May 18th, 2007

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Women, do you know "yes, I'm ready/want to have sex with this particular person at this particular time" before you're in the situation where it happens?

Men, do you know that before you're in that situation?

Please specify gender when answering.

EDIT: How many people have you had sex with? (Interpret sex however you please)

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Did you watch the Grey's Anatomy season finale?

I'm looking for the multitude of quotes from the transcript, I've looked everywhere and cannot find anything. ): Especially Burke's wedding vows.

warning: might be spoilers in the comments.

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Another question for the ladies...

Your SO buys you a marquise diamond solitaire ring for your birthday just like this one...

Its a nice ring, but its not really your style... It just doesn't fit your taste.

So, what do you do?
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1. Does your first name go well with your last name? (if you feel comfortable enough, do include it!)
2. What color do you look best in?
3. Are you excited for the Hairspray movie? (I can barely wait anymore)
4. Where did you and your s.o share your first kiss? Cute stories are a plus.
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Newark - JFK

I've tried Googling this but I can't find the information I need.

1. Is there a way to get between Newark Liberty and JFK airports with less than two transfers?
1*. How long would it take?
2. Approximately how much would a taxi between the two airports cost?
2*. How long would it take?

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Do you feel safe where you live?

If you live in a high-crime area, how do you feel about that?

I'm asking because my city (Philadelphia) is steadily on track to becoming the most violent city in the US. In fact, a story about it made CNN's frontpage this morning. Despite all this, I still feel quite safe in my neighborhood. A couple blocks North or East is another story, but as far as things go I feel safe here. I've lived here my entire life.
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Random shit

1. What userpic of mine should I use as my default?

2. If you have an Isaac's Restaurant and Deli in your area, what is your favorite thing to get there? And do you love their pickles?!

3. Do you have any of those "lucky bamboo" plants that they sell in mall kiosks?

4. Are you aware that they're actually not bamboo, but a dracaena?

5. Last movie you watched?

1. Tell me, pleasums.
2. Gooney Bird. And holy shit, yes!
3. Yes.
4. Yes, but I still call him Mr. Bamboo.
5. Bad Taste.

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You have been found guilty. Your sentence is....DEATH! What manner of execution would you prefer?

Lethal injection
Electric chair
Gas chamber
Firing squad
Public stoning (the Taliban way, not the Cheech and Chong way)
Wicker man
Armed with only wax and strips, you are forced to wax the first grizzley bear you find at a bear preservation park
Death by...Snu-Snu! (bonus points if you recognize this reference)

If that was your car in the rubber band destruction video above, how would you react if you found your car in that state the next day?

I'd cry
Lucky for me my insurance covers office supply assaults!
I'd get my tire iron, for someone's going to die today
"Those darn acts of God really bite you in the ass, don't they? This is obviously karma for that time I cut in line back in 3rd grade. My debt to society has been paid now. Thank you"
Confused. Normally, having rubbers in your glove compartment is a good thing....

Seeing the damage those rubber bands can do, it's obvious that Office Depot is a DIY arsenal, full of possible dangerous weaponry. What will you use to destroy your enemies?

Armor covered in index cards. Paper-cut hugs shall be your downfall
Javelin made from 5,000 paper clips
Superglue all their orifices shut
Staples, dipped in noxious industrial cleaner, fired as projectile. Better hope it doesn't break the skin
Hundreds of 3-ring binders lay open on the floor, like a field of snarky mousetraps
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1. Why do the majority of African Americans NOT tip?
2. How much do you tip at a resturant?
3. What are some factors, if any, that will have you increase the amount of the tip and what would make you tip less than usual or, worse yet, not tip at all?

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Just got an impacted wisdom tooth removed... lower left... lots of pain and misery...

I'm very swollen and wanted to ask... What are the best things I can do to minimize the swelling? How long does it usually last?

American Office last night

I'm genuinely sorry if this has been asked already, but I'm running to work and I don't have time to scroll back and see...

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We were laughing too loud to hear what he said.... Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry again, guys, but this time for the spoiler. I fucking hate when people ruin things for me and then I went and did it to you. :(
I'm apparently an assface before I drink my coffee in the morning.
HP love

A few that came to me today...

1. Do you prefer to use the word gift or present (when they're synonymous, of course)?
2. Do you have a second (or further) language?
3. If so, what is it?
4. Does it make any more sense than English?

5. I just watched Butterfly Effect 2. For those who've seen it, your thoughts? Please avoid spoiling what little plot there was.

I totally posted this in my own journal then went to bed last night

What's the worst place you have ever lived?

I lived in a hotel room with three other girls for two months while our apartment was being built. I slept in a queen size bed with one of my roommates but I didn't quite have it as bad as my roommate that slept on the padded window sill above the air conditioner. We didn't have a home cooked meal for two months. We had a mini fridge and a sink. (And this was not even a hotel with a pool. Crappy!)

Semi-soft-solid Warm Food

My boyfriend had his wisdom teeth out about a week ago.  He can't have seeds, nuts, chips, popcorn or anything hard that might get stuck in the gums for a month.  He can eat semi-soft food like mashed potatoes, french fries, baked beans, noodles, cheese sandwiches.  He's getting pretty bored with the variety and selection.  He wants real food.  We're stumped for ideas of real food that he can manage eating, so . . . . .

Can anyone suggest any good tasting foods that he might be able to eat that I can make for him?
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1) what was the name of the person you lost your virginity to?

2) Cassandra. do you pronounce it as 'casSONdra' OR 'casSANdra'?

3) what's a restaurant in your city that you recommend? bonus points if you can link me to their specialty OR website. (name, place, what they specialize in) there's plenty here but i'll go with Cheeseburger in Paradise, they specialize in....... BURGERS! they're located in Oklahoma City, OK. nah, i changed my mind.. we're having lunch here today, and it's one of the best restaurants around my way.


Does it annoy you when someone drives your car and moves your seat/mirrors?

Does it annoy you more if they don't even attempt to move it back to your settings?

Does it matter if it is a short distance/time that they've driven it?

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young folks

moving question

I'm moving again soon. You know when you apply for an apartment and they need to see paycheck stubs to make sure you make the minimum requirement.... well I'm currently self-employed and don't receive pay stubs but make decent money.
what do they do for people who are self-employed? How do you prove you make the minimum?
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What is your favorite kind of pasta shape?

What is your favorite energy drink?

Do you wear hats? What type? How often?

Do ever use coupons (for anything, not just groceries)?

What are the predominant convenience stores in your area?

EDIT: By convenience stores, I mean a place where you can get gas, cigarettes, sodas, little snacks, etc.
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when was the last time you got in a fight with one of your siblings? what was the fight over? did anybody win?

it was with my older sister. she thinks i'm a failure and that i'm purposely trying to fail. sooo, she broke my door and stood in front of it proclaiming if i left she'd knock me out. i walked out, we brawled in the hallway. i got thrown against a bookcase. i don't really know where i punched her, but i did! i now have a giant bruise on my under-arm. i don't think either of us won. i don't really care who did, i just think her reasons were bullshiat.

what's something that sounds like a good idea, but you probably shouldn't do it?
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Tacky nails

For my birthday last week, part of my gift was getting some manicure.
So my friends insisted I get acryllic french tips, which were kinda cute at first but I now think they are kind of tacky and screams high school prom night.

Like this:

It's been a week-how do I get them off???

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Okay, so we have the Mrs. Robinsons (sexy older ladies), and we have the silver foxes (sexy older men).

We then have the cougars, the trashy older ladies, so what is the trashy older male equivalent?

And, is there a better term for sexy older lady aside from Mrs. Robinson? Especially since that seems to imply she must be married (or in looser definition, a widow).

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I LOVE reading memoirs and I am about to start one called Comeback by Claire & Mia Fontaine.

What other memoirs do you recommend that others read?

(I recommend Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt)

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I have had a best friend for 10 years. We’ve gone to college, had other friends, been through good times and bad. Recently my sister and I have been hanging out with a new friend we’ve meet out dancing. She lives close to us and we hang out a lot. Our other friend seems to be annoyed by this and fearful that this other person is going to take us away from her. Which is extremely immature thinking for her age. She is jealous and snappy towards this person and has told me outright that she does not like her. The tension between the two is driving me crazy, I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?



Can someone tell me what happened on Grey's Anatomy last night? I downloaded it because I work 2nd shift and halfway through the audio goes out. The point where I was left off after Izzie was talking to George in the locker room where she starts telling him the truth. Thanks!!
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TQC Talk Show

Suppose that LJ became a cable network. TQC gets an hour time slot to do a talk show.
Would it be like Oprah/the View or Jerry/Maury?
Who would be the host?

And you get to produce a show! So tell me, what's your show about? Details!
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Oh my, how scandalous.

Tattoo questions! No, I don't want anyone to design one for me. Blech. I've wanted a tattoo since I was 12 years old (HAHAHA) and now, half a life later, I'm going to actually get one. I'm so nervous, hah! D: So, to stop me from freaking out and waiting another decade+ to do this, I come bearing my queries. :P Some/none of these may actually influence me, but whatever.

1- Where are the most and least (generally) painful places to get a tattoo?
2- Would you ever get a tattoo that purposely made fun of yourself? (To clarify, it'd still mean something to me. I just have a horrible sense of humour and hate myself to a limit. ;P Light-hearted poking fun.)
3- Worst tattoo you've ever seen? Picture or details!
4- Any random tips for a tattoo virgin?
5- Why DO people hate tribal tattoos so much? (No, I'm not getting one, just a related to everything else kinda question.)

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1)Have you ever ridden in an amublance? If yes, for what reason?
2)If you use perfume or cologne or some kind of body spray, where do you spray it/how do you apply it?
3)Would you classify 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later as zombie movies?
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Does anyone know how to make a file list show up when you type in a certain directory in your web browser?


I used to be able to type in my website and then a folder, like

and it would list all the files in that folder. Now I can't. My google skillz must be full of fail today cuz I'm getting nowhere.

I got a bunch of sites telling me how to change the settings in my .htaccess file, but it didn't work.

Can anyone help me?

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Have you ever gotten in trouble//caused a good amount of drama in TQC?
What happened?
Do you do it all the time or was it just once?
Are you afraid (not afraid, but you just don't want to start some drama with them) of anyone in TQC?

Oh, and how tall are you?

1. No, not really.
4. bellasmommy. I'm not as afraid as I used to be, but she yelled at me once! But, she's been real nice to me since then, so it's okay!
mona marx

very selfish question

i havn't been on TQC latley and i miss it very much... but here is why (and my questions):

1. anyone else in the world still have dial-up but me?

2. how do you deal with dial-up? do you just wait 20 minutes for pictures to load, and not watch videos online? or is there some tricks i don't know about? it's killing me, it really is.

3. any suggestions for viewing LJ while on dial-up?

make me feel not so alone! :-D
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Does anyone here buy/eat the ready-made, frozen packets of Bubble and Squeak?

The idea always seems more than a bit unsettling for me, since the whole concept of Bubble and Squeak is that it's meant to be made of 'leftovers'.
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E.T. ?'s

1) When's the last time you used a pay phone and who'd you call?

2) Did you ever used to make collect calls, except when they asked what your name was you'd say something like "Momcomepickmeupfromschool," "Bobwehadababyit'saboy," or some other message?

3) Have you ever called one of those 900/976 numbers?


What is more important, a pretty face or a hot body?

Do you eat tuna?
Does the mercury in it scare you?
Do you eat tuna at work even though it smells weird?
Would you pour tuna juice all over your roommate's sheets?

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hypothetical situation based upon (unfortunately) a very true one.

you are a young woman, working at a bookstore.  you are assisting a middle-aged, white male customer. while helping him, he asks "are you expecting?" (as in, are you pregnant)

you are NOT pregnant.

how would you respond? what would you say? keep in mind, your co-worker is nearby and saying "yes I am" might mean that she would hear and then tell everyone else because gossip travels FAST. would you say yes so the customer doesn't feel like a jerk? or would you get offended and upset and say no?

... what should I do to prevent it from happening again? get a new wardrobe? starve myself so I don't look fat? [joking!] :(

actually, if this has happened to any of you, feel free to tell me what you did at the time.
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1. How much does a ride in an ambulance (for and emergency, not joyriding :D ) cost where you come from? Is it covered if you have insurance?

2. Do you have medical insurance or do you have great public health care?

3. Have you ever had to call 999 or 911 or 000 or the emergency number in your country? Why? What happened?

I fell the other week in a shopping center in Hong Kong. Gashed my knee open. The mall admin called the EMTs and I was taken to Prince of Wales hospital via ambulance. 6 stitches and 3 types of pain meds later, I am sent home. The shopping center sent one of their customer service people to stay with me at the hospital all afternoon and paid for me to go home in a taxi. I was shocked that the girl stayed with me all day. Maybe they thought I would sue them...

Yesterday, I went back to the hospital to pay my bill. When the accident happened, I did not have my HK ID Card, so I would have been charged as a non-resident, which would be more money. I took my ID card, my hospital papers and information to the accounts people. He scans it all, makes a couple of copies and charges me $100 HK. I asked a friend if I should be waiting for a bill from the Ambulance and she said it's all covered by your hospital fee!!!

$100HK = $12.75 USD = $14 CDN = $15.80 AUD = 6.50 Quid = 1550 Yen = 9.50 Euro...oh I could do this all day....Sorry if I missed your country.

$100 HK!!! That's it. Nothing more. I love this place. Don't love that I have 6 stitches and will have a nasty angry scar on my knee, but I do love their public health system.
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How do you guys keep your feet from smelling terrible in those little flat running shoes that you can't wear socks with? Whenever I wear shoes without socks for any length of time.. peee yew!!

I'm referring to the ones that look like this;

amack: glowing

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This has happened before, so I know it's some kind of protective measure. I'm trying to get a screencap from a video in a DivX player, and when I print screen, all I get is a big black space where the image appears in the player. Anyone know how to get around this?


I know this sounds like a stupid question....seems the whole world is sensitive about these two issues. I must have missed the train here. But, 

1. Why is everyone so offended and/or ashamed of getting "old". Why is age this horrific thing? I don't mean to sound bad, but I really just don't understand why it's so awful - but it seems to be a universal outcry - WOE IS ME, I'M GETTING OLD!

2. This second one is more understandable but still I don't understand the shock and anger towards it. This was inspired by the question about "expecting" - and I saw that a majority of responders were all "How rude! He should be ashamed, etc etc." I mean, some people have tact, some don't; mistakes happen. I suppose if someone said that to me and I wasn't expecting, it really wouldn't bother me, I'd just laugh it off and make conversation with them if they were interesting.

SO, as pointed out by a darling TQC'er, I never actually asked a question here. :P My soap box missed the question mark - well put. So my question is why is it so atrociously rude for someone to mistakenly ask when a woman she is due? I GET why it is not a great thing - but to take such offense...I dunno, there are much worse things in the world is all. Um...seems I can't help my soap box here, lol.

hello lion-o


I was at the bar the other night, and saw a girl with tons of tattoos (covering her entire back as well as both arms to about half sleeves.. as well as a few on her chest) I have no problem with the amount of tattoos... but she looked like she went into a tattoo shop, opened the flash book, and said "I want one of everything!"

Maybe I am completely off base, but isn't it kind of pointless to spent the time/money to get a bunch of tattoos if they're just going to be a pile of generic flash?

eta: I just wanna add that I am not saying that flash tattoo art can't have meaning... I just think there is a time and a place for it. It's hard for me to believe that this girl's tattoos were thought out and had meaning to her because they were extremely generic, and the entire lot had no cohesiveness to it what so ever. I would expect there to be an overall neatness/planning to them if she had thought things out and each piece meant something to her.. but maybe I am expecting too much and this is why I don't have any tattoos yet, because I am too picky. lol

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I'm posting this for a friend.

Hey everyone. I'm putting together a cookbook of recipies invented while high. Seriously. There is no better time to be in the kitchen than when you are stoned.

Surely you all have come up with crazy concoctions to cure the munchies. What's your favorite ones?

Some of my personal favorites include Bacon + Ice Cream and the ever popular Nacho Cheese + Cosmic Brownies. It may sound gross, but it is FABULOUS. *_*

So, what of it? Got any more for me to try out and add to my collection?

SOOOOOOOOOOOO anyone have any crazy recipes that you made while under the influence or completely sober that are bizarre combinations and amazingly delicious????????


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As I have 3 weeks left of grade 12, graduation, prom and university quickly approaching. I have already been accepted into the business program at UPEI and I am quite excited, but I have a few questions!

1) What did you find was the biggest change going from highschool to university? Any tips?

2) After prom the majority of my school will be going to large house parties and getting incredibly wasted...not my kind of thing. I am wondering if anyone has some creative suggestions for what to do after prom with a smaller group of friends? Please note that I live in a small town...a small island actually, where everything outside of town is beaches, potatoe fields and forests.

3) List 10 things you want to do this summer!


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What do you think of people who ask the question "What should I get my SO for their birthday" in TCQ?

I always want to strangle them and say "Someone who listens enough to what they like so they don't have to ask the internet"
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So someone thought it'd be an OMFGAWESOME idea to delete my other LJ, my 'selling one' with over 100+ feedback. I finally got their IP address.

Is there any way to find out WHO it is?
A state? Anything??

Is revenge sweet?
What is the best revenge you've ever gotten on anyone?

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What's the correct way to pronounce 'Maryland'? As it looks, or something more like 'Marilyn'? How do you reckon a limey girl should say it?

(I had a nasty experience with 'Connecticut' when I was about 10 years old. :)

Icons & Other

1. What do people say or assume about you based on your icon(s)?
2. Have people ever assumed anything about you based on communities that you're a member of?
3. Do you like or dislike cross over of readership into your journal from community patrons?
4. What do you think 'gross generalization' means? Please don't look up before answering.
5. What's your biggest lj pet peeve?

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1. You were on a flight to the Bahamas for a vacation after a long year of hard work at your job. Bad news. GIANT lighting bolt strikes your plane, and you're goin' down. You land on a deserted island. Alone. You can only choose three of the following items to have with you:
a. iPOD/MP3 with everlasting batteries and about 6863 songs.
b. Your s/o.
c. A family member who was on the flight.
d. A year's supply of really good books.
e. A kitten ^_^

2. Views on abortion?

I would never be able to get an abortion, although I do think women should have the choice.

Also, I would have chosen the kitten.
young folks

Are you what you eat?

1.What's your ethic background?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. If your favorite food is not from your ethic group what is your favorite from it?

1.I'm el salvadorian,mexican
2.But my favorite food is sushi
3.Burritos with enchilada sauce, not enchiladas.

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Assuming that you would by gas for as long as you could afford to buy gas. How expensive could gas get before you actually just couldn't afford to drive anymore? (with your current driving habits)

(no subject)

Inspired by this question:

Hypothetical situation; let's pretend that you have an SO and you live together and both work. You can factor other things into the equation of how your life is right now: kids, school, whatever. The only part that needs to be assumed is you and your hypothetical SO live together and both work (which might already be the case for you!).

If this said SO randomly told you one day that you could stop working if you wanted to because he or she could support you, would you do it? (not that they WANT you to stop working to fulfill their housewife stereotype or something...they are just providing a new option for you).

What would influence your decision?

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Bad Dreams

You just woke up from your worst nightmare, what was it?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And totally unrelated, my roommate owes me $900 due today, what should I do to him if he doesn't pony up the cash?

(note: serious answers not needed to this onw, and clips of the Stewie-Brian scene from Family Guy more then welcome.)
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My boyfriend and I are going to NYC tomorrow. He wants to go to the WTC site, and some flea markets. Anyone have any other ideas as to what we can do/see while we're there? Anything is cool, even if it's hokey and touristy.
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What should I do?

Pluck out my eyeball?

Hunt down the girl thats getting transferred to Iraq tomorrow and hump her leg?

Play dodgeball in the minefields?

NOW I know why this is called the GRAVEYARD SHIFT...and before you ask:


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I lost my last digital camera and I realllyyy want to get a new one.
What are some amazing cameras that aren't TOO expensive?
Like 200-300 dollar range please!

I live in Central Florida. More specifically Apopka. :|
What are some thrift/vintage stores in the Central Florida area? I'm pretty much willing to travel anywhere. I've been to Winter Park and various Orlando shops but I haven't found one that's good. I don't want cheap Goowills like they have here in the good ol' APK. I'd like to find a store that has cute stuff that's reasonably priced.

Thanks. :]

Another tattoo post!

I know we have already had some tattoo posts today, but it is not my fault that they made me think of my question, is it?

Anyway, I already know exactly what I want, but I need help with some minor details.

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1. Anyone watching Human Giant: 24 on MTV or spending any time there during the taping?
I'm watching it at mylittleburden's suggestion, and she's there.

2. If so, are you going to submit a picture of yourself watching the show or yelling at a sub sandwich?
I've a picture of myself yelling at a sandwich. I may send it. *shrug*
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(no subject)

1. Can you think of any movies in which a man gets a makeover? So far I can only come up with Hitch, if you want to count that, where Kevin James learns to dance and dress, etc.

2. TL;DR, but here we go: This summer I'll be volunteering at a summer camp for teenagers, where we do 2 hour workshops with things like poetry or improv games or art or whatever... I plan to do one on film, where we can just shoot a short little video together and later I'll edit it into something coherent in time for the talent show. But I know that collectively coming up with a plot can eat up a lot of our time if we only have 2 hours to write and shoot the whole thing! So I'm thinking of coming with some pre-prepared but like open-ended ideas to help the campers come up with their own stories, something that gives us some structure to work with but doesn't make them feel like I'm bossing it all around, you know? So, do you have any ideas or recommendations as to how to run the workshop, how to bring suggestions/ideas/structure/whatever? Also it doesn't have to be narrative film-- we could do a 4 minute documentary or music video or anything...

3. If you could become a recurring character on any television show-- the character, not the actor portraying it-- which would you pick?
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1. I have a "party" after school on monday. basically a club i am involved in is having its last meeting. what should i bring for food? (ideally not terribly messy and doesn't need to be refrigerated)

2.What do you do to relax?

3.If you like poetry: Who are some of your favorite poets? How bout some of your favorite poems?
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College peeps

I'm currently in the middle of choosing classes for next year (I'm a rising sophomore), and I'm using a combination of what classes actually fit my schedule, what actually interests me, and looking up professor reviews online. I only started doing this a few months ago, and I have been avoiding those teachers who people have unanimously said are "killer." Is this a smart thing to do? Am I missing out on potential interesting classes because I just don't want a bad professor?

How do YOU choose your classes?
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A Fantastic Product if Ever There Was One

To Vista users, what do you think of the OS? What feature(s) do you most like/dislike?

I just love it when, after I uninstall the 3 gig MICROSOFT game - which I just bought - because I couldn't get past the first 20 minutes of game play, it seems as though I don't actually get the 3 gigs of hard disk space back. As with the many other programs I've installed which don't work and don't have any support for the OS. It's really awesome, and I'm totally looking forward to yet more hours wasted on Vista support forums trying to find solutions.
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Thanksgiving is months away, but WHO CARES!

Who/what are you thankful for today? :)

Me: I'm so thankful for everyone who answered my tattoo post. I've been scared to get one forever, but always wanted one... I think I have the courage now. :) I just need to figure out the design (well, finish it up), location, and where I'm gonna get it done.

I love you guys! ;*
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Does anyone not have an old, childhood friend?

I feel like there is something wrong with me because I don't have any close, childhood friends. I had friends in elementary school, but often went from friend to friend and it has never lasted like from kindergarten to now. Since I started high school in a new town, I haven't talked to anyone I knew from elementary school to middle school. 

Since freshman year of high school, I got into a group. But since the end of junior year to senior year, I've drifted away from the group because people in this group are so cliquey. I have random friends around school and don't consider myself as part of my high school group anymore. I like to see my random friends more than my "immediate" group, but I don't think we will really last that long after I leave high school, which is in less than a month. 

(Actually, I started 8th grade in a new middle school and got into a group, but I drifted away from that group into a new one in high school. And now I'm drifting away from the most current group, also)

I feel like I'm unable to keep long-term friendships. That I always seem to drift away from people from getting really idealistic of people. Any honest criticism, words of encouragement, or anything is welcomed. I'm starting to lose hope that I will ever form long-lasting friendships.
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Just because I'm really bored.

1) Starkist or Bumblebee?
2) Aquafresh, Colgate, or Crest?
3) Jellybeans or Starburst?
4) White, Wheat, Rye, Sourdough, or Multi Grain?
5) Black or White?
6) Chips or fries?
7) Curly fries or shoestring fries?
8) Shoes, sneakers, or flip flops?
9) Tampax or Playtex? 
10) Kotex or Always?

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(no subject)

When you were little, would you find it "weird" that your principal had a daughter in college?

I worked at my dad'd Family Fun Night, running the cake walk.  These little girls (5th grade) stared at me for, it seemed, about 5 minutes after I said "Oh, I'm Mr. Fa---'s daughter" and called me weird D:
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(no subject)

A good friend of mine is out of town until Tuesday. He left me his key to collect his mail and feed his fish. I'm trying to think of a cheap and easily clean-up-able prank to play on him via his apartment. Something like filling his apartment with packing peanuts, but of course that would be way too expensive. Maybe blow up lots of balloons and wait for him to say, "This is me being serious!"

But seriously, TQC, do you have any ideas?

To shave or not to shave (your pubic area): that is the question.

Poll #987538 To shave or not to shave (the pubic area): that is the question.

Check the box if you...

prefer to leave your pubic hair natural
prefer to be completely shaven
prefer to be neatly trimmed
prefer a combination of natural/shaven
prefer a combination of natural/trimmed
prefer a combination of shaven/trimmed

Care to elaborate?

How often do you perform your maintenance routine as described above?

Before planned intimate encounters

Details about your schedule (if you'd like to share):

What is/are your tool(s) of choice? Please be specific!

Any tips you want to share?

View Poll Results
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(no subject)

Do any of you have any genital piercings? If so, what? What have your sexual partners said about their experiences sexxing you up with your genital piercing(s)?

Have any of your sexual partners had genital piercings? If so, what? What was your experience sexxing them up like?

(no subject)

1.)when did u lose your virginity? how old?

2.)best sex position to orgasm?

3.)have you had anal? would you recommmend it?

4.)have you ever found a family members sextoy?

from a drunken horatio and lily

yet again!

Thank you for your great suggestions on this post:

Now, I have decided on a teardrop for Water, a cloud for Air, and a leaf for Earth.

Do you know of any art communities that would be willing to design these for me?

Would YOU be willing to design them?

I want the symbol in black, in front of the representative image.  The tats are small, about an inch square, so can't have TOO much detail.

Where can I go to ask this?
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My mom told me about this supposed 'commonly accepted dating age calculator.' Basically, the formula is (your age/2+7), and the answer you get is the lowest possible age your date/SO should be.

Do you find this to be as ridiculous as I do, or do you think it's a good guideline to follow? Did anybody else know of this thing's existence, or am I the only one who was apparently never in the know?

(no subject)

I love comics, and I would really like to get a couple comic book related t-shirts like these. However, the selection for girls is always pretty slim (and I'm just not that into Supergirl). I'm going to get one of the regular t-shirts, but I would like a way to make it a bit more feminine.

Can you give me some ideas to modify a regular t-shirt to make it more feminine, without cutting into the logos in the middle? Sewing is not a problem.
Fatal Curiosity II

Things I don't get, volume bazillion

This will probably make me seem like an utter idiot, but bear with me. This has been befuddling me since whenever this little fad (and I think fad is the right word here) reached the general populous.

Ok, brace yourself.

What is it about Scientology that people hate so much, anyway?

*Dodges brick* There, I said it.

I know it's the psychiatry thing for a lot of people, but I don't think that faction is large enough to account for the fact that it is basically an internet meme. And isn't just as easy to just... Not be a Scientologist if you want to take medication?

I guess it's also an example of the "no one likes a crazy cult" mentality, but there have been crazier cults that didn't get so much mocking. Lots of religions and religious leaders were corrupt or just loopy, but they basically seem to get ignored.

Ok, so there you have it.

For the record, I'm not a pro-Scientology person. I'm... Neutral, I guess. If you must drag an opinion out of me, I guess just find it somewhat amusing. But I think that about a lot of religious practices.
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Do you find that the questions in here get more random stoopider on the weekends? I fear for all the fucking tqc'ers out there that don't have a life on Friday night because the stoopidity is rampant tonight. Yes, I realize that I am here in this community hey! on a Friday night! myself but I JUST GOT HERE after a night of other stuff and O/M/FUCKING/G.!1!

And here's a random picture of my dinner tonight because that makes me 'edgy'. But wait, let's make this into another inane question -
ummm... let's see...

Oh I know, do you like seafood? Do you like drunken seafood because that would make me more rad and I can be one of the 'cool' tqc'ers.
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Oh and this was pointed out to me and someone just might have a little crush on me :) Oh yeah baby, do me up the ass.
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(no subject)

Yay, first time poster. -Wave-

For the people who might specifically know:

Does anyone know of any worshops/writing groups/classes for unpublished/"unknown" writers in Connecticut? Specifically in like...the Glastonbury/Manchester/Hebron/Salem/general area of those towns. I'd really like to find something that's open to (genre) writers around my age (I'm 21). (Edit: forgot to mention that I'm looking for writing groups off of the 'net to find. I've joined plenty of them online but would really like to find an offline group.)

And for anyone who doesn't know (or does know and feels like answering):

1. Who put the bop in the bop shabop? (SILLY ANSWERS ARE AWESOME!)

2. Are you looking forward to the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie that's coming out, or are you expecting to be disappointed because of things they've screwed up in previous movies?

3. Do you usually end up liking movies that are based on books, or do you end up hating them? Or does it depend on the book(s)?

Edit: Fourth question for those who aren't Harry Potter fans/haven't seen/read the movies/books:

What movies are you looking forward to the most that are coming out this summer/fall/winter?

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(no subject)

Does anyone here sleep COMPLETELY under the covers here? Like, face completely underneath a sheet/blanket and all?

My boyfriend does this, even in the dead of summer with no AC. I don't get it... I can't breathe like that!

Have you ever slept through something that most people would have been woken up by (big earthquake...something...else... I don't know you tell me)?
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What are your favorite kind of apples? Mine are Granny Smith and Gala apples...preferably dipped in some caramel apple dip.

Just got done eating one and though "Hey! Why not ask LJ?"

(no subject)

Brought up by this question, because I'm really curious now:

If you are male, why would a decrease in your seminal fluid bother you enough to not take male birth control (if it were available)? Your orgasm would be unaffected in every other way, for the purposes of this question.

I find it a very interesting how many guys said they wouldn't take it if it meant a reduction in semen, yet how many women put up with far worse side effects to be protected, many things which are far worse than a simple reduction of a bodily fluid.

So a second question:

Ladies, if there were a male birth control pill/patch/what-have-you available, and the only side effect were a decrease in his semen, and he refused to take it, and insisted you go on or stay on birth control where you had a lot more unpleasant side effects, would you be angry/resentful at him?
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exchanging cell phones

Have you ever returned/exchanged a cell phone?

I bought a Samsung M610 yesterday, but I'm feeling a little iffy about it. With Sprint, I have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee to return it or exchange it for another phone. The other phone I was considering was the Sanyo Katana. In addition to the first question I asked...

2. Do you feel bad returning cell phones after a week or two of use if you just don't like it?
3. If any of you own a Sanyo Katana, do you like it? What don't you like about it?
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Full Metal Alchemist, Clerks

ear piercings

I was thinking about getting my ears pierced again. (I only have one hole now)

I wanted to get a Tragus piercing. I have a few questions:

1.) How bad does it hurt? (the obvious first)
2.) How long does it take to heal?
3.) If you had a tragus piercing and took it out, does it leave a visible scar?
4.) Are you aware of any health risks a piercing of this type my cause?

thanks guys!
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(no subject)

Just one question, essentially, but it'd be easier to get the answer if I split it up into three questions. :P

1. Are you a boy or a girl?
2. Are you straight, gay or bi?
3. Would you rather have your SO--current or hypothetical--dump you for a girl or a boy?
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(no subject)

I'm trying to find an old sig script that was really popular about a year ago. It looked sort of like this:

and it was almost completely customizable, you could change colors and fonts, number of recent tracks to show, all that great stuff. It was a script that you downloaded and installed on your own server. Can anyone help? D:


1) Do you have a daily routine? If so, Ever get sick of the same routine?

In a way yes, and I do, it gets boring and I get sick and tired of talking and seeing the same old people...It's the same thing everyday and it just gets boring...(I'm in highschool, so of course you go to the same places everyday at the same time)

2) Do you have any ideas to make things more interesting?

3) How can a person become more outgoing and meet new people?

I know they say go join clubs and try talking to different people, but how?

4) Say that you had a fight with your friend and she said and did some mean things to you, and you're not friends with her anymore. Say that she is also friends with alot of your friends so it can be kinda awkward or hard when all of you want to hang out. Also, it may be hard because this person involved your friends in this brawl and you can't trust alot of your "friends" anymore. This girl and you both agreed that you are aquaintances, but when you hang out with the friends you're both friends with, won't it be a little awkward? Is there a way to just get past this and keep it cool?

As you can tell, I had to deal with bullshit like this. I try to be a nice person and stay away from girl drama. (I hate that immature horse shit anyways) It seemed that this girl and I had it coming because we are so alike and different at the same time. The little stuff she did would annoy me. She said she was "giving me a taste of my own medicine" and etc. I mean who does she think she is? It just annoys me and she hurt me. My mom was there for me through the whole thing and she is pissed. This girl is being a hypocrite. (She said I was bitchy and was trying to give me a "taste of my own medicine". So it caused a whole thing. My TRUE friends said I wasn't bitchy.) I could say more and go on and on, but the bottom line is, the whole thing annoys me and is catty. I hate this high school bull shit. I am sick of it...any advice?

(no subject)

What do you want to do before you die? And how will you achieve it?

I want to see the world. And properly, not just a three day, stay in the resort style holiday. And i'm going to achieve it, even if I end up getting wolf-creeked, by saving up for a year, then getting a plane ticket and jumping onto the first flight available to whatever destination I can get.

Sure, maybe it's suicidal, but you only live once.

(no subject)

on the show "scrubs" do they ever tell you the story about that dead stuffed dog they have (i think his name is rowdy)? i've only started watching it recently, and i've seen a lot of the reruns, but it seems like it was always just there.