June 1st, 2007

car owners!

Poll #995108 Flames...at the sides of my face...

Would you consider having flames painted on your car, or flame decals added?

Woman, how redneck ARE you?

How many bumper stickers do you have on your car? (11 = 11+)

Mean: 2.00 Median: 2 Std. Dev 1.38

What's the tackiest thing you've seen done to a car?

And in my haste I forgot to put down 0 bumper stickers. I faiiiiiiil.
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There are no words.

omfg TQC...

My boyfriend just finished writing out our bills for the month. He asked me to lick the envelopes. I said that I'd just use a sponge and a tad of water instead, since licking envelopes is on par with eating soap.

He fuh-reeked out, saying that I was going to 'ruin his hard-worked-on bills by splashing water all over the fucking envelopes,' and that I have to 'do my half' by licking the glue.

When I took the four envelopes into the kitchen and wetted them with the sponge, he yelled at me from the other room, "Slane! SLANE! STOP! DON'T! DAMNIT SLANE!"

During all of this, I thought he was kidding. Nope. He's dead-fucking serious. He's honestly pissed off at me that I sealed them with water instead of lapping up the glue with my tongue.

1) How mad am I allowed to be in return of his ridiculous tirade?
2) What's the stupidest thing somebody has ever gotten mad at you for?
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(no subject)

If you had to choose, would you rather be a prostitute or a porn star? Why?

(For clarification, let's say that as a prostitute, you wouldn't need to trudge the streets in the dodgy part of town every night, but you wouldn't exactly be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman either. As a pornstar, you'd be fairly successful, but again, not mega rich.)

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Starbucks cup

(no subject)

I'm meeting up with someone tomorrow and that will be the 5th time we've gone out. We've done the movies, the drinks, the drinks/dinner .. he asked me what I wanted to do tomorrow but I have no clue. Any suggestions?!

I'm in NYC so bonus points to you if you can name something specific.

(no subject)

I really don't have any good porn saved on this computer :(
When was the last time you looked at porn and was(or is it were?) just disappointed?
Someone invited me to play D&D, and in all my dorkiness, I really haven't even played the game.
Will someone explain dungeon and dragons to me in less than 5 sentences?
Is it even a game? Can you win it?
Has anyone here tried home remedies for getting rid of worts?
Did any of them work?
I started playing starcraft again after hearing about SC2 combined with me being bored on summer break. Seems like there are a whole lot of noobs on there.
Anyone else get suckered into this?
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Have you ever been questioned by the police/FBI as part of an investigation?
(Yes or No is good if you don't want to share details or whatever, although juicy details are highly preferred).

I was watching some show where a detective is going around questioning neighborhoods...and you see this in movies/tv a lot, but I've never had this happen to me before.

IF YOU HAVE: Was it in that room with a two way mirror and table, or was it just an at your door questioning?
ranch tooth

(no subject)

So...did Post Cereal stop making Wafflecrisp? If you say yes I will probably cry for hours. That's my favourite cereal ever and I hate cereal.
At least I may have Cookie Crisp and Rice Krispies Treats cereal to console me.

What is your favourite un-cereal-like cereal? What do you eat straight from the box?
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I asked this question in another post full of questions... but since no one seemed to know the answer, I thought that this picture might help:

What is this thing called?!

Me, my brother, and bf all agree that it is a real toy we have actually seen irl at one time or another, but we've never been able to find a picture of it or even what it's called (or are we all just mass-imagining or something?) Thanks.

EDIT: The three sections look like your typical, everyday skateboard (black top, four wheels.)
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(no subject)

I work at a daycare and am making a bulletin board. It is going to have a clothes line on it with little shirts hanging out to dry. Each shirt (made from paper) will have a child's name on it. Do you have any suggestions for a little slogan to go along with the theme?


Someone I didn't know, came to my house who was very sick, with pnuemonia.

Would you be pissed?

Damn those sick houses. Sorry to the stupid police who have to pick things apart.

(no subject)

What is a good reliable cellphone I could buy under Cingular?

My contract renews in August so I'm able to cheaply buy a new phone then. The one I have now is a Sony Erricson and is a piece of crap. For the last year it hasn't worked correctly so the new phone I get I would like to have last a long time since I have a 2 year time period where I need it to work correctly. Any Suggestions?!

What is one of your all-time favorite music videos and why? Either post it or link to YouTube if you are so inclined.

Mine would have to be Everlong by the Foo Fighters.  Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHdwZCVZmg8
Bailey and I


Does anybody remember that song:
"Jump in jump out turn yourself about, I said jump in, jump out, introduce yourself"
"My name is _____ and im a _______ gonna be a _______ for the rest of my life"
**REPEAT REPEAT** until everyone has had a turn?

How do you gracefully end that?

Does it seem a lot to you like the song that never ends cuz it goes on and on my friends etc?

Does it seem like kids these days are growing up way to fast?

Does it seem like their *bodies are growing way faster than yours did?

What was your stupid quirky song that you sang when you were a kid?

What smell reminds you of your childhood?

What was your favorite saying as a child (ex Stephanie Tanner would say "Well Pin a rose on your nose" or "how rude" and steve urkel would say "did i do that? etc)

(no subject)

My feel *edit*  feet stink...any suggestions? ( I wash them all the time, I think it's my shoes, but they are open toe sandle heels so I can't put a deodorizer in them.)

Why do guys shave their heads and then take a razor and make designs in them? and why do some do their eyebrows that way too??

Has anyone ever heard of the band Lokyata??

What are your plans for tonight??

Wahoo for fridays!!!!
marco - glower

Bus Vs. Mercedes

This morning, while taking the bus to work, I witnessed a true people-are-stupid moment. The bus takes a very tight right turn, and there are NO PARKING signs at this very busy intersection which leaves, just barely, enough room for the bus to turn. An EB in a Mercedes, however, had just pulled into the no parking spot, causing the bus driver to curse, slam on his breaks, and lay on the horn. The woman (I had the impression of medium-length curly hair) initially refused to move, but the bus obviously could not go anywhere, and was still blocking the intersection of 5 streets. Cue much grumbling from us lovely passengers and some other irate honking. After a two-minute stalemate, the car whipped out of the spot, around the legally parked car in front of her, and into the open (albeit metered, but they all are) spot ahead of the parked car.

1. a) Have you ever parked in a no parking zone to avoid paying a meter? b) Did you piss off a whole bunch of people when you did so?

2. If the Mercedes had been unattended, what would you do if you were the bus driver?

Edit: 3. What other sort of parking or bus fiascoes have you witnessed or participated in?

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The Dude Abides

Lebron is a beast

1) What is the best movie trilogy (excluding either Star Wars trilogy)? What's the worst movie trilogy?

2) Have you ever had anything you've created (written, photographed, painted/sculpted, etc.) published in a newspaper, magazine, or a museum? If yes, what was it?
This is so ridiculous.

(no subject)

What is the best pick-up line you've ever received?

Yesterday as I was walking in the rain, some guy told me I should get in side, because "sugar melts in water." I thought it was pretty clever.

(no subject)

1. Oh no, your favorite tasty treat just got stuck in the vending machine!! What's your course of action now hot shot?

2. (This one is a little more serious) What would you do if you made a sex tape w/your SO...and later you two break up? Has this ever happened to you? Same reaction if you made a tape for your SO?

(no subject)

1. does Zach Braff do those new Wendy's commercials?
2. is Zach Braff a complete tool?
3. do you like him anyway?
4. i stayed home 'cause i'm nauseous. what can i do about it?

which Disney movie should i watch while i wait for the England/Brazil friendly today?

Beauty and the Beast
Lilo and Stitch

my answers

1. i think yes but i'm not sure.
2. yes
3. i never really did, i just love Scrubs.
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(no subject)

1. My fellow Americans, will you be watching Big Brother this summer?
2. If you watched last year, who did you want to win?
3. Do you think an all-female household (like they're doing in the original UK version) would be interesting or boring?

Anyone Else

Anyone else getting weird error messages when trying to login into paypal?

We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please click Retry or try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Message 3004

That's the error I'm getting O.o

She's got the look...

For those of you interested in the penis: 

1.Do you dig guys with long-ish hair (like, say, about chin-length)?

2. Guys who wear headbands: y/n? (and not a bandana.  I'm a-talkin' stretchy cotton headbands)

For those of you interested in the vagina:

3. Do girls who wear skimpy bathing suits deserved to be ogled (NOT sexually harrassed or assaulted--just looked at with the Sex Eye)?

4. Do you make passes at girls who wear glasses?

5. Are you an ass-man, boob-man, legs-man, vagina-man or even the mythical personality-man?  (Please feel free to replace the word "man" with "woman" or even "womyn", if you prefer)


6. Is comfort more important than fashion to you?

7. Would you ever wear a shoe like THIS:

Daniel Craig/relaxed/layer cake


1)  I just moved into a new apartment, and for the first time I am living alone.  Now, I like living alone, but I wouldn't be opposed to pet companionship.  I am pretty sure that dogs are out of the question (though, I saw a neighbor with a small dog yesterday so maybe that would change).  I am also not fond of kittens because of a previous experience with a former room mate.  I have had pets in the past, cats, dogs, rats and other small rodents - so I am familiar with them, but I would like to try something - different (boy that sounds bad). 

I've narrowed it down to something like:  Birds, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils (various rodents).  Does anyone have any experience with these types of animals?  Would rabbits and ferrets really stink up my apartment?  What do you suggest for a good pet?

2)  What would be your ideal pet?

3)  What was your first pet?

4)  Would you show pictures of past and current pets?

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1. for non citizens living in the US with a green card: i have an appointment on 6/7 to get my 'biometrics' done for my green card. has anyone done this? any insight? wtf is biometrics?!

2. a poop question. what's more satisfying - the poop you have to strain and work to get out, or the kind that just flows with the help of gravity?

3. other than race car drivers and NASA astronauts, are there any other occupations that make you wear adult diapers? do you think that it would be difficult to adjust to using a diaper (and then again to not using one when you were done working)?

(no subject)

Have you ever had Lyme Disease/know anyone who has? How soon do symptoms usually appear after a tick bite? What were your/their symptoms?

Are you planning to see knocked up?

What should I dress up as for a costume party I'm going to tomorrow? (Keep in mind, I am very low on funds.)

(no subject)

1. Do you have a cell phone?
2. Who is your service provider?
3. Do you like them? Why/why not?
4. If not, who would you rather have?
5. What phone do you have?
6. Do you like it? Why/why not??
7. If no, what would you rather have?
8. What is your default ring tone?
9. If I dye my hair again, what color should it be?
10. Where do you get your LJ-icons?

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absurd i love it

(no subject)

1. Have you ever seen the Happy Tree Friends cartoons?
2. Unnecessarily & excessively violent, or just plain hilarious as fuck?
3. Which Happy Tree Friends character(s) is/are your favorite?
4. Best Happy Tree Friends episode?


5. Have you ever noticed the ads that show up on the side of gmail? Why are they always for some weird, random thing that has nothing to do with your email?
6. Have you ever tried just typing in random words in an email just to see what ads gmail would come up with?

I sent a vid to my boyfriend of a cow eating a chick, and aside from the link all I had in the body was :(. He responded with "ummm...ewwwww" and when I opened the email there was an ad for "Poop Candy Dispensers". o_O Hmmmm.

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(no subject)

so i played trivial pursuit - silverscreen edition last night, and got my butt handed to me on a (get ready for it)................a silver platter...

i love the game, don't get me wrong, but i lose...and it was ok last night cuz i was really drunk and didn't care...

sooooooooooo -

1. what game do you love to play (be it video, board game, computer or hand held), that you like playing, at which you aren't very good?
2. what game do you love to play at which you are really good?
3. last game you played alone? - did you win?
4. last game you played w/one or more persons? - did you win?
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(no subject)

A comment on this post got me thinking, and I realized that it's been a really, really long time since I've seen a movie that at all resembled what the advertisements made it out to be.

1. When was the last time you saw the sort of movie you expected to see, based on its trailers/ads?

2. After seeing trailers/ads, do you usually expect the movie to be about what the trailers/ads imply?

3. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by this discrepancy?

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(no subject)


My new job cocktail serving is trying to force me to work five 11 hour shifts a week, which last from 4pm to around 2-3am. I've decided to jump ship seeing as 1. I informed them at my interview that I could only work 4 shifts, 2. HR told me upon hiring that I would only be working approx. 30 hours, and 3. I am a full time student, even over the summer and the shifts they expect me to work are at times when I have class. The manager giving me the most hassle over this was one of my interviewers, so he knows! And now he claims he would never have hired me if I couldn't work 5 shifts. I am sensing some srs bullshit.

So far, my plan has been to stay there and collect my training pay while I send my resume out to other places and interview elsewhere. I will work when I can work, because now I don't really care.

Does this sound like a good plan to you? Should I just leave?
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Rocket Robin hood Question

I don't expect most to know what I am talking about.

I have a vivid memory from my childhood watching the Mighty Hercules and Rocket Robin hood adventure hour and that during the opening sequence, there is a scene of Friar Tuck sitting on a speeding rocket, taking a bite out of various food items, like apples, and a turkey leg and then throwing it behind him.

I went to Youtube and watched the opening sequence posted, but it didn't have that in it, I also don't remember it being in colour.

The Question.

1a. Was there a scene in Rocket Robin hood of Friar Tuck riding on a rocket eating stuff and throwing it behind him?

1b. Can you find a link to a video of it?

Question 2: Hercules, why did he only have the strength of 10 ordinary men, why not extraordinary men? why only 10 men?

Question 3: Am I dating myself for having actually watched these? granted not in 1969...
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(no subject)

What are your favourite, quick-n-easy snacks? (I've being informed I must try peanut butter and banana fried sandwiches...)

What should be on my little food shopping list?

How often do you clean your house?

(no subject)

How would one get into voice acting, either for cartoons or American anime dubs or something like that?

My husband has long expressed an interest in it, as he's been told many times that he has a great voice for radio (but no interest in the industry).
Eddie Izzard | Hot Pink

Stain Removal

Today I was sitting at my boss' desk, checking his e-mail (he's on vacation), and doing some other work on his computer. As I never wear my glasses, I was leaning over the desk to see the screen better.

When I left his office, a co-worker exlaimed, "Woah! What is that!"

I had a large, rust-colored stain on the front of my shirt. It's paint. From my boss' desk. It was painted to match his furniture, and it doesn't look like the job was quite "finished", because seriously -- that should NOT happen.

Anyway, I now have this fist-sized rust-colored paint stain on my shirt, and I want it GONE. What would be the best way to remove this stain? I've done nothing with it so far. It's not soaked in or anything; it's literally just a rubbed-off paint stain, not from wet paint or anything (though my shirt may have been slightly damp because of the lame faucest we have in the bathroom, which probably didn't help much at all).

So, suggestions on how to remove this damn stain?
Me--State Fair

innocent question...

I saw somewhere in one of the many LJ newsish journals that had the announcement as to when permanent accounts would go on sale.

Does anyone know where that was? I couldn't find it again.

ETA: I already am on the list to get the email. Someone had linked to an announcement post in one of the massive news posts the last couple of days that said that it would be something like June 7-14, but I'm not going to sort through 100+ pages of comments to find the link again.

Return of ETA: Never mind, I found the link: http://community.livejournal.com/the_lj_herald/45721.html
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(no subject)

I'm traveling to Boston from NYC in two weeks and I need to bring my dog with me. She's a 4-month old yorkiepoo who weighs less than 5 pounds and I have a carrying case for her (that's approved by a bunch of airlines). The bus (Greyhound) and the train (Amtrak) both say on their websites that no dogs are allowed.
Anyway, is there another way using public transportation that I can get from NYC to Boston with a dog? Or, is it possible to sneak a tiny dog onto the bus or train?
The train is ridiculously expensive but probably cheaper than boarding my dog for a week or so. Speaking of, do you know of any discounts for the train? I'm a student and I have a student ID but not their student card.
rufus, muppy

How many days should I book off?

This is a question aimed towards those of you who have had thier wisdom teeth out!

I just found out that in a few weeks, I need to go in to have 2 of my wisdom teeth surgically removed.

I'm not sure how many days to book off from work though. I originally was thinking only two, but some people think I should take off more. To those of you who have had the surgery, how many days do you think would be reasonable to book off?

ETA: I waitress as a job. The teeth will be surgicalled removed, as they are still under the gums, and I will be prescribed tylenol 3 as a painkiller, which make me nauseaus (i've had to take them before)
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(no subject)

1- Have you been made more snarky by your visits to TQC, or have you always been bitchy? ;P
2- What pisses you off in general?
3- What's pissed you off most recently?
4- Are people as a whole turning into bigger jackasses, or am I just reading news articles about real jerks lately?
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Now where did this come from?

Ageism...or something like that

Here's one for you.

1 - Is there an age limit (as far as older than you are) to who you think you could hang out/socialize with?

2- If  so, what is it and why?

3-  On the other side of things is there an age limit (other than legal) as to how much younger than you are the person could be?

4-   If so, what is it and why?

Here are my answers:

1- I don't think so.

2-  Because anyone older than I am is bound to have some good ideas as to how to get through the rest of it.  Can't put a price on that.

3- Probably.

4- Under 25, mainly because I'm in my mid-30's and the life that you experience under 25 is so much different from the life you live in your 30's.  I have made exceptions of course...there are some extraordinary people in that age group with a larger world view.

Edit:  Took out excessive "carriage returns". :P

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(no subject)

1.) Have you ever wanted to have sex with your significant others friend?
2.) Have you ever done it?
3.) What do you think about 'switching' partners? (couple swap)
4.) Why do I want to sleep with my boyfriends boss/friend so badly? (I really would never but I cant stop thinking about him!!)

(no subject)

Have you ever had a garage sale?

Did you find it hard to sell some things that you didn't use, or need, but had some sentimental attachment to?

Any funny garage sale stories?

Any tips?

(I'm totally having a garage sale tomorrow morning, and I keep finding things like Teen Bop magazines that I don't want to let go of, but haven't read in about 8 years)
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Calling customer service

Or as Clark Howard like to call it: "customer no-service." I have had to call a variety of corporate customer service centers lately, from fixing a car insurance problem to student loan issues. Most have been OK, but the Comcast customer service and SallieMae were two of the offenders: both I assume routed me to call centers outside the US to people that did not have the best grasp of the English language, making the solving of my problems harder than it should have been. I just wish that large corporations would keep their customer service call centers inside the US, with primary language English speakers. Is that too much to ask?

*Note: to those people who will naturally I hate the brown people for getting a job: I don't, I just do not like to have to repeat myself to a person because they can't understand me, whom I am helping to pay through me doing business with their company.
The nose that knows

For Harry Potter fans

Discussing crazy ideas for Harry Potter merchandise with iloveharryp. Please offer your thoughts on the following matter:

Which is the best design for Gryffindor lingerie/bikini?
Maroon top, gold bottom
Gold top, maroon bottom
Each colour on each piece, so each colour gets one boob
Gold with maroon fringing
Maroon with gold fringing
Mostly maroon, with a gold lion and Hogwarts logo on the boobs and gold "Gryffindor" across the arse
Mostly gold, with a maroon lion and Hogwarts logo on the boobs and maroon"Gryffindor" across the arse
Free polls from Pollhost.com

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I realise that in the books it's gold and SCARLET, but iloveharryp and I agree that that they will sell better in maroon (which is what Gryffindor wears in the movies)
Gilmore Girls

wma to mp3

is there a place where i can download a free mp3 changer? bc all my music files are .wma bc i play them in Windows Media Player. butttt when i go to play them in anything else they're just.. .wma & not .mp3

how do i change this?? is it possible?? i didnt know where else to ask & i figured somebody here would know..

(no subject)

Somehow I have managed to lose a little bit of weight over the past few weeks (seems to be about 5 pounds), and it all seems to be in my chest and love handles. As a result, I have some very visible stretch marks on my right boob. Does anyone know of any lotion or cream that can help get rid of stretch marks? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(no subject)

1) If you are religious/spiritual/believe in God, do you look down on those who don't? Does it bother you when people look down on you for believing?

2) If you are not any of the above, do you look down on those who do? Does it bother you when people look down on you for not believing?

1) I do believe in God, but I really don't care if other people do or do not. It's a personal choice, and I have no reason to try and convince people otherwise, or care that they don't. I do get bothered when people look down on me for believing in God, because I don't think they have any right to. But I feel the same about people looking down on those who don't believe.

(no subject)


You throw a house party with the intention of having alcohol flowing until the last person left standing passes out.


What is the party host's responsibilty as it pertains to the actions of their guests after they leave the party house?

Edit :: 

Lets say money is not an issue and I provide transportation to and from the party - to prevent drunk driving.  Would I be responsible for what someone does after they're dropped off?  I guess my real question is WHEN does the responsibility end for the host?
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quitron red


1. I'm going to the grocery store soon to get stuff to grill tonight. My dad said he wanted chicken. He is out right now and not answering his cell phone so I can't ask him. What is the best kind of chicken to grill? I would assume he wanted boneless skinless chicken breast but I'm not sure.

2. What is your favorite desert that requires grilling?
Hell's Librarian


A friend of mine and I are trying to come up with job ideas.

These are the skills:
Bachelors in Psychology
7 years in a call centre
some management, but never full time, just fill in stuff
some filing
some training
manage the paper files for a database

Any suggestions? So far we've come up with stick with the call centre (current job), admin assistant/secretary.

We're not looking for specifics, just ideas.

Thanks for the help!
~ K.

(no subject)

My friends and I are planning to go to the movies tomorrow night. What movie do you recommend we watch? Keep in mind that:
        -We are all 14-16 years old. 
       -We've already watched Disturbia, Shrek 3, and Pirates 3.
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Driving pug


I'm going midnight bowling tonight and I've never in my life knocked down a pin. I always get gutter balls. How can I stop this from happening? Why do I suck so bad at bowling? My mom is a horrible bowler as well, is it genetic?
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(no subject)

1. Has anybody here ever heard of Stetson University before?
2. How did you hear about it?
3. Do you/have you gone there (as in, taken classes)?
4. What, if any, was your impression/opinion of the music faculty and majors?

(no subject)

1)Are there any rules/laws/regulations you can think of that do not have or should not have exceptions?
2)Are you an expert on anything? If so, what?
3)Have you ever been stuffed in a locker or known someone who has been stuffed in a locker?

Snow White silliness

With all the diamonds those dwarfs dig up, why aren't they rich?

If Snow White is only 14, then how old is the Prince?

Is the Magic Mirror a paedo for thinking a 14-year-old is the most attractive lady in the land?

Is the Prince a paedo?

Would the Huntsman have killed Snow White for a Klondike bar?

Weren't the dwarfs aware that, if Snow White was dead, her body would start decomposing pretty soon?

(no subject)

There's not one community about luddites. Not one active community!

1.If we made a community called 'luddite celebration', what sort of posts would you expect to find in it?

2. What's the last machine you rebuked in the name of our Lord?

(no subject)

Should I bring gifts for my flatmates in Australia?
What would be a nice small gift?
Is that weird?

This is obscure: For those of you in college, have you ever attended an informational meeting about studying in Chile? (I'm not looking for information, just wondering!) What area of Chile?

What was the best game to play on the playground when you were young?

(no subject)

Sorry to add to the influx of phone questions but I've been driving myself insane with researching tonight!

Basically, I want a new phone but there are too many brands and models to choose from!

Which are the loudest and clearest phones in terms of making calls? Does it matter if they're flip as opposed to normal "candy bar" shape?

Stupid being hearing impaired and not being able to just choose a phone based on the "oh purdy" factor alone :P
alice in wonderland, rainbow

(no subject)

I haven't had a cigarette in three days and I think my body hates me, but it just might be me getting sick.

My whole body hurts and I just ate a full meal and I feel like I'm going to puke everywhere. Ugh.

So, I guess my questions for the smokers/ former smokers are
1. How many times have you tried to quit (or how many times did it take you before you were succesful?)
2. How did YOUR body hate you?
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(no subject)

Inspired by a comment to a post below...

1) Do you have a height 'limit' for the people you date, either up or down? Why?

2) Do you prefer curly or straight hair?

3) Dark or light eyes?

4) Any other requirements/preferences, be they strange or not? (Besides the basic :sense of humor, nice guy, etc, etc)

5) Good road trip music? I leave after class tonight.

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Q ownership: no, that's MINE!!!!! and a "news" Q

hey TQC,

this is inspired by an earlier post [about liking various shoes];

(1) do you feel like certain topics or types of questions belong to/should only be asked by certain TQC members?
(2) do you only ask certain types of questions in TQC?
(3) do you only respond to certain types of question in TQC?

(4) do you watch your local news show? (like KTVU Channel 2 News)
(5) do you watch "national" news shows? (like on CNN, MSNBC, Daily Show)

(4/5b) if so, do you prefer one over the other?
(4/5c) if the news shows give conflicting info, do you trust one over the other? why?

as always, entertaining answers/snark is expected.
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(no subject)

1. Do you think full sleeves (tattoos) are hot on a guy?

2. On a girl?

3. Do you tend to like bigger guys (possibly chub) or skinny (possibly ana or just emo)

1. YES
2. eh, depends.. if theyre already butch, no.
3. i tend to like big guys, it really doesnt matter as long as theyre not insanely huge tbh.. skinny guys seem like sickly boys to me usually
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Vegan food?

I'm going out to dinner with a vegan tonight and because of traffic their running late and we can't go where we had originally planned on. I'm trying to look for other options for us and I'm not entirely sure what type of food is ok or where we can go? The original plan was to go get Thai food, but since they might not be here till 8 or 9pm most of those restaurants will close just then. So yea what types of dishes should the restaurant serve so I can know what places to look for?
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Hi, TQC!

Ooookay. I'm a writer and I'm planning to create a journal strictly for posting my work stuff on. Anybody have any clever ideas for a writing-themed username? (Pirates are good too!)
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Books is stupid. They is too intemalektual.

I've got some books here that have caused me a lot of pain, thanks to a certain special philosophy class of mine.
Their pages are covered in highlighter, underlined all over the place, and have been angrily written on. They can't be resold or donated to a library. Truth be told, I'm pretty set on incinerating them as a thank you for all the headaches they caused me.
But... I feel somewhat guilty about just burning them. It's just soo unoriginal!

So, horrified bibliophiles and the rest of TQC, how should I destroy them?
(As an alternative, they'd be free to anyone willing to suffer their presence.)
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(no subject)

What was the last thing you thought about in order to approach orgasm?

Do you use your front teeth or corner teeth to open things like ketchup packets?
Edit: I mean, when you DO use your teeth as tools, do you use the front teeth or corner teeth?

Do you face towards or away from the water in the shower?

What is your favorite kind of tamale?

Would you laugh at somebody if you saw them using an outdated iPod Mini? What about a Discman? What about a walkman?

Do you know anybody who wears a toupee or a wig? Do they think nobody knows?
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(no subject)

1) Where did my appetite go?
I've barely eaten anything all week; maybe some cereal and a slice of bread or two and that's it. I'm just not hungry.

2) How can I get it to come back?

Phone Posts

I'm trying to post an lj entry by phone but i cant understand what the message says when i ring the number..'enter your number then press...something' what do i press??
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(no subject)

1.  Where do superheroes/villains get their mad spandex (or whatever) suits? I'd reckon they wouldn't be the easiest thing to sew.. Or is there someone who sews the costumes for them? Do you have to kill that person after they have finished the suit in attempts to hide your true identity??

2. This has been bothering me for like a week now.  Am I thinking this too much?
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uninstalling aol on vista

I just got a new computer that uses Windows Vista. How do I uninstall all the AOL crap that came preloaded on it? I tried going through the control panel, but there's nothing AOL on the programs and features page at all. Also, when I open program files, there's an installer, but not an uninstaller. And, no the installer doesn't have an uninstall feature on it.
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(no subject)

I work at a day care. We close at six.

There was a little boy this evening that, when I drove by work at seven o'clock this evening, was still there. (His teacher's car was still parked there...)

Would you worry that something awful happened, and that's why his mother wasn't there?

Or would you get pissed off at her for (allegedly) not taking care of her child and taking advantage of the fact that we wouldn't leave her kid alone to go do her own thing?
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(no subject)

\ /
How do you snap your brain out of turning into mush when you have studied for hours and hours to the point that you have cramp in your neck? I feel like I have been reading for days, but I don't remember anything

I am dying here, anyone on AIM? leave your AIM name if you want to chat


I started to dislike this online friend because he said things that pissed me off. I didn't talk to him for a long time, and today he spoke to me. He said I didn't initiate conversation with him and yada yada. Okay, so I spoke to him for a bit, half-heartedly with lots of one line answers. after 4 hours or so I talked to him saying something along the lines of hey I am talking to you now and he thanked me sarcastically. Now I feel really bad for being an asshole but I don't feel like apologising.

Should I let this go?
What would you do?

PS: I suspect part of the reason why he spoke to me was to flaunt the fact that he got a girlfriend.

(no subject)

Whose advice do you respect most?

I made croissants, would you like one?

If you've used a dating site, which one was it?
(I know something similar was asked recently but I couldn't find it)

my answers in the comments

(no subject)

I've just found some fabulous icons (of a liberal, leftie, anti-war, snarky-towards-religion type nature) which are bound to upset a certain portion of my f-list. Should I bugger the consequences and use them anyway?

What would you do if someone on your f-list was using a politically motivated icon that got you hot under the collar?

Do you ever run into problems with people on your f-list whose political or religious opinions are completely at odds with your own?
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I'm taking the SATs for the first time tomorrow. (I took the SAT 2s before.)
I stopped reviewing now but don't know what to do with myself till I go to bed. There isn't anything good on tv here.

Should I start studying for finals?(that start thursday)
Should I just read a good book?
Should I waste my time online?
Or something even better? What?
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(no subject)

Does anybody here watch TLC's What Not To Wear?

Have you ever nominated anyone to be on it?

Do you know anybody who should be nominated?

If you were nominated, would you go or would you be pissed that your friends think you look stupid and decided to use a national tv show to tell you?
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(no subject)

I don't drink alcohol but maybe twice or thrice a month, if that (there's some months where I don't drink anything), and even then, I drink maybe only one (or on very rare occasions, two) glasses of something.

But when I do drink, I get abdominal pains. Is there a reason for this? It's usually with stuff that has a harder liquor, not so much with wine (unless I drink more than one glass).

I ask because I just had a marguerita at a friend's birthday dinner but my abdominal area is hurting like a mofo. It's rather uncomfortable. :(

And unrelated...
What is your favorite painting/piece of art evar? (From any time period.)

(no subject)

What is your worst pms symptom?

Currently, my boobs feel like they weigh fifty pounds each and that someone sliced my nipples right the hell off. I thought it might help to take my bra off and put on a softer shirt, but then air hit them and I almost died.
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Location location location!

Have you ever had the sudden urge to buy a house in a city/country you've never been to?

Where would you move on a whim?

Did you go through with it? If so, how'd it work out?

For some bizarre reason I've been contemplating buying a condo in Chicago. I live in Australia.

(no subject)

For the girls....

Why is it so bad to sleep with a bra on?

Do you sleep with or without one?

For the guys....

What do sleep in? P.j's? Underwear (boxers? Tighty whiteys?) or in the nude?

And an unrelated question:

How does one get into the radio business?
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(no subject)

i. What's the proper salutation to use when writing a letter to a nun?

ii. Does anybody have any creative employment or money-earning ideas for someone who hates retail/customer service and phones, is a musician with no gigging/band/recording experience, a music teacher with two and a half years of experience, and is an undergrad teacher ed student with a passion for special ed? I'm looking for seriously off-the-wall but still feasible ideas, and no I'm not going to sell toast art on ebay. Running away and joining the circus isn't an option either. (Although I did get a call one time from a circus act looking for an organ player. True story. Paid well, too.)

iii. How do you de-stress after an exceptionally shitty day, knowing you're walking straight into a mess you have to straighten out tomorrow? I find that I fall asleep very stressed out during my work week and toss and turn all night.

iv. What's the next big ($100+) investment you're going to make?
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(no subject)

has anyone here ever heard the teaser trailer for the new season of big love on hbo? (it features the family at a picnic, and at the end roman walks up on them)

any ideas as to the song that is playing during it?

(no subject)

- What color are your bedsheets?
- I want to get into James Bond movies. Which are the best (aka, the ones to rent first)? Which are the worst?
- What did you think of "Borat"?
- Who is your celebrity crush?

1 - Navy blue comforter, baby blue sheets.
2 - ?
3 - I find myself to be a bad person for finding certain parts of it hilarrrrrious.
4 - Denzel Washington is GOD! :Drool:

(no subject)

1) Do you have freckles?
2) Do you like them or hate them?
3) Were you ever made fun of as a child?
4) What did they pick on you about the most?
5) What was your worst memory of being made fun of?

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