May 11th, 2007

god bless the world

Just Quit My Job--Now What?

I just quit my job after having been there for a year, and now I'm looking for a new one, something relatively temporary.  .  What is a fun, entry-level (meaning no degree or experience required) job that pays the bills (10-14 dollars per hour)?  I'm looking for something that isn't a desk job, and that I'm not necessarily going to have to take super seriously.  Something that "I can say I did" for a summer or maybe six months.  I like the outdoors and I am very creative (but don't say daycare, that's what I'm getting out of!).  Any ideas?
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I know you are not really jogging, okay?!

There is a man I sometimes see walking his dog around here. Sometimes I'll see him from my house and he is definitely walking, not running or jogging. However when I'm driving if I see him he will start to run or jog when I get closer to him, and then when I pass him I look in the rear view mirror and he is back to walking. Why does he do this? Does he think I'm going to be fooled into thinking he has been jogging the whole time? And if that is the case does he think this impresses me/other people who drive by him?

Do you do this or something similar? If so, why?

it's late.

Do you ever come up with a question you really want to ask but decide to wait until a better/different/busier time of day to ask it?

Which day(s) of the week do you think TQC is most active?

(no subject)

Okay .. so I have a 9 page paper due tomorrow morning at 8 and I haven't even started it.

I don't even understand what I'm supposed to be writing about.

I'm transferring next semester so I don't really care about failing the class because I'll never see the teacher again.

My question: Should I just not pass a paper in, or should I pass in an absolute crap paper that honestly probably wouldn't even be worthy of a 6th grader? Which would be worse?

And also, since half of you probably couldn't care less about my situation:

Do you tend to eat more or less in the summer than in the winter or is it about the same?

Does dyed hair make you angry?

What's your favorite non chocolate candy?

What is the name of this show?

I think Dane Cook hosted it, but I'm not sure. I watched it at a friend's house.

There are a group of comedians who were touring. In between gigs, they'd do all sorts of extreme sport type of things and challenge each other to various stunts.

One episode they were flying military aircraft with retired Air Force people where they would shoot at each other in a kind of laser tag in the sky type of way.

I wish I knew the name of this show. Can you all help me out?
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(no subject)

anyone know of a website that has movie scripts on it, to read, not buy? i'm looking for a long quote from Little Miss Sunshine (the entire hotel scene with grandpa) and i can't find what i'm looking for. any help you could give me would be amazing!
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(no subject)

1. I'm going to get my dogs from my parent's house soon, and they will live with me from now on! My mom has not been in the best situation financially, so these two dogs have not been to the vet except for emergencies. I'm going to take them to get check-ups, tests for heartworm, vaccines, preventatives, whatever is needed. Given that they're not current on shots etc., but assuming they don't have any major health problems I don't know about, how much is this likely to run me per dog?
1a. How do you pick out a good vet?

2. I developed lots of red spots on my shoulders, and then they got bigger, and now they've spread all the way down my stomach. What the fuck is this? Witch Hazel, Benadryl, and Cetaphil soap aren't helping. They kinda itch, and kinda hurt sometimes. ARGH. What will I dooooooo? Do you think the vet would see me too and give us all a group discount?

PS. Thanks for the decorating suggestions!

(no subject)

i just found a file on my computer called I want to take your shirt off.txt. wtf? i certainly never created that, and it was saved in a sort of obscure location. upon opening it, it said: Collapse )

wtf, tqc? i know two daves, but i can't remember which i knew when this file appeared. or rather, i can't remember if i knew both of them or not.

tqc, how did it get there? why haven't i noticed it before? what does "i came to go but already went" mean? and why is character #42 a T?!



I heard a heavy Massachusetts (not Boston) accent for the first time ever yesterday and it baffled the hell out of me. At least my boss claimed it was a Massachusetts accent. I couldn't understand half of what he said so I didn't want to ask. It sounded like some Australian person was raised in the thick of Minnesota. I just kind of stared and nodded. I'm not fabulous with accents.


What accents do you loooooove?
Jamaican and that whole creole sort of really twangy Louisiana thing.

What accents do you looooathe?
I don't loathe it, but I hate people who say they love men with British accents. There is just something that sounds insanely feminine to me about a British accent and frankly I like my men to sound like men. I know, it doesn't make a shitload of sense, but oh well.
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*Is your belief in God solely on faith and your belief in what you have learned in church/through parents/school etc.
*Do you have any incidents where something happened and becase of that you believe in God more strongly?
*If you are very confident- how do you KNOW there is a God?

You see, I have been struggling personally for many years about whether or not I believe and I basically want to believe because I am afraid of death and there not being an afterlife. Just curious.
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(no subject)

Are there any good sites that have web-design/layout ideas, or good places to go for buttons?

Who's your favorite muppet?

Do you think my roommate should grab the butt of the guy she's had a crush on since its her last day of work?

EDIT: She's not actually going to do it guys. It's more to poke fun, not sexual harrasment. Be funny, not upset.
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neighborhoods in chicago and finding a real job

1) Can you give your opinions of some of the neighborhoods...specifically ones that might have 3 bedroom apartments for under $1000/month?

2 of my friends and I are moving to Chicago in June. I was born in Chicago and lived near Pilsen when I was younger, but I lived in the South suburbs for most of my life. I'm trying to learn more about the different neighborhoods before/while I go apartment hunting (One of my friends and I have an appointment with Chicago Apartment Finders tomorrow).

2) I'm a recent college grad without "experience" in pretty much every area except for research and teaching (I did psychology research and was a biology TA). I applied to a few universities for jobs as research analysts/coordinators/etc. Anywhere else I could look? Any employment agencies?

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In the theme of racism:

At my job we are being scammed by two women who write phony checks, then return the thousands of dollars of merchandise the following week. Basically there are a lot of long boring details about how we allowed this to happen and what we can now to to prevent it. The interesting part, though, is the description of the people we were told to watch out for.

"Two loud black women, very ghetto. Oh, and they might come in separately. If you see them, get a manager."

I don't have a clue how to define ghetto. But am I really supposed to get a manager every time I see a black woman talking to someone? Is this racist? As partial management myself, I was told to pass this description on to my underlings..would you?

(no subject)

Do your pets give you hugs?
If you could pick a politician to be on Fear Factor and 3 tasks for them to do, who and what would you pick?
At what minimum age would you say one is too old to be playing with Barbies?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

With Mother's Day coming up, how do you feel about icons like this?

Have you every gotten emergency contraception over the counter?

Am I hot or cold? My office is very humid, but somewhat cool.

What should I make for my mother-in-law when she comes to visit next weekend? I love her and haven't seen her in a year!

Were you in the TQC chat last night?
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(no subject)

1. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
2. What ya up to this weekend?
3. Should I end my going away "speech" today with: A - "And when {Company Name} has its IPO, I better be invited to the party." or B - "And when the {Company Name} building opens downtown, I better be invited to the dedication." (They are not currently planning on either an IPO or a building.)
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(no subject)

i'm amazingly pale. it's a little absurd. so, this summer, i'm thinking i should get a little color. not be tan at all, because i'm fairly certain that's impossible, but be less white as a sheet. however, my knowledge in the area of sun bathing is very very limited. what sun tanning lotions would you recommend that will protect me from too much sun but still give me enough?

as a note, i'm never out in the sun enough to know if i really burn (the consequences of going to nerd camp for the last 5 years), but from my experience i burn but not too badly.
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Visiting ?'s

1) When people come to visit you from out of town, what type of sights do you show them?

2) If you didn't live where you lived at now, would you ever go there to visit?

3) Have you ever visited anyone in jail before? Ever been visited by anyone while you were in jail?
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(no subject)

1) Are you a Super Taster?
2) If you are, has it affected your life in any way?

3) Do you lose respect for people who believe in Scientology?
4) I read a story about how John Travolta refuses to treat his supposedly autistic son because it goes against his beliefs. How do you feel about this story? Think it's true?

5) Why is it so HUMID?!?!

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for a cause!

there has been this dude picketting...something, near my place of work.  Every friday for two months so far (maybe longer, but I just came here two months ago).   Just this one guy, marching back and forth.  Today he added a chant.


1.   Do you think one man can make a difference?

2. If you showed up to picket and were the only one there, would you go thru with it?

3.  What stupid things should we picket? or good things? anything! give me your slogans !

(no subject)

So a while ago I asked you all for ideas for my student-teacher science project thing. Well, I ended up picking mass extinctions (the ones in the past, not the likelyhood of one in the future). I need to have five sites with related lesson plans on them and all I can find on google is crap about dinosaurs. Do any of you know of any lesson-plan sites that may be helpful? Or just any resources at all, really, about the five main mass extinctions.
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Fly Peter, Fly!!

I am in desperate need of some happy thoughts while my poor baby puppy is at the vet getting spayed to take me through this nervous breakdown. 

So.. What are some of your happy thoughts / things / imaginary places?
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Otaku rolecall! Or something like that.

1- If you're into anime, have you ever been to an anime con? Which one(s) if so? If you've never been to one, do you want to?

2- If you've been to one (or more) what did you enjoy most about it?

3- How much hentai is too much hentai for one person to buy in one shot? :P

4- Do you or have you ever cosplayed? Got pictures?

1- Yes, this'll be myyyy... fourth year going to Anime North, and I've been to one other (which sucked and I can't remember the name of it D:)
2- Discounted overstocks, hell yeah!
3- I dunno, husband says to find him some hentai, so I don't wanna scare the dealers. ;)
4- Once! Some people decided to yell at me and chase me with a truck while I was in my fishnets and having dyed blue hair. :( So I'll likely not be doing that ever again. There was like, two pictures in existence, but I don't have em, whee.
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mock crime scene!

an elementary science school teacher wants to do a mock crime scene for his students during the last week of school. the school mascot which is an "eagle" will be kidnapped. besides leaving fake eagle feathers, footprints and finger prints at the crime scene, what else could be do?

(no subject)

1. There was a hole in my ensuite bathroom that opened up into under the house, and spiders kept coming out of it. Last night there was a huge one on my bedroom floor and I screamed and it ran away. Isn't that gross?

2. What do you hate more, blood/guts (irl, not movies) or spiders?

3. Care to share any gross stories?
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(no subject)

Do you have icons of people/characters dancing? Please post 'em in the comments if you do!

ETA question #2: Did anyone else see Stephen Colbert's Korean R&B music video on his show last night? Anyone know if some nice person made an icon out of it?
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this has been bugging me for awhile

In Aliens, Vasquez winds up fighting a xenomorph in close quarters and eentually slams its head against a wall and shoots it point blank. There'sa resultant gush of its acidic blood all over her foot and lower leg and that pretty much finishes her. However, in Aliens vs Predator, one of the hunters slices the front half of a xenomorphs head when it tried sneaking up on him. the head is neatly and cleanly cut and there's no rush of blood at all.

How does this make any sense?
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(no subject)

1. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
2. do you shower in the morning or at night?
3. do you brush your teeth first thing in the morning or after you eat breakfast?
4. do you walk around naked when you're getting ready, or put your underwear on and then start getting ready?
5. do you get dressed in the bathroom or in your bedroom?
6. for the ladies: do you let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer?

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(no subject)

Is there anyway to get someone to trust you again?

(I gave someones phone number to someone else that he didn't want to have. I regret it now but at the time I had reason to retaliate and want to hurt him. I have apologised and I do regret doing it now but he says he doesn't trust me and doesn't know if he ever will.)

Any advice?

(no subject)

Do you do things with your friends that you don't really want to do, but you do it because they're your friends? Or do your friends always want to do the same things you want to do? Would you consider someone a friend even if they didn't enjoy any of the same things you do?


Inspired by my boyfriend telling me "I'm just going to buy you a big encyclopedia to keep you distracted for a few days"

- Do you like to learn just for the sake of learning?
- If you're teaching yourself something, do you prefer to learn on the computer, or with a book?
- Any reason?
- What things have you taught yourself in the past? Any learning in progress?

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Toilet and Litter Boxes

1) How do you feel about training a cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box?
1a) Have you ever tried to train your cat to use the toilet, or considered it?

2) How do you feel about training a dog to use a litter box instead of going outside?
2a) Have you ever tried to train your dog to use a litter box, or considered it?

1) I have no idea- it sounds bizarre, but I don't know much about cats.
1a) Nope.

2) I've heard of people litter training their pugs... I can't imagine doing it.
2a) No, and never.

(no subject)

1. when considering someone a smoker, how often do you think they would smoke? (ex: i wouldnt consider myself a smoker b/c i only smoke when i'm INCREDIBLY stressed/pms'ing--so about 3 cigs a month; on the other hand, i was transcribing a tape at my job and the one lady said she wasnt a smoker, then she said "well, yeah..i just dont smoke much" "how many do you smoke" "3 or 4 a day" wtf?!)

2. i'd seriously like some opinions on this..but i understand if you don't want to read's kind of long but i'll try to keep it short
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(no subject)

How badly does bone-lengthening surgery scar? (I realize that different people scar differently, but in general)

Is anyone annoyed at my improper grammar in the above sentence?

Does having a lazy eye affect one's vision much?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


Last night, I went to a Korean restaurant and I saw these weird looking creatures in a tank next to the small octopi? octopuses? and the shrimps. And this was near the sushi area where the chefs make the sushi/sashimi it definitely had to be seafood. It looked...absolutely had a peach/pinkish skin color and didn't have any eyes or legs. Just a mouth at the end that kept on opening and closing. And to be honest, it looked like dozens of uncircumsized penises.

I asked the chef what they were...and he said something in I came home and asked my mom what a "geh mool" was. She said there's no such thing.

And I've been googling everything from sea cucumbers to hagfish to clams to sea snails...and I failed. I have to find out what it's been bugging me all night...and this morning, too. I think it's a long neck clam...without the shell. But I'm not 100%.

I would've taken a picture but I thought it might've been rude cause me and my dad were making disgusting faces while looking at it...and the chef looked really annoyed.

This is what it looked bumps or spots. Just smooth. This is the exact size by the way.

And there were million of them on top of each other.

Does anyone know what it was?

EDIT: Okay for real now. Thanks to's called a "sea slug"?! WTF. I don't know anymoreeeeeeeeee!!!
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(no subject)

(This is a stupid question, I hate when people ask this stuff....)

Have you ever worked for Border's (Book Stores)?
I have an interview there on Monday, and I'm kind of excited, mainly because I'm a bookworm, and I've always dreamed of  how awesome it would be to work at one....I've worked retail before, but is there anything particularly great/evil about this company, besides shitty Seattle's Best?

What kind of computer do you have? Do you like it?
I have a Dell Inspiron 6000. I absolutely loathe it. My wireless card sucks, I'm almost out of memory, and I get the ~blue screens of death~...hopefully I'll be getting an Apple G4 soon though....

If you have to pick money or love, which would you pick? Right now? In the present, not in a few years when you "mature".
I would choose to live poor for the rest of my life for my current boyfriend.

(no subject)

What do you do when you are sent a check that is unexpected/you don't understand?
Do you call the check writers or run with it?

My university just sent me a check for 168.21.  I did not over pay my last U-Bill, and did not have extra FinAid. I'm running with this, cause bitch be broke :(

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite educational channel? (ie. History Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, Animal Planet, etc. etc. etc.)
2. Favorite educational show?
3. Does anyone happen to know when Josh Bernstein's new show on Discovery Channel starts or what it's called? He's the host of Digging for the Truth on the History Channel, if that helps. But he has left that show, and a new one on Discovery is supposed to start pretty soon, but I have no idea when or what it's called.

My answers:
1. History Channel
2. Digging for the Truth (obviously, lol)
3. Clearly I don't know, or I wouldn't be asking.
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(no subject)

1) You know the stickers that are made specifically for car windows? How easy are they to remove? Do they leave the nasty sticky stuff behind?

2) Are you the type of person who is so obsessive that you end up ruining a lot of things/experiences for yourself because you analyze them to death?

3) Anyone have any good (non-bread machine) whole/multi grain bread recipes?

(no subject)

I have this obsession with making sure there's nothing in/hanging out of my nose so I'll use qtips to clean it out whenever I get out of the shower. I told my mom about this and she thought it was really weird. :)

So, what are some ways you use everyday items in non conventional ways?

(no subject)

1. if you could wear whatever you wanted every single day (work dresscodes were nonexistent, etc), how would you dress?
2. What would you NEVER wear?
3. (if you're female) How well do you walk in heels?

my answers..
1. my microfleece pants i got at Roots when i was in Canada, a cozy hoodie, those socks with the extra layer of 'cushion' on the bottom, and adidas sandals. soooo comfortable.
2. crocs, leather clothing, fur, cow boy hats/boots.
3. I walk like a drunk when i wear high heels.

inspired by a recent post...

Do people really think that teachers just work from 8-4 and then go home? Or that teachers get the whole summer off?

I have been teaching for five years and my normal workday is 7:15-5:30 (with a 25 minute lunch period), with the school day being 8:30-3:30. Of course there are days when I sleep a little later or leave a little earlier, but I always have to make that up by staying later another day or coming in on weekends.  There's just too much to do.  My first year I was probably at work until 7 every night and I went to school every weekend.  The majority of teachers at my school work 10+ hour days.  I think that the average person has no idea whatsoever of how much paperwork, planning, research and effort it takes to be a good teacher. 

We have 8 weeks "off" during the summer, but much of that is taken up by training, meetings, and conferences.

Oh, and I am posting this right now because I came home sick, just in case anyone was wondering. 


Sorry for my English...
Several days ago in the evening, I talked to the young man, ~25 years old, without the left leg, standing near supermarket "Bahetle" on Gorkiy park (Kazan, Russian Federation). The dialogue was something like this:

- Tell me, do you work?
- No.
- If I will offer you a good work which you could carry out, i.e. not demanding presence of a leg, would you agree to work?
- No.
- Why?
- I can not now. I need to look after my mom, she is ill. I come here only sometimes in the evenings.
* * *

Some questions if it is possible. Collapse )
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Random ?'s

1) Do you know the chief Keebler Elf's name? Did you even know he had a name?

2) Do you believe the statement Freedom is not free is true?

3) What's the last thing you randomly (not a birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc) got from somebody that was totally free, no strings/obligations attached to it?

(no subject)

so i pretty much love electronica. could anyone recommend me some electronic/synthesized bands? i'm going to go with IAMX and Dope Stars Inc. as examples of what i already listen to.

what am i missing out on? :]
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Arnold Schwarzenegger

What is your favorite Ahnold Schwarzenegger movie quote? My favorite is in "Commando," when Arnold playing as Matrix runs down one of the bad guys who kidnapped his gaughter and holds him over a cliff and says:
Matrix: Remember when I said I'd kill you last?
Bad guy toady: Yeah Matrix, you did!
Matrix: I lied.
He then drops him over the cliff. Every time I hear him say "I lied" I crack up laughing! What's yours?
ze bad times are upon us

rug yanked out from under us again

For those of you that have Paid or Plus accounts, whether you knew it or not, you have access to image hosting through livejournal. Located at you have more than enough room to adequately take care of any image hosting you may be wasting on photobucket or any number of other places ordinarily...

...but not today.

Doing this mainly to check if anyone else is having this problem. I've got a main account and a couple support accounts. One of them I use for image hosting for various background images and the mood theme sets I do. They all seem to be down right now, literally conked out within the last hour.

The weird thing is that link's going to an actual journal instead of the scrapbook but that's really off as the link worked the day before yesterday fine; last time I used it.

If you're in Paid or Plus it down for you too?
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(no subject)

I broke my nail a while ago and it keeps cracking more and more, the nail is barely even attached to my finger anymore. I've been covering it with a band-aid and just last night cut off the hanging nail. I don't want to wear a band-aid for weeks, is there any way to make my nails grow faster, or do I just live with it?

My hair started growing out again! I decided to let it grow for a while. What hairstyles would you recommend for chin length, very thick, wavy hair with bangs? Also, my hair has been getting greasy since I cut it. I used to wash it every two or three days, and now if I don't wash it every day it gets greasy feeling and limp. Any recommendations?

What is your favorite smell? Where do you find it?
Pine forest after the rain. I can smell it by my grandparents house, they live in a cabin in the woods up north. Or honeysuckle. There used to be a huge plant in my backyard, but now the only one I know of is by a little church in town.
Random Icon 6, Decisions--brakspants

(no subject)

Do you have a secondary job? What do you do? How did you go about finding your secondary job? Do you like your secondary job? Do you like it more than your primary source of employment?

Do you ever think about switching careers?
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(no subject)

If neither you nor your SO drink coffee, would you keep a coffee maker in your home anyway, just in case any guests might drink coffee?

Why can't I stand fresh-brewed (hot) coffee, but I love drinking frappucinos and eating coffee-flavored ice cream? (Even if the hot coffee has lots of milk/cream and sugar in it, I can't stand it.)

Do you think I'm weird?


(no subject)

1) Do you prefer to be single or a part of a couple?

2) Do you ever feel depressed being single when all of your friends have somebody?

3) How do you know if you're just settling for somebody?

(no subject)

If you don't really know your neighbors, and you're 19... What's a good way to promote that you are willing and ready to pet sit and/or babysit?

How much should a person charge for pet sitting over three weeks, where it has been offered that the person actually live there?  (It's one medium sized dog and one cat.  I know my vet charges 15 dollars a dog a night for his and her kennel services.)

(no subject)

1) Do you tip sonic workers? If so, how much?

2) Do you tip waitresses? If so, how much?

3) How do Sonic carhops get paid from credit cards, if they even do? Nowadays, when I pay with a credit card, I see CTND .75 or whatever my change was from the credit card.. do they get the change from credit cards and sonic pays for it?

Just some questions because I am a waitress and I see people tipping sonic carhops more than they tip me... and I'm good. Wondering if maybe I should switch over to Sonic and make 5.15 and hour + tips instead of 2.15... seems like less work for me.
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My left palm is REALLY itchy and I keep having to stop working to scratch it. I know there's some urban legends about this problem, do you know any?

On that note, what's your favourite luck related urban legend?
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small engines

What exactly does an air filter do for an engine? Clearly has something to do with filtering air, but why does the air need to be filtered? Hypothetically, would it be a fatal (for the lawn mower engine) to mow an entire lawn without the air filter? Twice?
Star, Star of Life, Life

(no subject)

Hey all!

I use firefox at home and I LOVE it... I have it installed on my jump drive and I'm trying to add all of the extensions to it that I use at home. There is one I can't find though, and I need your help!

One of the ones I have at home puts a down arrow button on the right side of the tabs. If you click on the arrow it brings up a list of all open tabs so you can click which one you want to go to. Anyone know the name of the extension?!?!!? Thanks!!
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(no subject)

I just had a really weird dream last week about having sex with a little person. In the dream, I wasn't enjoying it.

1. Anyone know what this might mean?
2. Anyone else have  a weird sex dream that creeped you out?

musiccccaally speaking


Has your musical taste been basically the same over the course of your life, or has it changed? 

what do you think influenced this change or lack thereof?

When I was little, my favorite music was country.  Now I like hardly any of it. 
In Jr. High, my favorite was RnB, which I still enjoy but only the RnB that comes out of that period or earlier
Musical theatre pretty much dominated my high school career and is still a major player, though jazz, and classic rock and indie rock have joined in equally.

I also enjoy adult soft rock *blush*

my musical tastes almost come completely from my parents, with the exception of 1. RnB which I think I picked up from a lady my dad was dating at the time,  2. the classic rock, which I found on my own enjoyment, and 3. indie rock, which my friend Jill  and the tv show SCRUBS introduced me to.

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(no subject)

if people were less mean to outcasts would there be less school shootings and murderers and child molestors? would you change how you treat people who are different if you knew you could save lives????


(no subject)

Does anyone know if you can just uninstall one Sims 2 expansion pack without having to uninstall all the others and reinstall them again? I have Pets, Seasons, Open for Business and Nightlife and I'm not too keen on Open for Business, and my laptop's struggling with all the memory use so I wouldn't mind getting rid of it, but if it means faffing around with uninstalling everything else then I really can't be bothered.

Tried Googleing this but can't find anything that helps.

Ta in advance!

tegan ice cream

too many booooks

where can i make some OK cash from selling books?

i have both textbooks (TOO MANY) and other random books i've collected over the years (kids' books as well as novels). normally i would try to sell my textbooks back to people at my school, but the textbooks for the classes have changed (of course), and i'm not going to try and sell them back to the bookstore because they'll give me like 5 cents per book.

as for the other books, i just don't know how to make any money from them.

should i put them on ebay? half? amazon? i hate the fees that go along with these (amazon takes a certain percentage from you), and i'd also rather not have to ship out every book individually, if i can help it. but if that's the only way to make any money, i'll do it.

what about selling them on my lj? would that work at all?

as much as i'd like to get rid of these ASAP, i also want to profit from them as much as possible. help!

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1. If you kept getting mail addressed to someone else, But with your address on it, what would you do?

I keep getting bills/magazines/circulars addressed to someone who doesn't live here. The address is MY address. But no one by that name ever lived here. When you do a people search for this lady's name, MY ADDRESS COMES UP. I think I know someone related to her possibly since its not a common last name and I live in a small town. I mean, aside from calling all these places and telling them that this bitch does NOT live at my house, Is there anything else to do?

2. It's impossible for me to find my favorite eyeliner in stores anymore. Revlon something or other in blackest black in a wooden pencil. So what eyeliner do you use if you use one? I have green eyes if you know of any that accent green eyes :)

3. Do you speak Russian? How did you learn?

4. What are you doing this weekend?
I'm going to a huge yard sale in Stormville on Saturday. Over 200 people. Then on sunday going to a stupid brunch at a golf course for mothers day. (not looking forward to that one btw.)

5. Do you believe the song that goes "make it rain on dem hoes" Is annoying and an improper use of english, Or do you find it catchy?
I think it's annoying.

edit. I just listened to a remix of the make it rain song and it was fairly decent. I still don't agree with the use of words but ehh, thats rap for you!!
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Artist Wedding

My uncle is getting married in San Francisco, outdoors near the water in July. I have no idea what to wear. See, this wedding has a theme to it.

"Come dressed as your favorite artist or work of art"

I'm a 21 year old female, pale skin, brown hair, average size in general. Any ideas as to how to dress for this wedding? Pictures would be helpful if you have any in mind. 

ETA: I prefer landscapes and skyscapes. The entire evening will last 8ish hours and I need something to move around in and be comfortable in. I would also prefer not to sacrifice body parts. I'm also more musically inclined and not into paintings and sculpting as much, thus the challenge.  

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1) Do you think it's normal to look at pornography?

2) What do you think of the people who say it gives people the wrong idea about what a woman looks like?

3) Are woman more pressured by society to look a certain way than men?

4) I saw a program on transsexualism the other day that featured two young children (12 and 6) who were living as girls even though they were biologically male. Their parents allowed this and planned to let their children recieve injections when they hit puberty to suppress their male hormones and let them take female hormones that would let them develop breasts. What do you think of this? What would you do as a parent if your child insisted that they were meant to be the opposite gender?
(I should add that the children wanted to start hormone therapy so early to avoid developing irreversible male characteristics during puberty. And, if you couldn't tell by what I said before, the children were choosing to live as females. The parents weren't making them.)

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if you did not enjoy the massage as throughly as you usually do, do you report it to the manger? Do you ask for a discount? Or another massage? Keep your mouth shut?

They gave me a 20 percent discount... I'm not happy with that. I would had preferred they gave me a free massage.

Why are men less inclined to get a massage? I've tried to get my husband to go get one, he claims its not a guy thing to do, unless you're gay.
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I'm the girl with the stretched lobes. I'm the girl that posted about having stretched lobes on Monday night or Tuesday morning. I'm 99% sure my left lobe is infected. Help! I also have a pretty exact idea of what I should do, but I like gaining insight and having a little extra advice. What do (you recommend personally that) I do? Besides keeping it clean?


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What the fuck is up with that weird Sony camera ad with the guy kissing the old woman loudly and squelchily for 30 seconds? No, really, what the fuck is that all about?

Favourite doctor who episode?

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anyone know what's up with AIM and AOL?

i got kicked off AIM about, i donno, 20 minutes ago? and i can't get back on. i tried and it's down. and so is i find that kind of odd. usually if AIM farts up i don't really care that much but the fact that even the AOL site is down is kinda weird. you'd think that these things wouldn't all go down together.

edit: oh so apparently it's just all the computers at my university. that's fucked up, but if AOL disappeared off the face of the planet it would be significantly more strange.

feel free to use the comments to talk about boats. would you?
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*Did you like the movie Fatal Attraction?
*How many plants do you own?
*Do you have carpet or wood floors? How often do you clean them?
*How many movies do you own?
*Whats your biggest pet peeve?
*What is one thing you do by yourself and would not want your SO or friends to know?

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My SO graduated today and our mothers are meeting for the first time tonight (we've been dating around 2 yrs) to go out to dinner.  They are currently about an hour late and probably won't be here for another half hour (8pm when we were supposed to go out at like 6:30 or 7pm). My mom is beyond pissed off. How can I make things better :(

Does anyone else lateness as much as I do? It's NOT that hard to freaking estimate what time you are going to be here within an hour's range.
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Does anyone have any suggestions of some different PC games to play?

Here's some games I like:
Diablo II
Atomic Bomberman
Sims (and Sims 2), Singles and other games like that
Old Classic Mario type games, Donkey Kong, etc
Old DOS games like Commander Keen, Secret Agent Man, the old Duke Nukems
You Don't Know Jack
The old Oregon Trail type games

Intense graphically fast-scrolling 3D type games, they make me nauseous.
Not really interested in just no-plot just shoot 'em up type games either

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uh oh- my husband and I are packing up may 21st, leaving May 22, to move from New York to Chicago. But this really good friend of mine who came to my bridal shower and my wedding the year before is having her bridal shower may 20th... should i go? I'm already swamped with the packing...

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In a relationship..are there men jobs (mowing,fixing things,killing insects) and women jobs( cooking, cleaning,shopping)?
Who gets to decide who does which job?
Can one partner EVER do any of the other's jobs or not...or is it written in the DNA?
What are YOUR jobs? What does your partner do?

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If you're wearing a blue dress, what colour eye shadow would you use?

Ok, it doesn't matter what kind of blue, I just want to know if it's right or wrong to match eye shadow to your dress.

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What should I do? Should I stick it out? Did you ever drop or quit something like this, and later regretted it? (When I say he doesn't "value" me, I mean he doesn't choose me to be in any of his student recitals, he was once 20 min. late to our lesson, cancels class sometimes, etc.)
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On the radio today, they mentioned that something like 40% of people who bought Mother's Day gifts used a coupon. I thought that was totally high, so lefts have a very un-scientific poll to see what cheap bastards how frugal you are.

Poll #983262 Coupons!

If you bought a Mother's Day gift, did you:

Hand make it, spending little or no money.
Bought it on sale!
Used a coupon.
Paid full price.
Didn't buy a gift.
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for my birthday, someone gave me a little Peek-a-Pooh Aries cell phone charm. one of these.

amazon has the garden and ocean series peek-a-pooh, but i was just wondering if anyone knew of any others.

they're silly, i know. and i don't know why i love it so much, but i do.

thanks. :)


As little as I cook, I just realized I have a ton of spices. I love them and I'm of the mind that there's always something better than salt/pepper. What are your favorite spices/seasonings to use? I like garlic pepper and paprika.

Also, does anybody know what kind spices/seasonings would go well with popcorn? Buttered or unbuttered, doesn't matter.

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How long after you start dating someone will you have sex with them? What has been your experience with relationships where you waited longer versus not waiting very long?

I think the reason I got dumped by the only guy who's ever liked me was because I wouldn't have sex with him. I think he left me for someone who did want to have sex. I'm a virgin, though, and I intend on staying that way hopefully until marriage. I'm wondering if this is going to be off-putting to some guys...

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What are you pissed off about right now?

I'm pissed off that this loud mouthed father at the park yelled at me repeatedly that my dog needed to be muzzled. It pissed me off even further that he argued and argued with me that my dog is a pitbull when he's most definitely not.
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About a year ago I was able to suspend my Netflix account for a few months, but now I can't figure out how to do it again. Did they take take away the option for that all together or are you only allowed to do it once? Or am I just not looking in the right place for it?



I'm trying to understand something. My brother said that he hates people in class who answers questions that he asks the teacher. Like when he asks the teacher to explain something, the person answers it for him. I'm trying to understand why people dislike it when a classmate answers their question or the questions of others in class. 

Really, give blunt and honest answers. I really want to understand this.
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Mother's day question...for flower people.

I bought some plants this morning at Stop&Shop for my Mom for Sunday...but I managed to grab the two that didn't have those tags stuck in them saying what kind they are and how to care for them. I know that they are outdoor plants, they were about an inch or two tall, green little things with purple flowers...and they had a name that I remember sounding something like "Alyssa" but I don't think that was it. I just want to make sure that they're not going to die if I don't water them until Sunday, since I left them hidden at my mom's house and I will not be back until then. Does anyone know what the name of this plant is, so I can do some googling and find out how to take care of it?

EDIT: answered, thanks!
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engraved mirror

We have this old mirror silver mirror at my house and the back is engraved with what I beleive are initials, but sometimes I wonder if they are just squiggly lines.
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Can you make out what letters they are?

EDIT: I just asked my dad and ELB makes perfect sense!

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Yeah, so I'm a fuckin moron and just clicked a link I shouldn't have from an IM. How do I get rid of the ensuing virus or whatever?

Text is as follows:

do you think my picture is too kinky for myspace? this one atleast?

(Hopefully I de-linkified that.) The link text is NOT the URL of the page it takes you to, hence why it's one of those bad links and all. I'm asking for people who've had first hand experience with this... I know that I need to run my virus program, etc. But any other not so obvious information would be great, and I'm not sure how to Google this. I tried googling the question with quotes, but... nothing.


Does it bother you when people use "I'm dyslexic" as an excuse for not being bothered about their spelling/using shorthand?
Are you dyslexic?

- Yes, it does bother me
- I am, which is probably why it bothers me so much. I actually try with my spelling, even though I still have a few little problems. Like spelling random words backwards.

And on a personal note - Although I have no reason to believe this, I have the constant fear that my boyfriend is going to leave me. I know it's irrational and totally not grounded in reality but I can't help it. I trust and love him a great deal, but it's making me do insane things that have started to turn me into that crazy girlfriend nobody wants anything to do with. How can I stop myself from thinking this way before it hurts my relationship?

EDIT: We have talked about it, and I know what the cause is (past relationships where I was abused/cheated on/both), he's very understanding about all my issues but I'd prefer that he didn't have to deal with them.
Bonus question - It probably would be a good idea for me to see a shrink, wouldn't it?
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I'm in the market for a new phone.

This is kind of embarrassing.

I currently own and love a Nokia 358. Yeah, that's right. My phone has no custom ringtones, no internet access besides complicated text-message emails, and doesn't play music. None of these are things I particularly care about in a phone. I got a newer one last year, had it for about 24 hours, and switched back to my beloved clunker.

However, it's starting to go. It's literally falling apart, and the screen tends to go out from time to time--which has gotten much more common in the past month or so, happening two or three times a day as opposed to maybe every few weeks.

I know zip about the current cell phone market. So. Can anyone recommend a phone for me? I like pretty basic. As basic as you can get. I prefer my tricked-out electronics to stay on my desktop. :D