May 17th, 2007


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Okay, your significant other is someone whom you love dearly and absolutely adore as a person. You make eachother laugh, you're both laid back and well-suited for eachother.

Now, imagine your SO starts doing some unconventional things to make some cash on the side. I'm not talking drugs or murder or anything excessively illegal, but more like selling hot items to people to make money.

They don't have a prior record, so if they were busted the worst case scenerio for a first offense wouldn't be jail time, but they're seriously jeopardizing their future. They say that they don't want to do this for the long-term, but just for a few months.

Do you stay? Why/why not?

yet another one

For those that like to buy matching panties with thier bras:

If you go to a store that has both a woman's and a plus size rack, are you able to get both from the same rack or do you have to get a bra from one and the underwear from another?
dr. facilier

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Dear TQC,

My husband just walked out on me and his 2 month old daughter tonight. He left me for another woman. Know any jokes, sites, anything that would cheer me up or possibly make me laugh? This was out of the clear blue, my head is spinning, and I need something to cheer me up a little.
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Is there any effective tip that helps stopping to chew on my nails?
Because it gets really bad now, they're all bloody and infected and stuff.... and I can't stand looking at them anymore but somehow... my mind is too weak ^^'
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Why does this community attract so many deathly boring, unimaginative trolls?

Are there any good trolls left on the internet?

Have there ever been any good trolls on the internet? Which ones?

You have to go trolling, otherwise your whole family will be shot. Who are you going to troll, and in what manner?
lead me

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i. What defines rock n' roll to you? How would you describe it, what examples would you give... anything. Freeform your answer. Pictures, links, words, whatever.

ii. any other musicians here? who plays as a hobby and who plays more seriously?

iii. how do you get into your creative "zone"?
death from above!

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A couple of unrelated questions:
1a.  How many TQC members that you don't know IRL can you name off the top of your head?
1b.  How many do you like/dislike/not care about?

2a.  Who do you think is a better friend:  Jeremiah or Jesse?
2b.  Who do you like better:  Stacy's mom, Jesse's girl, or Jenny?
2c.  Do you have any of those songs stuck in your head now?

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petit prince


1. how do you write out the sound of stereotypical porno music? (usually contains "chicka" in there somewhere)

2. do you have an opinion on this whole paul wolfowitz shenan? if so, what is it?

3. are you doing anything on a regular basis which you consider to be of questionable moral integrity?

4. what's the closest orange object to you?
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1. What bands/musicians that don't play punk music have a punk rock kind of attitude? I told my friend I thought Isaac Hayes was punk rock to me for making R&B/soul songs that were over 10 minutes long, which seems kinda weird in that genre, but he was all 'lol don't be dumb'. :(

2. When you hear the phrase 'punk rock' what bands come to mind?

3. What about 'heavy metal'?

4. What about 'stoner rock'?

5. Do you like Blind Lemon Jefferson? If so, favorite song(s)?

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Is there any political party you would never, ever, in a million years vote for? Even if the specific candidate running was someone you agreed with?

I will never vote Sinn Fein. Ever. It doesn't matter who they run in my constituency, I will spoil my vote before I vote for them.

ETA: Why?

And is there anything that could get you to vote for them? (Short of a complete change in ideology.)
I&#39;m a Quitter

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1. For those of you not in a relationship, how do you feel about love?

2. Are you over your ex?

3. How many cars have you had?

4. What is the newest car you've had?

5. What is the oldest?

6. Have you ever test driven a brand new car? What kind?

7. What is the last expensive (over $100) thing you bought?

8. How many credit cards do you have?

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would you rather:
-be in a room with a spider, a centipede, a rat or a mouse?
-have a tedious job with awesome supervisors and co-workers or have a sweet job where you hate everyone you work with?
-have 3 warts on your foot or one wart on your hand?
-never get enough sleep or always have a sinus infection?

and also, if you've filled out job applications with a personality questionnaire, what relevance does the question "it is maddening when judges let guilty criminals go free" have to do with my job? and what about "I am a very private person"? I still can't figure out if they want me to be a private person or not.

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Would you wear a humorous t-shirt which had a picture of Hitler on it?

How about Stalin?

Reason I ask is that I have this t-shirt (only it doesn't have the text on it), which I find hilarious but at the same time feel faintly uncomfortable about wearing out and about due to it having Stalin, Mao, etc on it. I wouldn't wear a t-shirt with Hitler on it, after all.
This is How We Stand

Gender Specific

1. Do you have PCOS?
2. How long does your period usually last?
3. How old were you when you got your period?
4. Have you ever used emergency contraception?

5. You are a 20 year-old Resident Advisor at college with one week of school left. You are out partying and get fairly drunk. One of your residents (a freshman)..."starts" making out with you. Eventually she proposes sex. Yes or no?

6. Which of your parents tends to be more aggressive? Is the other more conciliatory?
7. How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
8. Have you ever tried prescription sleep aids? What was/is it like?

Have a good Thursday/hope you're having a good Thursday/have a great Friday...? =D

Going. Freaking. Insane. Now.

Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about the neighbor who played extremely loud, pounding music 18 hours a day and way into the night?

Yeah, well, today I tried to do something about it. Over twelve hours ago I politely asked him to turn it down. That did not work. Then he was still playing REALLY loud music (it literally sounded like a rock concert was taking place one floor up) at 4:30 a.m. so I went to the front desk of my apartment and told a security guard about my problem. He said he would go up and talk to him and I even saw him go up, but apparently he didn't do anything, because the really, really loud music continued on for 45 minutes more. Now it's still playing (at 5:30 a.m.), albeit less loudly, but I can still hear the bass pretty well. Enough to prevent me from sleeping without headphones to drown out the noise, anyway.

I bet the security guard just laughed at me and decided not to do anything. :(

Seriously. WHY, TQC, WHY??????????????????????????????

I'm going to request to be moved to the other side of the building as soon as the office opens, and if they say no I'm going to open a can of whoopass.

Because I am actually going insane now. I have been listening to POUNDING music for over five and a half hours straight and for a couple hours before that, too.

Why does this always have to happen to me????????????????? I KNEW this apartment wouldn't do anything. I love how the disruptive tenants are rewarded while the obedient tenants, like me, are now going to move into a hotel across the street and pay extra money just so I don't go postal.

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1. How do you handle compliments affiliated with your appearance?

I can be really weird about it. I get really flustered and embarrassed. I usually end up avoiding eye contact and awkwardly say something along the lines of "Um, thanks." I've gotten a little bit better at accepting them and giving a more heartfelt thank you though.

2. Have you ever rushed/pledged for a fraternity or sorority? If so, which one?

No. I went to the first night of rush last year and after getting packet after packet and all these long talks on everything we had to do I, sudden caught a case of slothfulness and didn't come back the next day.

3. How long have you had your current livejournal?

Four years this October. First & only lj.
Mr. Misto

Beads and Fur

1.  What happened to the bargaining system? Why can you challenge the price of a car, but not the price of a jacket?  What other sorts of things can you challenge the price of?

1a. I ask because I'm wondering if I can bargain over the price of an aquarium and stand from a privately owned store. And I'm not talking about trying to get it for dirt cheap. But maybe just a deal on the aquarium, hood, light, and stand ( I'd just be happy with a measley $25 off )


Why are bodily fluids like spit and urine generally considered 'gross' things and not something you'd want to ingest if they came out of someone else... but cum isn't?

Do you have hairy knuckles?
*betty draper reading

advice column: angry pregnant mistress

Dear Prudie,
I was involved with a married man for about two years. In the first few months of dating, he told me he was divorced, with two kids. I later found out he'd lied—he was still married and had three kids. I walked away, but later allowed him back in (stupid me). Now I am pregnant with his child. We are no longer seeing each other, but he still wants to be a father to his child. However, his wife gave him an ultimatum: If he wants to make their marriage work, he can't have anything to do with our child (except sending money). She called me to confirm that we were no longer seeing each other. I told her we were not and apologized for my part in this very awful situation. I understand that her insecurities are what's causing her to not want him to be a father to our child, but I can't help but feel angry toward her. He told her that since he grew up without his father, he didn't want that for any of his kids, and this baby shouldn't be punished for the mistakes he and I made. He is stuck between wanting to make his marriage work and wanting to be a father to our child. What should he do?

—Stuck in a Rut

What do you think of this letter? Do you agree with the letter writer, that their child should not be punished for their mistake? Or do you agree with the wife's demand that he cut off contact as a condition of fixing their marriage? Is the wife being unreasonable? Does the letter writer have any right to be angry at his wife? What should the guy do?
Give a dog a home

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1) I'm getting dinner at Walmart quickly tonight when I go to pick up a few things. What should I get?

2) When was the last time you had a guest stay over?

3) Carnivores: how do you like your steak done?

4) When something bad happens to you, how do you react? I'm talking about something major, like getting dumped or finding out your parent has a terminal disease, a beloved pet dying, getting into a really huge fight with a significant other that may signal the end of a relationship? Do you try to be strong? Do you try to not think about it? Do you break down?
Text - best is yet to come

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I always get ready too early. I have an appointment at 10 that's about 5 minutes away and it's 9:20 and I'm ready to go!

When you have somewhere to go, are you usually early, just on time, or late?
misc - not a weapon

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I am 22 years old and have never played a video game for more than 5 minutes, but I would like to start. We have a PS3 (backwards compatible). What easy and fun games would you recommend? I don’t think I’d be interested in first person shooters, but I would like games with a driving component.

Is it acceptable to wear a black dress to a (summer, daytime) wedding?

Would you rather go into work earlier and leave earlier or come in later and leave later?

See ID

What is wrong with writing "See ID" on the back of your credit card?

I hear people talk about how awful awful awful it is all the time but I've never heard why. Like, my credit card has my face, my name, and my signature printed directly on the card. How would putting "See ID" do me a disservice?

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1)Do you think proctologists enjoy their job or they figured they'd make more money or what? Do you know any proctologists?
2)What are some TV shows you liked that were cancelled after only a season or two?
3)What's something you're a little anal retentive about?
tank eyes

crazy so?

I just got a text message from some random girl asking me if I was dating a friend of mine who I spoke to yesterday. Me and him hadn't spoken in about six months until yesterday because he needed someone to help him move his stuff across town I have a truck, so he called me. I was busy yesterday but told him I'd give him a call when I was free. He and I call each other hun.

So apparently the girl is his girlfriend and had gone through the text messages on his phone (while he wasn't around), and decided to message me asking "Hey, my name's "____". Weird question for ya, are you and "____" like dating each other or seeing each other?"

I ended up messaging her back telling her that we weren't dating, that we were old friends and that I was pretty sure that she was his girlfriend (I'd heard about her already). Eventually it was sorted out that I was not someone her boyfriend was cheating on her with.

Who would be a bit miffed or annoyed if their SO did this?

I definitely would...


I'm very strongly wanting to tell him, this isn't outstepping my boundaries as an old friend is it? I think he needs to know that she's checking up on him in this way. Would you tell him?

EDIT #2!!:

Just so you're all given the full story, she said she was just going to use his phone to post a picture (not sure entirely what she means by that) Just figured I'd y'know, full story it up and such

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How do you tell your job that you quit?
On the phone or in person?
I'm horribly intimidated my one of my managers and she seems to go out of her way to say/do hurtful things to me and I'm afraid she'll yell at me for quitting.. Basically the treatment I get for calling off/trying to call off.
Someday I&#39;ll be a flower


Are you a professional? Do you feel very professional? Do you act very professionally even when not working? I'm just graduating from law school, but feel way too sweet, whimsical, and optimistic to be a real lawyer (although I'm good: won 2/2 cases in my clinic).

I just don't feel... all that grown up. Does it come with time? Or are professionals sometimes normal, quirky people when they take off their professional hats at the end of the day?
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Someone has called my cell phone twice in the past 45 minutes. The first time my regular phone was ringing too so I answered that. The second time I pressed the wrong button when I went to answer it. Without calling them back is there some way to find out who it is? I have used a few reverse look-ups and they just tell me the area it is in, one claimed they had the name, but for $15 no thanks.

oh teh lj's

1. How many lj's do you have?

2. Have you ever had an lj that you shared with someone, ie a significant other?
2a. If yes, is it active? Do you keep it open or private?
2b. If no, do you think this is weird? Why? Tell me your thoughts please.

3. How many lj's have you ever created? - This includes deleted, and non active ones.

4. Have you ever created an lj community? If yes how many, were they succesful? Names if you feel like sharing.

5. How many lj communities are you in? How many do you actively participate in?

6. Do you have fake lj's? If so why?

Friends List questions!

How long does it take you to read you friends list?

How far back do you have to go? (skip?what?)

How often do you read your friends list?

And finally... How do you keep up with TQC? Friends list, reading the journal itself, or just when you post questions?
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Is anyone watching Millionaire on the Game Show Network right now?
>>> If so, Can you believe thats a GUY? lmao.

P.S Hes gone now, so UGHHHH What a a MORON.

Is New Hampshire really that unknown?

Anyway, What color shirt are you wearing right now?

Do you gamble?

Ocean, lake, or pool?

What kind of shampoo do you use?

Are you excited for inter-league play this weekend?
Braves and the Red Sox will be amazing. Im from New England so Im a Red Sox fan by default, but the Braves are my true love. I love when they play each other, my mom and I dont have to flip between games on tv :)
The Dude Abides

TV ?'s

1) What do you think will happen on the series finale of the Sopranos?
1b) Is "remember when" the lowest form of conversation?

2) What's your favorite night of the week to watch television (if you have one)?

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Why does my dad's dog get a hardon whenever he sees me?O_o
edit: and why does he ruin photos?? UHG.
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How do I keep this lug of a lab to stop loving me so much?
he just thinks i'm the coolest thing eveeeeeer and wants to play soccer all the time and liiiiiiiiiiiick me... which is fine and dandy for about an hour :P

My mom's going to Costa Rica next week-- I'll be cooking for me and my dad.  Beyond pasta (with GARLIC, BITCHES!  tangent, my mom's allergic to it so OMG YAY GARLIC), what should I make for those weeks?  It'll be practice for when i move out in July too.

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How would you thank an attractive guy who just saved you from a killer insect of doom?

Have you ever read any Russian literature? Favorite or most hated or attempted book?

Are you in a good mood today?

How late will the person whose test I'm supposed to proctor come in?
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srs questions!!!!!! or not

1. Dear TQC,

For the past four days I have been commuting 45 min south for 8-11:45 class and then again 45 minutes north to school for 6:30-9:30(pm) class. I have Friday off. I'm tired to say the least. Should I

a. Substitute teach tomorrow to make money since I'm not working until class is over or
b. Sleep the hell in, not drive anywhere, and read for my classes occasionally

Oh moral dilemmas... also some random driving questions to those that drive that I think of since I've been driving a lot.

2.  How old is your car? What color?
3. Windows down or AC?
4. What's the worst weather you've ever driven in?
5. Do you like driving? Long drives? Short drives? No drives?
6. Highest speed limit in your area?

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[lost] Goodbye lost


ok TQC I have a job interview today at 3:30 and I am a little nervous. I haven't worked since January, so I am not really sure I know what I am doing. The interview is 30 miles away and I am anxious as to what the pay is. I don't think I would drive that far for less then 25k a year  (I have problems :X) My questions are

How far would you drive for a decent job?

What is the least amount you would drive 30 miles each way for?

eta: I should have mentioned that I have a 5 year old son. He has just lost his father and me being away makes him anxious. If I took the job, I wouldn't get home til around 6 pm or so. Basically, I am just looking for opinions. Bah I dunno.
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Where do you store your potatoes? Uncooked ones, I mean. Pantry, cupboard, fridge, other?

My mom always kept hers in a low cupboard or under the sink, so when my boyfriend's mom helped us put away groceries and tucked the taters in the fridge, I was amused.

(no subject)

what would be a job that you would get annoyed with easily?

I would hate to be that person at the optometrist's office who teaches first time contacts users how to put the contacts in their eyes. I would get so impatient, haha

(no subject)

1)Do you like molasses or cane sugar syrup? What do you like to put on your pancakes or waffles?
2)Have you ever waddled around the house with your pants and/or underpants around your ankles? Under what circumstances did you do this?

(no subject)

I can't believe I'm asking this question, but I need to settle a debate.

Do you (or have you ever heard of anyone who does this?) take off your shirt when you go to the bathroom? Specifically, when you poop? And are you male or female?

Thank you...
young folks

inspired by Oprah.

Watching Oprah I saw Dr.Oz answer many questions on health staying young. Well Dr. Oz suggests having sex at least 200 times a year and it will increase your life expectancy by years.

I found this to be a surprising number. My boyfriend and I at this point go over and beyond this number but this is the first year we've lived together, but I doubt it will stay this way years to come.

Does anyone think this an achievable number (which is 4 times a week)? Does anyone think they will (according to Oz) increase their life expectancy?

>>God people are gonna think I'm sex crazied after my few posts. But my last one was more of a hygiene question.
emoticon death

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1. Have you ever heard a eulogy that had more to do with the person giving it than the person it was meant to be about?

Anyone want to describe the most selfish person they can think of? (feel free to elaborate and have a little rant, if it helps)

I think my cousin (26 going on 7), who gave a ten minute eulogy at my grandmother's funeral yesterday to his own childhood, my grandmother's old home, an essay he'd written in year 10 about visiting his grandmother's home and all the fun times he and his brother had playing there, 'going nuts', her old metal detector, the goats who lived in a paddock next door, that one time grandad told him off when his brother got hurt... in short, nothing about the fact that she was a person aside from being 'his grandma', and very little about her at all. He started to finish up with a teary 'Dementia...stole MY GRANDMA.. from ME' (when he had visited her once in the seven years she had been in the aged care facility, and perhaps once or twice in the few years proceeding that, once he was no longer dragged up there by his dad). It made me feel sick, that he couldn't respect her memory enough to let her own funeral be about someone other than himself.

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1. Which of the following would you rather do?

a. Truthfully answer extremely personal questions on your sex life (including any stds you have and/or have had) in front of your parents and SO's parents.
b. Clean up roadkill for a living.
c. Spend a week handcuffed to Paris Hilton.
d. Spend a week handcuffed to Ann Coulter.
e. Saw one of your own legs off.

2. Anybody here on Lexapro or Celexa? Does the fatigue eventually go away?

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If one of your SO's ancestors was a nazi and several of your ancestors died in the holocaust, would you feel awkward about it?

This is the case with me and my SO, I haven't brought it up to him but it really bugs me that there's a chance that his great-grandfather killed one of my family members. I know it shouldn't and neither of us can help who are families are still bothers me.

Food Faux Pas

American Cheese and tomato sauce on an english muffin being called "pizza".
A tuna melt with cold tuna.
A caesar salad with the consistency of cole slaw.

What are some of the worst food faux pas you've come across?
south park

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Do you have any professors that are serious and gruff but have a good sense of humor (mild humor?)  I've found that many professors do this...

My professor is an ass.  He was all serious today, talkin bout math and how it's serious business and when class is over he'll say something along the lines of "Alright.  Class is done.  You can all smoke hash and talk badly about my country now."

One that I saw on Overheard in New York:
"Did I tell you I'm going to be a father? I'm going to be a father!"
Class: "Awwww!"
"Yep.  Had a little accident, now I gotta get married."

bob by your side

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Hokay. I have never had a problem like this before, so i must turn to the more intelligent people here:

I downloaded Kazaa, got what i needed from it and then i wanted to uninstall it again. BUT.IT.WON'T.LET.ME.

It keeps giving me this sign. No matter what i do. Even if i follow the instructions. Nothing works.

Help? :(

(no subject)

1. Who do you think asks the best questions?

2. Who asks the WORST questions????

3. Do you like questions those easy answer questions such as "what color is your house?" or the debate-sparking questions about abortions and kicking your children and such?

4. I hate my icon! Will you still know who I am if I make a new one?

(no subject)

TQC, why do I feel dizzy?

Non-serious answers strongly encouraged.

Secondly, what should I have done with the jerk sitting in front of me on the bus who was drenched in enough cologne to choke a horse?
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(no subject)

Are you NOT on speaking terms with either or both of your parents? Why is that? Would you like to tell us about it?

This does not include deceased parents, although if you actually ARE on speaking terms with a deceased parent, that would make an excellent story as well.
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(no subject)

1. when sneezing:  do you say bless you to strangers?
2. do you say thank you if they say it to you?
3. i have a REALLY bad insect bite, its DISGUSTING and it HURTS LIKE FUCK--i heard somewhere that your suppose to do something w/a jar n a match but i dont know if thats for insect bites or snake (haha snack bites..) bites or what--but i cant do anything w/this, its wide (all across like 3 of my ribs) so its not like i can pop it *GROSS* my b/f put baking soda n water paste on it (but that seriously feels like it did NOTHING) any suggestions? it hurts so bad, and my shirt rubbing against it every second doesnt help either (yes its that sensitive)---sorry for caps picky people
4. do you give bums/hobos/homeless people money?
5. would you stick up for a hobo if you saw someone bad talking them for no reason (other than that they're a hobo) or hitting them?

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(no subject)

1. You're in love with someone. I mean really in love. S/he suggests marriage. You agree....but they have to tell you something. They have HIV. Do you still marry them because of your everlasting love? Or do you go back to the guy from college who still sits in the tree outside your window every night?

2. Would you rather get chewed on by fire ants...OR...pantsed [spell?] in a crowded park?

3. ANNND. Should I have cookies-n-cream, or strawberry ice cream?

(no subject)

lol this question shows you how bored I am..

favorite dance move? (what it's called, how it's done, where and when it's appropriate, or if it's one from a movie, music video, etc.)

(no subject)

1. If you were really hungry and all you had to eat in your house was all sorts of condiments, homemade potato bread, and a box of Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars, what would you pick?

2. What's your least favorite household chore?

3. What have you been putting off doing today?

4. If you have Facebook, doesn't it annoy you when people you went to school with request you as a friend, even though you were never friends, or even acquaintances, back then?

(no subject)

Which do you say more?
a) Aren't I?
b) Am I not?

What kinds of questions do you usually post in this community?
I don't post often, but when I do, I am all about the grammar questions.

play that funky music white boy

1.What's one of your favorite childhood memories?

We all got to talking about cartoons earlier and that was a blast!

2.What  fav TV show or movie do you really enjoy now?

3.How about a video game?


1.I actually can't remember much from my child hood so it really blows.
2.I remember my birth mom wouldnt let me watch commericals she'd make me cover my eyes.
I liked to watch Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago.
3.I didnt actually get to play any video games till I was in 4th grade and I discovered Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo.
To this day I still favor classic games, Mario and Sonic are my fav's.

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(no subject)

is there a quality/characteristic/something (it can be the kind of clothes they wear? maybe the music they listen to? religion?) that the opposite sex may possess that you are TOTALLY :eh: about (don't like) and will harbor them from ever being date-able by you?

City and State

I love learning about other places and love traveling too. I have so many thoughts about so many places and often wonder what people think of where I'm from...

1) What do you think of when you think of Michigan?

2) What do you think of when you think of Detroit?
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(no subject)

What strange hobbies or activities do you participate in?

Me? I walk my cats. They enjoy it, unless I walk them together. Then the big one just gets frustrated with the little one and whacks him on the head whenever they try to go in opposite directions.
Selfie w/Moo

Cirque du Soleil, SOs, and Pets.

1. Have you ever been to Cirque du Soleil's performance Corteo?
2. How was it?
3. If you have been to any other performances by Cirque du Soleil, how does Corteo rate compared to them?
4. After seeing part of Corteo on TV a long time ago, it has finally come to a city near me, and I really want to go. I told my SO that all I want for my birthday is tickets to Corteo or a Rebel XTi, so he ended up getting me the camera because he really is not into that kind of thing. If I buy the tickets, what are some ways I can get him to go with me? Just tell him straight up that it would mean a lot to me if he went, or bribe him with lingerie and other naughty things?
5. Is it difficult to get your SO to do something (s)he really doesn't want to do?
6. Is it difficult to get you to do something with your SO that you really don't want to do?
7. Got any silly pet photos? Or photos of you with your pet? Share! The more the better =)

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cannabis card

I was wondering...

If someone who is a cannabis card holder for legitimate reasons has to take a urine test for a job application, does that mean the company has to overlook his positive results for marijuana? Technically, wouldn't it be descrimination if they didn't hire him because of it?

If you were an employer, what would you do? Would you care?
hello lion-o

How is your day going?

What good things have happened to you so far today?
What bad things?

good: realized I can reheat crescent rolls in the toaster, and they turn out phenomenal. Also I went to the dentist to get a small chip in my front tooth fixed and she did an awesome job and didn't charge me for any of it, including the xrays.

bad: i realized how badly I need a vacation when I went to wash my face, looked down at the "soap" I put in my hand to do so, and realized it was toothpaste.

Reptile place in Niagara?

Does anyone else remember a reptile zoo in Niagara Falls (Canada side)? I can recall going there when I was little and I can remember a big fish tank, iguanas, etc. I've spent some part of my morning looking through photo albums but knock on wood, oddly haven't found any pictures we took there.
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Do you care/want to know about how many sexual partners someone you're sleeping with has had?

Why or why not?

Edit - Which of the following would you find least attractive..

someone with an abnormally large number of past sexual partners
someone with an abnormally small number of past sexual partners?

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1. What kind of mistakes do you make with regard to different bathroom products? (e.g. putting soap on toothbrush, putting q-tip in nose, etc.)

2. What kind of things make you feel really guilty but not guilty enough to stop doing them?

1. I tried to use shaving cream as shampoo the other day.

2. Eating chocolate. Reading LJ and when I should be writing my essay. Printing out way too many pages of things. Leaving my computer on all the time when I should be saving energy. Stalking people on facebook.
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1. Is it necessary to go to the doctor for a broken toe (or a "might be" broken toe)? I know they can't really do anything for it. I think I broke mine this morning (stubbed it in a door frame). It hurts and has nasty bruising, but it's not like when I broke another toe a couple years ago (then again, that was a clean break through the whole bone). It hurts if I walk on it a lot, but if I've been sitting for a while, I can walk okay for a little bit. But geez, the bruising is sickening.

2. This is for teachers (or anyone really, I guess): Have you ever quit a job without having another one lined up? I'm in a position where I'm so unhappy with my current school that I don't want to sign a contract for next year (love the students, but everything else is getting to me), but I feel I may have to by next week. I've applied like crazy to a bunch of districts around here (I'm certified and have two years experience so far even though I started applying back in early April). I feel I'm very qualified for the positions I've applied for, but I have had no luck whatsoever, even with job fairs. How does this typically work? Do you typically not get a job until mid-summer? I'm in Texas if that matters. I will be paid through the end of August, but if I don't have a job by then, I'm screwed. I'm single, so I don't have a spouse's income to fall back on.

Now for non-TL;DR questions:
3. Good idea or bad idea: going on a cruise alone? Is it even possible to do? Do you have to pay more?

4. If you're planning on seeing the next Harry Potter movie, are you nervous about how it's going to turn out? Do you think it will be good?

5. What is your favorite kind of apple? I love Golden Delicious and Fuji apples.

6. Do you have a cat? Care to post a picture? Collapse )

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Inspired by this:

What do you think of when you see the following colors? It can be a simple word or two, a completely abstract idea, a random narration, a long description, or anything else, as long as it associates with the color.

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For those of you who are on speaking terms with your parents:

How often do you talk to them?

I talk to mine once a week, but would prefer talking to them every fortnight. I don't really like talking on the phone and there's a large time difference.

My parents were nagging me this afternoon to call them more often. Apparantly their friends' children call their parents once a day.

I feel once a day is unreasonable, especially considering that they like to talk for at least an hour and there's the time difference which makes finding a good time to call difficult. I have a life of my own!

I'd like to know if I'm being unreasonable myself though.


What do I pack when I come to visit the Disneyland® Resort?

How do I find something I've lost at the Disneyland® Resort?

Where do I park when traveling to the Disneyland® Resort?

When is the best time to visit the Disneyland® Resort?

Where do I find Disney Characters in Disneyland® Park?

What can my family expect to find at Disney's California Adventure® Park?

Can I wear a costume into the theme parks?
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fruits & veggies

1. Do you have a fruit/vegetable garden?

2. If so what do you have/will you have in it?
Tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, bell peppers, corn, and pumpkins.

3. Do you have any pictures of it?
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4. Do you have any fruit tress?
We have 2 peach trees.

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay home and go to the only school day I've been excited about the entire year (we get our yearbooks, my friend is doing a big 80's decade project thing, we're having a "cast party" in one of my classes because we just put a play on today, and we'll have a sub in physics, my worst class)?

Or should I go camping with my family?

I want to do both, but I can't decide. Oh, and it wouldn't really be staying "home". Apparently they don't trust me. I'd be staying at my mom's friends house the whole weekend.
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work called, they don't need me. now i'm bored.

1. what's the least amount of money you've spent on an eBay item? last Wednesday i won a phone charm for $0.02 but i had to pay $4 in shipping. it still hasn't come.
2. Ugly Betty or The Office(if you watch them)? i like The Office but i love Ugly Betty.
3. are you going to watch the FA Cup final on Saturday? i am. it's hard to beat out 9 years of habit.

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Okay, this question is gonna seem really lame and high school, but here goes. So there's this girl in my class who I've been on alright terms with for like, the past four years (though we're not close) but she's suddenly taken to being really rude and sarcastic to me for no apparent reason.

She'll make really smartass remarks to anything I say, even if what I'm saying isn't particularly rude or whatever. I even asked a friend of hers who told me that she was just trying to 'out-sarcasm' me, whatever the hell that means. And it's really annoying because the stuff she says isn't funny in the least and sometimes, barely makes sense at all. So a few weeks back, I tried talking to her nicely to make her stop and she was okay about it, only she never stopped.

And I pretty much snapped at her today and told her that what she was doing wasn't clever, or witty and that she was trying way too hard to prove something and she (predictably), replied with this smartass remark that I was too pissed off to hear.

So the question is, TQC, if she insists on going on with this, how can I get her to stop?

Also, sorry for being so longwinded. :|

I hate the sunshine:(

I think its really great when the weather starts to get nice.  Here in Portland, Oregon its been mid 70's to 80's the last couple of days. I like it in some respects because I can get outdoors and do stuff since I've been cooped up since October.

However, I get REALLY bad migranes when its sunny out.  Are any of you really sensitive to the sun?  What do you do to relieve the pain? Suggestions?  Ibuprofen obvious answer, but I 'd like some alternatives.

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Suppose you've been at your job a year, you really enjoy it and you're good at it. It took almost 9 months before you really felt confident about what you're doing.

If another job in a different dept came along, with 20% higher pay and a better title, but you weren't sure you'd like it, would you take the job?
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Inspired by this episode of the Simpsons I just watched.

Here's the scenario: You have a young kid (or kids), you and your significant other go out for a three-day weekend getaway so you hire a respectable babysitter so you can do the romance thing. You have a great weekend. After you pay the babysitter and she leaves, you ask the kids how their weekend was and they tell you that the babysitter took them to some lake near where you live and baptized them. What would you do?
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come on down!

Is anyone else watching the Bob Barker 50 Years on TV special and getting a little sad about his retirement?

I'm such a sap...I got a little sad when he was talking about his wife and his retirement, and the big fur controversy from the pagents he used to host.
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Mod Comment: Spoilers ain't cool

We've got a lot of TV shows wrapping up their seasons now, and there is bound to be a lot of discussion about big developments and plot twists. Put any spoilers under an LJ-cut or the post will be deleted and you will be warned. Repeat offenders will be banned. Please respect people's enjoyment of these shows and the differences in time zones.

Which season finales are you most looking forward to?

Do you seek out spoilers, or do you prefer to be unspoiled?

(Me: "Heroes", also "House". I'm not expecting much from Veronica Mars, sadly.)

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Would you date someone who had the personality of a can of corn? (The creamed corn I mean. The mushy half-digested stuff....not the firm whole-kernel can of corn.)
Would you? (Like where do you want to go? What do you want to eat? C'mon corn boy-open your mouth and make a fucking decsion)
Oh...and this isn't for me... its for my friend. Who apparently LIKES creamed corn.
Would you DATE a can of creamed corn? srsly!

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Help me out TQC, I don't know what to do.

My neighbors have had their dog out for days. She's been barking constantly. Today while I was making dinner I noticed that she had somehow slipped outside of the fence and got her big heavy chain caught on the gate. She had no food or water, and her tongue was so dry that it cracked and started bleeding. If I stand in my attic, I can hear her panting all the way up there. She has a few feet of chain and she's walking around on their driveway and the side of our house. I brought out a bowl of water and some food for her, and I tried getting in contact with her owners several times but nobody is home and the number on her tags isn't working. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I can't stand seeing the poor dog treated this way all the time.

Who can I call TQC? I'm in the New York/Long Island area if it helps.
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(no subject)

Did anybody else tune into A-Channel (southern Ontario) for the Smallville season 6 FINALE to find THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW on, instead?


Does anybody know any Smallville episode download communities?
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Have you gotten the Gardasil shots?

What was your experience like?

Did your insurance cover the cost (if so what insurance do you have) or did you have to pay out of pocket for it?

There is a lot of talk about making it mandatory for girls to get it.. do you think this is a good idea?

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Quick question right here.

Me and my friend walk around town at midnight once a week. We walk till' about 3 am and just talk about everything. It's great, but scary as hell. I Nothing really bad, like knives or guns. But what can I take that's handy...and useful?

Silly question, I know.
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1)Do you think if it were legal (I know it is in some places) for women to walk around topless that it would create problems as far as groping and that sort of thing?
2)For the womens, would you walk around topless or take it off every now and then if it were legal?
3)How far did you get the last time you played pudgy bunny?

(no subject)

Do you have or know anyone with a Luis Royo tattoo.

(Luis Royo is an amazing artist.)

I want to get one, but I can't find any information about any legal issues that may come. Anyone know about if there is any or not?

Hair care for men

Does anybody else have a husband that uses more hair care product than you? What kind do they use? My husband loooveess his Crew products. His gels and everything. My idea of hair care product is the detangler I use after a shower! :)
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this and that

TQC! I am a fat person who is going to the beach tomorrow to hopefully get a "life-tan". We are taking picnic lunches, so what type of sammiches should we pack? While we are gone, I am going to leave my computer on, so can someone suggest a screensaver for me to use?

Thanks in advance!


Where are the whales?!

When I was little I remember that the Baltimore Aquarium had a pair of baby beluga whales. Then they did a huge remodeling when I was about 10 (I'm 21 now), and they were gone.

Where did they go? To another aquarium? SeaWorld? Did they get a pink dye-job and end up on a Lisa Frank Trapperkeeper?

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Inspired by the post a few down that asked when your first kiss was....

What were the circumstances surrounding your first kiss?

Was it enjoyable?

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Edit: Seeing as quite a few people here had some bad first kisses, what advice would you offer to would-be first kissers? (e.g. don't lick her face, don't get your hands stuck in her hair, etc.)
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Seeing as I have a lot of free time on my hands, numerous have suggested "writing a book". But I don't have a plot!

So, TQC, what would be a good plot for a book? (Silly answers are, as always, welcome)


Do you know of any actresses that come to mind with this description?

I want a young woman (20-25, or looks it) who isn't stick thin, so, normal figure, (ie, actually *gasp* has no ribs showing, and has breasts, a bit plump is fine.) with dark brown hair, (i realise that this can be dyed, but for now I don't want any extra imaginings) I don't care what colour eyes. I don't want her to be hugely gorgeous. I want her to be 'normally' pretty/girl next door kind of look. You know how most hollywood stars are like, hugely gorgeous even if they're 'plainer' than most other hollywood ones? Please avoid that if possible. She'd have to be able to pull off 1940s clothes and hair. And be able to be both rather shy, and a lot more feistyness/action later on. And expressive. Oh. And can pull off being in her late teens for part of it.
Preferably who can do a british accent, or preferably, is british.

(no subject)

What is the best treatment for very badly chapped lips (red, peeling)?\

How old is too old to live with your parents?
Those of you who have lived on your own, what would it take to get you to move back to your parents house (assuming you were welcome)?

How often do you change your sheets? Pillowcases?

Was your mother a good or bad cook growing up? What about your father?

If you have ever lived with roomates, how did you handle dishes? Did you have a system or not? Did your approach work?
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