May 29th, 2007

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TQC, I really need your help.
My sister has this beloved turtle. And its falling apart. I really really need her to find her a new one. But shes had it for a long time and we dont remember where it came from. I cant even think of what to search on ebay for that isnt incredibly generic.
Can you look at this cute little turtle and maybe you recognize it and can tell me a brand or something that I can actually search for? pom pom turtle is getting me a Gymboree pair of socks. :(
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And what is your favorite crayon color?

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You died. Whoops. But it turns out you did just enough right to get into heaven. Atheists, turns out you were wrong - God is right there. He says watching your life has been most entertaining, and is going to repay you. God will change one thing in the world for the future generations, and you get to choose what.

What do you decide to have God change?

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I've been sitting at my desk for 2 hours analyzing and over analyzing an text only a page long for my English exam on thirsday and I really can't be bothered...

If you could take your degree in anything what would it be?

My 4 modules would be made up with: Babyname statistics, Celebrity Culture, Harry Potter and Greek Mythology.

If only!!

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why does my cat meow SOOOO much!!! at first I thought it was because she was lonely,. i got her 3 weeks ago, but she still meows alot like if she still misses her mom,  do you think that it? how long until she'll stop?

I give her as much attention as i can I give her more attention then I give my bf! lol but as soon as I dont  she starts meowing again! also she freaks out if I leave the room, its like she'ssooo scared I'm going to leave the house!

does anyone know if this is only temporary or is it just her personality?


Whenever I ride my bike I manage to get at least 1 bug (or other tiny mystery item) in my eye or my nose. I'm pretty sure everyone on my street has seen me stopping my bike to pick my nose by now. I need to find some sunglasses to wear that will keep things out of my eyes, but without making me look too strange. Is there a certain style of sunglasses that look decent on most people?

I know I said I wanted non-strange ones, but do you know where I could find ones like the green ones here in an actual store? I wouldn't want to order them because I have a big head so I'd like to try them on first.

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Okay guys, here's the story:

It's 2am, someone is calling me, but the number isn't showing
When I pick up all I hear is 'Swallow, swallow bitch'

Honestly... am I easily scared or is this really creepy...?
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If you were packing a moving truck, would you put the furniture or boxes in first? Why?

ETA: Pursuant to lierre's suggestion, we're taking the boxes and furniture in separate trips. Thanks for everyone for their input!
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Brush brush brush

Why does brushing my teeth always make my nose itch?

And while I'm thinking about teeth and whatnot:

Let's say you are just getting ready to brush your teeth. Before you can apply the toothpaste to the brush, you accidentally knock the tube off your counter. It lands on the floor and bounces/rolls around until it comes to a stop right behind the toilet. For the sake of argument, let's say it's brand new, totally full tube. Let's also say that you have a full backup tube of toothpaste in your cabinet, so you could use that if you wanted.

Poll #993218 toothpasty goodness
This poll is closed.

The lid is on. What do you do with the tube of toothpaste that's behind the toilet?

Shrug. The lid's on, right? I'll just use it and not do anything different.
I'll wash it off as best as I can and then use it.
Ew. I'll throw that away.

Same thing, but the lid is OFF. What do you do with the tube of toothpaste?

Shrug. Eh, it can't be that bad. I'll just use it and not do anything different.
I'll wash it off as best as I can and then use it.
Ew. I'll throw that away.

annoying computer question

my parents' computer (old, big, and running Windows 98) has all of a sudden decided to distort any pictures on the screen as well as make all of the fonts very large. We already tried switching monitors (that is not the problem) as well as manually changing the settings from 16 bit to high color (this didn't work and wouldn't reset). We also tried to check if the accessibility options were turned on by accident (also not the problem). We also reinstalled the video driver (well my dad said he did). I keep telling my parents to just buy a new computer but they want to just try and figure this problem out on their own and stay in their ten-year-old ways. Does anyone know what the problem might be (other than the ones I mentioned)?
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1)What kind of folks shop at your nearest Walmart? It's mostly Hispanic people at the one I go to.
2)When a button falls off your shirt, do you throw it out or sew it back on (or like me, save the button thinking you will sew it back on but you never do and then you lose the button)?
3)When did you last go hiking (either urban or rural setting) and where?

Line of Credit

I accidentally paid my line of credit late this month. Should I call the bank and explain? Or will it all just balance out and they'll just charge me extra interest next month?
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1) If you had to run a mile right now, how long do you think it would take you?

2) Should I cut my hair really short and dye it dark red?

3) Who was your favorite Babysitter's Club character? (if you've read the books)

4) Has anyone won ever won cash from Blingo? How long does it take to arrive? I could really use it ASAP.

5) Since all my questions are designed specifically to cause drama, what kind of drama do you think this post will incite?

EDIT: Do you know of any web sites for brain sharpening? I read an article this weekend that mentioned some, one specifically that asked you to pick out a frown face in a sea of smiles... it's mind*something*.com, but I can't find it. HALP.

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Someone had mentioned a Mosquito repellent patches to me the other day and i lost the website, Anyone know it?

Also my friends and I were discussing this lastnight to see if there's any comparison btwn the size of guys, so if your a guy or you know your guys details:
Girth (of ya know!)?
Lenght (of ya know!)?

Oh hay thar

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How many consecutive days can an employer schedule you to work without a day off?

I worked 9 straight days and went in yesterday, because my days off were supposed to be today and tomorrow. They then tell me I didn't have to work yesterday, but asked if I could stay for the morning anyway. So that made it 10 straight days. Then they called me at 10pm last night to ask if I could work today, on my day off! I'm not going in today or tomorrow but I am booked for another 7 straight days after this.
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Will you be watching?


For those who are watching, have you managed to resist the spoilers?


And last but not least, what do you want to see next season?

EDIT: I'm sorry about forgeting to lj-cut, but seriously, if you have TQC on your friends page then you're getting spammed every ten minutes anyhow.  Cry a fucking river.
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1) IN A RELATIONSHIP* which matters most...

affection OR passion?
understanding OR respect?

2) would you forgive your SO for:

a) flirting with someone else?
b) sending an ex flirty e-mails?
c) drunkenly kissing a stranger?
d) having a one-night stand?
e) having a month-long affair?
f) cybersex?

and thequestionclub member, what makes YOU so damn sexy?!

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i've been downloading a lot of music off of the indie_exchange community recently. i download it and use winrar to extract the files onto my desktop. i then drag the songs into itunes. but now my desktop has a ton of folders and songs on it. i've tried putting the files into my itunes or music folders, but then when i try to play them using itunes, it says the file cannot be found. anyone know how to fix this?

my desktop:
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1. What disorder pisses you off the most when people abuse it? (or just don't get it, so they spew out all this crap that they THINK they understand about it and it makes you want to strangle them)

Such as a physical disorder that people learn about and claim they have so they can get out of doing stuff they don't want to do... but when there's something they DO want to do, magically the disorder isn't affecting them! Also mental disorders, using them as an excuse to be an asshole to everybody they meet for example.

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dear TQC,

a gas station (an admiral station) around here always sells gas for a little bit less than the rest. it's always super busy with cars spilling out into the road.

the other day gas was 3.45 everywhere else, and 3.39 at admiral. i got half a tank of gas.

i only drove about 80 miles and my tank is empty now. the gas burned TWICE as fast as it normally would. is there a reason for this? are they doing something to the gas to "water it down" so to speak?

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i crashed my puuurrttyyy mustang on sunday. it was totally my fault. i was taking a left at a red light, while the light was still red(i saw the green for the light going the other way and i was in a complete daze and just went) and a little pick-up truck smashed into me. he got out and had a huge screaming/swearing fit and then got in his truck and sped off and never came back. the cops never found him. Because it was a hit and run do I still get ALL the charges? or is there a way i can play it off like it was all my fault?

have you ever crashed a car?  if you have, how many times? what happened?
this was my first accident =(

how was your memorial day spent? did you have to work? if you got the day off are they payin' ya?

i had the day off and i slept until 1:30 in the afternoon(woops!). my boyfriend and i cleaned our room, and went out to eat and went to walmart. thankfully, i'm getting paid.

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Im sure this has been asked at some point:
Can you give an example of a PURELY selfless act? Is there ANY action that you have done that didnt in some way benefit you in the short or long term?

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An ex-boyfriend owes me about $2000 and he always swore that he'd pay it back to me because he "hates being in debt to anyone". I've asked about it in the past when we were still communicating regularly, and there was always an excuse for not paying it then.

Now my car is about to die on me and I need terribly to get it fixed. TQC, should I give him another call and tell him about my car troubles (fully expecting another excuse), or just suck it up and plan on never seeing the money again? Or should I get my current boyfriend to pay him a visit and demand my money? :-D

Serious and non-serious answers welcome.
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i've been trying to eat healthier foods, including some organic/vegetarian/vegan stuff (yes i still read the ingredients list. i make sure i get the organic as opposed to the "organic").

can anyone tell me what brands consistently taste good and don't contain soy of any kind, particularly for frozen or dehydrated foods?

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Which of the following do you find more annoying?

A) People who are interesting on the internet, and then disappointingly boring in real life; or

B) People who are interesting in real life, and then incredibly boring on the internet.

Fuzzy family members

Would you be mad if someone you lived with adopted a pet without asking you? Tis a continuous sore spot between me and the husband (he adopted a dog one day when I was at work about 2 years ag, we had not talked about getting another dog, and I pretty much don't like dogs).

Would it depend on the animal the person adopted (like if they knew it was something you disliked)? Would it depend on the size of the animal?

I was half-tempted to insist he take it back to the shelter, but then I would feel like the dog's death was on my hands since it's not a no-kill shelter. Plus we do have 2 other dogs...what's one more, really? So, now I'm stuck with this dog and I can't stand him, but as I'm here most of the time, I have to deal with him.
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1. What's the last thing you spilled on your keyboard?

I just spilled some chicken and broccoli from the Chinese place all over my keyboard. Talk about greasy.

2. What's your favorite Chinese food dish?

I love Double Sauteed Pork and Hot & Sour Soup...yummmm

3. What's the last thing you put in the mail?

A thank you card to my grandmother. She's so thoughtful all the time.
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I couldn't sleep a wink last night

TQC, my boyfriend's alarm clock drives me insane! The numbers on its digital face are gouge your eyes out green. It's so bright, that it casts shadows. I can literally make shadow-puppets on our bedroom wall whenever it gets dark.

It's so bright, in fact, that it keeps me up at night. He doesn't seem to notice, though I have no fucking idea how he manages not to.

What sort of alarm clock do you use? Does it have a brightness setting? Do you think neon green lights are better/worse than red or blue? Where can I get a CD-playing alarm clock with non-green letters and a brightness setting?

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1. What is your favorite curse word?
2. Is shit a better curse word than fuck or is fuck superior to all?
3. Do you watch Inside the Actors Studio? If so, who has been your favorite guest so far?

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have you ever taken anti-depressants?

are you currently on anti-depressants?

if so, what do/did you take? what are/were the side effects?

i'd like a bit of knowledge when i visit the crazy doctor this week. i took serzone years ago. but it made me go from a sad panda to OMG i want to kill myself. not cool.
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Art Question

When it comes to paint brushes, are the sizes pretty standard between brands? Like, is a No.8 Flat basically the same, regardless of brand? I'm taking a couple of decorative painting classes, but some of these brushes are more expensive than the class. I don't want to buy a Wal-Mart Bag-O-Brushes, but I don't need the top of the line either.
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Should an individual who holds a position of authority be granted the respect of others, regardless of his or her character?

and also - Where can I find someone who loves Jane Eyre so much they'd willingly do my homework about it?
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what's your celeb-like quirk? i have about 30+ pair of shoes, ranging from sneakers, to flats, to cowboy boots.. i'm not that !!! about matching my outfit with a certain pair of shoes, BUT! i do have more of a variety to choose from.
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1) Would you send me 25 cents any amount of money (paypal fees on 25 cents make it 0.... assholes)?

I am dead serious. It's not for anything. I'm not poor or sick or anything. It's mostly just a social experiment (and no, not for school, I'm not in school), but if I *do* get a substantial amount (which I expect to), I will most likely donate it to an animal shelter or something.

2) Do you think that if you can visualize something, it can happen?

3) Do you know THE SECRET?

ohh hey another one!

I recently got my nose pierced(3, or 4 days ago). and now I can't stop playing with the stud, and since the piercer made the stud a little larger than needed(because of swelling) It's very loose and I'll have no problem getting it out. Anyways... Questions...

1. How do I make myself stop playing with it?
2. Do you think it would really be, like, bad to take the stud out, check the hole and then put it back in?
3. Can I adjust the stud myself so it's not so loose? If so how?

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How old were you when you went on your first date?

I was watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the other day and one of the girls was 12 years old and going on her first date! I didn't go on my first date until I was in college.
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How would one gain a bit of weight quickly, but healthily? Junk food and pop is not an option. I'm talking about 5-10 pounds on someone who is underweight and can't seem to gain. Any yummy foods with high caloric content?
Say what

It's freaking Mr. Wizard....

My FIL has a tendency to spew "facts" that he knows nothing about, just to sound smart. My sister in law's partner has finally started calling him on it...and he usually backs down if he's making it up.

At dinner the other night, SIL's partner and I were talking about water jugs. We each have a 64 ounce jug of water we drink from, and try to drink that amount daily. FIL claimed that "the human body can only process 12 ounces of water a day". SIL's partner called him out on it and I just laughed.

How do you deal with these people? Should I just keep my mouth shut since he's my FIL or should I start calling him out on things?

How many ounces of water CAN a body process a day?

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Did anyone here ever have a spider (like a tarantula) as a pet?
Or know someone who actually has?

If you do, what is it like? Is it hard to look after them or is there anything special you have to think about?
Do they get used to the person caring for them?
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1) I got Chicken Lo Mein and white rice at the Chinese food place on Saturday. Do you think it's still good? EDIT: I don't know if I want to risk it. I have a phobia of leftovers. Should I order cheese sticks from Papa John's instead? I ordered cheese sticks! Mmm....
2) What was the last bad dream you had?
3) Have you ever fostered animals for the SPCA? What was it like?
4) Is there any sort of work at home job that will pay me at least 100$ a week and is legit and doesn't involve selling things?

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So my partner just broke it off with me.

I don't have that many friends, so it's not like I can go hang out with them or something.

Also, I don't really like to read books and things like movies/tv I can't seem to focus on when I am emotional.

Any suggestions on a distraction or something to make me feel better?
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Have you ever taken a vacation alone? For how long? Was it to an unfamiliar place you'd never been to before (i.e. state, country, continent, etc.)?

How long into the trip was it until you felt like you weren't such a loser? :p

Edit: Why did you take it alone? Did you plan it that way or did your other party(ies) fall through?
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Wedding planning

I am getting married in 11 months, and I like to plan things early. Any advice out there? What do I need to go ahead and start doing for the wedding?

(I know that weddings are never perfect, but I'd like any advice to make it easier. :) )
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Inspired by this post...

1. How old were you when you started using the stove/oven supervised?
2. How old were you when you were able to use the stove/oven unsupervised?

3. How good are you at cooking?
4. Did your parents teach you how to cook, did you learn to cook on your own while still living at home, or did you learn to cook when you started to live on your own (if applicable)?
5. Do you wish that would have been different?

6. When do you think is a reasonable age for children to start using the stove/oven while supervised?
7. When do you think is a reasonable age to let children use the stove/oven unsupervised?

8. If you have kids, when did/will you allow them to start using the stove/oven supervised?
9. How about unsupervised?
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Hmmm so I know I want to re-read at least a few of the Harry Potter books before the 7th one comes out July 21... But I can't decide which! See I'm pretty sure I want to read at least 5 and 6, but I kind of want to re-read 3 just for fun, so maybe I should make it a clean sweep of 3-6, but if I do that why not go back to 1 and 2, right? So what do YOU think?

Which HP books should I reread before Book 7 comes out?

1: Sorcerer's Stone
2: Chamber of Secrets
3: Prisoner of Azkaban
4: Goblet of Fire
5: Order of the Phoenix
6: Half-Blood Prince

PS I read very fast and I should have plenty of reading time this summer, but there are other books on my personal reading list too...
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This weekend, I got my hair cut from just below my shoulders to just below my chin.

Today, I have people going "Oh, did you get your hair cut?"

What snarky thing would you say in response?

Non-serious answers, pls. ;-)

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Is Jiffy Mix the same as Bisquik?
Have a great recipe for for chicken pot with with one of those two?
(My dad demanded such for dinner and the recipe that I usually use is MIA D:)
Crabby Bitch

Song Lyrics Gone Wrong...

I heard "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR today while at lunch and it reminded me that when my sister was little she thought the lyrics were, "There's a bathroom on the right" not "There's a bad moon on the rise."

When I was little, I sang "Hang on Sloopy" as "hang on snoopy."

What song lyrics have you screwed up?

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1. What is one thing on the internet that you could never live without?
2. What is one thing on the internet that you would get rid of?
3. What is something that is like crack to you? (for example... fanfiction is my crack)
4. If you could redo your freshman year of high school would you?
5. If you could change one thing about your freshman year of highschool what would it be?

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Help me understand a bible-thumper please?

The following is from this news article wherein a crazy lady is fighting for Harry Potter to be kept out of a school. Kay.

At Tuesday's hearing, Mallory argued in part that witchcraft is a religion practiced by some people and, therefore, the books should be banned because reading them in school violates the constitutional separation of church and state.

"I have a dream that God will be welcomed back in our schools again," Mallory said. "I think we need him."

(Bolds are mine.)

So... Religion is a no-no unless it's her's?

If you were this raving lunatic, would you home school your kid(s), or send them to a super secret religious school, or some such?

Are there no religion-based schools in the US?

What is going on?? :(

What would you think of this?

So I have been seeing this guy for almost four months. We are not official boyfriend/girlfriend because NEITHER of us has said anything!

Then we had this conversation about sleeping with other people.

Him: I'm not sleeping with anyone else.
Me: I'm not either.
Him: Ok.
Me: Is that by choice or because there arent many opportunities?
Him: I really don't want to sleep with anyone else and I have no opportunities.

Harrison and I

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What's the best advice you have to give to someone looking for a job who:

-Only has had one job, and it was at McDonald's for two years.

-Has no real skills outside of being able to type something like 98 words a minute

-Has only ever been on one interview (see first note), and it was with a vocational counselor (I believe that's what it's called) from high school (they were in high school at the time) there during the interview. They are scared stiff of having an interview by themselves.?

-Lives in a town where malls and book stores are 30 minutes or so away

-Refuses to work at the only other fast food place (Wendy's) in their town because their "best" friend works there as a manager and it just wouldn't be a good situation. Not to mention the fact that they would refuse to work at ANY fast food place ever again because of how horrible it was working at McDonald's

-Is scared of having to ask for applications and potentially talking to the manager(s) on shift
-Has "phone phobia." They hate making phone calls, even to their own relatives. They would much rather communicate with people either in person or through e-mail/IM

-Would probably make a horrible waitress, so waitressing wouldn't work

-Has experience babysitting but that's about it outside of working at McDonald's.

-Has only driven by themselves to a few places in Connecticut, having only had their license for about two years

-And hasn't graduated from college yet?

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watching movies on WMP

I love watching movies on Windows Media Player...but like recently, whenever I insert a DVD in and hit "play" computer freezes. I haven't tried using any other programs...but I want to stick with WMP cause I like it, except for the fact that it keeps freezing on me.

Everytime I click "play" this message shows up:

"Your system is set to DVD region 2. To play this DVD, set your system to region 1."

I never even changed any of my do I change my system back to region 1?

Please someone help meeee.
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(no subject)

1. What's the last thing you felt guilty about?

2. What are you looking forward to?

3. What's bugging you right now?

4. Chips with dip, or crackers and cheese?

5. What song have you just been unable to get out of your head lately?

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Settle an argument for me, TQC: 

When someone says something like "Statement blah blah blah. (READ: really blah blah)", would you pronounce "read" like "red" or "reed"?  If you're a grammar/language nazi and can point me to proof of the right answer, I'd appreciate this too.  


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Poll #993492 Pregnancy Etiquette.

Bare Pregnant Belly:


Bare Pregnant Belly in public. (Not because of a half shirt, just lifting shirt up to show someone.)

Beautiful, but have some class.
Maybe at a baby shower - but that's it.
Same as in private. (see above answer)

Stretch marks due to pregnancy:


Saying eww to a pregnant woman's belly:


Commenting negatively on a pregnant woman's stretch marks while she's pregnant (Let's just assume they are normal stretch marks, nothing out of the ordinary.)


(no subject)

1.What does one wear to a rave?
2. What does one do at a rave(besides drugs)?
3. Is there... rave etiquette? Like mosh-pitt etiquette? but for raves?

Edited to Ask - Do I have to do drugs? Assume I am ignoran about raves (except music and drugs) and tell me what happens at a rave.

(no subject)

When your shoes get stinky/dirty, do you throw them in the washer?

What is the best way to remove stink from a shoe, or in my case, a sandal? Things like foot powder don't really work well on sandals because it just falls off.

I'm on a roll today

1. What's your favorite Vegetable? Least favorite?
2. What's the best and easiest 'diet' you've ever used?
3. What kind of makep do you use? Favorite kidn of makeup?
4. If you could visit any year in the past what year and why?
5. What's your favorite fruit? Least favorite?


I'm participating in the blood drive at my high school tomorrow. It'll be my first time donating blood ever. Long story short, I'm very squeamish and I am very, very nervous.

So, TQC...

1. Have you ever given blood?
2. If so, what was the experience like?
3. Any tips for me?
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I haven't had my period this month.... Am I pregnant?  I don't trust those "sticks" that you "pee" on.  Or doctors.  Or Miss Cleo.


(no subject)

You all were wonderfully helpful with the actual sunburn itself.

Now the peeling is driving me nuts. I'm a wimp/not flexible and can't reach most parts of my back, and don't want it to be touched anyway--but the damn peeling is itching and driving me bananas. What can I do? Lotion doesn't last more than 20 minutes =/

(no subject)

Is there any place where I can buy dog/cat meat and eat it? I've always wondered, I mean I don't think there's any kind of law that prohibits it's sale. Yes, it's culturally taboo, but I don't think it's illegal (I'm in the US btw), so maybe that means there is a place to order it from. I really don't want to have to shoot a puppy/kitty.

(no subject)

1. i was offered a job to clean a very close friend's house. her mother has a really bad back and can't really get around to clean, and i was asked if i'd want to de-clutter her bedroom (i hear it's really cluttered and could take 3-4 hours) and then do some maintenance cleaning every week to week and a half.

i've never done this before and since i'll be paid under the table, i'm not sure how much i should be expecting. i don't know how much house cleaners get paid, and i refuse to accept too much from her mother since i know that she'd clean if she physically could, but her mother and her daughter are really sweet people and while i will maintain a professional relationship with her mother, i will not take advantage of her sweetness.

have any of you ever cleaned houses before? their house is by no means dirty, just a little cluttered and there is a lot of dog hair. please let me know of your experiences and how much you got paid to clean houses.

oh, i guess i should say that it takes about 30 minutes to get there, but after i'm there and i'm done cleaning, i'd 99% of the time be hanging out with her daughter/my best friend, so it's not like i'd have to be making special trips JUST to clean.

what are you experiences like?

2. have any of you ever gotten pulled over and gotten out of the ticket? how'd you manage it? does crying actually work? crying to get out of a ticket and it actually working doesn't seem plausible to me.
EDIT: i should say that i am, by no means, trying to get out of a ticket or am spiteful in regards to getting a ticket. i just honestly, don't see how people can lie or cry or do anything else and get out of a ticket. all of the evidence is against you, so how would you manage getting out of it?
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Has anybody been told one thing was done by their apartment complex and it ended up not actually being done? Was it ever fixed?

We are hoping to get a house soon. Should we use a real estate agent or not?
If the price for a house is 334,000 and they say they are willing to negotiate, how much variation in price would that be, typically? 5,000 dollars, 10,000 dollars or more?

I am currently in the military. In the civilian sector for my job the going rate in this area is anywhere from 150,000 to 250,000 dollars a year. Given that my enlistment term is up in a couple of years and salaries are only going to go upwards, would you suggest that I leave the military for any length of time to persue a civilian job? This could be for a year or two or more. Or for forever if I like it enough.

Father's Day gift..

I'm looking for a book for my dad for fathers day. He's retired Air Force, used to ride a Harley, used to sail, and now teaches yoga. The last book I remember him reading was something about Pirates and another about Ronald Regan. I'm thinking he'd like a good biography. any one read anything along those lines lately?

and if you're just going to give me shit about asking for book recommendations, just KMA. I don't read biography nor am I a 55 year old man, so I just don't know.
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite kind of macaroni?
2. What, if anything, do you like to put in your macaroni?

I like Velveeta, and I like to put in bacon bits, tuna, or sometimes torn-up sliced ham or turkey if there's nothing else around.

3. Will you please post your favorite cat macros? (Or macros in general. I'm not picky.) I'm bored.
4. If any of you watch J-dramas, do you have any reccomendations? (They don't have to be Japanese, either, I'll watch most Asian dramas.) I really liked Hana Yori Dango, and I thought Kimi wa Petto was okay. I'm in the middle of watching Gokusen and the T-drama "Devil Beside You," and I'll be downloading MARS and Great Teacher Onizuka when I get the chance. I'd like to start making a list of shows to look into. I'll watch almost anything once, but if you know of something that's NOT based on a shoujo manga, I'd like to hear about it. And if you can give me a small summary, that would be great too. :3
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(no subject)

In the Chicago Tribune today, there is a column about how movie theaters have gone way downhill. Lots of people commented talking about the bad things that happened to them while at the movies, but a lot of people said the same thing: Don't continue to go to the movies if you're unhappy with their service.

Poll #993646 How long has it been?

How long has it been since you've been to the movie theater?

A few days
About a week
A couple of weeks
About a month
A few months
About 6 months
Between 6-12 months
Over a year ago

Poll #993647 Worst part?

Which do you hate the most at movie theaters?

People whose cell phones ring/talk on cell phone
Loud talkers during the movie
Seat kickers
Crying/small children
Children running in the isles
The couple who is groping each other
When it's too hot/cold at the theater
When you're asked to move over for latercomers
Movie problems - the reel breaks or the lights don't go down
Other - explain in comments

What are you bad-service movie theater stories?

It's too expensive for me to go to the movies, so I just wait and Netflix the ones I want. The last movie I saw in the theater was Xmen 3.

(no subject)

Do you ever speak of thequestionclub irl?
Why or Why Not?

My answer:

No, never. It just never comes up. I think it would sound weird saying "Yeah I'm in this little livejournal community where people ask questions, but it really is fun and like a dysfunctional little distant family!"


(no subject)

I'm really tired of looking at my so-pale-they're-practically-blue legs, yet I burn far too easily to tan. So...

Can you recommend me a good self-tanning lotion? Or gradual tanning lotion, if there's a difference. I should mention that I'm not kidding about the paleness of my skin. Bluuuue.

Also, I'm trying to save money to pay for my schoolin', so something under $10 would be awesome.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

Why can't Keira Knightley close her mouth?

(Not looking for serious answers unless they're about some disorder that renders her incapable of closing her mouth ever. Which would be hilarious.)
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(no subject)

1. What is the most reliable and accurate driving directions website?
I dont want to get lost on the way to my job interview :(

2. Whens the last time you bought something for yourself?
I bought new work clothes today because 100% of my post-pregnancy wardrobe is sweatpants and tshirts. D:

utorrent & windows vista

anyone know anything about utorrent not being compatible with windows vista? i looked around online at faq's, etc... but couldnt find anything.

im looking for a torrent client that works with vista. bittorent doesn't seem to be working properly, and azureus is nuts.

suggestions? or insights on utorrent with vista? i LOVE utorrent!

(no subject)

1. Why the hell do people like that Maybelline Great Lash mascara so much? The one in the hot pink and hot green tube.
I tried it and it's awful and clumpy and never washes off. Ugh.

2. 4SRS QUESTION have you ever stabbed someone? This girl in my class (who seemed really charming and well put together until then :( ) was discussing how gushy and meaty it felt when she stabbed her boyfriend a few years ago. If you have, do you agree with her gushy and meaty consensus?
My boyfriend's childhood babysitter stabbed her husband 44 times and she said she doesn't really remember it so pf no help there. I have the outward anger of a stoned-to-comatose person half the time so stabbing is not on my agenda.

3. Related: Are you a lot meaner online than you are in real life?
Yeah :(

4. Where could I buy just plain petri dishes? Would a kid's science supply store have them? Please no online suggestions.

(no subject)

How does one get started seeing a therapist or psychologist on a regular basis? Or taking anti-depressants? I don't have a regular doctor to talk to, can I make any appt with a GP and then ask to see another doctor? What do I say? Or is that ridiculous? And can you normally make appts with therapists after hours (after 5pm or weekends)?

If you flew 1000 miles to attend a friend's wedding, and then it ended up just being a short ceremony and small luncheon afterward (maybe 2 hours tops) would you feel disappointed?
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I'm just curious

Poll #993680 Answer voluntarily, but ONLY if you are a female between the ages of 18-22 and are between 5 ft. 4 inches and 5 ft. 7 inches tall

If you are a female age 18-22 and between 5 ft. 4 inches and 5 ft 7 in tall, how much do you weigh?

under 100 pounds
100-110 pounds
111-120 pounds
121-130 pounds
131-140 pounds
141-150 pounds
151-160 pounds
over 160 pounds

For the third time, please answer ONLY if you are a female between the age of 18 and 22 and are between 5 feet 4 inches tall and 5 feet 7 inches tall.

(no subject)

Do any of you have experience or know someone who has experience with selling Mary Kay products?

A friend of mine is considering it. I'm trying to convince her not to, but I'd like more input. Positive or negative.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

Before you starting dating/having significant other(s), what were things you thought you would not be able to stand in a relationship that you realize are no big deal? (For example, I used to be all about clean-shaven men and the thought of dating someone who did not shave regularly made me almost ill, but now I realize I actually like my SO a bit stubbly and like that he shaves irregularly!)

Before you started dating/having significant other(s), what were things you thought would not bother you or would be no big deal in a relationship (or you might even prefer!), but now you realize does bother or you, or you can't stand?

(no subject)

i shared a drink with a friend 3 weeks ago... last week, said friend came down with mono... the incubation period for mono is said to be 4 to 7 weeks... does this mean i'll definitely have mono within 1 to 4 weeks? what are the chances that i won't have mono?

hey moon sticker

(no subject)

Congratulations, you've been given clearance to make whatever sort of a movie you want, complete with an outrageous budget.

What is your movie going to be about? Is it a biopic? A remake? Something totally new and original?

Who are you casting in your epic film?

What's its soundtrack like?
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(no subject)

First question..... Have any of you guys had a relationship over the phone? I’m not talking about long distance relationships. Let me explain.....

I was at a party about a year ago, i was trying to call my friend but instead of dialing her number i dialed a different number and got a strange but interesting voice on the other line. We talked for what seem like hours and i ended up going home with him on the other line. I

Its been a year and some months and we still have not meet, we talk on the phone frequently and we enjoy each others conversation. He’s 27 and am for the questions.

Has anyone had an experience like this?

Can age be an issue? Because we have talked about having a real relationship.

He also has a girlfriend, so would this be considered cheating?


fast food question

Let's play hypothetical question.

It's Sunday. You go to a fast food establishment and on the door it has a very clear sign that states "Operating Hours: Sunday 10am-9pm"

When should the employees of said establishment stop allowing people inside/stop serving food?

Should a customer that arrives at 8:45pm be served? How about 8:56pm?

Should a customer who shows up closer to the closing time expect to find that the establishment will only let them choose from 4 items off of a menu of well over 20 items?

iPod Corruption

For those of you with fairly new iPods, have they ever corrupted? Because I, as well as a few friends, have been having problems with ours and it's quite annoying. At the moment mine's stuck and I'm scared to pull it out. It sometimes seems to uncorrupt itself, or if I take it out and put it back in it starts working again but it's quite erratic and sometimes I can only put one song on a day, sometimes one CD. It rarely works to its full capabilities nowadays. Any advice? Having the same experience? I'm trying to figure out what's going on, so any and all help would be really appreciated.

Starbucks cup

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been attracted to a TV character, or a character in a movie (but not the actor who plays them)? My sister has a huge crush on Dr. House but not Hugh Laurie. I thought that was amusing.

2. I just got a Sidekick and it says it will take up to 48 hours for the welcome screen to appear. For those who have sidekicks: is this normal? How long did it take for you? I can't wait 2 days to use the phone!

3. Is your S.O a good kisser?



(no subject)

My dad just called to tell me he's staying in a hotel tonight, so I have the house to myself. I'm not in the mood to masturbate, I don't know who to call to order hookers and blow, I have no one to have sex with, and no friends to invite over for a party. No work tomorrow, either.

So. What should I do with the house to myself all tonight?
dean - i'm batman

(no subject)

I just found one of my dog's toys [a piece of rope] covered with blood at one end. He's only 4 1/2 months old so is it most likely to be from teeth falling out or could it be something else?

Jury Duty

1. Have you ever been called to jury duty?
2. Were you picked? If so, what questions did they ask you? Were you picked for the jury?
3. Have any advice?

EDIT: What was your age when you got picked?

Answers to the above will be very much appreciated!
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(no subject)

So i'm taking a summer math class to try to get my degree a little faster. The problem is, I HATE it. The class is 5 days a week, and between working full time and trying to move bit by bit out of my e-boyfriends apartment, i'm exhausted. I don't have time to do all of the homework, and now I missed a class because i'm sick, and I suspect there was a test today.

The question is, do I drop the class? I don't think i'll be getting a refund because I waited until after the first week, but if I do stay, I know my grade will suck (and bring down my GPA). Its costing me about $500.

What should I do?
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(no subject)

whats the name of that awful woman who is strongly republican, she has an adams apple, long blonde hair, she wrote a book about how democrats suck? for the life of me i cant remember her name.
  • nijiro

Doing porn

How would you feel if you boyfriend/girlfriend had an opportunity to do porn?

I'm in this situation right now and I feel like a jerk for being not entirely 100% for it. It's something he's always wanted to do and now he has the opportunity and I feel like an ass for not being all for it. The thought of him having sex with someone else bothers me, and I feel like the typical jealous so.

(no subject)

1. When applying sunscreen, what body part do you usually forget to put sunscreen on?
2. Enough people have asked about being banned from LJ communities. I want to know where have you been banned from in real life?


1. That flabby area near the armpits. I don't know if guys have this, but girls do and it sucks.
2. I'm banned from one of the places I had a temp job at. They're paranoid bastards.

(no subject)

I know there aren't too many Myspacer's here - but for those who do use myspace to keep up with old friends and such;

1.Is it annoying when someone posts a bulletin once, twice, maybe even three times a week to look at their new blog?

Personally, if you ask like that - I really don't much care what your blog is about - I'm not going to read it. I don't exactly know why I feel this way's weird. I feel like I'm mean and begrudging.

2. Do you dislike or not care when someone is constantly changing their myspace name?

I think it's so dumb - you can change every single aspect of your myspace; to do so with your name - especially when you're the same one constantly posting bulletins for folks to read your blog...stop changing your name. But honestly? It's none of my business, I know this. It just annoys me.


Do you get really nervous in the very beginning stages of dating somebody when you're at that stage where you don't know if you'll be a couple or if things won't work out?

Lord knows I sure do! =O
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