May 21st, 2007


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Okay I'm looking for some songs. Songs about still loving someone, missing them, wanting them back etc. All I can think of adn all I can find are the usual cheesy-pop love songs. So, what you got for me oh wise ones?

Thank you all very very much :)

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What did I take a picture of?

I know it's a swampy field, smartass. It's the white, vaguely humanoid blob thing that interests me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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I took this and about 200 others while on vacation, a lot of them from the car while we were driving. I want to say it's the reflection of my fat thigh in the window but I got a few others with that fun feature and they don't look like this. No changes have been made except resizing.

I don't really think it's anything paranormal, so what the hell is it? Serious and non-serious replies welcome.

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Long story, but right now I have two credit cards. I only use card A. Card A is entirely paid off, has been for a while, and is set to expire in a month or so. I only use card B now. When card A expires, will they automatically mail me a replacement card A, or does it just stop working end of story 'if you want another one sign up for it separately'? Because I don't want to renew card A.

I didn't even consider this until I was filling out the forms for card B and they had a box where you could check whether this was replacing an expiring card or not.

It's a VISA, if that matters.

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1. I just finished reading My Sister's Keeper and absolutely loved it. When I was younger, I realized I liked reading medical-esque books.. I liked this series called "6 Months to Live" and also was affected by "It Happened To Nancy" (about HIV). And I can't help but admit that my favorite Babysitter's Club Book was when Stacy ate chocolate and was rushed to the ER because of her diabetes. That was hardcore drama right there.

Anyways, I am looking for books of this sort - ones that are interesting but tie in a bit of medical drama or something with them. Any suggestions?

2. What is the biggest obstacle you've ever overcome?
dancing and the syringe!

This might only (or mostly) apply inside the US.

You're driving along, vaguely country area (think cornfields, woods, meadows, whatever your local not-even-remotely-urban areas are). It's not the middle of the night, but it's dark enough you have your headlights on.
Oncoming car. As you approach eachother, other car flicks brights at you- When you already have your brights off.

What do you think?

Any different if the other car maybe flicks the lights twice?

And, where did you learn to drive?

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Which moment is the saddest?

A. Bambi is told that his mother is dead

B. Simba finds his father's dead body

C. Koda learns that his mother was killed by Kenai

What other sad moments from animated films can you think of?
lioness; bw stalk

Domain haet.

I hate my current hosting company ( because their website makes no sense to me and they do things like charge me before my bill is due. What's a good place to transfer a domain to?

Reptile owners

Alright, I hope this doesn't sound stupid. I have a 9 year old corn snake. He eats pre-killed frozen mice that I thaw and drop in his tank. Normally, he eats them immediately. He has never NOT eaten them. I feed him once every 10 days. I fed him a mouse earlier this evening, it's been a couple of hours and he still hasn't eaten it. I know that they may not eat during a shed, and he could be in the early stages but I can't really tell. If he doesn't eat soon, and there's no sign of a shed I'll take him to the vet obviously. What do I do in the mean time? Do I wait a day or two and try again?

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since i've lived under a rock for the past few years... i need to ask the following really dumb questions.

i have itunes. and i have limewire. i have all my music on limewire. it comes up in the "shared" music section on itunes. (i have to delete limewire from my computer because the school i'll be living at next month checks our computers first and makes sure we dont have any file-sharing programs.) how do i get all my music into my itunes library? and then how do i get it onto my ipod?
Her Space Holiday Cat!

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1. What are some small things that are outside of your comfort zone?

2. Do you ever go out of your way to do them?

3. Do you think doing a bunch of small things that are outside my comfort zone would benefit me in anyway?

Basically I was trying to make a list of small things I'm not comfortable with that I could do over the summer, in hopes that doing them would in some way benefit me. I'm having trouble making a sizable list. I know there are a ton that I just can't think of until I encounter them.
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In a few months I'll be going alone to a pricey week-long event. I'm considering cutting expenses by sharing a hotel room with someone else who's going to the same event. It would be someone I've never met before, just a fellow frugal party-lover. There would be no expectation that we'd spend time with each other outside of the room, but we'd hopefully like each other well enough to enjoy each other's company while in the room together.

Have any of you done this? How did it go? Was it weird sleeping in the same room with a stranger? Was it hard to find someone?

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1. My friend who works in a hotel Keira Knightley stayed in when filming Pride & Predjudice cleaned her room and found traces of cocaine on the tables... you could assume she was taking it or was at least okay with people around her taking it. I know it used to be rife throughout the A list circuit, but now what with the clean living eco friendly vibe hollywood is trying to give off...
Do you suppose many hollywood celebrities use class A's that we aren't aware of?

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you had a friend confess they like you as more than a friend, and you had to turn them down? What was the story?

3. Do you spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about someone?

4. Do you have any friends who you are insecure because they think they're unattractive, unfortuntely you can't reassure them because as much as you love them.. they are.

1. Eh, I guess so. It really surprised me about KK actually.

2. Yeah, it's all awkward now. I don't want to see him at all incase he gets the wrong idea. This isn't one of those crushes you sometimes develop on your friends apparently. This is "I am in love with you, i've always adored you. I've always pictured us ending up together"
So.. how can I go back to being friends, knowing he's never really wanted me as his friend?

3. Yes. My boy in Aus. Like ALL the time. I can't stop. It's frustrating me immensely. rawr.

4. Yes. Oh I love this one girl to bits but she's so down on herself. It's not like I can say 'Don't worry Elle, it's what's on the inside that counts' because that would be like agreeing with her... and I can't say 'but you're gorgeous' because that would be lying...
Mother has given me a gift
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Grr, for those of you familiar with it, I am using verison

I'm trying to do my own editing in HTML, but it contunues to only display things as it would the final product (only shows it like it would appear in my journal after I've posted); Therefore not reading any HTML I put in.

Anyone know how to fix this?

All set, thank you ^_^
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Ok so you're in Las Vegas at the official thequestionclub gloryhole.

1. with you receiving, who would you choose?

2. with you giving, who would you choose?

3. if you could swap the receiver and/or giver for a given act without them knowing, what would you do?

stds pre-checked but good hygiene is not mandatory
you can choose multiple people at once
machines are allowed instead of people
dont be racist

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1. I got around two & a half hours of sleep last night. As much as I'd like to there is no way I can take the day off. I absolutely have to go to work today. What can I do to make myself more alert and less tired?

Coffee doesn't do much for me when I'm this tired.

2. How are you doing?

3. What did your breakfast consist of?

4. Have you ever read the entire bible?

5. Where would you rather be?

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As I was driving to work this morning, the older guy in the van behind me kept flashing his lights at me, and then when I turned left at a side street, he beeped his horn at me.

I was going the proper speed limit and signalled properly and all that jazz. There were no cops (which wouldn't make sense since he was BEHIND me). I merged correctly onto the highway and there was plenty of space between us.

What do you think his problem was? Do you think he liked my liberal bumperstickers? Hated them? Didn't like that I was talking on my cell phone? (it's legal in my state)

Why is my left nostril stuffed up?

Can someone be a troll without having a sockpuppet journal?


Do the weather forecasters give the weather trends stupid silly names where you're from?

I keep hearing about 'May Gray' and in a few weeks they'll be talking about 'June Gloom' here.

Traffic Tickets.

I got pulled over on the way to work today, for the first time ever, causing me to be late to work (after I called in on Friday). What sucks is that I got a ticket for an honest mistake*, not something I did intentionally, like speed, which I do all the time. =(

1. Does your Monday suck already? What time is it?

*There's only one way to get around the construction on my way to work, and they just put in a "no left turn" sign at the road I'd turn left on to avoid the construction. I totally didn't see it, as I've lived in this area my entire life and have been turning left onto that road for months, and the cop was sitting right there in a parking lot off of the road I turned left onto, waiting for some innocent commuter to not notice the major change in their daily route. At least he gave me a break and didn't give me the 3 points on my license. Although, a warning would have been nice, as (besides speeding) I tend to be a very cautious, "goody-two-shoes" kind of driver.

2. Wanna guess how much my ticket is going to be for "impeding traffic?"

3. If you've ever received a traffic ticket, what was it for?

4. If you've received more than one, what was the highest amount you've had to pay, and what was the offense?

5. Any other horrible crimes you've committed that you'd like to get off your chest?

6. Why do some people insist on bringing their disobedient/un-socialized dogs to festivals, then get really angry when it jumps up on people, or doesn't want to walk on its leash, etc.?
The Dude Abides

Revolution ?

If the revolution were to be televised, only on one station where you live, which channel do you think it would be?

Slightly related:

1. Have you ever heard the song Sixth Sense by Common?

2. Have you ever heard the song The Kids by Jamiroquai?

BJs vs Ciggs

Hey TQC;

it has been brought to my attention that BJs can increase the risk of throat cancer more than smoking. ..and all this time i've been avoiding smoking as to lengthen my lifespan. i guess i shouldnt be dating boys.

so, TQC, any thoughts? feedback? is your behavior worth potential risks? after reading the article will you change your smoking/BJ habits?

original source:

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Good and Evil

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Have you ever hit an LJ slump, when there's just not much going on worth writing about? Do you just stop posting until you have something interesting to say or do you post surveys/news links/memes/pictures from time to time like I tend to?

Is it "a LJ" or "an LJ"? I go with "an" because if you pronounce LJ it sounds like el-jay, so my mind automatically puts an "an" in front.

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what is your favorite game on The Price is Right?

mine is the Cliff Hanger, then Plinko. who doesn't love Plinko?

ETA: do you have any fun Price is Right stories, like the person below with their cat? maybe you were in the audience?

my friend and i used to skip school in the mornings in high school now and then to stay at my house to eat a doughnut and watch The Price is Right. one time my mom even called in sick for us. also, i had a boss once who went and he kept his name tag at his desk. he was kind of a douchebag but he sounded just like Kelso on That 70s Show.
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Parking near my school is a fucking nightmare, so I took the first spot I found. There were other cars on the street, no signs saying I couldn't park, and there was just enough room. I felt so lucky, until I noticed there was a telephone pole lying in the street flush with the curb. Now, in my city it's not uncommon for people to put shit in the street to "save" parking spots, but I don't think this is that.

Do you think this was legit? Am I gonna get towed in North Philly? Am I gonna get a whopping parking ticket?
Alien Invaders - got probed

even the dead can hunt

9:31 AM 5/20/07 · The problem with most zombie movies is that everyone makes the same basic mistake early on and by the time what should've been obvious dawns on them they're facing off with a zillion enemies instead of just the one.

Most people with a gun tend to aim for the main trunk of the body. For some really odd reason it never occurs to anyone to shoot a body in the head first. You destroy the brain and a the zombie dies, unless it's a Marvel Zombie cuz then you gotta be really thorough, which leads to my really wonky question:

Who do you think would win: Predator versus Zombie Predator?

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When you are put on hold on the phone and they play music...

Is there a rule about what kind of music they can play? 
Do they have to pay royalties for playing that music?

What about elevator music?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


1. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?

2. When you're home alone, do you strip down to get comfortable? Do you ever go out without underwear (bra and/or panties) because it's more comfortable?

3. Have you ever/do you use the bathroom with the door open? Are you comfortable using public facilities?

4. When getting intimate with your significant other, lights on or off?

5. How comfortable are you with body exposure/nudity of others? Group shower rooms?, topless/nude beaches?, breastfeeding in public?
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Would you rather work at a place where achievements go unnoticed and ignored, or at a place that celebrates things, sometime to a ridiculous degree?

Do you wear short shorts?

What is your favorite kind of cheese?

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methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ... translate into Korean please? my mother has a staph infection and can't work today and her boss is not only stupid, but korean, and speaks very, very little english. *sigh*


I tried Babelfish and got a bunch of question marks... not really helpful.
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inspired by this.

You're a writer for "insert name of some magazine here" and you've been asked to write a piece titled "How to ________", what do you write about?

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, lets imagine TQC is a magazine.

2. who do you appoint editor-in-chief?
3. what position do you want to take? (fashion, sports, financial, etc)
4. what's the headline going to be on our debut issue?
5. who are some of the biggest *~stars*~ that we interview for our magazine?
6. what's our slogan?

Right of Way

This is a debate among family members. I tried google but I'm not sure how to word it.

At a 2 way stop car A gets there first and is turning left then car B gets there and is going straight both cars have to wait on traffic when it is clear to go who has the right of way?
The Receptionist Classic

Grumble Grumble

People in the San Francisco Bay Area: Is it just me, or is LJ going down a LOT more often lately? Who wants to march down to the Six Apart offices and have words with the powers that be over this?

People not in the SFBA: How often does LJ/Six Apart go down for you?

So, when LJ goes down again (as I'm sure it will again today) and I can't read my usual suspects, what are some good NON-LJ sites for snarkiness and amusement? Work-safe, of course. I usually spend lunch reading ohnotheydidnt or stupid_free.

their their their

1. Is anybody else watching the Last Days of Left Eye on VH1? Knowing that they're going to show the moments up until the fatal car wreck, do you plan on watching the entire thing?

2. Is there something you regret not saying to someone because you lacked the courage to do so? What keeps you from telling them now?

3. (inspired by the big customers_suck and s_f controversy) If someone posts where they work either in their personal journal, a community, or their user info, is it their fault if their employer is contacted by another user? Or is that blaming the victim? Or are they both equally at fault?

kind of a basic question, but still...

Okay, I was trying to upload the Anne of Green Gables anime that was discussed in the TQC chat last night, and I started it, and went to bed.

I got up this morning to a page error, and no file upload. :-( I used sendspace. Do you think video files are better/eaisier to upload if they are zipped, or should I just try again?

ETA: you think it would work better as a torrent? I could maybe try to do that as well. I'm just thinking of all options. :-)
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man vs. woman

If you had the opportunity to live as the opposite sex for one day...

1) Would you do it?
2) What would you do first?

My answers:
1) Yes
2) Pee standing up (if it was the winter, I'd write my name in the snow)
Hell's Librarian


What is your favourite restaurant in and around San Francisco? What's you favorite dish? And why do you love them?

Thanks a bunch TQC!
~ K.
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I'm still hung over.

You have to share one piece of information about another member of TQC, it can be an opinion or a fact, it can be something only you know, or something everyone knows.

What do you share, who do you share it about, and why did you chooose that person?
*betty draper reading

lol bathroom questions

1. If you're wearing a skirt (say, knee-length) and you have to use the bathroom, do you lower your skirt or raise it?

2. If you're wearing pants and you have to take a pee/shit by sitting on the toilet, do you drop your pants all the way to the floor, or just to your thighs/knees?

3. Why do (some) cats like to follow you in to the bathroom and like, rub on you and purrrr and love on you when you're taking a piss/shit? WTF is that about?

Input from strangers

Okay, so I'm extremely bored and am about to go shopping and maybe cut my hair. Thing is I'm attached to it and don't know if I'll look good with shorter hair. Here are some pics just to give you an idea of what my hair looks like.
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Now I'm aware most people don't care. It's just that I'm so damn bored! I really don't know if I should cut it or not and I'm afraid I'm going to get stupid and impulsive and cut it all off. But...change...good...change... *sleeps*

Oh, and I guess I'll ask what everyone's favorite conditioner is.
hey moon sticker

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My apartment appears to be the site of a minor hurricane, and I'm feeling so very lazy on this beautiful Monday afternoon, my day off. However, I need to clean the place ASAP.

What can I do to get motivated, TQC?

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Poll #988973 Gender wars

From your experiences, which sex do you think is more intelligent?

Neither is more gifted

From your experiences, which sex do you think is funnier?

Neither is more gifted

From your experiences, which sex do you think is nicer/more cordial/sweeter/etc?

Neither is more gifted

From your experiences, which sex do you think is more trustworthy?

Neither is more gifted

Would you rather work in an office of women or men?

Don't care. They're just people
Don't care. I'd eventually hate them all the same

alllll lies

1. what inspires people to lie online about things that can be disproven?

for example, claiming you are a sockpuppet when you are not or when that rainman3000 humping bunny guy said he bought someone a paid account and someone else had actually purchased it.

2. what's your favorite muller corner flavor? (caution: this question contains yogurt-centrism and dairy-based oppression of those members of TQC who do not live in the uk or ireland)

3. do you like the new-fangled juicy fruit flavors?

4. do you consider yourself to be a member of a diaspora community?
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My ex-boyfriend's little sister's former schoolfriend happens to be a student in the same faculty as me. I think she must recognise me too because whenever I see her she very pointedly looks at me. Lately, her stares have turned into sad puppydog expressions.

Why does this girl I have never spoken to make puppydog eyes at me? Have I somehow offended her, being an older student apparently snubbing her? Is she a lesbian lusting after my hot body?

How do I make her stop with the staring?

TQC, you know what is expected of you...
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just because my name is maria, doesn't mean i am mexican, just because i speak spanish doesn't mean i'm mexican, there are countries that exist aside from just mexico.

what's something that you find yourself having to repeat over and over again because people like to assume a certain something about you?

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I accidentally got nail polish on my wall and now its not coming off. I don't know if I could use nail polish remover ..because it might take the paint off. what could I use to get the nail polish off?

(no subject)

Okay TQC, I'll admit it, I did something supremely irresponsible and now need to get myself out of this situation I've created...

I did not contact my dissertation supervisor at all since he was assigned a month ago. I received a rather unsettling email from one of the administrators today, inquiring to why I have not contacted him and urging me to do so.

What do I say to him? Do I blame it on a technical error? Or, do I just take responsibility for my actions and inform him that in the process of getting everything settled it slipped my mind and mention that he feels I'm an unfit candidate for supervision to drop me?

What is the last irresponsible act you committed?

When you go clothing shopping, do you help the cashier remove the hangers to make the process go faster? I do, and today I received a look of annoyance for it.
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Lewis Black and stuff

Poll #988914 Father's Day

What should I get my dad for Father's Day?

tickets to see Lewis Black
Mama Mia! tickets
stuff from L.L. Bean
all of the above
something else

Also, do you think it would be awkward seeing Lewis Black with my father? Chances are if I got him tickets I would be going with him. I'm not really familiar with Lewis Black so I'm not sure if it's one of those things that would be very uncomfortable for me. Would it be weird if I got him just 1 ticket and he could go by himself?

EDIT: I got him 2 Lewis Black tickets. If it's really awkward I'll never have to do it again.

unrelated :P

If drama/arguing starts up in one of your posts, are you more likely to ignore it or join it?

What is one thing someone can say to you that's guaranteed to upset you/get you all riled up? (Not necessarily only on the internet, just in general..)

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i just transferred all my music from limewire to my itunes library. but when i delete a song on limewire, it won't play on itunes because it says "the original file cannot be found." i'm probably missing something really obvious, but... is it possible to delete limewire and still be able to keep all the music on my computer?


Do any of you know Chinese? My boss just came up to me and told me that the Chinese character for crisis is made up of two characters, one meaning danger and another meaning opportunity. Is there any truth to this or is he full of shit (as I suspect he is)?

Also, do you like Clint Eastwood better as a cowboy or as a cop?

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When trying to click on cuts, post comments, look at comments, etc. Is anybody else getting this message:

[Error: Database handle unavailable at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 346. @ sf-lj-web001]

What do I do to make it go away!?

K. Apparently LJ is being a stone cold bitch at the moment. 
south park

(no subject)

1) Ramen eaters only! I have noticed that no two people eat Ramen the same.  How do you like your Ramen (edit: Do you add stuff? Do you like it soupy? No water? Half-cooked?)?
2) I basically live off of rice, and I get sick of it easily.  Any cool stuff I can do with it?
3) Would you date someone who has a tattoo of their ex's name (bonus points if there are hearts/roses/other similar designs around it)?

Song writers

Who do you think are the best song writers?

I really like Martin Gore (from Depeche Mode) a lot. Dino Merlin is also brilliant. Every time I learn more Bosnian I end up appreciating his songs more. ;)

Grammar time!

To all you people who love grammar:

1) Is there a word to call people who are obsessed with grammar? Grammaticians or something similar?
2) Is it correct to say "in the hopes" or "with the hopes"?

ETA: I don't have a sentence in mind - if both in #2 are okay but in different contexts, can you give examples of each in a sentence?

(no subject)

I have a lot of free time this summer since I am taking a break from classes, and it is my goal to read as many great books as possible.  Can anyone recommend any good cult classic books?
  • pedram


Assume you are a doctor in war-torn Chemoslavia. Your best-friend dies, a bullet right through the useless helmet. His mother, old, frail, and near death, asks about his health the next day. She is undergoing a kidney operation sometime next week and may not survive. Do you tell her the truth, or do you lie?

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What does your (speaking) voice sound like? (links are more than welcome)

Can you sing well?

Do you get nervous speaking in public?

Do you make voice posts ever? If so, do you get nervous making them?

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?

edit, me

(no subject)

I'm going to montreal with my sister and her friend after I graduate from Highschool for two days, any ideas of fun things to do? (besides getting trashed and there really isn't any reason to go other than .. just leaving the states)

What is your best feature physically?

Do you feel that you are close to your siblings, why, why not?

What did you do when you graduated highschool?
  • iluq

Loosen the damn leash, woman!

I have a friend who is my age, 21, and her mother hasn't let her spend the night at anyone's house since she was 12.

Isn't this slightly ridiculous?

We've been friends since we were seven. Her mother knows that I'm a responsible person. I would never drive drunk or anything and my favorite activities to do with my friend include sitting on my couch and talking until 2 in the morning and going to vegetarian restaurants.

Why must her mother always make me feel like a bad person for asking her to spend the night when I can only see her a couple times a year, anyway?

What is your favorite fairy tale?

(no subject)

EDIT: Since it was pointed out that men sometimes change their names too, and that I can't edit polls, here's the question.

When you got/get married, did/will you change your name, hyphenate it, keep it, or something else?

What is your gender and sexual orientation?

(no subject)

The floor covering in my kitchen is lino which is white in colour. I put a carrier bag on the floor and somehow (and I haven't a clue how) some of the ink has transferred onto the lino. How the hell do I get it off? I have scrubbed it with some cleaner but it won't budge.  Any help is greatly appreciated :)


I'm getting a kitten in about a month & I don't know what to name it.
It's black with little bits of white on his nose, paws & belly.
We THINK it's a boy, but they were just born a couple days ago, so it's hard to tell... (at least for me it is)

I like Ollie, Samson, Binks, Star, Stone, Phoenix & Hendrix for boys, and Abby, Lilly, Mae and Tess for girls (just incase). What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?
sleepy leila

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So i just tried a facial and it ended up leaving red streaks all over my face (damn sensitive skin). Any tips on how to make them go away? I have dinner in an hour and a possible date just after.(on a up note my face is soft now the red just has to go away. oh and the burning).. *edit* perverts;) its a face mask. not sex.

What did you do today that you are most proud of?

hey parents: my child is crankier than ever and crying much more high pitched. i cant figure it out and just want her to take a nap. help.

OH and do you have your children on a sleep schedule? how old were they when it finally worked? what did you do?

Favorite type of sushi?

Have you ever gotten your face drawn at a art fair/saturday market/etc?(*edit* not painted, but you sitting for the artist and he sketches you on paper)


hey, i was wondering if anyone knew the designer(s) names that Dan and Rupert are wearing in this Teen Vogue photoshoot picture. If not, does anyone have any suggestions on where to find that type of clothing? which stores or designers?

attn: students

Have you ever studied more than one language at a time?
How difficult would you say it was (a plus if they weren't romance languages)?
Would it be a bad idea to study German and Ancient Greek at approximately the same time (in addition to maybe 2 other courses)?
Funky pussy
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I've tried Googling this, but apparently I'm stupid and haven't found the right combination of keywords just yet. And this is going to be a really stupid question... *prepares self for flying rotten fruits and veggies*

If you have German and Romanian blood in you - and you have olive skin - which one of these would that come from?

andandandand. I had another question I wanted to ask, but I forgot. Daaaamn.
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Inspired by the Insurance Fraud post.

What's the big deal about circumciscions?  I mean, what are the reasons for and against having your son circumsized?  I'm just curious.

Also!  Not a question, but in my German class we watched Europa Europa.  We saw Solly get circumsised after he was born (weird to watch).  Then, when he was pretending to be a German during WW2 and he wanted to hook up with the crazy Nazi girl, he tried to UN circumsise himself with a safety pin!  The whole class let out a big "WTF?!"  It was really gross.
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1. What's a quick and simple recipe I can do with fresh tilapia fillets?

2. Are there too many computer animated movies lately? It was all new and shiny when Toy Story came out, and Shrek was cool, but now the novelty has worn off and it's just annoying and tacky and cheap, IMO.

3. What artistic thing have you made or done recently? Pics plz, if available.
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1. Let's say you often see a specific classmate or co-worker staring at your crotch area, and from what you can tell there's never anything out of the ordinary going on (You didn't spill anything, no holes, the person's eyes are not at level with your crotch, and if you're a guy, you're not sporting anything extra). How would that make you feel and would you say/do anything about it?

2. Let's say you're not seeing anyone and someone who you are not interested in but think may be interested in you asks if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Would you say no or lie to try to avoid them possibly asking you out?

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For the past 4 years I have been dying my hair with non-ammonia dye.
There is one spot of my hair that the dye has NEVER taken to. Meaning, it dyes ALL of my hair except for this one circle spot by my forehead, which stays my natural color (I guess, it's been awhile, don't really remember).

It's not the whole strand of hair though, only about an inch from the scalp. So it's like an inch in diameter and an inch in height? Does that make sense?

ANYWAY. My question: what's up with that? Why won't this one spot dye??
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What is a cool retail job I could get this summer? What was the coolest summer job you ever had?

I am 22 years old. I have had 2 jobs, both in an office. I am sort of shy. Would I survive in retail?
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We have a lot of ants at our house.

I noticed recently that they keep crawling into the cordless phone - I thought they were just crawling around there, until today. I noticed the LCD screen seemed a bit dark on one side. I thought, since it's an old phone, "oh, the light's just going out."

Except - I just realized, upon closer examination - it's ants. A big clump of ants darkening half of the lcd screen, and a few stray ones.

Can we say EWWWW??

Question is: Have any of you ever seen anything like this?

What the hell???

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My uncle's fish recently died after my mother claimed she accidentally poured clear Kool-Aid into the tank instead of water. The fish died. But would Kool-Aid really make the fish tank look like this?

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If not, what's the deal?
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1. Have you ever seen a remade movie that you liked as much, or more, than the original?

2. What remade movies do you hate?

3. What do you think about Cannibal Holocaust being remade?

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Cape Fear (1991)

2. Planet of the Apes (2001), The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

3. Possibly the worst idea for a remake I have ever seen. I thought it was a joke, but I guess it is actually being remade :/

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Would you ever let a poor, mostly-homeless (at the time they were being evicted from a hotel they'd lived in for a month, because they couldn't pay rent anymore) family of six (children rage in age from 3 to 14) move into your house short term? And, if it came down to it, would you extend the time you let them stay? Also, let's say your mother is working-class and your 17-18 year old brother is Autistic/ADHD.

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1.Do you think it's okay to like a song with racist/generally offensive lyrics?

2. If someone recommended a song to you with offensive lyrics would you assume they endorsed these lyrics, so to speak?

3. Do you judge a song by its lyrics?

4. If you realised a song you really liked had racist/homophobic/something you don't agree with lyrics would you still like/listen to the song?
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Aas can be seen from the following Midrash (Tanchuma Lech Lecha 20): "...Yehoyakim stretched his foreskin as it is said (II Chronicles 36:8) And the rest of Yehoyakim's matters and his abominations that he did and that was found upon him.... What was found upon him? That he stretched his foreskin."

Can someone explain?
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1. Why would someone throw away a home run ball that they had caught? What if the player who hit it became super famous in later years?

2. What are your favorite type of M&M's?

3. What should I pretend I have to do tomorrow to get out of meeting with the "business partner" of a "friend?" I really don't feel like wasting my money investing in their "business."

Insurance Fraud

So... I got the bill from when my son was born. He's uncircumsized. The hospital charged the insurance company for a circumcision.
Insurance fraud?? y/n

I know it's "mandatory" that they charge if for every boy birth, but ummm... that's $250 that a doctor was paid for something that didn't happen!

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1. How do you feel about large age gaps when dating? Does the acceptable age gap get larger as you get older?

2. I have a 17 year old friend who was up until yesterday dating a 13 year old. I enjoyed making fun of him, after he ignored my honest attempt to convince him it was… not good. Today I made a joke about it, and he yelled “I broke up with her yesterday, you bitch!” Did he have the right to get mad? (Keep in mind I tease all of my friends, so it wasn’t anything unusual.)

3. Do you like your body?

4. Do you like your parents?

5. How many internet windows do you generally have open?

6. What do you do if someone says “I love you” when you’re dating, but you don’t think you’re quite to that point? And if you have issues with saying it?

EDIT: I forgot my answers.

1. I think one or two years is reasonable for younger people, and it gets much bigger as you get older.

2. I guess, but maybe not quite so much.

3. Sometimes.

4. Yeah.

5. Two.

6. Oy.
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What's the coolest way that anyone has ever told you that they like you?
Any tips on how to get over the fear of rejection and tell someone you like them?

Also, what's a super awesome thing that has happened to you this past weekend?

Me - I freakin graduated and raked in over $1000 in monetary gifts. So that was super awesome to me!

Thanks in advance!!
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work / uni / overlords / ghostbusters

1. I have a trial work day at a small office tomorrow (Tuesday). If they like me, they'll keep me. However, I am expecting a call on Wednesday from a store job that I also applied for and would rather like. If the office people want me, do I say 'yeah, sure, put me on the payroll' or do I say 'I am waiting to see about another job'. How do I get around this pickle of a situation?

2. Do Americans or non-Australians in general use the word 'uni' (in place of the word university) at all? If you do, where are you from? I have heard an odd rumour that Americans don't really use the word.

3. I constantly use the phrase "I for one welcome our _______ overlords", because I saw it on the Simpsons. (According to wikipedia, this is where the phrase originated.) What are your favourite variations?

4. I have been told that I am completely weird and insane because I am 23 and have gone my entire lifetime without ever having watched ghostbusters 2. Am I missing out? Is the film a paragon of greatness? Should I watch it? I trust tqc people to tell me the truth of the situation.
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What are some obstacles you and your S.O have had to face/overcome together? (If any)

What is something your S.O does that never fails to put a smile on your face/cheer you up?

What is something your S.O does that never fails to annoy you?

What did your parents think of your S.O when they first met?

big boob swimsuits.

I saw some girls posting some nice higher end swimsuits here a couple of weeks ago. they were for plus size/ women with larger breasts. I forgot to give my wife the link. Can someone re post it? I think it's the one from People Magazine or US.


query about a quote

"Society must be cleansed of elements which represent its own death."

Is that really a quote by Hitler, or did they make that up for "The Life of David Gale"?

Do you agree with the quote? If no, would you agree with it if Hitler hadn't said it?
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I'm looking for books or TV shows featuring religious characters. I don't want something where the focus of the story is getting a religious message across, just a normal story where some of the main characters just happen to be religious. Can anyone make any recommendations?

Dismembered genitals

Ok, so I was thinking of an alternate reality. In this reality, everyone can have various dismembered body parts that float in the air and follow them around. It's considered a cultural norm.

So, what would you do if you could have your own? It doesn't have to be genitals, but those would be extra funny.

I'd get a giant, dismembered floating penis. I'd use it sort of like a tether ball and punch it so that it swings and hits someone in the eye.