May 7th, 2007

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Does anyone else here have Verizon Wireless?
If so, is your phone randomly in roaming mode right now? Or is it just me?

I went to go call my boyfriend and realized my phone is in roaming mode. Not only that but it keeps switching between 1x and Analog. It only does this while I'm trying to make a call though. And when I do try to put a call through anyway, it disconnects the call after switching back and forth between "1x" and "A" and flashing "Roaming" on the screen.

Does anyone know what's going on with this?

And to answer the obvious question, no I'm not in a "roaming" area. I'm in my apartment up at school where I have been since I bought this phone two weeks ago. My plan hasn't changed at all and my phone worked fine about a half-hour ago from the same exact spot.

ETA Does anyone know the phone number to update your phone? I thought it was #282 or *282 but I can't remember for sure.

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For those of you this applies to:

How did you tell him/her you were a virgin?

I've been dating this guy for a little while now and I really don't know how to bring it up... casually (I guess?). I don't know, I just don't want to be like, "Oh by the way... Still got mah v-card!"

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I've been wondering around Gamespy and IGN, reading reviews and stuff, but I'm always hesitant to buy games (especially one which might involve a monthly subscription) without hearing, first hand, from someone who's played it, what the game is like and if it rocks or sucks, so I'm going to ask you guys, because you're awesome.

I want to start playing an MMO, but I can't decide which one. What do you guys recommend, and how much are the subscriptions? I'd like to find a game that's relatively easy to get started but fun enough to keep me playing for a while, but with a little more depth than "kill shit, level up" if at all possible.
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I know it's a computer question, but.............. help!!!!

My PC is running Avast anti-virus & I keep getting the following warning

Trojan horse - malware found in file C:\Windows\system32\jkkig.dll and in C:\Windows\system32\vtusrp.dll
It advises 'move to chest' but won't let me as I get the warning that the file is in use by another system.
What can I do? Can I delete this file or will that have catestrophic consequences?

My PC is running so slow it's taken me 10 mins to type this post, I've defragged so i assume it's these viruses that's causing the problem.

Any help at all would be very very gratefully received - thanks

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1) If your neighbor (who was 10 years older than you) constantly stood outside and watched you whenever you went outside or were hanging out with people, would you say anything to him?
Do anything?
stick your tounge out and say "NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH" and walk away calmly??

2) My moms birthday is thursday, mothers day, sunday. 2 presents or 1 really big one?

3) Can you touch your nose with your tounge??
I can.

4) Do you think that "fat boys never get girlfriends" becuase their "fat" or is it the whole mentality of the being a "fat kid"
I don't hate fat boys. I actually prefer my boys to have some meat on them. Just in my expeirence, the boys considerd "fat" by todays society seem to act like they never get girlfriends becuase their "fat". It makes sence to me. Im not sure if it'll make sense to you though.

Toronto recommendations

Ever been to Toronto, Ontario? If so, what would you recommend me checking out? Anything in particular? Any awesome restaurants?

Please describe your overall experience there, if possible.

Thanks for your feedback!
(I'm open to anything)
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Have either of your parents gone through a second divorce? (Like they remarried and then divorced your stepparent.)
What was it like? Will you tell me about it? I appreciate it.

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How easy would it be to buy  some bento boxes in Adelaide?
How well do bento boxes keep things cold, etc?  (Like, if I made pasta salad and something else, put it in a bento box + a small thing of yogurt that I froze, would it all stay cool?)  

Do you pack lunches everyday?
What do you make typically?
What containers do you use?
How do you keep it warm/cool?

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I drove past a truck on the way to work today that had "SEIMENS" printed on it in big blue letters. It passed by to fast to read the small print at the bottom.

What do you think the truck was for? Answered.

Silly answers picking on the name still fine though ;-D

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My parents

are still married
are divorced
are separated
were never married

to clarify: "were never married" means to each other
I apologize but there is no option for dead parents because I apparently forgot that people die.

What is the maximum number of divorces that someone you know personally has had?

Do you enjoy visiting historical sites and/or museums when you go somewhere on vacation?

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My new kitten, Chuck Norris, got his poor little kitten paw run over with our office chair last night.

The tip of one of his claw is bent at a 90 degree angle, but it's not bleeding. I have never had a cat of my own before and I am not sure if I should take him to a vet or let it heal on it's own. He is still running and jumping and climbing on everything, but he pulls his paw away when I try to look at it.

Anyone have an suggestions about what I should do?

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inspired by this question:

I'm at that wonderful age where I'm too old for Hot Topic, certainly, but feel too young for JCPenny's or Macy's.

In your opinion how should someone who is 30 be dressing? I'm never in an office setting, as I work from home, so I'm always casual except for when I go out... and that's what I'm worried about.

Links to pictures would be helpful if you can be bothered :)

I need Questions!

I'm doing a swap where people don't know the person their swapping with. Plus the person is a secret pal, making it harder to sort of acquaint yourself with them, and vice versa. Since it's a $50 value swap for knitters and crocheter, I'd like to give them a better of what I like. Right now we do a pretty thorough questionnaire, but it still doesn't quite tell who you're trading with. Since I'm the mod, I'd liove to generate a 2nd questionnaire/meme that takes care of that.

What questions would you want to ask of a stranger you were spending Bucks on? What questions would you like to be asked?

Finally: What would you tell my pal about me? What have always wondered about me? I'm taking requests and answering questions. ;-)
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Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

I was working last night and had to respond to a call where somebody got stuck in one. The thing is that the dude was severely clausterphobic and as a result, he took all of his clothes off and was sweating.

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What do you give as a graduation present?

My boyfriend's sister is graduating from dental school and i'm not sure what to get her. she's really sweet so i figured i could get her something. nothing too extravagant. I've never given someone a graduation present before so i don't really have any ideas.
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1. do you live with your SO?
2. if you do, how long have you lived with them for?
3. do you think a couple should be together for [x] amount of time before moving in together?
4. if you don't live with your SO.. would you say yes if they asked?
5. what's holding you back from living with them, *if you don't?
6. what was the highlight of YOUR weekend?

workplace giggles

1.  What's a quirky aspect of your workplace? could be thing, person, event, whatever.

2.  What word or words cause you to supress (or release!) a giggle?

The questions seem unrelated - but I am temping at a company that sells infant products, and we have to use the words "potty" and "pooh" on a regular basis in serious conversation.

(of course, "Pooh" is supposed to be the bear...buuuut i laugh anyway)

Random Monday

I got Casino Royale for my b-day, and I've never seen a Bond film, What should I start with/what should I see? Should I watch something else before I watch Casino Royale?

How was your weekend?

Is today going to be a good day?

What color is your underwear today?

Whats your favorite fruit?
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Books that aren't...

I need to read a real page-turner that isn't chick lit and that isn't too incredibly fluffy.

Any suggestions?

Everyone I talk to on other boards keeps suggesting the same books over and over and none of them interests me.

These are books I do not want to read but that people keep suggesting:

The Secret Life of Bees
The Kite Runner
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Memory Keeper's Daughter

They don't have to even be from this century. I just want something that keeps me interested!

Please, someone, suggest something relatively obscure but that can still be easily found in a bookstore or library or on Amazon! I haven't read a book for fun in a long time!


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Best movie franchise?

Star Wars
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Die Hard
Pirates of the Caribbean
Mission Impossible

Apologies to Superman, Scream, Fast and the Furious, Austin Powers or the others. Ran out of space
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At one point would someone be too old to wear this?

It's kind of similar to my favorite hoodie ever that was ruined in a horrible ketchup accident, so I was going to buy it but I can't decide if it looks like it's made for 10 year olds, or if it's just way hideous.

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What is the most ridiculous thing you've said in an academic paper? 

mine, as of today:

"Like slicing oxen, a good musical performance is something that isn't entirely determined by technical skill."


(This completely makes sense in context, don't worry.  I'm writing about a Taoist parable.) 

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So the community college I currently go to is filled with people I do not know. I'm horribly shy, so I've only talked to one person this semester- and that was to ask how to get to a certain classroom. But their classes are WONDERFUL. The teachers are great, the subject matter is interesting. I love the academic aspect.

But there's another community college closer to me, where an old friend goes to. I found out that a bunch of my old friends go there, and they're all good friends. I would switch over there... but the college sucks. The courses are very generic and dull. For example, their college has American History. My college has like, 10 subcategories of American History classes. My college has a bunch of electives that I'm interested in. Their college has like, 1.

Should I switch over to their community college, so I won't feel totally alone in all of my classes, or should I just suck it up and stay at mine?

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Your child is 18. They tell you they want to do one of the following things:

1. Move to Afghanistan
2. Not going to college/university and want to live on welfare
3. Decided to enjoy a fabulous career as a stripper

Which of these is least acceptable to you? Which is most? Why?

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Do you think parenting as a whole has become too relaxed in the last generation? How or how not?

How would you describe the way your parents raised you?

If you plan on having children, will you raise them how you were raised or not?
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question for those computer savvy people..

i bought microsoft word for mac for my new laptop from the student store at my school. my laptop got all messed up and i had to send it back to apple to fix it, and everything got erased. i tried to reload word onto my computer, but it keeps saying "this software is an upgrade to an earlier version of the software" and wont let me use word. so i tried downloading the free trial of word 2004 from, and it keeps telling me "it must be run by a volume with a read/write permission."

i am so frustrated. i really need word for my computer. what can i do to fix this problem?


where can i download word for mac for free on the internet? [the free trial on obv isnt working]

Calling all Nintendorks!

Poll #980286 Nintendork Nuttiness

Who is better?


What is your favorite Mario game?

Who is your favorite Mario Brothers Baddie?

Did any of you know about a Mario Brothers movie? It looks dreadful, but I can see it being entertaining if you have a few buddies with you to give it the MST3K treatment.

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Has anyone here gone to any of the Art Institutes? I'm going to be going to one in California and wanted to see about personal experiences.

Do you think going to school (without living on campus - 30 mins away) for 20 hours a week (and having to physically be there 5 days a week-noless), having about 15-20 hours of homework, raising two teenagers, having a boyfriend/girlfriend you adore, going to spin class three times a week and working 20-25 hours a week would be excuriatingly painful or does it seem managable? How would you do it?
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what's a question you'd like answered?

what's for lunch? chicken sandwich (on pita bread!) from the Greek restaurant down the street, omg.. grilled chicken w/ mayo & mustard, pickles, tomato & lettuce. DELICIOSO!

Bad movies!

I thought about this from reading the comments from my Mario Brothers poll.

What is the best "bad movie?"

I should gather my more demented friends and invite them over for a bad movie marathon.
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Can you think of any movies, plays, or TV shows that involve two characters switching bodies and then going through a whole ordeal to switch back?

Reason: I'm writing a review of a [pretty bad] Broadway show I just saw for my Theatre class, and I'd like to make the point that the plot was very unoriginal. I already have Freaky Friday but I know there are more, I just can't think of them right now on 4 hours of sleep.
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anyone piss you off at work recently?

Lets vent.

The lady who does all the ordering of office supplies is a jerk. I have been here 7 months and everytime I give her an order for things that I need to do my job, she claims I never gave her an order so she can save her own ass. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks to get the stuff I need. I have so much office rage.

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Did Justin Timberlake succeed in bringing sexy back?

Did Gwen Stefani manage to elude the stigma of being a 'hollaback girl'?

Has anyone officialy verified the claim that milkshakes attract males to 'the yard'?
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Is your journal comment page in your default layout style or the "no style" format?

What should I bring home from the grocery store for dinner tonight? (Ready-made or low-prep plz)

Which do you find the most offensive: a woman breastfeeding in public, a fat woman in really skintight nonflattering clothing where you can see all her fleshy bits and every roll, or a man peeing on the side of the road?

Who do you think is/was the best host ever on Saturday Night Live?

Who do you think was the best cast member ever on Saturday Night Live?
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The Fat Smash Diet

So, I've recently been feeling really motivated to make a change in my life. All my life I've struggled with weight, but I've come to a point in my life where I can't give myself anymore excuses. Especially with bikini season around the corner and a great need to feel good about myself physically and spiritually, I've decided it's time. For a life change. I guess you'd call it a diet and some exercise, but I'm trying to see it as a life change.

So, my question for you guys: Have any of you guys tried the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian from the Celebrity Fit Club show? Stories? I'm thinking of trying it.

And for those with dieting/exercising tips, share your goods! :)
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1. What should I put on my going to Hawaii playlist? So far I've got the 50 First Dates soundtrack, that's the kind of vibe I'm going for, though I'm also interested in anything that sounds relaxing and summery. Though this is kind of an exercise in pointlessness because I probably don't have any songs I haven't thought of yet and I'm not about to spend like $20 on iTunes...

2. Sorry about the lame question, but I promised my friends I would show them the penis kisses and then I couldn't find it anywhere. Dear person who had the penis kisses icon, or other people who know where I can find it, would you please show me the penis kisses? Thanks, answered!
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1) Are you nosy?
2) How is it that I can eat til I'm stuffed and 2 hours later be so hungry I could throw up?
3) I have a sore throat. What can I do to make it feel better that's NOT gargling salt and water?
4) Our neighbor's deck is being pressure washed. What are the odds that my kid will actually nap with all this ruckus going on?
5) Don't you hate it when you think of really awesome questions to ask and by the time you get to your computer you've forgotten them all and end up posting super lame questions? (holy run-on sentence batman!)

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So question club, I need some friends.

My good friends live pretty far away, and I have people I talk to here, but they're not friends.

How can I find people with... how should I say...? depth.

I'd also like some more queer or at least more queer-friendly friends. Although my friends are okay with it, it seems they tolerate rather than embrace it.

I like body-mod too.

I can't dance.

I think I might like the pub scene, but I don't like frequent drinking, and the pubs around here are filled with derros, or at best ditzy or macho idiots. I need people who think. Where do I find such people?
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Marriage/name change shananigans

O hay TQC bbs!

I'm getting married in two weeks. I'd like to change my maiden name to my mother's maiden name, because hers is the family that's been there my whole life and it's sort of an homage, and well, it just sounds better. /vain
I've heard conflicting things on the whole marriage license name change thing. I've heard from people that a marriage license is basically a free name change, so I could do it no problem when I sign the license and such. I've also heard that you can only change last names on the license, and I'd have to go through a court process to change my maiden name. Any idea, Dear TQC? I live in Massachusetts, if it matters at all.
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Does anyone know where to find really cool purses. I'm looking for something thats really laid back, kind of like this

but i cant find anything!! ive been looking for 2 days now and everything just has something about it that i dont like...what i really want is something that has a long strap like that so i can wear it like a sling and 2 other straps so that i can wear it like a clutch when i feel like it...

any other purses/bags that you guys would like me to take into consideration would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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1. I work in a store that makes fresh-cut fruit arrangements. Why the hell do people come into my work and ask questions along the lines of, "But is the fruit good? Is it fresh? Will it look cheap?" They cannot honestly expect anyone to answer that question with a negative reply, so why do they even ask? Do you think they genuinely expect a negative reply, or are they just getting some sort of personal reassurance for buying something a bit frivolous? I understand in restaurants when people say things like, "So how do people like dish X? How is your fish X?" but to question the quality of our entire stock? Come on. No one would go into a restaurant and say, "So, is y'all's food total shit or is it good?" so why do they do it with us?
My vote is that they're just idiots, but that could be work frustration making me a bit biased ;)

2. Do you think the color periwinkle/light blue is vastly overused as a wedding color?
I've only attended ONE wedding where that wasn't one of the colors..

3. What is your opinion of couples who break up and get back together 3, 4, 5 times?
I think by the third go-round you seriously just need to give it up. I've never seen a couple break up and get back together more than once and last. But that's just me.

Photo Questions

1. I just got back from Puerto Rico, a month ago. I have a ton of great digital photos I want to have prints of.

Where should I go? What stores do you recommend? What sites? To have one turned into a poster suitable for framing, what site or place do you recommend?

2. I've been looking for a new job for a month and a half. Will I find one soon?

3. What do you think of Martha Stewart's new line of scrapbooking products at Michael's? Are you scared?
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1. What are your thoughts on people who won't take medicine to treat anything, either for religious reason or because it's "not natural"?

2. Next Monday is my one day off as I switch between jobs. I feel like I should do something fabulous with that day. But all I can think of is to go to the museums. What would you do with that day?

3. What is your birth flower? Do you like that flower?

4. What interest/hobby do you have that people are always shocked to find out about?


Are you the type to tell your boss about your achievements?

Do you get upset when people don't notice your accomplishments?

Do you believe that hard work really does pay off?
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What's something weird that you do?
I compulsively buy Spider-Man merchandise even though I've never read a comic book, only watched a few cartoons & didn't enjoy the movies very much.

What's something that has been frustrating you lately?
I can't beat a mission on Vice City. I've been trying for the last 2 days & am about to break the controller in half.

What's something about yourself that you never noticed but other people did?
I was told that I lick my lips constantly.

What's something that people always ask about when they walk into your house/bedroom?
My homemade framed picture of Owen Hart on the back of my door. He was a pro wrestler that died in 1998.

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My mom decided that now I am to receive $20.00 every Sunday to somehow teach me money managment. Like, if I want fast food, a movie with freinds, the mall, lunch at school etc. it all comes from that.

I can't fathome how I could use 20 dollars a week, so obviouslly I will have a nice amount of $ saved up within a few weeks.

What would you spend it on?

EDIT: I know 20 isn't that big of an amount, but the point is I will be saving most of it, so in a few weeks I should have a nice amount saved up. =)

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1. Let's pretend you have a guy friend. He's a bit unhinged, and gets worse when he's had something to drink. One night he gets drunk and ends up breaking the nose of one of your mutual guy friends. What would your reaction be?

2. Kay, so it's this same guy. It's that same night and for whatever reason, no one thought to take the Jack away from him after he broke that first bloke's nose. An hour or so later, he breaks your mutual female friend's nose. What would your reaction be?
2a. What would your reaction be if him and the girl had been dating off and on?

3. You have this other friend. You're quite popular! Anyway, it's another guy and he's friends with the crazy drunk, and the guy and girl who had their noses broken. He laughs when crazy drunk breaks the guys nose (and even eggs him on), but when he breaks the girl's nose, he refuses to speak to crazy drunk anymore. Would you find that hypocritical, or is this fellow just trying to help out the feminist cause?

Car accident!


I was recently (like, an hour ago) in a very minor fender bender. I am now missing my driver's side mirror.

So, how hard is that to fix? The whole mirror/arm thing just kind of broke off (and that was the ONLY damage, thank GOD). And am I going to get busted for driving without a mirror until I get it fixed? I tried checking, but I am not seeing it. Maybe I am using the wrong words for the google search...

And if I can't fix it (or my Babydaddy can't), how much does that *generally* cost for someone else to fix it? If I take it to a shop, is it a quick fix?
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College & food

Did/do you have nice on-campus college food?
--I go to a small school of about 1,000 or so & it's terrible. Lots of processed junk.

Speaking of which..
I'm taking a course this semester about food and I'm almost done. We have one last food project. I chose to write about Salmon-Farms and the major businesses. That has turned into a mess due to so many mergers and overall vagueness of corporations. So I'm changing my topic. I'm thinking of changing it on how to prevent the loss of our edible fish.
--I can't think of way to phrase this as my thesis and I'm quite possibly going crazy.
Any ideas on what the hell I'm trying to say?
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So I just got a new car this past weekend and I can't decide what to name it!
I was going to name it James Dean until my friend told me naming it James Dean is UNLUCKY!

So....Do you think it's unlucky to name my car James Dean?
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1. Have you ever been so excited about a song that came on the radio when you were driving that you had to pull over? If so, what song was it?
Yes. It was Waltz No. 2 by Elliott Smith, and I pulled into a parking lot.

2. 2 weeks ago I posted about this guy who stands at the end of his driveway looking bitter and not waving to people who wave to him. Today I saw him looking in his mailbox and nothing was there, and I know the mail had already gone. Now I feel kind of bad for him. I want to send him some mail, is that totally weird? What should I mail him? I want it to be something that might brighten his day a bit. I definitely won't be putting a return address on it.
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whenever you die, what do you want to be remembered as?

am i the only one that has ever wondered 'if i were to die, who would tell my lj friends about what happened?!' (seeing that no one else knows my password)

*in regards to ^, i found this site ya'll might want to check out.

pick a TQC member, now think of TQC as a high school (not hard to do, eh?) it's our senior year and we're getting ready to graduate, what message do you inscribe in their yearbook? *you can only pick ONE person*
i say, old bean

(no subject)

1. you're going to be writing to the city about there needing to be a real stop light down the street from 2 elementary schools and a boy's and girl's club, how would you go about writing this?

2. how do you type? one handed, two hands, one hand and a finger from the other?

(no subject)

1) Would you rather be filmed having sex with your significant other and have the video posted on the internet, and played in front of all your co-workers and friends OR find out your significant other was cheating on you? Why?

2) If you had to pick three meals and three drinks to eat repeatedly for the rest of your life and nothing else, what would they be?

3) Do multi-vitamins really have impact on health or do they just exist so lazy people can feel like they're doing something?

4) Spike or Angel? (Some of you might not recognize these names, those who do know what I'm talking about though)

5) Would you rather have all your pubic hair waxed off (and I mean ALL and no, you don't get any kind of pain medication) or have your eyebrows shaved off before a very important event (and you can't reschedule it) such as a wedding?


(no subject)

When filling out job applications, what's a good reason for leaving your previous job?

Career advancement? Scheduling conflict? I don't think "Job was killing my soul" looks too... good.
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birthday gift?

1 - It's been 3 weeks since I started taking dance classes for hip hop. I met a realllllllllllllly cool girl there...and her birthday is coming up. And I just feel the need to get her something because it would just make me feel weird/awkward if I didn't. I don't wanna get her a card...because I don't really do those. Should I get her something small? If so, like what?

She's a shopaholic...and she likes Forever21 and H&M. I don't know about getting her a giftcard...but I don't really know. She also likes Starbucks.

How much money should I spend on her?  ---- $10-$15 Starbucks card it is! Thanks guys!

2 - Also, I googled this already and I thought I knew the answer...but my friend is telling me otherwise. What is the legal age of consent in the state of NY? (For gays.)  ---- Got the answer, thanks.

Oh and btw, this is me BOINGGG...just got a new username.
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Does anyone know what this watch is? I know it's a Soviet watch, but...that's the best I can find. My mother wants me to eBay it for her, but I can't find one like it online, so I have no idea what to put in the eBay listing, or, for that matter, how much to ask for it.
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Thanks so much for your help!


eBay question.

Seller mails the sold item to the buyer. Buyer waits just over a week or so and then emails to say the item hasn't arrived. Seller gives the buyer the tracking number (showing not yet delivered) and asks the buyer to check at the local depot to see if delivery was attempted.

Buyer doesn't reply to say whether she has done this, and then two or three days later opens a Paypal dispute for non-reciept without so much as a further word.

Would you find this rude?
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Power surges?

For the past week the electricity in my apartment has been surging. The lights will dim and flicker or go really bright for a few seconds.

Today the power has gone out twice for a few seconds (enough to turn off my tv, reset my clocks, and restart my wireless router) in the hour and a half since I've been home. I live in a large complex.

What is going on? Do I need to report this to management? This is getting so annoying.

(no subject)

1. About how much time of your day is spent listening to music?

2. About how much money would you guess you spend in a month on CDs and concert tickets and merch for bands?

3. Do you think you listen to a wide variety of music?

4. Have you ever said something along the lines of 'music is my life'?

5. Think of your top favorite say, ten or twenty bands or musicians. Think hard! Okay. Out of them, what percentage would you say is basically white guys playing guitar? I think I worded this horribly, so as an example, if your only favorite musicians were Bob Dylan and Fall Out Boy, your answer would be 100%.

(no subject)

What's something new you learned today?

How was your day on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best?

Penguins are getting a tad overexposed. What cute little creature will be the next penguin?

Do you like black licorice?

Where did it come from? What does it mean?

In a lot of pop songs and R&B/Hip Hop songs, there is some sort of rapper guy not always the same one in all, and they call the female singer "Dog Child" or "Dark Child". I think the first time I heard it was on a Brandy cd like 8 years ago, but since I've heard it in Ashanti songs, Spice Girls songs, Ciarra, Rhianna, ect. What does it mean? At first I thought it was a nick name, But they cant all have the same nick name can they? Where did it come from? Who started the trend of calling female singers "Dog Child" or "Dark Child"?

~~~~~ Thanks to young_bunzr The question is answered. It's a producer!
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The Emos.

"Inside the disturbing world of emos
...what to do if your child is among them"

What do you think of headlines like this? They are all the rage in Australia. I first heard one in Tasmania (What to do if your child is hanging around Emos) about 2 weeks ago and now they're all the rage in Brisbane.

The Emos. Stay away.

"There are Web site dedicated to showing kids how to be Emos"

For reals.
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security programs

I was hoping some of yous might have some ideas on this one:

I have Panda Platinum Security currently installed on my computer, and it's great and I don't have a lot of trouble with it, but it takes up a LOT of room and it uses a TON of the computer at any given time. For exmaple, with no programs running (and I mean NOTHING), my CPU usage is at 100%. That's outrageous, right??

What security programs do you use or recommend?? I mean, I can't delete this program and not have anything to take it's place. That'd just be silly. So I would appreciate any help you could give. :)
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My 4 year old piano student is graduating from preschool tomorrow night, and her mom called me at work and invited me to attend at her daughter's request. I'm definitely going, but I'd like to get her a little something to congratulate her. She's a really special kid.

Poll #980587 pomp and circumstance... two and a half feet tall

What should I get her?

a couple flowers and a card
a cute little necklace or bracelet and a card
something else i'll explain in the comments
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tattoo question

my husband and I want to get a new set of tattoos.. he wants to get some sort of symbol of Eros (greek god of love). i want to get either Aphrodite (greek goddess of love -- but it's weird cause aphrodite was eros' mom lol) or Psyche (greek goddess of Soul; Eros' wife).

Anyone know symbols of any of these things? we don't want physical pictures sketched of the god/ess themselves, but rather a representation.. and i'vce googled and have found nothing concrete.

i know it's a stretch..

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bluetooth headset help

I have the Motorola Razr v3 I think (baby pink from Telus).

I was given a little bluetooth headset by my brother. I figured out how to make the phone find the headset, but I don't know how to turn on whateverneedstobeturnedon to make the headset answer the calls.

I would RTFM except there's no manual for the headset and I don't know where my phone instruction book is either.

Any help is appreciated.

(p.s. yes I know those things are annoying, I laugh when I see people walking around the mall with them, I just plan on using mine for when I'm driving)
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(no subject)

1. What part of your body you like the most?

2. What part of your body do you dislike the most?

3. Are you going to watch Eurovision Song Contest? Do you even know what the heck it is?
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1. Do you write with your left or right hand?
2. Can you write at least somewhat legibly with both?
3. Is your handwriting neat or messy?
4. Cursive or print?
5. What does it look like? (pics pls! :P)

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hypothetical question

as you may well know, the Queen has come 'across the pond' to visit with the administration

My question : if the Queen thew a bucket of pig's blood on Dick Cheney and screamed NO BLOOD FOR OIL do you think she'd get arrested?

I mean if she did this in public.

If not what would it take...??

I'm just askin'. She is going to have a grandchild shipped off soon after all (okay he wont see action, but he'll see more fighting than Bush, Cheney and most of the Cabinet have ever seen....)
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(no subject)

tThose of you on birth control, what has it done for you emotionally/hormonally? I've read/heard that it can stabilize your emotions/hormones, lessen your PMS. Have you found this to be true?
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Anybody going to the Holly Black-Cassandra Claire booksigning in La Grange, Illinois this Saturday?
If so, who are you primarily going to see? (Cassie for me. I've followed DT for over 5 years and I'm ecstatic that her first book is doing so well.)
And does anyone have any good booksigning stories? I've only been to one other - Jasper Fforde - and I utterly geeked out about water condensers and dirigibles when we finally got to meet him. Any ideas on keeping your wits about you when you finally stand before the idols of your youth?

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Questions for those of you who use MySpace.

1. Let's say someone who is not on your friends list, who had only recently created their MySpace account(you could find their sign-up date through their "View All Blog Entries" link on their profile), who has a completely blank profile and who has only Tom as a friend subscribes to your blog. Would you find that creepy?

2. Are you subscribed to blogs of anyone who is not on your friends list?

3. When did you created your MySpace account?

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face cleansing

EDIT: i am canceling my proactive because I cannot afford to pay for it anymore, particularly as it seems like they have started shipping it EVERY month instead of every OTHER month -

1. has anyone else noticed this copious amount of Proactive?
i  just discovered that you can change the frequency of your deliveries.  However, I'm still curious for your answers for question number 2:

2.  can anyone recommend a good over the counter face cleansing set?  

its okay if its mildly expensive, because I didn't mind paying proactive prices when it was just every other month, because it took me a couple months to go thru it. I dont NEED it this often, damn you Jessica Simpson!!!

I have mostly stress induced acne, its not a chronic thing, if that helps your suggestions. I thank you in advance.
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Simpsons questions

What is the name of the episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer was sitting on the couch and holding a pennant that said "organized sports?" Also, what is the name of the episode where he was also on the couch and holding a pennant that said "midseason shows" (or something similar)?


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I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. All four. One is impacted. It's killing me.

1. What should I expect? In an estimate, how many days after the procedure will I feel back to my old self? I'm sure it depends on me though.

2. About how long after the procedure before I can kiss & be intimate, etc?

3. About how long will it take my gums to heal?

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Poll #980718 The bored poll

Are you bored?

Nothing but
I could go for some distraction
Not really. Have you considered getting a life?
Why, no, I'm not bored at all. My nipples are hard from amusement
Every moment of my life is like the circus on ecstasy on Christmas

What can you do to entertain me?

I can tell you a joke (find one in the comments below)
I am sending you mental images of monkey go-go dancers. Be entertained, brotha!
I can send you a naked picture of myself
Pummel you into the arms of sweep unconsciousness, where boredom is no longer a concern
Nothing. Get used to it, bucko

Maybe I should do something constructive. What would be a constructive activity?

Writing like you always say you should do
Masturbation's constructive, sorta. It relieves stress
Get on that cure for cancer, slacker!
Write another poll, poll monkey!
Go to the nearest bar and kill those brain cells that are bored. It's the only way

I've kind of got a thing for one of my coworkers and one of the bank tellers where I make deposits. How can I reconcile my alarming commit-phobe apathy with the drive to date one of the aforementioned lasses?

Just remember those magic words: SEX SEX SEX
If you wait too long, someone else will snatch them away...and have their way with their snatches! (I'm a wordsmith of high mediocrity)
You'll have someone else to hang around with who doesn't wear you down with their unhealthy commitment to dramatics
Go back to the gym, rip those muscles, and your inherent sexiness will get them to throw themselves at you
Nothing. It's your destiny to die alone. Most likely forgotten. Stop trying to thwart the cosmic plan
Please. You don't know any women. Your meds are reacting with that Slurpee you had

If you're not bored, DO YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME???

Who isn't?
What's the question again?
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(no subject)

1. You've just spent three days crawling across a searingly hot desert without food or water. You're dying of thirst and feel as if you're starving to death. You make it to a house and collapse on the doorstep, and the people who live there take you in and offer you the only refreshment they have: sauerkraut. Do you eat it?

2. Do you think nose piercings are tacky?

1. No.
2. Not inherently, but they definitely can be.

Edited because I cannot spell "sauerkraut." x_x
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(no subject)

I'm rewriting my paper about the importance of spaying and neutering pets and I am having trouble with wording. I keep saying "spay and neuter" over and over again, is there another word I could use that would cover both spaying and neutering? The only things I can think of are fix and alter and neither sound right.

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So I have like, 10 songs on my laptop, 400 on my iPod, I want to charge my iPod and put the 10 laptop songs onto the iPod...whats gonna happen when I connect the iPod to the laptop? How do I charge it and not loose my 400 songs, and transfer the 10 new songs onto it? Or CAN this even be done??

EDIT: Problem, um, solved. As in, I tried doing something, it failed, and...yeah the problem no longer exists.

Take a side

My fiance and I were discussing what counts as appropriate nonflirting behavior..,
1.) does walking up to a complete stranger and starting a conversation really consitute as flirting to most people?

2.)how do you befriend a person of the opposite sex without leading them on other than the obvious, "I'm taken" line

Also, unrelated, how many people here went to a single sex school and would you put your kids through it? (I went to an all girls school...and I will NEVER EVER put anyone in that position ever, unwillingly of course.)

(no subject)

Does anyone here have their pilot license? It has always been my dream to fly...ever since I was little, I've ALWAYS wanted to an astronaut, and then a member of the air force (before I found out it has one of the highest rape occurrences ever...with something like 3% females).

Anyway, I'm pretty much just looking around online for flight schools around my area (San Jose, California), hard is it to get a pilot license? it safe to just try out any old place...I mean, I'd like to know if there are any more trustworthy companies out there...flying's no joke, once you're up there.