June 2nd, 2007

Cat Behavior?

I have a boy kitty who every night walks around the house making this awful meow. It's loud, long, and at the end of the meow it almost sounds like he's punctuating with a question mark. I dunno if that makes sense, lol. He's a healthy indoor kitty, has been since he was a lil kitten (he's now about 10 or 11 months old, a rescue so I'm not completely sure on the age) Anyway...I wish I could record him doing it so you can see what I mean

1. Does anyone here have a cat that does this?

2. Why do they do that?
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(no subject)

There's a tornado warning for my area. Should I continue to play around on the Internet or seek shelter immediately?

What's the weather like where you are?
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fanfiction acronyms

Hey everyone, I've got a question that has been plaguing my mind since I've seen it.

Many of the icons you see on LJ have text to them, but some of them have letters that I don't know the acronym for. I know that "omg" stands for "oh my god" and that "wtf" stands for "what the frick" (or any colorful word you like to put in there).  But what I can't figure out is "otp" and "pwnd."

So, what the heck does "otp" and "pwnd" mean? 

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dr. facilier

(no subject)

Why aren't you chatting with us in AIM? Is it because we have cooties?

So far we have discussed hemorrhoids, anal fissures, beating up class mates, macros, and hands.

Just invite yourself to "thequestionclub".
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(no subject)

I saw a spider today. It was about the size of the nail on your thumb, furry, and had a white dot on the top of its butt. I live in upstate NY, but I've never seen a spider like this one before. Any ideas? Post pics of possible candidates so I can tell.

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Before you got your period for the first time, were you looking forward to it?
Yes. The excitement quickly wore off though.

Did you ever worry that you were never going to get it?
Yes, I was always worried about that.

Indian or Native American?

Which do you prefer and why? What about other "P.C. terms" referring to groups of people? I prefer Native American, because "Indian" refers to someone from India and there's no other term for them. Besides, it would be inane to create a second term for Indians.

Mostly I don't use "P.C." terms unless there's a practical reason or a strong historical prejudice behind it, like above. I do occasionally use ones like "African American" though in contexts where it's semi-required and in contexts where their heritage is of particular issue (e.g. historical analysis, cultural studies, linguistic studies, etc).
Steve Away
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(no subject)

Tomorrow I am planning on buying a new printer. Which brand would you recommend and why?

Poll #995701 Printers

Which Brand of Printer Should I Buy?

Other (comment)
MISC - moustache

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I've got something in the back of my throat irritating me. I figured it was a tonsil stone, went and looked in the mirror, irrigated and used a q-tip, I'm convinced there's nothing back there. WTF else could it be? It's way in the back of my mouth, right next to my back tooth, almost under my tongue. It's driving me nuts, it kept me awake for hours last night. :( It just started about two nights ago, too. Out of nowhere. Argh. :(

How long is long enough?

Really need a range of opinions about how I should progress from here in a situation.

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So, my questions are:

What's your thoughts on me being told he had to think about it?
What do you think I should start assuming from the fact I haven't heard from him in four days now?

I've stayed backed off because he's notoriously edgy when pushed or nagged and haven't been in touch - when IS it time for me to say 'Hey, where did you go?' and ask for a straight answer?

Any opinons, advice and support would be most appreciated. I'm definitely losing sleep over this.
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(no subject)

I have an interview on Monday for a part-time job at Barnes and Noble. I am really excited because this is the perfect job for summer and I've always wanted to work in a bookshop. Do any of you work there and remember how your interview went? Any tips?

Thank you. :-)
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Starbucks cup

(no subject)

Yesterday I saw the movie 'Bug' and it was just...theee worst movie I've seen in a long time. My friend and I walked out. (We weren't the only ones).

What was the last movie that made you walk out? Or made you shut the movie off (if you rented it).
young folks

how would you handle it?

I'm watching grounded for life right now and the episode is the one about the father finding out his daughter had lost her virginity and has been having sex. Now the mother has known and is okay with it.

My question to you is would you be the "your not dating til your 18" parent, or the sex talk at age 5 parent? How do you handle the situation? what age do you think would be an appropriate age for your daughter? Are you a male or woman?

(no subject)

1) Is there a way to find someone online if you don't know their last name? I know first name, town he lives in, that he works with computers, and who he's dating.

2) Assuming you could get that information, would you tell the person that the person he is dating is cheating on him with multiple people behind his back? This is a woman I've known for years and, until I discovered how totally nasty she was, considered a friend. I know she's cheated on him at least 10 times with 6 different men. Unfortunately, all I have is his first name, so I can't think of a way to get in touch with him.

(no subject)

in your opinion, could an entree still be called "vegetarian" if it included fish?

if you saw the movie stranger than fiction, what did you think?
do you think it's fair to assume harold did other things with his life besides work/eating/sleeping? would you assume his life was pointless before he met anna pascale (the baker) and hearing the narration? (meaning, before the movie starts)?
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53 African Countries in 10 Minutes

How'd you do? I got all but three. D:

More fun:
49 European Countries in 5 Minutes
50 US States in 10 Minutes
192 UN Recognized States in 10 Minutes

Does anyone know of any more of these? Maybe one for Canadian provinces, Central and South America, Asia?

Europe: All 49, with 01:58 left.
Africa: Missed Rwanda, I don't know how. D:
US States: All 50, with 08:42 left.
UN Countries: Missed 67.

(no subject)

What do you do to free up memory on your computer?
Any tips on how to make space?

I just recently deleted a lot of pictures and some videos, but i still am using 85% of my memory (at least according to the memory widget).
Thank you!
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Cut for people who don't like feet.

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And for those of you who're afraid of feet and want to answer a question anyway, what movie are you most excited about this summer?  What movie do you think is going to suck?

(no subject)

So my Mom wants to buy something off Ebay, but her credit card expired on Paypal. I'm trying to update it, but each time I try it says "This credit card is already registered in your PayPal account." That's fucking great, but it won't let me use it. Then I tried entering another credit card of hers, and it said the exact same thing.

If I understand this correctly, Paypal has both cards stored, but will not let me use them. Instead, it constantly takes me to a "Add Funding Source" page.

Um... help? :-\

Mawwage... is what bwings us... togezaaaah...

1. How big a priority is/was getting married to you?

2. How much of a ceremony do you want to do/did you do?
2a. If you did do a ceremony, how did it go? Was it worth it?
2b. If you plan to do a ceremony, how are you funding it?

3. What, if anything, would cause you to postpone or reschedule your wedding?

(inspired by the man with TB and others who won't let anything interfere with their wedding plans)

(no subject)

Who wants to do some exercises with me?
I just did 50 walking lunges while holding 10lb weights in each hand.

If you do it, will you leave a comment and tell me?
Substitute canned food if you don't have weights or just do the lunges with nothing at all.

Does anyone else want to challenge the HULK?!

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(no subject)

There's a movie I'm thinking of, it's anime, and in the beginning the girl is moving or something like that.  Her parents get turned into pigs because they eat so much and she has to work for this lady who has this fat baby and is really big compared to everyone else... It was out a couple of years ago.  This big black thing follows her around and it looks like a creepy shadow.

Anyone know the name of it?


This poor little blue bird keeps incessantly trying to fly through my glass door in the back. I've heard him smacking into it almost every minute since I got home three hours ago. I tried putting up a dark sheet so he would see that there's something there but he kept on.

How do I make him stop?
Why has he not died yet?


Family reunion tomorrow. Outside. It's going to be hot. About 90F + humidity in direct sunlight for a few hours. I have two possible outfits:
Thicker tank top + denim shorts
Light tank top + Long but flowy skirt

Which would last longer, IYO?

(no subject)

Do you think of questions and then think "Oh, I should post this on TQC" or do you think "Oh, I should come up with a question to post on TQC?"

If you entered an online social gathering and everyone asked you to post up nudepix, would you? Will you?

Chubby VS Thin

If there were two twins (so their faces are the same) would you pick the one who was slightly over weight or slighty under weight?

EDIT: If there were two identical twins (so their faces are the same) would you pick (or find more attractive) the one who was slightly over weight or slighty under weight?

(no subject)

I just found out my ex (also first love) is getting married to someone else.

How did you find out and deal with it when your first love got engaged/married to someone else?
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(no subject)

I have comprehensive exams next week. Six sciences and six arts. I cannot graduate if I don't pass these with at least a 75%, and I STILL know jackshit about the human heart.

I have been flash-carding out the ass, but I could still use some extra help. If you've had to take a lot of science, what sort of mnemonic devices or the like did you use to learn whatever you needed to learn? Things like 'On Old Olympus Towering Tops...' for the cranial nerves and whatnot. My biggest problem is with Anatomy. Anything you can suggest would be a great help. I'll even accept corny jokes about how you'd love to come over and give me 'practical' lessons.
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Post Secondary

I'm considering going back to school for post secondary. I graduated as a mature student for high school in 2004 (only needed 2 credits, so it wasn't bad bad) and most of my credits are in normal high school many years earlier.

I like a couple subjects in post and not sure what i should take....what do ya guys think sounds more interesting...

Tourism and Travel-Flight Services Option (2yr course at college) and i need no more upgrading, just direct entry. Its around $4-$8k/yr (i THINK!)
A collaborative BScN (nursing) at a GREAT university BUT i would need to get some more high school credits in 11 or 12 Math Uni Prep, 12 Biology (which i failed 3 times and one of which i dropped out of), 12 Chemistry, 12 Physics and upgrade on my grade 12 Uni prep english (i have a 65% and i would rather a 75%). Its 4yrs and around $8k/yr.

I am leaning towards the nursing, I dunno though. I also like the Police Foundations course but i have 60% hearing loss in my left ear and i doubt i'd get hired as a cop cause of that....plus i am 100Lbs soaking wet and 5'4" LMAO!!

Money is tight so I can't waste my time or do an Undecided Major, I like adventure and hard work though....

So what would you pick? What sounds more fun....cool...??
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(no subject)

so I have a Canon PowerShot SD600 camera.

I cannot find my charger and I'm going downtown with my friends in 2 hours. My camera is completely out of battery, and my charger is SOMEWHERE. It's making me so mad.

What should I do?

ETA - where would I be able to pick up a charger, Best Buy? Or do they just have phone chargers?

  • mnmm

(no subject)

For those of you that have ever gotten obsessed with a hobby/ job/ object/ subject:

What's the obsession you've had that you would consider the most constructive or worthwhile?

What was the least constructive or worthwhile?

(no subject)

i'm visiting my dad this weekend and he's telling my sister and me that if you(a man) meet someone(a woman) at a bar or in the grocery store or something you should never ask the girl for her phone number. he says it's too aggressive. he says if a woman is interested she'll figure it out. i really don't agree with that. how am i supposed to know a guy is interested if he doesn't ask for my phone number or e-mail or even my myspace(though i never want to see someone who asks for my myspace again)? this doesn't make any sense to me.

do you think a man shouldn't ask a woman for her number after they meet?
Sleepy cat

(no subject)

I've heard of many couples having "lists". That is, a short list (usually 3-5) of people (usually celebrities) who it would be "ok" to cheat on their significant other with. They share the list with their SO, get it "approved" and voila.

GIRL: I'm adding Tom Cruise to my list.
BOY: Ok, if you ever meet Tom it will be ok for you to have sex with him.
(Something like this, except bigger lists, and the guy obviously has a list too. I think the concept was used on "Friends" once...)

Have you ever had such a list with a significant other?
If you were to make such a list right this minute (up to 5 people) who would be on it?

Part 2: I believe (but I could be wrong) most such lists are made fully knowing that you will never ever ever meet these people, and that even if you did, they would never have sex with you anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong.

If you and your SO actually had such lists, and you actually met someone on your list, and they actually wanted to sleep with you... would you do it? If your SO was in a similar situation and actually did it, would you be upset since the list was made "all in fun"?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

TQC! You're smart, HEEEEEEEELP.

Last year was a really terrible year for me and I did a wonderful job of not realizing anything that happened up until yesterday and now I can't forget about it - any ideas? How do I forget such incidents?

EDIT: is therapy the only way to go?

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Is this a good idea/would you use this service?

I stumbled across this business on Facebook:


Ever wanted something other than pizza delivered to your dorm/apartment/house?!

Are you too busy to go to the market?

Well, starting June 1st all your dreams will come true!


Chipotle In N Out Del Taco Taco Bell

McDonalds Subway KFC Quiznos

Starbucks Coffee Bean CVS Longs

Ralphs Bristol Farms Trader Joes Vons

Sounds like a good idea, but then:

$6 per fast food deliveries $10 per market deliveries
A $35 for 7 deliveries
S $80 for 20 deliveries
P $180 for 50 deliveries

So, my question is: Would you use this service, or would the delivery price prevent you from using it?

Personally, I am pretty lazy and would love Starbucks delivered to my doorstep but the thought of paying an extra $6.00 for a $4.00 coffee would almost always defer me from ever using the service.

I understand why they'd need to charge such a high delivery cost, but I don't see how it could ever be worth it unless you were ordering tons and tons of food each time. Not to mention that $6 or $10 is just the delivery cost, and I'm assuming they'd also be expecting tips on top of that.
jim greco

(no subject)

Do you get embarrassed when you walk in/out of a store and the sensors go off & you haven't done anything wrong?

I do. And I have this particular pair of pants that always trips the alarm and I don't get why.
  • lynn


I had to wear braces for 2.5 years to correct a TMJ problem. They've been off for 6 weeks now. So if you had to have braces at some point...

1. How long did you wear them?

2. Do you wear your retainer/s?

3. Were you given a fixed retainer, and if so, is it still bonded? (I'm wondering about how long mine will last).

Anything else you want to add...feel free.
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(no subject)

Believing in the existence of a personal savior or the ability to have a personal relationship with God or gods is:

a. a bit like having an imaginary friend and not something I myself could do or
b. a real and powerful thing?

Thoughts are appreciated.

(no subject)

so, tqc, i don't think i did so well in comparative government this trimester. but we get to do self-evaluations that can help our grade. what should i say to convince him i deserve a better grade?

keeping in mind i got a's the last two trimesters and just sucked ass at this one.
senioritis. it'll kill oyu.

(no subject)

How would you take it if one of your parents told you ""it’s a lot better to play the field than be committed to one person"?

my dad just said that and...I'm pretty sure my mind is now damaged.

Do you think it's important that couples share some of the same interests?

Yes, I think it's terribly important because what are you going to do and talk about if you have nothing in common?

(no subject)

Do you paint your nails?

What is your preferred color?

What color are they now?

Do you shape your nails? What shape?

I do. I like pinks and French manicures. I also like really deep rich colors, when my nails are shorter. Right now they are salmonish with clear sparkles. I do shape mine- they are square tipped right now. It makes removing my contacts terribly difficult.
cubs hat

(no subject)

1. Have you been to a graduation where the speaker asked people to hold their applause until the end? Did they?

2. For the people that did cheer when someone's name was called, were they disciplined at all? (Kicked out, etc)

3. Do you think people should be disciplined for over-excessive cheering/yelling/blowing an air horn when their kid's name is called?
lactose intolerant

(no subject)

hello, i believe i have a spiderbite on my leg.
there's a pale circle with what looks like the math symbol for "therefore" inside of it, and then there's this oblong oval of bruised skin.

should i be worried?

(no subject)

Why does Livejournal hate me?

It hasn't let me update my journal for 2 or 3 days; when I click post an entry it just never loads. Same thing happens if I try to do anything else. I'm not having any other problems with the internet/LJ though. Is there anyway I can fix this TQC?? D:

(no subject)

1. What do you think of Brian Greene?
2. Would you recommend his book, "The Elegant Universe"?
3. Any other books on The String Theory, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, etc that you'd recommend?
4. What are your personal thoughts on The String Theory/The Ultimate Theory?

tegan ice cream

credit cards

what's a good first credit card? preferably something easy to get, as i don't have a job right now, i'm just a lowly student, etc.

edit: i have money, and i have an income of sorts. i also plan on getting a job soon, and i will have job-like gigs at school once it starts up again. i need a card to establish credit, not to spend money i don't have.

(no subject)

Have you ever been on a plane with technical difficulties? Did it make you want to get off the plane and cancel the trip?

My cousin was on a flight to LA to eventually end up in Australia yesterday and while they were in the air one of the engines blew up :( I don't know how she put herself back onto a plane after that.
model → rad boys

Fetuses and stuff.

If you have kids, what are their names?

If you don't, but were to, what would you name them?

Am I horrible person for praying that my sister miscarries?
Edit Because many of you seem to care, and I appreciate that, reasons are discussed in this thread.

For those other Gulf Coast-ers:
Are lovebugs causing you as much nuisance as they are me? I broke a fucking lamp the other day because of these little nymphos.

And because I haven't done a cereal question in forever:
Do you eat/have you ever eaten Honey Nut Cheerios with honey?
Dwight Howard

(no subject)

Four things that have nothing to do with each other-

1. Do you like parody movies? To go along with that, wasn't Epic Movie one of the worst films you've ever seen?

2. Favorite Saturday Night Live skit from the last five years?

3. How old were you the first time you had sex?

4. What TV or movie character do you thing you would be friends with?

doy, I meant to post this earlier

I visited my grandma this week, and she's got this tree...neither of us knows what it is. She remembered that it's Japanese, and she cuts it back every year, though I pointed out to her that there were shoots growing off of the tall middle branch in the pics below, and also when you break off a "dead" branch, it is completely hollow inside. The leaves are big and similar to elephant's ear. There are green new trunks growing from the bottom of the central brown one; the new ones are green.

Does anyone know...WHAT IS THIS TREE CALLED? I don't even quite know what to Google.
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If any of you know, I'd be pleased to pass the word on to her, because we both want to know!
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what sort of things do you put in your freezer that may be weird or different from other people?
what other odd food combos do you like??

I put Fruit Gushers in the freezer...they're yummy :)
oh and my husband eats Ho-Ho's frozen
lady tree tree

44 episodes in 3 weeks!

What was the last TV show you mainlined?

How much did you watch and how long did it take?

For me, it was Prison Break: it took me three weeks to get through 2 seasons (it would have been less, but I had to wait for them to download!)
  • meiran

Completly hypothetical

So, if you hypothetically dripped lots of blue wax on a tan carpet...a really cheap and hard to deal with tan carpet you might imagine...how would you get it up?

I mean, after you do the obvious and pick up as much as you can get up with prying it up with a spoon and knife. Any ideas how a person, who totally didn't do this in a rented apartment themselves, would get this out of the carpet?

(Yeah, okay, fine, it's my fault. I should have had the candle on a platter...but I don't want to lose my security deposit over this stupid puddle of blue on the carpet...but I've gotten everything I can with just picking at it...)
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shannon deep inside the storm


When you were a child, was there ever anything you saw other children do all the time that either made no sense to you or annoyed you? Does it still make no sense/annoy you, or do you know why they did it now?

I was always confused when kids were drawing, that the sky would be a blue stripe at the top of the page, and then empty space between the stripe and the ground. I mean, the sky clearly meets the ground at the horizon! Eventually I learned that other kids didn't think about things like horizons and perspective, so they were thinking "sky above me, ground below me", meanwhile I always knew about horizons and perspective, because my mother is an artist and taught me how to draw.

EDIT: Totally unrelated - have any of you ever travelled significant distances by ship, rather than by plane (such as across oceans)? If you have, please share your experiences.
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Beast mode!

Of roommates, their boyfriends, and waking up to the police banging on my door.

1. What would you assume was happening if you saw a man trying to drag a woman out of a house while she was yelling, "No, let me go!"? What would you do about it?

2. If the man then yells, "I'll drag you all the way to the hospital if I have to! I'm not leaving you here to die!" what would you think was happening? Would what you do change at all?

3. Is there a specific beach that you go to most often?

4. What is your favorite thing about that beach?

5. When was the last time you were there?