May 6th, 2007


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Poll #979527 Porn v cam view

(10 being the worst feeling)How upset would you be if you found out your significant other was watching a friend on webcam for the purposes of masterbation?

Mean: 8.54 Median: 10 Std. Dev 2.41

Would this upset you more or less than them watching porn(if them watching pron upsets you at all)?

Neither would bug me.

Use comment section for details

Regarding the Buckleys

1. What's your favourite Jeff Buckley song? (...I suppose you can pick "Hallelujah", if you must.)
Mine's "Dream Brother" at the moment.

2. Are you interested in Tim Buckley too? What's your favourite of his songs?
Probably "Phantasmagoria in Two" or "Pleasant Street"..."Goodbye and Hello" is my favourite of his albums.

Bonus question: Who's the most elusive musician you'll be seeing at a festival this summer?
Definitely Björk!

a Question mostly for the ladies

Ok, so for some strange reason, even though I've never been pregnant and have never lost more than 10 lbs, I get these stretch marks on my stomach and my sides. I stay between 130-140, and my work out consists of cardio aerobic work. Two questions:

1.) why do I get them?

2.) how do i get rid of them?

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I wanna go and get mah hurrr did at a salon, except I haven't been to one in years. (I've had a friend of the family come to my house and cut my hair, but he moved, so that can't happen anymore)
I'm thinking of going to a Paul mitchell's school saloon type thing around my house but I'm not sure...

Have any of you had any experiance with that specific place? Or any salon/school period?
Was it good? Bad? Thoughts, opinions?

Anyone know what the price range is for Paul Mitchell?

Also if you're like extra bored, your welcome to go to my myspace (I'd post a picture under a cut, but because I'm on a sidekick, that's somewhat complicated, sorry) and look at my pictures and suggest a haircut/highlights/different hairstyle or color. Whatever you want. All suggestions welcome!

The address is:


Not a biased question.

1. What is the point of having a blank bio page?

2. Do folks who leave their journal on default layout bother you in any way?

3. Do you like/ dislike/ neither when people have pictures on their bio?

4. Is there a random thing about the setting of someone's LJ that will pretty much cross them off the list of being added?
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This is a kind of gross description of a problem with my cartilage piercing, so don't read it if you don't to.

I got it pierced four months ago I've recently realized it must be infected or something- there's some kind of bubble on the back of it. The front looks fine. I cleaned it regularly and haven't been as much now, but more than once a week (I figured since it's been three months it'd be okay... I was wrong.) I just took out the earring and it's pretty swollen in the back, but the weird thing is that it doesn't hurt at ALL when I touch it. It hurts a little when the earring is in if I put pressure on it.

Advice? I don't want to let it close up :-/
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So, I'm bringing the boy (who is really just my best friend but i'm love with him and we have a very different friendship) to meet my family tomorrow. I'm so nervous I might vomit.
Do you have any advice/encouraging words for me?
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bread makers

What's a good bread maker brand?

Any recommendations? I know there are some recipes that seem to turn out better than others in certain bread makers. What do you find turns out best?

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What breakfast cereal are you in the mood for?
Ricicles, Weetabix, Frosted Shreddies or Frosted Wheats (Unfortunately, I don't have any of those)

What chocolate product are you in the mood for?
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or chocolate ice cream (Unfortunately, they only sell Peanut Butter Cups at Woolworths and a few other shops that can afford to have them imported from the States)

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Because I had this argument yesterday and its still bugging me....

If you refuse to shop at the GAP because they allegedly use 'sweatshop labor'
is that because of your ethics or...are you just politically correct?
For those of you who use ETHICS..what is your ethical reasoning? Ethical standard? WHY is it WRONG?
Because I really want to know...WHY...

We have a dog we can no longer keep. Where can we get rid of it without killing it?
cat tea


1. Do you know anyone who is schizophrenic?
2. If so, how old were they when symptoms started or when they were diagnosed?
3. What were their symptoms?
4. Are they functional (able to work, go to school, etc.)?
5. What medications do they have to take?
Self cleaning

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A discussion with my roommate last night and a comment in another post from here (that I'm too lazy to dig up again) made me wonder...

What's your opinion on divorce, in general? (Do people get divorced too easily, not take marriage seriously enough because divorce is an option, etc.)

When someone tells you that they are divorced, does it change your opinion of them in any way? Does it depend on the reason that they got divorced? Does it depend on whether that person is just a coworker, friend or a potential boyfriend/girlfriend?

Have you personally gone through a divorce? Why? (If you don't mind sharing, that is)

Why do you personally think that divorce rates are higher than they have been in decades past?
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1.) How do you get silly putty out of carpet?  (I googled this already,but I figured maybe someone might have suggestions.)

2.) How does one become more outgoing?

Serious qu, omg!!

When did Sandra Harding get her PhD?

I've found out that she got it from New York University, but that is all. Seriously, wikipedia is the best source and they only have a stub. She was born in 1935 -b-i-g---g-a-p-. She wrote a book 1983. She hide under a rock for just under 50 years?

Edited to correct spelling and change mood.
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1 do you make your own icons?

2 what is the best feeling that you've experienced? and the worst?

3 have you gone/are you going to college?

4 how did you find out about livejournal?
5 when did you/will you move out of your parents' house?

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Now, since Spirit and Opportunity are doing so well, and have gone on so far past their operating expectancy, why don't we have more of them on the way? As in exactly the same as those two?

Do you think that we are going to land on another planet anytime in your lifetime?
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Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, America (The Book)....

Has anyone read both of these?:
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) (Hardcover)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher's Edition: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction
Differences? Which one's better?

I just tried to post this with tags, and got a message saying we're not allowed to post with tags in this journal. I thought it appropriate to ask: Why?

Ghost Ship

Australians- what do you think happened to the guys on the boat that was found drifting?

To the non Australians, a while ago there was this boat found in the Whitsundays, it was supposed to have three older Australian men on it (in their 50s and 60s), but there was no one there. The engine was still running, there was a fishingline still in the water, there was food on the table set out to eat, a laptop was left on... and one of the sails was shredded.
People have been searching for the three men for two weeks and are apparently giving up today.
So, theories?

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Do people fence off their backyards where you live?

If not, why?

We do out here for the most part, it scares me when I've gone to Iowa and even in West Des Moines, people don't put fences up. WHAT. THE. HELL. Who wants their neighbours to just be able to waltz straight through your backyard or whatnot? And it sucks, because a bunch of midwesterners who apparently don't know what fences are keep moving here and NOT PUTTING FENCES UP. D:

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What is your favorite "old school" nickelodeon show?
-Doug and The Adventures of Pete and Pete are my favorites.

And while we're at it, what is your favorite game to play at a park/playground/backyard?
-Wiffle ball holds a dear place in my heart, as well as four square. And swings are just wonderful all the time.


My parents (non-legally) separated for about 6 years when I was younger. My dad moved into an apartment downtown before I started 3rd grade and then moved back toward the end of 9th grade.

Is that weird?
Do/did anyone else here have a similar situation?
Do you consider yourself a child of divorce?
What were the circumstances of the separation? What were the circumstances of the reconciliation?
Were you happier about the separation or the reconciliation?

I ask because I was inspired by a previous question about divorce and it just occured to me that perhaps my family situation was a bit odd.
Neither of my parents dated anyone else or anything during that time... And there certainly was a lot of fighting - I remember just wishing they'd get divorced all the time when I was little... And it wasn't like this beautiful "mommy and daddy are in love again!!!" situation when he moved back. It was just time, I guess.
Anyway, it just occured to me that I never think of myself as any type of child of divorce or coming from a "broken home" or anything... Weird.

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Let's say that you were outside throwing a tennis ball for your dog. But instead of returning the ball, the dog brings back a shrew.  It lies on the ground, seemingly dead, then the legs start twitching.
What would you do?

I locked the dog in the kennel and asked my Mom to take care of it. I could dispose of the shrew if it was dead, but I couldn't bring myself to kill it. So she conked it with a shovel to kill it then dumped it in a nearby clump of trees.

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1)You know how people will discuss where a relationship is going? Do you ever do that with your friends? Like discuss how/where the friendship is going? Does that seem retarded to anyone but myself?
2)This is probably a dumb question, but is Brian from Family Guy neutered?
3)Have you ever been humped by a dog? If so, was it a male or female? If not, have you been humped by any other animal?
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Anyone know of a Derby Owner's Club machine closer to Lincoln, Nebraska than Omaha?

Is it inappropriate of me to retire a front-runner that is close to setting track records after only 21 races just to breed it before the arcade closes on me?

Or for the question that will get more replies... :) How many people have not yet seen this game that is as addictive as Pokemon but a bit more expensive?

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I have a furry-like purple pillow that I got a few years ago and want to clean it before I put it out on my bed again (it's been sitting in the closet for a while). There aren't any tags that say how to clean it, so any ideas on how to do that without destroying the pillow?

Why is my internet connection so weak? I've repaired the connection (right click the icon -> select repair) a few times and for the first 10 minutes or so after being repaired, it works great. After that, it slows down again or cancels out. The other computer has a great internet connection. Any suggestions?

I have to make a calandar for my typography class. The 'picture' is supposed to be text-based or a manipulated text. I have a few ideas for what I'm going to do but I'm drawing a blank on months like August or January, basically months where there aren't any big national holidays or anything. Any cool ideas?

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I live in England. I met a wonderful Australian guy whilst he was travelling Europe. We had a 6 week, short but very intense time together. He stayed with me, I took him to meet my family and then we flew to Paris.
It was always the plan that I'd go and see him in my uni summer holidays when he was back in Aus.. I booked tickets for mid June-mid July and i'm definitely going. I'll be staying with him, and we'll be together for the whole month.
We keep in contact via email, webcam & phone and i can't wait to see him... I suppose we both know that in all honesty this will probably be the last time we'll see eachother...he's just SO far away.
In the last month i've sort of met someone else... nothing major has happened with him but I know it could, and I want it to. We've spent a lot of time alone together, but i'm putting off picking up the hint that he wants anything more to happen because I know that when I go to Australia i'll be with another guy...
I think something really great could come out of the second guy, but i need to somehow put him on hold for a couple of months until I get Australia out of my system. How would it sound if I came out with...

"Sure, we can go out but just so you know i'm heading off to Australia to sleep with another guy for a month.. then i'll come back to you, okay?"

Not great right...I don't want to lose him. I think there's a little bit of having my cake and eating it too going on here.

Any thoughts? words of advice?

Have you ever been in a situation similar, or where you liked/wanted to be with two people at the same time?
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Abortion Question

This is posed to those who are pro-choice.

Is there any reason for abortion which is unacceptable?

Here when a woman is pregnant, the Ultrasound people are not allowed to reveal the gender of the baby until after the period by which abortions are legal. There is a large asian/south asian community here in Vancouver and there is fear that women of such cultures who are pregnant with girls will opt to abort.

*edit* it isn't until it is no longer legal, but rather until the end of the 1st trimester, "Abortion in Canada is not limited by law. " from wikipedia. Which is to say that late term abortions are legal here.

Yay cellphones! :P

Inspired by this question:

1. What cellphone model do you have? (pics always a plus)
2. Pleased with it?
3. Which carrier?
4. Happy with the carrier you have? Why/why not?
5. Ever switched carriers?
6. What phone do you want to get right now?

ETA question 2, I'm a dumbass. *facepalm*

Collapse )

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1. What is/was your best subject in school?
2. What was your favourite subject?
3. School-wise, what is something that you're good at, but don't really care about?
4. What is something you're not so good at, but wish you were?
5. What is something that you just can't understand, no matter how hard you try?

Looking for...

I'm trying to find an LJ client like semagic for Mac OS X (10.2.8 to be exact.) Any suggestions?

Additionally, I would like to find something that download my history to my computer, like LJBook? Do any of you have any suggestions there?

Finally, if you've known me online for a while, what do you think would be important to tell someone just meeting me now?
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rent and ice cream

On average (guess if you need to or run a search on how much do 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartments run in your city? (I am just bored and wondering how much it costs to live in different places)

between $800-$1000/month for a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom that is usually about 600 square feet. Absolutely ridiculous.
ETA: This is for north Orange County, CA (like in Anaheim and Fullerton). If you want something where your car won't get broken into a few times a month, it's a lot more.

What is your favorite flavor of Drumstick? (as in the ice cream cone)

Cookies and Cream

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A friend recently told me that, when snorting cocaine, the 'correct' nostril to use is the left one, because it leads directly to the brain, while the right nostril leads to the stomach. When I asked when he heard that, he named notorious coke users in our school.

Is this true?

song search

Alrighty, I need a new solo song. I want something along the lines of Perfect- Alanis Morrissette. Kinda a fuck you or sarcastic feel. Any suggestions?

Why do people get upset when bands they like get signed or big? I get excited. I'm proud of my bands! (Blue October and The Bravery)



1. What is your favorite flavor of tea?

2. Herbal or with caffiene?

3. Hot or iced?

4. Do you add anything to your cup of tea, such as lemon, sweetners, cream or milk?

5. Do you have cookies or other nibbles with your tea?

Right now I am on an Earl Grey kick, with raw sugar and half & half in it.
I just like telling my husband, when he asks what I am drinking, "Earl Grey....HOT."

I also like eating gingersnaps with my tea.

ETA: I just saw there was a tea related question a couple of posts back.....sorry!!
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If you were deciding between two majors you are equally interested in, would you pick:

A: would earn you more money and has a considerable amount more job opportunities in your area

B: you already have entry-level job experience in this area and but it's more exciting and fun than Major A
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You are looking around in Target and a woman comes up to you in a panic and asks if you've seen a black handbag. She tells you she just realized it was gone when she got to the fitting room. You help her look for it and she asks other people if they've seen it. You find it, go look for her to tell her you've found it, she comes over and it is indeed her bag. This probably took 5 minutes total. She thanks you a million times, hugs you, and tries to give you $5. Do you take it?

I wouldn't have helped her look to begin with

This happened to me in Target today, and I told her I couldn't take the money. Then she offered to buy me something. There was no way I would have taken anything from her just for being nice. I know what it's like to lose handbags with everything in them and it's awful. I don't think many people would take the money.
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Euphamisms, music, and a couple of randoms.

What terms do you use to refer to:

1. Being drunk?
2. Having sex?
3. Being sad?
4. Shitting?
5. Peeing?

6. What's the greatest number of CDs you've bought in one day?
7. How could I have better worded that last question?
8. How many CDs comprise your (legitimate) music collection? You can round/guess if necessary.
9. Would you buy an album you really liked, but had already downloaded in its entirety?
10. How many albums have you bought that had been released more than five years earlier?
11. How old was the eldest of them (measured from the time of purchase), and what was it?

12. What's the most random computer lock-up you've ever had? What were you doing at the time?

13. Who here's a paid user?

EDIT: Numbering fixed...

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You're a witch. Like, the Hocus Pocus variety of witchery. Where's your witchy lair?

In Salem
In the swamp
In a loft in San Francisco
In a mountainous cave
In the basement in my parents' house
In the projects
In an occult store
In a winnebago
In a pocket dimension
I'm a homeless witch

What's your witchy familiar? You know, like the animal that hangs around you

Small yap-yap dog
Submissive in a gimp suit
20' giant squid that cannot leave it's 30' tank
St. Bernard
Big blue ox
Vampire bat
Helper monkey

Primary mode of witchy transportation?

Hybrid car
Bus pass
Flying carpet
I walk
Shopping cart
Roller blades

Finally, what kind of witch would you be? Or, which witch?

Good. I'd use my powers only for good
E-vil. I'd use my powers to stir up mischief
One of them good through evil means. Or, I'd do heinous things to evil people who deserved it
I'd keep the balance. True neutrality
Self-serving. My powers would only be used to further my own goals
Educational. I'd use my knowledge and powers to help others understand their own role in life and progress with my help
Probably a lazy one. I'd use my powers to just get food from the fridge so I wouldn't have to leave the couch
Whatever Fairuza Balk was in The Craft
Nature magic. I'd get my power through nature, and use my powers to help nature
Tantric magic. My powers come through sex
Born-again. I have these powers, but they're sinful. I choose not to use them
Dragonball. It's used only in combat, and then, my magic only surfaces in fireballs and kickass fiery punches
Pervert. I'd use my powers ot make the clothes vanish off attractive people, and I'd spy on my neighbors when they're getting it on

fishies, birdies and sentimentality

I don't have fish but I feel bad about keeping a goldfish in a quart size or even a gallon sized aquarium. I think it's too limiting. I may not even like keeping fish in aquariums altogether. And I feel bad about having only one. I think it will get lonely.

I don't have a bird either but I hate the idea of keeping a canary or any bird in a cage, even more so clipping it's wings. I feel bad about denying them what they were born to do, fly and be free. And I wouldn't have just one bird, it would get lonely like the goldfish.

Am I being realistic or overly sentimental?

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What was the last pretty good deal you recieved?

How did you last pamper yourself?

What have you eaten today?

Bought a venus razor set + pedicure set + nail polish for 3 bucks.  Yesh.
Used above mentioned peduciture set and nail polish.  Toes feel niiiiiiice.
Homemade french toast from fresh bread + strawberries, a banana pineapple smoothie + the guts of a piece of peach pie.  Rawk.

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1. I'm indecisive. Should I cap this rainy Sunday afternoon off with black, green, or red tea?

2. Other than chai, which teas are good with added milk and sugar?

3. I'm trying to think of all the episodes from The Office that have Dwight doing his "question" thing. So far, I can only come up with The Fire, but I know he says it in a few other episodes. If you watch the show, can you think of any?

4. Do you find this video of David Hasselhoff drunk hilarious or extremely sad? (if this has already been asked, sorry. I searched through the past four or five pages and didn't find it).

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say you're about 21ish and you go to college out of state and won't be going home for an extended period of time for a very long time, maybe never again. also, you never got your driver's license but you do have a learner's permit. you can't take lessons out of state. you also have no interest in becoming a resident of the state you go to school in, mostly because it would screw up your college finances. you really need to get a freaking license already because this has gone on long enough.

what would you do?

edit: clearly i don't know anything about being an adult which is why i probably shouldn't be getting a license in the first place so please help me sort this out

edit 2: i think i have determined that i can't get my license. i could if i moved to delaware officially but then all of my bills would be sent directly to me, and not to my home. my mom died in november and until i can get myself onto my feet my dad is paying for my living expenses and if i established myself as a resident of delaware that would be next to impossible. oh well. thanks anyway.
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Can anyone tell me what this means?:

"You gave your word, and I trust that. About as much as I do a blind rattlesnake
with a brand new button on his tail."

Obviously it's sarcasm, but I can't get the reasoning behind it...

Forced To Stay Married?

If a judge says no to someone who is filing for divorce from their spouse, will he/she be forced to stay married to that person forever, or will they be able to have a retrial? If so, will a different judge preside?

My fiance is trying to get divorced from his ex, who he hasn't seen since summer of 2005. He got a lawyer, sent her divorce papers (which never got sent back) and put an ad in the paper looking for her. There was no response to the ad.

He had a court date last week, and the judge said "Why didn't you file a missing person's report?" Then he said that he would have to "mull it over" before he came to a decision.

I'm scared that he will say no and my fiance will be forced to stay married to his bitch-ex. We want to get married ASAP because he has been going through this process for almost 2 years now...
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What is the last BIG purchase you or someone in your household made?

My sister just bought an 800 dollar piano. It's tré pretty.

My boyfriend's birthday is this Thursday, the tenth. He's turning nineteen. And I have NO idea what I'm going to do for him for his birthday. Any suggestions? Presents to get? Places to go?
We're in the Hudson Valley, New York.. if that helps at all.
TVD: damon eyes
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How much debt are you in with your credit cards, student payments, etc?

When do you think you'll be able to pay them all off?

I have $731.52 on my VISA card. My goal is the end of the summer.

Death Penalty Questions!

Hey guys, just wondered if anyone felt like answering questions about the death penalty.

1. What are your feelings on death as a punishment for murder?
2. Does the state have the authority to administer the death penalty? Why/why not?
3. What else would be an appropriate punishment for murder?
4. Who should hold the power to carry out punishments?
5. What effect does the possibility that an offender is innocent have on your opinion?
6. What are the dangers of granting this type of power to the state, in your opinion?
7. How does the state's power to execute offenders deter crime?
8. How would your opinion change if we were able to be 100% certain that offenders were guilty prior to executions?
9. In what ways do you feel the state could rehabilitate offenders rather than executing them?
10. How high of a priority should rehabilitation of death row offenders be over punishment or retribution?
11. How absolute do you feel that the state's authority should be in capital punishment cases?

I'm not gonna lie, I have to survey people for one of my finals. I figured it would be interesting to see what you all have to say.

(no subject)

What are the reasons I almost fainted this morning, doctor LJ? Please note, the answer 'Possessed by demon that required sacrifical orange juice' has already being taken.

Do you add voice-overs to silent characters in video games?

What is your favourite meme/macro?

(no subject)

does anyone have any creative ways to store recipes? i don't want to do the old recipe card box thing. and i can't find a palm pilot program that's worthy. short of just keeping a notebook of recipes, i can't think of anything.
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Would you pay for a cleaning service that a. helped you clear out clutter, b. cleaned your entire house from top to bottom using all natural products and c. gave it a spiritual cleansing as well?

Which of those aspects would be most appealing to you?

How much would you be willing to pay?


1) Do you have a career?

2a) If yes, how did you figure out what you wanted to do as a career?
2b) If no, do you wish you did have a career?

3) What other advice would you give to a 20-something that doesn't know what they want to do with their life?
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lead me

a math question and hair color

1a. I have two sets of numbers. I have the total of each group and the total of both groups together. I also have the averages of each group. To accurately find the average of both groups, should I add together the totals of each one and divide by the total number of items, or can I add the averages together and divide by two? Which would be better?

1b. Do you remember what mean, median, and mode mean off the top of your head? I sure don't. I'm about to go look it up.

2. Does gray/silver hair color exist? My mom's hair is naturally gray but she's dyed it blonde for years. She wants to go back to gray now but she can't let it grow out b/c of work. Brand names/places to look for something like that?


1. Do you have any tattoos?
1a. What are they and where are they? (Bonus for pictures!)
1b. Is there any special significance or meaning behind them? (In other words, why did you choose to get it/them?)
1c. Do you ever regret it?

2. Do you think it would be a mistake for a person to get her first tattoo on her foot?
2a. If you have a tattoo on your foot, how much did it hurt on a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being not at all, 10 being the worst pain ever)?
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Do you believe most of us have a little bit of Iago(from Othello)/or evilness in us? To what extent if yes?

How often do you believe in yourself?

What is one way I can use to improve my command of the English language?

Do you think skinny jeans look nice?

(no subject)

1. Are there any other multi-regional dvd viewing platforms besides VLC? I downloaded it for Mac, and my Mac doesn't like it apparently... All google searches have resulted in failure.

I really want to have an Erin Night and watch all of The Thornbirds! Help me TQC!

2. I've been with my boyfriend 7 months and still no sex, he says he has had bad experiences and describes it as "falling off a horse and trying to get back on". What the hell do I do? Try initiating more sexual things slowly (we kiss and heavy pet a lot)? Break up with him and say the relationship is going nowhere (though I'm incredibly fond of him despite my behind-closed-doors neurotic-ness)? Or just buy an iGasm and call it a day?

3. Is it normal for me to feel slightly scarred from sitting front row center at Equus yesterday?

4. Do you laugh each time you see the words "nom nom nom"? That never fails to release a hefty laugh from my belly...
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Someone please answer me...

my s/o accused me of cheating yesturday saying he had all this concrete proof.. i had moved in with him, and that morning right before the accusing and whatnot my dad come to my job and actually took away my house key.
so i talked to my s/o for about 3 min. and he told me to get my shit straight with my dad cuz i wasnt staying with him. and to call him after i got things right with my dad so that we could try to fix us. i eventually went home after wandering around downtown houston for 3 hours.
i pretty much fixed shit with my dad. but i decided i didnt want to fight with him especially when i have finals tommorow and tuesday. and i am fucked since i have all my books and notes at his house.
i turned my cell on 2 times today and he has decided to bomb me with txt msgs and phone calls and voicemails.
why the hell is he bothering me like this after he broke up with me?
why the hell did he call my brother to check up on me?
my freaking brother!! geeez

sorry. I didnt realize my post was.. all over the place. I'm just really upset right now.
Long story short. I was living with my bf. And in the same day my dad told me I wasnt allowed to go to his house anymore, and then my bf accused me of cheating and told me I wasnt allowed at his house anymore. I finally fixed things with my dad so I have a place to live. But I left all my stuff for my finals and school and my notes at my bfs place. So I'm freaking out about that.
I' just depressed that I'm losing him.. and trying to come to terms with this ending cause I think we're better off not with each other.
I just dont understand why he feels the need to 'talk' about this. When he tells me its over and he never wants to see me again why does he feel the need to keep calling me and trying to talk to me? Thats what kept getting to me. I guess maybe he expects me to beg and cry after him like I always would. =/

Srce nije lako

Rough translation-- Things with the heart aren't easy. That's the them of the questions today, my dear TQC readers.

1) Have you ever been afraid to tell a friend what you think about them?
oh yeah

2) Have you ever loved somebody so much that it hurts?
Not until right now

3) Do you always hold back in all your social relationships, be it friendship, romantic or whatever?
Almost always. There are only two people who are my best friends with whom I can just let everything go.

4) Are you a chance taker or a cautious type?
Sometime I'm such a cautious type that I am a bit of a chicken shit. *sigh*
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(no subject)

I'm a forestry student and currently taking a course on world forestry. So..

1. Where do you live?

2.1 What are the forests like there or nearby? Which tree species grow there?
2.2 Are there lots of economic use or are they mostly nature parks?
2.3 How often do you have forest fires?
2.4 Anything else that would be useful to know? I'd be really grateful.

3. Any pictures? They'd be really, really cool to see.

These would be quite helpful to me, to look at actual people's answers in addition to trying to memorize scientific names and vegetation zones :)
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question time

1. I was driving in the complete dark on a road with no steetlights this evening, and I almost crashed into a biker. He was driving about 2 feet from the curb with absolutely no lights on his bike on a road where the speed limit is 40 mph. I am an incredibly careful driver, but there is just no way I could have seen this man. The road is curvy and I only had ANY chance of seeing him for about 3 seconds when I turned a corner. Let's say I had run into him and killed him...that wouldn't be manslaughter, would it?!?!? Could HE get in trouble for being an idiot if he lived?

2. How can I get a 5 on the AP Chem exam without knowing anything about Chemistry?

3. Which of these do you like better? (If you despise both, feel free to say neither)


The green or pink one...change the color swatches. Sorry, linking didn't work.
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I feel down in the dumps, and since nothing is grabbing my interest, I can't decide what to do with the evening. Obviously I must therefore ask TQC to decide for me.

1. Watch Angel. Borrowed the whole series on DVD, never seen it.
2. Watch Life on Mars. Crappy quality compared to watching Angel, as it's fuzzy free downloads, but I once watched BtVS when depressed to distract myself, and that was a bad damn idea.
3. Read. This involves getting lost in thought and falling asleep.
4. Porn.
5. Instigate revolution.
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1. What is the best product you have used for undereye circles?

2. What is the best drugstore brand eyeshadow you've used?

3. Where do you do most of clothes shopping, and why?

4. Whats something you love about your city that everyone else can't stand.

1. Don't know, thats why I ask you.

2. Ditto!

3. Filenes basement, because its cheap closeby, and a good friend of mine works there.

4. I'm from Boston, and our public transportation system kind of sucks. But I love it, cause even though it malfunctions half the time and the train drivers are incompetent, it all does make for a good story. And nothing makes you smile in the morning then not having to pay your train fare cause the machines are down.
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Potty Training

We're having problems completely potty training my boyfriends almost three year old daughter. When she's at her mom's house, she uses the potty, but when she comes here every other weekend she doesn't. She was using it, but in the last couple of months she's only used it once. We've tried using a sticker system (how her mom did it), but it hasn't worked. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

1. So, I have to have a thesis statement ready for my highschool composition class tomorrow and, silly me, I've waited until now to even think about what I'm going to write a 6-page essay on. The prompt is simply to pick a topic "about which I am knowledgable or which I like." (There's some other stuff involved as well, but those directions are the most pertinent.)
So here is my question, TQC: Should I...
A. Not do it
B. Write about the horrors of modern attitudes toward hair care (fits the requirements)
C. Find a different topic

2. How do you like your marshmallows?
Me? I like mine golden and toasted until they're huuuuge. Then I suck the goo out of the inside and eat the golden crust. ^__^
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we just got a new kitten.
i have never had a cat under 1 year old before.
she is so beautiful...but omg she farts.
silent and deadly.

is it normal for kittens to fart a lot?
or is my 3 month old special?

(no subject)

So googling is just giving me a bunch of size conversion charts. Stupid google.

I'm trying to work out what size Dickies will fit (buying a pair off ebay). So when it says 'sizes 26" to 60"' are they measuring from the hips or waist/stomach? I have no clue when it comes to sizes as I haven't bought pants without trying them on first before.

EDIT: Thanks to southernkitten, I have my answer to that question. The waist, it is.

Now, new question. Dickies are mens pants. I'm a very curvy women, big hips, smaller waist. Seeing as Dickies are made for men who are generally straight up & down, should I measure a little lower on my waist to take into account my hips, or would that make waist line too big?

UGH! I hate working out clothing sizing.

(no subject)

i'm trying to install java onto my computer and it says "the installer cannot proceed with the current Internet connection proxy settings. please check installation notes for more info." whats does that mean and how do i fix it?
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Superlatives (because its close to that graduation/yearbook time)

It's been awhile since I posted here....

So, what's your favorite superlative and who would you apply it to in this community? 
(Examples: Best smile, Funniest Comments, Most Likely to post 5+ questions at once...)

What about some superlatives that would be great (and funny) for work? 
(Nothing mean, we are just trying to recognize people for all they do!)
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(no subject)

1.) If you were a dinosaur, or had a dinosaur pet, which dinosaur would it be?

2.) If you could hybrid any two species of animals, which two animals would they be, and what will you name the new species?

3.) What's the deal with people who are super tired but dont want to sleep, even though there is nothing stopping them?
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(no subject)

Have you ever written a letter/email to a former teacher or professor telling them how much they influenced, inspired, or generally helped you out? If so, did you get a response? Was your letter appreciated?

(no subject)

yeah, i know, a day late and a dollar short, but i've just become addicted to's been cancelled - but still...

any show out there that you've just gotten addicted to that's been cancelled or ended on it's own?
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