May 23rd, 2007

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1. Questions about people on TQC - who posts the best comments, who's the biggest drama whore, who's the most intelligent, who you find the most annoying, etc - like them, hate them, or indifferent? (I'm not asking who you think is any of those things, just what you think of posts with those questions.)

2. When people reply to such questions saying "there are a couple of people who I really can't stand because of x, y and z", do you always think they're talking about you?

3. Would you be wounded if someone on TQC outright said they didn't like you on such a thread?

4. Do you mostly like people who share your opinions and dislike people who don't, or do your friends have a wide range of views (IRL or online)?

5. If someone on your friends list posts something you really, really disagree with, do you comment saying you disagree, or do you stay silent?

6. Do you get into arguments with other people on your friends' journals? Do you get annoyed if people argue on your journal?

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Piano Hands

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1. What do you feel would be a fair wage?
2. Does your answer change if the Commis Chef was aged 17? If so, what do you consider a fair wage?
3 Does your answer change if the Commis Chef and only been working in a professional kitchen for 6 months and had never been to college (was completely self taught)? If so, what do you consider a fair wage?

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marcs sweater

ghost song

what is the name of the song that is in the movie "ghost" starring patrick swayze and demi moore. it is the song played while they are having an intimate moment making pottery. oh and the artist?

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Does anybody else watch Brothers & Sisters?

What did you think of the season finale?

Who's your favorite character?

I haven't watched it yet, had to wait a few days to acquire it, so I'm watching it now.

I'm between Kevin and Sarah for my favorite.

(no subject)

1. how old are you?

2. do you like your parents?

3. tell me the story of when you introduced your current and/or past significant other to your parents. (please be as elaborate as possible.) 
3.5. how old were you at the time?
the epitome of class

ok i went back 140 entries and didnt see anything...

what can you tell me about this cicada business? I know some of you here live in chicago...

I didnt live here last time they were here, and the more I here about them, the more i seriously consider not leaving my house for about a month....

but do they ever get in your house?
can you REALLY not go outside without stepping on one/one falling on you/crawling on you?
what are some tips for a first time cicada experiance?

SERIOUSLY. i am flipping out and i cant sleep right now cuz im so worried about these damn bugs.
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1) Does anyone else here have a.. chewing problem?

Not as in a few nibbles on a pen, but as in destroying pens frequently... even when you're at a computer typing, and there happens to be a pen lying around so you thoughtlessly put into you mouth. It's 1000 times worse when I'm stressed.

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2) What unusual regressive things do you do?

3) Is there something about you that would make Freud say "Yup. Told you so." smugly? ("cockily", even)

I sleep with my parents. Kidding! But, yes, my "oral fixation"...
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Important Question ^.^

If you invested in the stock market and knew for the next several years you'd be rich beyond your wildest dreams, but also knew that there was a significant chance (not 100%) it would come crashing down and you'd end up homeless (however not FOREVER, just the same number of years you were rich)...

Would you still invest?

Try not to think of being rich as also being selfish. Consider all the donations you could make to save such and such or help further research etc.
My first tattoo!


Those things on stereos that look sort of like this -

What are they called?
It's driving me insane because I can't remember the name for it.
Much thanks!
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Grammar love!

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Hello. I live in Chicago. Does anybody know any resale/second-hand stores around here that would pay cash for your stuff?

I have gently-used teenage girl clothing (and maybe one or two things that are completely new); sizes run small/medium. I also have some cutesy young-girly purses and belts (also small). It's not "in style" or trendy, but in pretty good condition.

I tried Plato's Closet but they didn't buy anything because the stuff isn't trendy, so I guess I'm looking for a place that buys any type of clothing, not just the current season's fashions.

Thank you!

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1. I know it was asked in a previous post a while ago, if anyone had won anything using Blingo.  Has anyone won anything using Winzy?  All I've won are "points for the sweepstakes".

2. If you choose to sign up, will you use my Blingo link HERE and my Winzy link HERE to be added to my friends?  

3. Is there any way to get tickets to 2008 NY Mets games in time to give as a Christmas gift, that are legal, actual tickets - and not complete nosebleed seats?

4. If someone's last name is O'Toole (O, apostrophe, T, O, O, L, E), would the possessive version of it correctly be: O'Toole's ?  For example O'Toole's Pub and Bar.  Edit - I thought it was right, it just looks funny to me!

5. Is it possible to buy someone a cellphone as a gift, but not pay for it for the rest of the life of the phone?  For example, I would want to purchase a phone and sign up a friend for a two year contract, and pay the first month's usage, and however long up until I gave them the gift, which would include 0 minutes.  Is there a way to put someone else's information on the phone, but charge it to my credit card, etc?  I would ultimately want to hand it over so that it would be THEIR phone, but just surprise them with the purchase, plan, new phone number etc.  This person has lived in New York for 3 years and still has an out of state phone number.  The account is paid for by their parents, so it would be a big hassle (I went through it myself) to simply just change the phone number to NY and the plan.  It would be easy to wait for their current plan to expire and get a new phone.  
Edit: I know for certain that this is a gift this person WANTS, and I could easily say "hey, come with me to X store we're getting you this!" and they would be thrilled.  I just want to know if there is a way to GIFT that sort of thing.

6. Have you ever taken a "Cruise to Nowhere", specifically in New York?  Would you recommend it for a couple?  If you've gone, on what cruiseline?  What things are covered under the price of the overnight stay - or do you have to pay for food/entertainment additionally?


1. Do you make any weird sounds when you yawn? What is it?
2. Can you fall asleep in any position or do you have to be in the same position every time?
3. Jordin or Blake?
4. When's the last time you called in sick to work? Were you telling the truth?

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I have Def Leppards * Animal* playing in my head right now.

What song is playing in  your brain right now?

Can you write a line of it?  

like- ( and I want - and I need - and I lust - Animal) nothing big just a bit of it.
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Back in 1991, I lived near a set of tracks in South Berwick,(Maine) and there was a fairly decent amount of traffic. Recently I moved to Wells(Maine), which is on the same rail line, and with the addition of some passenger traffic, it still seems like more freight is moving by rail through the area.

My Questions are:
Is this upswing in traffic recent, since gas prices began to climb again?
If so, is this surge regional, or is it being seen in other parts of the country as well?
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(no subject)

1) what's something that you've always wondered about the opposite sex?

2) whenever you take your shoes off.. do you untie 'em or just slip 'em off?

3) when putting on jeans, do you button or zip first?

4) which family member are you really close to [you can talk to them about anything, they know you really well, etc]? (can be either part of your immediate family or extended family (SIL, BIL, 2nd cousin, etc)

5) what's something that you pride yourself in?

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i have an old 50 from 1985. i tried to spend it and the store owner told me i should hold on to it because its worth more than 50 bucks because of how old it is. it's a pretty old 50 but who would want it? and is it really worth more than 50? and if so would it only be worth a few extra dollars?

all i know is its my last bill in my wallet and i'm going to have to end up spending it but if its worth more i'll take it somewhere. so should i hold on to it?

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how much time do you spend on an average day "styling" your hair?
can you tell me what you do to it, step by step? washing, conditioning, products, drying, etc.

please include a photo of a "good hair day" for you :)

for bonus points please include a photo of a "bad hair day" for you!

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I know there's a couple people in this community who have been with their spouses since they were teenagers. How old were you when you decided to get married//proposed//were proposed to?

OR, if your parents//close friends//siblings//someone you know pretty well haave been together since their teens, when did THEY get married?

(no subject)

what's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?

what's the scariest thing?

eta - my coworker just asked me how to use a glue stick/envelope sealer. He's in his 40's...and wanted to know if he closed the envelope and THEN used the sealer to "activate" the glue.

What's the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked you?
young folks

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1. How do you feel about Pads vs. Tampons? (My bf has wanted me to post this, long story)

2. What do you think is the most common boys name? Girls? Would you name your child a name that many other people have or would you go with something unique?

3. What is a city in a foreign country you would move to (you've never been to)? Why?

4. What's one song you absolutely don't get tired of but your friends hate?

* -1. I have this phobia of pads, commercials almost disgust me. Especialy the ones with the wipes! Am I alone on this? My bf says all his other gf's used them.
-2. Sarah, david. I definitely want my child to have a unique name but not wierd.
-3. Bangkok, thai culture seems fun.
-4. Such great heights-postal service

First class stamps

Hi everyone,

If I put a stamp that says "First Class" on a letter and send it, without a 3-cent stamp, will it be returned to sender for insufficient postage?
The stamp has no cent value printed on it, just "First Class."

Thank you!

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Have you ever had a black eye? If you answered yes.... when was the last time you had one?

Yesterday. I was standing in line at the grocery store. Two guys were arguing. One of them turned around while the other backed up and I was the one who received the punch. The guy who punched me apologized profusely.
pretzel day

(no subject)

Anyone here ever been to Lake Tahoe? if you have, did you like it? Where did you eat and what did you do when you were there?

(We're going there for our honeymoon next week and I would like some personal recommendiations for restaurants and places to go there. I couldn't find a Lake Tahoe community on here and all of the websites I've been on haven't been to helpful.)
Give a dog a home

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So I didn't get cast in Grease. I'm cool with it. What should I do with my summer?

- Volunteer at the SPCA
- Audition for Annie
- Just chill with my husband and puppers

What was the last injury you incurred?

(no subject)

Hey there TQC! I am just back from 5 days in London. It was great, I missed you deeply and now I have vacation questions:

1a) What was the last vacation you took? How was it?
1b) Where do you want to go next? Anything in the works?

2) Worst flying experience? 

3) What makes a good travel partner? Have you ever traveled with someone and had it not go well?

4) Any other travel stories that you would like to share? 

Give me iron.

1. What is a country or just a place that you associate with bad/ demonic/ evil with? Expound.

2. Do you sleep with the TV or music on? Why / why not?

3. The whole world becomes one big person, whom you can shoot in the head without penalty. Horrifying or relieving?

Books books books

1. What is your favorite series of books (ones written by just one author)?

It's a toss up between the Witching Hour books by Anne Rice or the Avalon series from Marion Zimmer Bradley.

2. Do you have any strange reading habits?

When re-reading a series, I'll usually read a good book from the series (usually the first) and then immediately follow it up with the worst book. For example, reading the Witching Hour and then Blood Canticle. It's like watching a beautiful butterfly emerge from a cocoon, and then watching it fly straight into the mouth of a pigeon. I don't know why I do this.

(no subject)

1. I'm trying to figure out all of the movie clips used in this youtube video. Which ones can you recognize? I already have the obvious ones like Scarface, Requiem for a Dream, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Cheech & Chong, Girl Interrupted, and The Shining.

2. People seem to like associating certain time periods with certain types of music and bands. Which modern musicians and bands do you think people will end up associating with this time period? Which modern musicians and bands would you like them to associate with this time period?

3. So, Queens of the Stone Age. Just how awesome are they? Feel free to give a five paragraph long essay. Or just tell me your favorite song of theirs.
[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

1- Do you have any bandaids on you right now? If so, what happened?
2- What's the last thing you wrote on paper?
3- When's the last time you were outside? What were you doing out there?
4- Whenever you get hurt, do you whine about it forever, or suck it up and carry on? Do you know anyone who is a big baby about their injuries, even minor ones?
5- What kind of game show/reality show contestant do you think you would be? (Spastic, full of yourself, a big asshat no one would feel sorry for losing... o_O) What show would you fit in on for that reason?

1- Yes, on my foot. I gashed it open on the floor while cooking. :(
2- "May 31st"... someone was booking a trip with me, and then re-called and told me the day. Duuurh.
3- A couple of hours ago, coming to work! (And getting a Tangerine Gatorade Rain... ♥)
4- I suck it up to the point of having gone from my city to my mom's city an hour and a half away, with a torn tendon, that I didn't realize was so frigged up until I came home 3 days later. :X And yes I know someone who whines about little owwies until the ends of the earth, but he reads this, so... ;P
5- I think I'm too shy to ever be cast on a game show of any sort. :( So I'll just leech off you guys' energy or something.


Okay, so furries. Those guys are weird. But what's weirder is why they are turned on by wearing those big bobble headed animal suits. Like.. Those aren't sexy or even possible for boning. I could better understand like, orgies with body paint made to look like animal markings but... the big stinky mascot animal suits? Why?

Is this weird to anyone else, or does the weirdness factor for you guys just stop at wow, those guys are furries?


I have two female co-workers..they've both been divorced for about 10 years...WHY do they still use thier ex's last name? Wouldn't you want to go back to your maiden name? Whats up with that?

I wanted to make this long and emo...but I wouldn't be able to stand up to the abuse...and the cat macros (OMG...macros would make me CRY!)

Showering questions....

1. Do you let the shower warm up before getting in or do you turn the water on while standing in the shower?

2. Do you shave (men or ladies) in the shower?

3. Peeing in the shower? Do you take the George from Seinfeld "It's all pipes..what's the difference?!?!" approach OR Ew. That's gross.

4. How long do you take in the shower?

(no subject)

I had a birthday a few days ago, and I just realized that I share birthdays with:

Mr. T
Judge Reinhold
Harold Robbins
Al Franken
Chris Benoit
Fairuza Balk

Also, the very day I was born was the day that the Empire Strikes Back was released.

My question to you is: do you share birthdays with anyone famous, or did anything significant happen when you were born?

yes, i have googled extensively


If I copy a URL (from anywhere, photobucket, address bar, anything) using ctrl-c and paste with ctrl-v into firefox anywhere (usually to make a comment on LJ), after I press ctrl-v my keyboard changes to French or something.


That's what all they keys on the right side around the enter button change to. I have no question marks, slashes, ' or " (those are now my comma and html bracket key), or those brackets to create html tags.

Since this happens when I am pasting a URL, it's usually while Ièm trying to do a img src tag, and of course I can't close it because THOSE KEYS CHANGE AHHHHHH

I have tried ctrl-v again, ctrl-shift-v, I've looked at my keyboard settings and I am still set to English...I can't think of what else to do. Restarting my computer is the only thing that will fix it.

I donèt get it. It seems to happen only when pasting URL's. How do I fix thisÉ!É!É!

Please pretend those are question marks. :(
Joshua Tree
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Speak to Me of Tiresome Phrases

Are there any phrases you might have found clever and amusing when you first saw them (or heard them) but now... now they're just tired?

My answer: yes, I can think of a few. And I don't understand why people I consider otherwise witty still use these. The very first time I heard these, maybe the first ten times I heard these, I thought they were pretty funny. Now I groan when I hear (see) them, because they're just so tired and stale.

"Please to be..." Please to be answering this question. Please to be coming up with something fresh.

"Speak to me of..." Speak to me of tiresome phrases. Speak to me of better writing.

"You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake" "unique snowflake" "snowflake" yes, yes, we get it. People are no damn good. Life is harsh. And your point would be...?

"And your point would be?" I guess I do it too.

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salem hat


Anyone else a packrat?

I'm trying to clean my room and it's impossible because I keep virtually everything and I have nowhere to put it. I started a scrapbook for this very purpose, but it obviously can't store bulky things like booklets and programs. I have my 8th grade history folder and I still can't bear to throw it away (I'm soon going to be a sophomore in college, by the way) for whatever reason. I guess I figure I'll consult those worksheets when I forget what the Peloponnesian War was all about (since Wikipedia clearly doesn't exist). I have old letters, multiple notebooks containing five pages of crappy writing, magazines galore... honestly I don't even know what it all is, but I suck at throwing it away.

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you cope?
stuffed mac ad

(no subject)

1. If you own an iPod or another Apple product, what did you do with your Apple stickers?

2. Did your parents ever search your room when you were growing up? Mine did, and it really bothered me.

(no subject)

Just finished watching the first season of Big Love, so...

1. Do you think polygamy should be legal? Why or why not?

2. Do you know anyone who is in (or has been in) a polygamous/polyamorous relationship?

3. If you've seen the show, do you think it portrays poloygamists (and their relationships with each other) in an accurate way?

4. Would you ever be in a relationship with more than one person, or share your partner equally with another? (I'm talking about serious relationships, not "fuck buddy" kinds of relationships.)

(no subject)

List me some 'indie' artists?

I'm not even sure what the phrase means, so if you could just list me whatever musicians come to mind when you think of indie music, that would be much appreciated :)

edit: Are Modest Mouse indie?
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(no subject)

Is there an amount of time something can be "new and improved" for?
I am pretty sure Dippin Dots ice cream has been the "The ice cream of the future" since I was like .. five.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

unrelated :)

1. Has anyone ever gotten a rhinoplasty? How long did it take for you to see results after the swelling was gone? How long did the swelling last?

2. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?

3. Have you ever gone to therapy?

4. Are you jealous of anyone? Anyone jealous of you?

5. What size are your feet?

6. What is the absolute deal breaker when it comes to guys/girls?

7. Do you like your life right now?

8. What's the most horrific thing you've ever witnessed in person?

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How sick do you (personally) have to be to call out of work?

I just spent like an hour trying to figure out if I should call out or not. I have a yucky head cold and I don't actually feel all that bad, but I'm so snotty it's disgusting. Blowing/wiping my nose every minute or so, sneezing disgusting snotty sneezes every 10 minutes, etc. I spend 1/3 to 3/4 of my time at work on a register. I know that if I ever had a cashier as snotty as I am at the moment, I'd be grossed out about them touching all my stuff. So I decided to just call out.
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(no subject)

inspired by this.

tell me 3 or more weird/questionable/things that make you go mhm facts about yourself?

1. i can remember EXACTLY what people were wearing either there or here or that one time we went to that party, or so and so's wedding, etc. my best friend moved here 3 yrs ago and i still remember what all she was wearing when i picked her up at the airport, and i also remember what i wore down to the kind of shoes i had on whenever i interviewed for the job that i currently have. (that was 2 yrs ago)

2. i judge a book by its cover, if i don't care for the cover of the book.. i won't read it. and i've read some of the best books.

3. i've never broken a bone, or sprained anything. *knocks on wood*

4. i usually always am reading a book whenever i'm eating, or laying on the couch.. i can be watching tv and i have a book in my hand, it makes my mom SO mad lol but i can't help it :(

(no subject)

1) Who did you have lunch with today?
2) What did they eat?
3) What did you discuss?

4) A question for the Aussies - Who will win the State of Origin tonight?
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Sam outside

(no subject)

1. What happens when someone doesn't have enough money to cover the bill at a restaurant?
 2. Does it bother you when you can tell someone is using a fake accent in a movie or tv show?
3.  What is your favorite board game?

(no subject)

For the past couple weeks in class I keep mixing up letters in words. For example, today I wrote Israle even though I know how to spell Israel. Or I will just forget letters and write denal instead of denial or something. It happens constantly now. Anyone else do this? AM I DYING OF A BRAIN TUMOR?

A student strips for her honors thesis.  What do you think about this? Would you have the guts to do it? Do you think she learned anything that has an academic basis?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

You are the servant of an evil-overlord. It's not a bad gig. Sure, your boss is a treacherous asshole, but he for the most part takes care of you; gives you food, shelter, lots of travel. Plus you've got job security: you'll have this job until you die. That's of course because he will kill you if you ever leave.

So anyway, the boss man tells you that he's going to need you to cut off one of your hands. Sorry, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. It's ok though, because he promises to replace it with an even stronger hand! However, because of his whole being evil and treacherous thing, you're not sure you can trust him to actually replace it. You still have to cut it off though - must do what the boss man says.

You do however, get to choose which hand goes. Cut off your dominant hand and then you'll be nearly unstoppable after it is replaced. Of course, if he doesn't replace it, you only have one pretty worthless hand left. Cut off your non-dominant hand and you're good if it isn't replaced (as good as you can be one-handed), but if it is replaced you wasted your super strong hand on the side that you can't do much with. Which hand would you have cut off?
girl reading by ourescape

(no subject)

I'm sitting here, waiting for the guy to come and replace my car's windshield, and hoping that he actually comes. So:

-Have you ever had a repair person say they were going to show up, and then not come? (Sears, plumbing, electrical, car stuff, etc)
-If so, what'd you do?

I'm not sure if it makes sense that I worry about the guy not showing up. I worry over nothing... a lot. Although I wil say that trying to get my car fixed and inspected has been the biggest, most annoying and time-consuming deal, and nothing has worked correctly. So I just figure that this will follow suite.

EDIT: I'm glad I've been calling them repeatedly, since apparently both mobile guys left my ticket at the shop, meaning they had no clue they were supposed to work on my car today. This is after I called at least 3 times. Jesus.
Hell's Librarian

Another dining out question

This time I'm looking at Boston, more to the point the area around Harvard University. I need a fairly casual sit down environment that would be within a max of a 20 minute to half hour walk of the edge of campus.

Where would you suggest?

Any suggestions TQC?

Thanks a bunch!
~ K.
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(no subject)

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Should i go back to work, even though i dont feel i could do the 15 hours a week minimum that they want from me?

Am i just not wanting to go back because i dont actually find the work very fulfilling?

Would i be better to try and get another job a few hours a week? one that i might enjoy?

Should i go back to conventional uni and hope that they can give me the support i need?

Would i find my motivation for classes because it would get me out of the house and meeting people rather than having such an isolated existance?

I really want to have a degree but is it just not meant to be?

Sorry for this bombardment of questions.  Life is just too short to not do what you want even if it is a challenge but what do you do when you dont know what you want?  I want a better life but im not sure how to get it.

[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

1- Is/are there any thing(s) about you that is/are (a) blessing(s) and (a) curse(s) at the same time?

2- Did I use NEARLY enough brackets up there? ;P

1- My bad memory (long and short term) and horrible sense of direction. They make life fun, and I have adventures all the time. :D Even though I hate when other people are involved in anything I do, cuz I feel bad for getting them lost. :(

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Inspired by this post.

Is there anyone in TQC you want to friend, but are too pussy to ask them? Who?

I just found a CD that I own is very, very rare and going for $114 on I'm not sure where it is in my house.

- Where is it, TQC?
- How much should I list it for?
- What if I can only find the CD and not the case?

Vacation question:

Is the surfing any good in San Francisco or in Vancouver? We're trying to make summer travel plans and we'd like to go somewhere that's culturally interesting and where we could surf during the day. Museums, local culture and good food are important. We don't want to go to the south or to Mexico, so I suppose our options are limited to the west coast.

We don't really want to go to Los Angeles again but we don't know much about northern California or the pacific northwest.

Any cities with good surf and culture recommendations?
sad girl


1. What's the weirdest/grossest/most appalling thing you have stumbled onto on the internet? (You don't have to link it, you can just tell me about it if you'd rather not find it again)

2. What site do you truly love? As in, you would be very sad to see it gone.

1. "Guro" probably ranks as my number one. I can't wrap my head around it, and the more I ponder it, the more I weep for humanity.
2. Wikipedia. I love it so, so much.
Are you drunk?


Who is one band you absolutely cannot stand, yet they have this one song you LOVE or kinda like?

Are you ashamed to admit that you like it to yourself?

Any Music you'd like to recommend to me?
I'm open to almost anything except country (usually)

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young folks

last one I promise.

Hey so my new job has been working as a nanny and the child I take care of is very young and so I have plenty of free time.

What books should I look into reading?

I like chuck palahniuk books, bukowski books, psychology books, philosophy books, science books. Other favorites are Maggie girl of the streets, White Oleander, Fear and Loathing, the beach, girl interupted...
Any suggestions??
emoticon death
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(no subject)

So I just downloaded this .avi file of a popular british sci-fi show, and normally have no problems running them, but DivX, Winmedia player, and RealPlayer are all whinging about some codec. When I go through help for updates they all say I'm running the latest version. The filename has got something about hq in it. So. What do I need to download to get it to run? And where do I go to get a specific codec?

Sorry to post again so soon...

My evil cat decided to chew up my new shoes while I was in the shower (my fault for leaving them out, I know...) Collapse )

Is there any way to fix this or at least make it less noticeable?
Should I just swallow my pride and wear them anyway?
ETA: Okay, I'll try the shoe polish! Thanks!!

What's the most destructive thing your pet has done?
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stir-fry technique

i'm making a veggie stir-fry tonight (broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, scallions, and snow peas). i was also thinking of adding a little garlic and hoisin sauce to it.

is there a certain technique i should follow, like which veggies i should put in the pan first?

what do you like to put in your stir-fries, if you make them?
The Receptionist Classic

This explains SO much...

Kids with longer ring fingers compared to index fingers are likely to have higher math scores than literacy or verbal scores on the college entrance exam, while children with the reverse finger-length ratio are likely to have higher reading and writing, or verbal, scores versus math scores. (Article here)

So, kids, does this apply to you?

(no subject)

I asked google, and I'm not find anything more than forums and fansites.

TQC, Do you remember "old school" Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 & 3?  These games were only available on Nintendo DS, giant gray box, cartridge and all.

Are these games available for GAMECUBE anywhere, or has that not been released/never will be?

I know there are other Mario Bros games, but I'm talking about the original ones specifically, and only for Game Cube.

Perks of Being a Wallflower (again!)

Does anyone either:

a) own the book and want to type the list of songs on the CD that Charlie made for himself to listen to while driving?
b) know where I could find the list?
c) know it off the top your head?

Do you press flowers?  How do they turn out?

I like to, but usually they are kind of ugly after.  It saddens me.
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revlon products and stress fractures

Two quite unrelated questions!

1.  In my quest to buy only products that are animal friendly, I keep coming across information that says that Revlon (parent to Almay and Mitchum among others) is an animal-friendly company that does no testing on animals.  If this is true, why do their products not advertise this??  The only animal friendly anti-perspirant I have found that works for me is Mitchum and I really want to keep using it but I don't want to be tricked.  Why would a company take lengths to oppose animal testing and then not advertise it on their products?  Is there something I am missing here?

2.  Has anyone had a stress fracture in their foot?  I am 99% sure that I have one and I have read some conflicting information online about what to do.  Should I go to the doctor and have it xrayed?  What was it like when you had one?  I am pretty sure I got it in the month of April -  I did a race every weekend - a 5k, a 10k, 5k, then another 10K and I think it was too much for my feet to take.  I am worried that I will have to get a cast or something and I really need to be able to exercise somehow - I have gained a lot of weight recently and feel like if I have to have a cast I will never lose it.  What do I do Dr. TQC?

(no subject)

1. Since many TQCers are such experts in figuring people out, can someone tell me why I clean so much? Why I am so neurotic about cleanliness?

2. On the contrary, I do not care about the state of the Tupperware cupboard. It is a mish-mashed jumble of madness. Is there a deep-rooted psychological reasoning for my dislike of the Tupperware cupboard?

3. One of Canada's most prominent brands of ginger ale is Canada Dry. What's a popular brand of ginger ale outside of Canada? Or do you all just drink Canada Dry, too?

4. Canada Dry dubs itself the "Champagne of Ginger Ale," and as we all learned from Wayne's World, champagne is only champagne if it comes from the Champagne region of France. Otherwise, it's just sparkling wine. How does Canada Dry get off calling itself Champagne?

5. Would you go to Waynestock, if given the chance?


Inspired by this post.

Who are some actors/actresses that "have an accent," but you had no idea?

I had no idea that Toni Collette is Australian until I watched some of the extra features on the In Her Shoes DVD. I also had no idea that Hugh Laurie is English until an English friend of mine mentioned it.
warhol zebra

(no subject)

I'm bored. So far today, I've cleaned house, read two books (City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and Ironside by Holly Black), and wasted time on teh intarwebz. I don't have enough time to go out anywhere because I'm leaving to housesit in a few hours, but can think of nothing to fill up the empty spot in my evening.

All-knowing and creative TQC, what should I do?

(no subject)

I have homework for my Microbiology class. I have to find an article that's been in the media recently for something micro-related, then write about it. (I'm in college but suddenly I feel like a 6th grader having to do this).

Have you heard anything interesting about bacteria lately? (It can be medical, environmental, discoveries, whatever. Anything!)

(no subject)

How does one get food dye off their mouthteethgumstonguelipswtf when a toothbrush is not available?

Do you think someone's heart can turn so cold that they would purposefully bring cake with neon blue icing in on a day when presentations and speeches will be made by the cake eaters? Do they get let off a slight bit if the cake icing matches your shirt (how thoughtful)?

Do you get irritated when people who absolutely refuse to vote or take any even minute part in the political system bitch about politics?

(no subject)

So I spent ~200 dollars on Newegg, and was supposed to get my package today. This morning I checked where it was- Southern California, in transit to my city (in Northern California). It said it would be here today. I checked it again two minutes ago, as it hadn't arrived yet. Now it's in Scottsdale Arizona, and will take 3 days to get here.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Can anyone think of an explination?


Digital Cameras

Hey! Theres a new digital camera. I have no idea what name or brand. It's black. It's getting a lot of hype. It's not one of those big ass professional cameras. It's looks like a light weight type one. I wanted to know if anyone knows which one? Maybe I need to give more detail? I don't know. Is there a lot of new black digital cameras?

spank me!!!

Master Bates

Poll #990190 Masre Bates

Do you masturbate?

Doesn't everybody?
NO! Pure as the driven slush me!
Smeg off you nosy pervert.


Hands only
Impliments (vibrator, cucumber)
Hands free
What part of smeg off did you not get?

Better than sex?

Always, it's the only way I can get off
Sometimes, it depends
Nah, my partner is the BIZ!
You need help, you nosey bastard

What is the strangest implement you have ever utilized?


(no subject)

Okay, so the new Joker for the new Batman movie has been shown. For those of you who are curious, it was posted right here in this very group.

My question to you all is: which batman character would you like to have seen done right in movie form?

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(no subject)

If you died today ... in fact, right now. What kind of things would your family find in your house/room that would make them say "WTF?!" and do ones of these O_o

What would your last words have been?

What is on your ctrl+V right now?

Am I being nosy?
Misc: Cowboy Boots

Music, Cellos, and that's it

1. My mom is organizing this golf event with the theme "Jungle Fever." Since I have a lot of mp3s, I was drafted to put together the music for the evening. My instructions were to find, "African music" - I'm assuming stuff that sounds like the Lion King, chanting, all that traditional African choral and instrumental music. I've got the Lion King, obviously, and stuff from Tears of the Sun, but my question is: What else is there? What are some of the traditional African music groups that I should hunt for on iTunes? Any choirs? Anything like that?

2. I want to learn to play the cello. I don't want to BUY a cello right now. Do instructors loan cellos or do you rent them or do you actually have to buy one to learn how to play it?

(no subject)

My boyfriend is apparently not speaking with me, what should I do to make myself less upset? What do you do when fighting with the person you love the most?

Someone gave me some vicodin, what should I do with it? Take it, sell it, give it away, toss it...
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(no subject)

1. Do you use Blingo?
I just signed up, so if you wanna sign up too, you can use my invite

2. Are you watching the season finale for Lost tonight?
yes! I'm excited!

3. What's the song from the m&m commercials. It sounds familiar.
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Acne, smacne

You would think that I would be done with acne, particularly the cystic variety, at the ripe old age of 32... After taking a 2 year break from visiting the dermatologist I am back on the typical oral antibiotic and topicals. My derm and I discussed two possibilities since my over-productive oil-glands are the bane of my existence:

1) ACCUTANE: Have you used it? Did you like/dislike it? Side effects? If you had to do it all over again, would you?

2) COOLTOUCH LASER (ex: Have you used it specifically for acne? What is the experience like? Are you glad you did it?

Many thanks,

  • iluq

Two completely unrelated questions

1a. Do you eat ketchup on pasta?
1b. Is this considered normal where you live?
1c. Where do you live?

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2. What does "vierge moderne" actually refer to? I know it translates to "modern virgin" and it's the title of a poem but is it in direct reference to the Virgin Mary (I am not a Christian so I have no idea) or is it a concept that can be used outside of religion?

Probably no one is going to answer #2 because it's too weird. Haha.

Please help me.

There is 2 paragraphs in Spanish that I do not understand. I know the words, but it's hard for me to put it all together to get the gist (especially the 1st sentence). Could you please tell me what this says from Spanish to English? Thank you so much; you'll be making my day.

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TQC, please advise.

When you haven't had much of any sleep in days, what do you do to help the sleep come to you? Non serious answers are grand.
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south park

(no subject)

One of my (female) friends wants all of us (all straight girls) to go to a Gay (male) club.

Obviously they aren't looking for anyone, it would be just for fun buuuuuut I don't know...

Good idea? Or stupid idea?

shit! [rachel]
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cleaning question..

my mom bought some ikea furniture from this chick at her job. it's a bed frame and the two night stands. the only problem is that the night stands have some drawing on them. i'm not sure if it's markers or what but i was wondering if any of you had ideas how to take them off. a friend of mine told me to sand them down..any other ideas?

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What the hell is the name of that song that the African Children's Choir just sang??? I love it!!

P.S.- Why the fuck is Sanjaya on here ruining a great night of legit talent? Come on, Cece Winans, Gladys Knight and...Sanjaya??


(no subject)

OK I went to dye my hair tonight, I wanted it to become bleach blonde so i can dye it pick on Friday(it was orginally light brown). Now I look like a yellow post-it note.

What can i do to get to the bleach blonde state?
What the hell did i do wrong?
What other color should i dye my hair if not pink?

(no subject)

Your boyfriend looks at Carrie Underwood - or whomever he finds to be possibly the most attractive woman on the planet - and says to you: If you looked like that, I wouldn't let you leave the house.

Are your feelings hurt at all?
Me--State Fair

simple question

I'm running Firefox Should I update to version

(I tried updating once, and when I reopened Firefox, it was a blank page and nothing would load. Ack.)
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(no subject)

What is the BEST body lotion you've ever used?

My skin gets really dry after like, 3 days of not using it. :-( I want really, really awesome stuff and I can never find any. I'll go to the local "beauty store," look around, pick one out and ask how well it works. I'll get some monotone, rehearsed "Lotion is good for your skin because it keeps it healthy and nice looking..." Then I'll repeat that I want to know about this SPECIFIC one, and just get a worried/confused look, then a quick "Oh totally! Yeah, that stuff works good."

The most I'm willing to spend is 30 dollars. And that's because I'm desperate!
Reese - The girl everyone likes


I was pretty sure there was a member of a death metal band (probably Scandinavian) who killed and ate a member of his band. Urban legend or fact? If fact, what was that band's name?

Thanks, y'all! :-D Mayhem it is!
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Lisbeth Hair

Creative Zen

I just bought a ZEN tonight and I had a few questions I was hoping that someone would answer:

1) I have it charging at the moment but it won't turn on. Does it have to finish charging before it will turn on or what?

2) My laptop is saying that it has 0 bytes free... which doesn't make any sense to me either. Does it have to be turned on for my laptop to recognize how much free space it has?

Starbucks cup


What's the story of how your parents met?
my mom needed a prom date so a mutual friend set them up. and the rest is history.... though i might add that my dad got my mom's name tattooed on his arm a few months into their relationship so it's a really good thing it lasted lol
dean - i'm batman

(no subject)

Question for Photoshop users:

What do you use it for, primarily?
e.g. Editing personal photos, making icons, making graphics, photo manipulation etc.

I always think to myself "I wanna mess around on photoshop" but never have any ideas of what to actually do so usually I just do stupid stuff, like change hair colour and add make up.
Emily Porch

Missed Calls

Do you think someone calling your cell phone and you missing the call (thus the call being logged as "missed") is automatically indicative of said person wanting you to return their call? This is with no voicemail having been left.

What about if you two had been playing phone tag? If they called but didn't leave a message (even though YOU did on the last call), is it now your turn to call back?

(no subject)

How do you go about telling a fuck buddy (who is also a close friend) that you no longer want to sleep with them? Seeing as she'd know the reason I'm cutting it off is because I'm interested in someone who she's very jealous of & apparently I'm the only women who's ever made her 'feel anything other than lust'.

When you're thinking, does the voice in your head sound like anyone in particular?
When I'm yelling something (like 'that kicks so much ass!') it sounds like Kelso from That 70's Show. Weird, I know. I only really noticed it earlier today.

What's the last awesome song you discovered?
'Home' by Alexi Murdoch. It was on Prison Break & I've had it on repeat for days on end.

If you've got music playing, what are you listening to right now? Do you know the lyrics to it? Are you singing along?
Playing 'Renegade' by Styx. Yep I know all the lyrics & I'm trying to type & sing at the same time.

What albums will you never get rid of?
Would have to be Nirvana's 'Nevermind', Alice in Chain's 'MTV Unplugged', Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint' & The first OC soundtrack.

When was the last time you totally geeked out & what was it over?
A couple of weeks ago after hearing an Alice in Chains song on my favourite TV show Supernatural


1.) Are you cynical about people? If yes, what do you think made you this way?

2.) What helps you in being less cynical about people?

3.) What do you do when you are cynical and seem to reject everyone around you because you are in a cynical mood?
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dianna agron ;;

(no subject)

Are there any actors/actresses that you can't stand, but for no apparent reason?

I absolutely hate Anne Hathaway but I don't know why. She ruins films for me, even though she doesn't seem to be a bad actress. I've also never been able to watch a film with Amanda Bynes in...
Dancing Skeleton


How do you like my journal's layout? Is there anything you don't like or would change?

How did you come up with the theme of your journal?

Did you code it yourself or did you steel it from a website and change a few things around?

Are you good with HTML/CSS? or do you have to look at websites every time you want to change something?

(P.S. The base of my layout is originally from paintedlayouts any I changed some stuff around; the banner and colors)
do no feed

Translating for the army.

Has anyone ever worked as or know anyone who has worked as an Army Linguist/Translator?Interpreter?
If yes, or know anything about this position, does it require actually serving in the army, or going to really dangerous places, considering we're at war.  The description mentions a 'tour of duty', but what does that mean? 
The benefits sound amazing, including full medical and dental, tuition reimbursment, loan repayment, sign on bonus, etc. Not to mention the federal work experience.
But before I call to schedule an interview, I was hoping to find out if this is legit or if I'm likely to get killed (or something less dramatic, but equally annoying)
Additionally, for this kind of position, would health be an issue?
Thanks for any info.

(no subject)

So I'm looking for my first official job. I have zero work experience aside from babysitting, tutoring some kids and volunteer work...

How can I actually get a job? A decent one at that without any experience?

Any tips? Suggestions? Anything I should include on my very small resume?
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(no subject)

So I'm planning on going on a date with someone in the near future.

He lives about an hour and a half away, we've kind of had a fling for the past 2 months but haven't really done a date before. Just been together at huge parties.

So does anyone have any cute date ideas? I would love to read some funny suggestions as well, but I also am trying to find an answer besides "dinner and a movie".

Thanks! : )
Oh hay thar

and yes i am aware i sound mental

I despise socks and shoes. They creep me out and make me uncomfortable. I wear sandals even in the snow, if possible. I am barefoot as often as I possibly can be, a lot of the times even outside. I drive barefoot. I MUST wear shoes to work, and on my lunch shift I eat in my car with my socks and shoes off. I don't even own socks, to be honest and I can't bring myself to put them on my kids because it drives me nuts to see their little feet trapped in those things. Ugh....SOCKS

What really weird or quirky thing bothers you?

(no subject)

How does epsom salt help soothe sore muscles? Google isn't really giving me anything concrete, and I have always wondered this.

Do epsom salt soaks/baths really help with sore muscles? I'm really sore from work, and considered taking an epsom salt bath, but I don't want to go out and buy some if it doesn't work.

Smokers: What made you start smoking in the first place?
edit for smokers: Does smoking completely diminish your appetite? All the other smokers that I have discussed this with said they had a decrease in their appetite, but not a complete loss of appetite.
lady tree tree

umm.... gross!

I can see my veins clearly through the bottom of my feet. I've never seen them like this before. Is this sort of thing normal?

Could it have something to do with the fact that I donated blood today?
girl reading by ourescape

(no subject)

1. Do you save your paystubs? Why? Has it ever proved useful? (My father says I should save them, but can't give me a reason for it. Yet he says it's important).

2. What auto insurance do you have? Do you like them? Do you have to sign up for insurance before you get your car, or can you do it the day of/after getting it?