May 13th, 2007


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Is putting high school awards on a resume overdoing it?

...If it's not painfully obvious, I've never done this before.

ETA what about something like giving a graduation speech? Not quite an award, I know, or something that will land me an internship at a literary agency, but for future reference...

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What article of clothing do you find hardest to shop for? How come?

I have a hard time finding pants because i'm tall and thin.
That, and sunglasses that look good. I bought a pair today but i've been looking FOREVER.
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where do you live? is a drink like lemonade fizzy where you come from? by that i mean carbonated. lemonade, limeade, etc. i'm currently living in korea and grapefruit-ade has taken over my life. delicious. also, it's fizzy here.

How dumb are we? Really.

So. How many times has YOUR fire alarm gone off after you're "supposed" to be sleeping? Has it gone off TONIGHT?

...and I wasn't aware there were people stupid enough in the world who could set fire to popcorn in a microwave. I R COLLEGE HUR HUR HUR. assholes.

I'm bored. I hate math and the people in this dorm. Just entertain me, ok?
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1. When you put on pants, do you zip the zipper first or button the button first?
I zip first. The other way seems so weird.

2. Can you whistle by sticking two fingers in your mouth? Can you teach me online? Haha I wish I could do it. Any tips?
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LOTR questions

My boyfriend and I were wondering about this: What does the one rng actually do? Does it control the other rings and the people who have them? I mean, if Sauron gets it, what more power will he gain? And why would the elves and dwarves and men take the other rings from Sauron (the ones they mention at the start of the movie and book)?
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Are there any cities in the US that are similar to European cities in that they have a city center that is primarily for pedestrians and then everything else radiates circularly around that center?

Besides (and I don't even know if these exist on a large scale) touristy historical cities where people dress up from the 1800s.

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so a couple nights ago a was watching craig ferguson and there was a comedian on, he had a long beard and he looked like a hippy, I'm trying to find out who this guy
 if anyone knows who I am talking about please tell me his name


ANSWERED- Steven Wright

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When I am drunk, I feel the need to inform everyone around me that I am drunk.


no offense meant to those posting drunk tonight. just curious.
edit:I don't believe any of y'all that are clicking deny.

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Does anybody else have spots on their ceiling? They're like indents and they've got the diameter of maybe a fifty-cent piece. I've always wondered what they were and my family loves to lie to me. They've given me explanations including bird nests, hammers, and the corks from wine from celebrations. Needless to say, it all sounds like bullshit what they tell me. If you know what I'm talking about, do you know what they're from?
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I've recently seen a lot of this: Livejournal Admin: Emergency Contact Post is located in my first private post. in people's User Info.

I began to wonder, what kind of emergency could exist that LiveJournal would know about before anyone in real life, to a point where they'd need to contact someone?
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I remember this being asked about a LONG time ago. How exactly do you define social-economic classes? Like, old/new money when it comes to generation/gaps? I've been trying to figure this out and wiki doesn't go into depth. Thanks. I'm not talking about upper middle class or lower class distinction. More of a label?
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Anyone know which chemical in rotten or rancid strawberries could cause a tooth pain that feels like having something too cold on your teeth, but lasting for a week at a time? (Although wearing off a bit after a few minutes...)

Romy and Michelle

1. Have you been to a HS reunion? What year-interval? (10-yr, 20-yr, etc)
1a. How'd it go?
1b. Was it worth it?

2. Would you go to one of yours? Why or why not?

3. What are good and bad reasons for going to one?

4. How much do you feel social group/classification in HS affects how likely someone is to go?

Yeah, my 10-yr is coming up this summer and I don't want to go - I don't care about any of my classmates, I'd rather not see how many got beer guts and preggo bellies, and I don't feel like spending the money. But they're holding it about a mile away from my place, so I either need to hide or go.

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What mismatched colors/patterns have you seen people wear that just scream "NO!"?

I'm not usually fashion conscious, but I saw this woman wearing a neon orange shirt with leopard print spandex, and these horrible lime green shoes. I almost felt embarrassed for her.
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1. What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
2. How many people were you lying to?
3. How were you caught?
4. Do you think "lying by omission" is just as bad as straight-out lying?

Bad behavior.


You are close friends with A and B. 
B starts to treat A like crap, unapologetically and refuses to see any other p.o.v. but their own - in turn, being pretty inexcusably rude to A.

How do you handle this?
Gender Optional

TQC, you need bigger tits.

Let's say you decide for whatever reason that your breasts just aren't cutting it.  (God only knows why you would after some of the icons I've seen, but play along with me here.) 

Let's also say you decide not to have surgery, either because it's too expensive, there are health risks, or your surgeon doesn't want to be imprisoned at Guantanamo for creating weapons of mass destruction.

Would you knowingly ingest bovine hormone pills if they came with a "one full cup size" guarantee?

I ask because I used to have to sell something like this over the phone, and people clamored for it, but it kind of disturbs me.  I mean, what if you wound up with mad cow tits or something?

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what do you think is a good laptop desk? (without that annoying pull out drawer for the keyboard)

Who is bored enough to edit a 4 page paper for me? Wanna?

what's the most useful program on your computer that you like? (not because you had to get it) I got postit program, i love it because it reminds me of things to do

Who waits until the very last minute to do homework/paper/project? ME!!
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1. Where can I get address labels? (Trusty and active websites.) Thanks, ejw829 and agirl_gonemad.

2. What do you have planned for today?

3. If you are saving money, what are you saving it for?

4. How often do you get your hair cut?

5. What's the last thing you saved onto your computer?
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presale woes and egg poll!

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How do you like your eggs?

in egg salad
hard boiled
sunny side up
soft boiled
in a sandwich
in an omelette
without the yolk
in a cake
in a regular green salad
some other way
I don't like eggs
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Hated teachers?

Who was your worst teacher? Or, who is your worst teacher?

My worst teacher is my homeroom teacher. She contacted the dean about my disrespectful behavior, because me and my friends hang out in the hallway where her classroom is. But, thats where our lockers are, and we try to get out as quickly as possible, plus there are a billion other people hanging out there, and its hard to get out. She basically made me the culprit cause I'm the only one she knows.
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hey i have this problem. there is this 80s song that i really want to listen to but i cant figure out who sings it and the name of the song. i also dont know the lyrics. what i do know is the chorus has something to do with a girl ally or allie? i beleive. i know its not much but its worth a shot. if u can help let me know. thanks :D

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Do you know anyone that's ever won a BIG prize from a major contest?

Like M&Ms often have contests where they give away 1 million dollars. I think Hersheys is doing a contest where you can win 100,000,000 dollars.

There is this girl. She thinks we're friends and always asks me for help in this class. What to do?

I suspect the reason she always try to be my friend is because she knows I do well in this class. She's always calling to do homework together in the class and to study together, but I never get anything from her. I do all the teaching to her and help her get the right answers. She always asks me what the answer is. What pisses me off is that she always asks me what I think when we're doing the homework and writes it down. And she only calls me about it when it's difficult for her.

She had cramps last class and went to the nurse's office 'cause she wouldn't stop moaning in class. She claims she was throwing up in there and didn't go to class (the review day for the test). She asked the teacher if she could get out of the test because of that. She told me that the teacher told her to study with me because I have all the notes. The notes are online! I guess the teacher thinks we're friends because EVERYTIME THE TEACHER TELLS THE CLASS TO DO SOMETHING, SHE POKES ME AND ASKS WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSE TO DO AND I HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT TO HER AGAIN. SHE POKES ME AT LEAST 20 TIMES IN CLASS FOR HELP BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T LISTEN. She's known as the girl who doesn't listen in class.

So today I'm suppose to come over her house to help her get it and I really do not want to. I feel like not going the extra mile and teach her extra good, but only tell her the stuff we learned in class, but I feel guilty. Teaching her extra good would mean giving her examples to work with, etc. I know I could do that, but I really don't feel like it.
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Hey everyone!

I just decided to start downloading ebooks. My summer is completely void of any plans so I figured this would be a good way to spend my time. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should read? Any genre, any era. It just needs to be in english or translated into english.

Thank you in advance!!!

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A long time idol of mine is coming to my small shitty seaside town next week. I've loved him for about 10 years or so and of course he's playing the week that I have ZERO money to go and see him.

Soooo any ideas on how I sneak in/hunt down his hotel/throw myself at him?

Non serious answers more than welcome :)
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I drove the tC (fiance's car, manual) along the boulevard today and no one beeped at me... Even the Land Cruiser who I stalled in front of thanks to old people Sunday drivers.

What did you accomplish this weekend?

on motherhood and why women choose it

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the idea of having children. I'm 25 now (and married) but still feel like I'm a long way from being ready to have them. I feel sort of like my maternal instincts probably should have kicked in by now. I have lots of friends with kids, but being around them hasn't make me feel any particular desire to have my own. In so many ways it seems like a large part of your life ends when you have kids. I've heard this from many mothers, but they always say that it becomes worth it.

It makes me think about how I'm not getting any younger. I don't want to be having my first kid when I'm 35+, ya know? Something keeps telling me that now (or soon, at least) is the time, despite the fact that the whole idea terrifies me.

So I've been running through all the reasons I might want to have children in the next few years, and none of them really strike me as GOOD reasons to do it. Because I'm getting older, because my parents really want a grandkid, because I'm afraid I'll regret it later if I don't, because I feel that it's my biological imperative (okay, I don't really believe that one), because I want to know that I'm strong enough to do it, because it would give a concrete sense of purpose and meaning to my life.

Of course, something in me might click at some point and I'll just "get" it. But what if it's too late by then?

Long intro to a question, I know, but- this one's for mothers, or women who are trying to conceive. Why did you decide to have children? What were your reasons? Was it a difficult choice or an easy one?

ETA: Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful answers.
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School Woez

Why does it have to be so hard to get help with funding for college?

I'm about 18 credits into college, and I had to drop out of my second semester, due to family problems, and not being able to afford school. I also got myself into debt, due to being thrown out of my house.

My parents now refuse to cosign my loan applications, but they claim me on their tax returns, and make way too much money for me to get financial aid. My credit is less than stellar, and there are so many other requirements, it's impossible for me to apply without a cosigner.

I really can't work the whole summer, and make enough to pay for school, and pay off other debts, and bills at the same time. I can't see myself being able to do it all.

I also really want to transfer to a different college. I hate the community college I'm in right now, and I really want to live on campus, and experience college life, and be free from the high school mentality.

What kind of funding can I get?
I'll need about $4000 to pay off my due balance, and for the next semester.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Bond vs Bauer ?'s

If CTU Los Angeles issued orders and gave support for Jack Bauer to go to England an eliminate James Bond do you think Bauer could do it?

On the flipside, if MI6 issued orders and gave support for James Bond to go to Los Angeles and eliminate Jack Bauer do you think Bond could do it?
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For those of you are familiar with Gottfried von Strassburg's version of Tristan, what would be a good topic for a 3-5 page paper about the book? The only topic I can think of is how their love was affected by the fact they drank a love potion, but everyone writes about that.

Help. :(
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for the creatively inclined

I want to paint my mom a picture for her birthday in a week and five days. The trouble is, I'm a pretty novice painter and I think the picture I want to paint is quite complicated. (I do have a reason for this: I want to make a kind of collage for her and this is the only way I can get it big enough.)

I photoshopped the photo I wanted to use to make it more painting-y, and this is what I came up with to copy from. Does anyone have any tips on how I would go about this without making things even more difficult for myself? Like, should I start with a white base shape and then build up from there...? Any other general tips? :/

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1. How do you browse your communities? Do you come back to them every now and then, keep the window open and refresh, or what? How long do you spend at them?
2. Have you ever trolled? Anywhere, not just on LJ. (Where? Why?)
3. Have you had Colbert's Americone Dream?
4. Does drinking lots of water help your metabolism?
5. How many questions in a single post is too many? Do you like the questions to relate, or do you like them to be completely random and independent of eachother?

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Fear and Loathing

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What would you do if you were in this situation?

You work at a store like: Wallmart, Target, Riteaid, etc.. And you catch a young teenage girl in the act of stealing something. You go to confront her to see what she has stolen. It's a pregnancy test. Would you feel bad for her and not tell sercurity? Or would stealing be stealing? What if she was wearing a school uniform(a high-class school or a Christian school uniform)?

Question is obviously inspired from Saved..


I really like movies like Snatch, Layer Cake, Lockstock and Two Smoking Barrels.  Do you know of any more films that are similar.
Also, do you know of any movies similar to Amelie?
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Food Not Bombs

Have any of you started/been involved in a Food Not Bombs group? Do you have any tips or advice for someone who would like to start one?

Do you know of any similar groups?

I would like to be involved in something like that and I'm looking into starting one for my area. However if there was something similar in my area already I wouldn't mind just joining in.

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If you needed a dictionary definition of something in order to win an argument, what website would you use?

Someone I'm arguing with is trying to use definitions from urbandictionary. *facepalm*

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1)Okay so...the Family Guy theme song (sorry I've been watching seasons 1-4 for the last few weeks but ANYWAY)the part that Stewie sings? I swear there are times when he says "effin' cry" and times when he says "laugh and cry." Have I been mishearing this the whole time?

2)What in your opinion is the hottest/sexiest song sung by a female vocalist? How about a male vocalist?
[other] - me n' neko
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I'm bored and cranky.

Should I go to bed super early or watch something pointless on TV for two hours? (We're talking like...Hitch OnDemand or something...)
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too much tv

1. What season finale(s) are you looking forward to?
2. What summer shows are you going to be watching?
3. What fall shows need to hurry the hell up and premiere already?
4. If you could cancel any series, which would it be?
5. If you could revive one for at least one more season?
6. And for The Office (us) fans: what did you think of Pam's speech?
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My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to a large camping event next weekend but it looks like the group we were going with might cancel on us, so we might not be able to go.

I want to do something else interesting instead. The options are pretty open, since we both had time and money set away for that weekend. The only problem is that since its not a group anymore, my mom won't let us stay just the two of us overnight anywhere. We live in Buffalo, but can't easily cross the border into Canada.

Any suggestions for what we could do?
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1. [inspired by the Warriors/Jazz game]What flavor Gatorade do they give the athletes during sports games?

2. Are window screens made with a mold or do they pop all the little squares out?

3. This morning I was at a stoplight, and when I looked to the left, there was a little boy (~2 years old) smiling at me, and he waved. Obviously, I waved back and smiled. When was the last time a stranger made you smile?

4. Ladies, what is the best make-up remover or pre-moistened facial wipe you've encountered?

5. I'm graduating from a junior college this month and transferring to a 4-year university in the fall. Should I take summer classes to get ahead? Or use the time to work more and save up?

chocolate guilt

Sometimes my favorite chocolate chip cookies or oreos are in a buy 1 get 1 free sale at the grocery store. And when they are, I often end up getting them. And its not like I'm overweight or alergic to them. But I feel guilty anyway. Does that happen to anyone else?
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Have you ever been banned from a community? How about a personal journal? What was it for?

I haven’t. Clearly I need to be more annoying.
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This may be a shot in the dark here, but I'm having difficulty finding agreement between sources when I google this.

What is the "normal" range for levels of FREE testosterone in both men & women?
for 65redroses :)


1. Which do you prefer, padded, or push up bras?

2. What padded or push up bra is your favorite?

3. What is your favorite bra, period? (besides, NO BRA- I personally prefer my boobs free as long as I'm not in public)

4. How about padded, or push up strapless bra?

I gotta try to cover up a bump on my chest (it's permanent) and the best way I've found, is boob fat. Help me out here, ladies. I'd like to not have to dress in high necked tops for the rest of my life.
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1. Anyone else here think that Eurovision is the greatest thing ever? I sure do.

2. In England there's this show where an English comedian makes fun of all the bad / hilarious bits that have been on TV that week. What is his name and the name of the show? I have forgotten, and don't even know where to begin with a google search.

3. Do you wear your watch to bed? I have recently started to wear a watch for the first time ever. I'm not sure what most people do with them. Apart from tell the time, etc.

Current/Ex students

1. What is/was your major?

I'm an art history major with a focus in Byzantine/Medieval studies

2. Do/did you like it?

I love it more than anything on Earth

3. Is your career related, or totally different?

N/a, but I can't imagine working in an unrelated field
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What is the best compliment anyone has every given you?

Someone once told me that the Blessid Union of Souls song 'That's the Girl (I've Been Telling You About)' reminded him of me. Cheesy, but still a happy.
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Laptop time

For some reason or another, my laptop's time has been switching back to April 23, 1980. I've set it back to 2007 many times, but it reverts back after a few days. I scanned my computer, and it doesn't seem to be a virus.

Does anyone knows why my laptop like the 80s?

Calista's messy locks

Has anyone else noticed that Calista Flockhart's hair is always messy? Does it annoy you?

I catch a few minutes of that show, Brothers and Sisters after Desperate Housewives - and I never really liked her acting or noticed... but I notice that her hair is always discheveled. For some strange reason, it irks me.
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1. Have you ever left a sporting event or turned off the TV early, only to find out that something awesome happened after you left/stopped watching? What happened?

2. How can a person watch Law & Order for 12 hours?

3. Why can't I watch what I want to watch when it is my TV and my TiVo?

4. Best thing that has happened this weekend?
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money for school

college people:

Is there anybody here who has received a Pell Grant in previous years who either didn't receive one this year or saw a substantial drop in the amount of it?

Or are grants dispersed based on how early you file your FAFSA, so because I filed mine in late April, I won't get one? What about if yours is selected for verification and the financial aid office corrects a mistake you made on it?

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I am sitting here reading LJ obsessively cleaning my gumline with toothpicks. Although it is a good habit to floss and use toothpicks, both of which I am fanatically fond, one could say that my fanaticism makes it a bad habit.

Either way, is there some habit you have that is widely thought to be good, but the extent to which you take it makes it teeter on the edge of bad, or at the very least, weird?

Bluntly, what is soooo good you make it baaad?

brand new, blood in my veins

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o hai!

Please don't laugh at me, tqc, but I have a crush on a boy.
He works at my local subway, and 4-5 days a week, I go in to get lunch for me and/or my boss, and totally flirt my ass off with him.
According to my boss, we're like 12 year olds. Giggling, blushing, lame attempts at jokes from my end, i drop things, mistype things, and stumble whenever he comes into work. His boss said i was 'giving him the big w/rap' (whatever the hell that means. someone please enlighten me.)
What should I do now? Should I continue the BLATANT flirting until he reveals he's gay or makes a move, or should i bust a move on him? Yes, I know. I'm lame, but I've gotten to the age of 20, and never made a move on a guy, they've always pulled it on me.

zomg dr. lj???

1. Since I woke up today, the bottom of my feet (from the middle to the heel - the top, toes, and top side are fine) have had this strange numbness, and my legs and fingers and especially my feet are cold, and I have been dizzy/heavy-headed. I'm thinking it's bad circulation or something, but I'm not sure; is there any way to check?

2. If you've ever had braces and they were painful, how did you deal with the pain while eating? What kinds of things did you eat?
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Why is it that when I try to log in from the MySpace homepage, it sends me to that page that says, "You must be logged-in to do that!"?

How is that even possible?  I have to be logged in to...log in?

(And before you ask, yes, I'm putting in the right info--I put the same stuff into the log in page and it lets me in.)

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I'm scheduling my classes tomorrow. My scheduling window opens at 10:30.
My computer is on and I'm logged into the scheduling website.

How early should I wake up to schedule?

(Scheduling is pretty srs business, you know)

Should I risk having sex, thus keeping me up later and more prone to oversleeping?
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Can somebody please tell me who sings the actual cover song of ''Where You Lead' by Carole King and Louise Goffin played as the actual Gilmore Girls theme song?

The various ones I have that are titled 'Where You Lead' by Carole King and Louise Goffin is not the actual song that you hear in the theme despite having 'Where You Lead' by Carole King and Louise Goffin credited in the show's credits. The song in the actual theme has a softer voice singing it. Does anybody know who sings it?

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Thank you!