May 27th, 2007

Me--State Fair

this is a fun question!

Okay TQC...I just started a program and I don't have to do anything for FIVE HOURS.

What should I listen to? We have a HUGE library here:

So I'd wager that most of what you'd suggest might be in the library. You can also check out my Last.FM page to see what I might like.

PS--it's not that I don't like the blues, but five hours of blues...!
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Dear TQC -

I am on my period, but I am horny as all fuck. Should I go draw a bath, get in it and clean myself up, and wank in there so as not to get all messy?


((Can you tell I am bored?))

ETA: Actually, I have a good question. Do any of you ever get odd pulses in your arms or legs or fingers? Like, I've been sitting here for about an hour and right by my kneecap, I keep getting this really weird pulsing in my vein. The skin is lifting and such, and it's uneven. I feel fine, but I get it all the time. I'm about 200 pounds at 5'6", maybe slighter more or less on weight and height, but I'm afraid I'm going to have a heart attack. I've lost almost 70 pounds since last July, but still.

So, does anyone else get that weird thing going on? Sometimes I wonder if it's having the pressure of a laptop on my lap for long enough time.

(no subject)

what do you do when you feel completely and utterly without hope and everything is falling apart?  
is there anything specifically you do that helps you feel a bit revitalized?  
where do you find hope in life?

(no subject)

1) Do you use food as dealing with issues (subconciously, conciously.. over/undereating?)
2) Do you love animals? Love your pets like part of the family?
3)When you go food shopping do you have a list? Or get whatever you fancy?
4)What do you usually drink?
5)Do you give blood?
6)If if came to your attention that a stranger somewhere was in need of a kidney/bone marrow transplant and you were a match, would you offer yourself up? Would the age of the person make a difference?

1)Yes, usually the first one, but I am pretty stressed at the moment. I don't know if i'm overeating or eating normally? I'm hungry ALL the time at the moment though...grr
2)Not really. I have a cat, I think she's rather sweet but I wouldn't miss her if she wasn't around. I doubt i'll have any animals when I have my own house. I think they're a bit of a waste of money.
3)I should make lists, I don't. I always forget what I need.. and buy extra things I don't end up eating.. if I go on a full stomach I'm so uninterested I end up buying next to nothing.
4)Blackcurrant squash.
5)No, i'm scared of needles. I wish i could though.
6)They're major surgery, so there are definitely risks. I think if there was no chance they'd find another person, or if theis was their last chance then yes I would, regardless of age.

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1. Do you like challah? How do you usually eat it?
I usually have it plain. I made stuffed French toast out of it tonight and it was delicious.

2. What is the strangest thing you ever copied or scanned? Pictures please!
I scanned my cat a while ago.

3. What are your favorite meatless things that can be cooked on a grill?
Grilled cheese.
sometimes i bite

Make or break it

1) If you were in the early dating stages (or whenever it would come up) what would be a total relationship dealbreaker for you? I mean things that aren't the obvious dealbreakers at day one like bad hygiene, but bigger things like wanting kids or not.

2) Something that might help make a relationship that otherwise you might not stick around for? Money is probably a big one but anything else?

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doctor shiggity in the house. not doctor like that though. don't show me your diseases.

1. so you post something in your own journal that you think is a really great genius awe inspiring post. it's your journal/blog in perfection. and NO ONE leaves a comment.

do you feel hurt?

on an off note.

2. have you ever posted something to your journal that you meant to post to a community? or post something in the wrong community altogether? did you get snark for it?

3. have you ever farted and sneezed at the same time? has anyone ever called you out on it? were you ever embarassed? tell me your fart/sneeze stories!

(no subject)

A complete stranger asks you questions about your genitalia. Would you feel offended? What would you say or do? Would you just ignore them?

Complete strangers have asked me questions about my genitalia before and it always annoys me beyond hell. I sometimes tell them that it's none of their business or I'll give them a weird look and walk away.

(no subject)

If you were asked to draw the map of the world without looking at anything as a reference, would you be able to do it?
Not a detailed map, just a basic "This is Malaysia, German is here, Canada over here..."

Me:I can only draw the countries in Asia and Australia because I live in the continent...the other parts,I suck.

Converting TomeRaider E-books?

This is a shot in the dark, but I figured someone might be able to help...

Does anyone have any idea how to convert a TomeRaider e-book file into any other format? Or, failing that, does anyone know if it's possible to use the TomeRaider e-book reader in Linux under Wine? I've tried to solve this problem for a few weeks, and I haven't found a solution yet.

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I have two options for getting to/from my new job, TQC. My shifts end around 1/2 am. Here are my options:

1. Drive to my school and take the subway downtown to my job, and the nightowl bus back for a grand total of $2.60. Only problem is, the area around my school is somewhat sketchy, and even moreso after dark.

2. Drive to my workplace, and pay $10 to park. If I have 4 shifts a week, this is a huge amount of money for me to be spending.

What should I do?

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If your dog has consumed roughly half a bar of chocolate, what happened? Was he/she okay?

Why do I ask? Last night my boyfriend's mother gave me birthday presents, and one included a bar of chocolate. I put it down (after enjoying a bit of delicious gourmet goodness) with my stuff as friends for the party were arriving, and take my stuff when it's time to go home. This morning I want some chocolate, but all I have is the foil wrapper. So now I'm thinking "what if the dog ate my chocolate?!"

I know this dog has a history of consuming odd things and being fine, and that she did indeed once eat chocolate and got very bouncy from it, but this was half a bar! My boyfriend's out for the morning but I'll call him once he returns, I hope she's okay :(.
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(no subject)

1) I won two free music downloads from Smirnoff Ice for, but I don't want to bother signing up for their service. Does anyone want my codes?
2) It's 10:42 am and my husband is still in bed. Should I kick him or let him sleep since he let me sleep til 11 yesterday?
3) It's gonna be hot today. Should we bother leaving the house?
4) Anyone in the US have any plans for Memorial Day? Do you get the day off?
5) What are some good torrent sites?

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I want to buy a bike, (this is my first one since my childhood) but I'm having a hard time deciding since there are different types. Mountain, road, freestyle, bmx, and so on.

So, which one do you think is the best?

Does it feel different if you ride a mountain bike on roads than a road bike? (I'm leaning towards a mountain bike since I probably would bike mostly on roads, but I don't want to be hampered by limitations set by the bike if I wanted to go off-road.)

Which brands are great/good/awful?
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I have so much unpacking to do from college, and it has been looming over my head for the past week.

What is a good way to keep me motivated?

I know if I keep putting it off, its just going to be a huge cloud over my head. But I get distracted easily.

(no subject)

1. Which cover from the Vh1 Rock Honors did you enjoy most?

Queens of the Stone Age playing Paranoid by Sabbath

Gretchen Wilson and 'Alice In Chains' playing Barracuda by Heart

Nickelback playing Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top

Keane playing That's All by Genesis

2. What are some of your favorite cover songs?

3. Which band would you trust to do a decent cover version of your favorite (or one of your favorites) song ever? Has anyone ever covered one of your top five favorite songs ever? Did they do a good job?


I want to go out and take pictures today..

....where should I go and what should I photograph?

eta. I've decided to go to the beach, one of my friends lives on the boardwalk there. So, should I lean more towards artsy-ish pictures of the scenery and buildings, or pictures of all the tourists/weird locals down there?

Barney & Jesus

Kentucky's Creationism Museum. Dinosaurs were on Noah's ark, y'all

It's about time they cleared that up, right?

Because this fits in perfectly with one particular view of dinosaurs and their role in Eden

1. How many dinosaurs do you think Noah had on his ark?
2. How much larger would the ark now have to be, to hold all those dinosaurs and 40 days worth of food?
3. How does an old man with divine orders corral and catch the wily middle eastern T-Rex, assuming that in Noah's day, they were abundant in number?
4. Did Jesus ever ride a dinosaur?

(no subject)

So my family is throwing an Australian themed going away party tomorrow for my cousin who is leaving for a 7 week internship this Friday. We are supposed to dress "Australian".

What the hell does that mean?? My aunt says Khaki's which I have..but what kind of shirt should I wear?

*No offense to any TQC Australians*
i say, old bean

mostly unrelated

Hey TQC, have you seen my camera?

Inspired by a song, what was the happiest day of your life?

How big is your town? Any weird stories/tall tales about it you'd care to share?

11.6 miles². I've just been told don't drink the water or you'll never leave. I drink the water, we have our own water project and I'm interested in what the difference is between our water and maybe a neighboring city. There have been jokes that our town, LOMPOC stands for lots of mad people on crank. Sadly, that acronym does not lie.
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Which variation is the best?

My friend just turned 21 and it got me thinking of all the drinks I've been hearing about and wanting to try but never got around to. We took my friend out bar hopping on her birthday and we're planning to go out on a bigger scale once things settle down and people get back from their vacations, etc... So for when we go out I'd like to get a lil list of things for us to try cause hey it gives me a good excuse to be adventerous.

What are some of your favorite drinks and what's in them?

Also I've been hearing about this drink "Liquid Cocaine" since I turned 21 and how much it messes with you. I wanna try it cause um yea I have a death wish or something, but when looking it up online I found a bunch of variations. Which, if any, have you tried and do you think is the best?

1. Liquid Cocaine #1 (Shot. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Grand Marnier, Southern Comfort, Vodka, Amaretto, Pineapple juice
2. Liquid Cocaine #2 (Shot. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Rumple Minze, Jägermeister, 151 proof rum
3. Liquid Cocaine #3 (Shot. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Jägermeister, 151 proof rum, Rumple Minze
4. Liquid Cocaine #4 (Shot. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Light rum, Everclear
5. Liquid Cocaine #5 (Shot. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Vodka, Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Cointreau, Pineapple juice, 7-Up
6. Liquid Cocaine #6 (Other/Unknown. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Southern Comfort, Yukon Jack, Jack Daniels, Amaretto, Orange juice, Guava juice
7. Liquid Cocaine #7 (Cocktail. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Vodka, Champagne, Red Bull
8. Liquid cocaine 8 ball (Ordinary Drink. Alcoholic.)
Ingredients: Southern Comfort, Rum, Amaretto, Pineapple juice, Grenadine
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pop... six... squish...

Would you let an almost-seven-year-old that's wanting dance lessons watch Chicago?

I thought it might be inspirational for my daughter, seeing as she's wanting to take dance (especially ballet, which will bore me to tears, but if that's what she wants...), but the story material is quite... adult. Still, I'd rather her watch "Cell Block Tango" than most of the pop music geared towards girls her age nowadays. (It's either lacking of talent or clothes. Sometimes both.)

So I was really slow to pick up I can find the track I want to listen to but I can't figure out how to actually listen to it. Can someone give stupid-proof tips/instructions for using and reassure me that I'm not the only one who hasn't been using Thanks!
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Does anyone remember a story that had two outcomes. It was about a boy who rode his bicycle really fast home to tell his mom that he got a scholarship to a really good school. In one ending, he ran over a chicken, his mom got really pissed at him, so he ran away, joined the navy, and never spoke to his mother ever again. In the other, he avoided the chicken and accidentally killed himself and his mom was all like "Why didn't he just run over the chicken!? His life is way more valuable than this stupid chicken!"

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I know you hate polls, but I think this is the best way to handle this

I saw this poll in a magazine that I have a subscription to, and I found the results very interesting. I'm trying to decide whether or not it is sex-related (the magazines primary readership is male). Please answer honestly so I can get an accurate sample. Thanks :)

Poll #992339 How do you view yourself

How would you rate your appearance?

I scare children

Are you ...


Also, if you are someone who has trouble with the second question, please vote with the gender you most relate to. Thank you!

Edit 5/28/07: Here is a link to the update for this post

(no subject)

I'm going over to the guy I'm dating's house today for his family's Memorial Day BBQ. I can't bring over alcohol and they're making all the main dishes already. However I thought it'd be rude to show up empty handed. What should I make to bring them?

Smores Ice Cream Cake [This includes -graham crackers, sugar, cinnamon, melted butter, chocolate chips, marshemallows, chocolate sauce, nutella, ice cream, and marshmallow cream] or Pumpkin Cinnamon Muffins with Chocolate Chips [Self-explanatory. It's actually very delicious]?

The former sounds more tasty, but I'm afraid I'll give them diabetes with how much of a sugar overload it is haha. There will be adults, children, and people my age [late teens-early twenties].

What do you think?

(no subject)

My mom was cleaning out her jewelry box a few minutes ago and found a few "Liberty Dimes" from as easly as 1940 and as late as 1941; and a quarter from 1910.

Any idea as to how much these are worth nowadays?

EDIT: They look like this (just with different dates)

and this

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(no subject)

I'm making a night shirt with either "snuggle slut" or "cuddle whore" on it. But I can't decide which one I want.

Poll #992371 so you like to... snuggle.

Which one?

snuggle slut
cuddle whore
something else i'll tell you about in comments

And I'm looking for iron on letters -- glittery or not, doesn't matter. I'm close to a Michael's and a Hobby Lobby... what general area of the store would I look for iron on letters or something similar to decorate shirts with? I almost went yesterday but I had a feeling I'd be spending a while looking for what I needed.

Have you ever decorated a shirt? Advice for those undertaking it for the first time? And care to share your creation? I'm in a creative mood.

What to do on a Sunday....

My BFF has gotten sick, and while she didn't lame out for the weekend, she did lame out on the Memorial Day Picnic.

What should I do with my afternoon today?

I live in NYC, it's 90 and sticky, and my apartment is unbearable.

Should i:

a. Go to Targets and read a book?
b. Clean up my apartment?
c. Go to the park anyway?
d. Something I've not thought of: CREATIVITY COUNTS!

vacation question

Is there anything you ALWAYS take on vacation, that isn't considered 'normal'? (I don't mean your toothbrush or teddy bear, I mean something that makes people you're traveling with go WTF?)

my answers below.
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(no subject)

There are something like 13 million LiveJournals these days. What's your LiveJournal's number? (as in the sequential numbers assigned to journals when they are created)

Mine is 101,498 (almost made it inside the first 100,000)

the number is next to your user name on your profile

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I work for an internet site which requires users to fill out forms, etc. One of the questions users are asked is "What is your nationality?"

My question is, why do 80% of American users fill this in with "White", "Black", "White Caucasian", "African American" (closer, but still, that's your ethnicity), or, for some reason "black and white"?

(no subject)

1. Did something interesting happen to you today?

Yes. I met a classmate I hadn't seen since graduation nearly 5 years ago. She flirted with me and asked me out on a date. I of course said yes.

2. Have you recently ended a friendship?

Yes. It was less difficult than I thought it would be.

3. Have you ever had a date from hell? If so, do tell.

Yep. A few years back I was set up on a date with a girl who smelled like rotten eggs. On our date she couldn't stop talking about her dad. The way she talked about him was kinda creepy. Turns out my friend set me up on a date with this girl as a joke.

who are we?

Ok, so the books I read this week (that I picked randomly off the shelves at my local library) have a similar theme, 29 year olds trying to figure out who they are, looking back at how they got there. It's really quite odd, actually. There are a lot of other parallel themes between the two.

Anyway! They have me thinking about lots of things.

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What do you eat in a normal day?

Do you think you eat healthily? (And if you say "I think I eat normally" try to define how healthy or unhealthy "normal" is, too.)

Do you get that really awesome much-tanner-on-one-side thing from driving?

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Plasma donation

Every time I try to donate blood I get turned away because my hemocrit levels are very slightly too low. I donated blood once almost three years ago but since then have been turned down twice, and was turned down once before then.

To donate plasma do I have to meet the same hemocrit levels as if I were donating blood? I know the plasma donation process is a lot different from donating blood so I'm just wondering, because I wouldn't even waste my time getting a screening if I knew I would be turned away.

I've looked on plasma donation FAQs but none have said anything about being qualified to donate blood vs. plasma.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

pimply thingies?

Last night my mom noticed tiny little pimple looking things growing on her palms and on the back of her hands. She said they didn't itch or hurt...but she wants to apply some kind of cream/ointment to make it stop growing.

Behind the cut are pictures...

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WTF are they? Anyone know? They're freakin' disgusting looking...especially IRL.

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alice hat


I received a letter yesterday from my friend who has recently moved out to the middle of nowhere to a rough-as-guts mining town with her new husband. It's not the best place to be and lately she's been really sad; the place is really getting to her.

I'm going to write a letter back straight away, what should I list as suggestions to get her happy again? We're both very cynical and have a twisted sort of humour. I was planning on making a video for her with all our friends and stuff, would that just make her feel worse? I'm so confused about what I should do.

Has anyone you know moved away to a tough place before?
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

Question #1: If someone says something, followed by "you know what I mean.." do you assume that this implies there is an innuendo or an alternative meaning to what they said preceding it?

Question #2: In "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred, he says "I'm a model, you know what I mean.." What do you think he means by that? What kind of model is he, or what alternate meaning does this have?
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(no subject)

1. What is the last song you found so awesome that you needed to put it on repeat and/or turn the volume up?

2.  What is the latest video you watched on Youtube?

3. I'm bored like whoa. Suggest me something to do?

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(no subject)

1. What are some upbeat songs about leaving/new beginnings?
only one I can think of is Send Me On My Way-Rusted Root

2. What are some not so upbeat songs about leaving/new beginnings?
Fire and Rain-James Taylor....and ummm...?

3. How much do you usually tip when you buy ice cream?
whatever coins I receive as change

4. When was the last time you had ice cream? What kind?
two days ago. sundae from DQ
s and m

hair stuff

I'm sitting here, henna gooped on my head and an hour to kill, and figured I'd ask you folks about hair.

1) Have you ever used hair henna? Did you like it? What brand did you use?

2) Do you dye your hair chemically? Box or professional?

3) If you've tried both, what's your preference?

4) Favorite color for your own hair?

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(no subject)

1. What is something you really enjoy that you've gotten a good number of people interested in/addicted to?

A ton of crap.

TV shows: House, Bones, Heroes, Shinesman (if that even counts... a whole two episodes)

Music: E-type, Nightwish, Within Temptation, E Nomine, Vitas, Tarkan, Helium Vola, Josh Groban and probably several more I really can't remember.

Books: Terry Pratchett all the way... because that's a gospel that needs to be spread, dammit!

2. What is a movie you've seen that when you find some one who hates it, you really just can't understand why?

Night at the Museum... I'm still baffled at how much my grandparents despised it. I can understand being "meh" about it, but hate? Strange.

3. Any interesting plans for tomorrow?

I may be going to the zoo with my family.
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(no subject)

if you ever do use this phrase, how do you structure it?
a. if blahblah happens, she'll flip shit
b. if blahblah happens, she'll flip a shit
c. if blahblah happens, she'll flip her shit

which one do you or would you use?

Trying the "tan" thing :)

Do any of you tan regularly? I tried my first tanning session about an hour ago. I'm pretty white, so they suggested only 7 minutes.  Do I have to go a few more times before I see a "tan"? 

Why are tanning salon girls bitchy? She was incredibly rude to me, do you get this when you go tanning too?

EDIT: OMGZ, that one tan I got and I already feel the cancer growing. I'm totally going to die from that one tan! I shall never even step outside now because walking for 10 minutes out in the sun is the same thing if not worse.  Get off your high horse, you have vices too.
french kitty

(no subject)

1. A friend of mine said they really like the band Muse, and would like to hear other similar bands. However, I'm clueless on who to recommend. Who do I recommend, TQC?

2. What kind of cake should I make tomorrow?

3. What's the worst "3" movie - Spiderman, Pirates, or Shrek?

(no subject)

In this post, magicgummibear asked if we thought it would be a good idea for her to move in with her best friend during university. Most people responded with a vehement no, which completely surprised me, as I would have thought that you stand a much better chance of getting on with your best friend than a complete stranger. So tell me, TQC:

1. Have you ever lived with your best friend? What was the experience like? Did your friendship grow or weaken as a result of your living together?

2. Have you ever lived with a stranger? What was the experience like?

3. Which do you think is the ideal living situation, best friend or stranger? If given the choice, which would you pick?

ETA: For those of you who've had dreadful experiences living with your best friend, why are you best friends if you get on so appallingly?! :)

Also, is anyone else slightly unnerved by the prospect of living with a stranger, and all the unknowns that go along with that? At least with your best friend you know exactly have a better idea of [arg, foiled again] what you're getting into...
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(no subject)

Ever had one of those horrible fights with your SO that involved alot of cussing each other out and yelling and screaming?

What was the fight about?

Did you eventually work things out?

(no subject)

1. I'm having surgery Tuesday on an area behind my left ear. I can't wash my hair/get my head wet until the following Monday night. Any tips to help reduce the itchiness and grossness of my head for that time?

2. How would you arrange 70 some reading books on three shelves? One shelf is about 3 feet long, one's 2.5 feet, one's about 2 feet. All the reference type books are already on their own shelf.

3. Do you think prunes are an "old people food"?


Trying to see if there is a correlation here. My friend believes there is.

1. How many kids do you want? Do you have a preference for their gender? (If you have already had kids, what -did- you want, since perhaps you didn't get your wish, although I'm sure you love your kids whatever you ended up with...)

2. Is this the same makeup as your own family (you and your siblings)? If not, what is the makeup of your family?

So bored at work.

Have any American TQC members done a temp work program in the UK? Was it super fun? Where did you work (job/geographic region)?

I'm considering working in the UK as a Social Worker once I finish my MSW degree. There are a lot of job placement agencies that specialize in bringing social work graduates over from the US. Any opinions or advice for me?

Do any TQC members use dialup internet?

I sure don't. I work for a dialup internet company though. It definitely sucks.

What is your favorite website to browse for a laugh?

Last week a coworker and I discovered and have been ridiculing it ever since. If you are really bored and want to read the rantings of a wacko, check that out. It's a plethora of crazy, starting with the disclaimer on the front page. lolz.
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Are there any screencapping programs with autoscroll that are free and AREN'T SnagIt?

What kind of movies/situations get you choked up?

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with Rachael Ray or the Rev. Al Sharpton?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

A belated answer

I totally don't remember who posted the question, but someone was looking for a corset with sleeves for some sort of costume, and I found a good one and wanted to post. Delete if necessary.

Corset o' Sexy. This bid ends in about an hour but there are probably others posted for later, or in difference sizes. The one I linked to is a plus size, but she carries as small as 18" waists, and as large as 50" sometimes.

Ok, fine, I'll add a question that's related then. What do you guys think of this corset? I'm thinking about getting it to wear clubbing but am worried that it might separate the boobs too much, if you look at the cups. Any thoughts?

If you drive on US highways...

I've seen "Trust Jesus" spray painted in blue on the pillars that hold up the overpasses on some major US highways (I75, I70, I40, I35). I've seen it in Texas on up through Ohio. Anyone else ever see this? I always wonder who painted it..looks like the same handwriting and it's always in blue.

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Band Lyrics

What band(s) do you think has/have the most really good lyrics that you can relate to?

For me, I would say Something Corporate & Augustana. :)
Not my usual genre, but generally excellent lyrics for me.

what was the one...

it was a movie that came out earlier this year, i believe, and not a "big" movie, but more of an independent. it was about beethoven, towards the later years of his life, and he gets an assistant. the assistant turns out to be a woman. she ends up helping him write some of his most famous works. i remember the end of the trailer and she's helping him conduct the orchestra by hiding in the very back and basically showing him the hand gestures he should be using, since, of course, he can't HEAR what's being played.

so TQC, what movie am i thinking of?

EDIT: it's called copying beethoven. thanks, ne_today!
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(no subject)

1. Are you friends with any celebrities? Who are they and how did you meet?

2. Have you ever had a funny or interesting encounter with a celebrity? If yes, will you elaborate?

3. How many different kinds of drugs have you done? What are they? Was it a one-time thing or is it regular or semi-regular use?

And, for the TCQers who wear high heels all day, every day (or nearly):

4. How do you do it? Do your feet become more used to it as the time goes on?
5. Do you use any Dr. Scholl's (or similar) inserts?
6. Are wedge heels more comfortable than regular heels?
smoog boob

ragamuffins and hunger

1. How often do you use the word "ragamuffin"?

2. When I wake up at noon I don't get hungry until around 3:30 PM. When I wake up at 8:00 AM I am hungry immediately, and I'm not average hungry, I'm extra hungry. I usually don't eat anything past 8:30-ish PM no matter how late I stay up. The time I go to bed seems to have no impact on my level of hungriness, just the time I wake up.

Why is this? Does this happen to you? Is there some obvious explanation I'm missing?

Making new friends

I just relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC. I am from CT and went to school in PA.

Tomorrow at like noon, I will be here a week. I know no one but my ex and rather not see him.

I have been to the beach with my roomie a couple times this week which was fun. We hung out with her new interest but that is all that has happened. She is barely home and havent been invited to meet any of her friends which is cool.

How do I make friends here?

I am in a complex but they are all busy with their own lives and dont have any opportunities open for adding on. Plus it isnt filled completely since school starts in August (i graduated but I am basically living in student housing).

I dont have a job, so I cant afford much.

So where do I go to meet people that wont break the bank? My social life so far is very alone and while I love my alone would be nice to know i have friends whod hang if i wanted to.