May 30th, 2007

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


Have you ever had any random/strange sudden urges? Today I wanted to find out what would happen if I stuck my finger thru my plastic fan while it was on...luckily I still have my finger. And before when I was younger, I wanted to know what it felt like to get eletrocuted, so I eletrocuted myself. LOL.

Am I the only one that feels this way?
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sexual nature

ok, TQC, let's get dirty;

1) do you like/partake in phone sex?
2) do you like/partake in cyber sex?
3) do you like/partake in (real life) sex?

how would you rate these as most to least satisfying? 3-2-1? 3-1-2? 1-3-2? 1-2-3?
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Fucking Champion!

(no subject)

Has anyone done the "Take a Survey, get paid by Frank" thing?  How often can you take the surveys, and how do they send you your dollar?  I took one a few hours ago, and I have no clue where my dollar is. 
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(no subject)

What is your first and middle name?

What name do people tell you look like, besides the one you have?

I'm Samantha Jean, and my friend recently told me I look like an Emma or a Grace.
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(no subject)

Would you take this job under the circumstances I describe below?

I went to apply to a job at a tattoo parlor as a receptionist, since it sounded like it could be a lot of fun and I really need a new job. So I go up there, do the app and make myself look absolutely stupid (I admittedly don't read the header of the application and screw the whole thing up, which another employee had to go point out loudly). But I really want this job still and remember the manager listed a IM name to contact him at. So I talk to him the next day, saying how I didn't portray myself well and so on. He asks me to "prove I'm not a shy prude" and when I say I've never done anything all that wild or rebellious, he gets into asking me if I'm a virgin and what, if anything, I've done with someone before. Eventually he suggests a "trade" for the tattoo I do want to get sometime soon. After I refuse to consider it, he seems to...normalize.

So, I'm very unsure what to do if I am offered the job in the end. I'd like to think he was just screwing around with me to see if I could handle it. And I'd still really like this job, I'm just not sure if I'd have someone leering at me all the time or what. Maybe everything would be fine and I'd be missing out on a cool job. Would you take the job?
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Hurry up and look back

(no subject)

I go to a top ranked university but I don't even know how I got here. I take a lot of different classes that I like but I have no idea what I am going to do after I graduate. on some days I swear that I want to go to law school, other days I want to get my PhD in Political Science, and on other days I want to just do Teach for America so that I have a ready made career within 2 years. I honestly have no clue, every week I change my mind. Do any of you feel the same way? do you get exhausted just thinking about all taking the GRE or LSAT? do you ever just want to go on a five year cruise after graduation?

and by the way, do people invovled in student government at your school annoy you as much as the ones at my school annoy me?

what's student government like at your school? are there political slates? and do you know of any fun gossip or drama that goes down?
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(no subject)

1. What are some cool things my SO and I should do before he leaves for Iraq on June 3rd?

2. What's been your hardest goodbye?

3. What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?

(no subject)

complete the sentence with a number (i can't find this anywhere) (real answers would be nice)

"a clitoris has __#__ more nerve endings than a penis does."

(i do know that a clit has 8000... but i don't know how many a penis has)
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Is this a goodbye or wanting to stay?

Me and my SO got into a fight the other day. I left a message saying if she didn't get back to me by noon tomorrow that it would be over. Well, they posted this in their LJ:

"You deserve so much better. I'm so sorry I'm like this. Please try and forgive me. I can't feel much anymore."

I do plan to ask her, but I want YOUR thoughts.

Is this a goodbye or wanting to stay?
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based on exciting true events!

Situation: You are stopped at the intersection of a small suburban street and a major road, you will be turning right, some time, when/if the traffic lets up. It is a stop sign for you, nothing for them. The major road is 4 lanes. Traffic on this road is fast and cranky since it is afternoon rushhour- everyone is going at least 80kmh (convert it yourself you nonmetric bastards!) and not paying attention.
On the other side of the major road from you is a house. As you watch, a child wearing nothing but a diaper toddles down the driveway towards the road. No parent in sight. The kid gets to the edge of the road and is giggling and waving at cars as they speed past. No one sees it. Now it's at the curb. Cars honk but don't stop. In seconds it will be ON the road and in the traffic and then obviously splattered across the pavement.  You are alone in your car.
What would you do?

(no subject)

What's your favourite song to listen to after a bad break up?
What songs just instantly makes you cry? Why?

Landslide used to make me cry like a little bitch because it was my best friends favourite song and it was played at his funeral.

(no subject)

How do you polietly ask a customer to repeat his/herself when s/he is mubling?

"I'm sorrry, I didn't catch that" with a smile appparently offends people in my city.  As does "I'm sorry, the oven makes things hard to hear.  can you say that again, please?"

(no subject)

What are some gossipy, groupie-action packed band biographies? I just love stories of excess and chaos.

I've already read "Hammer of the Gods", "I'm with the Band", and "The Dirt: The Motley Crue Story". I also read "Saucerful of Secrets", which didn't have a lot of groupie stories, but was good masturbation material nonetheless (lots of pictures).

(no subject)

has anyone ever noticed that on Saved by the Bell (the early years) it was set in the state of Indiana, and then all of a sudden when they are in high school they are in California???

did all the students just transfer to the west coast from the Mid-West??

(no subject)

1. What's your favourite piece of jewellry?
2. What was your first job?
3. Have you ever been to prison?
4. When was the last time you felt truly happy?
5. What celebrity do you get told you look like?

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just say no

How good are you at saying NO? 1=I cave all the time;10=professional nay-sayer

Mean: 5.78 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.77

How would you deal with someone (adult or child) who was throwing a tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted?

spoil me

Dear TQC members who watch Lost,

Can you please summarize Lost from the second to the end of the third season? I don't really feel like watching all of it just to find out, but I've always been curious about what happens. What crazy plot twists were introduced? Who else dies and how? Who's shagging who now, and so on and so forth.

Obviously, if you don't want spoilers, do not read the comments. :|

(no subject)

For those of you who are online late in to the night... you feel you get meaner/snarkier as the night progresses or do you stay the same?

Also, why do my coworkers think I'm psychic and ask me questions I can't possibly know the answer to? :(
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Summer Jobs

My semester has ended & I've already been home for about a week doing everything but working. My parents are fed up and so am I (I'm broke!).

So, I had many positions set up by the end of this semester. But now I have a few basic questions..

I'm making phone calls today, who should I ask to talk to?
-I applied to a few big business (cashiering jobs, etc) and already turned in applications. I want to follow up with them. Should I talk to a manager or human resources?
I really want to be there in person, but it's not possible today.


I applied, was hired (I believe), took a drug test for one company already and haven't heard back from them. What should I say if when I call them they say that I failed my drug test? (A little word-y, sorry)

Seriously, I'm worried. My dad kind of got me this job, although he is not currently working there, everyone knows I've applied and it could be interesting if I did fail.

Have you ever failed a drug test?
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(no subject)

I'm planning to buy a bicycle to commute to and from work (Take THAT First Transit York!).  It'll be the first time I've actually owned a bike since I was 12.  Can anybody point me in the right direction for resources to help me chose my new bike? 
hannibal skull

Camera questions

I am hoping that there are some camera geeks who can help me out.

I am looking to upgrade to a DSLR soon. Canon more than likely. Don't try to talk me into anything else, I am a Canon diehard, right or wrong.

I am asking for advice/opinions on lenses.

What 2 or 3 lenses would you think would be essential for a photographer? I take pics of lots of things, but mostly landscapes, macro shots and people. (Not pro portraits, just candids and friendly get togethers)

Many thanks in advance.


Honest Opinion Time.

1.) Which of the following makes more sense?
Tarpon is 30 minutes north of me.
Tampa Road/19 is 20 minutes north of me.
Barn is 15-20 minutes south of me.
Boy is a counselor type person for special needs kids, and we're taking one of his clients out to see my horse today (of course this was not cleared with me first, it was just assumed that it would be okay, and I'm a nice person and more or less had to agree to avoid arguing with him).

A.) Driving all the way to Tarpon to drop boy off, so he can pick Michael up, to then come pick me up AT MY HOUSE to then go to the barn. (okay, so we'd only be taking one vehicle at a time. but, I'm also doing 2x the driving he is, so the whole gas-price-thing kinda negates itself there).

B.) Driving straight to Michael's house from my house (tampa road/19), picking him up, and going to the barn. (Less driving done all the way around)

C.) Driving all the way to Tarpon, both of us getting in his car (thus leaving mine at his house), then picking Michael up, then going to the barn.

or, hell, if you have a better idea... mostly I just don't want to drive all the way to fucking Tarpon today if I don't have to. And now that I think about it, none of them really sound all that great.

2.) Also, is it wrong of me to be irritated by the fact that he suggested to Michael, who is 17 and special needs (with what, I have no damn idea) about going to the barn to see MY horse, without clearing it with me first?

3.) How would you have done it? [click]
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(no subject)

Why is it that when my boss goes on Vacation shit starts to go wrong with all these programs neither one of us is familar with? Why is it that my boss isn't familar with them, but I am supposed to be??

Also, why does the security guard that works next to me do NOTHING??? 
I know it's becuase he's lazy but damn.

Also...How is everyone's day going so far?
What did you eat for breakfast?


I ordered something on Ebay on May 14th. I got about six emails confirming everything, and it was good. Yesterday (May 29th) I got sick of waiting for it like a good little girl and called the number they had listed in the auction to ask where the hell my item was. They claimed they had "no idea" why it hadn't shipped yet, claimed it was odd, and said they'd ship it out immediately with 3 day shipping for no additional cost.

Yeah, it took them three weeks, but I figured, "Hey, it's no big deal, shit happens. I just didn't want to get hosed totally".

Even though I checked their feedback before I purchased, I checked again to see more recent stuff after I called. Ebay says their positive feedback score is 96.9, and they have 131544 positive feedbacks. A few disgruntled EBayers in scores of thousands doesn't bother me, but I just now noticed that a lot of people have stated that they experienced the same thing I described as above. One person posted yesterday, in fact, with "shipped slow, asked and they finally shipped with 3rd day air at no cost. I'm satisfied."

Should I give them neutral or negative feedback, since it's clear there's something not kosher and others should be aware of that? Or should I just give them good feedback, since they took care of the issue when I finally bugged them about it?
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(no subject)

what's something that you eat/drink or ate/drank whenever you were growing up that a lot of us might've never heard about? mind linking us to a picture of it?

tacos de lengua, UNTIL you've tried one i don't want to hear no ewllllll from anybody! LOL it will change your life :) pupusas & curtido, i really don't know how to describe these, but they are SOOO delicious! arroz con leche, sorta like porridge in a sense. kolashanpan, it's a soda-like drink. quesadilla, a kind of sweet bread. budin, another kind of sweet bread/cake. marquesote, more sweet bread. pollo encebollado, chicken!!!!

(no subject)

Based on personal experiences:

You are a dietary aide in a nursing home. You have 14 tables (each with 3-4 people) that you need to serve appetizers, milk (three different kinds), juice (five different kinds), pour water (with ice), and give coffee. Many of these people will order one milk, two juices, get coffee, and they all get ice water. Everyone orders an appetizer as well.

Your boss has recently implemented a new rule stating that water cannot be poured until 5:50. Appetizers cannot be served until 5:50, and coffee cannot be made until 5:30 and cannot be poured until 6:00. Dinner starts at 6:00. You have no help whatsoever, and since dinner starts at 6:00 you must have every juice, appetizer, milk, and water down before the first resident enters the dining hall. If not, there's a very good chance a resident will report you and you could lose your job.

Also, now that these new rules are being enforced, you have an hour-long break on your hands before 5:50.

Now here are my questions:

1. Do you go start serving appetizers and drinks before 5:50 so that you'll have everything ready before 6:00?
2. Do you use any other techniques to get the job done before 6:00?
3. Or do simply start serving at 5:50 and hope no resident reports you for not finishing on time?
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(no subject)

Im suffering with strep throat (amazingly for a second time, i just got over it two weeks ago) and my doctor is starting to think a tonsillectomy would be a good idea for me (i get strep anywhere from 3-5 times a year and im usually down and out for a week or two)...
1) have you had your tonsils removed?
2) how old were you
3) if you were older(like in your teens or older) was it seriously intense pain?
4) was eating/drinking any different after?
and lastly
5) when you do get sick, do you find you get sicker compared to when you had your tonsils?

Mo' money mo' money

A girl that works with me asked for a raise yesterday. She's a pretty unreliable and half-assed employee so she was told no. But that's not what matters.

Her reason for wanting a raise was that gas prices are going up and it's costing her more to drive to and from work. Do you think that's a just reason to ask for a raise? This isn't some serious careeeer or anything.. sort of a gourmet food shop. We don't have benefits or whatnot. She only works four days a week and shows up a few hours late to those anyways.

So. Even if she was just a awesome model employee, would it still be a just reason to ask for a raise? Please explain why/why not.

Oh and my answer is no because she 1. chose to work here knowing how far away it is, 2. this isn't a permanent cost-of-living/inflation issue, and 3. drives a goddamn 8-cylinder truck everywhere despite only using it for basic day-to-day purposes (ie she doesn't haul things, race, or off-road).


I have a very good friend visiting me from another state in July. I currently study (hairdressing) I need a really good excuse that will get me off school for 2 weeks without being asked questions. Sprained wrist? IDK.

non serious answers welcome ;)

I'm a bad citizen

So I'm supposed to go to jury duty tomorrow. I was all set to do my civic duty until I mentioned it to my future mother-in-law who proclaimed, "I never go to jury duty!" Since then, a whole new world of malfeasance has been opened to me...
According to her, since they have no way of knowing if you ever received the letter (because it's not like you sign for it or anything), they can't really get too upset if you don't show.

Should I go?
What will happen to me if I don't?
Will the guilt of not showing up eat away at my soul for the rest of eternity?
Seriously, what can/will they do to me if I don't go?

EDIT: Does it change your answer to know that I work at a high school and I'm off for the summer and part of me is terrified that I'll get chosen and I'll have to be sequestered for the entirety of my summer vacation?
Truck Tipping
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(no subject)

1. How soon do you think it will be until we have a major outbreak of some deadly disease like TB or bird flu?

2. Do you think an outbreak will eventually occur or do you think it's just the media desperate for a story?

3. How much does it scare you that this man who knew he had drug resistant TB decided to take two trans-atlantic flights knowing he could expose others to a very deadly disease?

1. No clue, I'd say in the next decade something might happen with the bird flu or at least some common disease that is now resistant to current medications.

2. Yes, I really, really hate how the media has handled everything. The moment they didn't get their giant story on the bird flu they dropped the entire thing and it has led a lot of people to think that it's no longer a threat. Also it always pisses me off how drug resistant TB has been ignored until now.

3. A lot. That man was all types of stupid, and it terrifies me that someone would be willing to stick themselves in an enclosed environment, in close contact with other people when they know they have any sort of TB.

On meanness

Someone said this to a friend of mine:

"<name>, you are one of those few souls who don't find being mean fun"

Personally, I don't find being mean fun. I think it's... mean. I don't like it when people are mean to me, so I am not mean, even if I disagree with things they do or say (political, religious, sexuality, etc).

Are my friend and I in the minority? Do you find being mean to be fun? Do you think most people do? Or is the person who said this mis-guided and he is actually in the minority?

Does your vote change if I say that the meanness in question was in reference to people with alternate sexualities, and "furries"?
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(no subject)

These are all aimed at people who either have tattoos, or just know more about them than me. :)

So after much changing of my mind of what tattoo I want, I'm ready to go do it! Before I rush off to the first tattoo place I find though, questions for you darling ones.

1- On average, how much would a 1-2 inch square tattoo cost? I know different places would charge differently, so what are some lower and higher end prices you've seen, if they differ a lot?

2- Does amount of colours used affect the price a lot?

3- Aside from checking out every nearby tattoo place's BBB record, what should I look for in a place to do said tattoo?

4- Just for fun, wanna show off your tattoos? ;P I'm not stealing ideas, promise.
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(no subject)

I have a question about a CD that won't load.

I bought the CD yesterday, and once I put it into my MacBook Pro, a minute later it would be spat back out. The CD didn't register on my iTunes, nothing. I tried putting in another CD and it worked fine.

I've tried checking online to see if its just this specific CD, but found nothing. Everyone has said that it works great.

So what's the deal? I have the newest version of iTunes and everything.

Blah : l

Thanks for your help in advance

Feeling artsy

So let's say I was going to buy some white t-shirts and plain white shoes and I wanted to draw on them. Are there special markers I can buy made specifically for fabric? I don't want to spend too much, I'd like to silk screen shirts but I'm not very good with stencils. Any sort of help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Is it normal for an ex-boyfriend to send you postcards periodically (he now lives in another country) and then to start signing them 'affectionately'?
Does this seem like he's trying to warm things up again, or am I freaking out over nothing?

Did 'Death of a Salesman' remind anybody else of 'A Streetcar Named Desire'?

more dog questions

1. WHY is my dog whining? WHAT does she want? She sounds like a leaky balloon. No, she's not sick, in pain, hungry, thirsty, bored, or lonely, and the whining is pretty much constant. Is that just what some dogs do? This must be similar to how parents feel when their baby won't stop crying.

2. How can I stop my dog from pulling on her leash when we go for a walk?
My friend already suggested a choke-collar, and I tried that once, and she just choked herself in addition to dragging me down the street.

// BTW, thanks again to everyone who was so helpful when my dog swallowed the popsicle stick the other day. Per the vets' and TQC's advice, we just kept an eye on her. She pooped a popsicle stick about 36 hours later and seemed fairly unimpressed with the whole affair.

(no subject)

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Which one and why?


I thought I might note: The baby's room is pretty small. My sister actually has a long white dresser that she offered but the room just will not accomodate something of regular size. The purpose of buying a "changing table" is more for storing clothes, blankets, extra wipes, lotions, etc's mostly to double as a small dresser that matches the white/blue decor and staying in budget. Another option is a tall dresser - which I might look into actually, but I have always hated the tall dressers...perhaps that's because I'm 5'0 and like everything to be more at my height. :P

(no subject)

Let's say you're wearing a mood ring.

What does it look like, style-wise and size-wise?

What color did it turn after you put it on, and what mood does that color indicate?

If you do not know what a mood ring is, I am very sorry that you've missed out on this sensational accessory.
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(no subject)

So the other day I posted about needing to get some sunglasses because I get stuff in my eyes when I ride my bike. Yesterday I finally bought some, and today I wore them when I rode my bike to my cousin's house. He immediately made some terrible Willy Wonka joke like "Did you just come from the chocolate factory?" or something equally unfunny.

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EDIT: I only wear them when I'm riding my bike, which is mostly on my street. So it's not like I'll be going out to places with them on.

Question regarding job position...

So I work at a yacht club TQC...and I was just leafing through the newsletter for the yacht club, and it goes like this...

"Julie in accounting, Sam (me) in the office, Brian in the kitchen, John on the waterfront and Rick in the office..."

My question to you, TQC, is that all the names, beside mine, are all managers within the yacht club, including the person writing it. Now, this year -my third year- my boss has given me a lot more respnsibility, including scheduling of the office and snack bar, ordering for the snack bar, training office and snack bar emoplyees, and interviewing/hiring new office employees. He hasn't given me a title or anything, but it seems like I have just kind of assumed the role of office manager/supervisor. From what I read in the newsletter, it seems like I have been lumped in with the managers.

Would I be in any way right to assume that I have gotten the defacto title of supervisor? Not official, just kind of assumed? Any opnions would be appreciated.

In Massachusetts, minimum wage is $7.50. If you had this much responsibility and seniority, what would you ask for pay?
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(no subject)


I've just been to the dentist where I had a bunch of fillings so my ENTIRE MOUTH is numb. I can barely speak. The problem is, I AM SO HUNGRY.

What can I eat that won't dribble out of my mouth? They said you should eat "light, easily digestible meals" but my mother suggested soup and that would just go everywhere. What's a light, non-liquid, non-chewy, easily digestible food that I can have?
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(no subject)

TODAY ON THE TQC SHOW (imagine a'la Jerry Springer)

what's the topic of today's show?
what are YOU there as? (audience member, security, victim, etc)
what's our theme music?
who's the host?

what's something good that's happened today? he just walked through the door, i noticed the WF on the jacket but didn't recall his name, until i got the order. :p

what's something bad that's happened today?
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(no subject)

1. What's the strangest thing you've ever sent or recieved in the mail?

2. Do you like Funfetti cupcakes?

3. I am currently making 48 cupcakes for a second grade class (that my french 4 high school class is teaching) with 22 kids in it. Should I a)take ALL 48 cupcakes to the 2nd graders and give what is left over to my friends that won't be there or b)distribute 26 to my friends that won't be there and leave the 22 for the second graders?

4. Is there any community you would like to actively take part in except you never have anything good to post about? A lot of times I'll have good comments but no good posts.

5. How do you feel about Criss Angel?

6. Does it bother you when people can't do simple HTML?

7. Do you use the preview feature before you actually post something?


I know there is a website where you can list the food ingredients you have in your kitchen and it gives you a recipe with what you can cook using those ingredients, but for the life of me I can't remember the website is.

So what is this website?

m&#39;effondre // mylene

(no subject)

Is there a site where I can look specifically at houses for rent in my area? I've tried, but it's all apartments, and Craigslist seems to have the exact same rentals posted over and over again. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Has anyone here had a smart dog?

I've only had lovely, but very stupid dogs (we get given the in-bred reject dogs from a breeder), and I wonder in what ways a dog can be smart. I mean it's not like you read the paper together. But obviously that's not it. Stories?

(no subject)

1. It is the third day into my summer holidays. I'm bored. I don't go back 'til september. What shall I do? I'm already thinking of getting a job.

2. What is there to do in Tampa Bay, Florida? I'm visiting next year from England.

(no subject)

How do you feel about wearing brown with black?

For example:

Black shoes and pants with a brown shirt.
Not tan, BROWN.

I've seen some hardcore no-no's lately and thought i'd ask for TQC's opinion

edit: brown/white dress w/black shoes??

im not talking like light brown here, im talking brown-brown....

haha maybe its just me?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

Because I've never done a poll and I feel like being nonsensical today...


Would you rather be:

a Jedi
a monkey
a professional baseball player

Edit: By the way, by "me" I mean "me-sarahonlife", not "me-the person answering the question". Just wanted to make that clear so you could change your answer if you wish. If you do not wish to, awesome!

2. Have you ever had to kick a roommate out? Why? How did you go about it? How did they react? Please tell me all the gory details?

(no subject)

What does it mean when dogs eat grass/weeds? Are they just hungry and like it, or does it mean something like they're constipated?

Every time I go outside, I catch my dogs eating the weeds. It's so weird. They look like cows or something.
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The REALLY bad touch

Really not a serious poll, even if it turns you on or gives you plans for this weekend

What sexual deviancy disturbs you the most?

Robot lust
Robots wearing fursuits
Foot fetish
Water games
Muppet lust
Underage, same-sex beastiality
BDSM (the kind where gimp suits are routinely accepted)
Sexing Realsex Dolls that look like yourself
Necrophilia where the body's dressed up in a fursuit
Midget lust
Amputee lust (stumpies)
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(no subject)

Based off this news story...

1- If you had tuberculosis and knew it, would you be an ass and go on flights, possibly infecting other people?

2- If your status was upgraded to REALLY DANGEROUS while away from home, would you sneak back into your country on another flight, despite doctors telling you to go into quarantine?

3- If you found out you got TB from a jackass who thought he was so brilliant to sneak back into his country, would you find him to kick his ass?
This is so ridiculous.

Fun mechanical things! Plus more.

1. I am a genius and lost my keys, including my U-Lock key, which means my bike is perpetually locked to my apartment gate. Any good ideas on how to pick that lock open/saw it off/etc?

2. Is there such thing as a homemade air-conditioner, and if so, how do I make one?

3. What is the best souvenir someone has brought you back from wherever?

4. I've got a twin bed and box springs just hanging out in my apartment, in addition to the bed I actually use. Anyone want them? Anyone have any ideas as to what to do with them? I am okay with ridiculous answers, and especially okay with answers that will bring me money.

(no subject)

After reading the responses I got to my previous question, I have a couple new ones:

Do you know of any job search engines that focus on entry level/temp jobs? I've tried Monster and the job site for my community, but the only results they gave back to me where jobs at our hospital and those scamming "work from home, make 4000 a day!!!" jobs.

Also: Just graduated high school, have most of my experience in the food service industry. Very good experience with word processing/other Microsoft Office tools. Any suggestions for what I should look for?

Manufacture at home

Well, I finally got back a SASE from a company that has people build stuff at home. I've done a few google searches, and I haven't really found anything on it.

As such, I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me about this kind of thing. You know, how hard it is to stop building stuff for them, how fast you generally work, that kind of thing.

Sorry for being so vague.

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1. I've always wondered this. Why do we, as TQC members, ignore when a regular posted breaks the rules but then jump on someone else for doing it?

like this post is ok, but this one is not?

2. Is glamscene a regular member? I think so, the icon looks familiar. I need to pay attention to names.

3. What kind of shampoo do you use?

4. Have you ever used a shampoo that left your hair feeling dirtier than when you got into the shower? What was it?

5. What new things are you going to be trying this summer?

Girl who posted about radio jobs a while ago....

I remember someone posting a while ago about where to look for radio jobs etc. I think they were a recent college grad....

Question: Does anyone remember who that person was?

Below the cut is a summer camp counselor position for a summer camp that needs someone to teach kids how to be on air, produce etc. If you know this person, or remember their username would you please pass this along???


(It took me forever to get a job in radio, so I try to lend a hand to people coming up if I can.)

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1. I just gave myself a French manicure. Do I (quite literally) have too much time on my hands?

2. Do you like Genoa salami? What about deli meats in general?

3. I bought a blue lei car air freshner from Wal Mart that was $3.97. It fell apart as soon as I opened the package. I didn't even have a chance to hang it. Would you have taken it back, even though you were only going to save $4.49?

4. How hot does it have to be outside to prevent you from doing things?

5. Did you ever watch Camp Cariboo?

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My brother is graduating from college this month and it's also his birthday. I was planning on getting him a pocket watch and I don't really know much about them. I found one on so I was wondering

1) Is Pierre Cardin a good brand?
2) Are there any other brands you can suggest that a 16 year-old with no job can afford and buy on line?
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skin care

i'm thinking about getting some wrinkle cream/serum. what kind of ingredients/features should i look for? i'm not looking for a brand name, but i'm willing to spend money if it's worth it. recommendations are good but i'm more interested in the actual ingredients that do the work. if it matters i have combination skin. i don't have any wrinkles now but i figure i should do something before i get any? i dunno, just thinking about it.

eta: your thoughts on AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids)? does it do anything? or is it a different strokes for different folks kind of thing?
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1. why can't some people just take NO as an answer? especially when the situation really isn't even THAT serious.
2. when's the last time you got hit on?
3. did it go well? (as in.. did they get the digits, get you interested, etc?)
4. what else do i have to do to get these men to leave me alone?! they ALL know i have a boyfriend, and i am tempted to curse 'em out sometimes but i don't want to lose my job. if i ignore 'em they call me stuck up and it's not like i CAN ignore 'em seeing that they are customers here and i sure as heck am not going to give into their stupidity.

Odd compliments

What's the oddest compliment you've gotten?

The most recent one I can think of was when I went to get my hair chopped really short, and the hairstylist said I had the silkiest, softest hair she'd ever cut.
veronica - face palm


I've never grilled pork before and I'm freaking out!! My pork chops turned white as soon as they touched the grill, is this normal??
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Online Accounts, Flickr, and Teeth.

1. Do you pretty much use the same screen name for your online accounts (excluding instances where you have two accounts on the same site)? Why or why not?
2. What about passwords? All the same, or no?
3. If you have different screen names, what are they?
4. Have you ever had to communicate in a professional manner via email, with someone who had a very unprofessional screen name?
5. For you Flickr users: I've searched the FAQ and don't think the following question is exactly answered. If I upload a dozen photos today, and a dozen tomorrow, can I use the "organize" thing to put a couple from tomorrow's batch in front of today's batch? Or do I have to change the date on them in order to place them in front of photos that were uploaded a day before them?
6. Have you ever had your teeth professionally whitened? What was the experience like (during and after, pain, sensitivity, etc)?

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inspired by the mass of emo

so, do tell.

does anyone know the password to your livejournal account?
does anyone know your email password?
what about other internet sites?
are all your internet passwords similar to eachother?
do you have a list of all your interest passwords?

will you tell me your password(s)?

**EDIT: oh, my motivation for asking about Passwords is related to the discussion of "if i die, how will the internets know?"
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My mother's hypersensitive nose insists that my room smells like pot. I don't smoke pot. What in my room do you think is giving off this smell? (I'm going to be honest, I don't even know what pot smells like.)
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For money, would you do any of these? (on a day-by-day basis, not as a primary job)

Pose nude for art photography
Pose nude for pornographic photography
Be a go-go dancer
Be a stripper
Appear in a porn movie (no oral or... penetration, if you will)
Appear in a porn movie (hardcore)
Be a nude housekeeper or other fetish type person for an individual
Give sexual favors to an individual from, say, Craigslist

For "money", I mean the realistic amount you'd be paid if you actually took the job.

would you rather

Would you rather.....

sleep with..:

now ever weirder..
eat out/blow your best friend..or.. lose an arm.?
be poor or ugly?
burp your whole life or be ugly?

deaf or blind?
work at your teenage part time job for the rest of your life..or shave your head (forever)?
have a million dollars or be able to have kids?

doubletime with asinine for extra sugarp

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if you wanted to hold a speaking for a small, relatively unknown person, where would it be at? (by relatively unknown, he's not really, maybe seventy to ninety people will be in attendance).

if you want to get more specific, anywhere around miami, hollywood, or fort lauderdale.

please and thank you.

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i want to get sushi today for the first time ever at a restaurant/ what is your favorite kind, or a good kind for a someone who's never had it? what should I avoid?

so, my company laid off about 20% of my dept in March. Last week I was offered a new position, it would be a lateral move and I'd have a different manager. It's not something I want to do. But, is it possible they can force me to take it, even if I want to turn it down?

Also they said they wouldn't replace me if I left my current position. This makes me worry that if I don't leave they will lay off someone with less experience. Would you take the transfer to a crappier job (if you knew they would fire a coworker if you didn't transfer)?

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Why do people on the internet think I'm male?? What about the way I type or present myself online just screams Has a Penis?

If you worked in a Dorito factory (or something similar) would you find ways to sneak home huge sacks of flavoring dust?
It would become the staple of my diet

Do you lick the flavor dust off and shove things back in the bag?
I did that with some Chili and Lime almonds tonight omgomgomgsogood

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I just have one quick question. On tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, what was the name of the song that Janet (girl with the prosthetic arm) danced to? I can't remember it... it's driving me crazy! Thanks!

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Does anybody happen to have/know where I can find blueprints for building a parabolic mirror (a mirror in the shape of a parabola which focuses all the light to one point, for those curious).I need a summer project, and burning anthills with a mirror sounds like fun.

Bed time?

My husband always makes fun of me because regardless of what happens in my day, I'm sooo tired and usually end up going to bed around 10 p.m. unless I'm out and about.  He thinks thats too early.  But then, I'm usually up before him. 

What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up? Are you male or female? Do you think 10 p.m. is an early bed time?

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My computer is talking to me.

No, seriously, it's a mac OS X and whenever I click something, a computerised voice tells me exactly what I clicked.
"NewsEdit Pro pages window update button"
"Firefox Update Journal window scroll bar"

I'm sure this is for the nearly-blind or something, but it's incredibly annoying and I can't listen to music at all because this voice tells me everything I click.
I went to "finder services speech stop speaking" and clicked that, and it informed me that i clicked it, but it's still going.

Do I have an option other than "mute" ? (It's also not under sound, it seems.)
breakfast at tiffany&#39;s

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Who is your favorite current correspondent/contributor on The Daily Show?

Dan Bakkedahl
Samantha Bee
Jason Jones
Aasif Mandvi
John Oliver
Rob Riggle
Lewis Black
John Hodgman
Demetri Martin
Larry Wilmore

Who is your favorite former correspondent/contributor on The Daily Show? (non exhaustive list)

Steve Carell
Stephen Colbert
Rob Corddry
Nate Corddry
Ed Helms
Mo Rocca


the drug war...

what side are you on?

Basically, how do you feel about illegal substances? In general, as far as legality, personally, particular drugs, anything. I'm just curious.
Cherry Cheesecake or Pie


Who here has Greasemonkey installed, as well as the Killfile script? If you do, can you please tell me where the KILL / HIDE links are supposed to be? They're not showing up for me! (darn kids and technology these days...)

Serious understandable answers only, please.
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What type of accent do you have?

What accent, in your opinion, is the sexiest? The ugliest?
(not trying to offend anyone here, everyone is different)

I have an obnoxious Chicago accent. I love British accents. And some New Jersey accents rub me the wrong way.

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Can you wash down comforters?
If so, how do you?

I really want one, but we have a dog that likes sleeping on beds. :-\ She smells like dog, and so I have to wash my sheets every few weeks. If washing down comforters that often messes with them I rather not waste the money.

Backing up my LJ

I am reading all the many many many many pages of stuff on this mass deletion fiasco, and I keep seeing references to "backing up" an LJ.  How would I go about doing that?  What exactly does that mean?

I am not involved in any of the fandoms, nor do I have any of the targeted interests listed, but if LJ is going to censor stuff here, I think I will take my journal and my reading elsewhere.

So, how do I back up my LJ?

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I made a post on Craigslist offering food I didn't want. It was flagged. Why do you think it was flagged?

Could it have been because I said I didn't want any sob stories?
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1. Have you ever done a zombie walk? When and where?
No, but I want to!

2. Have you ever organized a zombie walk? How did you go about getting people involved?
I'm considering organizing an Indianapolis one and using MySpace and Facebook to get people interested.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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How come I'm not tipsy yet?

Anything dissapoint you yet today/last 24 hours?

Was there any pleasant surprises for you today/last 24 hours?

Have you ever done anyone's homework for them without getting any benefit for yourself (other than knowing they'd get a grade on it)?

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I'm using Wilton T-shirt transfers and I've never done this before and after hours of aggravation, I've decided to ask TQC for some help.

The package says that to use to make the transfers. My question is do I HAVE to use that site to make the transfers or can I just right-click on my image and print it like normal?

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so, let's pretend we all agree it takes 21 days to make a habit, as has been suggested by someone somewhere. i've decided to run for 21 days in a perhaps vain attempt to make running every day a habit. so, my question, tqc, is do you think it matters what time? like, do i have to run every day at the same time or can i just run every day at some point?


How old should kittens be before they are handled regularly?

My cat had kittens about a week ago and the annoying crotch droppings in the neighborhood who always come by to try and torture play with my cat have been taking the kittens two at a time(my dad gives them to the kids) from the mother and doing god knows what to them. I want to smack the kids and lock my kitties in and not let anyone touch them until they're old enough to not scream hysterically when taken from their panicky mother who looks at me with those 'why are you letting this happen?!?' eyes. *shakes fist in anger*

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What song(s) do you automatically sing along to when you hear it?
Anything by NSync, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Beatles

Favorite song to sing along to?
Why Do You Build Me Up Buttercup?

Best songs for a mix cd for a road trip?


Are you allergic to any foods/ingredients?
Which one(s)?
Does it bother you?

Me, I'm allergic to caffiene. It sucks because more things have caffiene in them than you'd think. I've gotten sick from the most odd things. Like a bottle of fruit juice.
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bear what now
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I've lost a ticky box

Does anyone have any idea where they're currently hiding the "Auto-convert older entries from" option that used to be on LJ's "edit personal info" page that's now something about editing profiles? I want to back up my journal, but ljarchive won't do it until I check that option, which I can't do because I can't find it.

ETA: it's here: (although it's not a ticky box).


What would you do to cheer up some random stranger that seems suicidally depressed and hus bawling her/his eyes out?

Oh ,lets assume you would do something. I saw the future and imagined ppl saying nothing.

This is so ridiculous.

Two in one day? Damn.

If you could have the occupation of any fictional character on television, what would that occupation be?

It's not on TV anymore, but I'd want Josh Lyman or CJ Craig's job, from The West Wing. Because even though I keep saying I'm gonna lead a revolution, chances are I'm not. :(

PMS relief

I've seen questions asking if somebody has PMS, but I haven't seen any questions about what anyone does to relieve her symptoms.

So, what makes you feel better during PMS and helps you keep it together?


Would you consider "you have a pretty face" or something similar to that, to be a compliment, a backhanded (left-handed) compliment, an insult, or something else?