May 28th, 2007


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Well, TQC, Some users posted two Naked Ape zombie music videos and now I can't stop watching them.

Has anyone else experienced this?
How do I make myself stop?
Are there really zombies that act like this?
Can I?

Nosy neighbor

Here's a riddle for you --

I walk out of my boyfriend's house a few minutes ago and find three empty police cars parked in the culdesac. They're not in front of any one particular house (they had to park in between a few other cars so they're well spaced apart), but they are all three empty. One is empty with its headlights still on. We haven't heard one single noise or seen one single flashing light alllllll night. Additionally, there are no other emergency vehicles around. Three houses have at least one interior light on. He lives in an insanely quiet, middle-class neighborhood, too. No one was having any sort of party tonight.

So, whatchathink'sgoin'on?? Srs and nonsrs answers accepted. But really. What could possibly warrant three police cars that would involve no noise whatsoever?
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Poll #992549 Music Electives!

Which music elctive pwns the others?

Edit: Choir, to me, is the best! Of course, I'm biased. I'm in it. We're using y'all to end a debate.
PS: Choir > Band Sry guys

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a couple years ago i came across this people search website. it was free but it was also REALLY thorough. if you searched for someone by first and last name, it would bring up every single address that they had once lived at. does anyone know what site i'm talking about?

i'm not a stalker. i'm trying to find my mom.
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so I was just watching cast away on tbs, and I missed the beginning, so at the end when he delivers the package, whats in it?

the movie is airing again, but I dont feel like watching it another time

Sam outside

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1. Have you ever had a dream of a person you don't really like, or who once broke your heart and in the dream you felt genuinely happy? Does this symbolize anything to you?

2. What is one thing that you can not be patient for? Example: being stopped at a red light.

3. Did you climb tree's when you were a kid?
Simba turns

Old Yeller & Plushophile

*Inspired by the adults bowling with bumpers and 7 year old pacifier questions.

What are your first impressions of the following?......

1. You have a neighbor who yells a lot to summon his wife and kids. He'll be working in the yard and if he needs help, he'll shout for someone. But he'll keep yelling even if no one seems to hear him. And within a couple of minutes he's screaming a name at the top of his lungs, but he will not get up to seek these people and keep yelling. He is not in dire need of help emergency wise.

2. A woman in her mid20's keeps a beanbag doll tucked in her purse. It's of some cute li'l animal like a colorful lizard or a monkey. Every so often when she thinks no one is looking she'll take the beanie baby from her purse and look at it for a few seconds or even prop it on a table in a restaurant. When her companion asks about the toy, the lady responds that the dol is her "personal mascot."

*#1 inspired by a Simspsons episode and the other something I saw at Border's.


So - I was in a games shop today and someone asked:

"What's the difference between a DS lite and a wii?"

What should the shop assistant have said?
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Varying Special Effects

Why is it that in some movies or TV shows, some special effects (CGI, makeup, sets, whatever) are totally awesome, but others that are effects that are similar just totally suck, within the same movie/show?

The examples I'm particularly thinking of:

In POTC 2, the Kraken in general is awesome. But the shots with both Jack and the Kraken are so obviously bluescreened.

In Lost, the shots of the "Monster" and grafting parts of the island together are generally awesome, as is the makeup, as are the "Nigeria" and "England" sets. However, the outdoor/window shots of "Iraq" and "Australia" suck horribly. (quotes used because the show is filmed in Hawai'i, and not in those actual places).
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1. How come the Red Cross won't let you donate if "are a male who has had sexual contact with another male, even once, since 1977" still? I don't understand. The majority of the things listed in the HIV/AIDS section don't make all that much sense to me. It's not like they are just taking blood from one person and shoving it in another without testing it or something. Is there some legitimate reason for this that I am just missing?

2. Which of their Donor Eligibility Guidelines do you find to be most ridiculous?

3. Are you eligible according to them?
I'm not entirely sure.

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please note that i'm taking an online course that ends june 18th. it's very intense. 400 level. anyway i'm trying to work ahead by trying to gather communications/media information on north korea or cuba. however all i've come up with is limited info from the c.i.a.. really wish now at this point i'd picked an easier country but north korea is far more interesting to me than cuba or italy.

anyhow my professor mentioned in an online lecture there's a database that gathers info from all u.s. embassies worldwide. he said it was cia sect or maybe sact or sacked sected? i tried all of those to no luck. since it's labour day weekend and my professor won't most likely respond til tuesday if anyone knows any where else that'd be great. i need names of media conglomerates if any. names of newspapers/radio stations etc.


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How long would it take you to worry about your SO if they hadn't contacted you?
What would be your first assumption as to why they weren't contacting you?

2-3 days, that I did something wrong to drive them away.

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1. Have you ever been banned from a non-LJ site?

2. What is the most TMI-related question/answer you've seen in TQC?

3. Are there any interesting sites you only recently discovered?

4. It's 3:23 am here, why am I not in bed? Non-serious answers for this one would be appreciated.

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I'm ordering a *cough cough* illegal *Cough cough* video of one of my favorite shows (theatre). The guy I'm buying it from has two options for me I'm interested in.

Option 1:
*Both of the leads are great
*supporting cast (especially the characters who are supposed to be funny) lack
*The quality is great, but gets a little wonky at times

Option 2:
*The leads are pretty good, but not great
*The supporting is just excellent
*The quality is great (better than the other one) but, in certain big dance numbers, lacks

I'm torn. Which would you get?

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1) Have you ever been in a friends-with-benefits situation and how did it work out?

2) What was the last big lie you told?

3) Where were you born?

4) What is your maternal grandmother's first name?
me - with gun
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1. A man and woman get married. A few years down the road, one of them gets a sex change. Does this make it a gay marriage, or would it still be considered a straight marriage? If it IS considered gay, would it be a no-no in the US, or would the law give a damn since they're already married legally?

Also, unrelated questions:

2. What is the last internet-related thing you've tried to explain to some one IRL? (for example, I made an attempt today to explain macros to my mom... it didn't work)

3. What's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?

4. What is the best pet name you've ever heard? (My friends just named their kitten Adam West... which is just awesome)

EDIT: Let me change the numbering on the questions, to avoid confusion :)
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tanning lotion

yesterday i started using st tropez everyday in preperation for my holiday, i only used it on my legs to see what it was like.  It came up a tiny bit streaky but i have heard that disappears after a few days use but my question is this:

When using a tanning product on your upper body where do you apply the lotion? Everywhere? Do you apply to your face, if not where do you stop the application, is there anyway of blending it?
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For Memorial Day, what all is closed today? I know we don't get mail, but are stores open? Are store hours the same or does it vary by store?

Does your hometown have any interesting festivals throughout the year? I grew up in a town that had a Czech Fest.

Speaking of Czech stuff...what is a kolache to you? Is it a pastry with fruit (kind of like a Danish but not quite) or is it a more like a piggy-in-a-blanket? I picture the pastry with fruit thing because that's what I grew up with, but my co-workers picture it as a piggy-in-a-blanket.

Smoothie time!

So, TQC...

I want to make a smoothie.

I have fresh pineapple, fresh bananas, strawberry mix, and mango mix (that wasn't as good as I thought it would be).

What should I do? Or, other suggestions? Thanks! I want to use the pineapple mostly, before it goes bad (we've had it for a day or two now). :D

What are you doing today, if you have the day off?

What should I do in my spare time?
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Zune questions

My old Ipod (40gb) keeps freezing up when I'm using it, so I'm looking at buying a new one.  Circuit City has the MS Zune on sale for $200.  I'm doing some research on reviews and so on, but if any of you have it, can you give me any tips on what you like or don't like?  how easy is it to upload songs and to use (note: i've never put music on my ipod, i got it full so I'm not experienced in it)?  how long does the battery life last (yes the description tells you a number but i want some realistic numbers based on actual people's use)?  can you plug it into another computer and transfer songs or do you need the software installed on each pc?  is getting the $55 2-yr warranty worth it that covers any drops or other accidents? 

ETA: Someone said that if I want just an mp3 player to get something else. Any recommendations for mp3 players that have large storage abilities but don't necessarily have video? I think video may drain the batteries more and I want to be able to sit thru an 8 hr work day with just music.


1. Inspired by watching Contact last night before bed. There is a launching of an experimental exploration into deep space at Cape Canaveral. At the dock, there is a malfunction that prevents the astronaut from travelling into space, but after the malfunction when the astronaut is questioned, he believes he did leave and had contact with aliens but has no proof except for his own recollections. Are you inclined to believe him, or think he just hallucinated the entire thing because he was knocked unconscious? What if they find out he has 18 hours of static recorded, even though at the station they only lost contact with the astronaut for 3 seconds?

2. What will come first, intelligent life contacting Earth, or Earth contacting intelligent life?

3. Inspired by the dream I had last night: You (a woman) are sitting on a toilet, peeing in a public bathroom. You look up, and there is an Indian man peering at you from over top the stall divider. You freak out, start calling him names, and beat the shit out of him. The authorities come and tell you you are under arrest for abusing the man. No one seems to care that he was peeping on you. What would you do in this situation?

4. Have you ever caught a peeping Tom in action?

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What book are you currently reading?
I'm reading House of Leaves and re-reading Einstein's Dreams right now.

What's the last thing you spent money on?
A ticket to Pirates 3 last night.

You get three wishes, and they have to be entirely selfish. No establishing world peace or feeding the hungry or anything like that. What do you want?
At this moment I'd like my essay on Russia to be finished, the ability to play the trombone and the sun to come out.
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So yesterday I was sitting around and playing pokemon in public. Oh noes. Some kid (okay, more like my age, in his 20s or late teens) came up to me and demanded to see my pokedex, and reamed me out for not having it COMPLETE.

What would you have done if you were me?

(I just sat there, mute and confused by how serious he was acting. Then got made fun of by the two dudes I was there with, for indeed not doing as this random guy insisted I needed to do. Yargh.)

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Do you visit aquariums, zoos, and/or other museums even though they may be thought of as places kids go to school field trips?

I do and some people find it strange that I'd rather do that than go to a keg party or something of that nature.

Rolling Back Drivers

Okay, I need some help. Josh (FH) screwed up and updated drivers (without asking me first, didn't tell me until they were already installing) for the graphics card. Since then, I've been having non-stop problems playing the Sims.

Is there any way I can roll back the drivers to the originals that were installed? I have no idea how the updates messed up the game, but I've got a feeling it's because he didn't look at the requirements for them, and got ones for Vista and we've got XP.

If it matters, it's an ATI X1300
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Posted on behalf of my boyfriend, who doesn't have a livejournal, but loves this community anyway:

Our smallest cat is obsessed with eating bugs. Seriously. Whenever we try to get him away from a bug, he dashes towards it, grabs it, and streaks off into the other room to chow on it. Last night, Nick squished a spider against the wall; the cat would not rest until he managed to clamber up to it and lick it off of the damn paint.

1) Is this potentially harmful to his health?
2) Seriously. How cute is that?

BCP Curiosity

This one is for the womenfolk who have been on hormonal birth control pills. My scientific curiosity has gotten the best of me here.  If you would be so kind, feel free to fill this out =)

1. Which kind did you/do you use?
2. Are you still on it?
3. How is it working out for you -OR- why did you discontinue use?
4. How was your sex drive BEFORE you started the pill? (Please be specific in terms of arousal, time necessary for climax, sensitivity, all the fun stuff.)
4. How was your sex drive WHEN you were on the pill?
5. If you discontinued use, how would you describe your sex drive AFTER you stopped the pill?
6. Have you experienced any weight gain?

[And what may seem unrelated, but bear with me here, I'm trying to develop some theories here...]
7. Have you followed a "low-carb/high-protein" diet at any time during the course of taking the pill?
8. Have you been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid?
9. Do you ingest soy products on a regular basis?

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Does anyone know the reason why iTunes has different stores for different countries? As a Canadian, why can't I buy something from the US or the UK?

What is the deal? I'm sure it has to be about money but I can't figure it out.

I would buy so much more from iTunes if I actually, y'know, could. But I can't. So it seems like they're losing out on that by not making available all tracks for everyone.

Edit: Um, never mind. I'm slow.
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1. I was reading this, which is about grilling pizza. The writer says "When it comes to pizza, there's no such thing as a bad topping." Do you agree with that?

2. What are some legitimate pizza toppings that you would consider bad?
Anchovies, mushrooms, meat of any kind, peppers, and a ton of others.

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The Rapture happens, and all the christians vanish. How do you react?

I repent of my sins immediately, and convert to their faith. They obviously were right in their beliefs and I hope I'm not too late to save myself
Free stuff! I loot all the items abandoned by the missing believers
Well, looks like I'm officially off heaven's R.S.V.P. No point in staying good now. Let the pointless, sinful acts and crime sprees begin. There's no longer moral consequences in the wings keeping me in check. I'm officially one of the damned!
Same as always. Go to work/school, watch tv, go online, repeat. Millions of people missing won't change my lifestyle one iota
Think it's all a government cover-up. Write lengthy blog diatribes discussing how the right wing is staging this 'rapture' to mass-recruit people to their faith.

What do you think heaven's like?

Clouds, harp music, more clouds, more harp music. Jesus walking around telling you what a good job you're doing. Kind of boring actually
Sex, drugs and rock and roll, and all the other things that good people weren't allowed to do on earth
You're part of 'the light', where you merge with the Godhead. All your longings, questions and desires are quenched. You're one with everything
It's a middle ground before you're reincarnated again. It's not really heaven, but the Barda
Singing hallelujah over and over again alongside people like Jerry Falwell and John the Baptist. 3 hour sermon on how wonderful heaven is, followed by more hallelujah singing
Place doesn't exist. There is nothing beyond this life
You're reunited with every pet you ever lost, every missing sock, all your baby teeth, every hair you lost. It's all waiting for you in a box. Heaven's just the official lost and found
Pure bliss. Like nothing you've ever imagined.
A lot like earth. Buildings, schools, jobs tv. Just that everything is christian-themed and there's nothing sinful anywhere. There's no internet.

What do you think hell's like?

Place of fire. Eternal burning. Ow ow ow ow
Nightly poker games with Hitler, Sid Vicious and Mata Hari. Drinking, fornicating and all the other pasttimes that were looked down up by the moral majority. Hell's kinda cool
Doesn't exist. There is no such place. We cease to be after we die
Hell is a place of suffering. Emotional, physical, spiritual. Whatever you fear or hate the most will be used against you. Daily
Singing hallelujah over and over again alongside people like Jerry Falwell and John the Baptist. 3 hour sermon on how wonderful heaven is, followed by more hallelujah singing
Being locked in a room with an undead William Hung who doesn't have to sleep, singing karoake for the rest of eternity
You're starving, thirsty, horny and cold, and all the food and drink cannot sate, you're wearing a chastity belt and butt naked for all eternity
You're forced to go to grade school and high school all over again
You're bent over and forced to do anal with thousands of demons, who are lined up for miles

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I have two guitars that I need to sell... one is acoustic, one is electric. Both guitars are in near perfect condition.

Where would I get the most money for them? A used instrument store that buys instruments, a pawn shop, selling it in something like the PennySaver, or elsewhere? If your answer is elsewhere, please elaborate.
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superficial much?

1.what do you think are some of the worst/funniest fashion faux pas? 

Edit* (second question) 
2. What do you think some people would think is a fashion faux pas but you like?

for me: 
1. flames on anything, acrylic nails, and crimped hair. And I don't know if this counts but dogs as accessories.
2. suspenders on girls.

since we have a lot of musicians in this here club...

1. What ensembles did you do in high school/college? Did you juggle around instruments?
2. I've seen directors have completely different atmospheres and don't know if I'd have liked the one I wasn't a part of. I mean, in my school, band was hard, our teacher was pushy and strict, and because of it, we were amazing. But I have been to other schools where band was just a fun class, and they'd do what the kids wanted to do. Because of this atmosphere, the bands weren't as good, but the kids enjoyed it more.  Which would you rather be? Not as good and having fun, or much better and maybe/maybe not having fun?
3. Anybody here ever won the John Philip Sousa award?
4. What's the best thing you've ever found at a garage sale?

1. I did the marching band, wind symphony, and a youth orchestra on piccolo; symphonic band on oboe; fife in a fife and drum corps; trombone in the jazz band.
2. I'd rather be good and not have fun.
3. yes
4. I found an accordion at one the other day but this guy whipped out money faster than me. I kind of wanted to kill him for it.

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1. What's the first topic you think of when you see/hear "controversial"?

2. What would you say is the most important word in the English language?

3. What is something, within reason, that a lot of people don't have in their homes that you would want in yours or would think it's cool if you saw it in someone else's home?

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I'm trying to upload a newly made macro from photoshop to photobucket.

photoshop won't let me see the properties, so I can't get to the URL. And when I save as, and try to upload it to photobucket (and tiny pic) it just dosen't work.

Any ideas?

Thanks. =-)

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What should I name my future cat?

I've been wanting a kitty forever and I've had my heart set on the name Loki but it's WAY too common as I've been noticing. So now I have to find another name equally as cool or better. Help me, TQC!
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Just for the hell of it

What's the most annoying, most heavily modified Starbucks or other coffee shop that has a lot of ingredients drink order you can possibly think of?

I think it's fun to think up things like this, even though I would never order them. But maybe I'm just weird.

Mine would be: venti one-shot decaf 1/3 whole 2/3 nonfat 140* 2p raspberry 3p almond extra foam half whip latte with chocolate drizzled on top

I probably said all those modifiers in the wrong order but whatever.

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1. Do you like deviled eggs?
2. If so, how do you take them (since no one wants to follow the link---with added meat, relish, pickles, olives, parsley, mushrooms, capers, caviar, salsa, wasabi, onions, paprika, etc. or just plain)?

eta: 3. How many do you think I can eat before barfing?

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Isn't it kinda weird to be afraid of dinosaurs?
Because I am, although I think it's stupid since they died off millions of years ago..<<
And I'm also scared of those who just ate plants, seriously, it's really ridiculous, isn't it?
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These three blocks represent the levels on a building:

Would you say the red level is the first floor, or would you say the green level is? (making the red level the ground floor)

I'm curious, it seems to differ from person to person.

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Do you believe in fate? why/not?

Can you tell me about any situations that involve coincidence?

No, I hate to think that anything controls my life other than me.

My friends' uncle used a ouija board when he was 18. He told his family that it told him he'd die when he was 21.. apparently it really really scared him.
He did die in car accident at 21. His friend drove into a tree and it fell onto his side of the car.

My boyfriend and I went to the zoo, he was going back to Australia the next day so he wanted to buy me something to remind me of our last day together. He bought me a beanie baby monkey and hen we got it home we found out it had his exact birthday!
Good and Evil


Man burns books to draw attention to the fact people aren't reading as much anymore.

What's your take on this? Is he doing the world a service or is he kind of an idiot?

I think those books could have been better used in literacy centers, the schools and libraries that are trying to rebuild in New Orleans, etc. Hell, he could have listed them for free on craigslist and people would have taken them. I think this was an awful way to get his point across.

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I'm writing a bit of a short scenario with a character trying to make a pumpkin pie. She, however, has no recipe and not much cooking experience. I imagine she can make a passable crust, but what manner of disaster is to be expected from her attempting to make pumpkin pie with pumpkin(fresh), eggs (also fresh), spiced rum(aged- because she knows there are spices but that's all she has) and flour (enough to make it to pie-consistency?) ?

This is not my doing, for the record. My cooking disasters come from recipes. I'm pretty sure 'eggs' is a legitimate pumpkin pie ingredient.

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1. What's your favorite Arabic dish?

2. Have you ever made Persian food from scratch?

3. Which do you like better: questions about delicious, hot, cheesy pizza or "questions" about war?
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Once my love is done being sick, we want to go on a picnic together.

1.  Where should we go?
I think we'll end up going to the park since it's close.  And the beach has sand. -shudder-

2.  What kinds of foods would you prepare to take with you?

3.  Am I forgetting anything crucial for a picnic?
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SNSD&#39;s legs


What are you addicted to?

I'm addicted to adrenaline rushes and anything that calms my anxiety down.
For example the Internet (livejournal, email, youtube, wikipedia, google images), food/sugar rushes, giving people compliments, rock music especially the electric guitar, lack of sleep, spending money, TV, making myself feel bad, and pretty pictures.

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I have a white cake mix, but no icing. I also have no icing sugar (confectioners/powdered sugar) with which to make it. I do have butter, regular granulated sugar, and I have a chocolate bar.

Is there a way to make icing for a cake without icing sugar? It doesn't have to be chocolate. My husband says this isn't possible.

Should I just go with some strawberry jam on top? Are there any other relatively easy icing alternatives?

Geeky and Travel and Blogs

Geek question alert:
1) Does anyone else here play MtG:Online?  I want to know if anyone else's just won't load D:

2) I'm making myself a travel journal/fun book.  I'm putting in some word searchs,/puzzles/coloring pages (Hey, it's relaxing and I hate flying!).  I'm also putting in some questions and things to ponder and write about.  What are some "cute" or "interesting" questions you'd like to answer in a travel dairy?

3) Beyond LJ, what would be the best site to create a travel blog?
Me--State Fair

let's put it in writing.

So I'm moving from my current apartment to a new on in August, but I need to let my current landlords know.

This may sound dumb, but what do I put in the letter? Just that I'm moving and here's when and here's the new address? I didn't pay a deposit (which kinda sucks now) so it's not as if I'm getting money back from them.
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TQC Travel Agent

I'm going to Manhattan for the first time this weekend for a conference.  We have an author's dinner (that my coauthor MAY be ditching to attend a Harry and the Potters show) on Friday, but we have no set plans for Thursday or Saturday.

Dear TQC Travel Agent, what should we do?  We'll be staying on Seventh Ave.  Great bars/restaurants/etc near there?

Any special New York tips for a Kentucky girl? 

Where oh where will I be able to smoke?

EDIT:  Thanks to a smarter person than I, I realize now a cross-street would be helpful.  We are roughly on the corner of 7th Ave and W 31st St.  
Snog: A Puppy&#39;s Guide to Love

Car questions...Insurance and situational.

1. Can you pay for car insurance with a visa gift card? How about with a credit card? What methods are acceptable for paying your car insurance? What company do you go through?

2. My dad has offered to buy me my first very own car. He said that he was going to sell one of his cars (a 95 Chevy Blazer, very good condition and the car I've driven before I moved to college) and use $1000 of it to buy me a car. Now, I can either have him buy me a car like we planned, or he said he was thinking about giving me the Blazer under an agreement. The agreement that I would sign would state that at any time, if I sold it, I'd owe him 2/3 of the sale value (currently at a blue book price of $3500), and I have to keep full coverage on it, and not lend it to anyone. Other than that, it actually would belong to me. I'm going home this weekend, and am going to get one of the two choice.
TQC, it's hard being a college kid without a car..which offer would you accept and why?
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If you are at a grocery store by yourself, buying a non-trivial amount of food, and are using a self-checkout, what is the proper etiquette?

A. Scan your food, bag your food, then pay.
B. Scan your food, pay, then bag your food.
C. Other

I want to know if I was an offender or an offendee today... I did one of these and the woman in front of me did the other one.

EDIT: Sorry, I should have clarified. This is a kind with a conveyor belt where the scanner and card swiper are at one end and the bags are at the other end.

EDIT #2 after reading more comments: Aaaahh I hate the other kind too that get all pissy about putting crap in the bag. The ones I was at today though say "INsert the COUpon INto the SLOT, NEXT to the BLINKing LIGHT" (it's really sing songy) and today I had to shove a candy wrapper into the slot because I jumped the gun on sticking the coupon I had just scanned in and it thought I hadn't yet.

Collapse )
Audrey Walking

(no subject)

1. This Thursday I'm meeting my dissertation supervisor to discuss my progress...

He does not want to meet on campus, due to it being out of his way, but rather at an Indian restaurant.

Does this seem slightly inappropriate to anyone else? I certainly have no qualms with traveling to meet him, but a restaurant?

Well, he does disagree with my thesis on all counts and is quite vocal in saying so. Perhaps this public setting would be for the better... in order to circumvent potential violent outbursts from either of us.

2. For my birthday present, my boyfriend wants to take me shopping for it.

Cop out way of saying "I didn't know what to get you"?


"I want to get you something you like, and know you enjoy shopping but student loans prevent you from doing much of it"?

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Another couple of cat questions:

1. Where and in what position does your cat especially like to sleep?
2. I ask because mine is fond of sleeping with his left hind leg stuck straight out like this. Do any of you have cats that do this? He's my first cat and I haven't really been around many others.
Queer Eye... Jai
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New name

Hey! Since I'm no longer a dude in a long-distance relationship, I wonder what new name I should have. My interests include hockey, romantic stories with good endings (haha), true crime, hanging out, my girlfriend Fay, friends, Korean soaps, and sports - like YAO MING!

Do you have suggestions for me on a new name?
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1. What is the most wtf-ing thing you have seen lately? (Pics not necessary, detailed description is just fine.)

2. What is the strangest accident you have been in?

3. Who is the weirdest person you know?

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Shaved Kitty

1. Has anyone had to shave their cat before?

2. What was the result if you did? Angry cat? Happy cat?

1. I think we're going to have to shave our cat, Izzy. We've found a bunch of knots on her lower back, and they seem to hurt her when we touch them. Meh. DO NOT WANT TO.
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1. My SO told me he'd call me tonight this afternoon while we were talking on IM. He called when I was not at the phone and left a message saying he wouldn't be near his phone for awhile so if I call back he won't answer, and "goodnight I love you" if I was already in bed, and that he'd call me back once he was near his phone again later tonight. Should I call him back and leave a message saying I know he's not near his phone but that I love him and goodnight if I'm asleep by the time he calls back? Or just wait for his call because I know even if I'm not awake the ringer will wake me up and I'll answer it?

2. Why do people ALWAYS call me when I'm not near the phone or taking a shit or am in the shower? They never call the 99% of the time it's right next to me and I can pick up!

3. I've already stuffed my face, why is my body sending me "I am hungry, feed me!" signals?

4. What was the last thing that made you LOL?

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Should I start smoking? I hardly have any bad habits...I tried drinking 'bout 3 times, at college parties...didn't like it, haven't done it since. I've had sex...never. Can cancer sticks be my one bad thing? I'm a very anxiety-prone person, and it'd be nice to have something once in a while that'd calm me down that isn't medication (because it's not so bad that I have panic attacks, and I might be starting antidepressants again, but they don't help my nervousness.)

What brands are not SO bad? How are Parliament Lights?
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I went to the pet shop to get some new decorations for my fish tank at the weekend, and bought something labelled 'aquarium driftwood.' I thought it would great in my tank, until I put it in this evening floated right to the top. So I'm feeling like a bit of an idiot because, duh, wood floats, but I just didn't think about that when I saw it in with all the other aquarium decorations.

So, my question do I get the blasted thing to sink and sit nicely at the bottom of my tank?

And to make me feel better about my moment of stupidity, what's the daftest thing you've done lately?
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Yes. Another one..

I shared my feelings to my crush and how I was pretty upset that she just ignored my messages/calls instead of actually telling me she wasn't interested.

She sent me a message back saying and I quote: 'I'm so sorry i've been really busy w/ finals and everything don't take it personally.'

Success? Did I shoot myself in the foot? I think it was partly a success in any case because it makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation.
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Did anyone else get MooCards?

What did you put for the text on them?

I'm putting my name, email, and phone, but I can't think if I should put anything else.

Anyone else listening to WLS Chicago today? It's awesome! (they went back to their old rock format with the old DJs and classic jingles just for today)
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1. can you jump better than I can?

2. do you have a tutu? when are you planning on purchasing one and do you intend to use it for good or evil?

3. how often do you change your sheets and what do they look like?

4. has today been depressing, yes or no?