May 26th, 2007

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If your answer is "no" for both, you don't have to answer and take up space.

1) Have you ever published any written work in either a city-wide, state-wide, or nation-wide publication? What was the genre (short story, novel, article, etc.)?

2) Do you play the piano? If so, do you consider yourself an accomplished pianist? Have you won any competitions?

3) Do you think it's easier for someone to be an accomplished writer or an accomplished pianist?

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its just rust.


1a. Ladies, how often do you look at and touch your breasts?
1b. Do you like them?
1c. When was the last time you checked for lumps?
Pretty often. I just realized it, too.
Yes, I like them.
Probably a few months ago, but considering I touch them so much, I'd probably notice if something was there.

2. What's the longest amount of time you've ever driven alone?
Probably half an hour. On Sunday morning, I have to drive for 2 and a half hours, the longest I've ever driven alone. I'm a bit nervous, for some reason. But I'm in the process of making mix tapes (my car has no CD player) for the trip.

3. Is it just me or has LJ been really boring today?

A couple more questions about childbirth

If you want a reference, please click here.

lierre wrote:
if you're doing the whole hospital birth thing, you should be aware that positions they force on you (or pressure you into if you want to put it that way) are notorious for causing tearing to begin with, as well as pressure to hurry up with labor (induction, coached pushing, pushing at all), not letting the body prepare itself adequately.

This makes me wonder about some things.

1) Do you think some C sections are rushed because the birth doesn't happen in the prescribed time?

2) Have any of you had bad experiences with pushy and insensitive medical staff?

3) What about doulas and midwives?
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update into a question

Earlier today I asked about the "Very Special Guest" at the Bright Eyes show I was going to. It turned out to be LOU REED. How exciting is that?
I was very excited. I was expecting it to be some shitty Saddle Creek band. I called my dad like immediately after to tell him and he didn't believe me.

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Anyone here know much of anything about bike racks for cars?

I have an '07 Yaris and my boyfriend has a '95 Taurus (though it doesn't have too much longer on it -- but any car he'd get to replace it would be a similar size/model). We don't go biking allll the time but when we do it is the most enormous pain in the ass to borrow my brother's duct-taped-together '96 Kia and cram them into the back seat with the wheels hitting against our heads.


Anything at all you could tell me about what type, where to buy them, etc? I don't even know where to begin. We want one that would be easy to take on and off, hold two bikes, and fit on at least one of our cars.

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can semen SERIOUSLY boost metabolism, fight depression, clear acne, prevent aging, increase breast size, reduce the risk of breast cancer and all the other shit the rumors say it can do? 

HONESTLY, what are the actual health benefits of semen, whether it be swallowing it, getting it on your face/skin/whatever... or anything else you could think to do with it? 

(ok, guys... i know this is funny and all, but can we stop having a competition to see who can leave the most hilarious comment and get this question answered?)

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how violently should I beat an acquaintance of mine for going through files on my computer?

lss: I went to the restroom, came back, and he was sifting through my files, including my suicide girls collection and an old video of my band practising.

Cat eyes

I have a male cat and a female cat. The female cat has wide round eyes, almost bug like and the male has almond shaped eyes. Does this equal true for all cat's eyes? Can you tell the sex of a cat by his/her eyes? This is probably a really silly question but it just popped in my head the other day and no one seems to know...

EDIT: Thanks everyone for replying! I knew it was a pretty stupid thought and figured it wasn't true, lol. Just one of those weird thoughts that you can't shake.

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TQC, why is my enter button not working in Yahoo IM?

Question for non-smokers: You have a guest in your home and they lit up a cigarette. What do you do or say?

I'd tell them that smoking is not allowed in my home and if they want to smoke they'll have to take it outside.

Edit: Sorry, I just thought of another question and didn't want to create a whole new post for it.

Question for evolutionists: Have you always believed in evolution?

No, I once was a creationist.
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i'm in the market for a webcam. i could easily buy one on ebay for 12-20 dollars...but should i spend more money on better quality? better picture. better sound quality.

what do you recommend?

Overseas credit card usage

I'm spending about 3 weeks in the UK this summer and need a credit card that won't charge me a service fee for using it overseas. I know Capital One offers this option but a good friend of mine has had a lot of trouble with them.

Is anyone aware of any other credit card companies that won't charge for that service?
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Do you have a favourite food blog?

Where is my dog hidding?

What are you plans for today?  This weekend?  The fourth tuesday in July?
I dunno D:
Graducation party, Work, I just picked that date random and it turned out to be my birthday, lol.

Windows Movie Maker

Yeah, I know we all hate this questions, but I'm desperate!

Anyways, is it possible to have two seperate audio/music categories to play with in Movie Maker? If so, how?

I'm making a movie. And what I want to do is have music, have a clip that narrates, and then have pictures. My audio/music section is already full and I can't take it as a video because I need that slot for pictures.

Thanks in advance. Stupid untechnologically smart self ...

Stolen checks - banking question

If you are trying to establish whether or not a payment check was received and deposited, what kinds of information should be collected from the payer's and the payee's banks?

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Edit: Since that was so easy, where do you feel responsibiity lies when payment by check is sent? With the payer, the payee, or both? (if both, how much to each?)

And how do you prefer to pay - by check, credit card, or first born?
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Would you let your children/siblings/etc. play with Bratz dolls?

Why? Why not?

(Someone gave my cousin one of those plastic sluts as a birthday present today. >:O I'm returning that shit and buying her a book or something.)

(edit:*points up*Ok I should probably let her mother decide if she should keep it or not. :P)
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1. I found an extra $300 in my bank account yesterday. My first thought was to take out all my money and shut the account, so they could not take it back. What would have been your first impulse? (It turned out my paycheque was just larger than expected).

2. Imagine this hypothetical scenario: A woman with beauty beyond compare (with flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin, and eyes of emerald green) wants to take your man away from you, just because she can. If she does this, you know you could never love again. Do you beg her to please not take your man? Your happiness depends on this woman. What would you do?

3a. Are you ever complimented by strangers? If yes, how do you react?
3b. Do strangers ever make an "Eww, yuck" face at you? If yes, how do you react?

4. Do you thrive on adoration from others? If no, why not?
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So, how many of you are in high school? If so, what grade? Did you have a good school year? Are you happy the school year is ending/ended?

I'm in my freshman year of high school. My school year was pretty good for my first year in high school. I'm really glad school's ending in two weeks, though.
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Poll #991868 Zombie attack! Decisions, decisions, decisions

You're leading a group of 20 people. There's 2 safe havens within walking distance. The first route is completely safe, but the haven itself only holds 10 people maximum and it's in the middle of nowhere, meaning extra travel through dangerous areas for the rest of the group who can't fit. The second route can hold everybody, but the journey is considerably more risky, but the journey itself isn't as long. Which route do you take?

The first route. If I can guarrantee the safety of 10 people, then it's worth it. The rest can make their way to the other haven afterwards. It's important that half the group makes it
Route 2. Why put half the group through excess danger when the 21 of us can all make it to sanctuary with hopefully minimal losses

15 of you are left. The safe haven's good, but the food supply ran out. You'll have to venture out again. There's 4 groups of protective gear/weapons you can choose from. Which package of gear do you pick for your group?

Package 1 - 10 bats, 5 machetes, 1 gun
Package 2 - 7 machetes 3 bats, 2 guns
Package 3 - 8 guns, 2 machetes
Package 4 - 10 suits of full-body, lightweight, tear-proof protective armor, 5 bats

You all make it to the location where the food is. There's various barrels of food and you can take only one. Which barrel do you take for the group?

Barrel 1 - preserved foods, like jerky and dried fruits. Not much variety. It will last 3 months and have a shelf life of 6 months
Barrel 2 - canned goods of all kinds. Lots of variety. 1.5 months worth of food, but the shelf life is over a year and a half
Barrel 3 - military ration kits, old school. These are high-density but bland eats, good enough to substain you but not far from delicious. 4 months worth, with a shelf life of 3 years
Barrel 4 - loaded up with Twinkies, chips and other junk food. 2 months of eating, but it's not exactly the most healthy munchies. Shelf life of over a year
Barrel 5 & 6 - you get two barrels for this option. It's full of fresh vegetables and food. However, all of it is perishable. Enough for 400 meals. However, the shelf life is only 1 month before it begins to go bad

Lastly, one of your companions is a close friend, and he or she gets bitten on the hand by a zombie. Only you and this person know about it. Within 3 days, if the infection has spread, they will become a zombie themselves. As leader of the group, what do you do?

Let the friend stay with the group. I'll keep a close eye on him or her and if there's obvious physical changes, I'll banish my friend from the group
Apologize to my friend and kill him or her on the spot. It's the only safe thing to do
Practice some denial. Maybe the bite wasn't that deep and the infection won't spread. Hope and pray that nothing bad happens, but otherwise, do nothing
Banish my friend from the group. I can't risk the lives of the other 13 people. Sorry, buddy, but it's too much to sacrifice. I will give my friend a gun and a weapon so they have a chance of surviving on their own
The 2 of us leave the group. The rest can manage without us. I won't abandon my friend in their greatest hour of need
Tell the group what happened, and let one of them dispatch my friend. I don't have the heart to do the right thing
Using my machete, immediately hack off my friend's hand, and cauterize the wound and bandage it afterwards and hope that it works
Tie up my friend, leaving just the feet. We travel as normal and if my friend turns during these 3 days, he or she can't hurt anyone. If he or she doesn't turn, then they're not infected

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Last night at a concert the girl sitting next to me started making cigarettes. She took out a package of tobacco and the papers and made like 10 of them. It struck me as very strange. I told my dad about it and he was like "Uhh are you sure it was tobacco?" and I definitely am. Thanks for thinking I'm an idiot.

Anyway, would you find this strange?

EDIT: I don't mean in general, I don't find that strange at all. I mean randomly at a concert, especially because she seemed to be having a lot of trouble with it.
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I just thought it would be a great idea to bike down to the farmer's market and buy some food. The weather wasn't so bad, but I got caught in a huge downpour. Now I'm so cold I can't even make a decision!

Poll #991842 What do I want for lunch?

What should I have for lunch?

hot dog
grilled cheese and tomato soup
leftovers from my fridge
something with chicken (suggestions please)

What are you having for lunch? On weekends, do you tend to make nice, big lunches since you aren't in school/work, or do you just eat whatever you have around the house?
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daytime insomnia!

I worked overnight at my job last night (9:30 to 7:00 this morning) and came home, fell asleep around 8, and I STUPIDLY forgot to turn off the alarm on my cell phone, which went off at 10. It's 12:07 now and I can't get back to sleep--I've got the blinds and windows shut, so it's darker and quiet, took a Tylenol for the muscle aches from lack of sleep...what can I do to get some sleep? I have to go back tonight and work the same hours!
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that's what she said!

Gift ideas for college graduate

My cousin is graduating from college this weekend, and he mentioned that he's interested in possibly going to Europe sometime soon.  What are some cool gift ideas that I could get him that would get him excited about going to Europe? So far I've gotten "Europe Through The  Back Door" by Rick Steves, and a few bottles of Spanish and Italian wine (cuz he loves wine).  But I'd like to throw a few more things into the gift basket that would get him hyped about going overseas. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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There's a music video I am trying to identify the song and artist for. I think it was "Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic Calm but I can't find the official video for that. If anyone remembers it, could they describe it for me please?


1) Do you have asthma? Yes

2)When were you diagnosed?Yesterday, although I've had symptoms for a few years

3) What is the severity?It's relatively mild. It's just enough to really annoy me and make me feel like crap.

4) Have you ever had a horrifically bad attack?Not like the ones that I've heard about that send you to the hospital, but I've had some uncomfortable moments

5) What inhaler do you use? Maxair

6) What do you think is causing the increases of asthma diagnosis? Pollution, maybe?

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Single boys and single girls!!

Girls: Would you ever grow hair on one of your legs so it would feel like you were in bed with a guy at night? You're REALLY desperate and REALLY lonely.

Guys: Would you ever shave one of your legs so it would feel like you were in bed with a girl at night? You're REALLY desperate and REALLY lonely.

ETA: Oh, and I'm sorry but this scenario only works for straight couples.

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In the song, "Jesus Walks," what do you think Kanye West means when he says "Well momma I know I act a fool But I'll be gone til November I got packs to move I Hope"?

I've been trying to figure out what that means for ages. It's right after the part where he talks about people having lawsuits and a trunk full of coke, etc and how only Jesus can save us.

Any ideas?

(ps- this isn't for homework- I'm not including that line in my research. I just really wanna know!)
EDIT I could understand maybe if he was referring to selling drugs himself, but I was unaware of him being a dealer.

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What are some good blogs to read? I need some good ones.

What was the last thing you copied and pasted? (Just press Control + V in the comments : ) )

Have you ever hit a parked car?
Did you leave you number?

(Yes, and I did :( I'm awaiting the 'damage total')

How much did you have to pay?

ahhhh crushnesss

How do I respond to this if I want to make this girl like me?

I said in a myspace bulletin:
I need someone with whom I can talk literature and philosophy over a cup of coffee. Then maybe go out in the woods and smoke some cloves or take some pictures. That side of my personality doesn't come out enough. I need someone who brings it out.

What side of your personality doesn't come out enough? 

She said: we're... similar...

I don't know her very well, we're just in the same creative writing class. But I like her. What do I say before I have a heart attack because my age is regressing back to preteendom?


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Today is my birthday :) I have a paycheck to cash and it's enough to cover either a new video card, or new shelves for my room. Which should I get for myself today?

What kind of video card do you have? How do you like it?

Do any of you play Guild Wars: Factions? I just got it a few days ago and I love it already.

Last night at work there was an electrical fire and the whole store had to be evacuated. The computers were all down, there was smoke everywhere, and you could not get away from the smell of it, blah. So why is it that when I tried to get the customers out of the building, so many of them insisted on finishing their shopping?

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Hey, TQC, how should I cut my hair?

I have a heart shaped face and a hook-ish nose. My hair is brown, shoulder length, and kind of wavy/poofy but fine textured. I'd prefer something with very little upkeep.
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what do I do with a friend who is literally boy crazy?

she hooks up with guys all of the time. then wonders why they don't take her seriously. and she puts herself in these &$#@IN' situations! then she comes and cries to me about it because she can't find a guy who wants to be in a serious relationship with her.

I'm going crazy.

EDIT: she's my closest friend. sadly I still don't know how to deal with it.
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1.When people make youtube videos using clips of their favorite movies, how do they get the clips? Do they upload their copy of the dvd to their computer? If this is true, using what kind of programs?I'm just very confused.

2. Who was the last person you called?

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I want to go work in L.A..  after I'm done school(i'm from canada) but I dont have citizenship, so i'm just wondering, how do you get a job in another Country anyways?  is it a hard process? is it hard just because its the US, is it easier to become a citizen of another country like say Australia?

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I just got a blackberry pearl that someone gave to me second hand, I didnt get any instructions with it so I'mkinda learning its features on my own,  so for anyone that knows anything about them or owns one, can I ahve msn messenger on it? what about hotmail?

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If you had your own internet radio station, how much money could you save by having companies or websites sponsoring you? Like if you played their commercials or something. Would they pay you to advertise on your station?
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1. Have you ever stood up for someone you barely knew?
2. What's the most recent thing you got embarrassed about?
3. What is the biggest advantage of being short? Biggest disadvantage?
4. What is the biggest advantage of being tall? Biggest disadvantage?
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A few weeks ago my cousin was supposed to get married. She called off the wedding the day before, after all the presents were sent and several people, including my parents, had traveled to attend the wedding.

She cancelled the wedding because when they went to pick up their rings before the rehearsal dinner, she found out her lame-ass fiance hadn't been paying on their jewelry account, like he'd said he'd been doing for several months.

I expected to get my gift to them, a Target gift card, returned to me. I assume that's proper procedure for cancelled weddings.

Today I got a thank you card from her that said "Thanks for the card and gift! We have decided to indefinitely postpone the wedding, but I got a new apartment and the gift card helped me get set up there!"

Is it wrong that I'm angry and think I should have gotten the gift card, a gift that was for their wedding, back?

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I was just flicking through a children's book published in around 1990, and I noticed the word "retarded." Lots. As in, "the children were all retarded," with some rather eyebrow raising descriptions of these children's disabilities thrown in as well.

1. What do you think about the word "retarded"? Why do you think it's such a taboo (or at least non-PC) word, given that it simply means "delayed"? What about the word "retarded" as an insult? Do you think it's losing its original meaning somewhat? Is it a word you use in any context?

2. What about the word "gay" as an insult? I saw it used as a mild insult in a popular children's TV programme a couple of years ago, and was completely shocked to see that it had apparently become an accepted term. Do you think it's another word that's losing its connection to homosexuality or branching out into yet another meaning, or do you think it's a homosexual slur and should be discouraged? Do you ever use the word as an insult?

(You don't need to answer each of the questions in 1 & 2, they're just to give you some ideas on the subject.)
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unrelated q's.

1. Does anybody know what "Emperor's Egg Show" means? I guess it was something in a chinese adult film or something like that.

2. What do you do if somebody cooks for you and you really don't like it? Do you pretend to like it anyway to be polite?

2b. What if somebody INSISTS that you try something and you politely decline saying that you don't normally like such-and-such... and they insist that you will definitely like *theirs* you taste it and you don't like it. What do you do?

3. If somebody uses only a black crayon in a coloring book, is it still considered "coloring"?

4. When was the last time you went on a date and what did you do?

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I have been trying software that I found through google for ages now. It is time to ask TQC.

What is a good program to convert other video files, such as but not limited to AVI, to GIF?

All the programs I've tried so far either crash, have a prominent watermark or do not let you save the file because they are shareware.
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What should I have for dinner?

delicious broccoli from a local Chinese restaurant, and a vegetable egg roll.
some type of stuffed french toast
grilled cheese with veggie bacon and some soup
soup and a salad
sauteed carrots and onions, and some mashed potatoes

Do you like tomato soup?

only if it's fresh
some of it

I'm helping put up a new fence today, tomorrow, and on Monday. How many splinters will I end up with?


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I have started playing around with Windows Movie Maker, making montage-y type things. I came across a problem when I opened one I was working on. On the storyboard and in the collections part some of the photos are just a blank box with a big red X through it and they won't appear on screen when I play it back. Any idea what it is that is wrong and how to get around it?

Also, once I have saved one I can't play it back in anything but Movie Maker. Is it possible to play back in Windows Media Player?

Or, do you know of any other similar program I could use (free)?


For Alfred Hitchcock fans...

I've been given a dvd collection of 16 Alfred Hitchcok movies and wish to only view the ones with actual speech in them. Out of these movies by Alfred Hitchcock, which ones were silent?:

Easy Virtue
Jamaica Inn
Juno And The Paycock
Number Seventeen
Rich And Strange
Secret Agent
The Farmer's Wife
The Lodger
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Manxman
The Ring
Young And Innocent
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Gender Role Education

At the mall where I work, there's a store by the name of Libby Lu. It's a store for little know the type. Fuzzy pink boas, picture frames, butterfly chairs, Webkinz, costume jewelry, the works.

This store offers "Hannah Montanna" parties. Basically, it involves giving the girls long blonde wigs, horrible makeup, and fake microphones.

Do you think that this is:

1) Harmless fun?
2) A terrible idea?
3) No strong feelings either way?

Me? I think it's a horrible idea! It teaches these girls that they aren't acceptable as they are. It shows them that we, as a society, value blonde, superficial, famous women more than we value people that actually flippin' matter. And personally, I don't find that idolizing, y'know, the bimbo daughter of a one-hit wonder country music artist whose one crowning achievement in life is 'Achey Brakey Heart' to be a good idea.

advice needed

How does one work well with a boss that asks for the following:
- only come to the boss in the case of an emergency
- come to the boss if someone is goofing up and it is effecting business performance.IE tattle on your co workers.
- will confront you if someone said "no they said you DIDNT mention xyz" and than when I supply the email that I did do XYZ, nothing is heard from said boss. IE - This boss has a tendency to talk big, deliver small. I find myself constantly documenting any discussion with him because it changes almost every 2 seconds it seems.
- never sits with the team
- starts things off with "let me tell you a story on how I did XYZ"

You should know I do love my job, the people I work with and my boss(out of work) seems very personable. I think he just has taken on to much so he is a bit insecure and stressed. I know I have a lot to learn from - but I just don't know how to "deal" with him in order to be successful - if that makes sense? Also, the tattling really fosters a not so good work ethic in my opinion.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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Question for anyone who works for a bank.

When I deposit checks (just deposit, no cash back) do I need to sign them? I've always been told by my family that I don't, but whenever I goto my local branch (US Bank) they make me sign them, even putting them back through the drive up thingy and taking lots of time. I always thought you signed checks only if you were cashing them.

::Edit:: Obviously I'm an idiot and my father is just used to banking at a local bank where everyone knows him. Thanks :) I think I will use "For Deposit Only" w/ my Acct # from now on, though.

i ♥ you

Can anyone direct me to some good websites that detail how Al-Qaeda manipulates the Islamic religion?

I've used, and searches, and I need ten sources.

Please please please please help.

Two unrelated questions

1. Sorry in advance that it's such a gross question. Does anyone tear (as in cry) up when taking a fairly large dump? And I don't mean because it's hurts or smells, just inexplicable tears?

2. Does anyone have a "freakum dress" as described in the Beyonce song?
EDIT: And will you show it to me...or tell me what it looks like?
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Dinner opinions

I have fresh basil pasta (papardelle), scallops, and leeks from the farmers market that I plan on fixing for dinner.

Should I serve it with a garlic butter/olive oil sauce or rosa (tomato cream) sauce?

They both sound really good.

Edit: Went with the garlic, butter, and olive oil. It was definitely tasty.
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You and your boyfriend/girlfriend are Vegas, drunk out of your minds. Let's say you have only been dating for 4 months. In the drunken stupor, you decide it'd be hilariousss to get married.

Once you sober up, would you try to make the marriage work, or would you get out of it ASAP?

(Let's just pretend this is a new significant other- not your current one. And you like each other enough, but there are no feelings of love)
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How long do opiates stay in your system?

More specifically, I'm on a prescription for Tylenol w/ codine, how long after I finish taking them will I have to wait before I can pass a drug test?
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i just don't get it...

1. my job requires me to deal with my own personal cash register. i have the only key to it so of course no one else touches it...

today the assistant manager did an audit on all of our registers..something he said is a weekly thing, yet i've never seen it done before. he checks my register and i am over $10.01. he tells me he's going to write me up. WTF?? i am OVER ten bucks..meaning i have more money then i should and i'm going to get written up? the chick next to me was short $5.45 and she didn't get written up. btw, i was over 10 bucks cause a lady tipped me. we're not suppose to be tipped, but if it happens and the customer insists like crazy [which the lady did] then it's fine to take it as not to offend the customer.

do you see something wrong here? serious and non-serious answers are fine.

i'm just a little ticked off because i haven't been working there for that long and he wrote me up. bastard!

2. i'll be taking over payments on a 2004 VW beetle gls and my dad's mechanic insists that i don't get it because the transmission will mess up on me. it only has 34,500 miles on it and dude has never seen it. any experience with beetles anyone?

thanks. :]

Birth Control

1. Are there types of birth control that you can go on without worrying about blood clots? I have a history... my mother took them twenty-some years ago and was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. She had to go off birth control immediately.
2. If you have taken birth control pills, how much weight have you gained? Did you gain any? Did you lose any? I'm still wrestling with the ten pounds I put on freshman year.

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One of the screen names on my buddy list has a lock next to it as an icon but when I click on the name it goes away. Anyone know what this means? I asked the person and he has no idea.

Here is a picture of what it looks like. I am using Pidgin if that is any help, although I used to use Gaim and it had it there also.



I hate becoming a TQC sick patient, but Dr. TQC, I have had my period for 5 months and 19 days now....EVERYDAY some days worse than others. Anyways, someone told me this is a sign of cancer.
Are they correct?
What else could cause this to happen?

and yes I will call my OB/GYN on Tuesday


this has happend before just not for 5 months....usually it would have stopped after 3 or 4

thanks :)
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Mysterious money

My parents received a check for $200 made out to me from the bursar's office at my old university, from which I formally withdrew two years ago. I would have graduated this spring had I stayed there.

What could it possibly be for?
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the one personality trait that you are helplessly attracted to the most?

do you believe in soulmates? if yes, then in what sense? (friends are soulmates, a SO is a soulmate, etc.)

do you think that fate brings people together? or is it all action and persistence, or a combination of both?

: )
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(no subject)

1. Do you like oatmeal?
2. What sort of milk do you drink? Do you like other types?
3. Have you ever saved an abundance of cans and then turned them in for money? (My closet is getting so full)
4. If you have an interview with a woman that is considerably short--do you wear high heels or not?
5. Do you think when people ask "how was your weekend" they really just want to tell you about their weekend? Do you ever do this?!
6. If the keys on your keyboard displayed no letters would you still be able to type at the same pace?
7. Are you more likely to post one question or a series of questions? Also, do you often include your own answers?


*sigh* I need to ask this again, but for other characters this time. I'm looking for actors, who fit these descriptions. It's for script frenzy, where people try to write a script in a month (June). And lots of us are trying to pick actors to go with the characters we're creating, as it helps us visualise what's going on in our heads. Plus it's just fun. So I'd love some help.

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I know these descriptions are quite vague, but seriously, chuck any and all suggestions at me. I'd prefer Australian or british actors though, but American or other is fine.
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Tell me, TQC..

Who is your favorite person in the world and what is their name?

Mine: My boyfriend - his name is Rodney. He's pretty cool and I'm not just saying that because he's my boyfriend...
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(no subject)

Is Fate spyware/malware?

If someone had it installed, would you recommend then to uninstall it? or just keep playing it?

ETA: Are there any other diablo2 clones other than fate that are fun and not as controversal?

Is it ever ok for the state to coerce to help others?

Suppose, hypothetically, there is a society where everyone has equal wealth. Through a series of events one person eventually acquires all the wealth but assume purely through a fair and just manner. Should the state be able to force the one rich person to pay to feed and house everyone else if he/she could do so for a tiny fraction of his/her wealth (which would not impact his/her quality of life in any way)? Say .000000000001% of his/her net wealth to do so for a year.

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i need a new watch

1. i'm looking for a gold traditional watch much like rolex's daytona watch in gold gold, but one that is not thousands of dollars, nor a replica of it for a few hundred. where is a good place to buy some decent cheap watches? what are some good websites? thanks.

2. what's up with condominiums calling themselves "high schools"?
what is the point of that? what am i not getting?
what would you do if you met a guy and he told you he lived in "queen anne high school"?
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Poll #992067 HAIR-p me out!

What color should I dye my hair? This is me for observing.

Dark Brown
Keep it what it is, you fickle bitch.
Other (say in comments)

What color is your hair?

Light Brown
Dark Brown
Other (say in comments)
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alpine slide

I remember some TQC member mentioning they fell off of an alpine slide. Does anyone remember who it was? I fell off one and posted about it here a year and 4 months ago, but this was within the past 2 or 3 months. I tried LJSeek

Do you know what an alpine slide is?

I've heard of it, but I'm not really sure what it is.

Did you answer this same poll question when I asked it 16 months ago?

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(no subject)

1 - What minority do you belong to? Be creative.

2 - What have you done recently that you didn't know you could do?

3 - Do you participate in fandom? Which ones?

4 - Have you ordered MOO cards? What's the design like? What do you use them for?

ETA: Okay, if you look on the main page it explains about MOO cards. As LJ members, we can get free ones.


1 - Long-haired, club-handed, musically talented coffee haters.

2 - I sung a solo, not expecting it to be very good, but it was fab. =D

3 - Yes. Mainly Harry Potter, Good Omens, Narnia, the Hannibal series and Dune at the moment.

4 - Yes. Text ones, with amusing quotes on them. Haven't received them yet, so I haven't done anything with them yet. Probably going to use them for bookmarks, though.

(no subject)

How old are you now, and at what age did you feel like you really reached adult-level maturity, or at least was no longer plagued by adolescent fears and insecurities? (Was there some sort of event or occurrence that brought it about?) Or maybe you feel like you're still going through that stage, or that no one ever really grows out of it?

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