May 5th, 2007

big alligator?

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My family is visiting tomorrow and my room is a mess. What should I do?

clean it now.
clean it in the morning.
5 minutes before they arrive shove the majority of the mess under my bed.
lock my door so they won't see it.

: For what it's worth in November I dropped a snow globe on my floor. It was the middle of the night and I was tired so I threw a blanket on top of it so my cats wouldn't step on. I still haven't cleaned it up and I'm really dreading it.

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There's a movie I can only remember short flashbacks from...I saw it when I was like 4. I think it was one of those sappy Lifetime movies. I can only remember one scene vividly. These teenagers were chasing this girl with pretty, long brown hair and she was running to the edge of the woods. Eventually they caught her and they shoved her mouth and nose under a creek until she drowned. Anyone know the name?
mona marx

outta the blue

um... i think i may have a third nipple that i never noticed before! (combination it being located in the "underboob" and whilst not pregnant i have invisi-nips, so now that i'm knocked up it has changed colour to be very noticeable)

does anyone know how i would determine if this is in fact a triple nipple? or just a skin tag like i thought it to be originally? (if you really need photographic proof there is one in the first entry on my personal journal)

anyone here have trip-nip?
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Rigor Mortis

Ok, I already googled/wikipedia'd this and all I could find was how Rigor Mortis happens (ie, the chemicals released by the body and stuff), but I'd like to know WHY it happens.

So, why does Rigor Mortis set in soon after a person/animal dies? Is there any reason why a body should become stiff?
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Cat Declaw

My kitty is due to go in on Monday for a front declaw and to get neutered. I'm all for the neutering, but I'm rethinking this declaw deal, especially both at the same time. =(
My boyfriend wants it done. I did want it done, but I just read up on it and it made me wanna cry. =(

Does anyone here have proof that declawing is bad so I can pass it on to my boyfriend? (Personal experience) He thinks it is one of those things where they "forget".
My sister had her cat declawed (front and back, poor thing) and I guess the cat is a total different person (cat?).

Any Body Shop lovers?

Anybody use The Body Shop products? Opinions?

body shop 001 body shop 002

I just bought the Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner and Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment... and am anticipating any results. I used to be a dedicated Proactiv user, but needed a break from it to let my skin breathe a little. I'm currently using Cetaphil facial wash, which I am loving... but was in need of a toner and something to fight the occassional blemish. Recommendations?

Cool. :)
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1. What do you associate with Portland, Oregon?

2. Do you get what my username means and is from?

3. Have you read the Lord of the Rings?
3b. Which book of the trilogy was your favorite?

4. How do I overcome my chocolate addiction?

5. Two of my friends are making my best friend feel guilty because he doesn't want to join their anarchist plan to leave society and "the system" and live in the woods. What can I do about the situation? (Besides kill them.)

Bonus: Shouldn't there be more Australians on TQC to hang out with those of us in the Western Hemisphere who are insomniacs? Wouldn't that rock? Should we have a recruitment program?

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What's the best way to treat fire ant bites/stings?

I have about 50 on my legs that I got two days ago and they're driving me up the wall. Google is telling me all sorts of stuff but I don't want to try it all and fry the fuck out of my skin.

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my martial arts teacher (who also is an acupuncturist, i'm not sure if that matters) was telling me about a supplement i should take because my "chi has a blood deficiency" or something, and i want to get more information about it about it in plain language. can anyone tell me what kind of a community you would even approach with this sort of a question?? i'm not the brightest bulb in the box, obviously.

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Do you enjoy Roller Coasters?

I went to six flags yesterday and didn't go on any. The fact that I could see the support structures and it moving and everything freaked me out.
And as cliche as it sounds, my dad wasn't with me, so it made it worse.
EDIT: I know that the structures are supposed to move; we were actually there on a physics field trip. But still, the fact that I can see them move and everything, freaked me out.


Do you know anything about asbestos in Bakelite products and whether it's dangerous to own them?

I am thinking of acquiring an old telephone, but stumbled across some information on Google about asbestos fillers in Bakelite. Sadly, there wasn't much information out there as to whether they were hazardous to health.

What to eat?

I need to order something and pick it up by 9pm eastern seaboard time. The options are..
-Hooters, hot chicken strips with blue cheese
-Cafe style Buffalo chicken sandwich

What would you get?

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Well I'm procrastinating homework so I decided to post this - serious answers are wanted but non-serious answers are always appreciated.

I'm graduating from college with a BS in Computer Science. In the fall, I will be going going to a Master's program in CS. I previously had plans for the summer but those fell through and now I have 3 months to do absolutely nothing.

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So, what should I do over the summer?

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Okay, I'm going to my first bridal shower in a couple weeks and I therefore have no idea what is expected of me!!! Do I bring a present? If yes, do I just do the registry thing from her wedding invitation? Like go to Bay Homeoutfitters and buy her a blender or something?

Sorry, I know people hate these questions, but I honestly just have no idea!!
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License plate

So I was recently in a minor car accident. A car stopped suddenly at a stop light, and while I was able to get stopped in time, the car behind me wasn't. Luckily her insurance will pay for my repairs, which are extremely minor, especially compared to her's.

My license plate got pretty bent up in the accident and I was planning to flatten it with a sledgehammer, but the next day the personalized plate I ordered 4 months ago arrived in the mail.

But the noticed that one of the bolts that holds the plate on is missing on my car. What are those called and where can I get another one?

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1. Have you ever cut yourself while shaving, but the body part you cut was NOT the part you were shaving?
2. Have you ever ripped a toenail or fingernail off?
2a. If so, what was it like growing back?

I cut part of nail off my left pinky finger last night while I shaving my legs. I don't know how, it doesn't matter. The point is, it's gnarly and painful, and I want to know how much it's going to suck waiting for it to grow back.
I don't have a camera, so I drew a picture of it:
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cubs hat

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1. I'm teaching summer school this summer, but it only runs from 7am until 1pm. I feel like I should do something else with my summer. What's a nice, easy part-time job?

2. Have you ever spent a LOT of money and gotten sick because of it? My husband and I just bought a new TV and TV stand, and I don't even want to think about how much we just spent.

3. Besides IKEA, where is a place I can get a DVD tower? Or do you have other ideas for what we can do with all of our DVDs?


So the Derby's today...who does everyone like? I've got my money on Curlin or Scat Daddy, but I like Hard Spun and something tells me Circular Quay is going to be up there as well. And I like Street Sense just because I want him to break the jinx. Who're your picks?


So...I am supposed to be doing the final packing and cleaning on my apartment right now, but I am tired, sore, frustrated, exhausted...

So, TQC, what can I do to get motivated?  I HAVE to have this shit done, and I am doing it all by myself :(

When you move, do you pack everything in related boxes neatly, or do you just throw random shit together?

There is no way in hell all my stuff is going to fit into the tiny closet that I am moving into. Should I get just rid of the stuff, or pay for a storage space for a year or so?

I have serious arthritis in my hips and knee.  Tylenol just ain't cutting the pain, but I don't have anything stronger. What would you suggest I do?  Resting isn't an option.  I have already taken too many breaks today. I have half a giant bottle of rum left, but if I resort to that, I am afraid that I might accidentally pack my dog in a box or something...

Anyone want to come help me pack and clean?  You'd get to peek through my junk, which is always fun to poke through other peoples' stuff.

Also, I am going to pop my birds' heads off if they don't SHUT UP!!! Like I don't have enough frustration right now?  (that was a joke..I would never hurt my fids, but I am seriously considering earplugs today, as I don't have time to take them out and cuddle them)
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Ma fewchyr

I'm signed up for six classes, 19 credit hours, in the fall and I know I need to drop at least one (or two) in order to stay sane, but I don't know which one(s) to drop.

What would YOU do if you were me?

Here are my classes:

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I'm thinking I need to cut out either Fairy Tales or Literature and perhaps one of the languages, but I don't know which ones to pick!!! I really NEED to not overload myself next semester, but I almost equally want to take all of the classes for various reasons. I'll probably wait until the end of summer to decide. I just have no idea where to start.


Should I go on to Spanish 4 or stop and start French?

I never paid attention to Spanish 1-2, but since the first semester of Spanish 3 was basically review of Spanish 1-2, I understood it then. The year's almost over and I'm going to start community college. Should I continue Spanish or stop and take French? I have an A in the class (only because of the review), but I'm afraid of not being good enough since I pretty much never listened in Spanish 1 and 2. I don't want to take both. But if I do take French, I plan on going up to like French 5 since I will pay attention a lot in that class.

I'm really scared of college Spanish 4 and the listening sections and self conscious because I never paid attention in Spanish 1-2.
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kurt girl

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Background first:  My parents are getting divorced and my dad is NOT taking it well at all.  He's very depressed all the time, refuses to work on the house so it can actually get sold, isn't working anymore (you can't be an airline pilot if you are depressed, which is what he was).  I'm away at college, but when I am home I spend half of my time at my dad's house and half of my time with my mom.  My mom had previously been living with a neighbor that was rarely home, but due to recent complications, she has moved out.  I'm moving out of my dorm on Thursday and am planning on staying with my aunt for 3 weeks while I do my practicum in an elementary school near her house (about 30 minutes from where my dad lives).  My mom is living with a relative and I'm not sure that my staying with her is an option (my younger sister takes priority).  After my practicum I'm either going to continue staying with my aunt every other week or staying at my neighbor's (he has an apartment in his backyard, he's way rich).

Question:  How do I break it to my mentally unstable father that even though I will not be staying with my mom, I will only be staying with him for half of the summer?  I don't want to put my aunt out all summer, so how do I break it to him that I'll be staying at my neighbor's apartment instead?

I need a laugh so silly comments are welcome as well as serious ones!!!

HP love

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Does anyone know of any light iTunes replacements for Windows XP?
I use Rhythmbox on my laptop. Similar library interface, but without all the added junk. Ideal, in a word. Anything remotely like this available for Windows?

Things I don't want/need:
- The ability to encode music.
- Video support.
- Anything like the iTunes Store.
- iPod support.

Things I do need:
- A library.
- Playlist support.

Things I'd like:
- Ogg Vorbis support (I can Google if it's not included by default).
- DAAP support (extremely optional).

I tried Media Player with OGG support, but I'll be damned if its library isn't the most frustrating thing I've ever come across.
Whatever happened to menus, anyway? I thought we had those for a reason.

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1. Do you remember your dreams?
2. If so, are they detailed (eg. you see faces, know exactly where you are etc.)?
3. What's the last dream you remember?

1. I don't often remember my dreams.
2. When I do remember them, I never see faces. I just sense that a person is who they are.
3. Last night's dream was something about crack heads, being forcefully injected with a dirty crack needle and then being stabbed in the leg with a pair of scissors...I know why crack was in my dream but I don't know why it was all generally so violent.
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Social anxiety

Do any of you have that?

I have it pretty badly. I can go out if my friends practically drag me out. But I always feel at least a little bit nervous. I always dread going out with groups of friends, but once I'm there I usually have a pretty good time.

But boy the process of getting ready and going to the location just about kills me. =(


What is the big deal with being tan?
Is it really that much more attractive? Does everyone really need that "healthy glow" to be attractive?
Why do people act like you're a freak if you're not tan (and choose not to be)?

I ask because I'm getting married next year and that's, like, the first thing out of peoples' mouths - "Ooh... You're gonna need to work on your tan."
Is it so hard to understand that some people find their own pale skin attractive (even pale skin next to a white dress) and that, no, it doesn't mean that "[I] must be one of those goth people" either?

Can't we all just be the color we naturally are and just be considered beautiful???? *wipes huge, meaningful tear away*

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1) What are you doing this weekend?
2) Have you seen all 3 Saw movies?
3) Which Saw trap (out of any of the movies) is your favourite?
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emergency condiment question

hey TQC,

as i was eating my veggie corn dog today i realized;

holy shit
i'm a double dipper.

first. in the ketchup. THEN into the mustard. then to the mouth. yum! ^_^

SO, TQC, is there anything you double-dip? what condiments do you use?
(yes, i am assured someone will interpret the question sexually. it is bound to happen.. teehee)
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cole, baby

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What is the weirdest  "old wives tale" about inducing labor you have heard? (such as drinking castrol oil)

Do you play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? Have you finished the game? how far are you? any tips? (I can't win the first lowrider race...I keep crashing)

oh and a bird just flew in my house!! wow crazy

Cadbury Creme Egg

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Edit: And something I forgot!

When it comes to TMI (too much information), what's too far for you? Do you get squeamish at the slightest mention of bodily functions and sex or will you listen raptly as someone describes their diahorrea and*/or their most recent orgy? (I'm definitely all for the TMI. Pretty much nothing is off-limits for me).

*Hopefully not 'and'.

MISC - moustache

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A couple of weird questions, but oh well.

My dad and I are building a toy barn for my niece, and we've run into a few snags. The first one is a problem with the roof. We want one side of it to open, but we can't find a good hinge. We've got a piano hinge, but the screwholes are in a straight line, and the screws would go completely through the boards and wouldn't hold. We need find a piano hinge with holes alternating like this (ignore my poor MSPaint skills):

We've tried Menards, the local hardware store and the local lumberyard, none of them had anything like that. We're gonna try Home Depot next, anywhere else we should try?

Second, we've got a few doors that need some sort of latch. We're thinking some barrel latches, but they'd have to be pretty small (2" or less). Are they made that small?

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Does anyone know of any good semi screamo bands?  Kind of like Chiodos, they are a good mixture of not too much screamo, I dont know.   Alexisonfire, Underoath and He Is Legend, those are some bands that are good but I want new ones I dont know

Who here knows/has synesthesia?

Is Venom better/cooler than Spiderman?

Where can you buy good night vision goggles cheaply?

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1.) What cell phone carrier do you use and which do you think is the best? ((My friend wants to get one. I'm all for Verizon, he's thinking T-Mobile.))

2.) How many of you still play Oregon Trail?

3.) How's everyone feeling about finals, if you're in college?
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Graduation from college is upon me and I'm searching for jobs.

What sites do you recommend I submit my resume to?
Does anyone here work in the radio industry? How did you find your job(s)?
When you submit your resume on job sites, do you use their resume builders or submit your own resume?
What's the strangest way you've gotten a job?

(no subject)

Are any of you cosmetologists or have a career in a field similar to that?
I am doing a chemistry career presentation project, and I am searching for an individual who would be willing to answer a few rather simple question for me. I would be ever-so gracious.

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so, I am moving in about 2 weeks, and I am looking for ideas to decorate my bedroom walls- white walls with green blankets. Any ideas? Shelves, candles, etc.
I have 2 overweight cat- and was wondering if anyone knew of a site that sells interactive toy, where you can put cat food in it and it forces the cat to swat it around (aka being active) to get their dinner out. The ones that I've found, the holes are too big.

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1. At work today, a man in my lineup (who had come in earlier in the day) was yakking away at me. He paid for his booze, but before he left, he asked me, "If you had to buy windchimes right now, where would you buy them?" Without hesitating, I said Home Depot. He laughed at me. And then I said, "I could also buy them at Canadian Tire and Superstore." He seemed crestfallen.

a) Aside from trying to find a place to buy them, why do you think he asked me about windchimes?

b) The next customer in line was baffled that I even knew where to buy them and gave an answer without missing a beat. If someone asked you where one could buy windchimes, what would you have said?

2. Because I am having a pity party for myself, I ordered Chinese (the fast food kind) for dinner. For $8.46, I got: Sweet and Sour Pork, Chow Mein, Deep Fried Prawns, Chicken Balls (hee), and spring rolls. It's a lot of freaking food. Given, it's not the best out there, but still... lots of food for eight bucks! How does this Chinese place stay in business? Is the overhead really that low?

3. Have you ever been to the infamous Mr. Chow?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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So computer question. My latop has been shutting down a lot lately. I noticed that it had to do with the cord-- the battery itself only lasts for a minute at best (this laptop/battery is only two years old), and the cord was being really sensitive-- if it wasn't in the right spot, the icon on the start menu tray would show the battery symbol instead of the cord symbol for a few seconds and then the computer would shut down. Eventually the cord didn't work in any position. So we bought a new one, and now this cord is sensitive too. It shut down three times just now, while I was trying to load the internet.

Any ideas as to what could be up? I smelled the hole and unless I'm crazy I swear it smells a little like something is burning. The reason I'm on now is because I need to study for finals, and all my lectures are online.

CD audio quality

1. What is super bit mapping, exactly? It says it on the back of one of my audio CDs and I think hat it refers to the sound quality/mastering but I'd like to know more.

2. Are certain major record labels known for having better sound quality in their CD releases? The CDs of artists on Sony seem to sound better than others.

3. Who is responsible for good/bad quality in sound recording? Is it equipment? The sound engineer? The way it was mastered? Because it seems like some professional artists who are paid millions put out some stuff that's really poor quality (not referring to the music, just the playback quality)

Thanks in advance
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

road trip

My dad wants to take me on a road trip...and told me to pick a place. But I don't really know where I want to go. I don't enjoy sightseeing but I like clean beaches and places where there are loads of things to do...can you guys name me some places?
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i have really sensitive teeth. when i tried crest whitening strips my teeth started killing me after something like 15 minutes. is there anything i can do to either de-sensitize my teeth or is there another whitening thing (i've only tried whitestrips) that will maybe not kill my teeth?

on a related note, i thought this ( looked good, but it says that whatever they use has 15% peroxide, which they claim to be low. I can't find the facts on whitestrips to compare them to, but that seems like a lot to me. is it?

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it's almost 9pm.  You're bored, tired, cranky, lonely, and feeling sad.  You're not hungry.  There's no TV and no unread books.  Your S/O and friends are MIA.  There's nothing to clean, and you can't sleep.  You're in your parents house.

How would you entertain yourself?

EDIT PS:  Why doesn't the band at the 'cycle pub down the street realise who much they suck fatty old man balls????? X0
Futurama--Bender in disbelief

unfriendly neighbors

Okay, one of my friends called me upset and pissed off, and I'm curious to know what you think...

She lives in a small town, in a small apartment building. (four, I think.) Her downstairs neighbor and her are friends, then the friend ran into a ton of trouble--husband left her (course they were married eleven months after knowing each other for three, so yanno...) and she's basically just a drama magnet and pulling my friend in.

One of the things she does is constantly dump her kids off on other people. She came up tonight to see if my friend could watch her kids (five and one) while she went out. As my friend had a date, she pointedly told her she had someone coming over, and this chick was just like, "oh, I can just bring up the baby monitor!" Heidi (my friend) told her no, but then her neighbor went ahead and did it anyway. Then, she let her date know, and he cancelled. So she's sitting there, pissed off, dateless after having a crummy week and her own son is being a bit of a snot today, and here she's got this baby monitor for these kids downstairs.

My question is...if someone called the cops because these kids were at home alone, would my friend be liable? She didn't willingly take the monitor, it was dumped and then the neighbor left.

'Cause I'm reeeeeeeeeeal tempted to call the county sheriff. Reeeeeeeeeeeal tempted.

ETA: the kids are sleeping and Heidi said she was going to go down every half hour or so to check on them, but STILL. That's crazy.
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MISC - moustache

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Almost everyone has one or two things that just creep them the fuck out when they see them. For me it's the giant roundish white watertowers, and airplanes. Big things in general just make me really uncomfortable and heebie-jeebied out. My friend Paul just showed me this picture and I almost had a heart attack, they freak me out THAT much. :(

How about you?

Lemons to Lemonade.

1. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it." Aristotle

Smart guy, yeah?

2. How are you with crying at movies?
3. Does it make a difference if you are by yourself?
4. Does it make a difference if you are at a theatre/ at home/ at a friend's house?
5. If you find it difficult to cry at a movie in public, why is this?

(no subject)

A small black spider came out from under my keyboard and crawled to the edge of my desk. I immediately flung my rather large wooden chair backwards and ran to my bedroom yelling, "oh my god oh my god oh my god!" I then grabbed the nearest shoe, ran back, and proceeded to beat the spider with it. Once I saw that it was stuck to my shoe, I ran to the bathroom toilet, wiped it off with some toilet paper, and flushed it.

Was that a bit of an overreaction or would you have done the same thing?

(no subject)


How do I make new friends in a city where I don't know anyone? I'm 19, and I'm interning this summer in St. Louis, which is an 8 hour drive from home.. If any of that is useful.

What are you best at cooking?

I can cook hotdogs. In the microwave. That's it. It doesn't even count. :(
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

My old LJ name that I deleted has been purged. I had had it for a few years and I wish I had saved the stuff in it, it had the whole story of how I met my husband, my first experiences with my dogs, a lot of important sentimental stuff. I know that is all gone and won't be there anymore, but anyway, it's available. I have a rename token that an anonymous person sent me awhile ago, and I'm trying to decide if I switch back to that name.

What would you do, TQC?
pyramid eyebrows

Not so hypothetical question...

You go to the grocery store, grab a shopping cart, and load it up with crap.  You check out and head back to your car, where you realize that you didn't end up paying for one of the items because you forgot to take it out of your cart.  It's a small item less than $4.  Do you take it back, explain the situation, and pay for it?  Or do you take it home without paying for it?  Or something else...?

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broken records

Do you think TQC needs a FAQ section?

What questions do you think should be included?

"What drugs have you done" (and the questions that follow)
"What music is good while you're driving"
"What do you look like" (even though those are fun)

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(no subject)

has anyone ever read the book platypus by ann moyal?
if so... would you be willing to please give me a detailed summary of it.. and are there any actually interesting sections of it that i might actually want to read? 

(no subject)

How are your journal entries normally formatted?

Mine are totally random and pointless. Every paragraph is about 3 or 4 sentences, since I just jump from subject to subject. They aren't very detailed, and don't really document my day to day life. Just random thoughts I feel like expressing.

Does it piss anyone else off when someone leaves their profile blank?
I can't staaaaand it when I want to learn more about someone, click on their profile, and it's totally blank. Even worse - when it's just a picture of them or a random song lyric. It also drives me nuts when someone doesn't have their age up.
pink trees

(no subject)

1. Do you like tea?
2. If so, what kind and with what?
3. How bout coffee?
4. What(besides coffee and tea) is there to drink that is fairly good for you but also has some flavor(Im sick of just water.)
Mitty box

(no subject)

I believe I am of average intelligence. I am horrible at math and anything math related, and I suck at comprehending politics. I accept this as part of my limitations. My husband says that in saying that, I am limiting myself. He says I am using it as an excuse to not try and learn more, but that's not true because I have tried to learn and understand but it just doesn't click.

So what do you think? Am I being realistic or needlessly limiting myself?
Does any of these even make sense? (I also suck at writing things that are comprehensible.)


When I go back to school in 10 years, should I be an archaeologist or a marine biologist specializing in giant and colossal squid? They both equally fascinate me!
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Self Tanner / Rash

So in an attempt to stay cancer-free yet not be incredibly pale, I picked up some self-tanner today and tried it out.

It's now 7 hours later and my thighs are very itchy and I've got splotches of red bumpy bits. Looks like poison oak, but I haven't been exposed to poison oak...

1. Can self tanner cause that?

2. If so, do you think it'll spread to every place I put the tanner?

3. What do I do?!

Edit: While I'm here, I'll throw in the reason I tried the tanner in the first place... I want to try wearing shorts this summer, but I have quite a lot of scars on my legs I'm self-conscious of, and I was told having a tan would make them less noticable. So...

4. Is there another way to make the scars less noticable?
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I just came back from seeing Spiderman 3, and I loved it (although I'm not sure I loved the plot so much as Tobey Maguire looking emo. I do love men in eyeliner and emo hair).

So naturally this brings me to a question:

Which one do you think is hotter?

Normal Peter Parker

or Emo Peter Parker?