May 8th, 2007

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Hmm... my last question has been moved to the next page. It's late, I'm bored so I'll ask another one.

I just learnt that it's time to turn the Xbox off when you're on the verge of giving yourself an anxiety attack over not being able to beat a dude in a race.

What's been your lesson for today?

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i'll probably be getting a job this summer. my dad wants to support me but i am highly morally against that so i'll be making as much money as possible.

do you think i'll get fired if i go on a 7-10 day family vacation with my dad and also ask for 4-6 days off to go on a road trip with my friends? i was thinking of going home to visit my grandma too but i'd need like two weeks for that and that won't be able to happen.

doesn't it suck when you hit your 20s and you have to give up cool things for the rest of your life because of work?

but isn't it rewarding to be free of the guilt of being dependent?

oh by the way i'm basically just thinking out loud here

What is this?

I've seen different people have this pirate looking guy on their icons and whatnot. My high school friend uses it for his Drunken Dave persona on Myspace that's an inside joke for those who went to our school.

Where did this image come from?
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1. Does the phrase 'you are loved' equal 'i love you' if it's one person saying it to another?
1b. Why or why not?
2. Big breakfast or big lunch?
3. Favourite SNL cast member?
4. Best dogs for little kids?

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1. How do you feel about subtitles? Would you rather watch foreign shows/movies dubbed and voiced over? Why?

2. Has there been any Google-able question you've always wanted to ask TQC just to see what people knew about it? What was the question?

3. What have you been doing lately that is a little out of character for you?

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I've often thought that directly out of college, at 22 years old I was not ready for the real world but definitely did not want to be a student anymore. Some days I still feel that way even a year later.

Did you ever feel that way after graduating college? Does it go away ever? What solutions could there be(funny or serious) to solve this feeling of limbo?

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At what point in your life did you feel as though you 'officially' became an adult?

Do you have a hybrid car?

Do you eat breakfast every day?

Is anyone going to a concert today?

edt: sorry about the whole..comment screening thing..(i don't even know  what it means) but i think i fixed it.
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Okay. So here's the back story...

I tried buying an iTunes gift card at Walmart over the weekend, but when it was scanned it said that it had already been activated, blah blah blah and the register printed off a thing saying that "The amount of $15 has been refunded to your account".  I tried again with another card, and the same thing happened. Now it's tuesday, and I have not been refunded, while both walmart charges have gone through. Now, what can I do about this?

1. Do I dispute this with my bank? Or do I dispute it with Walmart? Or do I just get to sit and cry and be out $30 this month that I desperately need?  

Note: I do have the reciepts from both supposedly 'refunded' transactions. 

And for something a little bit more fun.

2.  What is your favorite kind of juice? 


1. Have you ever been on a cruise?

If not,
2. Would you want to go on one? Where to?

If so,
2. Where did you go and for how long?
3. What cruise line did you take?
4. Did you like it and would you recommend it to someone else?
5. Tell me something about the cruise.
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Where can I find a fat girl bathing suit (preferable a tankini) that DOESN'T have a halter top? It seems every store I go into they only have halters, which do NO work for a girl like me with big boobs... I can't wear them cuz 1) no support is bad and 2) the weight of the boobs kinda makes the strap around my neck REALLY painful! HELP!!
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I have to be at the dentist in 5 minutes. My husband is still in the shower... I don't drive, so I can't drive myself... I HATE being late!

What is annoying you?
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1. For those of you who don't drive, why not?

2. How do you get around?

3. Those who do drive, have you ever had a close friend or family member who didn't drive and relied on you to drive them around?

4. Did you ever resent that?

5. Which book should I read next? I have one about baseball, one about Lincoln, a children's fantasy book, historical fiction about Ireland, and chick lit.
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Would you rather be Michelle Duggar or a rich wife whose husband has affairs and regularly beats you?

Does Orthotricyclen Lo help with your complexion?

What the hell does the Queen of England do? What is her purpose?

How do you feel about the fact that people in Kansas were wondering where they were going to sleep last night, while President Bush was spending tax money on a white-tie dinner for all his buddies?

What do you think is the proper grammatical form (without looking it up):
Eating healthy
Eating healthfully


If you are older than 18

and your parents are divorced does the parent you don't live with help with your college costs?  In my state, a parent is not required to help after age 18, some still do, some don't.  
Do you still get child support paid for you?

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this is a homework question!

I'm currently rewriting all of my papers for English for my writing portfolio. Right now I'm working on my essay about Of Mice And Men being banned in some places. On my first version the professor wrote "this book has many supportive/questionable times - locate and use some!" Not only does this leave me slightly confused as to exactly what she meant, but I have had no luck finding anything that is REALLY supportive one way or another. Plus everything I did find I included in my essay. Am I looking in the wrong places? Where should I be looking?

I've been googling and using the databases on my school's library's website.

EDIT: It says "this book has many supportive censored/questionable times - locate and use some!"
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Last night I fell asleep sitting on my bed with my laptop on. I 'woke up' at 2AM, realized it was 2 fuckin AM, and proceeded to close the programs on my laptop so I could put it on standby.

I distinctly remember saving a file I had open at that time (I think...), but today I'm looking all over my computer for it and it's nowhere. I can't find it.

Assuming I actually DID save it (and you know, didn't fuck up saving it somehow because of my half-asleep state), how could I go about finding it? Is there any way on Windows to search for recently saved files? Does this all sound as stupid as I think it does? Have you ever done this before?

For those of you with pets

Do you have pets with full paper names vs. just a name?

We used to show dogs, so since I've been aound we've had:
Akida Monawai (Akida)
Laq du Flame Beau (Beau)
Buffalo Bill Cody (Cody)
Tess's Dorothy of Oz (Dot)
This Bud's For You (Buddy.  We didn't name him, haha.)
and -My- dog: Jackie.

What should I wear to my Killers concert next monday? I haven't been to a concert since I was 15, and that was Jason Mraz at a local college.
Pez&Ziv colour

Sucky Birthday

Who has a birthday which happens to call on some other holiday or tragedy?

My birthday is September 11.

Anyone else? How about Xmas babies? Here is a present for your birthday and for Xmas....


How could I forget, My Wife's birthday is Memorial Day and my daughter's birthday is Purim (Jewish Holiday in which we celebrate a prevented genocide, we celebrate by getting loaded.)
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1. Can someone explain Nietzsche's will to power (concept, not the book) to me?

I get an explanation like:
The will to power is the embodiment of the principle of the affirmation of life.

And I go, woo! I get it.

Then they elaborate:
It is in a sence equivalent to everything that actually happens in life. The will to power is ‘the world’.

& I go... *brain death*

2. Collapse )
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Do any of you work in public relations? What do you do?

I'm being recruited for a friend's company and he apparently thought it would be funny to list me as director of public relations. Aside from thinking it's a swanky position, I know nothing about PR and think it would be equally funny to pretend that I have a clue at our next meeting.

Also, I need to go to the grocery today but I never know what to get beyond my staples. What should I buy that would allow for a variety of meals? I've been making a lot of pasta dishes lately, but that gets boring. I should note that I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat large portions, but my fiance does... Apparently that's where all of my food keeps going :D
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What are some of your favorite lounging around things to do? I'm getting my tonsils out this week and will be out of commission for a few days. I've got books, tv/movies and there is only so much Sims 2 a person can play. Am I forgetting something?
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About 6-7 years ago there was this gif of a dark basement with only a mattress and you stared at it and then all of a sudden there was this ghost looking girl that came up and scared you. DOES ANYONE HAVE THAT?


will you tell me your dog bite story? everyone has one.

i was bitten by my friend's dachshund when i was around 8yo. she just bit me on the face. it bled a lot, but i didn't need stitches or anything. i'm sure it was my fault - kids are so annoying.
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I'm having a horrible time translating this sentence from french to english, can you give me a hand?

"Tout recemment, lorsque Jacques Campeau, president des Rafales duQuebec, de la Ligue internationale de hockey, s'est fait congédier durant l'ete 1997, il s'est plain amerement des prejuges entretenus par ses patrons."

This is what I've come up with: "Recently, Jacques Campeau, (president of the Quebec Rafales in the International Hockey League), was dismissed during the summer of 1997, despite bitter complaints maintained by his employers."

however I'm not sure if he's dismissing bitter complaints, or he was dismissed leading to bitter complaints. Could patrons here be translated as "fans" in the context of sport?

Also can you recommend some good french/english translation sites?
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How can I tell what page something would be on without printing it? I'm sure it's really obvious but I have no idea.

EDIT: Not in word, but like in a Wikipedia article or something similar.

The teacher told us to include page numbers. I think I'm just going to make a reasonable guess.

She also told us it was okay to use Wikipedia for the particular paper.
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the game is to be sold...

Has anyone bought game consoles used from video game stores? Have you had good experiences? Bad?

I want to get a Playstation 2 so I can play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at home instead of playing it at my boyfriend's until 3 AM. Also, to get the newer versions of Madden.

Why is the Wii so damn hard to find in stores still?

I'd love to have a Wii too, but I can't find one anywhere in stores here. (Eastern Iowa)
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For the ladies:

If you became pregnant right now, would you have an abortion?

Every once and a while I think about this just so I know if I still would. I definitely still would - definitely can't afford taking care of someone else right now (and don't particularly want to, anyway).

bookish sensibilities

1.  Romance novels - is there a difference to you, as a reader, between a romance novel in the Danielle Steele/Nora Roberts world  and a romance novel such as The Time Traveller's Wife (which I haven't actually read) - obviously the latter is the better written half of literature, but would you just lump them all together as romances since romance is the predominant plot?   To you, do well-written romances exist, or do you scorn the idea of romance novels all-together?  How about historical romances? one would call Wuthering Heights a romance, wouldn't one?

2.  Prequels and Sequels to historical novels (i.e. Gone With the Wind and Scarlet, Pride and Prejudice  and Mr. Darcy).... thoughts? any good ones? do you detest the whole notion?

Hence my asking:   This summer I may write a prequel to The Scarlet Pimpernel for fun, like any devoted fan of SP and fan fiction would do.  I of course, am doing it regardless of your fine opinions ;-)  but the notion got me curious all the same.

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1.) Are there any words that just make you cringe when you hear them?  Not words that offend you, just words you don't like because of the way they sound.
(I hate the words raunchy, gussy [as in: all gussied up], funky, pussy [I suppose that one qualifies as both offensive and I just don't like it], and when people pronounce "mature" as "mat-ure" instead of "matchur".)

2.) If you or someone you know is a successful stock broker (or in a similar line of work) would you say they have plenty of free time to spend with their families and friends and such?  More or less than lawyers?
(I don't know, but more than lawyers, I hope.)

3.) For those of you who take your lunch to work, where do you eat?  Do you have a lunch/break room or do you eat at your desk or somewhere else?
(I mostly eat at desk...occasionally outside.  I'm the only one in my office who stays here for lunch.)
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I'm looking to get a full time job pretty much immediately after getting home from college. I don't intend on going back to college (it's not for me) and I'm not sure what career options are available in my area, so I just want to get a job working retail or something like that in order to save up some money first.

However, I've only had one job before, which was working at a grocery store for a month or two, but I was fired due to a really long story that's mostly irrelivant. My grades in my one semester of college have been less than stellar, and my high school grades weren't anything spectacular either. I'm fairly certain that if I filled out an application honestly, I'd come across as a total loser and no one would want to bother hiring me.

So, questions. Would it be better to mention my prior job (that I was fired from), or just lie and say I have no prior job experience? Do I have to include my GPA?

And also, what kind of places would possibly hire a full time worker who has no prior job experience (or was fired from their first ever job, whichever one I end up saying) and no college degree that's not somewhere like Target or Kohl's or Boscov's?
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I'm currently in the process of splitting up with my husband. I absolutely adore my engagement ring, but I can't bring myself to wear it, just for the simple fact that I love it so much.

Anyone have any creative ideas with what I could do with it? I was thinking about taking it out of the setting, but after that, I'm drawing a blank.
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1. All right female-lovers. Now is your chance to speak up. What do you like in the females? The question has been asked before what us male-lovers like but what characteristics attract you to a female? Do you like the Damsel in Distress or do you want more Girls with BFG? Anglina Jolie is a hottie or Nicole Kidman? Is anyone out there seriously attracted to Paris Hilton?

2. Most quotable movie? My answer would be the Holy Grail.

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1. What do you you usually order at Starbucks? I usually get a venti latte but lately I'm wanting something with less milk and more caffeine coffee, and I don't want to ask the pretentious coffee snobs who work there.

2. It's a long story, but I need to transport a 95 lb dog from Texas to Florida sometime in the near future. I can't drive her, nor can anyone I know. The airlines are retarded and gave me a conservative estimate of $275 and they have all these restrictions and keep reminding me that they can decide not to cooperate at any given point and I've heard all these horror stories about them and pets. Any other options?

3. Do you think they make the application and registration process for higher learning and financial aid unnecessarily complicated? I'm trying to send in my FAFSA application online but have to wait 4 hours for them to email my damn PIN to me so I can sign it. I've been doing variations of this shit for 4 days now.

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If you're involved in some sort of argument/lj drama, at what point are you likely to stop participating in it?

(How could I have worded this question better? It seems like it makes more sense in my head) :)

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Could you swim completely "underwater" if you were in a regular sized pool full of Nyquil?

EDIT: I don't mean you personally because ew gross no, but I mean could a person physically swim in NYquil, i.e. the consistency of Nyquil? I personally don't see how it could happen but I have a hard time explaining why. I cannot imagine a body moving through Nyquil like a body moves underwater mid-stroke.



1. What's the best instrumental piece you've ever heard? Final Fantasy, Symphonic, Film Scores, etc.

2. What song makes everything in your life seem meaningful and optimistic?

3. What's the best song in the world? Or two, or three, or four, or whatever.

My answers are:
1. Scheherezade by Rimsky-Korsakov or Beethoven 6.
2. Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (although it's been covered by Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and Imogen Heap); Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
3. Bella Luna, Life is Wonderful, Unfold by Jason Mraz, Baba O'Riley by the Who

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The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!

1. Do we need water to put the fire out?
2. We used all the water at the TQC wet t-shirt contest. What other fluid can we use?
3. If the roof burns, TQC will no longer have a roof. No top. Do you think that things will be better or worse if this was a topless club?
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The Crock Pot I bought on eBay will be arriving in the next couple of days.

Anyone want to nominate a meal which could be made in it during its first days in its new home?

(Note that I'm a vegetarian, but am happy to use tofu faux-meats on occasion)

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What goes on at a LAN party?

Have you ever jumped off a waterfall more than twice your own height?

My parents are gone this weekend and I'm confiscating their house. What should I do?

Would you wear a fur coat and eat a hot dog in front of a bunch of PeTA protesters?

Is there a way to reset my DataTableReader without just making a new object?
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Where do you post when you have an LJ question that you can't find the answer to in the FAQ?

Do you avoid posting LJ questions in TQC?

Straight people (so you say): Have you ever had a same-sex encounter (not drunk girl-on-girl making out, that doesn't count)? Would you do it again? How far did you go?

When is your car due for inspection?

Do you like fish tacos?
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Is there a particular group (not a race or religion or anything like that) that you just find ridiculous?
To me, it's the college know-it-all hippies.

and because I'm in a weird mood:

Did anyone else get a laugh when you saw Paris Hilton complaining about how she was a victim of cruelty? Did YOU think her punishment was "cruel and unwarranted"?
I don't.  And I think she's going to wear her jailtime like a badge of honor.



I'm playing hooky from work today. (Shhhhhh!)

I feel the need to go on an adventure. What sort of adventure should I go on?

I'm not looking for things like "swim with the dolphins" or "save the world." More along the lines of a scavenger hunt, perhaps, or "Get into your car, and at each intersection flip a coin. Heads you go left, tails you go right."

If it helps: I live in the Midwest (of the US) in a city of half a million people that thinks it's a bigger city than it is. I have a car. Public transportation is crappy and out of the question. I have a little bit to spend, but the less money the adventure uses, the better. I will probably have one other person with me, but suggestions for solo adventures are more than welcome. Batteries not included. See store for details.

Question for the artists

Is it considered "cheap" or an easy way out to paint scenes from songs?

I'm just curious because I've been listening to a lot of Ayreon lately - namely Into The Electric Castle, and I really want to paint some scenes from it because I think they'd look really cool. But for some reason, I'm also a little worried I'm taking the easy way out by painting something that's pretty much all laid out if that makes sense =\
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cold hard cash

Am I the only one left on the planet who doesn't have plastic; who uses cash for everything?

I don't have credit cards right now because I had them when I was younger and was semi-stupid, and was totally stupid to have my ex as a co-card holder. Same deal with the checking account, but I have savings. I don't even have PayPal, because they can't seem to deposit the small validating amounts of money into my account. I kind of like it, I can't spend any more money than I have.
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Man, I never thought I'd ask for relationship advice on the net but my mate who I usually talk to about these things is on holiday.

Ok so I met this awesome chick a couple of months ago but have only gotten to know her in the last month or so. We've been hanging out a lot lately & I've definitely started to develop a bit of a crush on her.

Thing is I only just found out that she's 18. I'm 22 & assumed she was the same age & that has made me step back a bit because I know the general reaction that I'd from people about it. I'm 99% sure she's interested in me too, thing is my mother would most likely flip out if she knew I was pursuing someone who's 18 & from what I've heard my mate's mother is somewhat homophobic. But I can't determine whether she actually is, or my mate is just scared that her mother is (her mother seems to be a very strong, dominant women. I'd be scared of her too if I was her daughter).

So, question time. What do you think about the situation?
I have little experience when it comes to these things, so do you recommend pursuing her or leaving it at a great friendship?
I pretty much have no idea what to do here. As I said, I have little experience when it comes to relationships and I'd be happy to just have her as a friend even though a girlfriend would be a bonus.


I went in for my passport appointment on April 17th. My check for the passport still has not cleared. How long did it take for your check to clear when you got your passport, anyone?
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Besides TQC, which communities are you most active in?

edited to add, for everyone mentioning ONTD, how do you manage to keep up with the ten billion comments/pages of comments? I always get lost after the first 1 or 2 and give up.

Sometimes love don't feel like it should :(

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Ladies: Do you recall searing pain?

Did any hilarious and/or awful circumstances come of it (pregnancy, STDs, etc) that you would like to share?

[EDIT]: Did it suck or what? I don't know almost anyone who really enjoyed their first time. Mine sho' did.

For the sheer sake of argument, let's define losing your virginity as the first time your genitals were either penetrated by or inserted into the genitals of another. Sorry gays, but I don't want this to get all sticky and technical. ILY!

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What size/weight do you think a girl who is 5'10 should be?

Do you think its a bit funny that britney spears has a perfume named "In Control"?

My catfish has ick =( I got the medicine for him last night but im still worried he might die =/ Hes usually extremly active (for those of you who remember my crazy catfish video I posted a few days ago you should know) And now hes just sitting on the bottom all sad and depressed like. Is there anything else I can do for him?
Hes dead =/ I just went to the tank to go talk to him after posting this and he was in the back not moving. So I turnt the light on and usually he comes up to the top to say hello but nope. He didn't move. And he was dead =[
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1. does anyone else watch "The Bachelor: Officer & a Gentleman"?
2. who do you think he's going to end up picking? (Tessa, Bevin or Danielle)
3. were you sad to see Collapse ) get cut?
4. don't you hate it when you think of something and in your head it makes PERFECT sense but once you open your mouth to say it it sounds like complete mumbo jumbo?
5. when's the last time you bought some postage stamps?
6. do you ever watch Deal or no Deal and think to yourself 'if that was me, i would've said DEAL!'?
7. how much $ would you say "deal" to if you were on DOND?

more kids of divorce ?'s

Sorry but my parents are splitting up after 23 years and I'm trying to figure out how things are supposed to work now.
I am over 18 so it mostly won't apply to me but I have a younger brother that it will.

Do you know how much your non-custodial parent pays in child support?  For how many kids?  Has it been enough?

Has your custodial parent ever badmouthed your other parent in front of you?

Do you have a relationship with your ncp?  If not, do you think it's fair to keep getting money from them?  Especially if you are an 'adult' now?

4. Has anyone filed for emancipation from their parents?  If so, how did that work?

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I have a Spanish oral exam tomorrow morning. I need to learn a three minute presentation, the problem being I'm rubbish at Spanish. I've wrote it all out and that but how would you go about remembering it all off by heart? It's hard learning a load of random words!
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I got a free computer chair when my boyfriend's dad's office was getting rid of a bunch of nice chairs. The only thing wrong with it is the ugly color (this ugly shade of brick red)

I want to make a slip cover for it, using a nice soft fabric. (at the moment I have a beach towel on it and would like something similar in comfort.. maybe corduroy or terry cloth)

Any suggestions on fabric to use?

Any suggestions from those of you who have made a slip cover before? What am I getting myself into?
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What's the wierdest thing that's ever happened to you?

I was in a car accident as a passenger; my friend T-boned a construction truck at 70 miles an hour.

Long story short, we were fine, but I spent seven hours chipping roofing tar off of my face, body, and hair. Dawn dish soap works wonders, btw.

hey ladies

1. Do you ever catch yourself holding your boobs (in the non-sexual sense, I mean)?
2. If so, why do you think we do that?
3. If not, why do freaks do that? I don't understand.
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I signed up for and now I want to cancel my "subscription" before the 30-day trial runs out.
I can't find anything on the how do I cancel it?

I apologize in advance if this is horribly obvious!

Edit: Got it.


How do you lower expectations of people without being cynical about humanity? The only time I don't feel co-dependent is when I give up on humanity as a whole. That's when I withdraw from everyone and think "Screw everyone. I hate everyone." How do you detach from doing things merely for reactions?
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1) I got a tooth extraction today and my dentist told me I couldn't eat red meat for a week. I tried google my my skills seem to be lacking today. Does anyone know why?

2) A friend of mine hates animation just because. What is something you hate for no explicit reason?

3) What kind of cell phone do you own?

EDIT: Who wants to storm and take over Sealand with me? Do you think it's possible?
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Have you ever done anything/changed anything about yourself because a member of the opposite sex said that it made you more attractive? Like wearing a certain color, doing your hair a certain way, or dressing a certain way?
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Quorn and qurap

Have you ever tried Quorn products?

Are they not amazing?

Where in the world would be your ideal hiking spot?

If you could interact with any animal, wild or domestic, on the assurance that it wouldn't attack/kill you, what would it be?

(no subject)

1)How did you meet your SO?
2)Do you like your breasts? [for the girls, obviously]
3)Do you prefer circ or uncirc'd penis'?
4)Best band you've ever seen live?
5)Do you have awesome hair?
6)What word do you overuse?
7)Are you feeling alright?
8)What's the last random thing that made you smile?

1) Well, complicated. I met one guy when he was travelling Europe, i'm going to Australia to see him. But... after that i think things are going to get official with a guy here. I met him at a house viewing.. he' in the year above me at uni and he lives in the house I'm moving into next year! I'm rather well aquainted with it already!

2)I used to be completely happy with them. They're not too big, not too small... but lately i've been wishing they were just a little fuller.. mmm, wouldn't do anything about it though.

3)uncircumsized, efinitely. I love the feeling of foreskin.. it's strange! Some people argue that it's cleaner to be circumsized.. but it should be the decision of the owner of the penis! An extra minute washing in the shower isn't asking too much!

4)Sliverchair or Muse.

5) Yes! It's long and shiny.

6) Aces.

7) I'm feeling pretty rough, i had hardly any sleep lastnight & drank a bit too much. I have to go out tonight and drink an exessive amount in ceebration of my friend getting back from Canada though. Urgh.

8) There was a rainbow earlier, it was sooo pretty.

Countdown Tickers

Does anyone know of a website that offers free "tickers" for countdowns OTHER than those for babies, weddings, anniversaries, adoption, etc? I am looking for a site that has just a very generic option, or if you know of one that has tickers for medical procedures that would work too. Tickercentral won't work for what I'm trying to do. 

Thanks :)

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I was watching The Little Mermaid....

1. Did Ariel ever wonder expect to have a vagina?! I wonder what she made of it...(?)

2. If Eric tried to sleep with her, would it be rape if she couldn't really consent to something she didn't understand?

3. Isn't it rather shallow of Eric to just want to marry whoever it was that saved him and sang in his face no matter who it was?

4. Will Ariel have periods?

5. Isn't it a bit hypocritical of Ariel to be wearing PEARL earrings at her wedding? :O *gasp*

6. How on earth is she going to get herself a passport with no personal ID whatsoever? :o
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(no subject)

I have a problem. There is this guy I used to work with that I really like; we hung out a few times. I was fired for something stupid and was unable to tell him that I like him. I don’t have the balls to say it to his face.

My question, would it be completely stupid to write him a note and stick it in his locker? I know that I should just walk right up to him and tell him but I can’t make myself.

Have you ever written a note like this? How did it go?

Did anyone ever write a note along these lines to you? How did that work out?

(no subject)

1. Who would you say fits your definition of sexy? (post a picture?)
2. What is your favourite body part of the opposite sex?
3. Have you ever used food for sex-play? If so what did you use?

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People pleaser

Please help. I feel so drained from trying to please people. Please give me any advice you can think of to help me get over this. I've even attempted suicide before because I failed in gaining acceptance. Please, how do I find self-acceptance and not feel so guilty from not pleasing people?

I have a feeling someone will flame me because this seems like a vulnerable and pathetic post.

Domo Humps
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Imagine TQC is a school and the yearbook is going to be made soon.
And since no one is most likely to succeed.
1. You are most likely to go to jail for what?
2. Nominate someone else for another crime?

3. Worst neighbors ever?
If my neighbors drop bowling balls on the floor every hour, would it warrant me shoving long, rusty nails through my ceiling so they step on them and get tetnus?
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(no subject)

for those of you who work on your feet 40 + hours per week, or more specifically, those who work in the food service industry.....

What do you do to relieve the pain in your legs ?
Is there any certain sneaker/shoe/SFC you wear?

Yeah, i know after 2 weeks, my feet will re-adjust back to the way they were and be able to tolerate it...but right now my legs and feet ache *sniff**

(no subject)

What kind of bike should I get?

I am currently riding a 1970s 3-speed from J.C. Penny's, and it is really cute and I love the way it shifts gears (internal hub), but it's just not quite efficient. It weighs a lot and it takes a lot of effort to get where I need to go. I also have a ladies Schwinn Le Tour, from I think the 80s. I recently got it tuned up, but it now squeaks a lot when I ride it, and the front wheel randomly fell off while I was riding and I can't get it back on properly and it scares me to try to ride it again.

I really like the vintage styled bicycles, but I think I might want something newer that will take me more places more easily and with more comfort. I am a college student, however, with a pretty modest price range. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and it's pretty flat and bike-friendly, with most everything I need within a mile radius. I would like something that could take me 5 miles without too much effort, and up hills if necessary. I don't plan on doing any kind of off-roading.

Suggestions? As I'm sure you can tell, I know nothing about bikes.

ETA: I don't want a cruiser. I want something lighter, slightly more aerodynamic and better for longer rides if I choose to take them. And not single-speed. I don't like the feel of cruisers, really. I might consider one eventually, but... for now, no. I also reaaaally don't want to buy one from somewhere like Target or Wal-Mart. I'd prefer to support a local bike shop, so I think I'm looking more for suggestions of specific models or brands... I think I was a hybrid, commuter or touring kind of bike. Which are all kind of pretty much the same, or used for the same sorts of activities.
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Colombian Movies

Besides "Maria Full Of Grace" does anyone know any other Colombian-set movies I can find by renting, or buying on

I'd really appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.
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Inspector Gadget questions

1. What happened to Penny's parents?

2. What does MAD stand for?

3. Why is the Metro City Police Department catching criminals in other countries? Isn't that Interpol's job?

4. How does Chief Quimby know about all of Dr. Claw's plans before they happen?

5. How is Dr. Claw able to monitor Gadget everywhere he goes?

6. If Dr. Claw can monitor Gadget everywhere he goes, then why hasn't he seen that Gadget is an idiot and Penny is the true master detective?
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(no subject)

I just stretched my ears (lobes) to 6g. How long should I expect them to be sore? Is a daily routine of cleansing with rubbing alcohol (antiseptic) fine to take care of the chance of infection, or should I try something else?

Do you have piercings?
If so, what?
If no, do you want any? What?
How do you feel about them?
Isn't the feeling of needles fantastic?
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Bizarre dinner conversation...

What's the vegan stance on breastfeeding?

ETA: Sorry if this is a repeat question; I joined this community less than a week ago, if I recall correctly. This just came up at dinner tonight during a discussion of a vegan couple which is now going to jail because their baby died after being forced to eat their diet.

(no subject)

Who here doesn't have a best friend? In fact, who else understands what it's like to have NO ONE who you can share all your deep, dark secrets with?(note the sarcasm) I say we all ban together and be best friends! Or rather, just give me some advice on how to be a better person.
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Bring on teh bebies!

In about a year, my husband and I are planning to try for a third (and final) child. We are really hoping for a girl this time around. So, my wonderful friends at TQC, what can increase my chances of conceiving a girl?

***Non-serious answers are certainly welcome :D

(no subject)

Anyone else in the Los Angeles area, particularly Los Feliz/Silverlake, who are pretty scared right now? The flames are out of control. The LA Zoo, Observatory and Hollywood sign are all in peril, and the blaze is less than 3 miles from where I live.

Anyone else closer to the disaster area than I am?
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(no subject)

1. how old is the right age to have "the talk" with a kid?

2. how old were you when you found out about how sex worked?

3. did you ever wish your folks had told you earlier/later/ever?

the reason i'm asking is because my 7 year old demanded details today and i figured what the hell (we're not a shy family when it comes to that junk). she's really ahead as far as some things go (school, opinions, etc), and she lives on a farm with tons of animals, some of whom we use exclusively for breeding, so i wasn't honestly surprised... i'm just wondering what the norm is. fwiw, she took the answers as a "hm, that's interesting" sort of thing and asked more than 45 minutes of continuous questions (everything from "well how to clams do that?" to "can people get neutered?" to "what do sperm look like?")

4. do you think i did the right thing in telling her or should i have given her the "i'll tell you when your older" line?

(no subject)

I'm planning on buying an 07 Toyota Camry around the end of July this year. Don't the 07 models get cheaper around that time since they're starting to sell the 08 models?

Anyone drive a Camry? Any opinions? My stepfather has a Camry that he's had for about 10 years; it has almost 200,000 miles on it and he's never had a mechanical problem with it. He's pretty much convinced me to buy one.

Also, if you want to go into a dealership and get the price lowered, is it true that you should bring a man bc they're more likely to screw a woman over?

If I bring in cash, like actual cash, how much are they likely to lower the price? Also, if me and my mother both go into the dealership at the same time to buy 2 of the same cars with cash, is it likely they lower both prices of the cars?
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(no subject)

Have you lost your faith (in God/the Bible/etc.)?
Why did you lose your faith and how old were you?

ALTERNATIVELY, if you were ever religious in any form, what made you lose your faith?
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Sandwich Time

A few days ago I was making a simple sandwich and asked my husband if he wanted one and what he wanted on it - turkey & mustard. I than asked if he wanted a slice of cheese of it; his response cheese on turkey!? Gross. Is a slice of cheese on turkey sandwich gross?

When I make peanut butter sandwichs no matter if its jelly/jam/fluff/honey/etc I like to butter the bread first. So butter, peanut butter, jelly/whatever. Apparently that's odd. I learned it from my momm - and for a bonus note my dad finds it odd yet lived with it. Do you butter your bread for a peanut butter sandwich?

About a year ago I decided to make a sandwich with peanut butter (no butter - was out) and fried onions. It was pretty good. My husband totally freaked out! Yelling thats disgusting, how could I think of eatting that, get away from him he'll gag, etc. And it went on for a good while. Even months later he'll mention it, telling friends and when they remark it does sound gross he'll make a snide comment of how he was right. Fried onions with peanut butter would you find that distusting? If yes, does that give you the right to yell at me about it?


Tell me, why is being humble all the time so important? Why is pride so bad? I've been struggling with this for a long time, the battle between pride and humility. When I feel pride, I feel guilty.
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fashion advice

I normally wear white gold/silver jewelry, but on a recent 'girls weekend' we all 'made' necklaces. So now I have this cute necklace and no idea what to wear it with.

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edit clearly scratching tube top off that list! :P I just dont know what colours to pair it with, mostly.
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(no subject)

1. What are some good ways to relax before/during a filling? I have to get 2 tomorrow and I am still traumatized from when I was 8 and the dentist tried to do it without novocaine...

2. In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the girls in the embryo room are referred to as having, "purple eyes and all the symptoms of lupus" and Lenina is said to be uncommonly pretty despite, "all the lupus and the purple eyes." Do they actually HAVE lupus? (If so, why?). What are these symptoms of lupus that are immediately discernable by physical appearance that would make one less attractive?

Pooter Problems

Is there any way to get to what's on the hard drive when the thing won't boot up?

I have some great stories and poems on that computer. *sigh* I should have backed them up and/or printed them out, I know. Procrastination is a terrible thing.
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1. do you think george bush and nazis are comparable?

2. do you think there's a point at which the federal government should stop providing aid for people who are affected by natural disasters when they reside in areas in which natural disasters occur frequently?

3. do you have good posture?

4. do you know what/who "the great satan" is?
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(no subject)

1. I want this watch. According to the band length is 7 1/4". It's considerably shorter than all the other Marc By MJ watches =[ Anyway I just measured my wrist and it is pretty much exactly 7.25" Do you think the measurement is for the whole band, or until the last hole? It seems like it would be really short if that was for the whole band.

2. Does it look like a men's watch?

3. The watch is 30% off until sometime late tonight, and I REALLY want it. There is also free shipping. Should I take a chance and order it?

4. The thing is I am fat, but my wrists aren't. I'm approximately 50 lbs less than I was in September and my wrists are the same. I don't think they've changed at all, and I when I feel them they are definitely not fat. I think I'm doomed to having big wrists forever. For anyone who has lost a considerable amount of weight, did you notice much change in your wrists?
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Hypothetical question

A huge multinational pharmacutical company announces that it has discovered a vaccine against stupidity. It gets FDA approval, and successfully lobbies the government to recommend that all babies be vaccinated, with a number of states insisting that children receive the vaccine before they can attend public school.

Critics call foul, pointing out that the FDA and the drugs company exchange high level staff like a car thief exchanges number plates, donates large sums of money to the ruling political party, has dodgy data, and quite possibly a biased opinion about what "stupidity" is.

Extreme right-wingers say it's part of the liberal conspiracy and the vaccine in fact acts against Christianity and turns people into homosexual hippies. Extreme left-wingers say it's part of the right-wing conspiracy and the vaccine in fact dumbs people down and dopes them up so they'll accept whatever bullshit the media spews.

Do you get your child vaccinated against stupidity?

ETA: Answers in the form of image macros welcomed.

(no subject)

1)What song would you say most deserves the title "song from HELL?"
2)I'm debating seeing a movie this weekend and I can't decide between The Namesake, First Snow, and the ATHF movie. Have you seen any of these and/or which do you think I should see?
3)What is currently your favorite cartoon?
edit: why is Thunderbird acting like a fucking asshole and hiding a bunch of my e-mails somewhere?

Boredom is sucky

1. Has anyone here ever used Bio Oil? I bought some today and am hoping it will help fade my scars.

2. What gives you an energy boost when you need it most? It can be an energy drink, song, anything at all. I've been so tired lately.
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(no subject)

i dont know exactly how to phrase this quesiton, if i did.. i would just google it..

where in the world is it the earliest? basically what i want to know is.. where in the world do they get to see grey's anatomy first. hahah