May 14th, 2007



I eat my Doritos with chopsticks so I don't get the cheese everywhere.

Everyone I know thinks this is wierd.

So, wierd idea, or good idea?
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harry potter

Hey hey, you you!

How do you find new music?

When you discover a new band/artist, do you share it with the rest of the world, or do you keep it hidden so that no one else can become obsessed with them?

How many cds do you own?
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(no subject)

1) does anyone here watch survivor?
2) if you do, what do you think of the way it ended?
3) who do you think should've one won out of the final three?
4) does anyone else think that yau man should've won?

5) what do you do when you're just chilling at home and suddenly get really cold?

edited because i fail at homonyms.

am i dead?

(no subject)

Have you had any bad experiences shopping online? What were they?

Have you had any issues buying from Glarkware or Threadless specifically?

Advice about shopping online? How about idea for convincing technologically retarded old farts the internet is not a scary place with perverts and scams at every corner?
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(no subject)

1) How superstitious are you?
2) What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
3) If you could invite any 5 people (alive or dead) for dinnner who would you pick?
4) What would you serve them to eat?
5) What are you thinking right now?
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) I have some beef marinating in Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and steak seasoning at home. I'm trying to decide if I should make it into a salad, and if so, either a salad with bleu cheese, or an Asian salad. What would you put into each salad?

2) Why is my right eye all irritated and annoying? How can I fix it? I don't have eyedrops. :(

3) Who is the most e-famous person you can think of on LJ?

4) Who would you say is the most e-famous LJ person?

5) I'm auditioning for Grease tomorrow night. Do you think I will get cast as Jan or Rizzo, if at all?

home sick

1.  any one else home sick today?

2.  does any one feel guilty when they call out sick, even if it's legit?
(I do. I have a fever today, well... according to the Mom-mometer anway, and a legit sore throat etc, but i still feel guilty LOL)

3.  anyone seen both of the Truman Capote bio pics and care to let me know which they prefer?

4.  any cool collections and a favorite within the collection??  
I have a teapot one I just started, and my favorite is the Alice in Wonderland set.

and lastly, a Daily Show question:

5.  What are your opinions on the current correspondants?
I like Rob Riggle and Jason Jones a lot.  Actually Dan B and Samantha B are also usually hilarious.  And so is John Oliver, so I guess all I can say is Aasif're cute...but you gotta step up on the funny, cause it ain't doin' it for me.  And it is too bad none of them can compare to Steve

Have you ever heard of the 39 steps ?

Hihi TCQ, How are your days going?

A while ago I asked if anyone knew how to download videos from sites like & I was directed to a very useful firefox add on but unfortunately this will not work for anything on tv-links :(

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to in /home/.decca/javimoya/ on line 434"

Can anyone help out ? It would be EXTREMELY helpful if someone could tell me how to download from there, they have about half of the movies I am studying for my film studies exam ! (which is next tuesday :'( )


Just so this isn't a boring technical only post,

What is your favorite movie ever ?
A: At the minute mine is a film called C.R.A.Z.Y.

(no subject)

When I got my license in NYS in 1997, I didn't need to list my hair color, just my height and eye color, which was a blessing because my hair color changed frequently and I would have had no idea what to put (natural color? a color my hair would be only for about six months at the most?).
Now I have moved to Virginia and they have the dreaded question on my license application. I am stuck. My natural color is light ash blonde, this silvery/grey color I hate (this is why I've been dyeing it for so many years), but for the past three years I have been dyeing it bright, natural auburn. It looks real, and I plan to keep dyeing it that color for years to come. The picture on my new license will, of course, have me with bright red hair.
Of course I'm going to ask at the DMV, but I wanted to know:

What would you put in the "Hair Color?" space if you were in my situation?


Does your state ask for hair color?

If so, what did you give as your answer, and is it your natural hair color?

If no, are you relieved?

(no subject)

How important do you think the college you choose is to your future? I'm about to start going to a pretty good school in Illinois, although someday I'd like to be an actor and maybe live on either the east or west coast. Part of me wonders if I should have applied to schools in big urban areas in either of those locations.
hannibal skull


Someone sent me this quote in email this AM.

"My pleasure is beer, and this creates urine. Your pleasure is smoking, and this creates poisonous fumes. Don't pollute my air space, and I promise not to piss on your desk."

Do you think this is an effective slogan for an anti-smoking campaign?

(no subject)

Does it annoy you that they changed the name of the personalized Google home page to be "iGoogle"?

When you get a blister, do you pop it, or wait for it to go away?

I have a paper clip, 3 inches of wire, 3 pens, and some paper. What is something MacGyver style I can do?
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(no subject)

1. if you could add a word to the dictionary, what would would it be and what would its definition be?

2. have you ever been to the opera/play/musical/ballet? what'd you see?

3. whenever you wash your car do you go thru the "drive-thru" carwash or do you wash it yourself?

4. am i the only weird person that has to have her checking account at an even #?! say it's 345.71, i will spend 45.71 on something (maybe on gas 25.71+20) so that the balance will be $300 even. whenever i get gas i only get whatever will lead to my account being an even number.
i say, old bean

(no subject)

based on my really odd dream:
can anyone get their nipple severed right down the center?

how would you go about fixing this problem?

what would you fill the hole in your chest with?

anyone want to tell me why i had that dream?

what'd you dream, if anything?

(no subject)

I want to print out an Ebook that I just got, but it is WELL over 200 there somewhere I can go to get it printed for me?? I don't have enough ink, or paper. It's ok if I have to pay for it.

What was the last thing that REALLY dissapointed you?
Do you like corn muffins?
Born American

(no subject)

So, I attended strict, private Catholic schools for 10 years, until I left to a public school after I was suspended in Grade 9 (I was reprimanded for wearing open-toe shoes and suspended because I shot back with "But Jesus wore sandals") Through Facebook, I have come in contact with about 30 or 40 kids from those schools and TWO are still listed as Catholic. The rest are Atheists and Agnostics. I consider myself one or the other, I haven't yet figured it out.

Many of these people are now bitter toward organized religion. So my question is, what could make everyone turn away? Could it be the schools, the fact that we read more of the Bible than an English text, because it was so strict, all of the above? Or maybe our families?

Were you raised with one religion and later converted as an adult?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I need desperate help.
Remedies for curing the pain of a killer ear infection?!
I have drops and antibiotics and tylenol 1's aren't doing anything for me.
So any special home remedies and such?
C'mon TQCers, you must save me!

been to the docs, got the drops allready. He wouldn't give me pain killers though, thats the problem :(
bowie bright

(no subject)

OW. OW OW OW. DAMMIT.  I was chewing on the tail end of a comb and now I have plastic wedged in my teeth.  Oral fixation FTL.

What less than brilliant move have you made today?

(no subject)

Should I go to the campus gym today? I'm feeling a little hefty. :(

Pros: It's included in my tuition, and much less crowded in the summer. I can run without being yelled at by douchebags on the street. I can also drop off some paperwork and pick up a refill on my medication.

Cons: I would have to buy gas, and then find street parking. I have also never used it before.

Does working out around other people bother you? How do you get over that?

It makes me extremely self-concious.

(no subject)

I get irritated because people often assume I'm much younger than I am. I'm 23, on the verge of 24 and I still get people thinking I'm in high school.  It really annoys me!  Does anyone else get this? Does it annoy you?

Yesterday I took my mom out to lunch and a booth in the bar opened up before the regular portion of the restaraunt.  The gal seating us asked me if I was 21 (it didn't even matter because minors are allowed in the bar to eat prior to 10 p.m.).  I was the only one she asked! She didn't ask my husband or anything...grrrr!!!!

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If you have the same thing happen to you, will you post a picture of you and your age?  What do you think I could do to look my age?

Indecesive time of day

1. What do you think about guys who wear capris?
2. Or roll their pants up to make them into capris?

3. I just got a new tv ( )
And I want to get a new DVD player, What is the best kind out there that would work for my tv, something with HD compatibility, that won't make the sound fuzzy which our current DVD player does. I dont know if I want just a straight DVD player or one with something else too, we DON'T have cable, which we think is why we can't record on our VCR rightnow.
Any ideas?
Any specific brands/ models?

4. I can't decide Window airconditor or fan?

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5. How was your mothers day?
6. How was your weekend?
7. What kind of flowers do you plant?

Just a question. Yes Or No.

1. Do you believe the Civil War was because of slavery?
2. Do you believe the Iraq war is about oil?
3. Do you believe smoking causes cancer?
4. Do you believe evolution is a fact?

5. Is the way you believe primarily black and white or do you think it is more complicated than that?

(no subject)

U.S Postage went up to 41cents today. do you think thats a lot to send a letter? i do, considering it just went up last year.

i heard its bad for dogs to have chocolate. is that true? why?
my boyfriend and i are "dog-sitting" his grandmothers 7 or 8 month old puppy. It's a Miniature Greyhound, so its a petite little thing. This morning when i got out of the shower i went into my room and saw that she had jumped onto our bed, and got at the candy that was on the desk next to the bed. She ate about 4 regular sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (or at least thats all i found the wrappers for), and i caught her chewing on a jelly bean, which i took away from here. My boyfriend had already gone to work and forgot his phone at the house. so i left it with my mom who doesnt know much about dogs.  Any idea what will happen to it? Is there anything i should call my mom and tell her?

Has your pet ever eaten anything it shouldnt have? what happened? what did you do?

so i'm back to the velvet underground

(no subject)

Dreamgirls - One Night Only:
Jennifer Hudson

I'd say I much prefer Jennifer Hudson, since, y'know, her singing ability blows Beyonce out of the ball park.
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Simpsons--Homer explains dumping someone

whoa, it's hot in TQC today!

As a distraction from all the fiery stuff going on today, here's a nice, normal question that I haven't seen for a while (and forgive me if I'm wrong):

What do you do for a living?

I'm a full time student at the University of Northern Iowa (French major, women's and gender studies minor), and I work part time at KUNI in the news department and board opping.

What's the weather going to be like for you today?

It's going to be pretty damn hot here for this time of year.
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(no subject)

I dropped my external hard drive from a height of less than a foot off the ground. Now when I turn it on it makes a regular buzzing sound, like the busy signal on a phone, and doesn't register in my computer. Have I completely ruined it, or is there some way to fix this?
dean - i'm batman

(no subject)

Yesterday I was talking to my mother about periods and sex for some reason, and she said how one of the good things about period sex is that you can't get pregnant. She then proceeded to tell me that there are only three days out of every month that you can get pregnant. Obviously I explained that you can get pregnant any time of the month, although it's more likely at some times than others and she seemed amazed that she never knew. I wonder how she's gone this long having only had three children if she didn't know this!

When was the last time you knew more than your parents about something that they really should've known about?

Applications and such.

So. I really really really want to work at Hot Topic. I recently quit my office job and I'm looking for a more entertaining less soul crushing option. Hot Topic was an obvious choice.
I went to their website and printed out an application, I filled it out and went to turn it into the store (on Tuesday May 8th) where I want to work. I turns out that they are hiring, so that was convenient.
I went into the store, and it looked like the only one working was the manager and she was busy, so I waited politely off to the side until she was done. Our conversation went something like this:

Dulce: Hi, I saw outside that you're hir...
Manager: Yes, we are but we ran out of applications
D: Oh, well I brought an application from home, is it alright if I leave it with you?
M: ._. oh. Yeah, sure.
D: Thank you :] *walks out*

I was really disappointed with my chances there, I mean she looked like she was going to rip it up and throw it out. THEN there's the issue that I didn't actually sign the application because my printer didn't print that part out and I didn't notice. I signed the part where I am authorizing for a background check and such, but not the application itself. Oh man.

So before it gets to tl;dr proportions, Question Club, my question is this:

What do I do?!

Should I call the store and follow up? Or wait here patiently for them to contact me??

I really don't want to go out and look for another office job :[

Does this mean it's angry or possessed?

So my computer screen is now red. I can still see and do everything, but it's like someone pasted one of those old red lens filters over my screen. When I try to adjust the colors the monitor's menu is in normal colors, and nothing I do seems to help.

So my questions:

1.What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you on a computer?

2. Anyone have any clue how to get the red out? (Maybe Visine...)

(no subject)

1. Let's say you had sex with a guy you didn't really like, ended up falling pregnant.
Would the idea of an abortion hurt a lot less because you didn't care about the guy, compared to getting rid of a baby who's father was someone you did care about & did love?
I mean they're both 50% you...

Sorry if that's worded a bit strangely, I hope you all get what I mean.

The odea of abortion always upsets me (pro choice though) but yes. It would be a lot harder because there would always be the feeling of.. what if we could have made it work.

2. Favourite talk show host? and why..


Have you ever been told that you're not nice enough?
Has it happened more than once?
Have you tried to change your behavior because of it?

Did he deserve an email from me?
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true love?

1. do you love TQC to the point where if it was an actual person of the preferred sex that you'd say "ABSOLUTELY YES!" if they proposed to you?

i would if i wasn't already married. i love you guys.

ETA: what if it was a drug? would you embrace your addiction or go into rehab?
orion's belt.

my question o' the day.

Do you like Kevin Smith movies?

I loathe them. I just watched mallrats last night and it made me want to die. It really bothers me how unbelievable the dialogue is. People don't usually give these grandiose monologues in highly inflated diction while they're screaming at each other. I guess I can see why people like them, though. It's that zeitgeist of the 90s, right?

(no subject)

I just ordered my laptop and its obviously going to be shipped to me. However, everyone in my house works during the day and they said someone has to sign for it.

If no one is here and they leave it at the post office, do I have to be the one to sign for it specifically? Because I work out of town and by the time I get home, the PO is closed. So I wouldn't be able to pick it up!
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(no subject)

are you that somebody?

RU still down?

did you find what you were looking for?

what's the frequency, Kenneth?

how can i be sure?

is there something i should know?

[did you know all of ^ are song titles?]
Lionhead//Kiss me!

Hey smart people.

Do any of you have an above ground pool?

My mom is dead set on buying one today or tomorrow. It would be nice... just going out and lounging in said pool. I have to wonder how easily the dogs could kill it. I have two Pit Bulls, a Border Collie mix and a Catahoula Leopard Dog who are very active. The BC mix LOVES water.

So any of you that might have one... do you have dogs who leave it alone?

Feeling my age

At what age are you screwed if you haven't at least started on the path to your dream career?

Found your "life partner" (if you intend to have one)?

Started a family (again, if you intend to have one)?
Give a dog a home


BESIDES ABUSE, why the hell are teenagers so eager to move out of their parents' home?

Hell, I'm an adult, and I wish I still had free food and someone who would do my laundry.
Mr. Misto
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Snap, Crackle, POP!

1. How often are you supposed to go to the Chiropractor? 

2. Likewise, How often are you supposed to see a Massage therapist?

3. Do you use either of the two above services for either medical benefits or personal enjoyment?

a1. I don't know. But my father used to ( or maybe still does ) went at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. When I was in high school he would make me go once every three or six months or so.  I also had another friend who would go once every week or every other week.

a2.  Never been to a massage therapist, but I think I would like it a heck of a lot better than the chiropractor.

a3. I think I need to get in and get my back worked on. Damn 'ergonomic' my ass chair.

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you learned from this community that you have applied, or will apply, to your life?
That better cat food will make my cat smell less, therefore making my life easier when she does her patented "jump across my owner while farting in her face".

2. If you're into the Harry Potter books, what are you planning on doing to avoid spoilers?
Well I'll certainly have to avoid 4chan...

(no subject)

Does anyone remember from their high school/middle school/whatever days what substitute teachers did to be annoying as hell?
What d'you think is the best way to keep control of a bunch of high schoolers?

I'm 20 and I will start substituting soon, but damn, some of these people will only be 1-2 yrs younger than me. Also I'm only 5'0" and I look young so it will probably be one of those "oh hay u freshman n00b?" "No, I'm your substitute."

Oh, I always hated it when substitutes decided to tell me their life stories... like I really care. Or use half the class period to explain their strict rules when they are only there for 40min or so anyway (at least where I went to school).

My accent + Foreign words = Disaster

One of my favorite books is Love in The Time of Cholera. It is set in the Caribbean and was originally written in Spanish.

I am horrible at pronouncing names that are the least bit foreign and despite having read it way too many times, still do not entirely know how to pronounce the names of the main characters. I've just been reading them fairly phoenetically.

Fermina Daza (female)
Florentino Arizo (male)
Juvenal Urbino (male)

So, how would one correctly pronounce those names?
bowie bright

(no subject)

What's up with this whole typing in white craze? The only time I use the feature is when I'm discussing spoilers and don't want to piss of other readers.
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shacked up in paris

(no subject)

1. How easy is it to get a job as a waitress at a place like Applebee's or Friday's with no waitressing experience? Anyone done this before? Will they train me or do they expect applicants to be ready to work?
I want to work as a waitress this summer, but I don't have any experience. I've been a receptionist, a camp counselor, and a phone operator.

2. Do you get emotional at concerts?
Yes. I'm a very emotional person, but I always feel silly getting sappy at concerts. I cried at Sleater-Kinney's last concert (partly because it was so amazing and partly because it was their last concert). I cried at a Fiona Apple concert because her songs hit really close to home and hearing them live was really moving, and I'd probably cry if I ever saw Radiohead live. Oh and I got so mad at a kid at a Yeah Yeah Yeah's concert I almost punched him. He was wasted, peed on the floor, caused a commotion, then started a mosh pit. Ugh.

3. If someone comes up to you and asks to take a photo of you, do you let them or not?
Yes. Someone just did, and I let them. As I photographer I know it's very frustrating when people say no. I once had a teacher who wouldn't let anyone take her picture, not even for the yearbook, because she thought it would "capture her soul". Hm.


Do you ever argue with people on-line because you're bored or they're too easy not to argue with?

Do you like carrots?

What is the funniest thing that's happened to you today?

(no subject)

1. is having ONE drink every night "bad"? 
2. females: would you rather have a male or female gyno? why? age matter?
3. i feel like lots of people have thought about suicide (whether seriously or not) have you ever thought about it and if you have, what means would you go about doing so?

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You have an emergency fund of $1000. Recently you have run into some car problems and must dip into this emergency fund to take care of business. You are also in debt and trying your damnedest to get out by throwing whatever money you can at the debt. You only have a partial emergency fund now and had plans to put all your extra money on the debt. Would you replenish your emergency fund ASAP or pay off the debt?

(no subject)

1) I have around 1000 photos on photobucket. Am I the only one that worries that photobucket could get hacked or something and I'd lose them all? I sometimes wish I took them with a proper camera so when I'm 80 I can go back and look at all these photos, because I doubt photobucket will still be here then. It will have disappeared into oblivion.

2) Does tap water and bottled water taste different to you?

3) What did you have for breakfast today?

4) If you could have a three course meal right now of your choice, what would you have?

(no subject)

1.  What's the most random/stupid/silly thought you had lately?
           I woke up sometime between 1 and 5 the other morning and thought, with perfect clarity, "so_mikey's the new purple".  I hadn't though about him since his last bout of stupidity on TQC, so I have no idea where it came from, but it made perfect sense at the time.  And today, I was brushing my teeth, thinking about how I'd be going into town tomorrow, when I realized that today's Monday and not Tuesday, and I thought, "Right, it's the day after tomorrow.  OMG we're all gonna die!"  (I've never seen the movie in my life.)

2.  Do you think more in pictures or words?
     I think more in words, with enough pictures mixed in to make it interesting.
lol fags

(no subject)

1. Are Old Navy flip flops gross?
2. What grocery store do you shop at most often?
3. Is it a good idea to talk to your professor about surgery you had during the semester, if it may have affected your ability to do well in the class? If it's one week before finals?
4. Have you ever had Russian food? Did you enjoy it?

(no subject)

Do most commercial flights have some sort of personal power source, like a mains or car charger jack (to charge a portable DVD player, for instance)?

I can't for the life of me remember now.
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make me stop procrastinating and do my legal institutions assignment.

1) What's your plan of action?

If you are a student:

2) How much time (per week), on average, do you spend on school work?

3) How much time (per week), on average, do you think you SHOULD be spending on school work?

4) What is your biggest distraction while doing school work?

5) What do you do to avoid that distraction?
devil bunny

(no subject)

1.  Have you ever told the truth to someone and the person you told thought you were lying?   What was the consequence?

2. How do you feel about a person who believes they are old enough to be treated like an adult, but if they screw up, they say it isn't their fault, because they are a young?

My answers:

1.  My friend and I were once trying to outrun her abusive ex-husband.  In the process, we lost him, but ran a red light that had recently been installed (and thusly I hadn't seen it before).  The cop didn't believe me, but I was young and cute, so he just rolled his eyes and let me off with a warning.

2.  It drives me crazy.  Being treated like an adult is not a right, it's a privilege.  It especially bothers me when an upperclassmen in high school does something stupid, then rather than admit they made a mistake, they blame it on their age.


My doctor's office has a sign up saying that "All lab tests will be sent to Hospital XXYY unless otherwise specified." Well, I need a blood test to assess my free testosterone level. I found out that this isn't available through the lab they use, because they filed the wrong test and I got back some weird results relating to a disease I don't even have. (It had a similar name for the testing, but the reference ranges were WAY off.)

So I found a lab that has my insurance on its "covered" list. I live in Michigan. When I go to browse the lab tests, it says that the Free T test takes place in a lab in Cali. For those of you that know anything about insurance, can I still get this lab test taken & covered by my insurance even though it's gonna cross the country?

Thanks =/

(no subject)

1)  If you were to use the internet to diagnose yourself with a mental disorder, what mental disorder(s) would you have?

2) Would you rather adopt all of Angelina Jolie's children or all of Britney Spears'? (No, neither is not an option)

3) My mom got a check in the mail for about $3,000 from some organization saying she won it. Is this a scam?

4) If the love of your life suddenly turned into the opposite gender, would you stay with them?

5) A guy at my school claimed that 1 in 6 girls are lesbian or bisexual but that only 1 in 50,000 men are gay. He's basing this on the people he knows personally. How can I explain to him that statistics simply don't work that way?

(no subject)

What is the nicest thing someone has said to you today~? Don't by shy! Let's all be happy.

A nice lady told me I was gorgeous while I was at the bus stop, and she wasn't even hitting on me, so that was nice!
when we sparkle

video edit

I took a video on my digital camera oriented "portrait" (vertically). However, when I uploaded the file to my computer, it is on the landscape orientation. I can't figure out how to flip the video on the computer so it is upright. I was using Windows Movie Maker, but I am willing to download another program to edit the video. Any suggestions about how to change the orientation of the video? Thanks!

(no subject)

is there a point to this community?

the entire time I have been here whenever I have voiced my opinion on something 98% of the community have ganged up on me, which seems to pretty much be the standard here

with every other community I have been in I have been able to have hours of debates with other people, without having any form of personal attack made on myself

and yet here, which I am assuming is supposed to be a discussion forum, as soon as you try and voice your opinion, you are bullied for it?

Sorry but I have chose to leave this community, I have met a few good people here and had some nice discussions with a few of you and made some friends (you know who you are :)), but I am getting sick and tired of being bullied just because I have a different opinion to someone, and everyone just flocks to thier side like blind sheep (pretty much like the religions I was speaking out against)

so bring on all of your ooooh, good riddance quotes and "check your spelling" and all of the crap I have gotten used to since I joined here, even after all of your abuse, my views are unchanged, not even dented :)

to anyone who hasnt even spoken to me before ignore this because it doesnt regard to you at all, although I think many of you will now what people I am referring to, I came here for fun and to make friends so, I shouldnt really have to put up with this.

so to all the people I have made friends with, thank you :)
to all the people I havent spoken to, sorry I didnt get to know you better

and to all the people who caused this situation, as childish as this may sound....FOAD :D

solidarity brethren
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statutory rape

Real Estate

So, in a majority of jurisdictions (but not New York, of course) a seller of a house obligated to tell the buyer of any material defects he's aware of, or he's liable for damages if he doesn't.

However, in NY they follow caveat emptor - the buyer beware. The seller has no duty to disclose unless the seller created the defect. They can't lie, either, if asked.

Which do you think is better, and why?

Has this ever hurt you if/when you bought property?

Has this ever helped you when you wanted to sell?

Also, sellers are generally protected by stigma statutes - this means they don't have to disclose to the buyer if someone was murdered in the house or something like that. Do you think they should have to tell the buyer? Why?
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1. Has anyone made a passing judgement of you recently? What was it? Were they right?
2. What is something people tell you all the time about yourself you don't quite believe?
3. Have you said anything off the cuff lately that you later were surprised at yourself for saying? Do you think you should have said it? Did you mean it?
4. If you own a car, what does it cost you per 6 month period for insurance? What state are you in, what insurance company?
5. Do you sleep naked?

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they don't eat dogs or cats in Thailand or Cambodia do they? i am going to go on vacation there and i REALLY DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT. i know they sell dogs for food on the streets in some asian countries, and i would just die if i had to see that. every website i've googled for this information has pictures of dead dogs at these markets and such, that i don't want to see, so i'm not going to look this up on websites. anyone know? thanks


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I bought a new notebook today mainly because I really liked it. Its black with a photograph of a waterfall on the front of it adn it says 'inspiration' with a quote underneath it. Any suggestions as to what I could do with it? I already have a diary. I write a lot of poems but I keep them on the computer mostly.

Do you keep a diary?
How long have you kept one?
What do you write in it?
Anything special about it?

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I love this community...

Respond to this post using your favorite icon.

The question:  What OCD tendencies do you have, if any?

For instance, I count everyf*ckingthing in sight when I'm at Wal-Mart.  And when I'm sitting at the computer waiting for something to load, I will line the edge of my cursor up with crap on my browser window (like the minimized screens on the lower toolbar).

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1. Have you ever heard of a company called Unlimited Sales? If so, do you know anything about them?

2. I applied over for the phone with a job working for them. They said they fly you out to Wyoming for free and train you for two weeks, then send you off places to work. Travel and transportation are paid for, but after your training you have to pay $15 a night at the hotels they have you stay at. My dad thinks it sounds kind of shady. Does it sound like some kind of a scam to you, or is that fairly common in travelling/promotion type jobs?

3. They asked for my height and weight in the interview, which seemed weird to me. Will they not hire me because I'm too fat?

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WHY are people donating money to the moronic couple who lost their kid when they were stupid enough to leave them alone????

Do you have sympathy for the parents?

Why do you think this story is getting so much press? Kids go missing every day?

As a parent, would you leave your children alone at the age of 3? Even if you were checking on them every 30 minutes? (I don't know why this matters, it takes less than a minute to take kids)

I never said I have no sympathy for the little girl. However, children go missing EVERY DAY, and there is never as much press as this. Hell, J.K Rowling donated money to find this little girl. I truly hope she is found, quickly, and safely. As a parent, I would NEVER, be this stupid.

UK Car Insurance

Hey all,

Shopping around for car insurance, easy enough to get cheap quotes but not so easy to find out which companies offer a good service, so here are two questions:

1. Can you recommend a UK car insurance company based on their customer service, and I'm talking when you call them outside of office hours with an actual problem? Can you warn me against those with call centres abroad and/or unhelpful policies?

2. Can you recommend good UK consumer resources (e.g. review websites or forums)?

Thanks for any help!
John Currin


Okay TQC:
- The "adult jobs" I've applied for won't begin calling for interviews until the first/second week of June.
- My accommodation is paid for through September
- I have quite a bit of money left on my student loan

Would it be entirely irresponsible if I were to use some loan money and flee the country for next week? I'm restless. Or, should I wait until I've secured a stable job before spending money that I could use to pay back and take a chunk off my debt?

What can I do to fill my time besides refreshing TQC's page? I read a lot as is and have my dissertation responsibilities fulfilled for the time being, what would be a good hobby? Non-serious answers most welcome.

And for those doing Weight Watchers, what are your favorite low-point snacks? I've been snacking a lot on peppers, carrots, and cucumbers with a bit of fat free dressing.
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Should I stay or should I go??...

When I leave this comm....
Are you gonna treat me with dignity and respect?


Are you gonna flame me with cat macros?

and that goes for your little dog too!!

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1)What's a song you really like that you discovered from a commercial? Who's the artist?
2)What is/are the name(s) of your best friend(s)?
3)If you were in a plane crash in the mountains and you had to eat your pet to survive, would you?

Really I don't care about answers to #s 2&3, at least not as much as #1.

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this is in response to my last question, and i am asking this fully expecting to get flamed again, but in all honesty, are all of you TCQers so completely heartless that it would not bother you if you saw dogs/cats tied up in pain being sold for food on the streets [in an asian country you went to on vacation] ?????? seriously people. god damn. it was a serious question. i am done with this effing community. good riddance.

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Okay, whats the difference between a paypass and debit card? It seems that there's a limit on paypass up to 25 dollars. Why bother with this? They both require you to swipe/wave anyway.

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A bajillion years ago this friend of mine showed me this web comic that I enjoyed. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it anymore. I figured y'all could provide the answer in like, two seconds. I saved one of the comics so they all look like:

Nevermind. Answered. THOUGH IT TOOK ABOUT 200X LONGER THAN I SUSPECTED. Y'all let me down ;(

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s and m


I left some frozen tortellini out on the table instead of doing the normal thing and putting it in the freezer after buying it. So it sat out there for, oh, about 5 hours while I was at work. The bag wasn't opened since I had just bought it, but do I still have to throw it out? I'm so sad.

And a little bit ago I went and got a few of my (gel) nails fixed, and while the lady was using an electric file she clipped my finger and it bled a teeny bit. Chances of me contracting something unpleasant?

Thanks a ton!

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1) I just read the instructions and warnings for the steroid ear drops I've been given for my ear infection
and It says "do not use this drug if you have Varicella (Chicken Pox).

I'm just getting over Chicken Pox, meaning that I shouldn't be using it, should I?

2) What the heck sort of interactions could it have? Really, even my old school pharmacist grandpa is confused. ha.

3) Why are walk-in clinic doctors so stupid?
The Receptionist Classic

Blind Dates

Have you ever been set up on a blind date by a relative? How'd that go?
(And if it doesn't work out - I get to chase her down and sit on her as payback, right?)

Speaking of Blind Date, does anyone still watch that show?
  • kit_n

Intneral Organs

Do internal organs have nerves? I mean, to the point where you'd be able to feel it if someone actually touched them? I don't think so, since we're not aware of say.... our liver or other things working. But there are a few areas like the heart, stomach, and bladder that might have nerves.

I know people complain of heart pain. But if we had nerves in the heart, why can't we feel anything else with it? Why can't we feel it clogging up or the blood rushing through it?

That's just an example. Overall, the question is can internal organs can 'feel'.

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DAMMIT why aren't three of my grades posted yet? It's been eleven days since the classes ended! What's the longest amount of time you who are in university with an online grade checking system have had to wait for grades? Because I think this is the longest for me.

What will YOU be doing on July 7, 2007?

If you have Firefox 2 which theme are you using?

house hunting!

If you're ever owned a home, how old were you when you bought it?

How long did it take you to decide on the house you bought?

Do you think owning a home is way more responsibility than renting?

How do you know you're ready to buy a house? Is it just a matter of having savings?

I think renting a house for a year (rather than an apt) is a good way to get a feel for it, but my fiance thinks this would be a waste and we should just buy something. What do you think?
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1- Is your house generally quiet, or must there always be some sort of noise on? (A fan, a radio, etc.)

2- What would you feel about visiting someone's house and the music they were playing included not-so-subtle sex moaning sounds? :P

3- Do you, or have you ever, tried to keep rhythm with a song while getting down and dirty? How'd that go, if so?

4- What songs DON'T match up with the dancing of my icon?

1- Always must be some sound, aside from the battling of the cats.
2- I'd wonder if I got lost and was back at my house somehow.
3- Yes, though it was with really cute j-pop music and that's just weird, so nevermind. ;P
4- I have no idea. That girl knows how to work any song.
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1. How old are you?

2. How old you were when you moved out of home? (If you have moved out, naturally.)

3. Were you happy to move out or did your parents drag you out kicking & screaming?

4. Who belongs to your current household?
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Hey, I have a laptop. I also have a shitload of popcorn shells and dust and crumbs underneath these keys. How do I go about cleaning my keyboard? Can I just get a can of air and blast the hell out of it?
pink trees
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How do you reward yourself?
(Like after you've done something really great or finally finished that big thing you've been working on for ages or you've had a really bad day)

Disliking overly nice people

Have you ever felt turned off by someone because they act too nice to others? Not in the helping-others-a-lot-kind-of-way-because-that-person-is-a-lifelong-pal, but they smile too much at others (especially those they barely know) and seem to try to befriend others too much. If this rubs you the wrong way, why? What do you conclude about this type of person. I've always liked kindness in others, but prefer it when they don't show off about it, if that makes sense.
Alistair mmm guacamole
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Making a DVD

Does anyone know how I can make a menu for a DVD? I have these programs: Windows Movie Maker, muvee AutoProducer 5.0, MotionDV Studio, and Quick Movie Magic 1.0. Help?
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Since you guys are like the LJ random doctors, or something. I just need a couple of opinions on this because I can't make my own decisions.

What kind of pain did you experience that led to you getting your appendix taken out if you have?

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This is How We Stand

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1. I'm Filipino, and my white friend sent me a link to this video of a stand-up comedian doing an act about getting her nails done in a nail salon with Vietnamese employees. It includes her impersonating the Vietnamese women. Is it weird that I'm a little offended? Am I just being too sensitive? (EDIT: Maybe not just the comedian's act, but also the fact that my whiter-than-white friend sent it to me? I'm probably just being ridiculous.)

2. The gas light in my car just went some point today. Should I get gas tomorrow morning before school (I have an 8 AM class), or just risk it until after class? (It takes me 12 minutes to get to school.)

3. I have a friend who will go to another bathroom in the house if the one near her room is out of toilet paper (rather than change the roll with the available toilet paper). What is a lazy thing that you do that actually requires more work?
Mahna Mahna
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There was a fire in my apartment building. Basically the two upstairs/downstairs units next to mine were gutted by fire. The fire never got to my unit, but a great deal of smoke did. What is the best way to get ash and smoke smell out of clothes and upholstery?
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Creatures of habit

When you go into a public restroom you use frequently (at school, at work, at the gym, etc) do you find yourself going into the same stall (to the same urinal?) each time?

In class (or when you were in class), do you sit in the same seat, or do you move around each day?

When walking to and from somewhere you walk frequently (school for example) do you tend to walk on the same side of the street/take the exact same route each day?


- I noticed this today; I always go into the same stall in the bathrooms in my school when there's no line.

- I sit in the same seat or at least the same area (within 2 or 3 seats of my normal seat).

- I walk the exact same route each day despite several alternatives. I even cross the street at all the same places every single day.
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Which of the following vehicles have you driven?

pick up truck
professional lawn mower
mini van
golf cart

What is the strangest thing you have ever drvien?

I deleted and reposted because I forgot to use check boxes the first time. Pretend I didn't misspell driven.
scrubs badnewbie

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I'm going to be making a voice post in my journal- so this question is simple and open-ended:

The hell should i talk about in the voice post?

-I don't care if it's questions, personal, random, etc.
Anything will do so come up with simple ideas or the most creative ones.
Thank you ahead of time :)
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Does anyone know what it means when people have two, small black dots on their fingernails? Is it meant to represent something? Drawn/painted on, this isn't a medical question lol. Ta in advance!

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1. were you ever voted anything in school?

2. what are all the religions/spiritualites/whatever you want to call it in your family?

3. how old were you the first [or only] time you were called to jury duty?


1. nicest girl. aww shucks

2. Lutheran, Jewish, and Atheism/Agnositicism

3. 21

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1.  how do you explain to your best friend (without blowing up) that you feel you're being taken advantage of since her boyfriend has come back on the scene? one instance being that you had arranged to spend the day with said best friend, going shopping and then going to a club later on, only to be left on your own while best friend is with boyfriend all day and has seeminly 'forgot' about her plan of 'getting back to normal'. also, said friend, after not speaking to you all day, expects you to still go out?
2. have you ever ditched a friend in favour of a boy/girlfriend?
3. young gilby clarke, pretty hot? y/n
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