May 15th, 2007

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MAC users

1) What antivirus sofware do you or would you use on your macbook?

2) Did your macbook come with antivirus software preinstalled?

3) Do you/Have you used Adium IM software?

4) What bag/case/holder do you have for your laptop? Do you like it? Where'd you get it?
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Resume Writing

1. I'm looking for a professional resume writer. How in the world do I determine if the resume writer is a good writer! Where would i find one?

If you've used one, I'm looking for recommendations. Any recommendations? (I'm in NYC.)

2. Do you tag others for memes when required? Who do you chose and why? I ask because I never get tagged. Ever.

3. What's the longest job search you've ever been on? What did it take to get hired? What do you do? Mine is at 7 weeks. :-(

(no subject)

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever fallen off of?
An alpine slide, or a golf cart.

2. What is annoying you right now?
Live Nation buying good venues and giving them stupid names. First it was Irving Plaza, and now it's the Gramercy Theater. It annoys me a lot more than it probably should.

3. I feel like I have a hair stuck in my throat, how can I get it out?! I have tried fingers, drinking, and eating. I have tried looking in my throat but I can't see much.

4. Is there a Chipotle in your area? If not, do you wish there was?
No =[ Yes!


1. Do you hate when people change the spelling of a normal name to make it special? (for example, Nicholas to Nikolaus or Christine to Kristine)

2. Do you hate when people make up names that sound like they were improvised? (for example, LaKisha)

3. Do you hate when people use regular words for names? (Cadence, Brooke)

4. Do you hate when people find obscure names from like Hebrew descent? (Oprah, Latifah)

5. What's the weirdest name you've ever heard of?

6. Lastly, do you have a "normal" name or one of these specially-modified ones?

The weirdest name I've ever heard of is a tie between LaTrina (just because I can't help but think of latrine) or Vernesser. 
My name is Kristine and it's kind of on the verge between the two.

PS-If this has been asked lately, if it has, I'm sorry, and I'll delete it.


(no subject)

Has anyone used Rhinocort Aqua for their allergies? If so, did they work for you?

I'm debating on whether to even bother with the stuff, I have some stashed on my shelf (not expired) and I'm getting terrible allergies right now.
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(no subject)

Why is playing hard to get so F*!@^& hard?!

i.e. I really like this guy, but he's the type of guy who will only make a move if I play "hard to get" (he's said this in general terms before). But I like him and its SO annoying and hard to hold myself back - because I'm waiting for him to make his move!

does anyone else experience this?

(no subject)

What is something you will never understand?(As in, you get how it works but it amazes you and always will)

I should edit to say that it always amazes me how something that needs 20+ minutes in the oven only needs one minute in a microwave. Its kind of disturbing.


What website would you recommend to buy awesome T-shirts from?

I have already looked at,, and
Im looking for something funny/cute.

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(no subject)

Do you have to join & pay for .mac service to keep the email address you signed up with?

I bought my Mac and began using the Mac email address but I'm not sure if I should pay $99 for the yearly services. I really don't use anything but the email.

i hate computers that won't compute!

okay. this is my first time posting to this specific community, so please be gentle.

i have a dell B130 with inspiron processor. i cannot complete loading computer games: they will load unto the last disk and maybe the last minute of uploading...and then stop. completely. i cannot use my quicktime player. i have tried playing with the settings, tried updating quicktime, tried downloading a new version, and have even deleted it completely and re-downloaded the player. no dice.

i'm thinking that the problems are related, but how? is there something wrong with my graphics card, or did i maybe shut something down by accident? please help!
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

US people: Did you vote today? (minor elections/primaries)

I did, but um, I had no idea who I was voting for. Usually I hit straight party ticket (Democrat, woot), but that wasn't an option this time, so I just voted for people whose names I liked, lol.

If you were in a situation where you saw an elderly man getting beat up by a carjacker in a liquor store parking lot during the day, would you do/say anything?

These people didn't.

Computer and gas

I got married a few months ago but haven't updated my e-mail account at work. My e-mail still says "Sarah *maiden name*" I would like it to say "Sarah *married name*". I'm running Mozilla Thunderbird for my do I go about changing my name information (so people get messages from my married name, not my maiden name)?

What's the weather like where you are at?

What are gas prices where you are at?

What city/state are you in?

Sip on presidents.

1. Do you think it is probable/ possible that the world is coming to an end soon?

2. Do you think it is fair to expect a receptionist to keep track of an office of 70 people - to know who is at the bathroom, who is in a meeting room, who went left, who went right, etc?

3. Ladies, have you ever had a pedicure?
    Gentlemen, have you ever let a chick put make up on you?

from a conversation w/friends this weekend...

Do you think once a woman hits her mid/late 20's her 'stock starts to decline'?


eta. I ask because my guy friends were giving me shit for being 25 this weekend (though they're all late 20's as well) and so I'm fairly sure by 'stock' it was meant to mean perceived value to society and/or future/potential mates. That's totally open to interpretation though. :)


They don't eat cows in America or Canada do they? I am going to go on vacation there and I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT. I know they sell cows for food on the streets in some western countries, and I would just die if I had to see that. Every website i've googled for this information has pictures of dead cows at these markets and such, that I don't want to see, so I'm not going to look this up on websites. Anyone know? thanks



Should I stay in Australia during my gap-year and save up money, should I save up money and go to a country for a holiday, or should I risk life and limb and hitchhike across the continents and embrace my inner scruffy backpacker?

Have being a backpacker, and if so, what were your experiences?

(no subject)

1)How well do you cope with stress (like at the time, not afterward)? Do you do anything to destress when you're feeling really pressured?
2)Do you think you could beat the Pope in a game of poker?
3)What do you feel you can give good advice on?

Intrauterine cannibalism

Two forms of within-the-womb cannibalism are known in sharks. The most extreme form of intrauterine cannibalism - in which the largest and strongest embryo actually consumes its lesser womb-mates - is termed "embryophagy" or, more colorfully, "adelphophagy" - literally "eating one's brother".

This is a question for you theists.   Is it blasphemous to think God is kind of weird?  I can follow the first of the 10 commandments and still get a little 0_0 at the wonders of creation...right?
Me--State Fair


I've got a zit--well, it WAS a zit--by the corner of my mouth. Since it's by my mouth, and I talk, eat, kiss, etc., it keeps getting re-irritated. It's scabbed over and keeps cracking and bleeding, and it's really gross. Is there anything I can put on it to speed up the healing process? I also want to keep it from scarring too badly. I've got tea tree oil and vitamin E capsules--when should I start putting those on it?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever made up a joke? (if so, what was it?)
2. Do you prefer stories with a punchline, or questions with answers when it comes to jokes?
3. Have you ever bought one of those "joke books"? [I have, they're actually really boring to read because you lose all the funny]
4. What's the funniest joke you've ever heard?
5. Isn't joke a strange word...
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(no subject)

When you're living with someone do you think it is rude for them to walk past you and go to bed without saying goodnight?

Said person is not a random, its a good friend or family member.

(no subject)

A large man armed with a pistol breaks into your home while you and your family/loved ones are there. You see them breaking in and have about 30 seconds before they reach you and your family. You assume this man is here to rob you and perhaps kill you and whoever else is in the house.

Knowing who you are as a person and what you have access to in your home within 30 seconds, What do you do?
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(no subject)

1- What's something you've been confronted with that you probably should have been scared of, but weren't for whatever reason?
2- Do you envy people who have no sense of fear, or worry about them?
3- What's the best adrenaline rush that you experienced in recent memory?
4- Do you like to scare the crap out of yourself for fun?
5- Do you like to scare your friends and/or family for fun? ("Hey honey, I'm pregnant, WITH QUINTS! haha, just kidding!")
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(no subject)

This is for those of you who have ever been prescribed sertralin (typically Zoloft).

Have you noticed that your body (particularly your hands) smells like onions? I've only been taking it for four days, but it's very noticeable and it won't go away.

No, I'm not going off my meds.
No, I'm not asking Dr. LJ for a diagnosis.
Yes, I will discuss this with my doctor, but I can wait two days as this isn't exactly an emergency. I was just curious.

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(no subject)

You stupidly drove off with your purse on the trunk of your car. You come to realize this only after you have reached your destination a good twelve or so blocks away.

1. What would you repeatedly shout as you sped back home, all the while searching the roads for your purse?

In my case, it was, "Oh my God!!!! My wallet!!!! My phone!! Oh my God!!!"

2. Would you cry just a little bit?

ETA: This happened awhile ago. I did find it. I also think I traumatized my son in the process.

(no subject)

When I was a kid there was an carnival ride made up to look like a flying saucer. It was one of those rides that spin fast and force you back in your seat, except this one was totally enclosed and didn't tip or anything. But inside it had padded walls that would slide up and down a little. There were no belts to strap you in and it spun so fast that you could stand sideways on the wall.

Has anyone else ever seen this ride or know the name of it? I wanna know if there is any ride around that are like that and still operating someplace.

(no subject)

When you go to a professional interview, and are told you'll be contacted within the next 5 days, is it correct to assume that they mean 5 business days?

What do you do in the extra free time during unemployment, while you're looking for a new job?

I had a great interview, with 3 different managers on the spot and was told I'd be contacted within 5 days (I heard them tell others 10), this was Friday. In the mean time, I've been cleaning like crazy, reading, and cooking but I hate not having a job.

PS - Thanks to everyone who told me to go to the gym yesterday. I did and I felt awesome. :)
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(no subject)

what is the war on drugs really about?

why are balls so squishy?

what kind of computer do you own?

what've you done so far today?

what song are you listening to?
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(no subject)

would you ever go to a movie by yourself?

what about out to dinner? (and it can't be fast food.. i'm talking about an actual sit-down restaurant)

what are the main cross streets at your job? reno & agnew.

what's one of the main highways/freeways where you live? I-40.

go to, click on images, type in your birthday (in 00-00-0000 format) .. link me to a picture that you like? Collapse )

2 weeks notice halp

So ages ago I planned a one week vacation, not knowing that when I returned I would have one more week at my job, then I would have to quit due to moving to another city. I'm kinda confused as to when I should give my 2 weeks notice. Should I...
1) Give it 3 weeks before my last day, cause the week I'm on vacation doesn't count as a work week...
2) Give it the day before I leave for vacation, leaving 2 weeks until my last day, one week me not being there...or
3) Give it 2 weeks before I go on vacation, 'cause it's kinda rude to say "I'm quitting but I'm going on vacay for a week bye!" And just have one week after I get back from vacation to pack and do whatever I need to before moving.

Thanks for any help you can give me. :)

(no subject)

Can anyone identify this made-for-TV movie?

A little girl is taken in by a family and she has frequent flashbacks of some guy (her biological father?) touching her crotch.

She frequently misbehaves. Punching her adoptive brother, breaking toys, touching some guy's (her teacher?) crotch.

I found it. It's called Child of Rage.

(no subject)

Inspired by some lunatics I work with...

What is a SEX BOMB?

Is that good thing?

I thought it was a "bomb" that went off while you were having sex and ruined the whole thing....


Thanks to all you who think I'M a sex bomb...but I'm more like a sex fire cracker......
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Cartoon ?'s

1) What's your favorite non-prime time/non-adult themed cartoon?

2) Which were (or are) better to you Saturday morning cartoons or the cartoons that came on when you got home from school?
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E-Bayed Phones

I've been considering purchasing a new cell phone from E-Bay. I'm looking at the prices, and it all seems too good to be true. Is purchasing an E-Bayed phone a bad idea? Anyone have any good or bad experiences regarding E-Bayed phones to share?
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Alternative Solutions

So we had a debate in ethics class today and I was on the side against the death penalty. I did fine except for when someone asked me about overcrowded prisons, and alternative solutions to making them less crowded, and though I can answer why its still wrong from the morality aspect of it, I want to know if there are solutions, or at least suggestions to how we can fix the problem, without the death penalty...

Oh, and though this is not a question about whether the death penalty is wrong or not, though people are more than welcome to debate it.

On a different note, I'm living in NYC city and I want to take some sort of martial arts/self-defense class. ANy suggestions as to what class to take and why I should take it?

trying to find a webhost

so i have questions for you all.

How much bandwidth should I sign up for if I'm expecting a max of 100-200 visitors a day? Normal traffic being 25-75 per day.

your recommendation for a cheap web hosting service (not free) for a personal (non-business) website that will probably have lots of pictures and maybe flash files and possibly a community forum.
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for those of you who know about herbs

I'm taking 300 mg of St. John's Wort. I was sleeping more for a while. I'm back to six or seven hours, but now I'm tired for hours on end after waking up. Plus, I no longer have the bursts of energy I used to have at work.

I thought St. John's Wort was supposed to make sleep more effective. Also, I've had more of a positive attitude, so I'm reluctant to give up on it.

Why is it making me tired?

Edit: The tiredness only started when I started taking it. Granted, supposedly the tannic acid in St. John's Wort can lower your iron levels.


1. What is your general view on jobs, having a job, having a lifetime career, etc?
IE, Is it an awesome thing that can support your needs while doing something you like, or is it a soul-crushing awful deed that must be completed in order not to rot off the face of the Earth? Something in the middle?

2. Do you like your current job?

3. Did/do your parents like their jobs?

Collapse )

Unusual questions

1. You're given a life-and-death power: you can bring Jerry Falwell back to life, in full health (he's not sickly in any way, meaning he's not going anywhere anytime soon), and in exchange for his resurrection, 2 child molesters die in his place. do you exert this power and bring back the Teletubby hater?

2. You meet the perfect person, so you think. S/he's everything you want: smart, funny, attractive, blah blah blah, AND, they 'get you'. However, the first night staying over at his or her place, they wet the bed. Turns out, your SO has had an incurable bedwetting problem for their whole life, which defies all attempts to control it. It doesn't even really matter if they drank much the previous night. Every morning, the bed's a puddle. Would you keep dating this person, or cut and run?

3. This one also has to do with bodily fluids. For $1,000,000, would you be willing to not change, remove, or pull up/down the clothes you're wearing now, for the next 10 days? No matter what, your pants cannot be pulled down, even if it is to use the bathroom. Even unzipping is grounds for disqualification. One million for 10 days of smelly, icky discomfort. Would you do it?

(no subject)

Mom goes to a club. Mom takes child with her and leaves him in the car for hours. Child gets tired or bored of sitting in car and gets out to walk around. Someone finds him and child is now in foster care. LINK

Do you think the mother should get her child back?
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Awesome songs

What are some awesome songs from any time period that people usually forget about but then when they hear them are all like, "Oh shit I love this song!"?

You know what I mean!

Help for the heart broken....

My co-worker can back from leave yesterday.
She was supposed to get married...but the groom never showed up...
Now she's all sad and do I cheer her up?
Tell her better now than later?
Tell her that her fiance is a scum bag?
Bang the ba-jeebus out of her in the back of the patrol car late one night?
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(no subject)

okay, since no one had any answers to my question earlier today about LJ widgets...

if you have a bunch of lists of things, and you want to find out which lists are most like other lists, how would you going about doing it? assume the lists are too long to conveniently go through and compare one-by-one.

I know this question is fairly abstract, but I'm running out of ideas...

But I'm making potato salad!! And corn on the cob!!

I work on-call and my employer calls me from 8:30-10am to inform me if I am working that day. They didn't call this morning and so I planned a large family BBQ for this evening. They called me half an hour ago and asked me to come in at four, and I freaked and accepted. I then freaked out again and called back fifteen minutes later telling them that I couldn't get my car to start. They called back five minutes ago telling me they couldn't find someone to fill the shift yet, and I told them the car still wasn't working and I still couldn't make it.

If this was you, would you feel bad? Should I feel bad?

They have many employees.

Okay question club, time to be parent for me

Here is the background that you need to answer the question:

My daughter is 9. Too young and (as you will be able to tell) too immature for contacts. She wears glasses.

She is reading a year behind her peers because when she doesn't wear her glasses (which is often, hence the coming question) she can't see to read very well.

I have bought 6 pairs of glasses that she has 'lost' over the past two years. I am on SSI, and I can't afford to replace them at 100 bucks plus a pop. Other things, like good food to eat were not had because we had to, yet again, buy her new glasses.

Just as a side note, she is very popular in school, makes friends easily, has many friends. She also wears braces. She said she is not being teased about her glasses (she was initially isn't now).

Here is my question. 4 out of 5 school days, despite my telling her multiple times to wear her glasses, to put them on. I find that she doesn't put on the glasses or takes them off as soon as she gets to school.

She has been put on restriction, and priveledges have slowly been taken away, so that now, all she can basically do for the next two weeks, is read, do homework and play quietly inside. No tv, video games, computer time... nothing. She is on restriction to the house for the glasses and for stealing something. Previously we tried her EARNING extra priveledges for wearing her glasses. That didn't work.

Today, she didn't wear her glasses AGAIN.

This is not a matter of forgetting. She is willfully disobeying me. She is told her put her glasses and wear her glasses at school and she isn't doing it. She is falling further and further behind because of it.

So, dear question club. Parents or not. I ask you. What should I be doing differently to help her to wear the glasses?

What did your parents do to make you wear your glasses?
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(no subject)

1. what are some of the characteristics most of your SO's have shared? Collapse )

2. if you know exactly what you want out of life and strive for exactly that, you will get exactly what you want. t/f?

3. we all now how popular PICTURE posts are in here, do you think we'd get the same response if there was a request for BODY pictures of all of the members in TQC?

4. what's the tv lineup for tonight look like for you? Collapse )
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(no subject)

what is the most out of character thing you've ever done?

one time, in high school, my friend and i were bored while doing homework so we wrote fake notes on a piece of paper between two friends named anna and liz (made up, imaginary people). the notes included sex acts they wanted to perform on their boyfriends and things along those lines. we had no shame. and then (and i don't remember how we came up with the idea) we decided she would "accidentally drop" the paper on top of one of our teacher's desk. the next day in class, she found it and read it out loud to the class. she was the type of teacher who loved to gossip with her students so the whole class was freaking out and this poor girl, her name was liz and the teacher thought she was one of the writers of the note.

anyway, no one would ever have guessed i had anything to do with it because i was the ultimate "good girl." but it was hilarious!


(no subject)

1. favorite musical?
2. favorite showtune from that musical?
3. favorite showtune in general?
4. what's your opinion on andrew lloyd webber?

5. AND/OR... if you don't like musicals, why not?

6. and... what's your opinion on the reality tv show "you're the one that i want"?

(no subject)

In school we watched a documentary about the Blair Witch Curse and now I am completely confused.

In the Blaire Witch Project movie, the kids that were in it, did they really disapear? They were just actors right?

Because we all love vegan questions

Can a diabetic who is dependant on external insulin be vegan? Am I correct in thinking that there's no vegan method of producing insulin?

If insulin can only be produced by animals, does anyone have any experience of someone who declared themselves vegan although they still used insulin? How did they rationalize it?

(no subject)

You're at a bar talking up an attractive man/woman. You like this person, and they seem to like you too. They suggest going back to your place and you happily take them up on it. When you get home, however, they reveal that they are a prostitute and demand payment. What do you do? Serious or non-serious are both welcome.

My brother is going through a phase where music is his lyyyyyfe. He never takes off his headphones, even at dinner, and is constantly blasting j-pop as loud as the speakers in his room go. If I tell him to turn it down or stop shoving his headphones in my face to hear another horribly remixed version of an already sucky song, he gets mad and yells about freedom of expression and nobody understands meeee. What would you do in this situation TQC?

(no subject)

Have you ever felt like not explaining yourself and let the other person assume the worst about you?

Sometimes I feel like not explaining myself and let them assume the worst about me. It's not that I don't care about what others think, but sometimes I just want to see if they would still accept me if they believe that about me.

Example: People reacted like they feel sorry for me for not going to prom. I think they assumed that I didn't go because no one asked me, therefore I must be a loser. Someone did ask me, but I didn't say that. I just said that I didn't go. I could have made myself sound way cooler.

That's a lame example, but that's the only one I can think of now.
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(no subject)

1) What do/did you parents do for a living?
2) Do you have any siblings? If you do, do you wish you didn't? If you don't, do you wish you did?
3) Why do people think it's weird that I only want one child?
4) How fucked up would it be if we made kittens and horses and puppies fight in battle arenas so we could win badges and stuff?

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(no subject)

1. Do you honestly think a hardcore Conservative and a hardcore Liberal can have a long, successful marriage?

2. Why are the winds of Dublin, CA tearing apart the "For Sale" sign in my front yard?

3. Have you ever heard of selective mutism (no one had in my psyc class today)?

4. If you are a fan of rap/hip-hop, do you think Dr. Dre's Chronic album is one of the best, if not the best in the history of the genre (a presentation in class today proposed this idea)?

(no subject)

Do you have a creepdar*? How sensitive is your creepdar? And do you listen to your creepdar?

*Creepdar here meaning the sense of unease, suspicion, neck-prickling 'I don't trust this person' sense.
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Which of these things have you done while driving?

Talk on your cell phone
Put on makeup
Turn around to talk to your friends/kids
Have someone give you a sexual favor, you dirty slut
Read a magazine/book/papers
Change cds/radio stations/flip through your iPod
Change/put on clothes
Not wear your seatbelt!?
Not wear your glasses (If your license says you need them)!!!

Some other ridiculous thing that I cant think of?

Did you ever get pulled over/ticketed for doing any of these things?

And OT- but anyone who has Avril Lavinge's new cd.. does she swear in any of the songs? My copy sounds edited (A couple times she says "Shhh" when its really obvious its supposed to be shit, for example) but I dont know if its supposed to be like that. :(
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Projekt Revolution question...

Hey does anyone know of a good RELIABLE site that knows just which acts wll be at which tour dates? I heard about the show on the radio the other day and they only mentioned four of the acts and I'm curious if there will be any others at the northern California dates...I'm really REALLY hoping that HIM will be at one of the shows. So yea anyone know? The official site doesn't list date by date...

Projekt Revolution
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(no subject)

1. Let's say you're pretty sure someone is talking about you to someone else and they're not far from you, maybe on the other side of a room. You're also pretty sure it's not a good thing but you can't really hear what they're saying. Would you say anything (just to show you know they're talking about you or just to be snarky) or just ignore it?

2. Let's say you're with your s/o and they either start to sing a song to you or a song comes on during a moment that could very easily become one of "your songs" or one of those that you associate with your s/o. Now let's say this is a song that you already have associated with a prior s/o. Would you care? Would you tell your current s/o? Let it become a song for you two now?

3. If a friend and/or co-worker who follows a religion that you do not follow invited you to an event at their place of worship (a church, a synagogue, wherever) would you go?

(no subject)

1. were you the school bully or the bullied?
2. have you ever been cheated on or the cheater or 'cheatee'?
3. what's your favourite 'pumped up' song?
4. motley crue or aerosmith?

my answers:
1. a bit of both. my first years at high school, i was a 'problem kid' and didnt really bully anyone badly, just was pretty disruptive and rude. i did used to barge past this girl in the hallway though and call her names because my friend didnt like her. later on at high school we were really good friends.
2. i was the unknowing 'cheatee'. i was with some guy who had claimed to have broken up with his girlfriend. turned out to be a pack of lies.
3. metallica - ain't my bitchAHHHHHHH!
4. im a crue head for life! cannot stand or see the appeal of aerosmith at all.
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It's about the guy and the place and the thing...

I have a question about a kid's show I used to watch, but I can only provide some (very bare minimum) information. It was kid's show from the early 90's. The premise was this: a boy and his pet robot spent all of their time in their funky basement. It had eclectic machines that could beam in well-known historical figures from the past and present; they usually got in trouble and had to clean the basement up before the parents got home. He had a snotty older sister who called both him and the robot "cellar dwellers," and the robot sported a stereotypical surfer-dude personality.

What was the show called??? This will drive me crazy until I get the answer. Was it called "(Someone's) Basement" or "(Someone's) Cellar?" Argh. Can someone please help me with this incredibly useless trivia?
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1) What was the best place you have had a holiday?
2) What really stood out about the place?
3) What were the locals like to get along with?

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I need a job.

So my aunt keeps telling me I should get a summer job in an office because I hated retail so much. Where should I be looking for this type of job? I've been looking in an assortment of places with little to no luck. One big problem is I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for. A lot of them don't list any requirements or qualifications, and I don't think places are throwing jobs at 19 year old college kids with extremely limited work experience, which is what my aunt seems to think. So what type of office jobs should I be looking for? Or is it as hopeless as I think?

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Have you ever rejected all, or at least most, of your friends internally? I'm rejecting everyone at my high school and I feel so bad about it. I hate that so many people at my school will be going to the community college I'm going to after high school. I feel like I don't truly connect with anyone and they're all just acquiantances. I hate the frivolous small talks. I dislike their mentality that all these school events are oh so important. I'm excited for the future.

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1. What do you think of child leashes?
I wore one as a little girl because I had the tendency to be ninja like in my ability to slip away. I remember liking it because it meant I didn't have to hold mom's hand (it tired my arm like nothing else) and I never felt bothered by it because my mom had to wear the velcro bracelet on the other end. I still lose my mom in the mall and I'm 25 :(

2. I loved Jem as a little girl... for those of you that watched it also, did you ever get annoyed at Jerrica's constant whining about Rio being attracted Jem, or Kimber's complaints when she would schedule two men for a date at the same time?
Even being 5-6 I remember yelling at the TV "Just tell him your secret identity already and quit whining!"


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I found this recipe for chocolate chip cookies and being the idiot I am, I didn't read the recipe completely, I just skimmed it. One of the ingredients was "bread flour" which I didn't notice and instead I used all purpose flour. I figured "all purpose flour" is all purpose, so it won't be a big deal, but I'm a little paranoid.

Do you think the cookies will turn out okay? Is my friend going to die when she eats these? Should I feed them to my worst enemy instead? : ] Feel free to give ridiculous answers
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Scratched my eyeball today. I think my contact had something to do with it.

What should I do to make it feel better when I close my eyes?

Where the hell are my glasses?
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Hay guys, I'm soaking wet in a library. What should I do? Shake my hair out on the books? Sleep here overnight, to not die of a cold? Tralala?

I need you guys to make these IMPORTANT decisions for me! :(
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more mower missives mandatory;

So, I killed my lawn mower today. Or rather I think it committed suicide because the grass was so feckin' long!
So, clearly I suck at lawn maintenance, and have a stooopid gardening NooB question;
what ARE strimmers for? Are they better for ridiculously long grass? Should a mower be able to cope with a jungle (figuratively speaking). What type of replacement grass cutter should I get?
Help, please?
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What do you feel about this?

Don't you hate that new trend where girls have their boobs chopped off and become men? It's so eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww. I knew a girl I was best friends with at one point who did this. Like, she was a girl and then she moved and now on her Myspace - POOF! - she's a guy, and he has pictures of himself topless on a skateboard.

But now it seems it's happening with more and more girls! They are having their boobs cut off and becoming guys. I really don't get it. Girls are so pretty with big boobs and one of the great joys of being a guy is having a really big one down there you know and you just can't get that by cutting your boobs off. This trend seems really, really sad. Being around backstage at fashion shows where there are those weird scene shemale trannies doing makeup has made me think about this again. Like, guys having their penises cut off is so bad, but girls getting their boobs cut off is soooo wrong!

What do you think about this trend?

and also, what's that new thing scene people are doing where they have their ears heavily stretched in a ring around those gigantic plug things? That also looks bad. What happens when they take it out? Is it just a giant hole? ew

+ Would any girls here consider getting rid of their boobs to "be" a guy? Why or why not?
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Favorite downloading program?
Limewire, Bearshare, etc.

And you know how when you have earphones plugged into a laptop and you have your music going, and the music goes in and out and fades unless you push the plugged part in?

How pissed off does that make YOU? It makes me pretty annoyed that unless I hold it in, it goes in and out.

Summer in 4 more days. :]
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TQC, help me!

So I got a job at Borders for the summer, and I have training on Thursday. And I have no idea what to expect.

1. Has anyone ever worked at Borders who might remember what their training was like? How long it took, etc.? I guess it doesn't really matter but I would be interested to hear.

And more importantly...

2. What am I gonna wear?! Does anybody know what the dress code is like at Borders? Or failing that, what would you suggest for a first day there if you had to guess? I went out and bought some new clothes but I'm not sure if the outfit looks okay and if it'll be a good thing to wear.

Collapse )

I realize I'm stressing way too much about this and being a total girl, but any opinions will help! Thanksss.


If you're at a party and just met someone but noticed that she had a booger hanging out of her nose, what would you do?

This happened to me on Saturday and everyone at the party didn't really know her either. I'm sure everyone noticed but, like me, didn't feel comfortable telling her. Her boyfriend was the host of the party but he was running around frantic, cooking, etc. In fact, he didn't seem to mingle with the guests very much and I didn't even get to really talk to him, or else I would've told him, "Hey, tell your gf to wipe her nose."
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It sucks but its not the end of the world!

What do you all recommend I do about someone who doesn't take criticism well? Such as a song they wrote and performed and when you are asked what did you think - If the response is anything less than great the person gets all depressed, rejected and a total ass for 20 minutes because they "suck". Arg!

The person would happen to be my husband and it gets annoying. It's just not me who notices it; our mutual friend as spoken to me about it. In his case it's music videos they make. The world might exploded in my hubby's mind if his idea is rejected!

I am getting tired of lying to him when something he shows me does stink, but I know it's easier yo say great! Any advice? The prob is I am not a musician so he'd likely want reasons why, which I can't give. However if it's writing I can pick at in more detail, which he also seems to hate because “He's not the writer, I am so why does even bother!?”
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Halp the Loozer.

I am the municipal liaison (cat herder) for my city for Script Frenzy and right now the interest is pitifully small. 

They give us a ready made press release to send out, but how do I do this?

I'm a writer, not a publicist!  I am lost!  And shy!  And a delicate flower!

I don't get paid for this, or any recognition, or any good sex (god, why am I doing this?) so I don't think this would break any self-promotion rules, but let me know if I am and I will remove the post instantly.
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Gilmore Girls is over. It was the last show that I really watched new episodes of. I sort of watch House, but I forget it's on more often than not. I used to watch Top Model, but it sucks even worse now.

What TV programs should I watch?
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I saw a comedian on tv the other day, and I thought he was great. However, I didn't catch his name. So I'm hoping that if I give a description someone will be able to tell me who he is.

He was:
-Black (a light black -- man I hope that description doesn't offend someone for some reason)
-Had a bit of an afro
-Round, sort of silly looking glasses
-Was a cop in Texas

One of his punch lines was "problem solved". Another of his jokes was saying that the police department was so small that the dispatcher was also the DJ for the local country station.

If anyone can tell me who he is, that would be great. Thanks!

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from your experience, what's the most effective way of getting rid of blackheads?

did you hear about the kid who had spiders crawling around on his eardrum? he kept hearing a crackling noise before they were discovered living in there.
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Beast mode!

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My roommate fucking canceled the TiVo recording of the final Gilmore Girls! The CW website does not have the episode on there for viewing. Where can I find it?

Edit: Got it. A friend of a friend in California is flying here in two days so they're taping it and bringing it for us. Yes, Gilmore Girls is serious business.

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Would you be offended if someone said that you get good grades because you try really hard, not because you're naturally smart? And then compares you to someone whom they think is gets good grades easily and doesn't have to try as hard as you?

Tell me how you would feel about this?

Lins Lohan

Did you guys hear that Lindsay Lohan has been voted “the hottest woman in the world”, according to US magazine Maxim.

What do you think of that?

Snarky comments encouraged!
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1. Where can I find 20's flapper style clothing that isn't absurdly expensive? (Boyish figured woman here)

2. To what are you allergic?

3. What's your favourite type of chocolate?

4. To what new singer/band should I listen?

5. What do you think about people who speak dead languages? (ETA: Languages like Latin and Old English are considered dead, no matter that people know them.)
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This community has helped me a ton, with a lot of different things. So come on TQC, don't fail me now!

We recently adopted a stray male Siamese. He literally weighs 25 lbs, and we've really fallen in love with him. Our kitten loves him too, which is why this situation sucks so bad.

Ever since we moved into our new house, he's been refusing to use the litterbox. Instead, he pees and poops next to it, on the concrete basement floor. The only thing we can come up with is that he was an outside cat before, and since the basement has a kind of earthy smell, he thinks he can go wherever the hell he wants.

Have any of you had a problem with this sort of thing? What can I do to re-train him to use the box? Are there any products that you would suggest? Is a trip to the vet necessary?

We really, really don't want to get rid of him. He's such a joy to have around in every aspect...but this one. D:
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You get to magically switch your gender, for any amount of time, and get to change back to your original gender with no consequences. How long would you switch for, and what would you do?

I can't be mean. Even if I have someone threatening me I can't be mean. Any tips on getting myself more of a backbone?

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This drives me crazy every time.

On the cell phone commercial where the little girl is using "texting slang" to her mom (IDK, my BFF Jill etc.), what is the very first thing she says? I can't figure it out! The subtitle is "what's up?" but I can't for the life of me figuring out what words are coming out of her mouth.
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