May 31st, 2007


Wanted: door jammer thinger dealie

I saw this once on an TV ad, but I don't know what it's called. It basically jams a door shut, so that someone can't open it from the other side.

It's a metal poll with a thing on one end that grasps the doorknob and rubber on the other end to hold it in place. Is there anything that is functionally equivalent to this?

An ordinary rubber door jam wouldn't work well--people can still kind of force it open, especially if there is carpet or if they push it out from under the door.

Or I suppose I could rig up something that electrocutes someone who touches the doorknob.
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(no subject)

Sister just asked me a question and I didn't have the answer, so I blurted out: "let me ask TQC!"  "the what?"

Sister got accepted to college, her final high school transcript of the last trimester is probably going to have 4 F's, 1 D, 1 B+.  (I know, great huh?  That's not the point.)

She's been threatened by teachers at high school that the college will drop her from their acceptance list.  She's already mailed in her housing deposit and her orientation deposit.

Question: Can a college drop someone from their acceptance list after accepting them after they looked at final grades?  Have you heard of this happening to anyone? 

Just a random fact: my sister thinks this college accepted her due to her ACT score.  In order to get into this college you have to be in the top 50% or have an ACT score of 21+ (and God knows she isn't in the top 50%).

(no subject)

1. what do YOU think is an acceptable level of public displays of affection between couples? ( i know that was horrible grammar but im tired and pissed off so deal :D )
2. blondes or brunettes?
3. anyone watching the UK big brother?
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hate pimentos


Why am I so itchy?  I don't have a rash, my skin doesn't feel dry, i didn't just switch skin care products/laundry detergents, i don't need to shave anything... WHY AM I SO ITCHY I WANT TO TEAR OFF MY OWN SKIN?

(serious and sarcastic answers appreciated)
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So many questions...

1. Ladies only: What is your height, weight, and bra size?
(I'm afraid of losing my D-cups at my goal weight.)

2a. Have you ever won anything from Blingo?
(I use it constantly AND follow the rules, but I've never won anything.)
2b. If you have won something from Blingo, did you win it by searching or did you win something because a friend won something?

3. I had this toy when I was younger that was sort of like a teacup-ride at an amusement park. The bottom part sat close to the floor and it was like a disc that you sat on, and while you sat there was another disc at the top that you could turn with your hands to spin around. Does anyone know what that's called?

4. There's this toy that looks like a skateboard, but it's broken into three sections. You can fold the three sections up or spread them out so that the toy functions as a skateboard or scooter. Does anyone know what that thing is called?

5. How often do you wash your hair?

6. Do you pluck, wax, or shave your eyebrows? Something else? Which would you recommend?

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marcs sweater

costume party.

im going to a costume party this weekend, and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a quick and inexpensive costume. i have an idea but i want some more. does anyone know a website or ideas of their own?

(no subject)

I'm stuck in Germany for the next 3 days...
should I wander away from the hospital or be a good boy and stay put?

Is SODUKO the most boring, stupid,pointless thing ever??

Does taking blood pressure meds mean I'll never have an erection ever again?
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Relationship issues...

1. Has you or anyone you know ever fallen in love with an imaginary character?

2. Would you be concerned about your or your friend's mental well-being if your or your friend's love for said imaginary character contributed to the failure of two real-life relationships?

3a. Would you ever be in a relationship with someone who loved an imaginary character? They have tried giving said character up repeatedly for the sake of the relationship, but it didn't work out. They don't want to give up the character, but still love you as well. Said character is also your significant other's way of coping with deeper issues. Lastly, your SO feels as though they must interact with this character in order to prevent causing harm to real people.
3b.  Would you force them to choose between you and the character, or would you just accept it and try to work things out?

4. Would you roleplay as their character for them?

5a. Would your answers change if the character was underage?
5b. What if your SO thinks of the character as their son?

6. Would you think that anyone who loves said imaginary character is crazy?
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I See What U Do

I need a big favor..

Would y'all pray, send good wishes, do whatever makes you comfy that I get this job today?

I'm a travel nurse, working in Chinle, AZ. I had a contract to work day shift on the med surg unit until September 30, this year. My manager voided my contract by giving away my day positions and switching my schedule to night shift... meaning that I'm currently working w/out a valid contract because I need the money. My agency has found me a new position in Peach Springs, AZ that sounds great- but because I thought I was here until September, I hooked up my wireless broadband internet, got a big propane tank so my trailer wouldn't run out of propane in the middle of the night, etc- and to move to Peach Springs will cost me a minimum of $500.00, plus I'll have to rent a truck to haul my trailer to the new place (Chinle is in the middle of BFE, so after setting up my trailer, hubs took the truck home and I kept the Prius- 45mpg+ ftw when the nearest decent-sized town is 250 miles away).

HOWEVER... because my contract is voided, I could go permanent with this facility- IF I'm offered a day position. My paperwork is being submitted to a different manager today, and I really don't want to move.. additionally, I can get tuition reimbursement for working at this job for 2 years, plus tax assistance to pay the income taxes on the money ($30K, which I could really use to start our retirement savings...).

So.. long story short, since the first manager messed me over, will you send good wishes/pray/do whatever in hopes I get this new job?

I really want this....

Edit: I may be screwed.. seems that my company has one contract with me, and a different on with the hospital. The hospital says theirs supercedes mine.

So.. pray that things are worked out to make me happier w/out making problems for me on any front...
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(no subject)

Does anyone remember a tv show where guys sat on a couch together and tried to get a date and if they got a question right they got a pair of Velcro lips? ANYONE? What was the name! We've googled and googled!


My mom is going to Israel(Haifa)  for work tomorrow and she asked if I wanted her to bring anything back for me. Anyone know of anything cool/interesting that is only found in Israel that I could ask her to get for me?
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Breaking Bad Habits

Does anyone have any tips for breaking the habit of touching your face too much? Sitting on my hands isn't really a viable option for me, but I'm open to other ideas.

As a sidenote, I bought some "No Bite" polish at CVS for less than $5, and it worked far better than anything else I've tried. I actually have nails! I thought it might be relevant b/c it's in the general jist of kicking a habit.
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The Receptionist Classic

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o

National Bingo Night on ABC. Let's discuss:

1. Have you watched it yet?
2. Do you think it would be best watched after a beer or a glass of wine?
3. It is free to play along (don't have to register), have you printed out cards for the next show?
4. If you had nothing better to do on Friday night, would you play along just for shits'n'giggles?

Unrelated to Bingo:
5. What easy things can I make and toss peas into? I had pasta with alfredo sauce and peas last night, which was alright. But I have a huge bag of frozen peas that I need to get rid of (and it is just me eating them).

(no subject)

What does the last line of your most recent post in your personal journal say?
Do you use subject lines in your personal journal? Why/why not?
How often do you update?
How many entries have you written in your journal?
When was it created?

What types of journal entries do you find to be the most interesting?
What types do you find to be the most boring?
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(no subject)

Why should I give a shit about this whole current LJ baleetion spree thing? If you care so much, why do you care?

What's the best makeup to make your skin look flawless, but still have it be light and preferably not rub off easily?

What is one place that you refuse to ever set foot in? (and you can't say church, all you heathens)

What should I get for dinner tonight that is totally bad for me? I'm thinking KFC.
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(no subject)

1. If you had forbidden your 16-year-old daughter to dye her hair and she did it anyway, what would you do to her? (Not a crazy color, just a very natural looking red and it was only temporary.)

2. Have you ever had someone stand and pose for the camera so that you could secretly take a picture of someone behind them? Wanna show me that picture?

3. What was the last thing you printed out on your computer?

4. Any plans for the weekend?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I could find a (legal) trial version of Dreamweaver CS2? I can only find version CS3 on Adobe's site, and CS3 is incompatible with my old dinosaur-like PC.

ETA: I think Dreamweaver CS2 might not exist, it's called Dreamweaver 8. Either way, any version of Dreamweaver compatible with WinXP SP1 will do.


Where is the weirdest place you have a mole? 

When you take a shower, what do you wash first?

 What's your favorite flavored Pringles? 

Do you parallel park or drive around the block?

Which shoe do you put on first?

If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again, which would you rather not wash?

*EDIT* I think really I meant like...which one is more annoying to wash and if you didn't have to wash one which one would it be? (not that they would be dirty...)

Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?

Have you ever been drunk at work?

Have you caught a guy/girl farting while on a date?

Are you bringing sexy back?
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Good and Evil

Care to share your answers with the entire class?

Inspired by the new round of TCQ superlatives-
Questions about your last of high school! (My apologies to those who aren't to that point in their schooling yet. Feel free to answer what you THINK your last year will be like.)

1) What year was it?
2) Where in the world is your high school?
3) What did you drive/how did you get from place to place?
4) What clubs and sports were you in?
5) What were your favorite and least favorite classes?
6) What did you do for fun on the weekends?
7) What songs were you listening to?
8) Roughly how many people were in your class?
9) Was there anything in particular that made your last year either amazing or awful?
10) Did you work? If so, where?

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(no subject)

A couple of questions about the common drama cliché of a woman or girl not believing that someone is bad, and ignoring all logic and indisputible evidence that proves them wrong:

1. Do you find this cliché annoying?

2. Is it realistic?
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College daze

On the first day of classes do you usually attend, or do you blow them off knowing that the professor will usually only give you the syllabus and say "adios" to the class until the next meeting?

Also, summer classes start tomorrow for me, why would a school decide to start classes on a Friday, it seems to be a real bad day to start them...

(no subject)

Out of curiousity...

Do you plan on getting rid of your sponsered/not paying for more accounts over the WFI fiasco?
Do you know what the WFI fiasco is?
Is the wank delicious and the server robust?

And what is your job, and do you enjoy it?

(no subject)

My right eye has been twitching a lot lately. I have had a lot of seizures due to low blood sugar, could my eye twitching be a sign that I have some slight brain damage from the seizures? Is that even possible?
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(no subject)

In honor of the end of school years and just for fun, would you guys be interested in doing a new version of the TQC superlatives? We've gotten a lot of new members and some of the old ones are gone, so it could be fun.

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Unrelated: How do you feel about flag burning?

okay hypothetical.. a guy with a rare and potentially deadly form of tuberculosis...

who KNOWS he has the condition gets on a plane...

Oh wait. It's not a hypothetical!

FYI - hes a 32 year old lawyer from Atlanta.

he man, an American citizen, flew to Europe on May 12, arriving in Paris on the morning of May 13, travelling against the advice of public health officials in the Atlanta, Ga., area who were in charge of his case. The man has extensively drug resistant tuberculosis or XDR-TB, a strain of the TB bacterium that does not respond to most of the drugs used to treat the disease.

The man was travelling to Europe to get married in Greece. He and his new wife then travelled to Italy to honeymoon.

What should happen to this guy? I'm not sure what sort of charges, if any, can be brought against him.

Oops okay it's the 87th post on this topic. I wasn't on LJ yesterday, I have to quit my day job so I can keep up! won't delete this post, that's poor form.. I'll just apologise!
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(no subject)

1.A. Are you lactose intolerant? What's your ethnicity? Stats I found show: 90% of indians, 90% of asians, 75% of african americans, 75% of hispanic, 15% of american caucasians.

2. Would you be upset if you, your SO, and your SO's friend go out when the friend makes an offensive comment or joke that is racist toward your race, sexist toward your sex, or offends your sexual orientation? Would you be mad at the friend? Would you be mad at your SO for not defending you?

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(no subject)

1- Are there any DEFUNCT amusement parks nearby you? If so, did you ever visit them during their heyday, or afterwards at all?

2- What is an amusement park ride you miss terribly, for whatever reason? (Too big/old to go on it, it was sold to someone else, park shut down, etc.)

3- What's the most random thing you've looked up that you used to be really into, but forgot until recently?

4- Via any horoscope site of choice, what is your horoscope looking like for today?
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The LJ Drama

I know  what's going on, now I have some questions for the members

1. are you going to be editing your interests to make sure there's nothing remotely possibly illegal on it?
2. Are you now concerned about free speech? (remember, it's not just fanfiction that's being affected. This is part of a trend. A while back (after the shootings), a teenage boy was arrested violently (guns and door smashing down suddenly) because someone dobbed him in for  writing a piece of original fiction to do with rape. They interrogated him because he was now a suspect for rape, when he'd not done anything wrong other than write a story with a rape  in  it. Yeah, in this case fanfiction is being affected but the real issue is FICTION in general.  Should we go and burn all books and movies where characters do illegal things? Or where underaged characters have underaged sex? Or where a teenager has a crush on an adult? Should we arrest the authors? Because surely if you write about murder  or whatever, it means you're a murderer.
3. Are you going to be adding  "solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts" to your interests, along  with  'free speech' and to any comms you own? Even if you're  not in fandom or anything but just don't like what's going on?
 And have you joined  fandom_counts even if you're not actually in fandom but just support the non deletion of fiction and support groups?

(no subject)

Sup, QC.

So my boyfriend's finger got really irritated recently. We thought it was just a gnarly paper cut so we let it go.

Today he went to toss something and the pressure must have been a tad too much- green pus came out. It looked...well, gross. So we cleaned it up the best we could, but it hurt and he really doesn't want it to come back.

What do you think it was? humorous answers are A-OK.

[ETA] It's not from a cut, we don't think. He doesn't remember cutting himself on anything and the site wasn't open until the pus came out.

Also, why must I always get food on my scrubs?

And when are my trainers going to finally tell me how to do things the right way?

(no subject)

1)Who is your favorite character on The Simpsons?
2)What would you want for your last meal?
3)What is the population of the city you live in?
4)Do you have any statues of people in your city? If so, who are they?

(no subject)

1.) What's the name of your favorite bar, and why is it your favorite?
2.) Apples or oranges? Heck, what's your favorite fruit?
3.) What are some fun things to do/places to eat in Toronto (assuming you've at least been there)?
4.) Who is driving car?!
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(no subject)

when referring to:

a) your SO's parent or parents.
b) your boss.
c) your friend's parent or parents.

do you address 'em as Mr. and Mrs. (insert last name here) or call them by their first name?

I don't wannaaaaaa

Dear TQC,

Lately I have found that I avoid work more and more. I use any excuse to do other things. I blame chat for being so addictive. It's causing my work to suffer and I feel like a bad employee. :(

So tell me oh great TQC, how do I motivate myself to actually do my job?

How do YOU motivate yourself to do things you don't really want to do? :)

Camping Foods

1. The ~*~*~*~*DH~*~*~*~*~* and I are going to a music festival this weekend, and we just found out we can't bring our charcoal grill. :( Aside from fruit and granola, what other foods should we pack in our cooler?

2. Did you know that wild_root_fruit is pregnant?
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lulu guinness clutch


Bright Eyes has been performing at Town Hall in NYC for 5 days now. Every night they have a had a special guest. The special guests have been: Lou Reed, Ben Kweller, Jenny Lewis, Norah Jones, and Ben Gibbard. In that order. They have 2 nights left and I'm going tonight.

1. So TQC, if you didn't skip over this post when you discovered it was about Bright Eyes, who do you predict the special guest will be tonight?

2. Out of the past special guests which one would you want to see the most?
Jenny Lewis. Instead I was there for Lou Reed.
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I got a MySpace comment from someone from Austrailia...and she asked how things were with assuming she lives in Austrailia with all the kangaroos and clean beaches with hot surfers, I asked what she had planned for the summer...not thinking that it's actually winter there. I always think it's like summer all year round for them.

And I always think Canada is winter all year round...

What are some naive assumptions you make?
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(no subject)

i need advice.

i have been living in a one bedroom apartment for the past 14 months. i lived with my [now ex] boyfriend for the first 12 months. so we were sharing the $720 rent plus cable/internet plus electricity.

so now i am living alone [with my cat and dog] in a one bedroom apartment that is $720. my parents pay my rent because i am in college and i dont work right now. they can afford the rent, but i feel guilty. my mom says i can do whatever i want, money isnt an issue.

one of my bestfriends rachel lives down the street from me in a 2 bedroom apartment in the same complex as me. she is sharing the apartment with a girl she met on craigslist [kristina], who is moving out june 30th. she needs to find a new roommate and wants me to move in. kristina has a dog, so i wouldn't have to pay another pet fee [like 300 bucks] and rent would be $420 plus internet/cable and electricity.

rachel is one of my bestfriends, but she is kind of crazy. sometimes she gets on my nerves. when she drinks too much she cries and is really stupid. she often fails her classes because she sleeps in till 2pm. her apartment is messy right now but she swears that the mess is mostly kristinas [whose room is gross] and the apartment will be cleaner if i move in.

the room i woud be moving into is pretty big and has its own bathroom / window. so i could escape from rachel's craziness if i wanted to.

i have never lived with another girl roommate. my sister is 7 years older than me.. so i am pretty much an only child. i had a single room when i lived in the dorms. i lived with my boyfriend, but we broke up. he is the closest thing i have had to a roommate.

what should i do? i need to decide by tomorrow so i can give my 30 days notice if i decide to move.

(no subject)

1. How many userpics do you currently have?
2. What is the maximum number you can upload?
3. I currently have 77 out of 112 uploaded. It's stressing me out that I only have 35 slots left. Is that weird?
4. Did you know they're making fun of you in the tqc chatroom right now? I asked them to stop because it's mean, but they won't listen. Animals.
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Informal dinner date tonight.. and I am in the mood for something commercial and steakhouse-y. I usually would choose Outback for the alice springs chicken, but the boy doesn't like any of the food they have.


Black Angus or Claim Jumper?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

what's the best deal/trade you've made with someone?
I traded my friends brother a bowl of really shitty weed for a laptop. after the trade, he even said no trade backs.. the laptop worked too.

how does one get rid of mold? what's the best way?
EDIT: the mold is located in the kitchen, in the shower, along side the bath tub, all along my little sisters wall/carpet.

so what are your plans for the blue moon tonight?
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this is driving me insane

Something is fucked up with the sound and video on my computer and it will be the death of me.

The video of video files won't show when I open them in windows media player or win amp. The video plays if I open it with vlc but the sound is all fucky.

What the hell do I need to do to make this stop?!

(no subject)

Hey TQC.

For my Personal Law class our final project is to write a 3-20 page story about the legal system and topics we've covered this year, using vocabulary and references and such.

I came up with some ideas...which one sounds more interesting to you?

1.) A middle aged woman in a wealthy, conservative neighborhood falls victim to marital rape by her husband of 35 years. She goes through the intimate trial while her conservative "friends" watch and judge her.

2.) A man is cheating on his wife. She finds out and shoots him and kills him. The deceased mans family sues the woman for murder, she uses the fact that he was cheating on her as her defense.
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building rollerskates

My roommate and I want to make our own rollerskates. Any advice? Especially on what sort of wheels to use and how to keep the skates on our feet. They will be worn with the shoes still on (we may get some shoes to permanently attach to the skate part..but maybe we'll save that for a later version of our homemade skates).

Slightly Random Questions...

1. When you get in a car wreck do you move your car and then talk, or get out directly after the wreck and leave it there blocking traffic?

2. When you see a cop (and your speeding) do you feel strange about breaking really hard to get your speed down to speed limit and sometimes hesitate even though it'll mean you getting a ticket? or have you no shame? >:)

3. Have you ever been scammed? or had? get the point...(Elaborate)

4. If your best friend's pet is jumping on/bothering you what do you usually do?

5. It's gettin' hot in here so...what cds/old songs has summer made you pull from beneath the layers of dust?

6. Are you a part of any online community/forum that you have to pay for? I want to join the Chuck Palahniuk club thingy as a platinum member..but it's $40/yr (I think) and I'm really debating..but it really seems worth it as an aspiring writer...comments?
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Amazingly enough, this is my homework you're doing

Poll #994872 Parfait Components

In a yogurt parfait which layer do you prefer?

I am female and I prefer the FRUIT
I am female and I prefer the GRANOLA
I am male and I prefer the FRUIT
I am male and I prefer the GRANOLA

Sorry but you cannot choose yogurt or say you mix them all together and don't differentiate.

If you don't apply to "male" or "female" specifically, please choose whichever you identify moreso with or simply abstain from voting.
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(no subject)

I want to see the white stripes when they come to california, but i can't decide between venues. I like a smaller venue. I looked at the venues websites but still..
I was wondering if anybody has ever been to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, or the Forum in Inglewood. What were they like?

(no subject)

A below post inspired me:

The men of TQC (all...10 of us?):

Do you cry often?
When was the last time you cried and what was it because of?


Do you cry often?
When was the last time you cried and what was it because of?

Anyone who has a male SO who isn't on TQC:
Do they cry often?
When was the last time they cried and what was it because of?
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What is the life expectancy of a person with mild cystic fibrosis?

Frankly, I wasn't aware of the fact that you could have a mild case of CF. I'd always heard that it was uncurable, degenerative, and generally, lethal.
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band question

I was listening to XM Fungus 53 last Friday at about 12:30 PST, and they had an interview with this band. The band was something like oneeightynine or something along those lines, 3 numbers spelled out. I cant remember. All I remember is the awesome song they played by the band. The song was called "Red Eye".

Does anyone know who the band is? I know this is vague.

junk and stuff

1. Has anything happened to you recently to restore your faith in humanity (if even just temporarily)?

2. These are inspired by yesterday's Oprah:
Is it possible to truly forgive someone?
Or is it just merely a choice to not let the infraction bother you/rule your life anymore?
Or is that the whole point (and I apparently just think "forgiveness" is a bigger, more magical, more benevolent thing than it really is/has to be)?
Have you ever truly forgiven anyone? (Feel free to share your story...)

1. TQC's reactions to my jury duty post yesterday - , this very kind lady at the grocery store last night, and TQC's 10 Commandments post from a few days ago...

2. I dunno. 'Swhy I'm asking.

Kitten names.

My husband and I are thinking of names for kittens, since we want another one. We can't agree, and both of us think the other one's ideas are kind of stupid.

So, which name is best for a kitty, and why? Which is the worst, and why?

Professor Chaos

(no subject)

Do you think your parents are proud of you?
Do you do things just because your parents will approve/be proud of you?
Do you get along with your parents? Both of them? or just one?
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stokes detonation

Ugly Betty

I didn't start watching Ugly Betty until two days ago. I recorded the last 4 episodes on my DVR and just now got around to watching them. Naturally, now that the season's over, I've discovered I really like it. I was checking my TV schedule thingy (digital cable, not an actual magazine) and couldn't find any episodes coming up. Season 1 isn't going to be released on DVD until August. I guess I could download it, but my computer's just about to die on me.

1. Is it in syndication yet? (I'm thinking no. I can get my House fix on TBS or whatever station that is...)

2. Do you watch the show? (Obviously.)

3. Are you one of those people who's among the last to start watching popular TV shows? (This is the earliest I've ever gotten "into" a show. I didn't start watching Sex and the City until the very last season.)

4. Do you assume that people who openly admit to enjoying TV don't like to read? (No, because I would usually rather read than watch TV... DO NOT JUDGE ME, LUDDITES, FOR I AM VERY WELL-READ.)

(no subject)

1. Is 28 too old to read Judy Blume books?
2. If you saw me sitting at a bus stop reading Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, would you laugh?
3. Would you take my book and spit in my face?
4. Do any of you actually call them "sanitary napkins"? Maxi pads, not books.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


Flickr Account Members:

I have viewers that aren't members on Flickr...and they've been telling me that they can't view past my April posting. I uploaded a few pictures in May of this year.

I double checked my privacy/permission settings and nothing seems to be weird. And all my pictures are public. What's the deal?
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Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. what the hell did my boyfriend pull out of our bathroom sink? (there were fingernails in it)

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2. Where are we going to start putting our DVDs? I have 50 more in boxes, but I'd love to have them displayed.
Does anyone know of a shelving unit that we could put on the wall that won't take up a lot of room? Are there such things as hanging racks that would come from the ceiling? The living room is small and I already have a bookshelf on the other side with over 100 books. Where do you put your large collections of movies/books/etc.?

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TLC reality shows and Nintendo handheld games

1. Do you think that reality shows/specials about people with life-threatening illnesses (think "Face Eating Tumor" or "Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic") promote understanding and tolerance or are just a tasteless form of entertainment that exploits the people it profiles?

2. Which Nintendo Advance/DS games are essential (besides Pokemon)?

Gwen Shirt Idea

Ok, so this Saturday I am going to a Gwen Stefani concert in Indy.  I wanna make a shirt to wear for it.  I have some ideas for it to say : I *picture of a heart* Gwen or Drew Loves Gwen.

Anyone else got any ideas??? I want it to be really cool and fun!!!

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Hello, TQC!

When you wash yourself, how do you do it? Do you wash yourself all at once and then get under the water? Do you stand under the water as you wash yourself? Other?

Also - armpits especially. I always feel weird washing my armpits and then lifting my arms up, and I don't know why. So how do you rinse off under your arms?
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Livejournal Client please

My shit LJ client doesn't want to change the font. What the hell?? I want the font to change in my typing window!!
TQC I have a mac. Can you help me find an lj client that listens to me when I tell it to change the freaking font??

I'm using Xjournal. It didn't used to have this problem but they they changed the flippin' thing

A link to a better one would be great


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1. If you've been to a concert on Fall Out Boy's current tour: About how long did the concert last?

2. Everyone: Do you even like Fall Out Boy?
They're my favorite guilty pleasure. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been in a constant state of squee since finding out I'm going to their concert next Friday. :D

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1. When I say 'calipers', what is the first thing you think of?
2. Do you know where I could find a picture of a wolf playing a keyboard?
3. If you ran your own country, free of rules, the tyranny of the UN etc., what would it be like?
4. How often to you think of a question, come to TCQ, and get so caught up in the other posts that you've forgotten what you were going to ask?
5. Can you lick your elbow? Do you know anyone who can?

1. These.
2. Nope.
3. I plan on picking up Luxembourg and shaking out all the people, then taking over. The criteria of entrance would be that you have to dance awkwardly. The awkwardest dancers will be in high places. I will employ people to add secret rooms and trapdoors everywhere, so your living room is an adventure.
4. All the time.
5. I can!

Respond if..

1. support redundant questions; questions that phrase the same thing more than once in the same sentence, questions that repeat themselves, questions that seem to tread over the same thing more than once?

2. Aren't rhetorical questions usually sufficient without an answer?

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1. If you had to choose between being a one-hit-wonder with huge single (think macarena big) or having a decently sized and steady career, what would you pick?

2. How does Amy Winehouse get her poof?

3. Ever meet someone famous?

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Cell phone question...

I just got a new cell phone less than two weeks ago from Cingular and I am seriously thinking about returning it. It had the features I needed on it (PDA/Bluetooth/QWERTY keyboard) however those were also on top of the functionality aspect of being able to hear clearly on my calls without having to use the headset everytime.

Now I have just added a new function that is very high on my priority list and I need some help. Are there any phones or cellular providers that allow you to block specific numbers and or blocked/private number calls? I know I have heard of some phones with that feature and I think I heard of one provider in the past that enabled this as well, but for the life of me I can't remember which they were. Any help would be greatly appericiated.
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Trouble Posting

For some reason I can post like.. one liners, but it won't post a paragraph. I keep getting that it cannot contact the server. Is anyone else having any trouble posting to their normal journals?

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I was thinking about this when I was on the treadmill today. If you wanted to be one of those scientists that taught chimpanzees to understand English, would it be considered medical, veterinarian, or psychology? Or all three? How would you go about doing that anyways? That job sounds so cool!
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What would you do on a video application to get on The Real World or your choice of reality TV shows?

If you hate reality TV, pretend someone is daring you to send in your video app for $300 bucks. What would you do then?


So, I got those petri dishes I was asking about in a previous question of mine. They're just plain petri dishes with the plain auger in the bottom. Honestly I just wanted to swab my vagina and see what would grow (oh w/f/e you've wondered what's up there too). I'm feeling very sophomore biology nostalgiac this week. Plus I'm a total nerd aaand they were ten cents apiece.

So my question is this:
What are some recommendations for what I should put in the other five dishes?
Interesting things to swab or stick in them. I have a fruit fly trap at work so I was thinking about sticking one of the dead fruit flies in one of them but I'm not sure how that would turn out given the nature of the trap. Please nothing painfully obvious like UR DOGS MOUTHMG.
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Here's a burning question for you guys:

If there was such a thing as the Awesome Store that carried anything and everything, what would you like to buy from it? (As in random, obscure, probably not-existing-in-real-life sorts of items.)

Personally, I'd like to pick up a pair of Lollerskates and a baseball cap with a bloody line stitched in it that says "I got Sylar'ed".

Edited to clarify.

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So, I have another question, TQC.

I have an HP laptop. We sent it in for repairs several times but in the end we found out the motherboard was pretty much the problem and my computer was dead for good. There is a crack on one side of the top but otherwise it's in good shape, save for the motherboard. Are there any places that I could send it to that might pay for parts?

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Has anyone ever used "Fiberize" hair stuff by Special Effects? I got some today, and it's a lot more dense than I thought it would be- it's like butter when you take it out of the fridge and try to spread it on cheap ass Wonder Bread.

Is there a trick to using this stuff that I'm just not getting?
There's nothing on the label...
I had to dig it out with my nails, than SMASH it into my other hand to get it to be workable...otherwise I would've ended up with chunks o' hair product in my hair.

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Windows Vista

I got my CD in the mail today (I bought a laptop in December so it was part of the 'bundle').

Can anyone offer some input on Vista?

Keep in mind, I'm not a geek (well, not much). I use my computer for LJ, irc, messenger, etc. I like stuff that looks cute :P Yes, Microsoft is big and evil, etc, I've heard that part so please spare me if you're a hater, I just want to know whether I should install it or wait.

Thanks a bunch!


Did I get banned from the TQC chat or something?  It wont let me sign on.

another less douchey question:

Do you prefer "Drinking water" or "Spring water"?

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Anyone watching the National Spelling Bee finals?
Has anyone ever been in a spelling bee?
If so, how far did you go? school, regional, etc.
If you didn't win, what was the word?
If you won, what was the word?
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I'm planning a Charity Ball which had made me want to ask the following questions:

(I want to raise money for a smaller lesser known organisation and I have a few ideas but am curious to see what other organisations are out there. Bonus Points if you are Australian)

1. What is your favourite Charity/Non-Government Organisation? 
2. Why?
3. What do you think would be a good theme for a Charity Ball?


books = good

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Does anyone remember Disney Adventures magazine? I think they still make it, but I just dug up my 1990 and 1991 issues...we used to get it in the checkout line at the grocery store, and I haven't seen a copy on a rack in quite some time.

And if so, do you remember when they started making an all-comics version? I think it was short-lived, and would have been about '92, I think (I distinctly remember reading it in a house where we lived from '92-'93, if I remember the dates right--may have been a little later than that).

And if you remember what they called the all-comics version?

And you ever wander to the community page intending to ask a question and instead end up answering four or five before you ever get around to asking yours?

My First Question...

Some background info: I have (except for the last 3 weeks or so) been going to the dentist about once a week for major and extensive dental repairs (mostly huge cleanings and fillings). The last 2 times he had worked on my upper molars (completely scraped out and re-filled from scratch).

My question: If, after this has been done, is it possible to get excruciating nerve pain every time anything (even water) so much as caresses my teeth in just the right wrong way?

My left side isn't nearly as bad as the right... I can't even chew on the right side without searing pain shoots through that entire area in my upper jaw and I want to throw myself down on the floor and scream expletives until the pain subsides on its down. Usually a bit of counter-pressure had worked in the past, but now it's more like jamming my thumb extremely hard against the surrounding teeth and muttering "motherfuckmotherfuckmotherfuck" until I can think and/or speak coherently again. =/

/end ramble

Okay, fire away, ya'll.

♥ ~ J
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I was in an doctor's waiting room. Two of my kids (9 and 11) were sitting with me. There was a girl sitting there on the phone, and every other word out of her mouth was the f bomb, and other assorted profanity. Including taking God's name in vain.

Now, for myself, I don't care about cussing. Cuss away, it is your shitty potty mouth. However, for my kids... I don't want them hearing it like that.

So I told her to 'please' stop the cussing. Initially she got an additude. Then She STOPPED Cold turkey. No more cussing.

So here are my questions:
Do you cuss?
All the time or just some of the time? (As part of conversation, or just when you need to drop a small bomb?)
Would you have stopped cussing?
Could you have stopped cussing?

Do you think I should have butted out and not said anything?

What do you think of people who sheild their kids from shit as much as they can?
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1. Can you remember the first question you asked in TQC?

2. On a unrelated note: If a movie is banned in a country, and someone buys it online, will the movie be able to ship there? Do they inspect Amazon/Ebay packages that come in from other countries?