tis un tis

For this scenario, you own a house

One day, someone knocks on your door. He says that he's a producer of adult films, and he really likes the way your home looks. With your permission, he'd like to film a couple of porn movies inside your humble abode. All in all, it will be just one day of inconvenience, for which you'd be compensated $3,000. Minimal crew, and obviously, your name and address would not be mentioned anywhere on the finished product.

1. Would you accept his offer? Why or why not?
2. If no, if he offered $10,000, would you change your mind?

Two completely unrelated questions.

1. Do you put your grocery cart in the little uh... holder thingys in the parking lot, or just leave it near where you parked?
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2. Do you like jigsaw puzzles? If I made a jigsaw puzzle swap community, would you ever consider joining, or would it be a waste of my time because I'd never get any members?

I love puzzles, but I never do one more than once because... I already did it... so I have some that just sit around now, and maybe other people work the same way? Just a thought. Let me know if I'm dumb.
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wellbutrin XL

those of you on wellbutrin, how much weight did you lose? did it happen pretty quickly?
just curious. i'm starting it this week. i don't have weight to lose per se.

does the generic version of wellbutrin work as well as the name brand? did you see the same results?
my insurance company is shit and may not cover the name brand.

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In a blind taste test I could tell the difference between

mandarin oranges from a can and mandarin oranges from a jar
hot dogs and vienna sausages
pepsi and coke
2%milk and 1%milk
mayonnaise and Miracle Whip
ham and canadian bacon
american and canadian pennies
shrimp and crawfish
colby and cheddar cheese
Dasani and Aquafina

Do you like to watch any award shows? Which ones?
books = good

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Does anyone know where the following picture is from? I've seen it on a few StumbleUpon blogs, but always in a plain post, never with a website attached. I love this picture and it feels like it should have an excellent story behind it.

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(no subject)

1- Why, when I tell people I can hardly hear them, proceed to talk quieter/faster on the phone?
2- Why did the stream beside the train station near me look like a bubble factory blew up into it today? (See here)
3- Seen any good accident scenes lately?
4- How are you today?
5- What's the last picture you took? Care to share?
Say what

In laws....

1. Why does my mother in law buy crap (no, really, crap) for everyone at garage sales? And then get mad when we say we don't have room for it??? Really...what does her 28 year old son, my husband, need with a "South Park" poster (he likes the show...but not THAT much) and an aquarium that she's not sure if it holds water or not???

2. Why does my father in law insist that I make my 18 month old run naked in the backyard in order to potty train him??

3. Do I really have to be nice to them???

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Does anyone know of any programs or websites to send free faxes over a wireless Internet connection? I have low volume (less than 20 pages per month), if that makes any difference.


1. Do you have children? If yes, post a pic.
1a. Are they adopted or your own?
1b. Were you married to the other parental half of the child when it came into this world?

2. If you don't have kids do you want them?
2a. Are you interested in adoption or having your own? for what reasons?
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I'm probably asking for trouble asking this, but I gotta know.  On ljsecret  and other such forums, you'll occassionally see such things as, "It's so hard for furries to come out, what will our folks think, etc."

Here's my question:  Why do your folks have to know?  If you're a furry, how do you view being a furry within your identity as a whole?

I mean, to me it seems more akin to a fetish than a sexual orientation.  For instance, my mom knows that I'm bi and tend to lean more toward women.  We're close, and that's important because we discuss the people in our lives.  However, she doesn't know that I like being handcuffed to the bed, or that I read slash, et cetera.  Unlike my orientation, that isn't essential knowledge for us to be close, and is frankly TMI. There's a big difference between how the people you date fit into your life and how you like to take it.

I hope I don't offend anyone with this.  I got no qualms with furries, I just see it as roleplay.
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Near hits.

You know those people. You like them, they like you, you're totally into each other, everything's lining up right.
By all rights, you should have been with this person (in whatever capacity), but for no reason at all, you never were.

What's your worst near hit?
i say, old bean

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What has spilled on your computer?

How many keyboards have you gone through?

What's your favorite movie that came out before 2000?

What about after 2000?

"One hundred years from now Beatles songs may be so well known that every child will learn them as nursery rhymes, and most people will have forgotten who wrote them"
Does that make you laugh?

Do you think it's true?
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I just got a role in my schools play.
...The smallest, most non-descript role in the show. I think I have all of 5 lines. I'm still happy though, since lots of people didn't even make it in.

What's the last bitter-sweet thing you experienced?

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Rachel Brown, a contestant on Hell's Kitchen 2, was found dead a few weeks ago.  I havent heard anything about the investigation since first hearing about her death. 

Has anyone heard anything?

ant in the pants.

Just what makes that little ol' ant think he can move a rubber tree plant?

everyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant.
cuz he's got high hopes!
because he survived waterboarding at gitmo...but they failed to recall that ants can live up to 2 weeks in water.
it was actually an AUNT that moved the plant.
he got a boost of self esteem from watching a lot of Dr. Phil last week
he is looped up on ant meth
he believes in the power of ant prayer
because ants can lift 100 times their body weight, bitches!
the ant googled excessively and thinks he has come up with the right technique for moving rubber tree plants
i don't know, but suzer, you must be bored.
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Music & Cars

1. What's the difference between Country music and Bluegrass?

2. Is anything instrumental automatically considered classical or does classical music have some sort of guidelines?

3. How fast can your car go? How fast have you gone?
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Gameboy games on the DS?

Does anyone know if there's some sort of gameboy/gameboy color emulator for the Nintendo DS? I don't mean something where I have to pry open the case and dick around with the internal works of the thing, I mean like a cart you plug the gameboy game in and then plug the cart into the DS. I suspect not, but I can always hope.
(I want to play some of my old games, but I can't find the charger for my old GBA and I've been spoiled by the DS's extra-bright backlighting...)

Fucking money

I deposited my paycheck at an ATM on Saturday and immediate took out $60. I just did the math and I should have $145 in my account, but it only says $67 is in my account when I look at my online statement. I had $28 before I deposited my check.

Why does it say that there's only $67 in my account when there should be $78 more?

Am I just paranoid and this will fix itself soon?

Have you ever had weird/stupid bank issues?
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(no subject)

1. If you have a party and send out thank you notes for gifts, how would you handle this situation?

--->Say for instance, you invite a family: Beth, Barry, Steve & Diane. Beth, Barry & Steve show up to the party, but not Diane. When I adress the thank you note, do I leave out Diane or do I include her as well even if she didn't show up?

2. I got called to jury duty in July.

What can I wear? I'm female, but I refuse to wear skirts or heels in case there's a lot of walking involved --parking downtown sucks donkey balls. Are jeans okay? Polo shirts? Khaki pants?

Also: This wasn't on the questionnaire, but can one be penalized for not being bilingual? I'm afraid the other jurors might not speak English when we debate, and I'm wondering if the judge will throw me out for not being able to communicate with the jurors.

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What are your summer plans?!

I am taking summer classes, sitting around taking care of my little brother, reading lots of books, and hopefully writing my novel. This is what happens when you are alienated from your high school friends and haven't made any good college ones.

I bet none of you will have as boring a summer as me!
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

So guys...

how in the hell do I cite the North American Free Trade Agreement, using MLA? Or any treaty, for that matter? Google isn't helping.

For the record, can you believe I'm a college graduate and I don't know how to do this shit?

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Is there any such thing as some kind of applicator deal that you can use to put lotion or cream on your back? For instance, sunscreen? Or, now, because I couldnt' reach my back to apply sunscreen, the burn relief gel?

I went for a bike ride, and put sunscreen on. Wasn't smart enough to wear a suit that didn't leave a large chunk of my back out in the open. So, everywhere I put sunscreen is fine, but a large area of my back (specifically where I could not reach) has an -incredibly- nasty burn on it. And now I'm supposed to put this burn relief gel on it... but I can't reach that spot (otherwise it would have had sunscreen... see my dilemma?)

If you know of a device (besides having a friend come over a few times a day to apply this stuff), please let me know...

yeah, i'm dumb...
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(no subject)

Dear LJ,

Please solve a debate we have everytime pasta is made in our dwelling:

Pasta & Sauce:

Mix them in the pot before serving.
Serve them noodles on the bottom, sauce over the noodles.
Something else (explain, plz)
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(no subject)

So I'm applying to the Peace Corps right now...has anyone done it or is anyone leaving for it soon? Where did you go/where are you going? Good/bad information? Anything? Bueller?
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Cardio X100000

When I go to the gym all I do is run on the elliptical or the track. I don't ever use any other equipment because quite frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing on it. My goal isn't to lose weight (I've already lost ~50 lbs), but to tone up.

What can I do to switch it up?

(no subject)

Do you think this sticker is funny? 

Would you put it on your car?

What stickers/emblems do you have on your car right now?

I think it's funny, and may buy it for myself.  Right now I have a sticker with the name of my university, a parking sticker, and a sticker for the radio station I'm working for this summer.

(no subject)

Hello dearest TQCers...

I have torn ligaments
I have a cast on my foot, from my toes to just below my knee.
I have had a series of several casts for two weeks each, but this is hopefully the last one, and will be on for a month.
When the previous cast was off and before they put this one on, my skin was so dry it was peeling off, and had been itching for a while.
I lotioned it before getting the new cast on.
I can feel it's starting to itch again, and my toes were so dry the other day they hurt.
I lotioned them, because they're within reach, but within a day I could feel that it had turned to a nasty goop-crud in the cast.
So I managed to get that out, but my leg is itching SO BADLY and I'm sure it's so dry.

You guys are a clever creative bunch.
I have been trying to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
But this is starting to make me crazy.

How can I effectively moisturize my skin inside the cast?

serious, non-serious, crazy... all answers accepted, although the mean snarky type aren't my favorite

Also: What kind of bread do you like?  Do you prefer butter or margarine? What kind?
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So, how come all the Brokeback Mountain fics I find on LJ are pretty much AUs?

Also - who likes banana cake? I just made one and had a bit for the first time and am in love with it. Nyom nyom nyom.

Do you like Sudoku?

And finally, what does your room look like? Is it messy? Clean? Boring? Bright? Shared with someone else? ((Pictures would be awesome.))
Cats pawing at mommy's face

Does this seem legit?

I got a call from a Victoria's Secret marketing thing... I know they've got my phone number from various promotion things I've signed up for.

The call asked a bunch of questions, where I buy bras, how often, what size, and so on...

And then came the part that seemed too good to be true. They're testing a bra, and they'll send me one, and if I wear it over the next two weeks and answer some questions, it's mine to keep free of charge.

Now, they don't have my credit card number or anything (except from when I've used it at actual Victoria's secret stores) (or even my home address, I gave them a PO Box)... I can't imagine how they'd charge me for it... But it seems too good to be true. Is it a scam?
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Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

Help me relive my childhood. Which Dutch children's tv show am I thinking of?

All I can remember is that it had rounds and before each round this woman would go round saying what round it was while holding a big board.

Something like this: "De eeeeeerste roooonde!" all the way to the "De laaaaaatste roooonde."
("the first round" and "the last round")

Did I dream this tv show? Is it still on? What did they do in these rounds?

The cut wouldn't work so I've taken it off.

Edit: Found it. De grote meneer Kaktus show. I even found a Youtube clip.
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(no subject)

In a right-to-work state, do I have to specify why I'm quitting when I put in my two weeks?

I've never had to type up a two weeks notice before. I usually just told the people and wrote "Jessica's last day" on the calendar. What should I put in this letter? "I hate you, but will continue to work for you for the next two weeks only."?

(no subject)

Inspired by my earlier post.

Is there any good fanfiction out there, in any fandom? Links plz.

What's the best fanfic you've read? I realise this means best of a very bad bunch...

And for shits and giggles, what's the worst/funniest fanfic you've read?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

Who do you think is hotter?

Cillian Murphy:


Clive Owen:

Secret third option: Tim Curry

(my vote is for Clive, since I really don't think Cillian is anything resembling an attractive man.

(no subject)

There's a website that allows you to look up anyone's current and past addresses. I'm pretty sure it allows you to buy other information about them, too.

It was posted here a few weeks ago. I want to show it to my boyfriend.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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(no subject)

1. Am I the only one who has a fear of checking out books from the library because I know as soon as I bring it home I will leave it sitting on my desk instead of actually reading it, or am I insane?

2. Is your mama a llama?

3. So, got any fun plans for the week...of January 28, 2009?

4. What is the theme of your calendar, if you have one? Or calendars, if you have more than one? Or what does your blank wall look like, if you do not have one?

5. Have you ever eaten at Dunkelrestaurant Berlin? If not, would you(you order a drink and a kind of meal - vegetarian, chicken, fish, etc., but you are not told exactly what you get in that meal - and then are led into a room that is completely dark, where you eat your dinner without being able to see it and are served by a blind staff, and then find out what your meal was afterwards)?

If you don't live in Europe or have no desire to go to Berlin or whatever just pretend it's available across the street from your current residence.

If you wouldn't want to eat there ever (assuming you can eat there with friends so you're not dining alone in the dark), why not?

Is it wrong for me to get offended when people say that they think it's a stupid idea because I think it's an interesting experience and it's only a few hours of your life and you may as well at least be open to the idea?

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I just dug this thing out of my armpit.. WTF ??

what is this thing?
Collapse )

i was out jogging in the evening, I may have picked it up then.


EDITED TO ADD : it's an engorged nymphal deer tick, Ixodes scapularis.
The infection rate in nymphal ticks with Borrelia burgdorferi is generally
around 15-20%, sometimes running a little higher or lower (this means
roughly 80% are not infected). However, if the tick is infected, the
probability of transmission is high based on the degree of engorgement.
The "dots" on the ventral surface are the two spiracular plates and the
central anal plate.

'cause I know you all wanted to know :)

(no subject)

I just got my first ever (!!!) debit card in the mail today, and I'm excited. I activated it and signed it and everything. However, it didn't come with a PIN number. According to my credit union's website, it says that I should have had a 6 digit PIN number come with my welcome letter. Now, I also didn't get a welcome letter. I got a piece of paper with my address and account number on it and my debit card folded up inside it.

1. Do debit cards generally come with a pin number that you can later change?
2. Has something like this ever happened to you?
3. Should I use my debit card even if it doesn't have a PIN number yet?
4. Should I switch banks, since it seems like mine is very unprofessional?
5. I plan on going to the credit union tomorrow to straighten this out. Is this a good idea?

My credit union's site is generally not helping very much with this.

Also! Unserious question:

What is your best sex technique? Being awesome counts as a technique.
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(no subject)

Jack Kevorkian - angel of mercy, doctor death, or something in between?

If you had a relative who wanted to die, would you assist them at all? How far would you go (hypothetically and realistically, taking things like death tourism into consideration)?

(no subject)

Do you have any mosquito bites at the moment?
If so, how many are there and where are they located on your body?

Yes. I have four; one on my left elbow, one on my right knee, another on my right thigh, and one on my right foot.