May 4th, 2007

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1) Why is 3/4 of TQC sick?

I hope you guys get better asap :)

2) Why does my catfish act like hes on speed all the time?¤t=fish035.flv

Video of him. I say hell.

3) If my brother goes through with moving to West Chester, PA, should I try to find bams house?

4) marb reds, yay or nay?

5) what perfume do you like on girls?

6) What cologone do you like on guys?

yeah. Im bored :)
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Do you think Atreyu is emo?

Me and my friend get into the same argument about it anytime we talk. It's quite funny but he takes it seriously.

ETA: I'm the one always saying they aren't emo. I thought I'd make a post asking about it and send this link on over to him if I was right.
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I realize that this is a really dumb question.

I use a Mac. When I plug a USB drive into it, it pops up on the screen. I am struggling with a PC with XP installed. When I put the drive in, it tells me new hardware is detected, gives me an option to remove it safely, and...I can't figure out how to access my files on it. It doesn't come up on the list of drives under My Computer (which seemed to me the logical place for it). Also, the first time I plugged it into a PC (a different one), it popped up with a folder showing my files. It's not doing that now. So how do I open a flash drive on a PC?

Update from work: Aha! It was a network issue (the network shows up as drive G, USB drive was also showing up as drive G).
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A week or two ago I made some record bowls. I'm sure some of you remember my post. Anyway I was going to give one to my grandpa but I'm not sure if he'd like it or be like "WTFuck does she expect me to do with a melted Tom Petty record?!"

So do you think he would like it or just think it was stupid?
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The last time you called out of work, what was the reason?

I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping (Yes, I've turned off the computer and actually tried to go to sleep, and no good) and I'm really stressing about work tomorrow. I don't know what to do. If you were severely sleep deprived, to the point where you'd be pretty much useless at work anyway, would you call in? What would you say?
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Which one...

Which situation would you prefer?

A. You live in an environment where, provided you apply yourself properly, you will be able to realize your career goal - be it writer, scientist, athlete, politician, or something else - with all the funding you may need to do so provided to you freely. You will also be guaranteed food and shelter. However, despite any achievements, you will spend most of your life living in a small apartment, you won't get much variety in food (and on occasion, the food will be downright horrible), your freedoms of movement and speech will be curtailed and most of your non-work/school time will be spoken for by mandatory activities you must partake in.


B. You live in an environment where your living standards could vary greatly, and you would have to fund your career goals yourself (either you personally, your family or loans/grants), but you have the opportunity to have an increased amount of wealth (and the resulting improved food/shelter), freedom of movement, freedom of speech and leisure time (pick whichever of those would be important to you), all of which you can decide on yourself. You have no mandatory activities to partake in, your time is your own.

Which shall it be?
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Random questinos, the first one I would like answered.

Does anyone know of any good semi screamo bands?  Kind of like Chiodos, they are a good mixture of not too much screamo, I dont know.

Who here knows/has synesthesia?

Is Venom better/cooler than Spiderman?

Where can you buy good night vision goggles cheaply?

Is the term "It's not over till the fat lady sings" referring to something involving an Opera
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Dear Doctor TQC:

I sat down wrong yesterday (don't ask!) and bruised my tailbone. May have cracked it, I dunno. (Seeing as you really can't do anything about it, I'm not going to waste time and money on verifying whether or not I did.)

What OTC meds would you recommend?

And how do I sit down without wibbling?
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I am sick. I have neck ache, sinus and painful joints. So I didn't go to school today. Should I
a. Go out and watch spiderman myself?
b. Finish up the work that was supposed to be due today but I was too sick last night to do it
c. Rest


Do you like Edgar Allan Poe? How are you supposed to write about his stories? I can't seem to go into his stories because everything seems to bizzare, hard to understand..?


Tell me something random?

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Do you know of any websites that I can watch chinese movies? (something like but it shows chinese movies :D) It would be great if you could show me some other kick ass websites that are movie related :D
Me--State Fair

gettin' paid.

I was let go from a server job last week (it wasn't "working out") and today would have been payday.

Is it unreasonable of me to call and expect to go pick up my check, or should I assume they will mail it to me?

I left kinda mad, but only because my manager had the gall to say that none of the owners, managers, or trainers had any confidence in my serving ability. (wow, thanks for kicking me when I'm down...) So I don't know if that would make a difference or not. I'm not mad anymore--I found a better job closer to home so I'm actually really glad they let me go now.

ETA: I called, and I can pick it up later, and I talked to my GM and no hard feelings.
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How does someone become a person who catches pedophiles on the internet and invites them to meet up?

When was the last time you really stuck your foot in your mouth (not literally)? What happened?

Let's say that you are a parent of a girl. The girl is 21. An anonymous person sends you a link via email or a movie via the mail of a porn movie she has made. You know it is her, there is a distinguishing feature on her (let's say a tattoo) that confirms it. How would you feel? What would you do?

What if it were your son who is appearing in the video? What if it was a gay porn (for either your son or your daughter)?
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1) Do your eyelashes ever itch?
2) Can I have sinus problems (like a headache and post nasal drip) and my nose not be stuffy or runny at all??
3) Are you scared of the dentist? Have you ever done the pill sedation? How was it?
4) Will you tell me a secret?

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What would be a good movie to show to the Christian youth at my church this coming Saturday? It has to be something inspiring, in a Christian sense..... and not the Passion of the Christ, because we've already seen that before XD

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Does anyone else fucking hate voice prompts with customer service phone numbers?

I've been on the phone with Virgin Mobile regarding an unauthorized charge to my account - for about 15 minutes. When you request to speak to a "live advisor", they give you twenty options to inform them of why you need one. When one of those isn't what you need, they have an option for "something else", which leads into 20 more options. And so it goes from there, over and over.

I know about (it's supposed to give you the trick to get immediately to a real person), but it's no help.
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Beast mode!

Your shower routine

1. Do you shower when you wake up or before you go to bed? Or at another point during the day?

2. If you use the toilet before taking a shower, do you wash your hands and then get in the shower or just jump right in the shower, since they'll be washed in there anyway?

3. When and where does the clothing come off your body for the shower? Do you take them off in the bedroom and walk to the bathroom naked? Climb in the shower and take them off there? Some point in between? The kitchen?

4. How long do you typically spend in the shower?

5. In what order do you perform the basic shower functions of shampoo, conditioner, washing the body, washing the face, shaving, whatever else you do in the shower?

6. Anything else you want to tell me about your shower routine?
big alligator?

good customer service & outside things

1. When was the last time you received good customer service?
My dad hadn't been able to find his favorite razors so he asked me to email the company about it. They emailed me back in 2 hours, told me they had stopped making them, what stores might still have them, and that they would send some. Yesterday 2 packages of them arrived in the mail.

2. My aunt and cousins are coming to visit tomorrow. They like to do outside things when they visit as we have plenty of space and they live in the grosser part of Yonkers. My aunt plans on bringing kites to fly (which we never have any luck with), but what other types of things like that would be fun?
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I was getting my nails done last night, and a woman and a couple of her friends were there when i walked in. I soon noticed that one of the ladies 3 year old daughter was with them...getting a manicure AND pedicure. The women then explained that her daughter goes for a mani/pedi once a week. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She was so proud of this. Its not even like the kids in pageants or anything, she just..gets them.
so this leads me too..

1) Have you ever done a beauty pageant/something of the like as a child?
2) Would you ever put your child in one?
3) What do you think of pageants?
4) Would you take your child for a weekly mani/pedi?

p.s. the kid was also shocked that i wasnt doing my nails pink or purple

Weight Loss Crap.

So, since December I've lost about 25 pounds. I have about another 30 to go. However, my weight loss has dramatically slowed down and I havn't been able to lose a pound for a month or so.  I work out 4 days a week for about 75 minutes (15 minutes is weight lifting). I eat about 1200 calories on average a day.  I have measured myself and there is absolutely no change there. I'm finding myself increasingly tired when I work out.

Do you think that maybe I'm not eating enough?  Would eating more spead up the process perhaps?  Have any of you guys had similar weight loss issues?
mona marx

Vegan Breastmilk?

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You know that feeling if getting your hand stuck in the cookie jar (or some similar experience where you got a body part in but now can't get it out)?

What is your worst experience of getting a body part stuck like that?

Mine would be getting my elbow stuck in the back of the chair at the dinner table. Wow that hurt.

orion's belt.

Breakfast Of Champions.

Have you ever eaten Bear Naked Granola?
Do you love it?
Do you find the serving size to be kind of... erm... small?

I sprinkle it on my fruit salad for breakfast every morning. The bag says it has 11 servings. I've only used about 7 and I barely have one serving left. And I only sprinkle! Bastards!
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1) Have you ever thought of a question to ask but then forgotten before you could post?

...yes. On my way home from work yesterday I thought of an excellent question, but completely forgot by the time I got home. damnit.

2) My office is providing margaritas (with patron! and tacos!) today for one of our account exec's birthdays. Has your office ever provided midday alcohol?
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When asked a question, or in a conversation, about a topic you know absolutely nothing about, do you:

Leap right in with whatever springs to mind?
Go and do some reading and research?
Listen to the conversation and try to learn from it?
Ignore it entirely?

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In a freak occurrence of my own dumbassery, I got writing from the palm of my hand transfered to my cell phone. So now the front of my cell phone has ink all over it. That'll teach me to hold onto my phone so I feel it vibrate. Is there any way to get the blue ink off my phone or will I have to suffer until I get a new one in June.

Answered! Rubbing alcohol did the trick. Thanks guys!

When going to get a facial, is it ok to wear makeup or is it best to be barefaced going in?

I'll soon be getting a manicure for the first time. Is there a minimum length my nails should be to be able to be filed nicely? I have crappy nails and I'm a violinist so my nails are never very long, but I want there to be enough to work with.

Telephine calls to/from SO

Having just hung up from my 6th call from my SO since 8:30 a.m. I gots to thinking;

1. How many times a day do you think is reasonable to call your S.O. (Non-emergency calls)
2. Do you initiate more calls, if so how many on an average day?
3. Are you a Male or, Female are they a Male or, Female
4. Are they at work when you/they are calling?
5. Are you at work when you/they are calling?
6. Does it get to you/them if you/they call too much and you are very busy?  If so how do you/they deal with it?



1.) What are you currently most excited for?

2.) What is your favorite LJ community?

3.) If you could, would you be someone else?

Oh and

4.) Who made a post a while back asking for the artist of my current icon? [because I just came across the answer]
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1.   You're invited to the following theme parties.  Who/what do you come dressed as/in?

- Hollywood
I've done Marilyn before, so maybe Rita Hayworth or Lucille Ball

- Storybook/Literature
Ginevra Godwin (The Wheel of Fortune by Susan Howatch), Guinevere, or maybe the Cheshire Cat

- Cartoons 
JEM - I've had a Jem costume in the works for a million years

- Superheroes and Supervillians
Wonder Woman if I get the rockin' body together.  Or else Poison Ivy.

2.  What type of theme party would you be likely to throw?
I've thrown a 1920s party, a Hollywood/Halloween party, murder mysteries... basically I'm good for any theme party besides "slutty this" and "pimps and hos"
keen one


1. Are you a member of a Scouting/Guiding Organization?
2.If so, how long have you been a member
3. If not, why aren't you?
4. Where are you  a member?
5. Are you attending any Jamborees or the like this year?
Edit: 6. if you were a member and currently aren't, why did you leave?
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1. Where (online) can I find an awesome dress for my upper secondary school graduation? I'm graduationg in a month and I should find a place that would deliver me a dress on time. Frilly dresses would be awesome.

2. Why oh why didn't I start searching earlier?
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Poll #978742 Genitals R US

Best thing about a vagina?

Harbors feminine bits that can yield multiple orgasms when stimulated
Perfect exit ramp for babies!
Lack of protruding genitalia means that underwear can be tight and sexy
Low profile when owner is aroused, unlike cumbersome 'BOING' penis
Tastes great, less filling!
Next best thing to having a penis

Best thing about having a penis?

Fully extended one can be like an extension of your ego
Cream filling!
That orgasm thing
Can flaunt it in the vicinity of penis-envying feminists and rile them up
Being able to pee standing up
Next best thing to having a vagina

If you were a hermaphrodite, what would be the best thing about it?

Multiple choice for masturbatory inclinations
Hermaphrodites are sterile, so no need for birth control!
If you work at it, you might possibly be able to get into your own pants
Modest side income from freak show
Versatile chatter during sex. "Who's your daddy?" can switch to "Who's your mommy?", depending on the position
If positioned properly, possibly can have a foursome and still have your mouth free for direction
Feelings of superiority. People tend to be one gender or the other, but you're a walking combo platter

Could you date someone with both genitals?

Hell yes. I can fulfill all my bi-curious fantasies
No way. Too freaky
Yes. Every time I went down on them, it would be like dining at a buffet
Sure. I'm not sleeping with my SO now, so for all I know I am dating a hermaphrodite
They're abominations. Eww
Finally a way to get laid, and then strap on the strap-on and not have it be weird
At the end of the first week, I'm performing a Bobbit-ization on the extra genitals

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Theres a cover of the Alkaline Trio song "Radio" I don't know who sings it.
But they changed around one part and it goes like this-

you're taking your own life with boredom
i'm taking my own life with BEER
it makes you to rule out of sorrow
it makes me to rule out of fear

I found it on and it just said "Alkaline Trio- Radio"
I did a google search and it brought me to a livejournal entry in russian I
believe and alas, I do not speak russian/read russian so I can't understand
it for shit.

So, Does anyone know who sings that version?
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Patriotic Songs!

What is your favorite American Patriotic song(s)?

**Mine would have to be "Stars and Stripes Forever", written by John Philip Sousa.

By the way, does anyone know where I can get some good patriotic/American icons?

what is it?

What is this piece of playground equipment called?

I am pretty sure it is called a merry-go-round, but my co-worker SWEARS that it is called something eles. we have been arguing about this for weeks!

Do you have any pets? Share some pics?
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1. what do you do during your lunch hour? do you do anything special, like go for a jog, or run errands, or ummm go sightseeing, or answer questions on TQC...
2. what was the last thing your SO did that pissed you off, or made you mad?
3. what is the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

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Is a 16yo female old enough to go on her first airplane flight by herself?

Or does she need the addtional $99 unacompanied minor someone from the airline can meet her at the destination and make sure she makes her connection?

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What's with all the friends only posts lately?

What's the point in making locked posts in a community?

edited to add - Also, if someone is doing it as an "online security" type of thing, do you think they also avoid commenting to unlocked posts? :)


Why do people insist on going below the speed limit?

What do you listen to when you drive?

Do you get more road rage when you are listening to a certain kind of music?

Because they are asses.

All kinds of music.

I am an angry driver, but its worse when I listen to rap. I've just noticed that lately.

moods in other formats

I've noticed that the mood sets that are defaults over on MySpace are identical to some of the default ones on LJ. With my experience setting moods I know I can use the same ones I user here over on greatestjournal, deadjournal, insanejournal, etc...but I'm not suire how to do so on MySpace. They don't exactly have the Mood Theme Editor over there.

I know there's a text way to setup moods but I've never tried it and am totally unfamiliar with it. Can you show me how to do that?

More importantly, to the best of your knowledge, is there anyway to use a customized livejournal mood theme on MySpace?
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I am technologically stupid

And that's a big problem. I have a BIN or CUE file that I can't watch since I don't have anything to play it. I had that problem with FLV files, but a friend sent me a file to download in order to play them.
My question to you is what program should I download to either play BIN and CUE files or convert them to FLV or anything else?


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You've been uploading a file to SendSpace for the last 6 hours. You have 4 minutes & 39 seconds left until it is complete.

You accidentally push a shortcut button in Firefox & you FUCK IT THE FUCK UP!


My computer desk might have just a few little stab marks in it.
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I'm trying to remember the name of a movie that I watched a few months ago when I was sick OnDemand from Comcast.

It was this dude who was odd and worked as a proofreader or something, and ordered a sex doll from a web site and treated it like a real girlfriend, but then he got a real-life girlfriend, and the doll came to life (but you never SAW her alive, just like, in weird positions), and stalked him, and eventually he dismembered it, and went crazy and kidnapped his girlfriend and tortured her and tried to turn her into a doll, and then right as he was about to put embalming fluid into her main artery, she got free and almost did it to him, but the cops busted in and shot her instead, and he got a new doll and that's where it ended.

Does anyone have any idea what movie I'm talking about? It was totally weird and fucked up.


Do you find the BK "King" funny or disturbing?

Question for the audiophiles

There was an electrical storm in my town a few days ago, and it fried my external speakers for my computer so I'm in the market for a new set. I have it narrowed down to two different sets - Harman Kardon Soundsticks II and JBL Creature II. Does anyone have either set? These will be hooked up to an iBook. I don't need to shake the walls with the bass, but my computer is my stereo so I want my classic rock tunes to sound good. I'm leaning towards the Harman Kardon set if only because I love how they look. Advice?
Bailey and I


What is your sex?

When you use the bathroom, (#2) how many times do you wipe?
    (Just once, two or three, or until the paper comes clean)
Do you use those baby wipe things?

Do you wash your hands after you poop?
Do you wash your hands after you pee?

Do you wash your hands before preparing food?

Does not shaving your legs make them smell bad (my mother told me this as I have been too lazy to shave, I have showered mind you, daily not counting the skips here and there).

Okay be honest.
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For those of you who have seen the new Spiderman, do you think it would be ok for a 4.5 year old who loves the other two movies to see it? I've heard this one is more violent, and I don't want him seeing anything that is too over the top, but if it is along the lines of the other two it would be ok.

(no subject)

I was looking at apartments yesterday at when i saw an apartment that looked exactly like the apartment a friend has up for rent in their house, and it was even in the same town. I found out after talking to him that it was just a coincidence (they live in Levittown, the houses are built very similarly) but it got me wondering.

Have you ever rented a space from a friend/family member? if yes, did it work out alright?

The space for rent is the first floor, while the owner would live on the second floor. Have any of you lived in a similar arrangement to that? How did that work out?

Anyone in the New York/Long Island know a reliable site to search for apartments besides I don't want to go to some sketchy site and somehow get screwed over :\
Bailey and I


A movie.. I was about three or four and Im 17 now, so figure 12-14 years ago.
The only things I remember:
There was a guy who was like a caveman, and the only thing he could say was Bobaloo
Some really nerdy business like guys finds him
And at some point he gets out in the guys office.

And no it is not encino man.
If anybody has any questions on this, I may or may not be able to find it..
But please if you know the title of this movie or remember it at all, and could possibly help me! I've been looking for it for about a year now and I still can't find it, but my sister remembers it, and somebody says that it sounds familiar to them to..

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Hey, so tomorrow I'll be taking the SAT, and my one concern is that I'll be stressed out. When I'm stressed I tend to over complicate everything, which leads to a lot of silly mistakes and unnecessarily long amounts of time spent on otherwise easy questions.

So does anyone have any good stress relieving tips? Like any kind of soothing food/drink, anything I should think about to calm me down, or anything like that. I'm not asking for tips for the actual test-taking, but just to relax more and not worry so much about it.

Also: Who switched their major during college? From what to what? Why did you change your mind about your first choice? I have this feeling I might switch from a science field into history or something, and I want to reassure myself I'm not completely aimless. :)

And finally: if you wear heavy earrings, have your earring holes turned to slits? This is a fear of mine.
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Thoughs of the Moment

1. Today I saw a guy wearing a Soviet Union/Communism t-shirt, whilst drinking a Starbucks. Should I have crossed over the road to kick him in the shins, or do you think he was being ironic?

2. If we knew for a certain fact that world peace and the eradication of poverty and hunger around the world would be eradicated established if we all gave up the internet, would you be willing to give up the internet? (typo fixed, oops)

3. If I had hajiomatic's baby and we both took equal turns at bringing it up and teaching it our world view, would it grow up to take over the world with superior firepower and then establish a world anarchist commune, or would it grow up to face the biggest psychotherapy bills the world has ever seen?

(no subject)

So since we're asking questions regarding things we can't find..

I've been trying to find the name, lyrics or mp3 of this song FOR-EVER now and can't seem to get it..

I don't know the name or many lyrics.. I know it was featured in a Sex and the City episode as well as a bunch of those celebrity wealth shows on vh1..

The only 'lyrics' if you can call them that, that I know are:

"Everybody (indistinguishable).... everybody.. ohhhhhhh"

haha yeah I know.. now you see why its impossible?

It's kinda dance-y and upbeat and sounds like a female Michael Jackson almost..

I know this is barely a description but if anyones has any clue what I'm talking about it would be really awesome!
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(no subject)

1. I'm looking for a quote. It goes something along the lines of

"A society can be judged/revealed/seen by how it treats it's weakest members".

It might have been about individual people, not just society. What is the actual quote, and who is the author?

2. What causes violence? Either interpersonal or societal, whatever.

3. How did you find TQC?
I think I was randomly searching journals, and there was a post on vaginas or babies, or abortions or something and I was really angry and wanted to post, but the mods took AGES to approve my application, so I never got to post to that question :(

4. What resolution is your screen on?
I just switched from SUPER HUGE 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768 and it seems TINY. hello tiny people of livejournal! My old computer seemed to have an in between one. hmm... & this monitor shows 2cms of black around both sides and the top & 1cm at the bottom. wtf?

(no subject)

These questions are for those familiar with Scottish and British politics.

1. If the SNP get the majority that they want, and subsequently the referendum on independence they want, and that referendum passed in favor of it, what would happen? Do you think the British government would simply let Scotland go?

2. If not, how far do you think they would go to keep it? Might they take up arms? What do you think would happen in this scenario?

3. How did you vote, if you did?

4. Do you support Scottish independence? Why or why not?

You're not on the moon yet, Tubby!

Caused by useless_facts :

 1. The high school used in TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is the same school used 7 years earlier for the teen soap “Beverly Hills 90210." 
Why would they keep an unused set around for 7 years? If it was a real, fucntional set, do you think they'd ever use it for classes?

2. Those silly scientists have found a planet similar to Earth. If it turns out it could host human life, but has no life currently on it, do you think Earthlings would be inclined to live on it? Would you live on it? What do you think we'd do with this "Earth"? Would we destroy it? Oooh, do tell.

3. The community mentions Adolf Lu Hitler Marak several times. I had no idea who this is, so I Wikied it. Apparently, he was a politician in the state of Meghalaya, India. Wikipedia goes on to state, "It may be noted that his name is not particularly curious within Meghalaya, where other local politicians are named Lenin R. Marak, Stalin L. Nangmin, Frankenstein W. Momin, or Tony Curtis Lyngdoh." 
Where'd they get these names? Political ties to Lenin, Hilter, and Stalin, of course, but where did Frankenstein come from? Tony Curtis?

Edited for a fourth:

4. Does anyone remember an educational video about teamwork centred around students of Yuba City High School? They sent all these different kids off to a camp and made them get along.


(no subject)

ok my cat had kittens on Tuesday and I placed them in a box with her. Last night she decided to move them to a closet. I'm worried they'll get lost in there somewhere if she doesn't watch them.

what gives? why's she do it? did I piss her off?

*side notes*
we have another cat in the house. A female. I'm not sure if my husband has touched them or not.
Someday I'll be a flower

Bad Dye Job

I just got my hair professionally dyed. It's WAAAAY darker than I wanted, and I totally hate it. Can I redye it (with a home kit--what I usually use) and not lose all my hair? My hair is very healthy. But I dye it every 6-8 weeks.
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(no subject)

So I just bought a liquid eyeliner pen (it kinda looks like a felt tip pen you'd use to colour in with?) I've no idea how to use it properly. Can anyone link me to videos, tutorials, whatever to help? Or does anyone hear want to offer some help themselves?


When people place orders over the phone at work, it takes a few minutes. We have to get the customer's info, recipient's info, message on the card, yadda yadda. So by the time we get to the payment part, I'm kind of iffy about how precisely to go from, "Aww yes I think Johnny would love that yes they're so delicious m hm NOW PAY FOR THIS MA'AM."

What is the most polite and least awkward way to ask for someone's credit card number over the phone in this situation?

I've tried "and would you like to pay for this with credit?" but that's the only way they can pay over the phone with us so I feel a bit stupid making it a question. "Aaaand I need a credit card number" just sounds a little, "k that's nice plz pay". I'm in the south so I'm supposed to ooze politeness and manners with the little old ladies who order over the phone ;)


Is there any way I can dye my dark red-brown hair lighter (not platinum blonde or anything but definitely lighter) without doing it professionally or bleaching it first?

More Job ?'s

1. Have you ever applied for a job you were underqualified for? What were the results?
2. Have you ever used your looks to further you in a job (provided that it is of interest to the industry)?

Me, I just applied to really ritzy upscale lounge downtown as a cocktail waitress. I've never cocktailed before, and I only have 8 months of serving experience. However, I have over 4 years of customer service experience, and I happen to know I give excellent service. This is also the first time I've ever included a headshot with my resume, considering the restaurant industry often bases employment on looks. I'm not very comfortable with it, but this is just something I've come to realize since working as a server.
The Receptionist Classic

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My roommate says that my bathroom is next on the list for renovations, but it will probably be a while before she'll be able to start ordering the new stuff. (We're talkin' new everything - sink, counter, toilet, tub, floor, mirror, cabinet. She doesn't think it has been remodeled since the mid-80s.) I'm thinking of painting the walls in the meanwhile because, well... Banana cream yellow is getting on my last nerve. It makes me want to gag.

Today I went and bought new bathroom stuff (I haven't done that since... well... ever). Summer-y and obnoxiously happy colors. The bathroom is small - 6 feet by... well, ~8 without the shower.

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Taking from the colors in there, what color would you pick for the walls? Since we're ripping the whole thing out in a few months, I'm game for anything... except yellow.

Year round schools

Yes yes I know the rule about "if you're posting more than twice in a ten-post block you're probably posting too much" but I hate editing a somewhat long post with another longer question half an hour later. I apologize if you have suffered greatly from this.

There has been a huuuuge shitfit going on in my county about schools for the past few years. The schools are beyond packed so to help a little bit, they're trying to convert more of the schools to a year-round schedule. Here's a really brief explanation if you aren't familiar with year-round schools.

My question is, why is this such an insanely heated debate?? I don't have children or younger siblings but I grew up on a year round schedule and managed to survive. So far everyone I know who does have children who will be affected by this seem to not care which schedule their children end up on. But it is a ridiculously controversial around here. No one wants to go to year round schedule.

So, why? Why is it such an enormously sensitive topic?
I haven't yet heard someone give a reason for it beyond, "well we're used to our schedule now so eh." I mean wouldn't you be able to adapt to most any schedule your kids are on that is not completely absurd? I mean the only options are to switch to year-round or spend millions of tax dollars building more and more schools. So idk. I just want to know the argument for the other side because I'm not familiar with it.

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More questions now because I'm bored & nosy... and aren't quick enough to sniper all those bastards on Vice City & am getting pissed off. Today just hasn't been my day.

1. For the eBayers, what do you have saved under 'favourite searches'?
bathing ape, billionaire boys club, bowler hat, broken saints, dead serious, dead until dark, dickies, element, famous stars and straps, vampire, john marsden, life as we know it, malcolm in the middle, messenger bag, miami ink, night of the twisters, slc punk, tekkaman blade, the battle of shaker heights, the boys club, the burning, sleepaway camp, the castle of cagliostro, threshold, z for zachariah, colin bowles, zombie, zoo york

2. What's the last movie you watched?
Spawn. Forgot how bad it was.

3. What's the last thing someone bought for you?
My dad bought me a pair of sunglasses this morning

4. What's the last thing you bought?
Bought a skeleton bandana off eBay.

5. What's the last thing you ate?
Jalapeno beef jerky. Not much of a fan, teriaki is way better.

6. I'm bored shitless, what's your favourite flash game?


Okay so my cousin got tickets for us to go see Spiderman 3.

Im curious as if to anyone here has seen it, and can I have some feedback on the movie.
Did you like or dislike it?
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WiFi Question

Right, long story short, my dad set our wireless router with a password - a WEP key. I can't get onto WiFi on games with Mario Kart, Final Fantasy III for the DS and so on because my dad misplaced the WEP key. So my question is:

Is there any way I can check what my WEP key is on my computer? I checked and their instructions didn't help at all. I wasn't able to find it. So, yeah, how do I look at what my WEP key is? I'm stuck for what do. ._.

Thanks, hope you can help me. ^^;;

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What is your favorite recipe (the actual recipe, not just the name of the food). My mom is out of town, and I have to cook. I need some good stuff. haha.

Do you like bell peppers?

Do you have a favorite family member?

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Can you point me in the direction of an ocean graphic that is animated? It can be CG or real, but I want something that shows the waves moving. Do you have any on your computer? Google gives me screensaves, and I just want something smaller than 350x350 pixels.

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Do you have a tried and true method that you use to initiate conversation? If so, what is it?
Sometimes i'll ask a question about the person to which I already know the answer

What is the best movie you've seen lately?
I saw Pan's Labyrinth not too long ago and really enjoyed it
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I know that many eating disorder sufferers only want to to be slim, not skeletal. But I've seen some that actually want to be skeletal. They go on about bones all the time.

Is this desire to be skeletal a part of their eating disorder, or is it a different mental disorder?

last one.

What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever wore?


Best costume you've seen.
Pics if you have them please?

I used to be a photographer for a nightlife website and these kids blew me away. They acted like the crew and everything...

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Things that make you go.

1. "If someone is following proper etiquette then they wouldn't put the registry information on the invitations because it's considered tacky." Does this apply popularly for baby showers?

2. What's with people talking about how the world needs to be a better place, but when it comes to day to day relating - the same people that complain the most about the ways of the world are rude, condescending and assumptuous? 

3. What wonderful plans do you have this weekend?

4. What is something that you did out of obligation and thought you would hate it, but it turned out to be the best thing ever?

peanut butter/ethical questions

1. Do you refrigerate your peanut butter? [I do, but it's apparently uncommon.]

2. If you do something wrong, but you don't know it's wrong, are you accountable? [i.e. buying clothing made by sweatshop children from the GAP IT'S JUST AN EXAMPLE, use your imagination. How about buying drugs from someone who funds a terrorist organization? Working as a chaffeur for a Nazi who was orchestrating the deaths of Jews?]

To what extent should you be accountable for finding out if you're committing immoral acts?
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1. How close are you to your mom?

2. Is there something you can do that many other people find odd?

3. Do you think people with naturally red hair are liked less or more by others? (EDITED TO ADD: The reason I am asking is because there are a total of THREE naturally red headed people that I know in person. They really dont have any friends and are not very well liked. I've never met any other people with red hair so I was just curious about what other people thought of them.)

4. How do you feel about people who religiously watch a certain show?
yellow submarine

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1. Are there any hair-removing cream things that actually work? I tried Nair or something a few years ago wasn't cool at all. It smelled disgusting and when I rinsed it off it basically took the skin off my legs and left the hair there. My knees were all red and raw and ouchy. And I was still covered in hair so I had to shave anyway. After I shaved I was really smooth and it lasted for a long time, but, uh, not really worth it. So...since then I've sort of given up on that stuff, but I always see adverts for it that claim it smells good and/or works now, so are there any good products out there?

2. Do you know what your name would have been if you were the opposite sex? And what IS your name - is there any connection? Or did you end up with a little sibling with that name? I would have been Adam if I was a boy. I'm Melanie, so there isn't really a connection, although I sort of think they do seem like names the same parents would pick out, if that makes sense. And I've got no little sibs.