May 20th, 2007


Stupid fashion trends.

Do-rags, ear gauge (those "ear plug" things) and other crazy piercings. Who thinks they actually look good and why? Why does this trend exist?

"Tribal" aesthetics suck nuts. Yeah yeah, it's an "acquired taste," which is another way of saying they're ugly.
brand new, blood in my veins

(no subject)

What bands/artists do you absolutely love (with a mindblowingly strong passion)?

I need new music, and since my boss has been recommending me music that he loves, and didn't occur in my music circles (Tori Amos, Bob Dyan, Rilo Kiley, to name a few), I want more. 

Thrust it upon me, tqc, with vigour.

mood themes

Ok, so I've been trying to figure this out with little to no luck. How the hell do I change my mood theme to a custom mood theme? I've downloaded the pictures I want to use, but I really really really really want to avoid having to upload every singly pic to photobucket, then find the link address, and add the specific link address to 'angry' (essentially going to the list of emotions and putting a pic next to each). I've heard of an easier, quicker way to do it using 'mood editor' or something like that, but haven't figured it out. Please help!
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Job Question.

I got a job at a fast-food place recently, I start on Monday. My question is should I dress nice for orientation day(like how one would for an interview) so should I just wear normal clothes? I have not been issued a uniform yet.

I ask because I don't wanna show up in nice clothes and be laughed at, but I also don't wanna show up in normal clothes and have the manager get a bad impression or something.

So what would you wear?
emoticon death
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(no subject)

Went to a funeral and started to re-evaluate my life. I think I want kids one day, and to have someone look at me the way my grandparents used to look at each other. I'm currently having a LDR with a guy who thinks marriage is all cliche and didn't want me to meet his grandparents in case they got attached. I think we want different things in life in the long run. So, TQC, even though I have pretty strong feelings for my LDR boy, should I let him go now because we want different 'one day's? Share with me some of your wisdom, I'm feeling a little lost tonight.
(snark is welcome too, of course, since I realise this is a pretty inane question)
harry candy

(no subject)

Stupid question time... I just filled my first prescription for an oral contraceptive like a month ago at the Stop n Shop pharmacy... now I'm heading home from school tomorrow (going from NY to SC) and have no idea how I like... keep getting it. I have a little prescription info thing attached to the box he gave me, saying I get 8 refills, but I'm assuming it's only good at Stop n Shop? I mean I'm sure I can't just show up at some random pharmacy and be like "oh hey I don't have a prescription slip anymore but trust me, I dropped it off at some pharmacy 800 miles away once."

Do I need to like, get something from the Stop n Shop? And also, will they care how often I get the refills? (Like hell, if I can I'll probably pick up as many as they'll give me, and just stock up.)

Sorry I have no idea how to do anything in life.

PS I know I can just call them probably, it's just 1:40 in the morning and I decided I needed an answer urgently... lol.

(no subject)

whats the etiquette when someone comes back on vacation? they've only been gone a week and you're aware of they're arrival date. should you call them to welcome them back? call to ask about their trip? or should you wait till they call you? you're really good friends with them, if that matters.

(no subject)

How long should I expect to be awake after roughly 10 cups of coffee between the periods of 10 and 12 and night? ... its 2:30am here now.

What is the best thing you can put in coffee to make it taste awesome?

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Edit: its roughly 5am now ... I think im gunna go try that sleep thing. We'll see how that works out.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

(no subject)

I'm bored, it's late, and I'm not about to sleep anytime soon, so humor me. :P

1. Are you:
a. a music/film/book snob who hates everything popular just because it's popular?
b. a media sheep who loves whatever the media tells you to love?
c. sort of a combination of/in between 1 and 2?
d. other

2. Do the two extreme groups in #1 annoy you? Does just one of them annoy you?

3. Do you find yourself annoyed when people brag about not being pop culture whores, being "non-mainstream," being "anti-trend," etc?

4. What are some music, movies, etc. that you love that no one expects you to?

5. What are some music, movies, etc. that people would expect you to love that you don't?

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(no subject)

Have you ever been accused of something silly/absurd? If so, what were you accused of?

A while back I lost while playing strip poker(yeah, I suck at poker) and someone accused me of cheating to lose so I'd end up naked. I told her I didn't cheat but she didn't buy it.

(no subject)

1. I have a sore throat. What are some soothing drinks/food?

2. Do you like to:
a) paintball?
b) play capture the flag?
c) play laser tag?

3. What are some of the weirdest things you've ever found?

4. Did you make up stories as a kid? What were they about?

5. Have you ever made an amateur film? What was it?

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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

If you adopted an animal from a shelter or rescue that was already named, what did you rename them (if you did)?

Deuce used to be Onyx (ew) and Bella was Jasmine. YUCK!

I started a new pill pack last night, then had the sex. Am I going to become with child?

Would you rather have a HUGE wardrobe of clothing from Walmart and Kmart, or a small wardrobe of major designer clothes?

(no subject)

Ok now this is going to sound very stupid, but where the hell is the pound button on a mobile phone?

I'm trying to do a voice post & when I call up I'm told to push the pound button. Yeah, I don't know what/where it is. I'm in Australia on an Aussie mobile phone if that matters any.

Feel free to flame & mock me repeatedly if I'm an idiot.

Edit: Thank you all. I didn't realise that the hash key is also called the pound key.
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not-so-hypoethical situation.

Your brother and his wife are soon to be having a baby. their first in fact.
they live in a different state and you wont be able to see them til Christmas at the earliest. However, your parents are going up to see the new baby.

you're also a poor uni student.
also, you dont like your brothers wife

do you buy the a present?
if so, do you give it to your parents to give your brother etc, give him it when you next see him, or mail it up?
would ou give a present for the baby, or the mother, or both?
do you wait til after it's born so that you can find out it's name and sex to buy a present?
what do you give?
how much would you spend?
funky chicken

LJ privacy and stuff

1) Are you more or less open about personal things in an online forum?

2) Let's say that you leave your (locked) LJ open by accident and someone reads it. How far back to they have to go for it to cross from morbid curiosity to just plain snooping?

3) Can someone easily identify you from your LJ?

4) If you post locked entries, how do you determine who gets to be on your friends list?

5) Be honest. Are you hurt when someone unfriends you? Does it matter if you know them in real life?

6) Do you filter your entries on a regular basis?

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(no subject)

1. If a rowdy teenager set fire to a bag of dog poop, placed it on your door step, rang the doorbell, and you didn't answer and your house caught fire and burned down, could the kid (providing they had evidence that it was him) be charged with arson?

2. Have you ever stomped out a flaming bag of shit?

3. What LJ interface do you use (Horizon, XColibur, Dystopia or Lynx)?

4. Do you think Frances Bean Cobain will go into the music industry?

(no subject)

Inspired by...none of your business...

When women sit at a table/park bench and rate guys going you use a 1-10 scale (with 10 being Hot-est) or something else? Something more intrinsic? Something guys can't figure out?
Dancing Skeleton

Powered by Livejournal

Is it possible to remove or hide the 'Powered by Livejournal' bar at the very top of each journal? I think I've seen it done a few times, I checked the source code of the page to look for what I needed to type, but it either doesn't work or I used the wrong code. So...


So a "friend" of mine (she acts like a friend, but I really don't like her. However, I remain civil for the sake of her boyfriend who is actually my friend) announced randomly that I'm making all my friends hate me. Which was strange, because we were talking about what she should eat for dinner, and she just randomly said "I vote Joey stops making everyone hate her". Very strange. Especially since it isn't true, I'm closer with my friends than I ever have been.
Anyway, earlier on today she mentioned that it seems like I don't like her because of the way I talk to her. After what she randomly said the other day, how is she not seeing the connection? People confuse me.

Any friend drama you're going through lately?
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(no subject)

Mothers (and fathers too): did you love your baby instantly?

I just can't see it happening for everyone. I mean, I would expect the baby to have a connection to you, but you are now dealing with it in a totally different manner. I would think you'd have to build a bond to love it. I wonder if people get upset because they expect to just have all this love instantly, rather than build up the love, and they feel nothing so they think that's wrong.

(no subject)

When was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

How long did you date?

Is anyone here from Saskatchewan? (curiosity I've never met anyone on lj but me and friends from Sask.)

I want to switch highscools next year but friends are being of no help, and I can't decide if I should. If I switched that would mean I went to a differnt school every year. Central, Riverview then Vanier. Is that bad? Are colleges going to think I'm "unstable" and not accept me? Should I switch?


P.S. I just got photoshop and I made a animated grafic but lj does not upload PSD files and It's makign me mad because I can't switch it to another file name, I tried. Help?
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cat scratch

my cat scratched my cheek this morning. it's not particularly big and ugly, but it is a little, and now i feel embarrassed and self-conscious about it. i washed it out with water, and put neosporin and a bandaid on, but is there anything else i can do to make it heal sooner and without a little scab? it did bleed on the bandaid, so i know it's going to scab a little. ugh!

it's right near my eye. i cant think of anything besides neosporin that would make it better, but maybe someone here has a suggestion. i hope.

thank you.
vm: i turn my camera on..

(no subject)

My high school graduation is on Thursday and I've just found out that each student is only allowed four guests, and I have family that's flying in to come to the ceremony. I already have four people that live in my house that plan on going, and my dad, grandparents, aunt, and uncle are flying in as well. Does anyone know if they'll be willing to make an exception, or will they even notice? I haven't been to a graduation before so I don't even know if or how they'll enforce this, so I was wondering if you all could share info about your graduation that could help me regarding this. Thanks!

ETA: The ceremony's held outside, and so far there's been no word about tickets. I even called up a few friends just now and asked and none of them had heard anything about tickets.

I'm bitter and hung over

1. What color underwear are you wearing?
1a. What style/cut are they?
1b. What style/cut do you normally wear?
1c. What do you call them normally? (panties, underwear, etc)

2. If you run in to a recent ex with their new SO while out at a bar, how do you act? (edit - ignoring them is not an option, they're sitting at your table)
2a. Let's say the relationship ended because they "didn't want to be in a relationship"... does that change your answer at all?

3. What's the most amount you've had to drink in one sitting?

4. What's the best hangover cure?

(no subject)

If you want to get married/are what would be/is the perfect scenario?
Age to get married? how long you'd spend together before procreating etc?

I want to move over to Aus to be with my boy. We'd get married when I was 23, he'd be 28.
We'd spend a couple of years together.. travelling, ski seasons etc
I think once we'd settled down somewhere, probably Melbourne.. I'd want to start a family.
When we were 29/35 perhaps?He wants just one baby, he has his heart set on a daughter, Felicity. I don't like the idea of an only child though.. so we'll go for Felicity and Lucas- three years apart.

haha if only life worked out the way you planned for right?
This is so obstacle ridden. :-/

oh well. Wouldn't be so exciting if you knew exacly what was going to happen.
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(no subject)

1. Which internet browser do you use?
2. Do you know anyone whose favorite band is the Gorillaz? Because I have never met a person who has even said they like them a lot.
3. Do you use anything other than Google to search for things?
4. Are there any festivals that come to your town? If yes, do you go?
5. Have you ever played Ultimate Frisbee?
6. I always feel weird about answering just one question in posts such as this one. Will you answer just one question or do you feel like it's not worth it?

ETA: The way I worded this last one must have confused a few people. I wasnt asking if you would answer one of my questions. Let me reword that: Do you feel okay answering just one question or do you decide it's not worth answering just one and end up not answering any of them?

... I am having a terrible time wording that.
What Would Wonder Woman Do

...dust to dust...

What should my fiance do with his father's ashes?

He's had them for about six and a half years. Right now, they're in a box from the funeral home, and the box is holding up a speaker. (His idea, not mine...) I think it's mildly disrespectful, but then (unfortunately) I didn't know his dad like he did.

And my family has a plot in a little town cemetary; I'm sure they wouldn't mind him burying/scattering the ashes out there.

(no subject)

I am a chef at my new job and tomorrow I am serving a Pizza Bar (personal pan pizzas for 2 bux each) but, I am having a hard time coming up with some yummy new ideas for toppings....

So I ask you, wise club members, what is your favorite type of pizza?
odd, normal and self invented yummy comments wanted!
strawberry shortcake

calling all computer geeks?

Hi! I would like to reformat my hard drive, so i can have a nice shiny new canvas to start with :D

But, here's my problem, and where you come in.

I have a laptop. It's an IBM ThinkPad R52(i dunno if that part is relevant? but ok) and i got it almost 2 years ago. It hasn't ever been reformatted. I am running Windows XP Pro. I cannot find the Windows XP disk...if I ever had one to begin with. I can't remember. :X Either way, I have done a little reading online about reformatting, and I read something about recovery disks. In the package of software that goes to my laptop that I DID find, I have found something called VitalSource Recovery Disk. I don't know what it's for. I don't have any literature on it, either.

Can I use the VitalSource Recovery Disk in place of a Windows XP disk? Will I be able to reformat my computer using that instead?

I'd very much appreciate any input :)
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I'll be leaving Afghanistan soon and going back to the "real world".
Should I:
a) Delete my LJ acct.?
b) Keep it in case I want to use it again?
c) Post my password on the web so people can hijack my account and use it to troll innocent bystanders?
d) Something else?

Any suggestions for a flounce post?


(no subject)

Anybody have any good recipies or suggestions for dinner?

Right now we have the following for dinner throughout the week.

Hanburgers,7 Layer Salad, hot dogs, pasta roni, rice a roni, fajitas, hamburger helper, stir fry, white rice, sandwiches, spaghetti, ribs, bbq chicken, chicken marsala and stuffed shells.

I know that it seems like a lot, and we don't have all of that every week, but we have it enough to make the meals repetitive. Help please?

(no subject)

Marine Corps::Marine

Also, who else here finds military uniforms wicked sexy? Like, moreso than most other sexy things in life.

(no subject)

So in two days time, I have an exam on Chaucer's "Wife of Bath", and I have no idea how to study it! It's a closed text exam, so in our essay, we'll have to quote from memory! It would be impossible to learn off lots of quotes, seeing as the question could be on any character, any theme or idea, etc. (Plus, I don't have the time to do that) So basically I just have to be very familiar with the whole thing. Obviously I find this really hard, given the language used (you can read it here to see what I mean).

So basically, my question is, how the hell do I prepare for this exam?! I've tried reading it over and over but it ain't working, as I'm reading it and haven't a clue what the text is saying, and have to keep checking my modern translation! And even if I do just keep reading it, and end up understanding the story, it still won't help as I have to be able to quote portions of it which relate to whatever question I'll be asked in the exam! I also found readings of it online, but listening to those don't help much as it's the spelling of the words thats the big problem!

Has anyone ever done well in a closed text exam using this language? Or any other type of difficult language? How'd you manage it?? Any help would be great :)

(no subject)

With the movie coming out in a few months, and the 400th episode tonight, how much longer do you think The Simpsons will keep running?

Personally I just don't think it's as good as it was a few years ago. Plus it just dosen't have as many fans and impact on mainstream culture it had in the 90's. I bet I wouldn't be exagerating if I said they'd have maybe one more season after the movie.

Will you be watching The Simpsons 400th episode tonight?

It isn't going to be on where I live
Starbucks flashing
  • lynn


You're at Starbucks.  What do you order?

Me: Venti 8-pump Vanilla Latté

I can handle snark as well as the "omfg, who would pay $4 for yuppy-ass coffee?"

Also, is anyone here a Barista?

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(no subject)

Is there a website where you can put in what you have in your kitchen and it will generate recipes for you to try? I thought that I have seen that before and google is just not cutting it.

(no subject)

What's the biggest sacrifice you've made for a loved one? Was it worth it?

I'm currently in my third to last week of my first year of college, and one of my friends wants me to be his accompanist for a double bass piece he is performing during finals week. Now, these next few weeks are going to be like HELL for me, but he says I'm the only pianist he knows. Now, I don't even know him that well, and when I jokingly asked if he would be paying me, he basically said no. I've never accompanied before, but accompanists usually get paid, right? Should I take this on, even though I'm already really really stressed? Would it mean to tell him no, go find someone else?


How often do you talk to your best friend? Not your SO, although I can understand that your SO could be your best friend. If you have a SO, then pick your best friend otherwise.

Is it strange that I talk to my best friend nearly every single day? We also work together, and very often see each other on weekends, too. It just doesn't feel like a complete day unless I have spoken with/emailed him at least once a day.

It is probably a good thing that we are both single, otherwise the SO would probably get jealous.
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Only children

Are you an only child?

How many people do you know who are only children?

If you have a child is it your only child/do you plan on stopping at one?

1. no; 2. currently I don't think I know any; 3. n/a

(no subject)

1. silverchair fans: Which of their albums is your favourite?
I love
Neon Ballroom but find all the other albums boring, except for a few songs.

2. Those who are married or have been married: Did anything bad happen on your honeymoon?
I was reading an article the other day about a woman whose husband was drugged on their honeymoon and she was raped. It nearly destroyed their marriage.

long distance relationships

This topic comes up sometimes, I know, but whatev.

For those of you not in a long distance relationship currently:
1. Have you ever been in one? Did it end because of distance?
2. If you haven't been in one, would you be able to do it.....
2a. If you met someone on the internet or the likes that lives far away or
2b. If you were in a non-LDR with someone and then the moved far away?

For those of you who are in a LDR:
1. How far apart are you and your SO? How often do you see him or her?
1a. Were you always a LDR or did it become one...mid...relationship?
2. Do you see your long distance ending soon? (like you plan to move in together or relocate closer to them)
3. What's the biggest method you use to keep in touch?
4. What do you do to handle holidays? (whether it be sending gifts, visiting each other etc)

(no subject)

What's your favourite music to listen to when you have to get stuff like papers/paperwork/whatnot done?

Lately Mika and Muse have been my artists of choice-- Bliss and Any Other World are probably the best songs out there to write papers to, IMO.
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Piece of s***

A he-she just badly screwed me over and stood me up. While I'm sick. They kept giving updates leading to me running outside a place so they could drive by. I waited over an hour. It's almost an hour later and they still haven't called again. I missed an important casting call because of this.

I want to badly slice their privates with a cheese grater.

What would you do?

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TQC, be my personal stylist!

What unnatural color should I dye my hair?

Some pictures of me just so you have an idea what my skine tone is, etc. (Note: My hair won't be in these styles at all. I recently shaved my hair, so when I actually have hair period I plan to do it, but remember, my hairstyle won't be like these at all):
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lady tree tree

Suggestions please!

What would be a good name for a Self Harm support group for teenagers and their families?

Serious answers please guys! Although things like "It Cuts Both Ways" or "Slice" might be good for the lolz, they're aren't really what we're after...

(no subject)

Does anyone know of a website that will give book recommendations when you enter one title?
Something like but for books.

I hate going in to a bookstore just to wander around aimlessly and then end up buying a book that turns out horrible.

(no subject)

Do you view your job as something thay pays the bills or more an impotant part of your life?
How did you embark on your current job/career?
Did you always know what you wanted to do and if not how did you find out?

maybe i should also ask what is your job?

(no subject)

the guy i just started seeing is having a bbq with a lot of his guy friends and a few of their girlfriends.
i'm ready to go and i have every intention of going so why am i still sitting here?
it's like i want to wait for the cover of darkness or something...


Yo, fundies! This is for you!

One thing I've never understood. According to church, homosexuality is wrong. But how come God has created everyone as His image then? Or does church just deny homosexuality? How do they explain the fact that God has created gay people? How come it's then a sin to be how God has created you?
This confuses me.
marcs sweater

(no subject)

i wanna make this oprah stencil for a my t-shirt, does anyone know how to turn a picture into a stencil and to make then stencil itself to use on the shirt? if so i would greatly appreciate the help.:D

*oh and my last post was not about where i wanted to download videos, i just wanted to know if anyone knew the website where they were shippooooo. :D

(no subject)

Okay TQC, I know I ask questions like this often, but it's only because I am supremely socially awkward. Although, these people seem to accept my social behavior so I really should stop worrying and just be myself... Anyway:

Do I friend my boyfriend's brother, his girlfriend, and cousin on Facebook?

(I know, drag me outside and kick me repeatedly whilst yelling "What?! Are you in high school?!")

They have not friended me first, so would it be weird being that my boyfriend and I have only been together 7 months?

If you have friended a significant other's sibling, and then broke up with aforementioned significant other, did you unfriend the sibling?

Who was the last really interesting person(s) that you met?
An elderly couple that have been married 62 years and they shared some interesting stories about life during the war, and the 15 languages that he speaks.

What is something you get twisted pleasure from?
I oddly like the way my heel hurts when it gets cracks in it
qt: animal cookies

(no subject)

Should I move from Finland to New York to be an au pair for a year? It seems like a great and probably once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but.. I'm not sure wether I want to move in with a family I have never met. I'm just about to move out of home and I'd like to try living on my own first. What should I do? What are the pros and cons? And what kind of place is New York to live anyway?

Edit. By New York I mean New York City.

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[lost] Goodbye lost

Just two.

How long would you wait to date if you were a widow/widower?

How do you feel about widows/widowers getting married again a year or less after their SO's death? 

Collapse )

I edited the question. I didn't word it the way I should have.  But thank you everyone for your kind words.
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Goin' to the goddamn chapel...

1. Tonight one of my friends calls me and tells me that she's getting married in Kentucky on June 28th and had asked our other friend Emily to stand with her as her witness, but because Emily cannot afford the plane ticket to fly to Kentucky(or a wedding gift for that matter), she cant do it. My friend then proceeds to say to me " Emily said no so I figured I'd call you and ask you to do it." I however will be in New York vacationing with my boyfriend on June 28th. I don't know if I should be pissed off that I got asked as a last resort or be a good friend and just go do it.
... What would you do?

2. Why all the shotgun weddings lately?


Wireless doesn't work when laptop unplugged

My wireless internet connection works great, until I unplug my laptop from the wall. Once the laptop is running just on the battery, no more wireless connection. I can see the network in the 'View Available Networks' screen, but my laptop won't connect to it.
Someone told me that perhaps it was power saving option, but I can't find anything mentioning wireless stuff in those menus off the Control Panel.
How can I make the wireless internet connection work when my laptop is not plugged in to the wall?

ETA: Question answered! Thanks for the help!
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

When was the last time you felt awkward?

This morning, I was taking my dogs out, and I heard my next door neighbors having sex (we live in town homes). About an hour later I saw the wife (she's about my age) and I just felt... weird.

If you were accused of murder and were absolutely innocent, what would you do?

a) Plead guilty in order to receive life in prison


b) Maintain your innocence, but face an almost certain death penalty.

Spelling Errors

Is there a word you consistently spell wrong when typing?

Recently mine has been cemetery. I keep wanting to put an "a" in the final "e". Also I always spell definitely wrong. Thank goodness for Firefox and it's automatic spell checker.

Is it sad that I rely on spell check so much?

(no subject)

anyone else completely hooked on "ninja warrior"? they've been doing a marathon of it til 5am all weekend and i can't stop watching it.
do you think you could do any part of the competition? i couldn't do any of it.

why do they show the same valtrex commercial on g4 so many times a day? is there a herpes epidemic in the geek community?
how much would you have to be paid to be on a valtrex commercial and say "i have genital herpes"?
do you think they show the same commercial everywhere (who has those cable channels) or do they at least spare the people in those commercials the horror of having that commercial shown where they live? my friend had the idea that maybe they have one commercial with people from the east coast in it and show it on the west coast and vice versa so that actors wouldn't have to deal with being recognized from the commercial and being made fun of/never getting a date again.
Teacher Posts

Business Cards for Teachers

Would it be tacky to make up business cards to be a teacher? I graduated in December with a degree in Early Childhood Education and thought about doing so to give out to potential "clients". I'd like to tutor some during the summer along with my nanny job.

When you think of business cards, you don't think of the teaching profession. I'd use them mainly to get my name out there but I also have a resume.

Also, if I do the business card thing, should I update my email address so it's my name? My email address now is meeshodu05 at gmail dot com. Cheesy?

I think that's it. I'm really glad I found a community to ask all my random questions to.

Also, what's wrong with the weather in Ohio? Seriously. STOP BEING COLD!!!!!
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Dancing Skeleton

More sex questions..

Would you ever have sex with a random, but very attractive member of the opposite sex (i.e. they walk up to you in the middle of the mall an invite to the handicapped bathroom) if he promised to pull out and/or use a condemn? For men the answer is obvious, the the answer is mainly directed towards women.

Would you ever have sex with someone considerably younger than yourself (under ideal situations)? if he/she were a neighbor? if he/she were a daughter or son's friend?
  • kehki

(no subject)

my mate went back to his horrible wife who doesnt understand his furryness. =(

what do you do when your heart breaks and youre all alone on a saturday night? i have no money for hookers and blow sorry.



meme booboo

So someone on my f/list posted one of those boring memes going around and I rarely fill them out but gin and lsd had gotten the better of me. It was one of those '28 questions about you' memes. So I was doing well until number 27.

Number 27 was 'If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?:'

I thought well, she's going to die anyway so I said that I would take you down to my secret beach and then at the end of the day and your time was nigh, I would politely ask if I could slowly squeeze the last breath out of you so that I could remember you forever.

She answered by saying that she was so happy that I replied to her meme being as I don't normally and then I further (insanely) clarified that by 'slowly squeezing the last breath out of you' I meant by wrapping my long delicately-boned fingers around your neck and taking your last breath while I stared intently into your eyes. And I told her that I meant this with the utmost respect.

Silence ensued. Crickets chirped. Cats batted things on strings.

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So I removed that reply to explain further but then it looked like I was trying to cover a horrible plot to stalk and kill her and now I feel bad about myself. She hasn't removed me from her f/list yet. Should I -

1. just find her and get it over with so that I won't feel bad about myself anymore


B. keep pleading my innocence until the cops show up.

I should add that she is a well-known person in her city and will probably be missed.

Specially by me.

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I'm in the mood for some poetry. Something...well, heavy I guess. What do you recommend?

Also, I have a piggy bank, but no shelves. Where should I keep the bank?

And, I am not pregnant, but crave weird things like Fritos mixed with ice cream (omG so good). What fun foods will I crave if I ever become prego?

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Who here is a professional at something, and what is it? For example, I am studying for my Software Engineering degree.

I'm just wondering what kind of specialized brain power we actually have here at TQC.

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For those in the uk:

What are the best freeview recorders that can store a decent amount of telly, record more than one thing at a time and not need a second mortgage? also i will need a new aerial- whats the best one that doesnt need to go on the roof?


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what is the funniest answer you can think of for
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what is the best book you've ever read?

favorite song?

how many jobs have you had? (what jobs were they)

how old do you think i am?
how old are you?

when is it appropriate to say 'i love you'?

how long will/did you wait before having sex with the person you are/were with?
(i'm not talking about first times, just the most recent person you've been with)

do you have any toys from your childhood?

where is the most awesome place in the world?
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Yesterday(and this morning) I was watching the first Predator movie, the first two Alien movies, and the first two Terminator movies. While I was researching their production histories(including anything on Alien vs. Predator 2), thought of some questions:

What are your favorite movie in each series? Least? Why?

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I just came across some money, and I want to spend it on some really expensive lingerie. I'm talking high end, over the top celebrities wear it high end. Not sure if I actually have enough money for that, but atleast I can save up. Can anyone give me some objects, preferably in the U.S.?
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5-10 year long relationships in your 20s

Now, I realise that people's relationships vary *hugely* But, if you've been in a romantic relationship between 5 and 10 years... (and preferably, those years have been in your 20s) what's it like? Still sparks flying? What things have you fought about? What things are concerning you right now, if you don't mind me asking? Relationship wise, life-wise in general... So if work is concerning the two of you now, tell me. Big or little things. And what issues have you overcome, relationship wise? And other things, together, but not specifically relationship wise? How would you say you've grown together as a couple, and individually as a result of being part of the couple? How did you meet, and did you think you'd be together this long? 'Why' are you still together?
These 5-10 years don't have to be all of living together. Oh and I'd prefer it if you *didn't* have kids, but if you do, go ahead, but tell me if you have them.

College Grading Scale

1.) Do most colleges have this grading scale? 

2.) Does/Did your college have this grading scale? If not, what was the grading scale like?

3.) What college did you go to/are you going to? (You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to.)

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Boring question

Why won't my computer play sound from anything but itunes all of a sudden?

Videos, music, sound on youtube, I get nothing. How did this happen? And what in the world can I do to fix it?

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What one thing reminds you of summer?

My answer: A twist (chocolate and vanilla) soft-serve ice-cream cone. I even remember my very first one, which was at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. It seemed bigger than my head. And once a week my aunt or my uncle would take me to Shoaff Park or Franke Park and get me one of those cones along the way.

And ye shall be my researchers...

1. My mum mentioned yesterday how most gay male musicians still write and sing their love songs as if directed at women (i.e., use female pronouns). Can you think of any songs where this is not the case?

I can only think of one Darren Hayes song (Love and Attraction - but he's out now, so the new album may be different), and some Magnetic Fields' tracks (like, "When my boy walks down the street.)

I think some Bowie songs that used male pronouns, but I don't remember which. Anyone recall?


2. When did you last get a haircut?

3. I'm in Britain - is the etiquette to tip hairdressers, or not to tip?

4. If you get a cut that you don't like, do you say anything, or pretend it is okay?
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In your opinion, what do you think is the worst subject for small talk?
 (whether that be with distant old family members who still think of you as a child, or if you're on a date, etc?)

Mine: College.  Especially with people who are friends of my parents, or family members who still think I'm 6 years old.  The next person who asks me "How's school?" I'm just going to tell them how it is: I go to class, I do things that I really don't want you knowing about, I go to the gym, I study, I live off of Ramen, I fuck around with friends, I sit on my ass.  Srsly. 

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I recently got a virus that gives me popups galore. Some are from count.excitexchange and others are sketchy ones like ebay and toseeka adds of what I google.
I've tried this forum called and I've been through a bunch of stuff to try and get rid of it, but to no avail.

So have any of you had this virus? what did you use to get rid of it?