May 19th, 2007

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Is there anything completely irrational that upsets or saddens you, even just a little bit?

I find myself a bit upset by people waiting at airports with the names of passengers on a piece of card (even if they're, like, a chauffeur); people sleeping on buses with signs saying 'Wake me up at [whatever stop]' around their necks; untouched buffets, bake sales or craft stalls; and most bizzarely, serious_cat's journal.

Please to be making me feel less of a freak. :)

ETA: I don't mean things that irritate you. I mean things that make you sad or emotional. It worries me a bit that people seem to assume that by "upset you" I meant "piss you off" - I might be a bitch, but not enough of a bitch to get pissed off about unbought brownies!

ETA2!: I thought of another one which really takes the cake - those penpal websites for prisoners on death row. Even though they're fucking murderers, all that blurb about how lonely and friendless they are reduces me to a pulp. Ridiculous.
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two questions -

do you ever have deja vu?


do you have good intuition? (meaning you can seeing things before they happen, you are thinking the same thing as someone else, etc.)

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Quick question.

I'm watching The Breakfast Club on USA and it was just at the part when it's time for the lunch break and they're all like .. let us get milk before the chick dehydrates.

And I've seen this movie like 100 times, but I've never seen the scene they stuck in where they're looking around for money and Bender tries to get some from Brian and Brian high fives him .. and Claire asks the principal to break a 5 ..

WTF is that scene? Did anyone else ever see that scene?

Is my DVD just retarded?

ETA: Omg .. and you know the scene when they're running around the school trying not to get caught?

There was a scene when the principal was trying to get something from the vending machine and he was having problems and they all walk past him and the open door and Allison like .. stands there to look at him and Claire's all "She's nuts, but she's cool" I've NEVER! seen that before .. wtf is going on?

Oh .. and they DID have the scene where he sticks the weed in Brian's pants .. so that's not it. :(
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1)When you're dead do you want to be buried or scattered? Or are you hoping for something else (like being some kind of science display or something)?
2)How do you feel about Pabst Blue Ribbon?
3)If you were going to do a quantum leap to some person in time, who and when would you leap to?

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How much would a regular vet visit cost for two small turtles?

My parents bought tickets to see a show as a birthday gift. I told my boss I wouldn't be availableto work that day (this is almost three weeks in advance), and he told me I couldn't take the day off, even though I wasn't scheduled for it yet. So what I have to do now is try to switch with someone else and hope that someone is available for that day. If I can't switch with somebody, should I just call in sick?

sad girl

Completely Unrelated Questions

1. If you've passed out, did you have dreams while you were out?
2. What were they like?

3. I'm making cupcakes for a get-together. So far I am doing dark chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting and then topping them with dark chocolate shavings. Is there anything else I can do to make them more decadent? Something I can add to the cake mix, anything?

4. Does soda make you all bloaty and gassy?

5. What kind of flip flops do you have (if you have any)?
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geeky things to do in LA

I'm thinking of a vacation in the LA/Hollywood area. NOT counting specific events that happen on set dates (for example, a convention), what are some geeky places I can visit? By that I mean, are there some odd stores or locations that a comic book, SF, Fantasy, or animation fan can visit while there? Specifically in that area as transportation will be limited for me. What are some other curiosities I can see? As you can tell I like odd things. Also, anything touristy that a tourist MUST see while there?
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Inspired by watching this show last night:

Is it ever appropriate to put a 3 or 4-year-old in an enclosure that they cannot get out of? It's a particle board enclosure with an open top about chest-high with a padlock on it.

What about locking them in their room overnight with a deadbolt on the door from the outside?

Peeing in a bottle while locked in their room?

What movie should i go see tonight?
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What is that gray stuff that you scratch off on game pieces (scratch cards and McDonald's or Burger King game pieces) and is there any way to convincingly reapply it? There isn't any real reason for my question, it's just something I've been wondering for a while now.

Guy version of Wind Beneath My Wings?

Does anyone know of one that doesn't sound bad or twangy? I listened to all the clips on Barnes and Noble website, and most suck or are country.

My fiance would like to dance to it with him mom at our wedding, but he hates country and the rest suck. Anyone know of a good male-sung version that may not be listed on BnN's website?


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Hello! I am new!

When CDs are rleased, are they released everywhere at the same time? Or are they like DVDs and games which get released later in different countries?

And if that question is boring: What does your favourite shirt look like?

Food and young'uns

'Nother comment made me think of this.

What's one of those weird food habits you had when you were younger?
I used to drink vinegar. Just pour a few tablespoons in a glass and whip it back. I still looooove really sour/pungent flavors. And I put onions on almost everything. This was ages like 5+

Did you ever do the whole "I'll only eat one thing for the next month" thing?
Nahhhh. In fact I've never known a child who has, but I've heard about it being a common thing.

Suitable Movies

Poll #987781 Suitable Movies

Which of the following movies do you think would be enjoyed the most by a group of girls between the ages of 10-17? (Please pick two.)

When Harry Met Sally
Mona Lisa Smile
Mean Girls
Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
My Girl
Benny & Joon
Drop Dead Fred
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1. What time is it where you are?
2. Do you have any plans for today?
3. If a complete stranger IMed you, said they saw you on LJ, and immediately asked you to review their screenplay, would you say yes? If they then said it's in .pdf format and they can't change it to anything else, would you accept the file?
4. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
5. Are you allergic to anything?

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1. Exactly which drink was it that got me drunk? Was it the 3rd pint of beer or the 4th whiskey coke or possibly one of the 5 shooters?

2.A) Women: Would you have a serious long term relationship with a man who had an incredibly small penis? Like this guy or him again.

B) Men: If you had an incredibly small penis, would you do anything, like this guy did, to try to elongate it?
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Yesterday in Target I bought pink shimmery tassels and a pink basket for my bike. My dad now claims that he will not be seen riding a bike with me unless I take them off. I don't see what is so terrible about them. This is the bike, this is the basket, and this is one of the tassels. Are they really that terrible?

yes they are
only the basket is terrible
only the tassels are terrible
no, they are not that terrible
they are fabulous!
it depends on how old you are

EDIT: I'm 19.
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more technical computer question crap

thanks to the folks who suggested new anti-virus programmes to me not long ago...i went with avast! and it seems to be doing fine.

yes, there's a 'but' coming.

while scanning my computer it found viruses in, get this, my old anti-virus software. now as i am trying to uninstall the old programme, it won't let me because of these infected files. *headdesk* does anyone have any tips for getting rid of this old software another way?? it takes up way to much room and it's wasted space.
i'd be very grateful!
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if your SO sexed you up while you were watching Star Wars IV, A New Hope, how would you feel about it? would you think it was annoying, romantic, weird, something else?

do you care if your pet/s is/are in the room when you're "doing it?"

our powdered detergent didn't come with a scoop and i don't have any disposable plastic cups, so i'm just using a regular plastic cup. what would you suggest as an alternative?

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I just got done watching Signs so bear with me here.

1. Do you think aliens are real?
2. If they are real, how soon do you think they'll come to earth?
3. Do you think "War Of The Worlds" will come true?
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toy gun

colored contacts

I have brown eyes and would like to make them light blue via colored contacts. Is this even possible? If so, what particular contacts would be best? I've heard that Illusions are good for dark eyes; has anyone had experience with them?
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Father's Day

I want to get my dad something nice for Father's Day, but I have no idea!

Things he likes:

Computers and technology
NASCAR (specifically Dale Earnhardt)
He also takes primary care of my 5-year-old nephew (who loves Dale Earnhardt, Jr.), so maybe something they'd both like? (My dad is a TOTAL kid at heart and tons of fun. He's a GREAT father and grandfather so I really want to do something special.)

So, any suggestions? I'm on a tight budget, so please keep that in mind. :D

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So my sister started playing Second Life. I have no idea why. But that's not the point. She wants to know what these things are
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She's been seeing them everywhere and asked me what they were, what they did and how you use them. I have no idea. Do any of you?
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Last night, my boyfriend told me to put his cell phone on the ground, so I did, but I didn't realize his glass of water was there, and his phone plopped in!
It looked like it was going to work, but now it doesn't work and I feel terrible. He's not super mad, but I know it's a huge pain for him to have to get his phone fixed.
So, if it were you whose phone was broken, what would you want someone to do to make up for it?
Have you ever ruined someone's belonging(s)? Tell me about it!
ETA: His phone will be fixed for free, it's still under warranty and he's getting it fixed as we speak. Buttttt...I still want to show I'm sorry. So what would you do, ASIDE from paying for it? :)

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The large pores and blackheads that have always been on my chest are now rupturing into red spots. It's been 3 weeks and spot creams and washes haven't gotten rid of them, and new ones continually appear. I'm on anti biotics and birth control for facial spots, and have been on them for nearly 2 months, if that makes a difference. Question: what do I do now? :( Google hasn't been much help.

Edit: I was told by my doctor a dermotologist would just give me the same birth control Im currently on
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Of the two situations below, which would you rather be in?

- Be terribly alone, and have no one to come home to, but have all of your money that you earn to yourself.


- Live with someone who loves you, but for whatever reason is unable to work, so you support the both of you, so you are what some people might consider 'poor'.

((For means of discussion, the 'someone' should be an SO of some sort. Not like, a cat or sibling or something. :P))

For the record, I'm in the second situation, but a lot (A LOT) of people tell me I'm stupid for accepting this way of life, and not complaining nor kicking husband out. :/ I'm wondering if I'm truly dumb, or if the people I talk to are all just psychotic.
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Lately I've noticed more and more local companies using the Jesus fish or "We're a Christian business" on their ads and company vehicles. So...

If a company goes out of their way to make their religious affiliation known via the use of emblems or flat-out declarations in their advertising, are you more or less likely to use their services?

More likely
Less likely
Doesn't make a difference to me at all

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Which cancelled tv show will you miss the most?

The O.C.
Gilmore Girls
7th Heaven
Veronica Mars
The Class
The Apprentice
The War at Home
King of Queens
George Lopez Show
According to Jim (not quite dead yet, but hasn't been renewed)
Extreme Makeover
Crossing Jordan
Won't miss any of them
Something else you didn't mention

Which movie will be the biggest hit of the year?

Spideman 3
Ocean's 13
Shrek 3
Evan Almighty
Die Hard 4
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Things that are likely to happen to Paris Hilton in prison?

Gets enough experience to write a best-selling tell-all book
Paris finds humility, learns her lesson, and devotes the rest of her life to charity
Gets a tattoo
Gets shivved in the showers
Makes another sex tape. This one's with a prison guard
Becomes the property of a big latina named Desi
Leads a jailbreak
Joins a gang
Finds true love, and gets married
She won't go to prison. At the last minute, it'll be called off
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Siamese Cats

Does anyone know any breeders or catteries within a few hour drive of the Buffalo, NY area.

My fathers birthday is coming up, and all he wants more than anything is a Siamese cat. Only he wants to meet it and have the "cat pick him" first, so we can't do the internet shipping thing. If you have any ideas or suggestions of anything within the area or within a reasonable driving distance in any of the surrounding states (or Canada) please let me know.
Thank you.
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i've been watching one too many bad actions flicks.

Let's give a hypothetical situation.
Somebody keeps coming to your house late at night and causes some sort of disruption. A broken window here and there, some surface damage to your property, anything along those lines. You've no idea who this person actually is so you have to actually catch them red handed. Now let's pretend we live in a world where the police don't exist or aren't around for whatever reason and there are no easy ways out like a security camera. Think really bad teen action movie. You have to figure out a way to entrap this person. How would you go about rigging your yard or your house to:

01. find out when the person is coming/when the person is there, assuming you can't wait outside and don't know the specific time the next planned "attack" is?
02. Trap the person momentarily?

Booby traps, wires, the whole nine yards. What would you do?
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Do any of you take any herbal tablets for depression? I have been on anti depressants for a while and I don't feel they are working. A while ago I tried Ginko Bilboa but I was taking it along with my Cipramil. I felt a great difference but I don't know if that was because of the cipramil as well. I want to come off the prescription pills and try something herbal.

So, have you tried any herbal remedies and could you recommend any?

what's wrong with yahoo?

Does anyone else have a problem with yahoo mail right now? It's hugely slow, and it's like the page doesn't load properly. The page is all very simplistic blue links, the buttons are all wonky, I can't delete messages, and it literally takes 5 minutes to load each new page. It's been doing this for two days now. Anyone know why it's happening, or if I can fix it?
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Hey TQC;

I have a close friend who suffers from really bad migraines. These migraines are so bad that they can be a week long, causing her to be hospitalized.

I know she takes a bunch of fairly serious medicines for this, but apparently she’s built up a resistance and now they aren't effective anymore.

Throwing this out to the question club, are there any solutions you could recommend?


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today i had the choice between a $2.95 vhs copy of Happy Gilmore and a $2.95 vhs of two episodes of The Monkees. i bought The Monkees. did i make the right choice? i'm still torn.
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working at a portrait studio

I'm 18 and looking for a summer job. I know that Sears Portrait Studio and the JC Penney portrait studio, two local photo studios in my area, are hiring photographers. They said they'll train, but I already have a lot of portraiture experience (mostly 35mm and darkroom printing, but I assume these two are digital-based). It sounded like either one would be a great job for me, since I love photography and thought it would be awesome to actually get paid for it, until a friend who worked at Picture People (as a photographer) strongly discouraged it. Does anyone have experience at places like these? What are your opinions?

Also, the Sears app asks how much I think I should be paid, and I've got no clue. What would you suggest?


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My friend wants to go see Reign Over Me tonight. It looks like a really good movie (and its playing at the Dollar Theater!), but I've been having a bad day and I feel like the movie will depress me.

So, has anyone seen Reign Over Me?
Was it sad/depressing?
Did it make you cry?
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So, TCQ, I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less from high school, BUT.

A funny thing has been happening lately. You see, there is a boy who has a grudge against my best friend, Nick, and I. He comes up with utterly creative things such as, "You know, my mom says you're obsessed with Nick." I simply say, "I don't care about your mom. What's your point?" Then he attempted to spread rumors. He came up to me after telling everyone some inane story and said, "See, this is what you two get for crossing me." I simply laughed in his face and pointed out that the people he told weren't my friends and I didn't want them to be, so who cared if they thought I was a whore? He said he hated me. I said I was glad I was causing him emotional distress.

It's all a source of teh lulz for my friends and I, but it's making me think. What are some rather immature things that happened to you in high school?


Has anyone ever called the cops on you?  (Include the reason and details please!)

Last night was the first time (please be the last...) that someone has!  I was being a cliche teenager making out with my boyfriend in his car and there was a bright light.  I thought it was a car driving by until it was right against the window.  Apparently someone walking their dog thought we were planning to rob the neighborhood!  The police just told us to leave.  My bf and I can't stop laughing now!  It pretty much made my week. 
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You're suddenly a celebrity!

Imagine you are famous...

1) What questions/topics would you ban journalists from asking?
2) What kind of clothing line would you create? (because we know all celebrities do this eventually)
3) What kind of fragrance would you create? (same goes for this as well)
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1. Were you the sort of kid that would get hurt and not tell your parents/legal guardian?
Certainly was!

2. What sort of injuries did you sustain and refrain from telling?
I once sliced my thumb open, wrapped it up, plucked a doll sock over it, and told my mom my thumb was cold. I also fell while running to the bus when I was around 8, and spent all day trying to hold my jacket over my scraped knee, and it took my mom a few days to notice the gravel bits lodged into my palm. My cousin sliced her foot open on my cousin's treadmill and didn't tell my aunt about it, until she noticed it was red and supremely swollen. Turns out she got cellulitis and nearly had to have the foot amputated.

3. I'm going to the birthday party of my boyfriend's cousin tonight, who I only met once. I should bring a card, right?
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Just wondering...

I've been hearing everywhere about that missing British girl named "Maddie", while it is sad it also makes me wonder why not every missing child gets the same attention. Celebrities have even donated tons of money for her safe return. Any thoughts on this?

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1) I keep getting a weird sweet taste in my mouth lately that I know didn't used to be there. Could this be the sign of something bad?

2) If you were talking to someone online/on the phone that you didn't know and they asked "Is that you, [insert name here that's not yours]?" what would you do? Would you say yes and talk to them as if you were that person?

3) I drink about a gallon and half of iced tea a day. Is this a normal enough amount of fluids to be drinking? 

4) When you were in high school, did people ever get convinced that you 'liked' someone you didn't?
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1. What's the most embarrassing thing you've seen your mom and/or dad do?
hearing my mom try to talk ghetto pretty much tops the cake.

2. Would you rather ride a rollercoaster, a horse or a cowboy?

3.  When was the last time you got freaked out?
last sunday, i was thinking of writing God a letter, just as a way of letting things out. the next morning, i check my phone and there's a text from my sister saying 'i had a dream that i went through your bag and found a letter you wrote to Jesus.' when i told her my thought from the night before, we both freaked out.

4. What is something you're too chicken to do? (And no amount of persuasion will change your mind.)

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For those who love the 1980 film Airplane:

What is/are your favorite(s) scene(s)?

The scene where Elaine was blowing up deflated Otto while the doctor(Leslie Nielsen's character) walks in and thinks she's performing oral sex on Otto.

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What are some of your favorite topics that the Catholic church has a patron saint for?

Do you think the Pope knows which saint(s) apply to every single one of these things?

How old were you when you moved out of your parents' house? DORM ROOMS/BOARDING SCHOOLS/ETC DO NOT COUNT. I'm talking about like permanent moving out. Not just living elsewhere while in school.

*I don't know a shitton about Catholicism but so forgive me if some of these saints/topics are considered completely outdated or something. I just find this very interesting :)

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This is going to seem an odd, silly question; But how do you dance without looking like an idiot?

My friends always want me to go out with them, but the lot of them are bloody dancers, and the height of my ability is nodding with the rythym.

Also, what places in the world would you like to see before you die?
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Are there any GOOD dog and cat foods that can be found in grocery stores?

What is your favorite kind of sushi? (it can be raw, cooked, etc. whatever)

For those of you who LIKE image macros: are there any kinds (besides the obviously shitty ones) that you are offended by?

Are you hot or cold?

(no subject)

NOT inspired by any other question I have ever seen:
Have you ever spent any money that wasn't "American"? name it!

Didn't it feel weird?
Did you think it was like monopoly money?

Do you like gladiator movies?

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Is there a script or a search engine that could help me find a locked community post I wrote or show me all the posts I made in a certain community?

I was going through old journal entries and I found the text to a post that I saved to my journal before posting it in a community. I added stuff to it and posted it somewhere, I can't recall which community I posted it in. The community version has pictures in it that I'd like to get a copy of again.

Is it possible or am I going to have to just go through all of those entries to find it?

Prison penpal?

My ex-husband's brother was recently sent to the state pen.  I have always liked him, he was pretty cool and all, but I detest what he went to jail for (molesting his girlfriend's daughter, that he has been a dad to for many years).

Now, I want to punch him in the face the next time I see him.  However, I do feel somewhat sorry for the guy being locked up and away from decent company. That doesn't excuse what he did! 

No one else in the world is going to write to him, probably.  Should I?  At the very least, it would give him some hope of maintaining contact with his family, since I still talk to my ex.

Or should I just let him rot?  I am embarrassed to say that having a "prison penpal" would be kind of cool.  I have no life at all, so writing to him would give me something to do, and I am sure that he would like to receive letters, who doesn't like getting personal mail?

I am torn between disgust and sympathy.  He didn't even fight the charges.  I loved that girl like a niece, although I haven't seen them in a good while.  Also, I need to add that they have a 6 year old boy together.

Should I write to him and see if he would like to write back?

Edit:  I wouldn't write to just anyone in prison, I don't want a pen pal that bad!  It would be him or nothing. He was my brother in law, so we were family for a while.

Edit #2: What if it was a member of your family? A cousin or something? It is not like I am thinking about picking some random felon to write to.

Edit 3: Thanks guys, you have given me some things to think about.

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1. What kind of mood are you in and what helped put you in it?
2. Do you recognize the dork in my icon?
3. Are you more of a geek, a nerd, or a dork?

*I'm in a terrific mood. Mostly because the Spurs knocked the Suns out of the running last night. Yeehaw!
Other: Simba.
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1) You're in the supermarket and it's packed. You're buying one thing. They announce through they microphone system they're opening a new checkout. When they do you get in to that line and there's two people with half full shopping trolleys in front of you.
Suddenly out of nowhere a little girl of about 7 comes and stands in front of you. You don't think anything of it at first because you think she must belong to the man in front of her. He ignores her and she ignores him so you think she must be lost.

Then two checkouts further a woman calls to someone in the checkout next to you saying that she is in front of her. The woman in the checkout next to you says that she's not in the line she standing in. She going to move to the line next to her (so the line you're in) and she already put her daughter in the line. Then she moves and pushes her way in front of you where her daughter was standing. Oh, and her shopping trolley was completely full.

What would you do in this situation, thequestionclub?

I didn't do anything. I was in two minds of pushing the girl out of the way but it obviously wasn't her fault her mother's a stupid rude idiot. Then I thought of telling her not to use her kids to push her way through but it would've only ended up in argument. I did give her a few evil glares but I don't think she realised why I was giving them.

2) How old is your puppy?
My puppy turned 10 today.

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Why have I recieved no word from my girlfriend in the military (basic training) in the past month? She was writing me a couple letters a week. I haven't heard from her since a phone call I got a month ago. I haven't even recieved the letters that had already been sent at that point (she said she had written six, i had recieved three).



Tomorrow is my wedding anniversory we are celebrating our 3rd year as a married couple.
What should we do on Monday to celebrate??
He has to work tomorrow so we cant do anything.
We have a baby sitter all set up so we can go out in the eve and have a blast.
Any ideas?
What should I get him as a gift?
No need to be serious if you dont want to, laughing is the best.

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How do I ask my friend if I'm invited to his wedding reception?

I've been friends with him for 2 years, but haven't seen or talked to him much the last 5 months. Every time I talk to him, I ask him how the wedding stuff is going. Thats my way of bringing up the topic in hopes that he'll say something like "oh, can I have your address so that I can send you an invitation?"

I know the date of the wedding, he's already told me the location and that it's open bar... the only thing left is for him to give me an actual invitation! He's getting married in September, so it's coming up fairly soon.

EDIT: Apparently wedding invitations go out 6-8 weeks before the date. I went to a wedding last year in July, and we got invitations in like March... I thought it was all that way!


If you had a fair amount of cash (more than $50, less than $100) that you didn't want to put into the bank, where in your house would be a good place to stash it, assuming that you didn't have a safe or anything else that locks?


Should I even bother to watch Saturday Night Live tonight?

Did you see Molly Shannon last week on SNL? Didn’t she look great?

ETA. I see Zack Braff is on Scrubs. Never seen it. Is he funny?

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If you were on speaking terms with an ex, (you spoke to them regular on msn)and one day they sent you the lyrics below, what would you think of it?

Basically, this just happened to me and my head is spinning too fast to think straight.

"It does not bother me to say this isn't love
Because if you don't want to talk about it then it isn't love
And I guess I'm going to have to live with that
But I'm sure there's something in a shade of grey
Or something in between
And I can always change my name
If that's what you mean "

ETA - And so two can play his game, any lyrics you can think of that I could use in return? (I want him back) And yes I very easily could just tell him how I feel..but I don't want to =)

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Can someone help me figure out what this movie is? I THINK I saw it on tv recently, and maybe I only saw the last fourth of it, but I want to make sure that I just didn't dream it.

The main character was male, white. I think there was a woman with him, and they were searching for a treasure. Near the end, they go into a temple, (I think the entrance is a tree, or a cave, or something in nature, maybe), and find treasure. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of gold, but the BIG treasure, I think, was a book. Just as the main guy discovers it, someone comes in and hits him and takes the book. I think this someone was a traitor, meaning he was pretending to be on the good guy's side, but only to find the treasure.

So, the bad guy takes the book, tells his guys to shoot the others, and goes into what I assume is the main room of the temple, and starts reading from it, maybe to attain some...powers of sort. I think at some point the bad guys trap the good guys in a room or something? However, the good guys do stop the bad guys, and they leave the temple, but get rid of the map or whatever, so no one can find the temple with the book anymore. Something like that.

THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Does anyone know what I am talking about? AT ALL?

EDIT: It is definitely NOT The Mummy.

EDIT 2: GUYS it's The Librarian. Thanks so much! I feel so much better now. Thank you thank you thank you.
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two different questions

1. can you recommend any sad movies? not sappy like city of angels, but sad like wings of desire (see my icon). i find it hard to believe those are supposed to be the same story.

2. have you ever seen a ufo? will you tell your story if you have?

as always, thanks in advance.

For those of you who crochet

What's a good book for a total n00b? As in, I just started yesterday and can barely manage a starting chain. I'm in need of something with good diagrams, specifically, as I've been spending a lot of time reading stuff that sounds like "So you put the thingy with the thing, and then you whatchamacallit the thingamabob..."

I know my best bet is to try a few books at once and figure what one explains confusingly another might do well, etc, but if you have any suggestions as to where I can start, I'd appreciate it.