May 10th, 2007

So's Toes

Refurbished Laptops

1. Where can I find a refurbished mac laptop?

I know I can google but I don't know who is reliable besides mac and I'd rather not pay $1200 for it.

I have a powerbook G4 now and love it but I don't feel it's necessary to buy new again. I'd want a cd burner and room for pics. Unfortunately, my husband set this one on the floor to go do something and then STEPPED ON IT.

2. Which form of torture would teach him never to do such a thing again? It's acting wonky and bent out of shape and I can't save my pics onto a disk b/c I can't get a disk INTO it because he crushed my disk drive.

I'm pretty upset but I'll be ok once I have a back up laptop (cheap) and get this one into the shop (expensive).

(no subject)

1. How would one go about in improving one's posture?

2. If you have clear smooth skin, what is your cleansing routine/anything else you do to get your skin to look great.
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What good software is there for creating video dvds out of mpeg/avi files?
I just got InterVideo WinDVD Creator.. I remember using it in the past successfully, and it has good functionality/features for it, but I'm having difficulty playing the disks it creates on my DVD players.
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Graduation season is upon us!

1a. What's your favorite song that is commonly associated with graduations?
1b. What's your least favorite?

2a. What's your favorite quotation that is commonly heard around graduation season?
2b. Your least favorite?

3a. What three things are you sick of hearing in graduation speeches?
3b. What would you rather hear people say instead?

4a. What's the best gift you've given/received at a graduation?
4b. What's the worst?

(no subject)

1. How many folders of bookmarks do you have? What are they? Or are they just all in there randomly?
2. What the last stupid thing you did-one that made you want to slap yourself in the face?
3. What's the last selfless good deed you've done?

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I have a blister the size of the last third of a pinky finger on my left foot. it hurts. DO i prick it?(or how do i treat a blister?)

i'm going walking again tomorrow and i really don't want to look like a wimp.

Name one thing that you'd love to buy at the grocery store right now.
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Does anyone else hate group papers as much as I do??

Why the fuck does a second-year+ college student make SO MANY grammatical errors that I have to fix? Why can't a second-year+ college student follow my really, really simple outline that I specifically split up into sections for each group member to write about?

Why why why??

And also, thoughts on the tv show Roseanne?


I can't fall asleep. TQC and Christina Aguilera are just too addicting for me to take a break. It's 3:30 AM here and I have to work at 6:30. To be ready, I have to get up at 5:40.

Should I bother going to sleep? If not, what should I do instead?


1.  What are the most powerful (for you) songs you have heard?
2.  What's on your breakup soundtrack?
3.  What's on the soundtrack of your life?
4.  What are your guilty pleasure bands to listen to?

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These two fuck bitches wait outside in a tent to hire people for their new Mexican restaurant and only hire ghetto white boys and Oxy heads after being rude to everybody and wasting their time knowing full well they wont hire you but continue to be rude and look down girls shirts amongst other things during the application process. They're looking for lulz on a hot sunny day and my friend was a victim so should I just deliver and begin the healing process, TQC? (that was a joke) But they're only interviewing for a few more prep cooks at this point. I've applied everywhere and have the day off today so I want to go to Taco Bell and bring back something and say that I cooked it and then when they argue knock down their tent, y/k?

Does Taco Bell sound good to you right about now?

What kind of things do you request there without meat? Or that come with no meat?

(no subject)

1. so, how has your year been going so far?
2. anything surprizing happen as of late?
3. what have you done to make a change in your life?

my answers:

1. my year has been between being for shit & ok
2. the surprize in my life? i am finally living out loud and fuck everyone else...
3. a change? i'm leaving my b/f (of whom i've been w/for over 13 yrs.)
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WHAT is with these long winded posts?
Can't you get to the POINT?

C'mon people...EDIT your stuff...if it doesn't make sense to YOU...will it make sense to US?

I have such IMPORTANT stuff I need to be doing....
Pokemon - Flaaffy

I messed up!

1.  If you suddenly had to back out on a promise to a friend, how would you do it?
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2. Do you make a wish at 11:11?
3. Do you think that doll in the picture is ugly?
4. Have you ever asked a question to TQC?
5. If yes to 4, how many times have you asked?
6. What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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(no subject)

Pretend you believe in reincarnation and karma.

1. based on how your life has turned out so far, what do you think your previous lives were like?

2. What do you think your future lives might be like?
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Inspired by 28 Days Later:

If you were to wake up and find out that everyone had turned into zombies and you had little to no chance of not being infected yourself, what would you do? Would you fight them until you inevitably became one of them? Or would you kill yourself?

For those that believe in God: which do you think He would want you to do? Catholics consider suicide to be a sin, but in this case, do you think it would be the lesser of two evils?

What does this dream mean?
I had a semi-nightmare last night. I dreamt that I was petting my orange cat, Nacho, and decided to look at his fur, and there was, like, a blackhead. So I squeezed it, and this gross black bug came out, so I smashed it with a paper towel, and then MORE bugs came out of the paper towel and they were just like, replicating.

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In the show Codename: Kids Next Door, there's a girl named Kuki. I've looked up the name Kuki, and I haven't been able to any examples of RL girls with that name.

Are there any RL Japanese girls with the name Kuki?

3 and 1

1. Is it rude to comment on an awful icon? 
2. Do you find the drawn out music notes you hear in a lot of R&B songs to be whiney/ annoying or soothing/ soulful?
3. Favorite fruit?

4. You are working with someone on planning a party. There is a lot of people attending/ helping plan the party that have been talking trash about this person you are working with - I mean really awful, untrue things that would pretty much hurt anyone. The person is not the type to take things well and crumbles easily and you are already aware of this. They are aware of the tension between themselves and the other folks but have not been able to do anything to make it better, however they do not know the severity of what these people are saying about them. 

Would you tell this person the night before the event all the things that have been said about them?

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Where did the phrase, "BRING IT" Come from?

My ex (who i've been seeing while he's home, and who is my bestfriend) is going back to afganistan tomorrow, as he's been home on leave, I was thinking I could send him off with a small care package... any ideas?

Fake Id?

My boyfriend, is an amazing bowler. So he signs up for a charity event, gets a ton of sponsors, and is potentially getting a ton of money for this charity. Which is awesome. It's next weekend, and he realizes LAST NIGHT, that you have to be 21, because it is being sponsored by Miller Lite. He turns 21 ONE MONTH after the event, so he wants to get a fake Id. His grandmother was killed by a drunk driver, so he never, EVER drinks, so it won't be used for that.

Is this even possible? Or is it like a 'movie thing'?

Any suggestions as to where I could get one?

Should he just drop out? or attempt to go anyway?

What would you do?

If not...
What is your current favorite food?
What is something that you do that you 'shouldn't do because of your age'? (Coloring, play dough, etc.)

(no subject)

When I was in kindergarten and first grade I remember being taken into another room and paddled when I acted up in class. I lived in Mississippi at the time.

How many of you were paddled in school?
Did the teachers drill holes in the paddles?

Is it still legal is some states?
Which ones?

The Prestige

I just watched the Prestige last night and have been melting my brain reading the IMDB boards on it (I loved it, ps) - and my SPOILERIFFIC question is:

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p.s. please don't compare it to the Illusionist, because I haven't viewed that one yet.

i have no idea where this music is coming from...

so i was in the middle of installing some software online - this gmail e-mail notifier - and suddenly out of nowhere i start hearing music... which is apparently rocafella radio.. but i don't remember clicking on anything and i can't seem to find an icon to tell me where this music is coming from. what's going on?
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(no subject)

I'm going to night shift in a few hours and won't be around anymore....

Is there anything you'd like to tell me before I go?

EDIT: but you can always send spam and topless pics of yourself to my hotmail acct.....
hajiomatic AT the hotmail acct.
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Movies, anyone?

What movies that are coming out soon that you want to see?

I would like to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Knocked Up, and Stardust. There are probably others, but I cannot think right!

(Pst, does anyone else think that Across the Universe looks lame?)

I really don't want to hurt you

So Mother's Day will be hell on earth for us in the edible-gift-making industry. We've hired some extra help for the next few days and while most of them are just fine, I really want to kill this one woman.

She's not awful but she talks SO LOUDLY and has the most obnoxious laugh that goes on for hours. She reminds me exactly of the average seven-year-old boy who can't really control the volume of his high-pitched voice and tries to shout over everyone and laughs incessantly at stupid things. Except it's slightly cuter when they do it.

So, considering she'll only be here for a few days and we really need the help thus I cannot injure her greatly, do y'all have any tips for dealing with the obnoxious coworker? Maybe some polite ways to say 'stfu and go curl some ribbons in the corner'?

While I don't care what kind of answer you give, plz at least a few serious ones :(

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I am an digital camera idiot :(

How do you figure out what memory cards or sticks will work with a digital camera?  I'm going to get my mom an extra card for when she goes to costa rica this month.

Edit:Fujifilm FinePix F20

(no subject)

1. What kind of lj-community do you think there should be, that doesn't already exist?
2. Has anything a psychic ever told you actually come true?
3. What is the most painful aspect of labour/childbirth?
4. How many lj friends would you consider as too many?
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What is with all the jealousy recently?

Edit:  there seems to be an influx of "my boyfriend knows other girls exist" posting. I was just wondering where this all came from. Sorry I wasn't more clear.

(no subject)

1. So, I got invited to a job fair here, after applying despite being grossly underqualified. Now I have no idea what to do, I've never tried to get into such an upscale place. What do I wear? What do I say?

2. Are there any fans of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez here?

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Industrial Piercing

I just got an industrial piercing on Saturday afternoon. It hardly hurt, and for the next few days everything was fine. It didn't even hurt when I touched it to clean it. However, yesterday it started hurting pretty badly. It's red, swollen, and throbbing. I'm in a great deal of pain, but ibuprofen seems to help. And I put a warm compress on it last night to help me fall asleep. So...

Any other suggestions to help with the pain/healing of my industrial?

EDIT: This was my first posting in this comm, and everyone was so very helpful. Thanks a bunch guys!
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Opinions please ♥

If you have one, or have used one, how would you rate a Sony Ericsson W810i phone? Any big cons to having one? :)

I'm about to order one, and have seen good reviews so far, but more opinions never hurt anyone! Getting it for the mp3 playing action, and the camera! :P

Wondering about the durability of the phone (all my phones break too easily, no more skinny/fragile phones for me!) and... anything else you guys can tell me. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Next Wednesday I have the whole day with nothing to do and no one to hang out with. I also just got a shiny new camera for my birthday. It's just a little digital camera, but I'd like to practice taking pictures with it and have some fun running about as wel. Where should I go?
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Hurricane season is approaching!

1) Do you have an emergency kit for disasters in your home? Do you know what should be included in one?
2) Are you prepared for the next hurricane/tornado/earthquake/volcanic eruption/zombie invasion?
3) If you have pets, what are your plans for them in an emergency situation? What if you can't bring them with you?
4) If you are told to evacuate, will you go right away, wait until the last minute, or not go at all?
5) Are you one of those people who think, "It'll never happen to me!"?

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I need a quick answer!
I was cutting up some mushrooms to put in a salad (regular salad mushrooms, I guess). I was eating a few pieces here and there (cause I love mushrooms), and when I got to the bottom, there were some very moldy pieces! I just bought them the other day-- tuesday, I think.
I'm terrified that I'm going to get food poisoning or sick or something. I didn't eat any mold, but were the rest of the 'shrooms contaminated?? What should I do with the moldless ones that I cut up?

I know there is not an exact answer to this.

I rode a bike for the first time in approximately 6 years this morning and it totally kicked my ass. It was a short 3 mile ride around my street which has slight inclines and it took me 23 minutes. However I did stop a few times to look around and use my cell phone, plus I totally made it up the hill I figured I was going to have to walk up!

1. Is that a ridiculously long time, or just moderately long?

2. Let's say I do this every morning, approximately how long will it take for me to get used to it? It was just so much harder than I remembered/was expecting it to be.
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(no subject)

Will all of the ethical questions lately, I was using a public bathroom yesterday any wondering...

Do you use the handicap stall in a public restroom?

What if all the stalls are empty when you enter?
What if there is one regular stall and one handicap stall open?
What if, when you enter the regular stall, you have to brush against the toilet to close the door?
What if you have a ton of stuff that you have to sit down to use the toilet?


II bought a table for my dining room yesterday; the table I bought looks kind of awkward in this room though because there is a lot of empty space.  Anyone have any suggestions of any decor I can do that will make this room look more comfortable?

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I do not know how to cook chicken.

I'm making dinner tonight. I'm making 3 different varieties of chicken for my dad - barbecue, honey mustard, and balsamic vinaigrette. I have the chicken marinating right now. My dad said he wanted one that was breaded because he likes to use it in salads later on. Do you think if I used the bread crumb mixture from this recipe on the balsamic vinaigrette chicken it would be okay? I think it would, but I haven't had chicken in almost 9 years so I really have no idea. I'm using the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing from Panera Bread if it matters.

Also what would be the best cooking method for what I'm making? I planned on baking all of them, but I was wondering if maybe some would come out better if I used my George Foreman grill.
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Deaf thinking.

If you're deaf (or know someone who is and have asked them the same thing), what form does your thinking take? Do you still 'hear' yourself in your head, or is it more like pictures or even text form that you see, or something that you don't think you could describe? Does it matter if you're born deaf or grew deaf by other circumstances?

As a non-deaf person, images come up when I think about them specifically, but the actual general free thinking mostly occurs in 'hearing' myself talk in my head. Considering deaf people can't hear outside input, I'm kind of curious if that's any different on the inside. I've wondered about this before, but only got to ask one person who was near-deaf, not fully, so I'm still wondering about others' experiences.
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(no subject)

will you tell me a fact that not a lot of people know about you?
will you tell me a lie about you?

it doesn't have to be specifically in that order. let us guess which one is the fact and which one is the lie?

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(no subject)

1. What do you wish you were allergic to so you could avoid eating/touching/doing/verbing it?

2. What is a Pretty Hate Machine?
Edit: If it helps, Tori Amos made one after her friendship with Trent Reznor ended.

3. I found this icon in my avatars folder, I probably ganked it off LJ. Can anyone tell me where the picture is from? I could swear it's from a book I had as a child. I vaguely recall the name Paula being relevant, either as the author's name or a character's name, and there were two cats. Many of the illustrations were of gardens.

Edit: Never mind, my mother remembers it. It was "A Tail of Two Kitties" by Paula Yates.
Bailey and I

Scary People.

What actor if you met in real life would scare the pants off of you?
What actress if you met in real life would scare the pants off of you?

Here are some ideas
Does it have anything to do with their movie/tv persona?
Does it have to do with the way they look?
Things you've read in the tabloids about them?
Things they've done in real life?
Their age, race, sex, nationality?

<lj-cut text="My Answers">

Anthony Hopkins. He is just scary, well in every movie he does. I think it has something to do with his voice.. Yikes!

And Jack Nicholson. I think it's his eyebrows, and could have something to do with the shining.
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I am twenty - one tomorrow. Yay! ^_^ Not that big of deal up here in Canada, but I still get excited when the day comes around.

1. When is your birthday?
2. How old did you / will you turn this year?
3. Were you born on a holiday or other significant date?
4. What is your best birthday memory? (And / or your worst?)
5. What kind of cake do you like?

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And just for something fun, find out some interesting facts about your birthday!
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If the parent you live with

gets $3,000.00 a month in child support  for you and one sibling and you are in college - living there during school -- would you consider that the parent paying that support is helping fund your college?  If not, where is the child support going?  
Do you think that's an awful lot to pay or not enough?
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(no subject)

I just saw a commercial on TV (probably cartoon network) for Zwinkys. Does this bother anyone else, or is it just me?

Have you ever cut your own bangs/fringe? How did it go? Any tips/tricks to it?
I know you're supposed to make little cuts at a 45 degree angle after you initially shape them if you want a softer look. Other then this, I know nothing
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Anyone ever try the P90X or know someone who has? Does it work?

( I don't want any advice answers, I just want to know people's experience with the product)
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(no subject)

so uh, other than makeup and turtle necks (and scarves) is there anyway to hide/make a hickey go away faster.
Man i feel like its high school again.

what did you eat for dinner?

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?
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What communities did you used to particpate in, but can't even stand now because of the way they've changed?

Me? customers_suck. Man, that place used to be so cool. Then people started bitching about the stupidest, most trivial instances, and getting all butt-hurt when the regulars called them out on it.

(no subject)

Is there any way to make the wireless AP in my house transmit further or stronger?

I have a Motorola VT2542 and a Netgear wireless AP. Neither of them get more than about 20 feet of coverage.

(no subject)

For those with cats and self cleaning litter boxes, how did you get your cat to get used to it? My cat will only use it sometimes, and I'd like him to use it all the time.
rufus, muppy

Wireless probs.

For some reason, my wireless wont work.

It was working a while ago when I still had my laptop. but now it has suddenly stopped working.

What am I doing wrong?

I have my Dlink Wireless Router plugged into my modem. From the router, there is another cord going to my PC.

I can't get it to work. WTF am I doing wrong?

(no subject)

Hypothetical situation...

You're out shopping and you accidentally bump into a complete stranger who tells you to "fuck off". What do you think would be your initial reaction?

My answer: I'd be annoyed but I wouldn't say anything. I'd just go along my business.

(no subject)

1. What do you think of naturopathic medicine? Have you ever been to a naturopathic doctor?

2. Do you have a water cooler in your home?

3. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? Tried it?

4. If you wear makeup, how much of it is drugstore, and how much is higher end?

5. What common household/cheap item "tricks" do you use, if any? (for example, using aspirin and/or honey in a facial mask, baking soda for brushing teeth, etc)

Are you monogamous with LJ?

Hey ya'll..

just curious;

Q) How many "entertainment" sites/groups do you regularly (or irregularly) attend to? Let me clarify: sites where you have a User Name (or ID) and a password, and preferably some type of profile to identify yourself. (No, i don't mean checking your bank account online)...

A) i have way too many sites i check. my SO laughs at how many tabs i have open sometimes: LJ, MySpace, 43 things, Facebook, Flickr, OkC, Tribe and don't get me started on my various google tabs.

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(no subject)


shower me with fun, creative, even geeky links to amuse me.

please? :(

1. edit: doh. question time. what do you do when youre bored?

2. tinkerbell or wendy?
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(no subject)

OK. What is your current favorite house hold product? (Cleaners, haha) Mine is Just Stains and Odors and I swear to Jesus himself, this stuff will get ANY STAIN OUT, EVER.

So questions:
Favorite house hold product/cleaning soltion?

Is there a place where I can brag about this stuff? It's amazing, but I don't want people to think I'm working for them, it's just awesome.

In the shower, do you wash your feet?
Wash your back?

Police "Traps"

Why does the local news around here announce when and where the local police departments will be setting up speed/seatbelt traps? Isn't the point of setting those up to catch people who speed/drive without their seatbelt on and try to prevent that from happening again by fining them?

Now anyone who watches the news, or talks to someone who watches the news, knows when and where they should watch their speed or make sure they have their seatbelt on to avoid getting a ticket. Don't you think that, once the "trap" is gone, they'll go back to speeding in that area and driving without their seatbelt?
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This is How We Stand

Warped Tour

Okay, I love music of all sorts. A whole lot. But for some reason, I've never really been big on concerts (could be because I have anxiety issues and don't like being stuck in big crowds). Although I went to the Taking Back Sunday, Angels & Airwaves, Head Automatica, and The Subways concert last summer and had a freaking blast =D So my mom has offered to buy tickets to the Warped Tour for my brother, two of our mutual friends, and me.

Do you think I could hang?
How exactly does it work with all the different bands performing?
What have your experiences at The Warped Tour been like?
Is anyone here going on July 1st at the Shoreline?

I've kinda always wanted to go...

P.S. Ugh..I just answered that Nair question, and even though I used it like 8 years ago, for some reason, I can actually smell it right now. Gross.

(no subject)

1. At what time did your school day start? In high school, middle school, etc. but if you can remember what it was in elementary school that would be great.

My son starts kindergarten this fall and he has to be in his seat by 7:30. That seems a little early to me. When I was in kindergarten, back in the 1800s, we didn't start our day until 9. I'm really curious if things start earlier now all around.

2. Did you have to stay in after school care? If so, on the weekdays, do you feel you received adequate time and attention from your parent(s)?

It's looking like I'm only going to have a couple of hours a night to spend with my son starting this fall. I'm afraid he might turn into a Jett or Shark and lead a life of crime because of it.

(no subject)

I need to write a cover letter. I've found a few examples, but I'm not thrilled with them. What have you done with cover letters that have worked well for you?
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Random Questions

1) What is the biggest thing you've ever procrastinated about? What was the outcome?

2) Are you paranoid or obsessive? About anything in particular?

3) When you post in your journal (assuming you do) do you carefeully plan out what you're going to write or do you just let yourself write whatever?

4) What is your opinion about people who post an excessive amount of pictures of themselves in their journal? How about people who have their picture as their default icon?

5) Do you believe in the saying "It's the thought that counts"? e.g. Would you rather receive a cheap card or a very short email than nothing at all? 

Stock -- Out on the wiley windy moors

(no subject)

What are some of your favorite nicknames/pet names for the people/animals in your life? They could be for anyone - your SO, family members, friends, pets, etc.

I call my boyfriend "Pookie" and my best friend "Kayleigh-Dear."
this is what my user name is from

not that old chestnut again!

"I believe that there is no God. I'm beyond atheism. Atheism is not believing in God. Not believing in God is easy -- you can't prove a negative, so there's no work to do. You can't prove that there isn't an elephant inside the trunk of my car. You sure? How about now? Maybe he was just hiding before. Check again. Did I mention that my personal heartfelt definition of the word "elephant" includes mystery, order, goodness, love and a spare tire?"
Transcript for Penn Jillette's essay for NPR's "This I Believe" series

1)NOW do you people believe me that atheist DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD, not believe he doesn't exist?
Try Richard Dawkins if the above isn't convincing enough.
And if that is not question enough;
2) What lengths will YOU go to to prove a point?

(no subject)

1. what kind of strange imaginative games did you play as a kid?

2. if you were a planet, what would be your name and characteristics youd be known for?

3. have you sworn at an inanimate object lately? do tell.

Answers: 1 - "Spacecats," and "The Prankster Pranks Again" were two popular games - the first with my best friend Sara in her jungle gym, and the second with my cousin Clayton and my little sister.

2 - I have no idea. I asked that to randompostingand thought it would be a strange but fun question here.  I think I'd be Zilatheb 219 and my planet would be oft be mistaken for a star.

3 - I yelled at my sewing machine today when it jammed.  It went something like this:

ME: (screams) F#$% YOU, YOU F$%#ING PIECE OF F#$%ING SH*T. (calmly) I hate you.
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Currently watching the hockey world championship match between Canada and Switzerland and went into the aim chat with other lj users when I finally decided to post something. goes!

For those Rangers fans out there...who do you think will stay/be let go in the offseason? Will Avery stay? How about Shannahan? Who will the Rangers go after to give some sort of protection for Jagr? Will they deal top prospect Al Montoya to get some high profile player? And just how exciting was their series with the Sabres? =D
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(no subject)

Anyone know anything about turtles? We found one outside (walking toward our front door on the cement) and its shell is like MAJORLY cracked. There are two pieces which look close to falling off, and it's bloody in the cracks and looks really painful.

We're trying to get ahold of an animal rescue which takes exotic animals (as I would rather not be spending a ton of money on a strange animal if they could get care for free) but at 8:30pm on a Thursday I didn't get any answers (although answering machines said they may call back even after hours).

We did find a vet that treats exotic animals if worst comes to worst, but. . . . any suggestions til then? Right now we have it in a box and have no clue what to do with it. . . it's about 7" long (the shell)


So a telemarketer called and after his persistent comebacks, I said, "I have a question. As a telemarketer, do you read off a script?" I felt mean and embarrassed so I hung up before he could answer. 

Sometimes I'm bored and telemarketers call a lot. I want to start a conversation with a telemarketer and go way off topic. What should I say?

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How hot does it need to be for you to decide to turn on your air conditioner?
Do you wait until you're miserable and can no longer stand the heat OR do you turn it on when the temperature outside is above the desired temperature in your home? Or somewhere in between?

We usually wait until we're totally miserable. I turned it on today and I'm feeling like a sissy because it was only 80 degrees. I'm justifying turning it on with the fact that the humidity was 94%. :( I have neighbors who turn their AC on if it's, like, 75 degrees out and they want it to be 70 in their house. I think it's kinda crazy.

Liking and being liked:

Answer to whichever is more relevant to your interests:

1. Have you ever told someone to their face that you liked them, and been outright rejected? Did you wait to see if they'd change their mind, and did they? Or how long did you wait before you gave up?

2. Have you ever been told by someone you're not interested in, that they like you? If they said they'd wait for a while and see if your feelings changed, how would you react, if at all, and/or what would you say?


I don't think I have a romantic bone in my body, so I can really only say 'yes' to the 2nd. I've been a lot more blunt lately because I don't see the point in being wishy-washy about it, and I really don't see myself being attracted to anyone in the near or far future.

On the other hand, I think a person definitely shouldn't give up too easily, but there's a difference between hoping a person will change, and persisting at a task which doesn't deal with someone's emotions.
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What would TQC do?

So I was just at a gas station with my husband getting gas.  I went inside to get a soda and some chapstick for my husband <3. I came out and some guy was yelling at my husband because he didn't like the fact that he pulled around and was waiting for me (he would have had to circle the place and wait in line around the gas pumps to park "properly" and there was a line of about 10 cars).

So I mouthed off and told the guy: "Chill the fuck out, go get your beer and leave him alone!"  Then the guy's friend came up to us and apologized for his friend being rude and told us he had too much to drink (the guy just drove his truck up and parked there!).  So I though it was funny that I hit the nail on the head with my remark.

What would you do in that situation? Would you have called the cops for him drinking and driving? Would you have left without saying anything?

Injured turtle

Thanks everyone for the advice on the injured turtle I posted about a couple of hours ago! Here's the update that some of you asked for -- I'm feeling hopeful about its chances. From some of the direction you've given me I'm next to certain that it's a painted turtle. It's very active and seems to have full use of even it's back legs (the cracks are in the back of it's shell) without the movement bothering it. From the websites that were suggested I found a wildlife rehab center called Nature's Nursery ( and called them. It was after hours and I haven't received a call back yet. But I also got ahold of a gentleman from a local. . . . herpetological (I think that's the world. . . . ?) organization or association. He also suggested Nature's Nursery and gave me some care tips for until the turtle could get there. It luckily sounds like a fairly easy breed in general at least (better than a hypersensitive breed on top of the fact that it's injured!).

Now to make this post legal for here --

What are your big plans for the weekend?? :-P Anything fun going on?
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My dog just swallowed a wooden popsicle stick.

The S.O. threw a half eaten popsicle in the trash and she knocked over the trashcan, found the popsicle, and swallowed it AND the stick whole before we could stop her.

Should I call a vet tomorrow, take her to an emergency vet now, try to make her puke, wait and see if poops it, etc? She's a huge dog (~100 pounds), but I know it's more likely to perforate her intestines or something than it is to just pass. It's this type of stick, if that makes any difference.

What should I do? Please?

ETA: Okay. Am calling vets to find one open now. Thanks for the fast replies.

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I'm getting my first ever off-campus apartment in roughly a week or two. I'll be living alone, and it'll probably be two bedrooms. Sooo...more space than even me and my two doggen need. Thus I'm looking for cheap, nifty decorating ideas! What do you recommend? And by cheap I mean...really cheap. Or not. But preferably cheap. I just don't want my apartment to suck and be empty.

Do you like a cluttered, lived-in feel, or open space, or what?

I'm going to be sick

My friend is looking for a good college to attend; she's not happy with her current one. She was thinking about going to Bob Jones University.  I'd heard. . .things about it, so I Google'd it.

My questions are: 

1.  Am I alone in thinking that I would literally rather be shot in the head than go to school here?

2.  Does anyone here go to or know anyone who goes to BJU?

I'm just flabbergasted here.

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1. Have you ever had a psychic reading/bone reading/anything of the sort? Tell me about it?

2. Is your trash can within reach right now or do you toss it and hope you make it?
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Creative ideas for storing books

This is really bothering me.

I don't have a bookshelf in my room. I've been meaning to get one for a long time, and hopefully I will in a month or so.

In the meantime, is there any way to store my books that won't make my room look cluttered? I was putting them in boxes on my desk but I didn't like how it looked.

Or should I just shove them all under my bed until the schoolyear starts again?

I know this isn't a huge problem. I'm just interested in what answers you'll come up with.