May 24th, 2007


tortillas & ugly pictures plz.

1. What are your favorite things to make with tortillas?
Quesadillas, veggie tacos, and these cinnamon sugar things.

2. What is the ugliest clothing item or accessory you own? Pictures please! I think there needs to be a Would You Wear It? poll featuring actual TQC-ers stuff. Do you agree? Obviously you should.

3. As far as I can tell this show is all ages. It doesn't seem to say differently anywhere but I have a feeling it isn't. Does it say 21+ somewhere and I am just missing it?
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Weird question: Are there any candy stores in NYC/Manhattan that sell individual flavored Skittles? You know, with the big tubes, and you can fill a bag with however much you want of that type of candy. They have something similar with individually colored M&Ms, so I don't see why there wouldn't be the same for Skittles.

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Hello TQC,

1. How did you come up with your username?

Carrie is my first name and I was born in 1984. I originally wanted carrie_elizabeth as my username but it was one character too long.

2. What should you be doing that you're avoiding?


3.  What is one of your goals?

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it.... I want to learn how to swim.

4. What popular movie(s) you have never seen?

Jaws, Fight Club
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(no subject)

Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube?

I can't seem to get more than half the video to play.


What is your current favorite icon?

What is it about (if you think people might not get it)?

Did you make it yourself?

If not, who made it?

If you have a paid account, did you buy it just for the extra icon space or for another reason?

This icon is my current favorite and I made it myself. It's a quote from 1776.
sad girl

Go get yuh curr fix'd

Tonight, my husband's car broke down. He said that the engine made some terrible grinding noise and all the service lights came on, and then it died. His brother believes the timing belt snapped. (The car is a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2, if anyone's interested)

1. What do you think happened to his car, TQC?
2. Has anyone had a timing belt snap? How much did it cost to get replaced?

3. What's the most expensive mechanic bill you've had? What was it for?

(no subject)

How often do you change your bed sheets?

I do it every month, in the summer every two weeks because it's just too hot and I sweat a lot while sleeping
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a question for the straight girls:

What do you think about your boyfriend watching other girls in porn?

-I find the opinion varies on this quite a lot among my friends and some even think of it as bad as cheating, whereas as others aren't concerned at all (like me)/
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Because I'm Bored

1. Does anyone else watch "Ninja Warrior"/"Sasuke"?
2. Do you prefer the men or women?
3. Do you cheer for their victory or a nastily amusing fall?

2. Women!
3. I cheer for a face-planting fall until they make it paste Stage One, then it's for victory.

(no subject)

1. You get to influence your parents decision on your name. What do they call you?

2. What does your accent sound like? Do you have a regional accent?

3. Do you have different values and morals to your parents?

4. My boyfriend told me today that he doesn't like my dad much, he thinks he's cold, has no sense of humour and it freaks him out- I love my daddy...should I be upset by this?

Anabelle, because i think it suits me. Super girlypretty and flouncy.

Rather posh. Queens English.

Not especially. I'm more materialistic than them.

Well I am upset by this! I don't want to make a big deal out of it, and he didn't say it in a nasty way, he was just honestly telling me what he thought.. but still, I wish he could see him like I do.
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just got a wii a few hours ago for my birthday, and i cannot for hte life of me figure out this "look at the signpost from the blue pilar" shit in world 1-3.  any suggestions?

edit:  got it.  so sleepy.  forgot how addictive video games are.  must go sleepies.

Boredom and random thinking;

Do you find that you usually think you might have a disease/cancer when you hear about it's symptoms?

I do, and it's really annoying because I'll spend a good week thinking something's wrong with me.

If you were to be diagnosed with a disease/cancer, which one do you think it'd be? Can be for any reason.

I think it'd have to be lupus because I'm always exhausted and I get hives/rashes randomly from heat/pressure on my skin. It seems like a mild disease as well.

(no subject)

Have you ever seen an old(er) person pick their nose and eat it?

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

Do you hold your pee in sometimes because you can't get yourself to leave the computer?

(no subject)

1.) What's something you love about the town in which you live?
2.) What's something you hate about the town in which you live?
3.) Do you have any local crazies, weirdos, hobos or other infamous types?
4.) Are there any urban legends surrounding your town, or stuff like a gravity hill or an abandoned prison that all the kids are scared of?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. Where you work, does everyone say hello/good morning to everyone when they come in, or do you all just get straight to work without talking to each other?

2. What are your plans for this weekend?

3. Are you going to see Pirates tonight?

4. What is your weather like today?

Edit: 5. When analyzing my budget, I found that my leisure spending has more than doubled since baseball season started. Should I make people start paying for their own tickets to baseball games?
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What font is this?? Collapse )

Does it bother you when people ask you to do something that they know nothing about?? Example: My boss just said to me, "Go on the website and create that font..." What??

If you have pets, are they afraid of storms?

since it's my friday..

there's going to be a tqc party, we've got a keg and no neighbors to complain about noise.

Are you coming? what are you bringing to eat? (I don't have much food right now) who do you think will get naked first? who's gonna hook up in the bathroom? who'll throw up on my lawn? what should I make you to drink?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

I took tomorrow off (yay four-day weekend!). My husband still has to work, and I also get paid tomorrow. What should I do with my day tomorrow, TQC?

Do you ever think about the ways that you hurt people in the past when they tried to do something nice for you, and feel really guilty?

I'm getting dinner from this awesome deli tonight. What would you get?
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Mmmm coffee and tea!

1) How do you normally drink your coffee?

I drink mine black because I'm hardcore! Sometimes I'll put a little cream or milk in it if it's bad coffee, but never any sugar.

2a) How do you drink your iced tea?

Always without sugar or anything else. I hate tea that is too sweet. Obviously I do not belong in the south. Sun tea is THE BEST.

2b) How do you drink your hot tea?

Sometimes I'll add a little honey if I'm feeling crazy but usually I drink it black, no matter the type of tea I'm drinking. Earl gray black and hot = best (and this was before I was a Star Trek fan ... Captain Picard and I are MEANT TO BE I SWEAR!).

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Im on hold to virgin media, they say it may take up to 10 minutes. Whats the longest you have been on hold for and who to?

If you have a big decision to make do you follow a certain thought process?
how long do you usually think about it for?

Trackin' the dramaz

Do you like to track drama that happens?

What's your favorite drama digest?

At what point do you start taking screencaps IN CASE THE POST GETS BAHLEETED? *cough*

Did anyone have screencaps of the Anti-Period-Pill post?

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hard clay, put clay in a fire.
Hard meat, bunch of spices and then jerky-fied.
heard leather, leave it out in the sun for a while.

hard wood = ?

Like, I figure harder after it dries, instead of a green branch, check. But beyond that, is there a way to make a piece of wood harder/sturdier? or is it just "no, $_wood sucks for $_craft, go get something else" ?
Me--State Fair

to sleep, perchance to dream

1. Ever just fall into bed in the PERFECT position?

2. How many pillows are on your bed?

3. My bed really sucks ass, but buying a new one isn't in the budget. (woe.) Has anyone had any experience with those memory foam mattress toppers?
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(no subject)

1) What's a good cleaner to use on a suede couch that's been stain guarded?
2) What IS stain guarding?
3) Do you like coffee? What flavor?
4) Should I call out of work tonight?
5) Why are my questions so boring??

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(no subject)

1. How much should I charge for proofreading a thesis? Someone has asked to hire my services, but it's something I've always done for free for my friends and I have no idea what a suitable price would be.

2. Have you seen Paprika? What did you think of it?
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Self Tanners

Has anyone used Banana Boat Sun Dial Self Tanner? I just put it on and it seems to work pretty well. We'll see if I turn orange in a few days.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

When was the last time you ate a Klondike Bar?

(no subject)

Have you or do you know someone who earns income by actually doing those getting paid to take online survey things? 

I am having to take maternity leave completely unpaid and I'm pretty freaked out, as I can not afford to take 6 weeks off. I also would like to take more than 6 weeks and I can do so if I can find a way to supplement my income. I've found (what I think is probably) the most reliable site for that kind of thing, but I still think it's crap to pay money to make money.

[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

This is really only for the province of Ontario that I'm asking, really, but a general idea of things could work too.

I don't drive (yet), and am well over the age of 16 that you're allowed to go try to get your driver's licence. Because I'm an adult, would they cut off a few months of having a G1 (lowest level) licence, or would I still need to wait forever and a day to get a full licence?

I'm fairly certain they put more limitations on kids cuz they don't seem to have the best judgement on the road, but I could be way off base here.


I've roamed websites about this thing, but they always keep returning to the 16-year-old stuff. Bleh.
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the secret word

When you were little, did you watch Pee-Wee's Playhouse?
Did you SCREAM REAL LOUD whenever anyone said the secret word during the episode?
Did you continue to SCREAM REAL LOUD at the secret word after the episode was over?

(yes x 3 for me!)

(no subject)

1)When was the last time you were strong-armed into doing something that you didn't want to do?
2)Do you eat lunch with any of your coworkers?
3)How long has it been since you last went fishing? Where did you go?
The Receptionist Classic

Nerdy Moments

What is your favorite theory?
I'm partial to Plate Tectonics.

Suppose you could be friends with theories. What do you think they'd be like?
Theory of Relativity would be a total jackass after a few drinks, I think.
office punch

Have you, or do you know anyone who has been scammed by

It was a service that you could supposedly use to cancel your current cell phone service for you and sign you up for a new cell phone provider for only $50. They also claimed that you would not be charged the cancelation fees.

(I was niave and used this service last November. Now sprint has sent me to a collections agency because I have a balance of 219$ on my old account. AND im out the 50$ that wirecracker took out of my account.)

(no subject)

How is your internet personality different from your 'real' personality?

How is it the same?

If you were to go in to an empty bathroom and the stall you chose had a ....smell to it, would you just deal or would you change stalls?

(no subject)

Do you remember the first time you voted?

What was it for?

Were you excited?

I just voted for the Dáil (our equivalent of parliament) It's very exciting, but I just wish I had better people to vote for.

(no subject)

1. I just spend an hour crying for no reason whatsoever. When I'm sleep deprived I either laugh for no reason or cry for no reason. Has fatigue/sleep deprivation caused you to do either?

2. Hypothetical situation... you find out that your close friend's SO is cheating on them. Would you tell your friend? Would you confront the SO? Or would you keep this information to yourself?

I would probably tell the friend.

3. Are you nervous about something?

I'm nervous about a hospital test I have tomorrow.

Oh noes! It's the the law! Run!

Should laws be based primarily off of ethics, or objective practicality?

Keep in mind this is in regards to laws that could have moral/ethical stuff. As the all-knowing Wiki points out, you don't drive on a particular side of the road because it's more ethical to do so.
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(no subject)

Do you have a friend or family member that you like/ love dearly, but would not recommend them for a job or a relationship for one reason or another?

Who and why?

Are you able to tell them this or would they be pissed off/ hurt?

ok, seriouly...

ok, is this seriously a big deal? every single time i live w/other people they always make a big deal that i never come out of my room, and they start telling other people who live w/me that i need to come out and that they're worried--wtf? who cares??!?! (leave me alone) i like my room, it has everything i need (fridge, tv, ps2, computer, cat) seriously, why do they make a big deal out of this? i dont ask them to come out of their rooms..

and another thing!
is it a big deal to always say hi when you walk in? i feel like "ok..seriously, we all know your here" if i at least smile isnt that good enough? and even if i dont *Shrug* is THAT a big deal too?? its like saying "good morning" to everyone at work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. you know im going to say it, so why keep saying it? it doesnt matter, its not that i dont hope your having a good morning, cause sure i do...its feels weird...

who has the problem here? me? or them?....seriously (lol--i dont even want to count how many seriously's are in this)

(no subject)

I seem to remember, b in the d, that WMP would minimize into a small pannel in the windows task bar.  Was this only in an older vversion of WMP or is there still some way to do this?

Alright last post about this I swear!

For college students --

I'm "just" a freshman, so I'm not yet sure how the whole college thing works...I want to drop a piano private instruction class (even though there are only 2 weeks teacher is kind of really mean and I don't even want to see him again), but I will have a "W" on my transcript, to indicate I've dropped. Now, in regards to applying for grad school or to whoever else might see my transcript, is that bad? Is it better to NOT have the W and just bear out 2 more weeks, even if it's just a dumb private instruction class?


For all of you who have had a nose piercing.
When you would sneeze or blow your nose would it cause it to hurt?
Would boogers come out the hole when the piercing stud/hoop wasn't in place?
Mostly I am curious about septum piercings.
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it's that time of day again

Damn psych classes making people think they are things they aren't! What did you think you had, that you learned in psych?

How long does it take for ones body to get used to drinking 6 glasses of water a day? (I juststarted drinking 4, which is alot for me, and i've been peeing ever like 20 minutes!)

Doesn't anyone else have friends/family who are EMT's in the military? Are they active? What do they do? (my bestfriend is in afganistan and i'm curious as to what he does there)

If olive oil comes from olives where does baby oil come from?

If one syncronized swimmer drowneds do the rest have to drown too?

There are bulletproof vests, Why aren't there bulletproof pants?
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2 little questions

I'm old enough to have seen 21 Jump Street as an ongoing series and I loved Don Juan DeMarco.
  • What is the first thing you ever saw Johnny Depp in?

  • Outside of Pirates of the Carribean, with the loverly Captain Jack Sparrow, what role did Johnny Depp play that was your favorite?
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This is so irritating because I KNOW I know how to do this!
But I've forgotten, it seems :(

So, TQC,
I have a picture file I want to use as a background for all of my slides on a powerpoint. How do I make it the background?

young folks

I won't delete this.

1. You get to meet a psychic (lets say you believe in them, and they can tell you about your past and future and whatever else) what would you want to know? Would you want to know anything?

2. What tv show do you wish would be brought back?

3. Name one guilty pleasure of yours.
So's Toes

Sexual Fantasy

What sexual fantasies do you have?

What fantasies would you want your S.O. to make some true?

What have you already done to fulfill your fantasies?

My friend's wife wants her to dress up as a police officer and arrest her. So my friend is looking to find "authentic" (looking, anyway) pants and just can't find them. I believe she has found everything else for her outfit and is looking forward to arresting her wife. I'm all for love and roleplaying so I thought I'd ask you guys know of where she could find cop pants?

Is there something deviant about the fact that thinking about my friends fulfilling this fantasy gets me all hot and bothered?

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(no subject)

Who's been to Kentucky?
Or lives(d) there for that matter?

I'm going there next weekend, just for the weekend and am wondering what to expect and if my assumptions are correct..

I'm driving from Buffalo, and have only been a handful of places other than Buffalo soooo idk!

edit: apparently im going to Sandy Hook Kentucky, which looks to be about an hour or so outside of Lexington

(no subject)

For those of you who play RPG games, which one is your favorite?

Is AC better than WoW?? 

For those of you who play console games, what is your favorite game and you favorite console?
Also, do you like to play these games online?

(no subject)

I'm pretty sure drdouglasp stuck his dick in my ear the other night and now I have a pretty bad ear infection. My doctor can't see me until tomorrow morning and I can't take tylenol or ibuprofen because I'm on Lexapro.

What can I do to distract myself from the stabbing pain that is occuring in my ear?
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(no subject)

1. Do you have step parents?
>> If yes, what kind of role did they have in raising you? As in, was it still mostly your biological parent that did the discipline, parenting, etc. Or did your step parent really "parent" you as well?

2. How long were you single in between your last two relationships?
>> Or if you're currently single, how long have you been?

3. Do you look like your mom or your dad?

4. Do you line-dry your laundry or use a dryer?
Mitty box

(no subject)

1) How awesome is this car? Would you drive it?
2) How do you get rid of ants?
3) What should I eat before I go to work? Ramen or a sandwich?
4) I just saw Ocean's 11 last night (the Brad Pitt one). Which movie that came out a million years ago did you finally see recently?
5) How much does Merry Maids cost?

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(no subject)

Should there be a minimum age to post on TQC? (i.e.16 and above? 18 and above?)

Do you think any topics are "inapproriate'?

I'm just askin!! Don't shoot the messenger!!!!

Do you think any ICONS are inappropriate?

(no subject)

opinion question

so there's this guy i used to like [ who also liked me]
and for some reason i just kinda.. stopped liking him
me seeing him as a good friend went on for 2 months or so
he still likes me though, un-aware of my feeling changes. [ we aren't dating]
so i had a horrible horrible day yesterday
and i'm kinda slouching with my head in my knees
and he put his arm around me and tells me everything will be alright blah blah
and his arm stayed there for another 1/2 hour
ever since then he's been very like. boyfriend-y ish.
and ever since then
i've gotten all nervous and giddy around him. as in. i like him again.
i've always been submissive when it come to relationships, so dominance is a big turn on for me

my question is
1. in your opinion, what happened?
why do i like him so much again?
it seems to easy that just that would make this happen

2. in your opinion
do you think that's shallow :/

(no subject)

1. What was your first home computer and/or games console?

2. What were some of your favourite games to play on this computer?

Mine was an Atari StE, and some of my favourites were Powerplay: Game of the Gods, Knightmare, and the Grandad games. I miss them!
prince chest

(no subject)

1) I'm flying to Kentucky next week, and it's my first time flying alone. Do you have any advice for me?
2) I have a layover at O'Hare - is it going to suck trying to find where I'm supposed to go?
3) I'll be in Lexington for a day - is there anything interesting I should check out? More importantly, are there any cool record shops?
4) If you were alphabetizing your record collection and you came across one where the artist was David Bowie vs. 808 State, where would you put it?
5) What's your favorite flavor of Faygo?
6) What kind of cookies should I bake? If you have a yummy cookie recipe, will you share it with me?
7) When's the last time you went mini-golfing?
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

1) Yesterday I suddenly had a sharp stabbing pain in my back. It went away after a few minutes but for the rest of the day it hurt to breathe in. Today it still hurts but it's constant now. What could be wrong, DR thequestionclub?

2) Why is it so hot today? How hot is it where you are?
It's 25°C (77°F). I think I might die.


If you have Something (the Beatles) or Alseep (the Smiths) could you please send it to me on aim?

Nevermind.  Scared now.

;_; It would make my day, and through me make my boyfriend's day as well.

Also!  Anyone here watch Passions? :)
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PAGING DR. EL-JAY [or Jan Itor.]

I have a small[about the size of a quarter] patch of very dry, red, skin. It is slightly raised too, but it doesn't itch at all. It's just...there. It hasn't spread or changed color or anything, but using lotion on it doesn't seem to help.


[serious and ridiculous answers welcome]

(no subject)

1. Who are your worst "LJ enemies"?

2. If you recognized one IRL on a subway train with you, what would you do?

3. If everyone from the major drama-mognering communities were stuck together in a conference center, how long do you think it would be until there's a full scale riot?

(no subject)

TQC, please tell me, why is my internet SO FUCKING SLOW?

...If anyone could think of an actual reason for my internet randomly slowing to an almost halt every 20 minutes, I'd be dead grateful.

bug identification

I have bugs in my bathroom. They are only in the bathroom and almost entirely in the sink or on the counter close to it. I have seen them nowhere else in the house. No idea where they're coming from either as they've formed no trails and I can find no cracks or holes in the wall.

I've seen at least half a dozen at a time, but never concentrated in one spot and I've never seen them focused on anything; they just seem to wander around.

They're TINY. They have black heads and lighter colored bodies. As best I can tell, they have 6 legs and 2 antenna (and no wings). It's hard to tell because they are so small.

Any idea what they are? Tiny sugar ants?
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pretty lady

My Dog Spencer.

When my dog was a puppy people would always ask if he was a lab, when he got older people asked if he was a pit bull. I don't think he looks that much like either.

1. What do you think his parents, his parent's parents (and so on) could have been? More importantly why do people always persist in asking me what he is after I tell them he is a mutt? Why can't they just leave it at that?

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2. How cute is this dog?

(no subject)

I've been using cheap CVS eyeliner for my entire life, and now I'm looking to splurge on some good makeup that I won't have to reapply every couple of hours. ^^

TQC, what is your favorite eyeliner?

(no subject)

You live with your identical twin and the person you're in a relationship in.

Your partner stumbles into the house from a long night of working. He/she thinks its you sleeping on the couch, when its really your twin. He/she makes a move thinking its actually you, and they have sex.

You come home and catch them in the act.

How do you react?

(no subject)

Not so much an lj-question as a HTML question...

I'm trying to post a big (32 icons) icon table to csicons. But I can't. I've checked it about six times, and I'm pretty sure my HTML is right, but the table refuses to post. I even tried posting it too my own journal, and it still won't.

Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong?

EDIT: I don't mean with the code, the code is fine. I wanted to know if anybody had an idea why LJ would refuse to post a big chunk of code, when it's fine posting anything else.
pink trees
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graduation gifts

Several of my friends are graduating from high school this year and have invited me to their graduation parties. What should I get them as gifts? I don't want to be overly tacky...
mmm hairy lip

(no subject)

i have killed the same kind of spider in my house 3 separate times over the past few days and i have no idea what kind it is. i dont know anything about spiders, so hopefully you guys can help me out. its about the size of a half dollar, maybe a tad smaller. skinny. the body and legs seem evenly proportionate. its darkish brown with a tan thin line going down its back.

the other day i noticed a bug bite on my arm. it never hurt or anything, my skin just got really red and dry. kind of like sunburn. there was never any kind of infection under my skin, but as of today i can see the little scab, i guess, of where i got bit. other than that, i havent noticed anything.

i dont know if they are related, but i would really like to get to the bottom of this.

information, pictures, anything?

(no subject)

1. My friend and I email each other. She's always been slightly passive-agressive and catty. The other day I got this reply after I mentioned, in passing, that I might want to have kids someday:


I [think] the same thing. But the difference in the two scenarios is that everyone pretty much figures that at some point I'm gonna pop a couple of little tykes out. You, on the other hand, I am not sure if I have ever seriously thought of you as the mother type. I didn't think you LIKED kids. so its just kinda humorous that you feel that way sometimes."

WTF? If someone said that to you would it bother you? It's not like she said I'd be a horrible mother, but it stung. I like kids and I like doing Mom-ish things. Am I over-reacting? How would you respond?

2. Is there a kitchen appliance that I could use to make smoothies AND pesto? I was thinking one of those blender on a stick things, but I dunno. Basically I'm cheap and don't want to buy 2 separate appliances if one will work.


TQC, I need your help.

Where are my headphones?  I have at least 3 pair in here, but I can't find them ANYWHERE!! Is it because I am a lazy slob who still hasn't unpacked her shit from moving 2 weeks ago?

Should I continue looking, or just go buy another pair? 

Why is it that when I finally find my MP3 player and get it running again, I can't find headphones?  How the hell am I supposed to listen to it? Stick my tongue in the headphone jack?

I am morbidly obese.  I am a cow.  I am going to attempt to ride my bike to work tomorrow.  Do you think I will die on the way?  Will I be able to get the bicycle seat out of my ass crack?

If you saw a giant fat woman on a bicycle, would you roll down your car window and yell rude comments?  This happens more often than you would think.  If you were stopped at a stop light, and yelled a rude comment, and the fat woman came over to you and punched you in the face, would you deserve it?

I don't want leftovers tonight.  Should I have cereal instead?

(no subject)

1. What are the ugliest boys' names you've ever heard?
2. What do you think about people who write on themselves / their clothes in sharpie?
3. What is the best unintentionally hilarious Scifi Channel original movie?
4. Has there ever been a bomb threat at your school?
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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

(no subject)

Let's say you're living at home with your parents (it's their house). There is the family computer and your laptop. They share the same internet connection and IP address because you can't get them to network or whatever.

Do you think whomever wants to use one of the computers should check to make sure someone else isn't using an internet connection before getting online?

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hay guys

SO END OF SUMMER: I have 3 weeks between summer class and school starting again. I want to visit my boyfriend in Florida and then we are traveling to Puerto Rico from there. All I have to pay for is travel expenses. How long would you stay in each place? Max total time is 2 weeks 'cause I need some time to get my shit together for school!

If you could have any job you wanted and not have to worry about salary (let's say everyone just gets paid a million a year) what job would you choose?

When you are not on TQC do you think of questions you could ask TQC?
@ denny's

how do you get around

speaking of the gideons post, does any know of or can find that website that explained how the bibles were all entry points to an inter-dimensional warp that you could use to cross the country via motels? i gave it a hearty 1 minute of googling and gave up.

anyway, magical transportation methods via hotel spammed publications aside

do you bike? are there bike only lanes where you live? i love biking downtown minneapolis because i get my own lane, but as soon as i venture out of downtown, i'm terrified to share the road with some of these people. (whine whine cell phones, red light runners, etc)

do you ever bike on the sidewalk? do you think drivers or pedestrians get more annoyed with bikers in their space?

and finally, ever given a shot at grabbing onto a vehicle while it's in motion back to the future style? i want to do it some time, like to a bus's wheel well or something, but i haven't worked up the nerve to try yet

How Are You v. Hello

So, today I was reading Dear Abby, and the topic of the questions was about how some people think that it's rude to greet someone with "How Are You/What's Up" etc. instead of "Hello" because they feel that the former is too intruding. Personally, I really don't care. It's kind of like a "don't sweat the small stuff" issue for me. I mean, there are a bunch more things that one can be worried about in this world. Why pick such a trivial issue like that?
I myself usually don't pay attention to what I greet people with, but if I had to guess, it's usually a "Hey! What's up?" kind of thing. If you just say "Hi", you're more likely to not get a response. I think that, when saying "How are you?" etc., people are trying to be friendly, not intruding.
What are your views on this, TCQ? Forgive me if this has been asked before.
Bug-eyed Earl

Winamp / Last.FM

How the hell do I stop Last.FM from opening and PLAYING when I open Winamp? Why would it play when I am obviously playing something in Winamp?? Derrr. If I double click a file and Winamp opens it, a minute later Last.FM opens and plays. Makes no sense.

Calling Dr House:

Has your self-diagnosis ever been right?

Were you worried you had something fatal..when it was just something else?

I thought I was having heart attacks...when it was just an inflammation in my chest. I am relieved!!!

(no subject)

i think i have to cancel my car insurance :(
my mother paid last month ($181) and it's due again in a few days.
i didn't think getting a job would be so hard.
i think i'm gonna pawn some old gold that i'm not too fond of anymore...
i LOVE that car :(
rufus, muppy

itunes q

You know when you first set up itunes and it searches your comp for music files? Is there any way to do that after you have it set up? I have songs all over the place and would like itunes to find them all. lol

(no subject)

I've got a family reunion on Sunday and we need a dish to pass.
What should I bring? It's outside and the weather is supposed to be high 60's to low 70's.
Anything but cheesecake, please!

How have the gas prices affected your driving? How much is it where you live?
It's $3.65 a gallon here. I do the 4-60 airconditioning deal to save gas since my car guzzles it when the AC is on. 4 windows down, 60 miles per hour... it feels like you have the AC on, except it's humid  Fuck it, I'm walking.
Perry the Platypus

(no subject)

Apparently my height of 5'9" makes me taller than "average," but shorter than "tall," so I have a hell of a time finding pants that are the right length. I only need a medium, but medium tops tend to be too short. So...

If you had to, would you rather wear pants that are too long or too short? Tops (too short meaning they just barely hit your waist and often show a little tummy)? Which is less embarrassing?

Also, where the hell do I find clothes that fit right? Any suggestions?

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite kind of soda?

2. Mini-fridge as a night stand: tacky or practical?

3. What color is the exterior of your house/apartment/dwelling place?

4. Do you have themed rooms in your home? Just color coordinated? Mismatched?

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Is anyone having trouble with Yahoo mail? My mother can't send me anything, aparently, most of it's bouncing (but not all, so she hasn't been accidentally blocked or anything). I'm not having any sort of difficulty with anything/anyone else, just her, and she's going a bit nuts. It's several addresses she's having issue with, all Yahoo.
Die kitty

Oh to be random!

1. What is your favourit dessert? or treat?
2. What is your favourit TV show? You know the show that you put on even though you have seen it a million times before, but you need some sort of noise or destraction while you do something else.
3. Do you like hickies? Or give them to people? Why or why not?
4. What do you think about piercings or tattoos?
5. Do you think that someone who is just not you at all, can have a chance in being a relationship with you?
6. Where do you draw the line with someone's actions?
7. What is your favourit Kool-aid drink?
8. What is your favourit drink in general?
9. Alcoholic drink?

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(no subject)

Should I have hot chocolate or a slice of sharp cheddar?
What word/s is/are stuck in your head?
("La maleta" but before that it was "Bedford Stuy" Just over and over and over.)
Tomorrow I get to sleep in for the first time this week, but I'm wicked tired. Should I go to bed and risk getting up way before my alarm? I don't have much else to do...

(no subject)

I have this random urge to go to the zoo, and the boyfriend's response is basically "why would you want to do that?"
Have you been to a zoo recently? Was it enjoyable? How old are you now and was it as fun as going when you were younger?

Completely unrelated... did anyone ever paint sow/pill/rolliepolie bugs when they were little? We use to have multi colored pill bugs roaming our yard because of my artistic tendencies. I have a manager at work that use to do the exact same thing... now I am wondering if anyone else did it.

(no subject)

For all the nail biters out there:

When you have the piece of nail in your mouth, what to you do with it? Spit it out, swallow it, chew on it, manually take it out and throw it on the ground or in the trash? Something else?

Also .. on a scale of one to ten how sexy do you find the two middle men in Collapse )

Edit: LOL! I can't believe that not even ONE of you shares my love for the one in the black shirt! I guess I'm just used to being at his shows where all the girls adore him .. haha.
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

(no subject)

1. What's your main music player?
2. How many songs do you have on it?
3. What's the shortest? The longest?
4. Which artist has the most songs (not including soundtracks)? The least?
5. What's your favorite song that you have on there?
6. What song(s)/artist(s) do you have on there that would surprise people?
7. Put your player on random. What are the first ten songs to play?

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(no subject)

Have you ever made butter chicken but with tofu instead, so um, butter tofu? Did it turn out ok? I'm looking for something passable, it doesn't have to be fantastic.

Any other ideas on what to do with leftover butter chicken sauce that doesn't involve meat? And I do mean eat it, not rub it all over my body or something - that will be for another Friday night. (I know you guys too well ;)

(no subject)

I'm thoroughly sick of wearing glasses every day and plan on getting contacts. The problem? Movies make me cry really easily, be it touchingly cute or sad, and I have a feeling that I'm going to be watching a lot of movies with the people I'll be living with in the fall. So those of you with contacts, do they fall out when you cry? Or slide around and get uncomfortable? Should I just resign myself to glasses-only moviewatching?
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Drama of the day

You run across a post in a community, where a girl admits to cheating on her boyfriend with another guy. In her profile, she has a link to her boyfriend's LiveJournal. Do you:

1) Screencap the post and send it to her boyfriend.
2) Let sleeping dogs lie.
3) Tell the girl off.
4) Cat macro her to death.