May 12th, 2007

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Ok, so. Sorry in advance for the pedestrian questions... I have my prom tomorrow, which I'm not really looking forward to as much as I'd hoped, but I'm having some bad luck. I have really straight, thin hair and I have no idea what to do with it because I am not way in hell paying $65 dollars for someone else to do it and my sister isn't going to be here.
What should I do with it that isn't too complicated and will look nice?

What are some fun things to do after prom that doesn't involve getting wasted and going to the beach like everyone else? I live in the L.A. area; that's where my prom is.

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Have you ever moved to a new area without having a job waiting for you?

How did that work out for you?

Do you have any tips for how to make it easier (besides, of course, having money saved up in advance to live off of)?

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I'm on (I don't have any invites, sorry). I use ABC torrent client with it.

I can't seem to figure out why I can't seed. I get people downloading from me every now and then, but it's never for very long, so I can't keep my ratio up (I don't have anything that isn't already on the site, so I can't do it by uploading my own torrents).

This happens even if there are several peers and few seeders. They don't seem to take it from me.

Does anyone know what I can do to make people leech from me more often?
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Random question time!

1. Have you ever said "I agree with that comment" in real life? I totally have.

2. Are you rereading the Harry Potter books before the new one? What's your timeframe? I'm probably going to finish PoA tonight or tomorrow. I feel like I'm in good shape, timewise, but I usually end up estimating wrong, so I don't know. (Edit: Actually, the more I think about it...I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish them WAY too early. Dammit.)

3. Do you ever feel like some words would make good names if they didn't already have other meanings? Like chlamydia, and malaria, and country names like Malaysia and Jamaica?

Oh dear me. Insipired by another question

Do you play those video games where you're playing in teams and you can name your character to be whatever you want?

The James Bond game for X-Box comes to mind, and Halo and whatnot.

Anyway, my question is do you ever name them anything silly? For example, naming your character so then when you kill someone else it says on the screen, "YOU HAVE BEEN KILLED BY JESUS?"

Do you use offensive/disgusting/silly answers in those more adult boardgames where you have to guess what people would answer to questions or write down some weird trivia about yourself that everyone else has to guess?

What's the most immature thing YOU have done lately, and how old are you? Do you think you are TOO mature for your age?


Have you ever abused IP Relay?

I did in college, and good LORD was it funny. I mean, I know it's totally wrong and bad to abuse this system, but shit if it isn't funny to make them sing the oscar meyer theme song to your friends' voicemail.

Have you ever sent the mormons to visit your friends? Did you know you could fill out an online form at and they'll go visit them?
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I should just quit my job and join the circus

Tonight I was working from 8 to midnight and my manager (a fellow student)'s friend came in and they went out back to toke up. Then as they were coming back one of the guys said he heard two people having sex upstairs so they were going to go up there to "make them feel weird about it". Then another employee, who was not working tonight, came in high and drunk with his two friends who were also drunk and high. I guess they came because one of the friends wanted to buy pot from my manager. Then they all started coming behind the counter, some literally jumping over the counter and leaving their footprints by the food line (we had a few customers come in between/during all this) and making themselves pitas. One of the girls helped us sweep up, though. We managed to close the store, a bit earlier than we were supposed to, and then all of these people left to smoke and drink more.

1. What the hell?!?
2. What is the weirdest at-work experience you've ever had?

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1.Can you get a bruise on the top of your toe?

2. What foods do you miss that have been discontinued?

3. Does anyone remember that Willy Wonka ice cream that had like Nerdz in it and some kind of yellow syrup or something?
Friends: Unagi.
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I'm trying to take the facial personality test at Once you've uploaded the photo it tells you to move the blue line so it's level with both eyes.

But how do you move the blue line? I keep dragging but it won't move. I've tried in Safari, Firefox and Camino and it's the same everywhere.
Willow by 'Lothy'
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Kids again

Do you think it's weird and innapropiate for kids to slam their arms and or touch what -seems- to be a solid and unmoveable part of a retail display stand?

I know, a bit confusing but my booth looks odd. Still, I seem to a rare person who thinks that kids should keep their danged hands to themselves. It's not like they are carefully picking things up, it's as if they are trying to shoplift by osmosis.
So's Toes

Book Bags

I just re-enrolled in college for the fall semester. I'm very excited but I'm not sure what kind of book bag to get.

What do you use, tqc (pics/links encouraged)?

Have you ever used a messenger bag? Is it more convenient? More comfortable than a backpack?


So lets stir up this hive of angry little bees again shall we? :)

when do you feel that a person truly becomes alive regarding birth?

upon conception?

when the heart starts beating?

shortly before birth?

or upon birth?

or at any other point?

just wanted to know what your opinions were because this sparked off a massive debate in the pub last night. lets try keep the insults to a minimum shall we?
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k so. yesterday i had three friends over from school to watch 28 days later before we went to go see 28 weeks later in the theaters that night. we're in the middle of the movie and my mom tells me i have a call from my other friend christina. i pick up and she follows with "you have to come with me to banquet tonight, are you coming....?" [my mom told her i had friends over before she called] so i say "since when am i going? i thought i only had to go Wednesday [i went with her to her chorus concert 2 days earlier]

i was under the impression that she had to do the concert i went to twice, not that they were two separate events.
i tell her i can't go because i have people over who live 30 mins away from me and i can't just leave
she just goes on with "are you kidding me? are you KIDDING me?"
according to her, she told me i was going 9856934856 times.
maybe i just have bad memory but honestly i had NO IDEA i was going anywhere with her on friday, i would never ever invite people over if i knew i was going somewhere else with a friend.

i kinda got snippy with her when she went off and hung up. followed by 239854 calls after which i didn't pick up because i knew it would just be screaming.

the only reason i went snippy is, we've been friends for 9 years and she's always been like an older sister to me [the mean kind] who could make you feel like shit the best she could and i've kinda grown some balls lately and been able to tell her off when she's having a hissy fit. when she's happy she's great. any other time she's KJBFKJDSFB GODZILLAAAAAA. eh.

i don't think i should have been snippy.. blech. but anyways
she also left a message telling me "oh, just to let you know, you have to pay back my mother the 25$ she just wasted for your ticket [1. i had no idea i was being payed for. 2. her mother always makes me pay her back for things like this, even if it's $5, so i would have payed her anyways] and i thought i'd let you know THANKS for not coming to my senior banquet because 1/2 my speech was dedicated to YOU. thanks. click.

i have two questions.


1. should i feel  guilty...? i'm going to apologize either way.. via letter in the mailbox. not face to face. she's the kinda person who will take your apology, shove it down your throat and make everything 4956546 times worse. but should i feel guilty. i know i should feel bad because of the situation, but i had NO IDEA i was going. i didn't do this on purpose.

2. what should i really say when i apologize besides what i basically have told you? minus the not explaining  what happened in real life parts..

ps. i just thought i'd add, she isn't as bad as she sounds in this entry as she is in real life. she's a really good friend and i love her to death. but when she gets mad or something, she goes insane. that's one thing i have to deal with. she has major anger problems whether she wants to admit it or not. she's the kind of person who would take a measly little pick towards her [like someone making a cute joke or something making fun of her. like most friends and family do] and GO THE FUCK OFF after. she is a nice person though..

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Do you know what dippy eggs are?

Would you like to come out to the Indian restaurant with me? I have a gift certificate for $25 off $35 or more, but my husband won't go with me! WAH!

Do you think that smoking in movies should automatically earn them an R-rating?

What can I do with garam masala that doesn't involve any weird ingredients?

What kind of alcohol should I take to the party I am going to tonight?
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I had my notebook harddrive reformatted somewhere around November by a reliable guy who owns a computer shop. He'd fixed my computer before and my boyfriend paid for it so I had no complaints. I put all my files into a folder and backed it up, even though the guy who fixed it also backed it up. My problem though, is that I just discovered I can't play DVDs anymore.. and I could before I had it reformatted. When I put a dvd in the drive, an error message comes up in Windows Media Player that says "Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer."

Is there any way I can download a DVD decoder from the internet, or do I have to buy it or something...?
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I'm dreadfully sick right now. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, loss of voice from coughing, drippy nose, the whole works. I want to get some stuff that makes me feel a little better. Not medicine, because I've been taking DayQuil for the last two days. Just some comfort food/stuff.

What do you get to make yourself feel better when you just want to curl up in a ball and die because you think your head is going to fall off and roll away?

Food, toys, books, stuff?
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Calculator buttons

Hey ya'll. I want to make a log cabin out of calculator buttons (like the TI-83+'s logorithm function), do you know where I could find some cheap calculators or like... scrap parts from them? Is the TI graphing calc the only one with log functions as its own button?

Or would I be better to just make them from sculpy clay?

80s Music

What are your favorite artists/songs from the 1980s?

I've always loved 80s music, and I've really started to like New Wave / Synthpop (Human League, Blondie, that 99 Luftballoons song). Anyone know some other bands I might enjoy?
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Aside from the obvious, 'pop', what other sort of genre does Christina Aguilera's newer songs fall into? Like "Ain't no other man but you" or "Candyman"... they've got a remade yet older feel to them, and it's driving me batty, as I want to find more in the same sort of thread. :( Barring that, what decade was she trying to emulate in sound? Sorry for being vague-ish. :/

Also: If you have any ideas of other (old or new!) artists, preferably female, who do this sort of music, would you do some name dropping for me? :)

Squee, already answered! :) If you guys wanna give anymore recommendations though, I'll take em!

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I went to a museum in Bruxelles last week, and there was a really pretty painting that I fell in love with, but I was on the guided tour and didn't have time to go look at the name or the artist. It was kinda like a scene of the cruxifiction of Jesus, but everyone was skeletons, and the sky was a really pretty blue colour, and at the bottom I think that there were grim reaperish people.
Does anybody know the artist/the name of that painting?

And also, there's a song stuck in my head, and I want to download it but once again I don't know the title or singer, and the only words I can remember are

cantare(cantari?) oohohoh and it's either in Spanish or Italian...
Anybody have any ideas?
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A boy (that I find extremely attractive but don't know very well yet) made me a cd of a bunch of music he thought I would like. It's the best cd ever. He told me to send him a message about what I thought about it. What would you say to him besides the obvious "thank you"? I'm at a loss for words.
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My sister's boyfriend says that he will let my sister work if they get married. as in, "I guess I'd let her work if we needed it." Am I the only one who finds this somewhat offensive? I also had a nude model at school for my drawing class. She mentioned her husband during a conversation, so some time later I mentioned the fact that she was married to my sister's boyfriend and this was his response: "Obviously, if she's going out and doing that her husband has nowhere near enough control over her. He has to let her know where she stands."

He's never had a girlfriend before, do you think maybe that's why he has the views he does? Do you think I should be concerned about my sister when he says things like this? Sometimes I worry about it, but I think I just worry too much in general.

And on an unrelated note, why are white grapes called white grapes when they're green?

Bruins - shadow

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Quick question
If someone blocks your email address, would future emails get sent back to you?

&& How long would you send someone cards (birthday cards,or Christmas cards lets say) if they never sent you one back?

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I am completely lost, so it's time to ask TQC!

Here's the situation: I'm attending a reception tonight. It's outdoors and the weather is beautiful. It's sort of a potluck setup.

I and a few other attendees are vegetarian. What should I bring to eat? I seriously have NO IDEA.

Name that crappy-kids movie, please?

Okay, so can anyone help me with the title of this movie?

It's anime-styled, and has these little dust-puff balls throughout the entire movie. There's this large creature, too. The little girl befriends the large creature. In the opening sequence, I think she's eating a cucumber whole/raw or something.

Any ideas?

-Edit- Got it! You guys are awesome!

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A friend of mine treated me pretty badly while we were working on a school project together. She put me down, told me I had effed it all up, pouted and refused to work on some of it, ordered the other people in our group around, and just in general acted pretty meanly. Later, she ranted right in front of me to a group of other people about how terrible it was to work with me.

She ended up apologizing to me, saying "I need to apologize. I was being mean the other day. So, uh, yeah." I told her "Thank you for apologizing, I think you're right to do it. You were being pretty mean and did hurt my feelings and I know that it's really hard for you to apologize so I appreciate this."

The next thing I knew, she was not speaking to me and blatantly ignoring me when I tried to say anything to her. Eventually, she told me why. She said the way I accepted her apology was extremely rude and arrogant and that if I didn't believe her, she told someone else and they thought it was rude and arrogant as well.

So, what do you think, questioners? Was what I said completely wrong?

Save my poster!!!

My siblings and I are making a Mother's Day poster- each of us have a designated portion. In my portion, I was making a bunch of shapes with glitter and glue. Then my dog rolled on part of the poster, and now I have a big purple blob where a spiral once was :-(

I tried cleaning off the glitter blob, but the glitter is stuck onto the paper. It's a big circle, 2.5 inches in diameter. I can't cover it up.

Any creative ideas?


We make perishable goods that are often ordered to be sent to other people as gifts. We deliver them all locally in a refrigerated van. When we go out to deliver something and the recipient isn't home, we have two options:
1. Go find a neighbor who is home and leave it with them.
They would now be responsible for keeping it refrigerated and making sure the neighbor gets it as soon as they get home.
2. Take the arrangement back to the store. We leave them a note on their door saying that we tried to deliver something, please call us back at 123-4567 to either pick up your arrangement or schedule a redelivery day.

The problem is that half the people bitch and moan "I barely know my neighbors! They didn't know when I would be back! I don't know what they even did with it!" and half the people bitch and moan about "Well my neighbors were home! They know me! Why didn't you leave it with them??"

So, which do you vote? Should we attempt to leave gifts with neighbors or not? It would have to be a blanket rule. We deliver to very safe, suburban areas and backwoodsy hunky dorey type places. Not exactly the slums of a city or anything.

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Okay so... I'm going to a vegan barbecue tomorrow and I have no idea what to bring. Anyone have any ideas?

Obviously there are lots of websites that have vegan recipes, but I'm trying to think of stuff that would be barbecue-ish, if that makes any sense.


Have you ever started laughing for no apparent reason?

I do it all the time, and every time, it makes me feel like some kind of crazy person because I'm laughing at nothing.
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I know TQC isn't a medical community, but I've looked online and can't find anything, other than appendicitis and pregnancy.

My friend's lower abdomen is really bloated, hard, and painful, and she's nowhere near her period. She went to the ER, and they made her wait forever, then had her lie down (which made the bloating go down) to do an external exam and tell her nothing's wrong.

Has anything like this happened to anyone here? What could it be?

[EDIT] She doesn't think it's gas. It's EXTREMELY bloated, like few-months-along-pregnant bloated, and it hurts a lot.

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Is it just a myth that if a human touches a wild baby animal that its mother will reject it because she will smell our scent on them?

My dog tore up a cottontail rabbit's nest, killing three of the babies and leaving two other ones on my porch. I put the two living ones in a cardboard box, and I buried the dead ones. One of the living ones was seemingly fine. It could walk, although slowly, and it looked around. The other didn't get up at all and it had a small cut on the back of its head but it moved its legs and I could see that it was breathing, although I thought it was dead at first.

I searched my yard for their nest, but I didn't find it, so eventually I put a leash on my dog and she took me right to it. Then I took the survivors and put them back in their nest and ruffled up the grass around it to make it less noticeable.

Anyway, I hope they will be alright. =/
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1. What's the dumbest thing you've done today?

2. How did you make yourself feel better about it?

3. Do you ever pick up other peoples litter?

4. Have you ever been kayaking? Did you like it?

5. If you drink tea, what do you put in it, if anything? Do you have a kind of tea that you'd like to recommend?

1. I just popped a blister I only developed two hours ago. Ow.

2. I put a Hello Kitty band-aid over it. Hello Kitty makes everything okay.

3. I almost always don't bother if it's in the street, but for some reason any trash in water makes me feel awful and I have to pick it up.

4. Today me and my mom went for our third time, we rent kayaks and go out on a lake in a park near us. I think it's going to be a regular thing. It's really peaceful and pretty, plus it's good arm exercise which we desperately need.

5. Honey. And lately I really like African Orange Mango Rooibus, from Celestial Seasonings.

regina spektor

if you worked in a hotel and a favorite singer of yours was going to be checking in what would you do? make a fool of yourself and confess your obsession? play it cool like its any other day at work? run up and hug them? run up and punch them in the face?
funny or serious.

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I'm looking for another site to make a little money on. I do Paid-to-read/click, I do bucks4banners (they give you a bunch of Amazon gift certificates for every month that you have their ad banners up on your site). I would be open to anything similar, and something like Blingo, as long as you can genuinely make money or win stuff.

They need to accept UK members. Can you guys spam me with your referral links for these things? Maybe with an explanation of what they are and how well you've done with them?

(I would prefer it not be the free-ipod/xbox things that you have to do a load of offers and sign people up before you get anything, thanks :).

Inspired by this post.

Reading chair?

Where is a good place (online or offline) to get a relatively inexpensive, comfortable reading chair? Not a recliner or anything fancy, just a really comfortable chair that you can curl up in and read a book.
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why did i get so drunk this morning?
is evan williams as smooth as i believe it is?
what's the last stupid drunk incident you did?
what's YOUR way of recovering from a night of drinking? because i usually just shower for a good hour or so, but in the state i'm in which is similar to my birthday, there is no way a shower will help. i should note, we don't have asprin either...
how did you spend your friday?

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What is your worst terribly mortifying experience?

My mom was taking off all my sheets for cleaning, and I walked in as she took a toothbrush from under the mattress. She said, "this is interesting." I replied saying I was glad the sheets were finally getting cleaned. Then I ran away from the scene. This was about 3 hours ago, we go on as if nothing happened. I'm just glad she didn't bring it up later.

Funny? Or Not?

Do you find this funny?

I thought it was absoloutely hilarious, so I sent the link to a few of my friends, and most of them thought it wasn't very funny at all. I still crack up every time.

Edit: It has sound. So turn your volume up!

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I applied for a job at a local retail store and was interviewed last Thursday. They said that they would call me the end this week.
They haven't called back, so I'm going to call them. What should I say?

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I don't have much experience looking after toddlers (and am not usually asked to do so) so please excuse my ignorance here.

In my city there is a particular childcare centre that opens onto a very busy street. That street gets the inner-city traffic coming off the major highway. I was standing near the centre for half an hour and every mother I saw walking out of the centre was letting their child run about the sidewalk, inches from traffic (and we have the worst drivers here!).

My question: Isn't it considered necessary to make sure a small child is being held onto at all times around traffic?

It seems there are lots of responsible parents in TQC. :)

Rocky Horror Virginity

How did you lose your Rocky Horror Virginity?

I was sixteen years old. My friends knew the performers at the theater. I was picked up by the big guy who played Rocky and he threw me over his shoulder and the actor who played Frank spanked me.

It was quite funny!

Oooh. I should add: What are your favorite RHPS songs?

I like Time Warp, Science Fiction Double Feature and Rose Tint My World the best.
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If I'm sending a cover letter and resume by email... do I attach both documents to the email, or put my cover letter in the actual email? or something else?

Edit: the posting says this - To apply for a position, please e-mail
your resume with cover letter (in an uncompressed format)
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Emotions, or emoticons, who knows.

1- What's the last thing that got you choked up, or possibly even crying?
2- Last thing to amuse you?
3- Just how bored are you right now?
4- What is the best you've felt in the past week?

1- Reading the first Gunslinger Girl manga. :( One of the girls had to kill a boy she'd befriended, it made me all weepy so I had to stop reading it. Wtf hormones?
2- Our newer cat was eating some wet cat food, by dipping his paw in and licking the food off. Heh. :)
3- Very, though I should be doing research and not being bored!
4- I've felt pretty crappy all week, so I'd like to live vicariously through you lot. :P

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As pointed out in an earlier post, movies with smoking may be rated R because it'll lead kids to start smoking, and OMG, they might get cancer, and cigarette smoking may lead to...DANCING! I thought about it, and lots of things are also bad for us, and movies seem to have no problem showing those vices. What other influences should also bear an R rating?

Movies that show hamburger eating, because too much fast food leads to obesity, which leads to heart attacks and strokes.
Movies that show drinking. Drunk driving leads to thousands of death each year
Movies that show kissing. Kissing leads to sex, and sex leads to pregnancy and venereal diseases. Best not give the kids any ideas
Movies that show magic. Makes people curious about the occult. Occults never read the bible. Kids shouldn't go down that hellish slope
Movies that show religion. In the past, religion has fostered the crusades, genocides and witch burnings

Where will you go after you die?

Nowhere. There ain't nothing beyond this life
Earth again (I believe in reincarnation)
Earth again (I plan on haunting some places)
Dying's for suckers. Cryogenics is the answer. Keep getting frozen until they find a cure for dying

People who you think might not be dead

Jim Morrison
Jimmy Hoffa
Anna Nicole Smith
Ken Lay
L .Ron Hubbard
Michael Jackson's career
This is How We Stand

(no subject)

To those members who actually liked the first Maroon 5 CD....

Have you heard any songs off the new one?
Are you supremely disappointed/displeased?

Update in case anyone's interested -- I posted about my industrial the other day because it was "infected" or something, and after a bunch of salt water soaks, it's all better. Thanks =)
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(no subject)

In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, what was Mark Antony doing in Caesar's closet besides discovering Caesar's will? Why was he in there in the first place? All sorts of answers welcome.

(no subject)

Why do you people say things like "only serious answers" or "non-serious answers okay" in this community when you know people are going to say whatever they are going to say no matter what?
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I can't believe I'm asking this

But I'm just not sure here, and I'll tell you why.

See okay theres this boy in one of my classes and we crack each other up non-stop all class and we ride the subway home together since we live in the same neighborhood. The other day he asked me out to lunch on our way home. It was lovely, and afterwards he asked me to come over, and I don't know why (no I do, I'm a wuss) but I chickened out and went home. He's really cute, and hilarious and I have the most ridiculous crush on him.

Is it obvious that he likes me too? The reason I'm confused here, is sort of cultural. I'm a New Yorker and he's from Georgia. I've never really known someone from The South before, and I'm not sure if he's just nice.

Do guys from The South (should I be capitalizing that?) flirt differently? I'm thinking about this way too much aren't I?

Man, I can't believe I'm 24 and so confused about this!
ad art

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Look, don't worry man: at his age I was, like, a chronic masturbater. Kinda... kinda still am. But the point is: I like it. I would like to masturbate right now in this car.... y'know... if I had my stuff with me. I would! Um, what are we even talking about?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. How do I talk to my mother about her weight? She's always been chubby but since she quit smoking she's gained at least 60 pounds. I'm worried about her and I know she's unhappy with it but I don't know how to talk to her (or even if I should). I don't really want to, but I don't want to see her like this :( Should I just keep shut?

2. It's July 4 in NYC and you are at a huge all-day outdoor concert. There's a bunch of Canadians wearing "I Am Canadian" hoodies and they have Canadian flags. Do you think they look like idiots? Is it "disrespectful" because it's July 4? Based on an IRL argument. Canada Day is the same weekend so I don't know if this makes a difference.

(no subject)

Two people who know each other through mutual friends meet up without these mutual friends one evening for a drink.

Under what circumstances would you consider this to be a date?
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I'm at work alone and I'm not supposed to close the store for another hour and a half or two hours but there haven't been any customers for about 45 minutes. Should I just close the store? They're losing money by paying me, not that I should care.

Why isn't my fake tanner working??? WAAAAAHHHHH.

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Why is Aaron Carter so annoying without even trying?

Why can't I find any rap songs with adequate references to Christianity?

And lastly, why is my boyfriend have a fun long weekend with all his friends while I'm stuck either at work or doing my English project?

Creativity is a bonus!


Do you like it when the OP replies to most of the comments?  Do you read comments first, then add, or do you post your own thoughts first?

Do you like getting comments on your posts?  Are you excited to see "New Mail" in your inbox?

Should I get drunk tonight? I am feeling not so happy for some reason today.

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I've got a little question, for here are a lot of people with English as their mother's tongue

What does the phrase 'How deep does your river run' mean?
Is it actually a common phrase?
I read it in a fanfiction, so it could be something the author made up too..
Well, I hope someone can explain to me ^^'
Would be so nice
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You are having a shit day. The kind where you feel stupid enough to complain about it on TQC. Last night you had an argument/discussion with a "friend" who needs to get out of the fucking closet already (oh, high school). You have some options open to you:

1. Write an angsty email detailing feelings (but not too much detail, because you're a whimp), apologizing and talking in circles over topics you have already covered and that don't make a difference anyway.

2. Try to beat your high score on being a yeti hitting a penguin with a bat.

3. Ask TQC to tell you a funny story. Fiction or non-fiction welcome.

TQC, will you tell me a story?
Give a dog a home

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I'm going to a party later tonight for my friend's graduation (I'm bringing beer, btw).

There's going to be this girl and guy I used to work with and I was friends with the girl. They started cheating on their spouses with each other, and eventually left their spouses for each other. And now they are trying to have a baby together (not married yet, just living together).

I think they are dumbasses.

Should I avoid them?
Be polite?
Just kind of quirk my eyebrow when she tries to tell me about her life?

I never see them (which is why we weren't friends, I don't work there anymore), so I couldn't really care, but I think she's stupid and dense.

How would you act, TQC?

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based on discussion in my last post, it seems like a lot of people have been victims of voyeurism while having sex. has this happened to you?

what's the appeal of strawberry rhubarb pie? i think it tastes nasty.

seen any baby animals lately?

do you think bacos would be good in egg salad?
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1) What do you think of the fact that no West European countries got through the semi-final of Eurovision, only East European?
It used to be bad music but fun now it's bad music and no fun. And I don't like that they're stealing our thunder.

2) Do you think they should do a two Eurovisions, one West European and one East European?
Yes. Otherwise Belgium might never be in it again.

3) Are you watching it? It starts right now.
I might have a look once in a while.

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If you enjoy bars..

What kind of bar do you like the best?

-A yuppie bar with people dressed all classy like
-A townie bar with lots of old skeevy men and ratty women who know the bartender better than they know their family
-or a bar with lots of loud music and so many people you can't move

Or none of the above and you will explain in comments!

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I'm trying to get on to Encyclopedia Dramatica but the site won't come up. My computer will either display a gray screen or will come up with the 'cannot find server' page. Can anyone else get on it? Is it just my computer? If so, why is my computer being weird? I can access any other site and I've rebooted (that's about as far as my knowlege of computers goes).

Edit: Already answered, so here's a new question.

Anyone know of a similar wank-inducing site (that's not stupid_free since I already know about that one) that will entertain me for the next couple of hours?
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Can anyone recommend a good intermediate yoga DVD that I could get for reasonably priced off of say, I am doing yoga at school and really enjoy it, but I'll be graduating soon and don't really have money to go anywhere for it, or transportation either. I've got the basics down, I just need something to give me some structure.

Any suggestions?

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do you talk to your parents on instant messenger, or email them a lot? do you think it's really funny that your parents are using the internet? do they say anything really funny?

i WISH my parents talked to me on the internet, i lol when my dad sends me text messages. one of my friends talks to her dad on instant messenger and it is just so silly.
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I need help finding the name of a movie.  I saw the preview yesterday at Spiderman 3.  It was pretty out there, I guess.  It had "Hey Jude" in the background, and it was about hippies, I think.  An artist with a Scottish accent, and at one point there were some ladies all in white body suits or something falling into the ocean.

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Is there a song you connect with a (ex-)relationship?

I have to think about my ex-girlfriend everytime I hear 'Angel of Berlin' from Martin Kesici
Although she'd hate me for that xD
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My fiance and I went to Uno Chicago Grill for the first time last night and after a reasonable crappy experience with out appetizer and my fiances steak, the manager bought us a drink and desert. We ordered a frozen mango mojito and it was totally amazing! The desert wasn't too shabby either...

Anyway, onto my question.... Does anyone here work at Uno? I REALLY want to be able to make the mango mojito here at home, but I can't find a recipe for them anywhere... And no fear, Im not gonna stay away from the restaurant if I get the recipe... The manager was GREAT and totally took care of everything that went wrong so we will be going back without a doubt!

So yeah, anyone know how to make Uno's mango mojito?

asian vacation

any of you been to bangkok or cambodia? would it be a good place for a mid 20's couple to go and spend a week for vacation? my boyfriend and i are planning on going there in a couple of months..but i don't really know much about the places...we are also interested in going to cambodia to see angkor wat, but not sure if those two places would be too much to squeeze into 8 or 9 days. any advice/suggestions? thanks!
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1 - Which word alternatives (Be they UK vs Australia vs America vs New Zealand vs Canada etc or regional dialects) do you find most odd/quaint/puzzling/hilarious/ridiculous/amusing?

2 - What do you call the device that you use to change the channel on the TV from afar?

3 - What could have caused my friend to giggle uncontrollably while dissecting a rat? He's a 17 year old guy, he doesn't usually get the giggles. Silly and serious answers welcome. =D


1 - I find the word 'bangs' pretty weird. I call it a fringe, which I suppose is just as odd, but 'bangs' seems a kinda violent word for something as utterly harmless as a fringe.

2 - I call it the remote, but a friend calls it the dial which makes me think that there are all sorts of different names out there.
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laundry now, or laundry later?

I need to do some laundry (underwear, mostly) and I have to be at work at 11 tomorrow. It's 11:05 now. Should I do it now, or tomorrow? It takes about 35 minutes to wash and 45 to dry, or else I could just wash 'em and let them air dry overnight. Whaddaya think?
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1) When it's said that a captain should go down with his ship, does this apply if all the passengers are off the ship, or can he leave once everyone's safe?
2) Is the women-and-children-first rule still followed now, in 2007, when filling up lifeboats?
3) Other than those who simply can't swim, why do passengers die en masse when a ship sinks? Is it only because ocean water's cold, or is there some logic I'm missing? I'm confused because in the case of the Lusitania, the ship was close to shore. Why couldn't anyone swim to land?
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Greyhound Bus

I've never ridden on a Greyhound Bus before, and I'll be going from Fargo to Minneapolis, Any advice?
What kinds of things should I expect? How early should I wait for a choice seat? What can a 20 year old girl do to make sure she isnt bothered by creepy people? Do they check your baggage at all? What size would be most appropriate for a carry-on bag? Does anyone have any good or bad stories of what this was like for them? It's only 4 1/2 hours, but I've got lots of questions since I've never taken this before.

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  1. Has anyone gone to post a question then completely forgot what they were going to put?
  2. Does anyone else REFUSE to drink water?
  3. Do you have some sort of OCD?
  4. What's your favorite Starburst commercial?
  5. Who loves playing with fire?
  6. What's your favorite juice
  7. Is/was there an inspirational teacher figure in your life, if so, what did they inspire on doing?
  8. Am I the only one who gets nervous passing metal detectors, even though I've done nothing wrong?
  9. How many times have you had a complete stranger know your name?
  10. How sneaky are you, give an example of the sneakiest thing you've done.

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1. Do any bodily functions/systems shut down when you sleep?

2. Would you rather be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life paralyzed from the hips down, or would you rather the doctors take your legs and give you fully functional robotic legs that look like this?


Is anyone shocked that the UK didn't give Ireland any points in the Eurovision tonight?

Is anyone shocked that western Europe done so crap compared to eastern Europe?

Can someone tell me why it seems that the UK were the only that saw sense and didn't give Serbia any points (I can't remember if any other country didn't give them any)?

Which country do you think should of won?

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