May 9th, 2007


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Here's a question for those of you who have Old Navy credit cards... I know the stuff and save sale is going on right now and there's usually a code you can use online, and it's usually included in the mail or they send you an email. Well I don't see it in the mail and I either deleted or never got an email, so is there an online code and what is it?
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Today was my last day of school until September! How should I spend my first day of summer tomorrow?

taking my dog for a long walk at the local reservoir
going to Target
buying an assortment of fabrics and making some tote bags
looking for a job
sleeping until noon and watching daytime TV
going to the mall and buying a bunch of things I really don't need
taking a long nap outside, on a blanket, under a tree in my backyard
wishing I was 2 years older so I could go see The Magic Numbers
all of the above

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1. It's really hot. What should I do?

2. Do you pet your cat while you sit on the toilet? ( What else do you do while you....wait?

3. What is there to do in a small town? I'm tired of watching movies. Bowling is out of the question for me, cause I've got carpal tunnel. And rabble rousing is getting old.

4. How can I flaunt freckles? Hiding them is impossible for me.

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hey guys, stupid question incoming.
so basically i wanna find this website that just solely had names of celebrities in an a-z list and when you clicked on them it had a list of dirt on them, for example i remember angelina jolie having herpes and cameron diaz having bad acne (really?) i know im being pretty vague and no-one's likely to know of it/be able to find it but it's worth a shot, ive been searching for ages now.
it might be one of those 'alt' sites if that helps
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I've always been a decent student. I've had trouble with a couple of classes, but never anything serious. This last semester I may have failed three of my five classes. I've tried getting extra help and spending more time on homework and studying, but I know for a fact I still won't do well. The deadline to drop the classes has passed (I wish I knew, but my parents figured I didn't need to drop any classes and tossed out the notice without telling me) so the grades will count towards my GPA.

If I take the classes over, will the grades from this semester still count towards my GPA or will they be dropped?

Would any of you recommend summer class

And somewhat related, when was the last time you screwed up? What happened?


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before someone tells me to, because sometimes you guys do... i just posted this in the advice4teens community. they're kinda dead in comparison to this community though so i'm posting it here too.

my boyfriend and i are in college. it's finals week. he's leaving tomorrow. he lives 3 hours away from me. 
he just told me that he's worried about our relationship during the summer because recently he's noticed that we don't talk about "meaningful things." i agree with him about this and i told him he's right. but then i realized.. i don't know what his idea of "meaningful things" is. i asked him what exactly he meant by that and he said he didn't know. and i don't know either. 
so basically our relationship is doomed to fall apart unless we start having meaningful conversations, but neither of us know what that means or how to make it happen. 

what is a meaningful conversation, and how is one created?

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1. I don't know my glasses prescription, but I keep seeing frames online that I love. Can I buy frames, take them to my optometrist and get my prescription lenses put in, or would I be better off contacting my optometrist, getting my prescription and ordering them with the right lenses?

2. A friend of mine is pregnant with her first child. Should I buy her a Mother's Day card and/or small gift?

3. Do you like Smarties?
I love them. :)

4. What's the strangest thing you eat/used to eat?
When I was little I can remember sitting on my dad's lap with a spoon and sharing with him a big cup of Saltine crackers crumbled up in milk. WTF?

19th birthday present?

Okay, so it's my boyfriends 19th birthday today and I have NO clue what to get him. I would have bought him something already but I get paid today so I have to get him something last minute.

Any ideas what I should get him?

what was the best gift you ever recived?

He is an outdoors kinda guy.
He works construction.
Hates cologne because it makes him itch.
I bought him concert tickets last year for his birthday and would rather get him something eles.
We have been together 2 years.
I am willing to spend up to 75 bucks.
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At the risk of sounding sentimental; how do you get over a painful breakup?
I'm trying to get over one myself at the moment and any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

And to avoid the personal gain clause:

Does it bug you when you forget to charge your phone and when you finally do, you have several missed calls and no idea who called you?

It bugs me plenty. I missed four calls from a french area code and I have no idea who the heck they could be from. And it's driving me crazy.
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Tarot & that sorta thing.

1- Is there anything else that is similar to the Tarot, but entirely different at once? I know there's dozens (hundreds?) of types of decks of tarot, but I wonder if there's anything made in the same sort of thinking by ... a different line of thinking, or religion, or something.

2- When bad things happen to you, would you prefer a whole bunch of little but tolerable things, or one big thing to just knock the sense out of you at once?

3- How are you today?

ETA: 4- Do you ever feel bad when you see a news story that is supposedly a 'big deal', but you just can't bring yourself to give a damn about whoever is involved? I don't mean the whole "omg Paris Hilton is going to prison, waah!" thing. :P

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1) If you could swap places with anyone else for a week who would you be?
2) What would the other person find hardest about being you for a week?
3) Did you ever get expelled from a school? What for?
4) Do you use stumbleupon? If so, do you like it?

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Pez&Ziv colour


Do you think life in jail is too harsh of a punishment for a pair of Vegan parents who murdered their child by feeding him only on a vegan diet?

the article

kind of interesting that we have been having so many questions about Vegan breastfeed on here yesterday.
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The Queen of England has come and gone.

Do you get excited when royalty comes to visit or don't really care?

I think it is great to see her at the Kentucky Derby but other than that, hope she had a good time have a safe flight. I guess that constitutes as a half and half of caring.  Hmm?? Maybe not.
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  • ericra

Bake a cake, maybe?

What are some good things to do while spending two weeks with your otherwise long-distance boyfriend?
I mean, besides the obvious cuddling, sex, dinner, and movies.

Also, have you tried those new Life Savers Fruit Tarts?
If not, don't. They're pretty nasty.
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Untill I can get to the vet later today, what can I do? My 10y/o German Shepherd, Buster has had 'a little accident' on the kitchen floor this morning. Then he's been sick twice in the bathroom. Any ideas? I'm taking him to the vet tonight, at 5pm. Its only just gone 9am here :S

ETA - Okay, he's been sick 5 or 6 times. He has to stop at every second or third step on the way up the stairs. I know he's not getting any younger and I'm going to phone the vet just now and see if there's an emergency thing. Help? Till then?

ETA (again) - Managed to get him to the vet this morning, I didn't think they were open. Anyways, he gave him an injection and some tablets and he seems to be a lot better. Thank you everyone :) ♥


do you think friendship is something that takes a lot of effort and time to keep up over the years, or do you think people are meant to come in and out of your life?

It's depressing to me that I am hardly in touch with people who were my best friends growing up. Even my four best friends in high school and I only talk on rare visits and spare emails. Granted, it's like we were never separated when we do get together, but it is tough! if friendship IS supposed to be effortful at times, I do think it is worth it. Your thoughts?

first-date aftermath

You meet someone on an online dating service, exchange a few emails, and hit it off well enough that you want to meet. So you go out. You have a couple drinks, the conversation is very pleasant, but there aren't any big sparks. At the end of the night you say thanks, I had a nice time. You decide that, although it was fun, you don't really want to see them again.

Do you call or email to explain this?


Please comment below to elaborate.


Anyone know what a peacock sounds like? Is it a bit like a strangled miaow?! 

I have had one visiting my garden for the past few months but have never heard it make any kind of noise. When someone was told there was one around they mentioned that they can be a problem noise wise. I have heard some noises during the nigh recently so am now wondering if that is what it could be. 


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Context: I have a job interview at 1 o'clock.  This will include a typing test and some sort of interview.  The ad for the job required that a person have the ability to type "10 words per minute with 80% accuracy."

Did the ad actually say 100 words per minute, but they just made an ironic typo?
What is your WPM?

Isn't three interviews a bit much for a telemarketing job?

What are some tips for making yourself seem great for this type of job?  My last two jobs have been in food service and house cleaning. D:
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The original article
New developments

Recently the news (especially here in Seattle where it's happened) has been covering the hysterectomy of a 6 year old disabled girl. She can't move or talk and has no control of her bodily functions. The parents had a hysterectomy performed on her to stunt her growth so that she will be easier to care for. The hospital has recently admitted that this was an illegal surgery because it was performed without a court order. Disabled rights activists are trying to ban forced hysterectomies on disabled people.

Do you think that this was an unethical surgery? Why or why not?
Any other thoughts or opinions on the subject of Ashley's surgery, disabled rights or the rights of the care givers/guardians of the disabled?

Really I'm curious about why people are so mad about it, how people can say that this was not done in the best interest of everyone involved. How is this unethical? I think the parents should be commended for keeping and caring for such a severely disabled daughter at all.
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who's getting on your nerves at this very moment?

what's your stance/opinion on this whole immigration debate going on in the US? this got me heated!

have you and your best friend argued a'plenty throughout the years? Collapse )

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After Sandy and Danny drive off at the end of Grease, what happens? Do they live happily ever after? Do they last a few weeks before Sandy stops being hardcore and goes back to being a goody two-shoes?

Is a relationship worth it if you have to completely change to make the other person happy?

I'm making about $800 a month. About $300 goes straight to bills. If I want to save up for a car, how much should I be putting aside?
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1) What makes you feel old?

2) I've only been at my new job 2 days but have already witnessed several instances of employee theft. Should I report them? What about if one of them is the bosses son? Would you report them? EDIT: To clarify, I work at a grocery store.

3) Which Homestyle Bake should I make for dinner tonight: Country style chicken and biscuits or Parmesan Alfredo noodles with chicken?

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Me--State Fair

it's in the cards...

Okay TQC...I have a card game question for you.

This got brought up last night while the man and I were playing Rummy...when I was younger, there was a card game that my family used to play. Basically it worked where you started out dealing one card to each player. I can't remember if there was a card turned over; I think there was for trump. You had to guess how many tricks you would take that hand, then play. The next hand you were dealt two cards, and so on, up to twelve. I believe it could be played with teams of two squaring off against each other.

I don't know what the game was called, and I can't remember how scoring worked. Has anyone else played this? Does anyone have any info on what it is and some rules I can find? I'd like to teach the man but since I know just the bare minimum, I can't.
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quite surprising


I'm rather well known for using the words snuggle for sex. I realize that snuggling and cuddling essentially mean the same thing but snuggling sounds a lot more fun and that's why I do this...

...and I'm just generally goofy which may play a part as well.

Is there any real difference between Whoops and Oops? Is one more embarrassing than the other? What's the difference other than the "wh" in front of one of them?
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If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you choose?
(Hypothetically of course, so ignoring the impracticability of owning, say, a lion.)

I think a tiger would be nice. It could sleep on my bed :)

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Am I any quicker opening my bank account in the branch or online?

How long would it take for me to get the details through either way? (I kinda need them for about ten days time)

What bank is the quickest?

(I'm in Scotland.)

Thank you soooooooo much!

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1)What's the best way to milk a cat?
2)Do you ever shop at yard sales, flea markets, or thrift stores? If so what has been your best bargain/find?
3)What's the worst thing your pet has ever done, and how did you deal with the problem?
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How do you "hand wash" a bra? What soap do you use?

Have you tried the new Diet Coke Plus (with vitamins and minerals)?

-Yes, I just had a few sips and now my head is killing me. I will be sticking to my original Coke.
lead me

painting stuff

I'm painting two terra cotta pots with acrylic paints. The first time I did this, it took three coats of the base color before it started to not show any of the clay through the paint. Do you think it would work if I primed it with white acrylic and then did two coats of my other color? (ie, would it save colored paint if I did it that way, or am I wasting my time?)


1) What movie character do you think is the most like you?
Amelie. We are quite similar in thought and behavior. I laughed during the movie because I thought "Gee, that's something I would do!
2) What is the biggest challenge with dating?
I hate the very beginning stages when you don't know if you're going to be a couple or if everything will end in disaster.

3) What online games do you play?

4) When you play Sims or Sims 2, do you make Sims that look like people you hate and then torture them?
Oh yes! It's so therapeutic *evil cackle*

5) What's your flavor?
Mixed berries!
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want to help me come up with a rap song? i'll start you off and then you provide a "lyric". (you'll be able to read the "rap" by reading the first line in everybody's comment)


2. how's your day going so far? tell mamaRIA all about it. :)

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My family is very interested in fostering dogs. We've had both good and bad experiences with dog adoptions. We're looking to have more good ones. However, we aren't ready to give a "forever home." I'm a junior in high school, and when I graduate, my mom will move. What we're really looking for is some kind of website, company or organization that can help us find people in need of long-term, but not permanent care of their dog.For instance, people going on sabbatical, or doing an exchange program, anything like that.

Does anyone know where I could find people whose needs I can help fulfill?
Or, if you don't, what are your personal experiences (preferrably positive) with doggy adoption?

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Could I wear this skirt (it looks better IRL, I swear) with a black top? Would that match? I tried it on with a black cardigan and it looked like it matched to me, but I have bad matching skills.

And a tiny update:
And because I know you all care, I finally found a Target with the pink bike! I called my dad and he said not to buy it yet, and that we would go back tonight and he'd get it for me =]
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1) What have you done lately to make you feel like an asshole?
2) Would I be a mean mommy if I gave away all the toys my son plays with that bother the hell out of me?
3) Have you ever had anything stolen out of your mail?
4) What's your favorite kind of Oreo?
5) What should the punishment be for people who start forest fires/wild fires (assuming they were caught)?

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Package Tracking.

My mom ordered an outfit (at the last minute) for my FSIL's bridal shower this weekend, and we're trying to get an idea of when it will be arriving. She ordered it on on the 6th of this month, and when I go to their "order status" page and type in her confirmation number, it says that the item has been shipped and should be arriving shortly.

She also emailed them, and in their reply they gave her a tracking number and said that it will arrive via UPS. I've tried entering that tracking number into the appropriate field on UPS's website, but it gives me an error saying "UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later."

I'm just copying and pasting the tracking number from the email they (Sears) gave her, so unless they somehow messed up, the number should be correct. Is there a certain amount of time one must wait after the package has been released from the store/manufacturer before they can start tracking through UPS's website?

Also, what are some good songs to use for a mother/son dance at a wedding? I somehow got elected to pick it out =\
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alright *glare*, i'm a very jealous g/f, i know my b/f loves me and all...but, lets get to the point--how long is too long for him to be having a phone conversation w/an old old, chick friend, an old chick friend who i think is very long would it take for you to get uncomfortable if you were in the same situation?
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Inspired by this news story.

1- Are there any bans on any sort of animal(s) in your country/state/province/whatever? What are they?

2- Are there any bans on specific breeds? Which, if so?

3- Have you ever reported someone for breaking an animal-related law?

4- Do you own any banned/restricted pets? Has anyone ever reported you, if so?
cliffs of insanity

If Found....

I've always wondered how these things work and something in my brain says that it can't be as simple as the directions.....

I have found someone's lost state identification card that says on the back "If found, please drop in nearest mailbox for return to Commissioner at: *address**. Return Postage Guaranteed."

Does that really mean that I can walk up to the big blue USPS box and drop it in it? Or do I need to put it in an envelope, etc?

I've also seen this offered on tags for your keys (either Tiffany and Co or the grocery store discount cards). How does this work?!
Painted Wings

And randomness ensues.

1. Do you have naturally curly or naturally straight hair?
2. What is your favorite hair style for the hotter months?
3. What song just finished playing?
4. Do you use a calendar program on you computer?
4a. If yes, what program?
5. What is the one thing you are really looking forward to purchasing this summer?

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One for the ladies

Is there a place to find DD/DDD bras that don't squish your boobies down flat? I rather like having cleavage, but every "full-figured" bra I can find in a department store seems to be made for people who want to hide their boobs rather than flaunt them. Not too keen on corsets, as they're just too darn much work for every morning.

Edit: Got some good leads, thanks y'all! I'm fairly sure DDD fits me best, I just can't seem to find one that isn't made like a sports/minimizer bra that seems determined to squish me down.
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Victory Day

In light of Victory Day...

1) Do you like movies/books/poems about war?
2) If yes, what are your favorites?
3) Do you celebrate Victory Day?
4) Do you have a family member that fought in WW1 or WW2?
5) If yes, did you ever get a chance to speak to them?


6) Ignoring distances, time zones and the like, who is up for a pub crawl with me this afternoon to celebrate Victory Day?

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i was holding my sister's ball pythons last night and it got me thinking. i know snakes normally only eat when they are hungry and don't overeat, but i'm sure there are some who would get greedy if the food supply was unlimited. is it possible for snakes to get fat? or if they eat a lot will they just grow longer faster?

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So my boyfriend and I were supposed to go to a Keane concert together this Friday but due to a deeply personal & offensive comment he made last night, I really need to spend some time away from him this week.

My question is... what is the best way of telling my boyfriend that he is no longer invited to the concert and that I've found someone else to go with?

I don't want to be passive aggressive and immature about it. I just am feeling really eh about him and would rather go to the concert with someone I'll have fun with and not someone I'm pissed at.
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Eep, disposible contacts

Alright so, don't ask me how it happened.... but somehow I have a disposible contact stuck in my eye. I can feel it, behind my upper lid.... although I cannot see it. I've tried washing it out with water, blinking, and pulling my lid down but nothing seems to work.

Any tips on I might be able to get this sucker out?

Edit: All set guys, thanks!

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Today at lunch I saw a dude driving a car and hanging from the rear-view mirror was a red thong. This always grosses me out and I can't understand why...

So, what do you have hanging from your rear-view mirror? What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen hanging from the mirror in other cars?

The Good Junk.

1. What kind of store bought pizza to you buy?
2. Do you remember Little Caesar's?
3. What kind of store bough ice-cream do you buy?
4. Do you like Baskin Robbins or another place? (Specify.)
5. I need a translation here: "Yai yapologize." ... what?

website help

Is there a forum or good website online where i can talk and learn about css dhtml and etc? I am very good at html that i learned more than 10 years ago but I never bothered to expand my knowledge past that. now i am interested in all the advanced stuff but just reading tutorials is kinda boring. i need either tutorials that are super easy to read or where i can ask specific questions.

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1) What do you say to your co-worker, who is also your friend, when she comes to your office frustrated out of her mind because certain templates that we use aren't working correctly and she is upset and is crying?

I can relate to her frustration but I didn't know what to say. So I tried to help her by asking if she'd tried to do different things to make it work but I didn't know what else to say that's comforting.

2) Does anyone live in a townhome? Pros and Cons of you living there? Do you wish you'd bought a regular home instead? Are you irritated by noisy neighbors at all hours of the night?

I'm trying to decide if I should buy a townhome or continue renting or even buy an actual house. I'll be in the town I'm in for probably at least 2 years. I just am afraid I'm going to regret buying a townhome. I also can't afford ones that have all the features I'm looking for, or haven't found one that is in my price range and has those features.

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soooooo....why did you choose your lj username? does it mean anything? would you change it if you could ( CAN, but it'd be a whole new journal...if you could just change the name, would you?)

edit: i have 2 journals, this one is just one where i keep all the emails to and from one of my only close friends (hence, anticipatedmssg...s--the last "s" wouldnt fit) i have most of my communities on this one so i can keep track of my closer lj friends journals on my other journal w/o having to scroll back a bazillion pages to read a post.

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Related to the Ben Stiller quandry:

If there are "personality" actors and there are "versatile" actors, why do you like/hate each/either group?

I think Ben Stiller is a personality actor - he has a certain persona, and he uses the same one in each of his movies - but he has the ability to exhibit some good acting thru this personality (The Royal Tennenbaums!) Same with other actors of the type I think (Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, etc) - while their character doesn't vary, they are still very capable of giving us honest, emotional, or entertaining performances.

However, the versatile actor who is capable of those things is obviously better (and my prefered mode of work!) (DUSTIN HOFFMAN!)

(no subject)

i just tried hooking my computer up and for whatever reason, my keyboard won't hook up properly. none of the lights will come on, and i don't know what's happened. the keyboard hooked up and worked just a few weeks ago.

any idea of what could be going on? i know it's in the right spot and i've tried twisting it so that maybe the notches aren't int he right spot, but i'm sort of at a loss now.
rhetorical question

(no subject)

1. I'm applying for an apprenticeship in childcare. This is my first "serious" (i.e. not minimum-wage retail/food service) job, so I'm a bit lost.

a) The application form asks about most of the stuff that would usually go on a resumé, but also asks for a resumé to be attached. I feel like I'm repeating myself - what should I do? Change the resumé around a bit to highlight different information? Write "see attached resume" in those sections of the form? Not worry about it?

b) I'm in Year 11, and at the moment I have my Year 10 subjects and (fairly good) grades listed on my resumé because I haven't recieved any actual grades in Year 11 yet (we get pass/fail grades mid-semester and A-E grades at the end of each semester). Should I list my Year 11 subjects instead and just put "pass" for everything? (It asks what subjects I'm currently doing on the form, so they do have that information, whether or not I put it on the resumé.)

c) Do I really need the "skills" section on my resumé? It's all vague stuff like "teamwork" and "communication", and there doesn't seem much point...

d) What are good things to put under "strengths/personal achievements"? In general, I mean.
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i asked my mom what she wants for mother's day and she told me to keep my money and buy something for my new house (that i'm moving to in less than 2 weeks) should i listen to her or buy her something anyway?

make-believe (Rainbow Dash)

Historical fiction

Can anyone recommend any good, hopefully fairly accurate books about France from the late medieval period on? I'm looking more for historical fiction than anything else; history books are all well and good, but I'm looking more for details of everyday life. I know there's a comm just to ask for book suggestions, but for the life of me I can't find it.


Need book information

A long time ago (maybe as much as 20 years ago, I am not sure) I read a book about a man named Stile, who lived in a world where there was a game that people played (sort of a Fear Factor world) The game gave people priveledges.

Stile worked as a horse manure shoveler.

Anyone know this book and can you tell me the name of it?

For some reason I thought Piers Anthony wrote it, but I can't find anything.

(no subject)

1. What's the funniest thing you've ever seen your pet (or someone else's pet) do?
I saw my cat get her head stuck in a tissue box and then she started running around, all freaked out, until I pulled it off of her

2. Any suggestions for unique Mother's Day gifts?
All I can think of is making her a nice dinner :(
EDIT: I don't know what she wants and she always tells me not to get her anything
  • dahamu

White jokes?

All can answer but espically wanna hear white (caucasuian) opinion.

What do you think of when someone tells a white a movie..whatever...

Like maybe saying white people can't dance...are mocking in a valley girl tone...etc...

Do you think it's you take offense?

(no subject)

When was the last time your power burped?
Just now
Do you burp in front of you SO?
Recently, yes.  There was a contest over skype not too long ago, in fact
Your family?
Lol, yes
Starbucks cup

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i'm in the middle of the book "baby proof" which is where i'm getting my inspiration for these relationship questions, but...

let's say (unless this has already happened to you) you don't want kids. you meet someone who doesn't want kids. you fall in love, get married and are happily enjoying life without kids. but two years later, something changes. he now wants kids. you get into a nasty fight one night after months of him trying to convince you to have kids. you leave after this nasty fight, thinking things are over. you don't talk for days.

what would you do? do you go back with a change of heart? or do you move on?
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Dear TQC, 

A strange thing happened to me today. I was having lunch with a girl I knew only from driving school. In the middle of conversation she suddenly told me that she's a racist (and apparently supports Nazi ideology). I was very bewildered as she stated this in a very casual way, like it was no big of a deal and completely acceptable. I managed to make a noise that sounded probably like "guhhh" and a face that looked something like o___O;. The conversation died pretty quickly after that and I made an excuse to get away as soon as I had drank my juice.

Anyway, my questions:

1. What do you think would have been an ideal response to her?

2. Now what would you have actually said/done in that situation? 
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pink trees
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(no subject)

What advice to you wish someone told you when you were leaving high school/ entering college? or at any time in your life?

Edit:I'm not graduating this year. I was just curious.

Two unrelated questions.

1. Want to tell me a random semi-entertaining story from your past? You know, just some isolated incident you remember randomly sometimes (I guess see mine for an example)
2.  A 48 year old woman is tired of her career and wants to quit to just become a bartender or server at a restaurant. What do you think? What do you suggest she puts on the application, as her career has nothing to do with customer service and she hasn't had that type of job in 25 years or so?

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ok so,... its been a VERY long time since I've done Math, so I cantfigure this out, so maybe you can help

if I am making an alcoholic drink, and I mix
1oz of 40% alcohol
1oz of 28% alcohol
1oz of 18% alcohol

what is my new alcohol % for my drink? and how do you figure it out?

I think its 40+28+18 which is 86 and then I divided it by 300 which gave me something like 28% but I dont know if thats right.


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Who is your favourite stand-up comedian?

Will you share with us a youtube link of them?

Mine is Bill Hicks (duh, see icon) but looking through clips I am realising...he doesn't really make jokes. No clips I can find do him justice for how funny he is, so I will send you to the Just a Ride bit and tell you to search for other clips if you so wish.

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I made like 3 dozen sugar cookies with a blue frosting peace signs on them. They are for the 60's party on Friday! Butttt I am dumb because I forgot that all the frosting is going to smoosh together when I stack them so I can bring them to school.

So can you guys think of any way I can transport them all to school without the peace signs getting messed up?!

PS: I treated myself to two of the most adorable dressys today.

Another question:

If you are sexually active, aren't you ever scared that you might get pregnant?
I am a virgin but many of my friends aren't and I just don't know how they can do it and not be scared about becoming pregnant. I've talked to a few friends that have scares but they have had miscarriages or it was a false alarm.
So I'm just curious about whether you get scared about might becoming a mommy.
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Anyone draw with pastels here? Care to share some pictures?

Say a person throws an apple across a lunch room. It explodes on impact with the floor and disgusting little apple bits get all over your new leather jacket, how do you respond?

Pool water slide: Good idea for high schoolers, or disaster waiting to happen?

"How do you skip math everyday and not get written up?"

You have old notes from ex's/ex friends/people you'd rather not remember. What do you do with them?

What are you doing tomorrow?

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I've been having a bad day and need some cheering up. Anybody got any funny stories/jokes/anything to make me smile that they would like to share? Or just tell me a story to keep my mind off things for a bit

Sex and Neighbors

My neighbors love to have loud, bed-thumping-into-our-shared-wall sex at about anywhere from midnight to 4am on any given night.

Last time their bed was thumping against our bedroom wall so loudly (and at 3am), I got annoyed and banged my hand on the wall to signal we could hear them and they were being loud, and they stopped the bed-thumping. I don't like to interrupt their sex, but geez, at that hour, at least quit banging your damn bed into our wall loudly while screaming like a molested poodle.

So my questions:

You have neighbors who like to have loud sex when you're trying to sleep. How do you get them to quiet down?

Or do you try to get them to quiet down, or instead just leave them alone and try to ignore it?

Is it more rude for them to be having loud sex at that late hour, or for someone to try and get them to quiet down?
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Have you ever had your house/apartment/condo/car/purse/whatever stolen or broken into?

If yes:
Would you share what happened?
What did you do differently following the break-in?

If no:
Does the thought of someone possibly breaking into your house/etc/etc TERRIFY you?

I have nightmares about someone breaking into my house. Im so scared. Its never happened though. :( I think Im weird and/or neurotic.

Very long, buttttttt : This customer is trying to get me fired, and is FUCKING CRAZY

I work as a shoe salesperson. A week ago I was helping a man with shoes, and a coworker was helping his wife. They both bought a pair of shoes and left my job, happy. Two hours later I get a call saying both their shoes were a mismatch (meaning his right shoe was a 9.5, and his left an 11. His wife had a 7 and a 9). Now, this is SO uncommon at my job- the first time it's happened since I started working there [4 months ago]. It just happened to occur to both parts of a married couple. Yeah... that looks bad. :-(

Now this guy is PISSED. I had to listen to him yell at me for 20 minutes on the phone ("I didn't think you would be so unprofessional and stupid..."). I ordered replacements for their shoes (as the matches were nowhere to be found). His came in- the wrong style of shoes came in for her. I was misinformed and was told that both were correct, and so I called to inform him that they could come in and pick them up anytime. She came in, I realized the mistake, and apologized profusely. I know they are loyal customers, so I did the only thing I could think of to please her- I offered to buy her shoes out of my own wallet. Now, my store is really expensive... nearly all the shoes are over 120 dollars... Well, she tried on a few pairs of shoes, decided she just wanted a refund, and left slightly annoyed (though she took the correct pair of her husband's shoes).

Her husband called my job a few days ago. He yelled at my manager about how rude I was to his wife. He ranted for like, 20 minutes. I don't understand- I have NEVER been nicer to a customer! I said I was sorry at least 10 times (in the 20 minute period she was there), I complimented her several times, I struck up a friendly conversation... I offered to buy her 200 dollar shoes. What. The. Fuck.

He wants me fired- that much is obvious. He has been calling my store every day. And nobody was working with me that night, so it's my word against his.

Do you think I'm going to be fired for this?
What is WRONG with this man?
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TQC! Do you like monster movies?

Know of any good ones?

I've always loved monsters and other such fictional creatures like zombies, mutants, mummies, and some types of ghosts.. But I don't like werewolves and vampires. I think I grew up with too much internet to really have any respect for them or their followers.
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Today, I badly need my faith in humanity reaffirmed.

What do you think of when you need to stop thinking about all the shit that people do? What are all the best things about humankind?

Serious and silly answers welcomed in equal measure.
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Sad questions, because I had a rough day...

June fifth marks the first anniversary of my sister's death.

What should I do that day to make myself feel better? Or at least take my mind off things? Keep in mind it's a Tuesday, and staying home and getting drunk is probably not an option. Yet.

(Memorial Day's gonna be tough, too.)

How many times have you been mentioned in the "survivors include" paragraph of an obituary?

Me: Twice. My sister and my bio-dad (about twenty years ago). I was one of "numerous nieces and nephews" for my uncle and a nameless granddaughter for my grandma (still PO'd about that one).

no sleep.

1. Is anyone else here a type A?

2. Are you the type of person that can't rest until you get what you want?

3. Do you bring your work home with you?

4. Aren't Otter Pops amazing?

5. Is HIV funny now that it's been 30 years? Man I love South Park
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Difficult Violin Pieces

This is kinda a silly question. I had this violin song(?) and I really liked it but one day I deleted it by accident and I cant for the life of me remember what it was called or who was the composer. I know that either the song started with the letter "I" or the composer did and that the song on the other hand started with "M" or if it was the composer. It was considered a difficult song to play. I know this is kinda vauge and all that but I found the song because of a search here I think if that helps. I cant remember when though. Many thanks to anyone who can point me in some sort of a direction or even better with an answer. Or even another violin song that can be recommended. Thanks :)
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You are/your partner is 15 weeks into a planned pregnancy. Your foetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Do you abort?

It would depend (please elaborate in the comments)

If you like, please explain why you made your choice.
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Aeroplanes and aeroports

1. I need to be at JFK airport at 9:30 p.m., and the tickets are already bought for that flight. But it looks like to get the best deal on tickets for a multi-city route that I need I will be arriving at JFK about ten hours earlier. Is there anything I can do to occupy myself that doesn't involve going into the city (I don't like NYC, especially in the summer)? Anything remotely close to JFK that I can do for a few hours? I'm assuming I can store my luggage in the airport...?

2. Is a 12-hour flight so much worse than an 8-hour flight? The longest flight I've been on is eight hours and now I'm facing a 12-hour straight one. Does it just not matter anymore after a certain number of hours?

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Does anyone listen to/like John Wesley Harding? My dad listens to him and I love his voice so I borrowed all like 8 CDs and put them on my computer, but some songs .. aren't so good. Which songs are your favorite? I don't really want to go through 8 CDs worth of music to filter out the bad songs.

I was watching That 70's Show earlier and Kelso asked these Canadians if they ever got American nickels in their change sometimes, but they didn't answer him. I've never been to Canada and I'm curious does that ever happen?

What do you do with all the ticket stubs you get from concerts/movies/whatever? Do you throw them out or save them? What do you keep them in?

Does anyone else use those Morning Star Farms "meat crumble" things? What do you use it for? I usually just make tacos with it, but I want more ideas.
This is so ridiculous.

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What's a good hairstyle that won't look absolutely ridiculous under a cap and gown for graduation?

My hair is sort of curly/wavy/ratty (see icon and this picture:

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When I leave it down and natural and put my hat on, it kind of flares out from the hat and looks ridiculous.

I would like to avoid a repeat of high school graduation, which was hilariously awful. Any suggestions?

Edit: I'm the girl on the right in that picture.


So, who in TQC wants to take my trig/math102 test in the AM? I supply Dunkin Donuts upon passing the exam with a C or higher. I have such low expectations of myself, especially at this stage in the game...

What's on your mind?
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Does anyone have what I like to refer to as Graphic Designer Syndrome? (which could possibly encompass all artists, not just graphic design artists)

I find myself being horribly picky about little things. For example, if I am writing something on a dry erase board and a certain letter doesn't look right and I have to go back and rewrite it... or I'll keep staring at a poster and if the letter spacing is off in one place it will bother me. It extends to regular everyday things too like a crooked green left turn arrow on a traffic signal by work drives me crazy. (And don't get me started on Christmas lights)

I have one friend who is like this also and we joke about it. She is also a graphic designer. Do you think maybe it is a side effect of having to pick apart my work over the years and explain why I put this dot here and that line there... or am I just overly observant?

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Thanks for your advice TQC!
Now I have a new problem. I asked another guy to prom, and my original date suddenly got jealous and can go.
So, how do I tell one guy that I've got a date already? He was really excited to go with me.

To dye or not to dye

So I have a dress made from medium to light slate blue linen that I would like to dye black. Unfortunately I don't have a pot big enough for the fabric to freely float in.... so TQC, oh great oracle of knowledge, tell me what to do. (Keep in mind that I would rather have a slightly tie dyed or marbled look than an overall grey, and I have 1/2 of a bottle of liquid black rit and 1 pkg dark brown rit)

Do I...
1. Go ahead and cook it and hope it all gets dyed without burning?
2. Do it in the sink since my house has crazy hot hot water and a steel sink that I could add boiling water to?
3. Do it in the washing machine which is a pain in the ass and I really don't want to have to do?
4. Wait 30 min for my friend who has a big pot to get off work?

For the non-crafters....
How lazy am I that I put out my cigarette with the bottle of windex to avoid getting up to find an ashtray?
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1) Do you think Facebook is cliquey?
2) For those who have an account, did you join because of peer pressure?
3) For those who don't have an account, what is your reason for not having one? Do you think you'll ever get one?



McAffee hates me right now. I know it's been mentioned on here before, so can someone point me in the direction of a good free anti-virus program? I googled, but don't know how to distinguish between the good stuff and the scary bad stuff.
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Foam mattresses

Does anyone have (or has tried) a foam mattress? I'm changing my bedding and I'm considering buying a foam mattress. I'm not really concerned about firmness (as far as I know, I could sleep equally well on a wooden board or in a super soft bed) but about upkeep. Is it cleaner than a spring mattress (in terms of dust, acarids, etc.)? Most importantly, does it make you sweat? I'm not too bothered about heat, I'm always cold anyway, but it could quickly get gross. Of course, I'll try them in the store, and if I end up purchasing one I'll buy a cotton mattress pad or something, but I just want to hear about real persons' opinions beforehand.

Grey's Anatomy

So, I bought season 1 and season 2 of Grey's Anatomy, and started watching season 3, so there's a big gap of information missing between the death of denny and up to this current episode. Where can I go to get updated on what happened since? I am deaf so I can not watch the episodes online because they most likely aren't captioned. Does anyone know what's a good site to read scripts or something to get caught up to the current episode? 


Blame my bathtime reading.

1.) Do you believe that a sexual predator of any nature (rapist, pedophile, etc.) and be rehabilitated and released back into the population?
2.) How about murderers (serial killers, mass murderers, etc.)?
3.) How about 'seasoned' gangsters (ones in organized crime, such as mobsters)?
4.) Do you believe that biology or the environment these individuals thrive in are responsible for their behavior(s)?
5.) Have you ever been stalked? How did you handle it?

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what are some songs that are similar to Etta James - At last? That kinda sexy slow groove? There was a website that searchs like artists a few weeks ago but that link is long gone. Thanks in advance!
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Why is it that my hair has gone into super-grease mode?

(silly/serious answers. Either works)

Also, how often do these plants need to be watered?
Marigolds, forget me nots, black eyed susans and lavender.

Friends: Unagi.
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Is anybody else's Sendspace folders suddenly empty? Mine are suddenly all empty except for the "All files/folders" one which has all of them.
How can I fix it?