June 3rd, 2007

i say, old bean

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1. Where have my internet friends gone TQC?! There's nobody on AIM.
2. Have you ever reached the end of the internet?
3. Were you sad?
4. What's your favorite 404 file-not-found picture?
5. Would you post it?

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If you met a dude/lady via a SN that your friend gave you (friend of a friend situation) and he/she is way cool, awesome interests etc....and then you see a picture and you see he/she is of a race you're just not normally *physically* (it has nothing to do with anything other than aesthetics) attracted to.

What do you do?
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moths =[

I am very afraid of moths. One of the little bastards managed to get in my house. How the fuck can I catch him? He doesn't seem to have any interest in lights, and I can never seem to find where he lands. Every time I see him I grab a shoe (to squash him with, obviously I'm terrible) and try to find him when he lands, but he seems to disappear. I woke up both of my cats and carried them into the kitchen in hopes they would catch him. Now I'm not ever sure if he is in the kitchen.

How can I catch him soon? I want to go to bed, but I can't if I know he is flying around.
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So I decided to get my close friend a vibrator for her birthday, which is next Wednesday.

It's a joke, but not, because I know she'll use it. I'm going to quote Eva Longoria because she gives vibrators to her friends all of the time - "The best gift you can give is an orgasm."

With that said, I don't have time to order one. Where can I go to buy a vibrator in a reasonable price range? (I'm thinking around $50). I was thinking about getting her "The Rabbit", but that's $80 and a little pricey.

Thanks and sorry for the super random sexy question.

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For those of you who live (or have lived) in an apartment/condo, do you make the fast food delivery person go up to your suite door?
Or do you go down to the main door and pick up the food?
Hurry up and look back

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Have any of you hooked up with older men or women who are married/dating someone else? or have children with someone else?

did the hiding and "affair" aspect of the whole thing make the sex better?

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I know it says don't promote communities, but it's not really promoting a community, just an idea.

1.) Do you RP?
2.) Are you interested in starting an RP? with me, I mean. I have a list of fandoms in my LJ.
3.) rephrasing this - For those of you who are playing the Tim Tang Test, did you just hear about this today?
4.) How far have you gotten?
5.) Have you screamed, thrown the computer across the room, punched something/one, or attempted suicide from that test?
6.) Were the first 2 questions totally inappropriate?

Paging Dr. Eljay.....

OK, I said I'd post my temperature after a while so... at the time I made this post, it was 103.2! So most of you would have sent me straight to the doctor. About an hour later it was 100.5, and now it is back to normal.


How high does a fever have to be before seeking some sort of medical attention? I really can't anyway, I just want to know how sick I am. I'll edit this later to tell you how warm I am as a gauge to what you all thought.

Also, how often do you check your temperature when you have a fever? My dad told me to do it every 4 hours or so. I checked it at 3pm, 7pm, and I was asleep at 11pm but I just checked it like 10 minutes ago.

Lastly, what are your personal tricks to make your fever go away? I know all the obvious stuff like hydrate, sleep, make sure to eat, etc.
shia l.

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I just went on a date last night for the first time ever and I've been awake since 12 am.. it's now almost 5 am here. I can't sleep and I'm really not tired at all. I have no idea why.. I went to work before I went out too, and I was tired when I got to work! Nothing weird or unordinary happened on the date that would make me nervous or whatever to stay awake all night. What do you think TQC? Is it just post first date jitters or something? haha. Sorry, I know this is a dumb question, I'm just kind of bored because I can't sleep!

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Do the personal opinions and beliefs of an artist have any impact on whether or not you will partake in the entertainment they offer, even when they are not directly incorporated into their work?

(eg, Tom Cruise is crazy and a Scientologist but his movies have nothing to do with those, some musicians smoke crack to the eyeballs but may not mention it much in their music, Pam Anderson loves PETA but doesn't make PETA themed bikini-clad tv shows, etc)

"Artist" including anything from sculpting to directing movies to playing the banjo.

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If you knew someone was going to be driving drunk and/or illegally b/c of a suspended license and wanted to alert police to their presence on the road, and you know what vehicle they are driving how would you do that? This is in Michigan. I know their plate number and want to do it anonymously.

(no subject)

Yesterday I came upon a road block, was stopped by the cops and asked for my license, registration, and insurance. Well, I told him that I don't have insurance right now and luckily he let me go. However, first he told me that I was to go home, park my car and if he ever saw me driving again he would pull me over and give me two tickets for no insurance. Right now it is not at all possible for me to get insurance, I cannot afford it but as soon as I can, I will definitely get it. I have to drive to work every day and occasionally to the store. My question is, if he sees me out, which he probably will because it's a small town, can he pull me over for no other reason except that he remembers me from the road block as the girl with no insurance? Can he really give me two no insurance tickets? I mean, I know he probably can do these things, but is it legal?

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I've somehow managed to move my start bar so that it is standing vertically against the side rather than lying horizontally along the bottem. How do I move it back TQC?

Clicking and dragging doesn't work, that was the first thing I tried. I've checked it's not locked. It's happened a couple of times before but I can't remember how I fixed it or how the hell it happened in the first place. I feel like shooting the fucking thing at the minute u.u
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Major: Communications: Journalism/Public Relations
Minor: Psychology


Major: Psychology
Minor: Communications: Journalism/Public Relations

Which of the above combinations would be better for the future, as in more jobs available, a wide range of jobs available and, of course, a decent sized check to help pay off these stupid college loans?

Also, if you know of anything I could actually DO with these as a career, that would be awesome. ;)

My advisors are not impartial, so my Psychology advisor says Psych and my Comm. advisor says Comm.
Input would be nice, thanks a lot!

(Yes, I googled it. The results just made me more confused.)
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Long Distance Relationships

Have you been/Are you in a LDR? (What are the reasons your relationship was long distance?)

Do you think it was/Is it successful?

Would you do it again?

How would/do you and your SO keep in contact?

How often did/do you plan get togethers/see each other?

What advice would you give to someone who is in a LDR for the first time?

Thank you for all the comments. I'm glad to see there are a lot of married couples who started off in a LDR.
And thank you for your advice.

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let's say you're a 19 year old female who's never drank and who weighs maybe 125. how drunk will two smirnoffs in maybe an hour and a half get you?

eta: you're not taking any meds and had a bagel and an ice cream sandwich a few hours before drinking.


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Today is the last day of the annual street fair here. It's the only fun thing my community does all year. However, I have an English paper to write, a Japanese project to finish, math homework to do and a monologue to write/memorize. Should I go to the street fair with my friends?

Edit: I did half my homework, went for an hour, and came back to finish.
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1. What do you think of keeping reptiles as pets? Do any of you actually have a herp? Pics?

2. Do you like BPAL or any of the other in-vogue e-company smellies?

3. Do you have any home remedies for headaches or nausea that you swear by?

1. I want to! I'm researching corn snakes in anticipation of the day I can afford one. The risks of salmonella freak me out though, I'm emetophobic as all hell.
2. I like BPAL stuff, but it's hella expensive. I'd like to try some other stuff like Lush and Villainess when I can afford it. I can't believe BPAL has its own rabid-crazy fandom though. I guess anything on the internet eventually develops one.
3. I'm going to go drink some mint tea right now :C I woke up feeling like hammered crap. Mint anything is good for nausea, generally.
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I have a 16 year old cousin who is totally screwing up. I've seen her myspace page and I have some big concerns about who she is hanging out with. My aunt has asked my advice for some of the things she's been doing, but I've never said anything about what I've seen on her myspace. Should I say something to my aunt? I've seen pictures of my cousin drinking and doing some other things I'm not so sure a 16 year old should be doing.
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You can stand under my umbrella.

1. When someone gives you a personal check, is it customarily polite to deposit/ cash it within a reasonably short amount of time (unless otherwise directed, of course)?

2a. Have you ever gone to see a movie solo? (Which one? Why did you go alone?)
2b. If you wouldn't be caught dead doing so, why?

3. Will you do me a favor and have a really nice Sunday, June 3, 2007?
HP love


Let's say you start seeing this guy. It's going well. Would it bother you to find out that he shaves his legs? How about armpits/crotch/other body parts?
How about if he's bi?

What would be a good date for someone you're not totally comfortable with? You chat every so often, but no really good conversations yet.
The date goes well, you're about to part ways. Which would be more forward: a kiss, or a hug?
How shy must a shy guy be to be too shy?

If someone told you you'd make a good transsexual (good features or whatever), how would you take it?

Are you passive-aggressive? What have you done recently in your capacity as a mosquito-versus-bear aggressor?

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In honor of summer, let's talk about summer things!

What does your swimsuit look like?
What kind of sunscreen do you use?
Do you have special beach towels?
What about beach chairs?
Beach TOYS?

How hot is it where you are?

Oh...and will you vote for me for Best Username? Pretty please?!

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What are some of your most recent awesome internet happenings?

- I got a free 21" crt monitor from a lady 3 minutes from my house who was in my freecycle group

- a friend of mine who I don't see very often posted an entire myspace bulletin about how awesome I am (I don't really think so.. it was a nice thing to see when you come home from a shitty day at work though)

- I won back most of the money I lost in my moola.com losing streak.. and they gave me 4 more invitations because I sent my original 3 to TCQ members a few days ago
We Are NOT Amused
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Hay TQC,

Since I've done gone and killed my SideKick, I'm in the market for a new phone. Any opinions/recommendations on Cingular's phones?

Who's your favorite cereal mascot character?
Dancing Bunny

Excel question!

OK, hopefully there's someone out there who's worked with Excel enough to answer my question. I think of myself as proficient with it, but this one is pissing me off.

This doesn't happen in all files that I work with, but sometimes when I try to type in a cell it automatically assumes I'm trying to write a function and when I hit "Enter" or "Tab" it puts in a leading "=" and gives me an error message.

For example:
typing the string "9:30 at Joe's" gives an error message because it assumes I want "=9:30 at Joe's" that I want a range from 9 to 30.

Anyone know how to turn that off? I hate having to type a ' before EVERYTHING I type that starts with a time (which is quite frequent).


WTF is up with LJ lately?

I've been having trouble posting to certain communities and managing my userpics for the past week. Also, a couple of people have told me they've been having trouble updating their journals. Thankfully, I haven't run into any trouble with that, at least yet, but like I said, I've been having problems with the userpics and posting to communities. 

Does anyone have any idea why this is? When did it start happening? Has it happened to you too? What is the cause of this annoying problem?

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Poll #996171 Bothered?

Would it bother you if your significant other kept raunchy photos/videos of any of their ex's?

Don't Know
Other (explain in comments)

Have you kept raunchy photos/videos of any of your ex's?

No but they still have photos of me
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Sick and bored

TQC, I'm at home and sick, so I can't go outside. However, I'm REALLY tired of playing video games and reading books (it's been 4 days now). What else can I do that's not too taxing on me physically?
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how do boys know exactly where knees are?

my boyfriend greets me by pinching my knee. I wear pants all the time and I have NO IDEA how he can tell through them! it's been years since I've worn a skirt. halp, tqc!

ETA: ok everyone, different people have differently placed knees. some point up and some point down. I'm wondering how guys get EXACTLY the right place!

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My school's website has our exam schedule saved as a .doc file... problem is, my computer can't read it, because Microsoft is stupid like that. I've tried opening it with pretty much everything. With WordPad, it comes up blank, and with Microsoft Works, it just says "June Exam Schedule" and the days of the week, and the rest is blank. I have Windows XP, and I think my school has like 98 or something.
Two questions:
How can I get it to work?
Can anyone get the file here and tell me when the 1st period and 4th period exams are for seniors?
Better yet, can anyone get me like a screencap of it?

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What are some of the pet names you call your SO?

Do they ever complain about a petname you call them?

What does your SO call you?

Do you complain?

~*~My Answers~*~

I don't have a pet name for my boyfriend.

My boyfriend calls me sunshine and sweetheart and I don't complain

Strange things that happen in the wee hours when normal people are sleeping

The building next to my apartment is a storefront with an apartment above. (So is mine, actually, but that's not important.) The storefront has a sign saying it is both a heating oil company and a company called "The Seaway Company" or something...I haven't lived there long, I can't remember what it is. The storefront never looks open. However, every morning between 4:45 and 5:00 an older man drives up, parks in front and goes inside for about 5 minutes. Then he locks up and drives off. He doesn't appear to be taking anything in or out.

What on earth is he doing?
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yellow smiths

ice cream woes

I get off work in an hour
I am desperatley craving ice cream like you would not believe, particularly something strawberry-ish
or even frozen yogurt will suffice.
Where should I go get it?
(i.e. options: Dairy queen, coldstone, stucchis, ben and jerry, other local unknowns)

bonus point for recommending orders....
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We were just wondering...

Ok so this is a question me and my bff wonder a lot of the time. we've brought it up with our other friends but no one really seems to have a good enough answer... so maybe you guys can tell me..
(i've cut it incase there's some sort of.. issue with what im asking..)

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Do you use herbal medicine on a regular basis? What are your favourite herbal remedies? Do you take them for a specific problem, or do you take any as general tonics?

When do you prefer to use natural medicines and when do you go for the pharmacuticals? Why?

Plus, unrelated - how do I join TQC chat? Just join "thequestionclub" on AIM, or is it called something else? (Answered, thanks!)

x-posted to the net, thequestionclub and transgender

(Sorry about the first try.. I got it fixed now.. need to do more on LJ.. but not enought time in the world)
I really want to know something.
in the city I live in, Twin Falls, Idaho.
YES the Twin Falls, Idaho!
This weekend is Western Days.
yesterday they had a parade, and the Southern Idaho Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (and friends) Coumminuty Center had produced a float.
and was planning on entering it in the parade.
Until last saturday when they were informed that they were not permitted to enter their float in the parade due to it being a family oriented event.
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TQC inspired!!

So someones post inspired me to do this:

What does your room look like? Show us with a picture in a post. (Clean up a bit first before taking a picture)

i'll post mine when i clean and take a pic.

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(no subject)

what would you do if you read your fiance's email one time and you knew you weren't supposed to, but you found something that really upset you? would you talk to him about it?
  • kit_n

How can we get LJ\'s attention?

It\'s been 4 days since the DDOS attack, and there is still a MASSIVE number of people who can\'t post or make comments AT ALL. The only reason I can post here is because I am using a proxy. There\'s a section for it in the LJ support page but they all get the same answer, \"We\'re working on it.\" But there hasn\'t really been ANY changes (and yes, I know about the status page and there hasn\'t been an update for 3 days).

Really, this is unacceptable. It\'s not like most of us can POST about the issue either! Many people don\'t even know how to deal with the issue because they make no mention of it on the front page. Even in lj_maintenance, they don\'t direct people on where to go (at least sending info the the support area, although it\'s already flooded with requests for the same issue, I am sure not everyone knows about it).

So, TQC do you have any suggestion on how to put the pressure on LJ to at LEAST give us answers rather than just apologizing?

And by the way, I apologize if this post somehow comes out weird. You can thank the proxy for that -_-
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Batman <3

(no subject)

1- What lj communities do you feel have gone down the drain or are on their way there?

2- It's raining and I want ice cream, what is your favorite kind of ice cream?

3- I also want brownies, do you like your brownies with nuts or without?

4- For multiple question posts- Do you forget what the questions were when reading peoples answers and have to keep scrolling back to the question?

5- Have you been bitten by something recently?

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I have a crazy ex boyfriend who won't leave me alone and it's almost been a year since we've broken up. He calls me fairly often. He makes it very clear that he'd have no problem killing anyone I get involved with. Yeah, I know. Batshit insane. He has attacked a few guys because he mistakenly thought the girls that were with them were me. Soooo....how do I get this guy to back off?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever seen The Twilight Zone? Favorite episode?
2. Say you have generally straight teeth except for one on the top row that sticks out & is visible when you smile. Would you get braces or just have the tooth pulled and replaced? Why?
3. How many songs are on your longest playlist?
4. My boyfriend promised we would hang out tomorrow. We both wanted to go to the park except it's supposed to rain all day. Can you recommend anything else fun we could do?

(no subject)

My friend and I have decided we're finishing our education but we don't feel very educated.We want to learn more about classic lit, music and film.

1. What books do you think everyone should have read?

2. What films should we have seen?

3. What albums should we listen to?

4. I have two days two days until the most important and difficult exam of the year. I need to re-learn nearly a year's worth of material. Is it possible? Or should I give up and watch porn?
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Chef TQC!

I want to make some sort of smoothie drink.
For fresh fuit I have:
Pineapple Chunks

What combo of these should I add to some milk in the blender?

To the males:

I have asked this to all of the males that I know and they cant explain it. Maybe you are all smarter then them (you all are even if you dont know why) since they arent the smartest group in the bunch.

why/how can guys always know where a girls nipples are!

It doesnt seem to matter how often a guy sees them or how little, as long as he sees them once he will always remember. Ex bfs of mine from 5 yrs ago can still nipple pinch me when I ask them where they are. one night stands from 5 yrs ago can do it as well.

Obviously none of these men do it without me asking but still...they know where they are and some have only seen them once many years ago! I dont get it.

(remembered by a previous post here)

ETA: Not all girls nipples are in the same place. Im not asking about the aerola (i cant spell) Im talking about the actual nipple. Most girls have nipples in around the same area but different enough to make it difficult, i would think,to find without her being bare chested. Some are more upwards, some are down. heck one nipple can be upwards and the other down. It changes with every girl. Heck I cant even find my gfs nipples if her shirt is on (through a bra yes). Proof? Go to Vaginapagina and check out the "real womans body" section on boobs. youll see they arent all in the same place

here boobies. NSFW. Nipples around the same area but not the same. Different enough to make it hard for someone to know EXACTLY where they are with a shirt on.
I believe its unlocked
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(no subject)

I have a sanyo katana sprint phone and I want to get a cool ringtone and I have never gotten one offline before. where should i go? i dont have a cord that connects my phone to my comp but can I still get one by like texting to a number or something? hmmm.

(no subject)

Im going bowling later and I've only done it a few times. Any secrets on how to do it better? Half the time I'm decent and half the time I suck, much like anything else I ever attempt woohoo.

EDIT question #2: remember non_uglies? I used to stalk that community every day because it was fucking hilarious. are there any other semi-active rating communities on LJ, or have they all disappeared?

(no subject)

Hey everyone!
I've been writing a story the past couple of years and I need your help on choosing a title for a chapter. It's the ninth chapter and I have two possibilities.
Collapse )

I tried to make a poll, but it wasn't working out. So, all you have to do is type "a" or "b" in your response.

What should the 9th chapter of my story be called?
A) "Learning Curve"
B) "Learning New Tricks"

Oh dear

They're currently showing a special on TV. "Life without Lost"
Yes, becase a series coming to an end warrants a half hour special on fans and celebrities devestation.

Does anyone else find this as wierd as I do? Maybe I just don't get it because I don't really like Lost, but this seems a bit...strange to me.
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I have some exercise/fitness related questions.

1. What yoga poses do you often do?

2. What exercise do you do with an exercise ball? (Those big rubber balls you can sit on.)

3. What exercises do you do on gym equipment, on a typical day?
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Got Rat

(no subject)

Okay, okay, what the hell is going on with LJ?

I can rarely even get the first page to load, let alone will it let me update. I haven't been able to update for teh past three days....what's going on?
I just downloaded a client so I'd be able to finally update.

Anyone know why LJ is actingup like this?

(no subject)

If there was a TQC gathering IRL, who would be the biggest flirt who would try to mack on everyone?

Who would be the jerk who gets too drunk and acts a fool?

Who would be the most painfully awkward person?
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

All lesbians should look like Portia de Rossi. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

What are some good blow job tips every girl should know?

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

What is the best graduation song?
Grammar love!

(no subject)

I'm sick with a cold, so here's some illness-related questions!

1. What do you do when you feel a cold coming on and you REALLY shouldn't be sick (your job involves food, you're a doctor, you have a big event to go to, etc)?

I work at Dairy Queen so I can't be sneezing all over teh ice creamz. I take a lot of vitamin C pills and drink a lot of tea/water. Of course, cold meds help too.

2. Does that Emergen-C/Airborne/etc stuff help at all?

3. What is/are usually your first cold symptom(s)?

I know I'm sick when I feel hungry ALL the time...even after a large meal I'm still starving. Also, I pee a lot even after not drinking anything. It's very strange. The runny nose/sore throat/etc come later.

4. Are you sick now?

  • lynbug

MTV awards

Did anyone else almost choke on their drink while watching Sarah Silverman open that show? Even my DAD was laughing and he has no idea what the eff is going on!

I can't wait to see icons pop up related to the Paris Hilton bit.

not going into detail in case it spoils it for anyone...so comments may contain spoilers for the hardcore MTVers out there.

(no subject)

If you were a 16 year old without a car of your own.... would you rather

A) Drive your moms hot 2 seater convertible- complete with disabled license plates


B) The family van?

keep in mind you're cruising with a friend on a Friday night on the busiest street in your town.

(no subject)

I bought cream cheese spread today... My parents accidentally stuck it in the freezer with a bunch of frozen dinners. The cream cheese container says "DO NOT FREEZE", and it has now been frozen for over 8 hours... I am going to eat it anyway. I think I can scrape enough off the top to sufficiently coat a bagel.

Will it kill me?

Mmmmm... toasty bagel... not a bad way to go.
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cubs hat

(no subject)

1. My husband and I went grocery shopping today. Kellogg's cereals were buy-one-get-one-free. I bought two different cereals, thinking that I'd get the cheaper one free. Looking over my receipt after we got home, I see that I didn't. Can I go back in with my receipt and ask to get two more boxes of cereal (the same as the ones I bought) free, since nowhere in the store or ads did it say 'Buy one and get exactly the same one free'?

2. At my brother's graduation on Saturday, there were two or three kids who's parent gave them their diploma rather than the principal. One parent was a teacher there, so that was sort of understandable. The other parent came up to the stage from the audience. While the principal did say 'Suzy Jones will receive her diploma from her mother' they didn't mention why. We thought maybe the mom also graduated from the school, but wouldn't they have said 'from her mother, Class of 1985' or something like that? Have you ever heard of that happening? What other reason do you think that the mom would be giving the kid the diploma?
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

I am hungry, I live in Chicago, and because of the beauty of Grub Hub, I have a whole slew of delivery options available to me.

What should I get for dinner?

And if you really want to be sweet, you can type in this address: 4355 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, and suggest a restaurant/meal/whatever. I'm indecisive as fuck.

Additionally, clearly I would never post my address to you people; that's the Jewel across the street from me. :D


Edit again: I fixed the link.

(no subject)

Sorry to post another question again so soon, but I just thought of this dilemma. My SO is probably only about an inch taller than I am. We haven't yet been out to a super-fancy affair that required me wearing heels, so I haven't really considered the circumstances. I'm rather old fashioned in that I would prefer not to be towering over him in heels.

Do you know any places where I can get SUPER CHEAP, low-heeled shoes? I'm definitely not a flats kind of girl and have negative experience in shoe shopping. Ordering online would be best! Does anyone else have this kind of issue? Before I get any crazy hate messages, I'm not saying this is by any means a "problem." I wouldn't change a thing about him =) 

I just don't wanna feel like gigantizor at a friend's wedding or something.
do no feed

Paid Sleep research

Ever participated in a paid sleep study? For how long? Did you get paid as much as they advertised?
What was it like? what were you allowed to do or not do? what kind of contact could you have with the outside world?

Most of the studies advertised say 'healthy individuals not on medications'. I'm wondering if there are any exceptions to that? Does being on insulin for diabetes automatically disqualify one from sleep studies?

(no subject)

I am not very well travelled. I've been to 2 foreign countries in my life - the same 2 repeatedly, which are so close you could get there just by sneezing too hard. This has never really bothered me before, up until right now. So will you tell me about your travels, TQC, so I can live through you for a bit? Which countries have you visited? What were your experiences like? Where would you recommend me to go? Or not to go? Tell me everything you feel like sharing!

ETA: How did you get to travel to the places you've visited? Were you lucky enough to have family who took your on holiday as a child? Do you rough it for next to no money? Do you get to travel as part of your work? How do you people manage it, dammit?

ETA2: How did you cope with the language barrier?
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EWWW Gross

So I have mold in my apartment. On the wall behind my bed. I kept wondering why I was getting headaches and a runny nose.

So I have notified my apartment manager of this. It was no fault of my own.

So to the questions!

Has anyone ever had mold in their house or apartment? What did you do about it and how did it make you feel?
If you have had mold in a rented apartment, what did the complex do about it?
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word procesors

there is a large chance I'm going to be sending in my beloved lappy( a macbookpro that unfortunately fell ) for some repairs ( the button on the track-pad has been VERY hyper sensitive, if i put my hands near it while typing it will act up) It got me thinking about two things 1) backups and 2) non computer word processors

So my questions:

1. I've had bad luck with my backup hard drives what do you recommend i buy as my next back up ( i have probably 300gigs to back up)
2. anyone have any experience with RAID arrays?
3. In Ye Olde High School Days, i had an alphasmart but i haven't used one in well over a decade. So I would like to invest in something akin but the alphasmart line is the only one i've seen
a) is there anything better on the market? my google skills must suck, i've not found anything else.
b) has anyone had any experience with Danas or Neos?
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academia question

For anyone who's in or went to grad school or knows anyone who went to grad school in the anthropology or sociology field, what is it like?
I'm a biology master's student so my whole world is based on experiments, statistics and writing. I would like to maybe go on to get my doctorate, but perhaps in a field that involves more reading/writing/traditional cloistered academia instead of hardcore field work. So would anthropology or sociology be more like this? And if not, what is it like? What sort of things do you do for your thesis?

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After several failed attempts, today I am trying once again to diet. What are ways you keep yourself occupied and not eating?

I usually exercise, but it's late and I don't want to wake the house up plus I'm physically tired from the day's previous work out.
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What do you know about the Helio mobile service and phones? I actually got to see the phones the other day at the mall and they looked interesting and I'm curious about how good the service is and about the company and about the service area as well.

Oh and I live in the Central Valley of California and I do like to go to different places/states so I'm curious about what it is here and also other parts of the country.

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1. I have a subleaser, and I"m going to research this, but I was wondering if anyone knew right off hand-- the other roommates don't want him living there anymore because he drinks and does drugs. We signed a very informal agreement saying he would pay me 250 per month June-August. Anyway, am I legally obligated to give him 30 days to get out? Can he bring me to court if I break the agreement? All the lease says is that he owes me money, so if I say it's not working out and he needs to move out, is that legal?

2. Second, it's common knowledge that sex without condoms is better for the men-- is it better for the women too? And how?

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I don't know if there is a definitive answer to this and I haven't been able to find the answer on iTunes help or anything, but how many songs/MB can one burn onto a CD, using iTunes? Thanks, for any help!
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1. If you want to sleep but you aren't tired, what do you do? Do you take anything to help you sleep, or do you just waste time til you're tired?

2. I want to sleep but I'm not tired. Should I drug myself up to get to sleep? If so, what should I take?

3. Are you pretentious? Have you ever accused someone of being pretentious?

4. Imagine you find out your current SO is actually related to you, and they are your cousin. How do you react?

5. You are stuck without the internet for six months, do you really miss your internet-friends or do you just say you did when you return?