May 22nd, 2007

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1) How long does Kahlua last in the fridge?
2) How pathetic am I that I am tipsy after 1 hard iced tea (lol)?
3) If my Kahlua is still good, would it be bad for me to put some in my coffee tomorrow?
4) Is 12:30 am too late to eat a sandwich?
5) Do you watch Brainiac? If so, what do you think of it?

ETA: 6) Why isn't LJ emailing my comments?? I didn't change any settings!

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1. What religion are you? And does anyone here believe strongly in The Secret?

2. Male and Female - what are you attracted to? skinny/curvy/buff, etc. ?EDIT - I did not mean to be hetero-centric. I just wanted everyone to state their preferences.

3. Most attractive female and male you know of? (Could be a celebrity, anyone really)

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Internet access at my work is usually blocked - company email is always available, but when it comes to any other URL, access is "Forbidden." When I would try to type in or any other URL in the web toolbar, the window would display this big long message about how "Access Denied. This website doesn't relate to the business of Staples. Time and date of attempted access will be logged. If you feel you've reached this message in error please contact your IT department."  Anyway, today at work I clicked a link in an email I received and the link opened up the actual web page with no forbidden message. So I tried Google, and that worked. Then I tried MySpace, and yup, I had access to that also...

What gives?
By allowing access to the internet is my work knowingly setting me up  to get fired for violating their Terms of Use policy? 
Do companies actually do this now?

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Ughhhh my stomach has been hella acid-y the past couple days and I don't know why, I stopped drinking juice and everything. I'm considering eating a small quantity of baking soda, would that kill me? What do you do for acid icky stomach? I'd buy tums if I had a car and money, but I don't. It's keeping me awake, blargh.


I threw out my Magic 8 Ball. But now I have a question.

TQC, will you be my 8 ball?

1. Will I get the job I interviewd for on Friday?
2. Will I get laid?

Also: Is TQC chat killing TQC proper?

And what do you know about PENORFISH?

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THIS POST HAS BEEN LIKE A WEEK IN THE MAKING. i was out of my house constantly and never had access to a computer. that said:

1) why are they called cat macros? like, why macros?
2) what's the best part about working retail?
3) has anyone else ever fallen asleep with your phone in your hand? like, not waiting for a call or anything, you just happened to be holding your phone when you fell asleep.
4) why does my hair smell like salvation army? i was last there like 12 hours ago, and part of my hair still smells like it. wtf?


(no subject)

Although I've had my first computer for 5 years, I just got my first laptop.


Were you excited about your first laptop or do I just need more interesting things in my life?

Do you turn your cell phone off when you sleep?

I put mine on vibrate but when I get stupid texts in the middle of the night the vibration wakes me up. I am considering turning it completely off.
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Rise and shine, TQCers!

1. What time is your alarm clock set to?

2. What sound does your alarm clock make? (Ring, beep, radio, etc...)

3. Do you set your alarm clock ahead so you can hit snooze without feeling guilty?

1. Six-thirty ayem.

2. Clock radio. As a compromise between me and my fiance, it's set to the local NPR station, although I'd prefer my favorite classic rock station.

3. Yes, by nine minutes. So I can hit snooze once and still have plenty of time. Alas, this morning, I hit it twice. ^_^
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No Subject Here

1.  Where do last names come from? How were they created? And I don't mean the history of them. ( Blah blah blah roman empire, blah blah blah christianity ), I mean where to last names like Ball, Hay, Short, Whacker, and other more strange ones come from?  Were they just mutilated on Ellis Island or something along those lines? 

Speaking of Ellis Island... 

2. Do you think the movie Land Before Time could be used as a analogy for the america immigration ( or is it migration, I could never keep the two straight )

1a. I have no idea. I just know that Peterson, Johnson, ect are based off of the apostles, a Smith .. I think was based off of the profession.

2a. Well obviously I do. A group of dinosaurs ( people ) who wouldn't normally socialize with each other ( different nationalities ) are struck by famine with all of the plants dying off ( one example, the potato famine ) and are being hunted down by sharptooth ( supressive governments ) go off in search of the great valley, where everything is green and there's enough food to feed everyone forever ( America ).  Yes, I think too much. 

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What's the last stupid thing you've done?

I left my keys in my car last night because my boyfriend was driving. I'm now locked out of my car and can't go to work because they're still in there and he's at work with the second set. Grr...

(no subject)

Yesterday, I had to have two teeth extracted without novacaine. Because of the infection, the novacaine wouldn't take and they ended up just pulling them out without it. To say the least, I'm in a ton of pain.

What was the last really painful thing you had to go through?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

What was the last good deed you did? This morning I made myself late for work and scraped up my hand by catching a dog that had escaped and was running through traffic. I wasn't able to catch the woman's second dog, though.

TQC, am I going to get cast as Rizzo or Jan in Grease, or not at all? (I swear this is the last time you will hear about it.)

Do you pack lunch or buy it?

Is your car clean or messy?

When was the last time you threw up? I threw up this morning from nasal spray. It was so gross.


do you floss before or after brushing your teeth?
do you use a tongue scraper?
mouthwash? (if so, before or after brushing?)
how long do you usually brush for?
do you leave the water running?
do you stand over the sink or do other things?
why do some people think brushing your teeth in the shower is so odd?
how many times a day do you brush?

why am I so obsessed with dental hygiene today?

anyone want to go see pretty girls make graves with me on 5/31?
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(no subject)

inspired by this.

we're all capable of giving advice to someone.. and sometimes we tend to NOT follow the advice we give.

what's some advice you'd give? to WHOMEVER.. just spill it. it can be about health, sex, love, pain, the past, the present, the future, WHATEVER!

a'la Carrie from SATC, you know how she always ends the show with a "thought"? consider that your "advice".
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(no subject)

My apartment hates hairdryers. It will not run my hairdryer on full blast. It will not run any hairdryer on full blast, because thinking my hairdryer was broken, I went out and bought another. It runs them on medium, but that just makes my hair a wavy, frizzy mess.

My apartment runs two computers with the TV and lights on. It runs a dishwasher, dryer, and washer at the same time.

Why on earth would it not run a hair dryer, even with ALL other electronics in the house shut off?

I can't check my fuse box, because it's painted shut, but I did make a request to maintenence to come fix that problem.
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Are his parents responsible for his death?

CANTON, Ohio - An 11-year-old boy whose parents won court approval to treat their son's leukemia with an unconventional method has died after five years of fighting the cancer.

Noah Maxin died Thursday at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, said Rinda Schelat of Reed Funeral Home in Canton.

Noah's parents, Greg and Theresa Maxin, won the right in 2002 to abandon chemotherapy treatment for their then-7-year-old son. County child welfare officials had accused the couple of neglect after the Maxins told Akron Children's Hospital they were pulling Noah out of chemotherapy three months into a 3 1/2-year treatment plan.

The couple said they were concerned about the long-term effects chemotherapy would have on Noah, whose cancer had gone into remission.

After researching alternative treatments, they found a doctor specializing in holistic medicine who recommended a healthier diet along with supplements to boost Noah's immune system.

The parents put him back on chemotherapy after the cancer returned four months later.

My question is are the boy's parents responsible for his death, either morally or legally? There are laws in certain states that will have parents put in jail if their abandonment of medical treatment of a child results in harm or death. So if this boy was taken off a program that was working to be put on a program that wasn't as effective that lead to his death, should they be prosecuted? Would it make a difference to you if the boy wanted to change treatment or if he wanted to continue his chemo?

Just curious as the legal issues around things like this are so iffy.

(cross posted to the bouju communities)

1-Does anybody have an account with

2-What do you guys think about the concept of

3-Do you consider it safe? Would you ever do it?

4-If you do have a membership, can you invite me? my email is ghjkhgk


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(no subject)

I'm headed to Japan for the first time this summer (yay!) and for a good portion of the time I'm there I'll have a host family (double yay!). I want to bring them something small from home, but I'm terrible at picking presents for people, even for people I've known for years (just ask my parents...). Plus, they have a two-year-old, and I have no idea what sorts of things two-year-olds like. Bringing him a little t-shirt just seems boring, even if the t-shirt is cute. I'm not sure what to get the parents either, really -- I was thinking of one of the many nice coffee-table photo books of my home region, but I kind of want something that would be useful to them as well, not something that will just sit around looking pretty.

So, my dear TQC-ers, what sorts of gifts would you suggest that I bring for my Japanese host family, particularly for their two-year-old son?
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How can I successfully raise funds for a for-profit start-up with non-profit-esque goals?
Where can I look for money? Who are some "Green" (as in, environmentally conscious) investors?
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Portable Air Conditioners

I am going to need an air conditioner in my room this summer- it's the top floor of the house and my windows are small and there's no cross-ventilation.

However, given that my windows are small, I don't really want to get a window unit that will block most of the little daylight I get. So I am looking at portable ACs. They are freaking exspensive.

There's another option- an "air cooler" that uses water to cool the air, and those are around $100. Like this:

Has anyone used one? How did it work for you? I see that most people who have reviewed them on Amazon are in dry climates, and I am not (boston. It gets humid). Should I just suck it up and shell out $300+ bucks, or give the coolers a try? (I don't need or want artic temps in my room, just more bearable).
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Inspired by vaginapagina

So you're dating a person who you are starting to grow fond of and they confess to you that they have herpes. Assuming that you don't have herpes already, do you sleep with them anyways?

A lot of people were saying that they would still sleep with this person. And the people with herpes were saying that they rarely found a person who when told of their status would then refuse to have sex with them. One person (barely human) even had the audacity to say that the person with herpes did not have a responsibility to disclose their positive status. To me any STD is grounds for the immediate termination of the relationship.
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(no subject)

1- There's a commercial on the radio for a place that claims all of their DIAMOND rings are not in showcases and open for anyone to try on as they please. Are they just asking to get robbed, or is this a clever ploy to catch thieves who are really brazen about what they do?

2- Yesterday my horoscope told me that all my problems are my fault. Today it says that I should ignore everything that is going wrong in my life. What kind of drugs are the horoscope writers taking?

3- I'm currently looking over resumes, and wondering why people are so impersonal on their resumes! Are you? Do people really think that talking like a snob is a good point on their resume?

4- Uhhhh, how are you?
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I start work today as a carhop for sonic.

Has anyone ever worked as a carhop for Sonic? Or anything similar? What was it like?

I'm kinda worried because I'm kinda bad at mental math and I'm afraid I'll give the wrong change all the time.
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Is anybody else having problems with downloading the new patch for World of Warcraft? My download keeps getting to 99%, and stalling out.

Considering that my blood elf priest is about 3k xp to 40 (I want the chicken! I want the chicken!!), it's seriously frustrating me.

unrelated questions...

My grandma had surgery last Friday. We knew ahead of time that there was a chance that those lumps on her ovary might be cancerous, but when they got in there, they weren't. (even though they were on both ovaries!)

My mom has osteoperosis, and shouldn't drink pop, but occasionally gives in to temptation, and does. She's fairly religious, and she told me she "made a deal" with God that if my grandma was okay, didn't have cancer, she wouldn't drink pop ever again. She also said that when the intern was explaining Grandma's blood loss, he said it was about two thirds of a can of pop, and she took that as a sign as well.

What do you think of people who make such deals/bargains? Do you think it's sort of blasphemous, or a good incentive? I can't decide what I think about it.

And...I may be looking after my Grandma when she comes home later this week. Since she has no internet (gulp!) besides keeping her company, what should I do with myself? I'm looking at a couple of days here.

I have to go to a press deal tomorrow for work where the govenor is going to sign a bill. I have no idea what I should wear. Obviously you all can't see in my closet, but what would YOU wear to such an event?

Based on the purpose of the govenor's visit, anything I should ask him if I get the chance?

And jeez, while I'm at do I adjust to working overnights (10 pm to 7 am) on Friday and Saturday nights?

My week is going to be crazy...
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The Dude Abides

Foreign ?'s

1) Why is almost everything cooler/more interesting when it happens in a foreign country? Have you ever seen The Tao of Steve?

2) Besides getting sick/catching some disease, dying, or going to jail, what's something you WOULD NOT want to do in a foreign country?

3) How many different countries have you ever visited? Which countries were they?

(no subject)

These get asked every couple weeks or so, but I really like these threads.

1.) Do you enjoy taking photos? What's your favorite thing to photograph?
2.) Do you have a flickr account? Wanna post a link to it?
3.) Whats your favorite picture (or pictures) you've taken lately? If applicable, tell me the story behind it.
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The 'omfg, why is this bill is stupid' question

Last month, our gas bill was 76 dollars. 76 freakin' dollars. Our power bill was only 120! The only appliance that runs off of gas is the dryer. Well...the furnace too, but obviously, we're not using that in the middle of May.

What could cause my dryer to eat 76 bucks worth of natural gas, when there's only 2 people living in this household?

Also, is LiveJournal being stupid for everybody else all of a sudden, or is it just me?

(no subject)

1)If you own a hair dryer, what brand is it? How often do you use it? Are you satisfied with it?
2)What injuries are you more prone to? Have you ever experienced a deja vu injury?
3)What are some foods where you like to lick the spoon/bowl after having prepared them?

(no subject)

Is it me, or is it EXTREMELY early for school to be over?
I remember getting off mid-June and going back mid-September as a kid... and today was my last day of finals.

What classes are you taking next year?
I'm probably going to take English, math, history, ceramics, and photography. But that's a heavy load, so I might just drop photography...

Are you going to summer school?
No. I took it in high school because it was easier than taking the normal classes. But I've heard it's 100x harder in college, so...

(no subject)

1) What is acceptable clothing to wear out on your porch/deck/balcony on a warm, sunny day?

2) What does the area you hang out outside your home look like? Descriptions are cool, but pictures would be better.

EDIT: So you guys really go out on your porch naked? I would be pretty annoyed if my neighbors did that.
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(no subject)

The little 12yr old arsehole from downstairs just threw an egg at my door.
What should i do?
i'm thinking hedgeclippers to the testicles, but i doubt he even has any.

is there anyone i could complain to (other than TQC)?
he's also slipped a note under our door previously, saying "YOU SUX, GET OUT BITCH"

(no subject)

1. Show me your most recently uploaded icon?

2. If you could ban icons from a certain movie or television show which would it be?

3. Who has the most annoying icon in tqc?

4. If you play mahjong or sudoku online, where at? I'm getting tired of the mahjong that I downloaded and tired of as well.

(no subject)

My bank just dinged me $20 for insufficient funds. I knew I was close to having $0 after some unexpected drama, so I haven't spent any money and thought everything was cool. Then a debit for $6.44 from effing Arby's from 3 WEEKS ago randomly showed up today.

I know it's my fault for not balancing my account, but jeez. Can they do that? Obviously they can and did, but do I have any recourse?

ETA: Thaaaanks, guys! Y'all are awesome. I called the bank and they agreed that 3 weeks is a bit of a delay for transactions that are supposed to be instant. They credited me the $20 fee and also $6.44 since I've been banking there for a decade and have never been overdrawn before.

(no subject)

How many bones have you broken? (I mean your own, not other peoples you violent heathens)

Have you noticed a decrease in the average number of bones people break during adolescence?

Sort of based off the guy/girl question below

This got me to thinking. I am a very 'feminine' girl, I would say. I wear a skirt at least 3 times a week, I don't wear athletic sneakers as clothing, I always do my hair and makeup before I leave the house, even with jeans, make sure my top is what I consider feminine. Love the styles when women wore dresses, men wore slacks and suspenders, and everyone wore something other than a ballcap. Right, right, who cares. Well, my question is this.

1) Why is it assumed that a girl who dresses in a traditionally feminine way cannot be a feminist or a liberal by most people?

Collapse )

In the same vein:

2) Why is it more acceptable for girls to dress masculine, than boys to dress feminine?

3) If your boyfriend used foundation or mascara, would you care?

2) I have no idea, I think they should both be perfectly acceptable.

3) No. I've taught guy frinds and exes how to use foundation/concealer many times.
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Two Questions

1. You know how there's that idea that if a gay guy pierces one ear, depending on which one it is, it's a 'sign' to other gay guys that he's gay?  I remember guys freaking out in primary school because they were all omg you can't get your ear pierced what if you get the wrong one pierced?? (It was the mid 90s, okay? :P). But, which ear do you believe to be that ear? Because I've  heard it varies by region and that. Have you ever known anyone to pierce a certain ear as a sign of gay pride? Or not want to get the 'wrong' ear pierced in case people think he's gay?  (the actual 'truth' to the whole thing is irrelevant here, because I'm sure that some people listened to and followed the rumour) So, which ear was it?
If you saw a guy with a certain ear pierced, would you think he was gay?

2. Girls, would you ever use this?
I so would. Out hiking or something.
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(no subject)

Have you ever tried vegetarianism or total vegetarianism simply to see what it's like?

Not because you decidedly object to using animals for meat and products that would cause them harm (veganism).

(no subject)

To anyone who's read Neil Gaiman's "Murder Mysteries" short story (or even better, listened to the audio performance of it, omg its so good), what's your interpretation of what happens at the end??

(no subject)

If you send someone a money order for something you've bought from them, and they don't send the item, is filing mail fraud the only action you can take? I'm not sure what else there is to do.

(no subject)

Seeing as the main reason incest is considered wrong is because of inbred children, how then does homosexual incest become wrong?

Quick note; I don't care if you think 'zomg!! incest is nasty!' blah blah blah. I also don't care for the other 50 million reasons incest is considered wrong. I just want your opinions on this reason.
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(no subject)

1. What movie have you seen recently that actually made you dumber by watching it?

2. Why the hell does R. Kelly have a hit song out right now? He should be in jail y/n?

3. Anybody else excited about watching Blake on American Idol tonight?


1. Doppleganger. I was bored this weekend and it was on. I saw it had Drew Barrymore in it and somewhat sounded interesting. After watching it though, I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or put a sledgehammer to my face.

2. Ugh, I hate him. How the hell does peeing on 14 year old girls equal success? I think the new song was edited for radio. I'm a flirt? More like "Ima squirt".

3. SQUEE!!!!

Makeup lineup

If you wear makeup,
-Do you put your foundation or concealer on first?
-Do you wait until the absolute end to put on powder or do you put it on after applying foundation?

When was the last time you washed behind your ears?

Have you ever had a mole removed? What was the process? Did it hurt?

(no subject)

Is anyone Swedish/speaks Swedish?

I know there are lots of different words for 'love'
We have love, and lust, and crush.. etc

Can anyone explain them to me? Try to at least, i know it's difficult to translate.
I'd be ever so greatful :-)

kärlek, förälskelse, tillgivenhet, lust, förtjusning, känsla att man tycker mycket om någon

if this helps?
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1) list (2) bad habits that you have. which one would you be willing to give up first?

2) do you let people drink after you and do you drink after other people?

3) would you rather change your past or know your future?

Dog Bites

My 8 1/2 month old puppy got attacked at the leash free park the other day. He's okay other than some bite marks on his cheek. Is his going to act differently towards dogs now that's this has happened to him? Is there anything in particular I should do?

put on your high heel sneakers, it's party time!

I have set up the Monopoly board. Which pewter piece will you choose as your marker?

horse & rider
scottie dog
top hat
i will make my own pewter game piece
i have no idea what Monopoly is

i will make snacks for our Monopoly game. Which of these should i make?

organic hot dogs
hummus and crispy pita chips
dill gherkins
3 bean salad
blue chips and salsa
various flavors of SoBe lifewater
froot rollups
sugar free chocolate milk
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(no subject)

1)If you were able to time travel, which time period would you go and why?

2)a) I know there are a few Russians here - did remember На задней парте?
2)b) What was the best thing about growing up in Russia?
2)c) The worst?

P.S -

Why aren't you chatting with us on AIM?

(Add yourself to 'thequestionclub' on AIM)
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(no subject)

For those who own a Wii...

How long have you owned it?
What games do you have on it?
What are your favorites, for both single and multi player?


I just got mine last week and so far I have three games. Wii Sports, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Cooking Mama (? I just bought it yesterday... I keep forgetting the name *L*)

So far I ADORE all of these games, and dear God that cooking one is so addicting...

Calling all beauticians...

After a disastrous trip to a beauty school (as I have mentioned previously), my cousin wants me to re-do her hair tonight. The girl at the salon highlighted her hair with bleach and a red dye. The streaks are pretty sporadic, and there's a lot of light brown root showing through.

We were thinking of dying the hair a light red-brown as a base and putting blonde highlights in (we've done the blonde highlights before and they haven't turned out brassy). What would be the best way to do this?

Should we do an all over color (the red-brown) and then the highlights after?

Or should we separate the hair and keep the pieces we want blonde separate from the brown base?

How difficult will this endeavour be? Are we better off just dying the whole entire thing one color? We don't want to go back to a salon.
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(no subject)

I watched an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit! on YouTube a few days ago. It was the episode on recycling.

Do you believe that recycling might actually be bad for the environment? Why or why not?

eta: Part 1 if you'd like to see what I am talking about. Parts 2 and 3 should be linked from the part 1 page.

The link is not really safe for work due to a lot of swearing. Better than the episode on abstinence though since they showed a girl masturbating. lol)

LJ Unfold

1. Any idea as to why my LJ Unfold is no longer working? I have the latest version of Firefox, and I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling both Greasemonkey and the LJ Unfold script, with no luck =( Help!

2. Girls, do you polish your toenails or get pedicures? My aunt thinks that is really weird, and has never ever polished her toenails.

3. What's something you hope to accomplish within the next five years?

ETA: I've checked my LJ Unfold in three communities and my own journal with no luck.
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got Brainshmasher the Movie stuck in my head

The reason I ask a question such as this, about something I could easily google or wikipedia, is because I don't so much just want to know as I wanna know if the person is still in the public eye to some angle I'm not currently looking. Basically, I'm really after if the person has completely fallen off the face of the it good or bad.

When was the last time anyone heard anything about or saw Andrew Dice Clay?
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Another hair dye question...

My boss just gave me the green light to dye my hair whatever wacky color I please, so I think I want to do it *bright* red (think Tori-Amos-when-she-was-relevant red, maybe even a little redder than that).

My hair is naturally strawberry blonde, but I've been continually dyeing it light auburn with standard L'oreal type permanent dye. So my question is, are there any brands of brightly-colored hair dye (i.e. Manic Panic) that wouldn't require me to bleach it first to get an intense result? My hair is already kinda frazzled as it is, I don't want to traumatize it any further. And sadly I can't afford to get it done at a salon right now. Tips? Experiences?
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(no subject)

How long would you wait for a late professor to show up before you got up and left the class?

I waited 20 minutes today. Someone text messaged me that the professor showed up 45 minutes after class was supposed to begin.

(no subject)

what do you think about:

1) guys who wear girl pants
2) girls who wear guy pants
3) guys who wear makeup
4) girls who don't wear makeup

I don't care much about any of them but I know lots of people who are uppity about guys wearing girl pants, yet don't care about the opposite.

(no subject)

Do you enjoy talking dirty during sex?

Yeah, you dirty girl, that's right!
During foreplay.
Dirty talk is reserved for sex?
It makes me LOL

Do you like listening to music when you GET. IT. ON?

Why, yes, yes I do. It's so sexy!
No! Gimme nothing but moans and groans while I scrump!
Who has time for setting up the mood? My pants are around my ankles the second my partner consents.
I cannot stand silent sex, actually.
I'm sorry, I'm too busy screwing to Pour Some Sugar On Me to answer this poll.

Well if you do, tell me the best song to which you enjoy boning.

Speaking of boning and scrumping, which of the following do you like saying for fun:

Doing it
Getting it on
Horizontal tango
Making it
Doing the nasty

On a scale of 1 to 10, how horny are you? One being not at all and ten being OMFG I'm fixing to explode.

Mean: 5.11 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.65

When was the last time you got it on?

Within the past seven days
Within the past month
Fuck you for reminding me how long it's been.
I am masturbating right now.

Is thinking about sex during this poll kind of getting you aroused?


Hay girrrrl, which of the stereotypical fantasies have you had? If you are into chicks, then pretend all the options are females. One involving:

a cop/firefighter/similar
a teacher
a doctor
a woman
a pool boy(or girl)/manual worker/day laborer
a ~celebrity~
a politician
the sap-tastic fallback of the old S.O.
other (elaborate in comments, and make it DIRTY)

Hay boy, which of the stereotypical fantasies have you had? Granted I am not male so I may not get all the stereotypes. And if you're gay, then pretend all of the options are males. One involving:

a school girl
a teacher
a hooker
a stripper
a nurse
a cop
a man
a maid
Other (elaborate in comments, and make it DIRTY)

Now. Do you leave that fantasy only to masturbation or do you let your mind ~wander~ during the nasty?

Masturbation only
Sex only
OMG I do NOT masturbate
Oral sex only
LOL at people saying they don't masturbate
I am so ready for sex now.
09, Craig and I


So, how many of you females have had a male Doctor actually physically examine your breasts (for lumps duh)? I'm 31, this is far from the first time I have been down to get the pill, normally they just check my blood pressure, ask if there's been any problems and send me on my merry way, safe from having mowar baybeez. This time he checked my BP weighed me and cautioned me for having lost weight (BMI is now 18.5, from 19, huge diff hu?) and if I'd been checking my breasts I was honest (clearly my mistake) and said probably not as well as I could (31, not exactly in the high risk category yet) so he made me strip off and examined them himself. Granted he was 'demonstrating' what I should be doing, but I have to confess I felt uncomfortable. So I just wondered how common this is and how badly I need to get over myself?
Lol, it just made me think of the bit in Friends when Joe sent Chandler to his tailor and he felt Chandler up! Joey thought that was what all tailors did!
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What do you think about Guitar Hero?

Sorry, most pointless game created. Then again, I didn't mind it until my boyfriend became totally engrossed with it. Also could be that for the last 4 days I was on campus, my RA and her friends (literally right across the hall) were playing... very badly. *dead*
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ok, my b/f's cousin is 12 years old. shes incredibly cute (this coming from someone who hates kids) and an all around good girl--until recently her parents never had problems w/her--her parents trust her so they let her go to a theme park w/ parental supervision though (1st mistake in my opinion..SHES 12!) then they found out she kissed a 16 year old and they're trying to keep them apart but the guy wont leave her alone and she doesnt want him to --
have you ever been in this kind of situation or known somebody that was?? 
she wants the parents to meet him, do you think they should? 
dont you think its weird that a 16 yr old wants to be with a 12 yr old?
do you think he only wants to get in her pants?
how old were you when you lost "it"?

on a completely different note do you swear/cuss/curse?
lets say your a dr. and your hurting a patient (its for their good) if they cuss (not AT you, but at the pain) would you say something to them about it?
i say, old bean

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how old are you?
do you have any issues with your age? are you embarassed by it? have you ever?
do you hang out with people your age?
if not, are they older or younger than you and by how much?

damn i loves the food

1. Brownies or donuts?

2. If you go to Bruegger’s, what do you normally get?

3. What are you having [or what did you have] for dinner tonight/last night?

4. Do you drink flavored sparkling water? What kind?

5. What’s the best appetizer you’ve ever had and/or made? (I mean hors d’oeuvres that you’ve had at someone’s house, not in a restaurant)

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Does anyone have that music video from Austin Powers in Goldmember, the one where Dr. Evil and mini-me were in prison (It's a Hard Knock Life)? I was able to rip the audio from the DVD on my computer, but my video ripping software took a shit and died. Can anyone help me out?
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I just sold something to my boyfriend's roommate for $20. What should I do with the money?

I am thinking of saving it to see Pirates 3 on Friday with a friend.. unless someone can figure out something better to do with it. :)
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Who else here HATES those on-line job applications?

I have just recently moved from Atlanta to Savannah, so I have been looking around for a job to help me pay bills while in school, but the job applications themselves are more pain than anything, especially the Unicru applications that many of the "big box" companies are using now. I am more than happy to give them job references and what not, but are the inane questions that they ask really going to help the personel department's job easier? The worst of these questionairres was from the Petsmart application: there were 33 pages, each with 5 or 6 questions, ranging from "Are you happy with your life?" to "did you ever feel like commiting suicide in high school?" to others asking are you neat or tidy etc. If someone could give me a valid reason why they would ask those questions, I'd like to hear it.
Mitty box

A query from my husband:

"we deal with a lot of customers from the India/Pakistan region - they ALL refer to Brian as Brain. They type it, they SAY it, constantly. Why? Is Brian a dirty word over there or something?"

My husband and his friend Brian work tech support for a software company.
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Why are birthdays such a big deal?

Why are birthdays such a huge deal for some families? I know some parents who don't let their kids go out with their friends or do anything on their birthdays except stay home and "celebrate" it (how much can you really DO, even?) with their family all day long. Some parents don't even let their kids go to school on their birthdays! I just don't understand how turning one day older is so important. If you turn 15 or 20 or 30 is it really necessary to spend your entire day fixating on the fact that it's your birthday with your family? I know it's fun to have cake and maybe have a special birthday breakfast or dinner, but I don't think the entire 24-hour period deserves such freak-outage. Why do some people treat a birthday as if it's as sacred as Christmas or Easter or the Second Coming?

Or maybe I'm just jealous because I never have birthday parties or get cake or presents or wished happy birthday by anyone except my parents for my birthday.

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What do you think makes a successful music publication?

What happens if you use shampoo for dyed hair, etc... when you've never dyed your hair before? Does it even matter? All these super duper shampoos and conditioners seem stupid.

Why does diet coke taste like crap? I want it to taste the same dammit!

Are you on a diet?
Star, Star of Life, Life

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What do you guys think of older women having children? I just saw on the news that a 60year old just gave birth to twins a few towns over from me, making her the oldest woman in the US to have twins...,2933,274726,00.html

I think if you concieve naturally its one thing, but to go about getting IVF to have kids at such an 'old' age is really irresponsible... Especially considering that the average woman in the us lives to be about 80 years old... It really pisses me off that this woman intentionally got pregnant, knowing that she will probably only live another twenty years... Why would you do that, knowing that you will probably be leaving your kids without a parent when they are still so young? I lost my Mom three years ago, while I was in college, and its fucking devastating! I just can not fathom how someone could intentionally do that to a kid... ARGH

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What are your favorite Spanish dance songs?

Mine: La Camisa Negra (Juanes)
Te Regalo (Carlos Bauto)
Anything by Shakira

Edit: Clearly I forgot the word for "reggaeton." But that's what I mean :D
You guys have been so helpful already!

Sort of inspired by a comment in an earlier post.

A few for the females 'round TQC. I'm sure these have been asked before, but I haven't seen them in a while.

1. How old were you when you got your first bra?
2. Did you start off with a training bra, or wait until you could get into a real one?
3. Whether you were big or small chested when you were younger, were you teased about them? Were you embarrassed of them?
4. What size are your breasts now?
5. Are you happy with them?
6. How old are you now?

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The Simpsons - longest running series?

Is it really the longest running animated series in the world? It certainly is the longest in the U.S., but what about other countries?

Crayon Shin-Chan is said to be the Japanese equivalent, but its episodes are 15 minutes, so those only count for half.

The best measure would be to actually add up the total number of minutes of actual TV show.

What do people in other (non-English speaking) countries think of The Simpsons? How much does translation change it in translated versions that you're aware of? How popular is it elsewhere?
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1. Do you ever get an idea stuck so thoroughly in your head that you can't dislodge it until you've either acted upon it or beaten it to death?

2. What's the last one you've had?
2 a. Did you act upon it?

1. Yup, all the time.
2. Hitching to California for the summer
2 a. No. As exciting as hitchhiking alone across the country sounds, I don't think I could do it. And anyway, I don't know anyone in CA so I wouldn't have anywhere to go.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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This is something that happened to my friend, and I was wondering what you all would do in this situation, since I think this would probably be a situation I would handle much differently than she has.

Her boyfriend once told her that he wanted to get with his coworker when she broke up with her boyfriend. He told my friend this while he was sober and when they'd been dating for several months. My friend was looking at his computer last night (with his permission, while he was asleep), and she found a nude picture of said coworker that he'd gotten while in a relationship with my friend.

What would you do?
lead me

art in school.

What were/are some of your favorite art projects in school (elementary, middle, high, or even college)?

Has anyone participated in the making of a mural in school? What was the theme for it? Was it schoolwide or class-wide?

(no subject)

1. What times of the day do you frequent TQC the most?
2. Are there any times you will always miss out on? Do you catch up on this time?
3. Why do certain people get snark for not using question marks but others do not? (for example: this post gets non snarky responses. I can't find the example now that just got cat macros, it was recently about dog pictures, maybe it got deleted?)

My professor gave an assignment out that said "Please respond to this question. 'The status of women throughout Western history has remained unchanged.'" That is not a question!!!! You lose!

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Have you ever self-diagnosed your self with something and went to the doctor to find out it was something else...something not bad??

(NO...I don't have lupus...its never lupus...i hope...)


Earlier today when I tried to sign into my hotmail it wasn't working. Shortly afterwards it was fine. I was wondering, is anyone who is using hotmail having problems getting stuff?

I'm not getting any of my LJ comments emailed to me OR any of my Facebook notifications. At first I thought it was because my facebook was set to my college email, but I checked and saw that I set it to send to my regular email- the same one I use for LJ. Just curious if anyone else was experiencing this problem.

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Do you think that if cable TV was invented first, and then they came out with Free TV that was beamed wirelessly to your house, that more people would have a pair of rabbit ears?

Why is this different for when a city or area suddenly becomes a wi-fi hot spot? If you can see the analogy I'm trying to make.

(no subject)

Let's say your picture is used in a macro, or you made a video like this one (yeah, I know, most of us wouldn't... just pretend :P)
It becomes insanely popular, people are laughing at it/making fun of the person, posting it in LJ, etc.

How would you react/what would you do? Would you own up and tell everyone (especially in TQC) that it was you? Would you hide out in your house and cry forever?

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This is for the tattooed ladies - especially those with highly visible tattoos.

Do you find that you get a lot of crap for having tattoos? More than you would if you were a guy?

I've noticed that people will see my half sleeve in progress and said things along the lines of "you would be so pretty if you didn't have that?" or "Why didn't you get it somewhere else? Like your lower back? Or your ankle?" some people seem to believe that the ankle/lower back are the only places it's acceptable for a girl to have a tattoo and that really bothers me.

Anyone else noticed this? Or am I just insane?
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south park


People in the United States and Canada:

1) What is your home area code?  Where is home?
2) Is it the same area code as the place you are right now? What is the area code/place?
3) Is your cell phone area code the same as any of the above? What is your cell area code?
4) Is your home area code the same as your original area code? If not, what is it?
5) What are all the area codes you've had?


1) 561.  West Palm Beach.
2) No, I'm in the 239 area code, Fort Myers.
3) No, my cell phone is an 805 area code, Thousand Oaks, California.  
4) No, my original area code is 818, Agoura/Thousand Oaks, California.
5) 818, 805, (thousand oaks, ca and agoura, ca), 978 (Beverly, MA), 516 (Long Island, NY), 505 (Santa Fe, New Mexico), 561 (West Palm Beach), and 727 (St Petersburg, Florida.)

(no subject)

1. I LOVE LOST. Do you watch any TV shows religiously?

2. Have you ever messed around with someone in a car? Where were you? Did you get caught?

3. Where did my iPod go?
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


1 - Would you rather orgasm every 10 seconds or every 10 years?

2 -
Have you ever gone out of a way to get a guy/girl?

3 -
Last thing you googled?

4 -
What's the most heroic thing you've done?

5 -
Care to show us your most embarrassing yearbook picture?

6 -
What's your signature move in bed?
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I know this is asked about once a week, but fatchocobo has got me interested:

Will you show me your tattoos? The stories behind them (what they mean to you, when you got them done, etc) would also be fab! Help my appreciation for tattoos grow. :)


1) does anyone know how people make them selves disappear from under a sheet/blanket whatever.. onesecond they are there, they cover them selves, drop the blanket and they are gone...does anyone know how this is done???

2) did you see the episode of Chris Angel: MindFreak when he walks on water?
2b) how do you think he does this??? even with people swimming around and under where he is walking??

3) Do you like Chris Angel??----- I dont, i think hes annoying.

movie question?

My friend needs help finding out the name of a movie. This is what she told me.
And yes there was an attempt at finding out on her own, through google, imdb and the internet movie critic with no luck.

She saw the movie when she was preteen: Hero and Heroine meet as children. Both she thinks are some type of royal/noble. Set in a desert type atmosphere, might be arabian?(but girl is blonde so she doesn't know) and made sometime in the 40's or 50's she thinks. filmed in color. Boy gives girl a grass ring. Their parents are meeting to join their countries/kingdoms thru children's marriage(?) Either way, boys family is betrayed and killed. Boy is smuggled out of castle, palace etc. by loyal servants in a basket strapped to a donkey. Guards check basket by stabbing it, boy gets stabbed but remains unfound. Grows up being raised as a peasant. She is unsure if he is aware of his heritage though. Movie ends with him rescuing the girl-who remembers the boy, but thinks he died?, but still has grass ring which she keeps in a locket.etc. etc. Also gets back his kingdom by killing evil guy who wants to marry girl as well. Only scene that she really remembers is one of the guy washing? or walking out of a pond of water, she thinks he ends up talking to his friend or second-in-command. And the scene of him get pulled out of the basket(after being stabbed)unconscious.
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What is car-pooling etiquette?

Like, who gets to decide what is on the radio and if the windows are open or the air conditioning is on?

Do people usually just trade weeks driving, rather than exchanging money?

Any good/bad car-pooling stories?

I'm looking to find people to car pool with for when the school year starts in September, as this year is only 3 weeks from being over. Should I just post a sign "Anyone living near X, see me to carpool?"
death from above!

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My mom's looking for a print as a gift to my grandmother, but has very little information.  Here's what we know:

-  It's of a dog/puppy in a dog bed/basket with a baby sucking on the dog's tail
-  It's been around since my grandmother was a little girl (so about the 40's or earlier)

...yeah, that's it.  No idea if it's in color or b&w, whether it's a photo or painting, type of dog, or who the artist/photographer is.  I'm not really sure what an effective google search would be, and has over 3,000 posters with a dog in them.  I'm currently going through those, but I figured I'd ask and see if anyone could give me more info/ideas on how to find it.  Any help?


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What's something you absolutely relish in but don't get to do very often?

I love to play my music ridiculously loud, but I often can't because it'd disturb my flatmates. They're all out at the moment, however, so I'm currently being deafened and absolutely loving it.
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I know nothing about cars so this may be a dumb question.

1. Is there an easy way to deactivate a car's cigarette lighter? I lent my brother my car and when it came back the cig lighter did not work anymore. It worked perfectly fine up until I lent it to him (I used it to play my mp3 player through my radio). So I'm wondering if he was being an ass and did something.

2. You can associate file extensions with a certain program. How do you (can you?) disassociate a file extension from one? (WinXP)
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