May 16th, 2007

Beaky severe!


1. What made you happy today?
My dad tried sending me flowers on Mother's Day from my pets but I never received them, and I got them today after much confusion due to my father putting my name as "Foofalina" (which is one of my nicknames, don't ask). A tiny bit wilted but still lovely and beautiful smelling!

2. What frustrated you today?
Trying to book a mini-holiday to Brussels but the website is being supremely petulant

3. What should I see and do in Brussels? If I get to go...
I'll most likely be there for 4 days, it seems like there's a lot of local stuff that I can happily wander about and discover. Any tips on safety, language, and cheap eating would be well appreciated.
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(no subject)

What film(s) could you watch over and over and never get bored?

I'd say K-PAX, American Beauty and The Shipping News. Mainly because I love anything with Kevin Spacey in it. I am sad like that.

A personal hygiene question...

Can you use Nair or other hair removal products on your nether regions without serious complications?  I want to clean up down there but I'm scared of bleeding to death...

Or if anyone has another idea of how to dispose of my massive pants afro... do tell.  I normally just use the sideburn attachment on my electric razor but that never does too good of a job and I want to get some other areas as well so it'd have to be something applyable rather than a razor.
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(no subject)

best / funniest / weirdest pick up line you've ever received / given?

when I was in 8th grade some guy came up to me and was like, "Hey, I'm in a band called Big Penis. I'm the lead singer, and the band was named after me." and then he smiled at me. And that's the only one that really sticks out in my mind.
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plz to be advizing

Okay TQC, I just finished a book, and I've got a whole shelf of books to read this summer. However, I've got four books that I started at some point in the past year and feel these should be moved to the top of the list.

Poll #985658 books, books, books

Which book should I start (restart, really) next?

Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women by Elizabeth Wurtzel
She Came To Stay by Simone de Beauvoir
The Beatles by Bob Spitz
My Life by Bill Clinton

And if you're curious, I'm also currently reading 16,000 Suspects: A RAGBRAI Murder Mystery.
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(no subject)

Ladies, where do you purchase your bras? I usually go with Victoria's Secret, but it's so expensive. Someone posted a link awhile back for inexpensive yet quality bras. Does anyone remember that and by any chance have it?

if you have a cell phone, what kind is it?
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(no subject)

1. if you were to play the lottery and had to pick (3) numbers between 0-65... which one's would you pick?

2. why can't ________?

3. sometimes i take a drive in my car bumping my music loud as can be (specifically rap -- Jay-z, then there's other times i bump r&b/hip-hop, country, etc) sometimes my windows are up and sometimes my windows are down, it depends on my mood. sometimes i look out the corner of my eye and i see people looking at me kind of Oo and i've often wondered.. do you get offended/mad whenever you're at a red light and there's somebody bumping their music as loud as can be? (now take into account that i'm not bumping it to where my car is like freaking vibrating or anything like that, but the music IS loud) would you rather not hear anything that's going on in another car? do YOU bump music that loud?

Shyness and yodeling rabbits...?

1. Are acting or speech classes a good way to get over shyness?

2. What's with that Skittles commercial where the rabbit yodels, and then bites the guy's arm before running away? It kinda creeps me out..

3. If you have a Moto razr cell phone, do you have trouble hearing conversations? I have to use speaker phone sometimes because I can't hear what the person is saying. Is this a universal thing or should I send it back and ask for a new one? Dunno if that'd work because I'm already on my second one :/

Thanks in advance!
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weird eating habits

Everytime I eat, I nibble away at my food in such a way that I eat the best part last. I save the pieces of pasta with the most sauce on it, or the bite of toast that's least burned. When I eat a cheeseburger or a sandwich, I find myself tearing off pieces of cheese that are sticking out, saving them, and then popping them in my mouth with the last bite. I don't even realize that I'm doing this most of the time.

I'm just wondering, am I the only one that does this?

And do you guys have any weird eating habits?

(no subject)

Have you heard any rumors lately that have gotten you excited?

There's one going round that David Bowie's playing Electric Picnic... It's most likely not true, but if it was...

What are your opinions on violent protests?
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(no subject)

I get news headlines at the top of my Gmail. I keep seeing one that says "Blairs buy second home as back entrance". It makes me giggle every time I see it.

What news headlines have made you LOL recently? (I mean, the actual headlines, not just the fact that Jerry Falwell is dead.)

On another note - if good is the opposite of bad, what is the opposite of evil?
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(no subject)

Dog owners: Is your dog a really light sleeper?

My dog sleeps on my bed (pretty much impossible to get him off) and whenever he's sleeping or napping, he'll wake up and look at me the second I get up from my chair or go downstairs. Even if I creep!

(no subject)

what's the oldest food you've found in your house (or somewhere else, if that would actually for some reason happen)?

why did you keep it for so long?

i have some strawberry nestle quik mix that says copyright 1986 on the side. i discovered it a year or so ago. when i got my house, my parents gave me some stuff from their cabinet that i guess they weren't using or thought was bought for me, and must not have looked too closely at this one. i plan on keeping it forever. oddly, it has no expiration date on it.

pictures are a plus!

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(no subject)

1. Do you have a credit/no credit option at your school? (You get either credit or no credit for a class instead of a grade.)

If so, have you ever used it? Does it look bad when applying to transfer to another school/graduate school?
We have it at my school, and I'm thinking of using it for one of my classes that I don't think I did too well in. I'm not sure if it'd be better to get a poor grade or to use this.

2. Why are you up so late?
I'm studying for a final I have tomorrow. :(
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever won anything by using Blingo (assuming you even use it)?

2. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend, or are you going to sit around at home like me?


For the apple techheads

I have an iMac DV+ from 6 or 7 years ago (it has OS approx. 10.1). I don't need it anymore, but I don't know what do to with it.

Not knowing a whole lot about computer innards, could I take the hard drive out and use it as an external hard drive for my current mac? Is it still worthwhile to donate? Or should I just recycle it?

Or, if anyone is in the bay area, is there some weird performance artist who could smash it with a sledgehammer?
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(no subject)

1) Did anyone watch Law & Order SVU last night? WTF was up with that Cassandra girl? Do you think she was mentally ill?

2) Would you like to come run spotlight for The Rocky Horror Show?

3) They keep raising stamp prices. Where is the money going?

4) Americans: Which would you vote for? A pro-life democrat or pro-choice republican? I'm really torn on this issue.

5) Inspired by this post. Do you think sending your children to school is "passing them off to others" and avoiding parenting responsibilities? Do you think homeschooling is better than "traditional" schools?

6) What is your opinion of unschooling?
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(no subject)

1. How do I keep pantyhose from getting bunched up a little bit around the ankle area? I hate having to keep pulling them up to keep them tight.

2. What happened to that question regarding the breakdancing video?

(no subject)

1. Is anyone else kind of sad that everyone is putting angry eyebrows on their icons a la thatbitchfiona?

2. Is there any restriction with the new USPS rate change regarding the metal clasps on manila envelopes? My boss says yes, but the website says 100% nothing about it, and I just called the usps number and they were like "a-durrrr, we dunno."

3. Did you know that in school zones, when the sign says "NO PASSING" that means that you cannot pass the car in the lane next to you? As in, you cannot go faster in your own lane than the car in the lane next to you, if that car hit the zone before you. Your bumper cannot pass his bumper, or vice versa if you hit the zone first, until you drive past the crosswalk?

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Make me feel better

I've been having a rough couple of weeks at work. So tell me, what's the biggest mistake you've ever made at a job? How bad was it - did it cost you or the company money/clients, did you lose your job?

I haven't done anything quite that bad, but over the years I've made some little mistakes that compounded into big mistakes that jeopardized some contracts. Never lost one because of me though. Not yet, anyway.
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(no subject)

1. i'm in a really bad mood today... how the f*ckz are you?
2. i listen to rap religiously and to country just as much. what's something that's kind of contradicting about you?
3. do you consider yourself a good flirt?

(no subject)

Pizza for breakfast, Hot or Cold?

Ever run out of milk and use water for cereal? .. Does it work well?

How come only the 'i' in the LiVEJOURNAL logo is lowercase?

Lowercase I's placed in or around words has been annoying me lately. Where have they been annoying you?(post links or pics)
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(no subject)

Why do my cats follow me into the bathroom every time I go in there (and if they can't follow me in then they're laying on the floor in front of the door when I leave)? They don't follow me or wait for me to come out of other rooms in the house.

How do you define a human right?

Love is all there is when I'm with youuuu....

1. My best friend from high school called me last night at one in the morning to tell me her boyfriend of just over one year proposed to her (she's 21, he's 26). It's tru wuv. Awesome, no?

2. Providing you are unmarried, if your s/o proposed to you RIGHT NOW, what would you say?

3. How many times have you been in a wedding party?

4. Do you like traditional Converse shoes? If you had to choose between Crocs and Cons, which one would you pick?

(no subject)

1) Do you think people who cut their arms do it for attention?

2) Do you think some suicide attempts aren't really attempts at suicide at all but bids for attention or designed to hurt someone else?

3) I'm doing some scenes as Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs in a school thing later today. Advice?

4) We had a discussion in my Sociology class about things we do that are a result of the society we grew up in. I said in American culture, women shaving their legs. Nobody would do it if society didn't tell us that it was icky not to. One of my friends piped up and said, "Ew, yes I would! I don't care what everyone else is doing, I would shave my legs!" Just to make sure I'm not going crazy here, is it just me or does what she said not make any sense?
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Change ?'s

1) What's the last thing you changed your mind about based on an argument with someone or because you saw/read some issue?

2) What do you do with your spare change? (Do you take it to Coinstar, a bank, etc)

3) What's something you wish you could instantly change about yourself?

Help me Question Club, you're my only hope!

So after all the great advice I got from my last post,( ) I have decided that I am going to homeschool my poor neglected children, who have been left to be brainwashed in the terrible system that is public schools. I have to 'win my child's heart' so that she will wear her glasses (and we will be trying to afford contacts).

So to that end, dear Question club, please would you donate some money so I can quit school, and stop 'bettering myself' and being so selfish that I am not spending 24/7 days a week with my children? I will pull them out of school, buy the needed supplies and then, and only then will my children be safe from harm.

Please question club, you're my only hope!

(*this is a joke, but the link is real feel free to donate towards my daughters contacts and homeschooling)
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(no subject)

1) Something I've always wondered... what are the criteria for a song to become "our song"? Is it the song you were listening to when you met? When you started dating? When you decided you were in love? The first time you had sex? Or is just a song you pick because you felt it accurately describes your relationship?

2) Have you ever eaten at Moe's? If so, what did you think?

3) I get my first paycheck in 2 years tomorrow. What should I spend my 100$ on? (lol, 100$)
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(no subject)

I was recording my podcast last night and somehow something got messed up somewhere in the conversion process, and "Mad Season" by Matchbox 20 came out sounding like it was being covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was kinda awesome, in its own way, and one of my friends extracted it from the podcast and saved it as its own file, so now I have a funny new version of a good song.

What fun little moments of serendipity have you experienced lately?
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1- When typing in your browser's address bar, do you still type in "http://"? Do you have an old browser that requires it, if so?

2- Last thing you smelled that was really nice?

3- Oddest thing that shouldn't be used for what it is in your house/office/whatever, but is anyway? (IE, a human skull as a potpourri holder, an old tv as a fish tank, whatever :P)

4- Who do you hate today?

5- Last news story that you came across today that interested you? Links are cool.

1- Nope.
2- A page in a magazine I bought. It's a 'rub and sniff' dealie for some lotion... I've left it open to that page about half an hour. It claims to be calming, and... well, it IS. I must buy some. :)
3- A seashell with paperclips in it. Laaaaame. XD
4- Me. I'm sore, and feeling like crap, and looking like crap, and probably coming down with a cold. Damn body of mine. D:
5- This one, about a new version of the RAZR. I'm mad, since I gave up on RAZRs and got a whole other company's phone, and then they put out THAT. D: Oh well, I like my new phone.. still sucks. :(
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Who else has a birthday today?

How old are you?

How old do you feel?

Don't you love when you can finally talk to someone and clear things up because they didn't know the truth about what really happened?

Much Love.
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Hair angst

So I'm looking at buying a new hairdryer and possibly a new hair straightener as well.

What are the best brands? I'm looking at ionic, though, 'cause I've heard that it's meant to be a miracle worker on hair. Oh and I have thick, coarse-ish hair.

So, what are your recommendations? (I'm in Aussie if that makes a difference)


I've seen a paypal button to click when people want others to donate money to them. How do I get a button like that?

Thanks, I found my answer! ;D
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Which crappy free movie should I get?

I saved up 5 “movie certificates” from Kellogg’s products, which is enough for one free DVD. They don’t have any choices that I particularly want, but hey, it’s a free movie… Which one would you get?

Poll #985879 Which crappy free movie should I get?

Which crappy free movie should I get?

Beverly Hillbillies
Catch That Kid
Dr. Doolittle
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Lake Placid
Love Potion #9
I wouldn't even waste my stamp on any of these
Truck Tipping
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(no subject)

For those who have bought a home... did you experience the sensation of sheer blinding terror when it came to supplying the down payment?

I'm very fortunate that I do have some assets to liquidate that will cover a down payment. It's just that whenever I think about going to the bank and cashing in these saving bonds I am freaking out. No matter how I rationalize it in my mind that putting this money into a house has more earning potential (but higher risk) than bonds I panic. It's not like this money is disappearing or is being spent on something frivolous, but I can't bring myself to walk my butt down to the bank and take care of this. :(

What was the best part of the whole process of buying a home?
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(no subject)

what type of lotion do you use? i use L'Occitane. I love it but i think its a little expensive.
Have you ever used L'Occitane products?
Do you know of any other hand creams of the same quality, but cheaper?

Do you like romaine lettuce? I dont like it but people tell me that its pointless to eat iceburg because it has no benefits in it. True?

(no subject)

1)Have you caused any mayhem lately? Details please, if you have.
2)My brother told me about some show where this guy was living with wolves. I think it was on Discovery but I don't remember. And I think there was some other guy that was living with bears for a while. What do you think about a human living with wild animals? How much truth do you think there is to stories about feral children?
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(no subject)

I'm trying to plan a trip to Europe this summer. What's your favorite website for cheap flights to/from Europe? (We're starting in Ireland and probably flying back out of England, Italy, or France, depending on what is cheapest... Also, we'll be flying out of Los Angeles, San Francisco or Oakland)

Any other tips on traveling to Europe?

I have to write about the places I've lived, and...

Is there a reason the military has its personnel up & move every few years?

My father spoke German, so I can understand moving us to Germany when the wall was up and then moving us away when it came down. And the big language school is in California, so I can get why we moved there... but then we moved to Hawaii, and then to Texas(where we'd lived before Germany).

And this is a pretty standard military thing, from my understanding. We spent 3 years in each place and then got shipped elsewhere.

Why? The military pays most of the moving costs, so this can't possibly be the most efficient way to have people where you need them.
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(no subject)

If you had to pick one quote to live by for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

so philosophical, I know. and I've asked a lot of questions lately. But I'm amused.

3 completely unrelated questions

1.  if you had the opportunity to break/ruin anything you wanted by any means what would it be and how??
(fire, spray painting, sledge hammer, etc.=all acceptable methods)

2.  does it really matter to you if people in customer service positions are courteous or not (not=just being plain and getting the job done=not saying hello, how are you, thank you etc) --do you ever do those consumer surveys on receipts?

3.  does anyone know how long it takes simple strikes on your credit report to go away?? (by this i mean, a collection agency was alerted to collect my medical costs, i had most of them taken care of b/c my insurance just needed to be updated w/information, but i have to pay the remainder of the balance now, i started paying today and should be done by another month or 2, do you know how long it'll take to go off my credit record? i'm trying to make it perfect again *sigh*)


(no subject)

How many of you have been on the internet long enough to remember the gonads and strife squirrel? How about "hello to my future girlfriend"?

What other older internet memes do you remember?

(no subject)

1. I like tacos and I like macaroni and cheese. I was thinking about making this for dinner tonight. What are the chances of it turning out tasty? EDIT: I'm using fat free sour cream, veggie "ground beef" and a different macaroni and cheese.

2. I would like to ride my bike places other than around my street. I planned on taking it to a nice park today but I can not get it in my car, as the handlebars are too big. My dad has a pickup truck which it fits in with no troubles, however it is not automatic so I don't drive it. Should I improve my shifting skills, get a thing to hold my bike on the roof of my car, or just never use it somewhere I would need to drive it to?

women playing men playing women (not victor/victoria)

although i do love that movie/show.

randomposting</div>just left a cool entry about James Barry, a 19th century doctor/surgeon who turned out to be a chick!  apparentely there was a movie in the works based on his life, and Rachel Weisz had been up for the part.

Well... she's a wonderful actor, but no way in hell can I picture her getting away with looking a man.

Any actresses you think can?

I think Cate Blanchet could. (she's lovely, but she could be made up as an interesting looking effeminate man)

(no subject)

The temps here in lovely Houston, TX are starting to creep into the 90's and by summer they'll be most assuredly unbearable.

When finding a parking space do you look based on the distance from the space to the store/mall/whatever, or based on how much shade you can find?

Personally, I don't care how far away the parking space is. If there's a nice huge tree shading it, I'll take the faraway space before a closer one.

(no subject)

Just moved into a new flat and kinda have a slight problem.......

Washing machine has no manual and unlike any machine I have had in the past, it doesn't have the cycles and corresponding numbers written on the front. Its a Anniston A145.

Can anybody help?!
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What should I do with my life?

I have no career path or interests whatsoever. Literally. I also have no skills.

Is there any job I can get that doesn't involve retail and that pays decently, so that I could make around $30,000 a year without working 75 hours a week?

I'm serious. I honestly have no idea what to do with my life, and I have no aspirations to do anything. I'm not even one of those people who wants to be a stay-at-home wife or anything. I have no career goals whatsoever. And I need to get a somewhat well-paying job soon, but I want it to be one that I don't necessarily love, but that doesn't make me want to kill myself like most of my other jobs have.

I'm too ugly to be a sex worker so don't even go there.

(no subject)

wht iz teh bst wy 2 cvr a ttto?

my mthr wl nt lt me gt a ttto, bt i gt 1 newy. my ttto iz abt sx"s lng & iz on my wrst. it iz a ttto-o-dstn dmnd frm clbrty ft clb & sm othr shws i hv nt wtchd yt, bt i wl bc i lv dstn dmnd so mch. i hd 2 immrtlz hm in a ttto, i dnt cr wht my mthr sez.

cn i cvr my ttto w/spry pnt???

EDTD 2 +++:
i ddnt thnk peeps cld b ne mnr thn teh peeps at ontd_trash bt i wz soo wrng

u gys r +++ lsr jrks-o-teh intrnt!
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Brought to you by this article...

Should people on the whole be expected to grasp basic technological terms?

If you're a part of a job that requires vast knowledge of many things, is it even more important for you to know what something as simple as a 'web site' is?

Is age an excuse to not know about the internet?

Is there ANY excuse to not know what a website is?! (Living in a country where there's no computers? Amish? Blah?)

(no subject)

How would I go about finding a female physician that handles female sexual dysfunction? Some of the local hospitals' websites just have department names, like gynecology. I don't really know what Human Resources does, but do you think they are equipped to handle a question like this?


I've been wanting to go running lately, but the shoes I used to run in (Adidas) are no buenoS(thank you!) and give me blisters on my pinky toes.  Ouch.

What shoes would you reccomend me purchasing (for comfort, durability, etc.)?  And about how much are they?

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The Question Club

Hey there--

According to my horoscope (on Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezny), I have to come up with three questions.

"The Only Three Questions That Count" is the title of a book by Ken Fisher. I'm stealing it to use as the theme of your horoscope. So your next assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to craft three essential questions that will guide your journey between now and the end of 2007. These queries should excite your natural curiosity about the life issues that matter most to you. They should be carefully and precisely formulated. And they should motivate you to keep your mind wide open and hungry as you hunt for more insight into your most bafflingly interesting mysteries.

If this were you, what questions would you craft?
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(no subject)

What would you do if someone blatantly copied everything you say/do/like/want etc.?

Claimed ideas as their own, repeated to people what you said as if they had thought of it, joined every online community/message board you were on, talked like you, etc.

I know it seems riduclous and very middle school but its actually affecting the way I do things and I fear that I am just going to explode and lose my temper in a very unreasonable setting to do so!
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

1) Besides "don't drop the soap" what advice would you give someone going into county lock up or prison for 30 or more days?

2) How many people have you met in real life, that you'd probably never have met if it weren't for LiVEJOURNAL?

3) Who do you dislike more: liars or thieves?

(no subject)

this has been edited coz of typos as my sisters computer sucks blonde haired, its long and i usually put pink and purple bits in it, like my side gettin fed up with it.what colour should i dye it? should i get it cut? if so how? there anything you should be doing rather than being on lj? many people have you slept with? would you consider a threesome? you and your bf/gf have a song? what is it? why is it your song?

(no subject)

I'm looking for someone in Florida (preferrably within an hour or so of Tampa) that could do some welding for me. Does anyone know of a shop or a person that might want to make some bucks doing this job?

(no subject)

1. While I'm staying at my friends' house, I'm trying to be a good guest and do my own dishes. But their sponge smells so strongly of must that it makes my hands smell if I touch it. (This isn't just an aesthetic problem; I have bad nasal allergies, and it sucks to be allergic to your hands.) How do people let their sponge get this gross without noticing and/or caring?

2. Let's say you're talking to someone who stutters. Is it more polite to let him get to a word on his own, or to prompt him when you think you know what he's going to say?

(no subject)

what are three longish books that would be great to listen to on a plane ride?

I'm thinking one of the harry potter books, All Things Great and Small, and perhaps collection hemmingway shorts, hmmm.

(no subject)

Who is your TQC Rival? You know... that person that always posts the comment you want to say,but before you get there. Always has snark for your posts. Tries on a daily basis to out-cool your icon.


So, I have a strong belief that "family" are the people who are there for you and treat you right...not necessarily blood related people.

I have a grandparents who I loathe with a passion because my dad's mother has brainwashed her husband. They both badmouth me and my brother although we're the most "well off" in life grandchildren they have.  She has talked bad about my mother my whole life (my parents are divorced now), and has continued to talk bad about me to my father for several years now.

In 2004 I decided to stop talking to her because I got sick of the superficial relationship, her whining, and her arrogance.  She invited my dad to Christmas dinner in 04 and I asked if I could go and she said "I'm too OLD to put down another plate!"...I havn't seen her since.  That was the last straw for me!  I started making my dad pies for his birthday and she thinks I"m doing it in spite of her (she quit making him pies for his birthday, so I picked up the slack cus I love my dad!), then she badmouthed me to my dad some more. My dad never sticks up for me when she does this (for sakes he didn't even learn to dress himself until he moved out of her house).  I sent her a wedding invitation which they completely ignored, but I only sent it to them because my dad asked me to.

My question is, do you think I should call her and try to repair this relationship? Is she just a hopeless old bat and it probably has nothing to do with me?  It really hurts my father that I have nothing to do with them and avoid them at all costs.  But I really want to stick a pencil in this broad's eye!

Do any of you have similar family members like this?

(no subject)

If someone says "This weekend wooo! I wonder if kandi is okay for this event", what do they mean? I'm thinking it is some sort of drug, perhaps ecstasy...but then again, doesn't crystal meth look like rock candy?

According to, it means "bracelets made out of chunky beads", but as this is a guy who said it, I don't think that's it...
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7 Random Q's

1) Anyone have any experience with bonded hair extensions? What are/were they like? How much did you or someone you know pay for them? Would you reccommend extensions?

2) I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks ... other than the usual gamble, club hop thing, what other things do suggest I do. I'm going with my boyfriend.

3) Did you watch Are You Afraid of the Dark as a kid?

4) If you had to move to a country other than where you currently reside, where would you go?

5) Do you have any characteristics pertaining to your personality that others would consider a flaw but you consider a quality? If so, what?

6) What's your dream job/career? Not including, I'd just be rich - blah blah ... you actually have to EARN your dough.

7) What will you be doing during the next 3.5 months?

Edited: to fix numbering haha thanks 60mph
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So TQC, why are you up at exactly 6:30pm?

EDIT: does it piss anyone else off when people write questions like the above, in which they assume everyone is in the same timezone?
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How the hell are ya, TQC?

Should you be doing something other than reading/commenting on LJ?

Do you like chocolate? Milk, white or dark? Do you have a favorite brand? Plain chocolate, or chocolate with peanut butter, nuts, etc?
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How can you get a copy of your vaccination records? I've tried looking around on google for ideas, but it wasn't any help.

If the state matters, I was born in North Dakota but was mostly raised in Michigan.
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Marge it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.

Okay, I just found myself in a slight pickle.

I was walking home from work when I ran into a friend. We aren't horribly close, met in a class, but we've had some good chats and went to lunch a couple of times. Anyway, he was telling me about this thing he was going to get involved with called Quickstar. The more he talked, the more sure I was that it was a total scam, but to be polite, I nodded and said it sounded interesting.

Of course I came home and Googled it--and yes, it is indeed a scam.

So since we aren't that close of friends, how do I tactfully tell him? He's a college student like me, so he doesn't have money to burn on this. I feel pretty awkward about this. What would you do in my situation?
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why are you guys so mean to people? does it give you a mental hi to be cruel to people you cant see? would you be so mean if the person was in front of you and could punch you in the face?


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So TQC, when you seea pregnant women smoking a cigarette, do you worry about her child? Do you think she will be a good mom and have her child's best interests at heart if she can't control smoking while the child is forming?
 What if it is a militant pro-lifer doing the smoking? Is that hypocritical?


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Yes I’m lazy

I’m sure I could look this up somewhere. Sometimes people post pictures in a LJ community and when you click on them it goes to ebay or an Esty shop. How do they do that?

Favorite use for left over turkey?

I like a sandwich with wheat bread, mayo and cranberry sauce.
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To the married/engaged/life-partner/etc members of TQC -

when was it you knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your significant other? because I've known this guy for four months, and I dream about being with him forever. I don't know if four months is too soon, or maybe I'm just experiancing the beginnings-of-relationship jitters.

questions/comments/concerns hit the comment button. :3

(also, i apologize if this is too personal a question.)
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tattoo artists' web sites

I'm looking for a particular tattoo artists website. All I recall was that it was a guy, it was not Paul Booth, I believe he had an Indian-sounding name (India Indian)that I think started with an A, and his work was amazing- he did work in all styles too, not just portraits or Japanese-style or any other one thing.

Now, I really doubt anyone could guess who that was, so I ask you- have you seen any tattoo artists' work that was amazing? If so, give me a link to their website.
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Paging Dr. LJ!

To those who have broken their nose:
We think our dog Tray broke my nose last night.

He and I were playing on the bed and he got excited and smashed into my face. HARD. Today the bridge of my nose is noticeably swollen and a little discolored, though according to Kevin, I'm not unattractive at all (dork).

It is also a little bruised and painful to touch or when I climb stairs or go on a long dogwalking adventure (what I'm trying to say getting my blood flowing makes it pulse) and it kind of feels like I have a headache in my nose even just sitting here.

Will the swelling go down or should I go to my ENT (who also does facial plastic surgery) for a check to make sure nothing is out of order? I've already got a deviated septum and it's a lot harder to breath today than it is normally because one of my nostrils is almost completely closed.

Does anyone have advice for me regarding this situation? Do I call my ENT tomorrow? It's no emergency, right(I'd really like to avoid going to the ER for this)? My husband seems to think I have 24 hours to fix it or I have to live with it but is he confusing a broken nose with stitches? Please help me Dr. LJ!

EDIT: I just got off the phone with the on-call doctor and after she caught her breath from laughing so hard, she told me to get in to my ENT in the morning for X-ray and to get this fixed because my septum is probably deviated since I can see the nostril wall closing off one side.

Too bad my nose has always been cute because she thinks I'm about to get a free (great insurance) nose job!
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What do you think would be the quickest, easiest way to kill myself? I don't want to to suffer or end up in a hospital with a tube stuck down my throat, i just want to end it. so, for anyone who has any ideas... it'd be nice. Don't suggest help lines, it's so stupid. All that will happen is that the population will go down one (yay!) and less people will have to listen to me bitching, and a few more people will have a story to sob about. whooo. And it has to be easy access, i do have access to much.

EDIT: Oh my god, nevermind. i think i'll just slit my wrists. you guys make me hate life even more.
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1. Where should I look for a copy of Mozart's Requiem without singing? All I can find is with singing, including itunes.

2. name 3 of your favorite artists. now, name three you hate.

3. how do you feel about bruce springsteen? if you like him, what is your favorite song?
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Did you cry at the end of that episode of Futurama (Jurassic Bark) where Fry's dog is waiting for him in front of the pizza parlor and he just keeps waiting and waiting?

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what could i do with a bingo marker (other than play bingo with it)?

i played bingo with a friend a couple weeks ago. and i'm pretty sure we won't be making a habit out if it. these suckers dry up fast.
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I've Googled and everything but can't come up with a site that has a map or list of sexual offenders in an area for Canada. I found the US one, but that obviously doesn't do me any good. Anyone know if there is one?

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1. What do you always have in stock fridge/freezer/cupboard wise?

2. Do you think inernet relationships/friendships are as important as real life ones? Can you care about someone as much even if you've never met them, and only chat via the web?

Lots of pasta/sauces, pesto, lettuce, baked beans, Various types of cheese, frozen peas, kidney beans, avocado.

Lol i'm a weird type..

2. I know you can get very close to people over the internet.. but surely not real relationship wise? You can never know how you really feel about someone until there's skin on skin contact. I'm in a very LDR and I hated the idea that we were losers keeping in contact over the net.. but it turns out not to be as weird as i thought. Skype has been a bit of a life saver really.
However, we didn't meet via the net it's just the only channel open to us keeping in regular contact. I know a girl who's been with her boyfriend for 2 years.. and.. wait.. they've never ever met they just talk on the internet and the phone.
Seems terribly odd to me.

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So TCQ, I have a dilemma.

This weekend is looking like it's going to be super boring. My husband is doing military stuff, my parents are leaving to visit my sister, and my inlaws are also leaving. I could possibly go with my parents, but they won't get back until Monday, and I would have to cancel my daughter's doctor appointment until another time.

So TCQ, should I stay home, or go with my parents to visit my sister?
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audio files

computer question:

How do I convert audio files from the MPEG-4 format (iTunes) to another format, such as .wav, .mp3, .wma, or .asf?

edit: I have dial-up connection, so downloading anything is out of the question. So I'm screwed, right?
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phone issues

i was just talking to my best friend on a cell phone and it cut out and started ringing as though i was calling someone. since then i've been listening to apparent one-sided cell phone conversations, hearing weird people speak about nothing really. eyedrops. borders. driving. whatever.

what the hell is going on/ what did he do ?
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I have self-diagnosed ADD. So here's some random questions for y'all!

1. Isn't store brand food just as good as name brand?

2. Do you use chopsticks when eating Asian food? What about food from your own country?

3. What is your favorite dipping sauce for chicken nuggets/strips?

4. What kind of cell phone do you have (make and model) and what company do you have service through?

5. Is the Wii really that awesome? I'm getting one soon, and other than Mario Party 8 (woo!), what game would you suggest as a multiplayer? Single-player?

6. letsplaygodie27, will you be my new LJ friend?

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Babysitting fee?

I just got asked to babysit from someone I don't usually babysit for. She emailed me, asking how much I charge. Should I say it's up to her or would that seem door mat-y? I believe she wouldn't want to cheat me because she is a very respectable and honorable person. 

Should I say $8/hour because I babysit for her best friend and that's how much she pays me? Usually her best friend gives me tip everytime, though. 

I'd feel bad for saying over $8 because she talks to her best friend a lot and it would be kinda mean to charge someone more than another.

Also, I will be babysitting one kid. Her best friend gives me $5/hour for one kid.



1. Have you ever seen your neighbors naked?

2. Have they ever seen you naked?
Possibly. I was getting ready to take a shower and discovered a tick on my side so I panicked and ran downstairs to look for a tweezers to get it off of me, and the curtains and blinds were all the way open. I looked out the window when I got back upstairs and my neighbor was in his garage. Obviously I will be avoiding him at all costs.

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ilu internets. I've got insomnia. My natural sleep cycle of 5am-3pm has resurrected itself and is doing battoru with my life schedule of 7:30am to 3:30pm. I can't sleep without pills, but the pills knock me out for a full day. And i'm in year 12. Not an option.

How the fuck does one survive, keep ones sanity, and retain reasonable learning abilities while catching little more then five hours sleep over a five day period?
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I Feel Pretty...

1. What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
2. What shampoo would you recommend for perpetually frizzy hair?
3. What is your skincare routine (what products for what and such)?
4. What would you recommend for skin that gets incredibly dry, but then gets oily patches and pimples?
5. Where do you most often get pimples?
6. Anything else you use for your "beauty routine"?
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Movie Q.

Shrek 3.... Tuesday, Noon-ish....

Two toddlers under 2 who could potentially be loud and obnoxious.

Inconsiderate to other viewers, or fine for that show and time?

Also an unrelated question...

Do you and your SO always hold hands when walking around; like at the mall for example, or even from the car to the store?

Space Cases

Do you remember the 90s kids/early teens sci fi show Space Cases? It was about five kids from different planets, who are in a space academy, and accidentally get sent through a wormhole on an alien spacecraft, with two of their teachers, and an android woman who came with the ship. Jewel Staite from Firefly was in it.  -series 1 song and clips, but not the actual original series 1 credits. I used this one because Jewel is in it.

And Australians: (heh) Do you remember Escape From Jupiter? Totally my favourite show ever at the time. That one was an Australian sci fi series, had really good special effects for the time, and was about a colony on Io, one of Jupiter's moons, that had to escape. And there's 5 kid main characters. It was a miniseries, and there was a sequel, Return To Jupiter.

before you sleep...

Poll #986262 snack with me.

Which of these things in my kitchen would you like for a late-night snack tonight?

dried mangoes
toast (whole grain only)
english muffin w/ butter and/or blackberry preserves
everything bagel w/ cream cheese
bowl of cheerios
2 barbecue ribs
dill gherkins
glass of ice cold sugar free chocolate milk
nothing, i would not eat from your kitchen
nothing, i don't take food from strangers
nothing, i am not hungry and don't feel like faking it just to enable your late-night cravings
nothing, nothing on this list does it for me
nothing, i am stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey
nothing, because you didn't offer pie
nothing. just...nothing.

Totally serious question.

I recently went on a "job hunt" (I need money for a personal trainer, maybe + driving lessons and down payment on a potential condo I may really want to rent a few months down the line!) and picked up like 20 or more applications at places at a nearby mall and shopping district I would be interested in working at. I haven't filled out any yet (too busy with modeling), but someone will be helping me turn them in tomorrow, so I'll deffo be filling them out tonight!

Tomorrow is also some job search convention, I think. I've never been to one so I don't know what's there or what that's like. I think I'll be checking that out as well so any tips on that also could be helpful. I just want money to cover any huge expenses I plan on racking up.

What should I be wearing to turn in applications? Pretty much everywhere I'm applying at is either a trendy clothing store or one of those stores that sells bath/skin products.

Bonus question:
What place do you think my "image" would work best at?
and what place gives the best pay + discounts + dress code?


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I'm going on two long flights soon (grandparents and Gathering of the Gargoyles, yay!) and I need stuff to keep me entertained during the flight. I'm gonna download the first season of Heroes (never watched it) and the second season of Weeds for my ipod. Does anyone have any good suggestions for audiobooks (preferably non-fiction)?
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So today, my favourite streaming site won't let me listen anymore cause I'm from Canada. Blasphemy! Such discrimination against us Canadian people!

...anyway, does anyone know of any good music streaming sites similar to Pandora?