May 3rd, 2007


You're in a basement. It's dark and want to go upstairs.

Do you run up the stairs like someone is chasing you? Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...

And, do you run past windows in your house at night when it's dark outside?

For the parents out there...or anyone really

Situation: You are my parents. You hate my boyfriend. You think he's rude, arrogant, manipulative and generally a waste of life. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a few months with no signs of stopping and want to make nice with you. You haven't spoken to my boyfriend in a little under a year, and he's changed a lot. What's the best way to illustrate this and get your acceptance of us being together?
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meditation OM

hi, I'm an idiot.

I have huge issues procrastinating and managing my time and I'm extremely distraught about it. When I'm not doing work I should be doing, it's all I can think about, but it rarely gets done immediately before the assignment is due.

I've had this problem since my entrance into middle school and I am now a freshman in college. It's ruining my academic life.

Besides "hey, stop being a lazy ass and making excuses not to do shit," what advice can you offer to help me kick this habit I've latched onto for the past 6-7 years?
Bob dylan

(no subject)

I'm feeling really taken advantage of by my little sister, and I don't know what to do about it.

My mom's out of town and I'm pretty much babysitting my trouble-maker 17 year old sister. There were all these rules about how she wasn't allowed to have anyone come over, but I've been kinda lax about it, letting her friends come and see her after school, etc. She was being pretty good too, up until now. She has two friends over (one male, one female) and has just informed me (not asked me) that they are spending the night. It's a school night for both of us. I can't stay up to make sure sex/booze/drugs don't happen (which is, yes, a possibility, there's a reason she's 17 and needs a babysitter) and she really shouldn't be staying up late either, which she will if she has friends over. Plus I feel like she's just taking advantage of my niceness so far. I've tried telling her that they need to go home but she keeps coming up with excuses ("So and so already told her parents she's spending the night here, they'll be mad if she goes home" etc.) and now they're pretty much ignoring me, and I have no idea how to throw two teenagers out of my house. I thought of just calling mom and telling her, but she'd be angry with me for letting them come over in the first place.

I feel really stupid about this. I'm (supposedly) an adult, I should be able to handle a bunch of teenagers, but I can't physically make them do anything, and they've stopped listening to me.

What should I do?

ETA: Nevermind, guys. I got her to sit down and talk to me, told her how I felt, and got her to send the boy home. I also talked her into turning off the loud music and watching a movie with the girl on the other side of the house, so I can go to bed. Crises averted, but thanks to those who answered anyway. :)
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It's My Life Livin' on a Prayer

How do Bon Jovi get away with every single one of their songs sounding exactly alike?

One more: I feel like just breaking down and unabashedly sobbing over a film. Suggestions? It's really, really, really difficult for a film to make me cry so it needs to be a really good one.

(no subject)

[ Poll owner has been deleted ]

stockholm: with someone I barely know.
grand blanc: with someone I'm really into.
la grande: with one of my best friends and her family.
dallas: where I've spent most of my life, but I'm sick of it.

(no subject)


I'm having real problems with my EXIT party...and I need some suggestions....
I already have Shamshullah's hit Taliban Boogie....but I don't don't know where to download Mohammad and the Prophets song: AK-47 Driveby...any help??

Can't you see I'm dripping with sacrasm here???
you got what I like - sit in my lap!

random thought while taosting english muffins

A lot of the guys I know that saw The Grindhouse liked the first ½ more than the second ½ because they said that 2nd bit was too much of a chick flic. While I'm familiar with the term I've never even come close to being able to see how it can be applied here.

How would you define a chick flic? Can you site a few examples?
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(no subject)

Does anyone stalk your journal?

My ex boyfriend kissmeimnotajew's ex girlfriend stalks my journal... but stalks him even MORE... she drove from MN to Madison, to show up at his house, called his mom's work. All of this happened and I didn't even know he was back from afganistan on leave till yesterday, but SOME how she knew!

I"m having a party for my b-day this weekend and we're serving margarita's and pina colada's, What music should i play? I was thinking Jimmy Buffett... any other ideas?


(no subject)

1)What do you suppose would happen if a serial killer like Buffalo Bill picked up a hitchhiking serial killer like Aileen Wuornos?
2)Do you know all the words to the Growing Pains theme song?
3)What's your favorite country song?

(no subject)

So I just moved my Mum in with me due to her ill health. Well it was about a month ago. Anyways, she brought her 10yr old German Shepherd Buster. In all that time I couldn't hoover cos my hoover was broke and I only just had the money to get it fixed today. Busters hair is pretty much everywhere! And its gotten stamped into the carpets so the hoover won't lift it.

Any ideas how I can budge this? I'm set to shave Buster and go for wooden floors all over.

Honeymoon Advice

So, some friends and I are putting together a little scrapbook of honeymoon advice for a girlfriend of ours who is getting married in a couple of weeks. This girl is still a virgin so we thought she might need some words of wisdom.
So far, we have:
1. Purell does NOT make a good lubricant
2. If you notice that the ceiling needs to be painted, you are NOT paying attention.
TQC, can you help me think of some more advice to give to this delicate flower?
The more hilarious and outlandish, the better!!

Jury Duty...

I was just notified that I've been selected for jury duty (and the first thing that popped in my head was a recent post about it on TQC where I wished I would be selected).

I'm actually excited about jury duty. Does this make me a dork?

Any tips on how I could be selected? I'd love to have a break from work.

(no subject)

1) What is your occupation?
2) Did your parents pressure you into your occupation?
3) What did you study at university/college?
4) Did you frame your diploma/degree?

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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) Are your pets spayed/neutered? If not, why the hell not?

2) Do you think that a judge should be able to order a woman who has been proved to be an unfit parent to be sterilized?

3) What are some exercises that are good for toning up arms?
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random non serious questions

1. I'm a fairly tiny girl who has no physical strength whatsoever and I decided I should move myself completely out of my dorm room and back into my house by myself. Now my muscles hate me. Anything I can do to soothe them without going to the store to get some kinda patch thing??
2. Why does my hair keep flipping outwards on one side after I sleep on it? HOW DO I MAKE IT STOPPP????
3. My house has no food but I'm hungry. Should I suck it up or drag myself to Wawa  to grab a breakfasty type thing?
4. Do you like yogurt?
5. What's going on tonight?
dean - i'm batman

(no subject)

When you read posts/comments on Livejournal, do you say them in your own accent in your head?
Even if you know the accent of the person typing?

Even if I know where someone is from, I'll still read it in an English accent :(
me & mary

(no subject)

1. What are some of your favorite clove containing foods?
I don't have any =[

2. What should I have for lunch?

honey roasted almonds
cheese quesadilla
english muffin with cream cheese and strawberry jam
some kind of vegetarian soup
cookie dough ice cream


I'll be moving from NYC to Central Florida (kissimmee).

What companies do you suggest for cable, phone & tv?
& brighthouse doesn't seem to recognize the FL address.

Here I use Verizon, it's a bundle package, all on one bill. Naturally, they don't have service to the zip code (34744) I'll be moving to. So what do you use and/or recommend?
The Dude Abides

Walking ?'s

1) Have you ever had someone walk on your back? Have you walked on someone's back before?

2) How often do you go outside for a walk?

3) Have you ever walked for a cause (March of Dimes, Relay 4 Life, etc)?
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

1. Are you spoiled, or were you when you were younger? How long did it take your parents to stop spoiling you, if they ever did?
2. Have you ever seen a therapist?
3. Monk: Was the show 1,000 times better when Sharona was on it?

(no subject)

help! so i was going to help with my floor (i live in a dorm) contribute to my r.a.'s gift. she's a sweet kind funny lady but i'm never home due to my schedule this semester being ridiculous so i missed out on it and it was already presented to her. pretty much i'm invisble almost on this floor cos i'm the only upperclassman there so i don't have as much time to hang out. okay make that none. question is: how do i sneakily give her something to show i think she's cool and wish we could have hung out more without sticking out like a sore thumb to everyone else? i also need gift ideas. nothing too cheesy. funny preferably. something artsy but not pretentious. and nothing from hallmark. maybe a small stuffed animal but i'm not sure.

sorry kinda rambly.

(no subject)

For those of you who hang out on TQC at work, do you keep the window open all day and just refresh periodically? Or do you close it and go do other things, then re-check it later? I usually check it, then go about my other internet business, then come back a couple hours later. Today I'm leaving it open all day and refreshing, just cause I feel like being ~*crazy*~
Grrr - evil kitty vengeance

in regards to my previous question

That first ½ of The Grindhouse, "Planet Terror" has this girl who has a really impressive weapon attached to her leg that she can shoot tons of bullets and grenades and a whole bunch of things. It was kick ass! Just one problem though... exactly did she shoot that thing?
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Lunch time question

1. Subway or Quiznos?

2. What's your favorite thing from there?

3. What would you rather have done last night, listen to Bon Jovi on American Idol last night or punch babies in the face?

1. Quiznos, no question

2. Right now, the honey bourbon chicken on yum...

3. It really is a tough call. I don't wanna hurt babies or anything, but last night was really bad.
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(no subject)

Do you ever want to say to a shop assistant "You sir, are a lying scumbag!" ?
What did they lie about?

I went in to a store to get Star Trek: the Next Generation DVDs, which i had seen in there less than a month ago. I asked the shop assistant where the TNG DVDs were and he said that they had been shipped back to the company to be put into cardboard boxes rather than the plastic ones they were in. But when i had seen them not even a month before, they were in the cardboard boxes he said they were shipped back to be put into. lying scumbag!

CSS; Lunch; Nail Polish Stain; Photo Paper

1. I'm pretty familiar with using CSS, both to customize LJ and when making regular websites, but I have a question I'm hoping someone here can answer. If you take a look at my journal, the following code is used so that all userpics show up with a border around them:
.userpic {
padding: 5px;
background-color: #ffffff;
border-style: solid;
border-width: 1px;
border-color: #E5E5E5;
margin-bottom: -5px;
Does anyone know how I'd go about using that same thing for images on a regular website? Not every image, just thumbnails of photos that can be clicked on to enlarge the photo. Is it possible to do that or something similar, without having to Photoshop borders on to each and every thumbnail?

2. Which should I make for lunch, a tuna fish sandwich on toasted bread, or a pizza sub?

3. Any idea how to get a 2+ year old nail polish stain out of carpet?

4. What photo printing paper would you recommend? I have an HP Photosmart 8250, and the few pieces of paper that came with it were pretty great (dried fast and didn't have any ink bubbles), but I kind of don't want to pay what HP is asking on their website. Are there any brands I can get at Wal-Mart or an office supply store that dry relatively quickly and don't cost that much, as well? "JetPrint Photo Premium Paper" takes forever to dry.

A question of morals

Do you believe that it is morally wrong for a single person to engage in an affair with a married person?  Or does the married party bear the blame entirely?

Would you ever be the "other woman"?  (Or, as to not be sexist, ablist or entitlist, the "other man" or "the other furry")


If your SO cheated on you, would you rather it be with a member of the same gender as you or the opposite gender?

(Both of these questions are entirely hypothetical and asked solely for the purpose of satisfying my curiosity)

(no subject)

1. TQC, what kind of dressing should I put on my Kickin Chicken and Salsa salad? It has salsa, chicken, beans, cheese and lettuce. I have Italian, Red Wine Vinegarrette, Lite Ceasar, French..and uh that's it I think.  It's a hard decision......I mean, salsa salad.....

Since I am from NJ I often wonder:
2. What stereotypical conceptions do you have of New Jersey? (ie Do you think it smells? Do you think I will be a bad driver or have a funny accent?)
3. Does your state or province or wherever you live have a strong sense of regionalism as is often experienced in NJ (south jerz rulez yo)
4a. Would you ever live in NJ???
4b. IF you live in NJ already do you like it?
5. Will you teach me how to pump my own gas when I leave NJ???? please :(
Bruins - shadow

(no subject)

I need to email a bunch of agencies to try a get an internship for the summer.
I cant think of anything to say besides "Im a NHCTC Human Services student and I was wondering if there was a position available for me to do an internship"
What else should I add?

[Edit] I got a reply! And there are "several positions that would be a good fit for me" YAYYY <3
red goatee!!

random poll questions for a Thursday afternoon

part of the reason for the facial hair one is that my girlfriend has this weird thing about facial hair and didn't believe that I really do need my goatee for my head to look right...

Poll #978093 random questions

do you use keyboard shortcuts?

wtf is that?
ctrl-alt-delete is my favorite comic, even

opinion of facial hair on guys?

hey, cool
if it works, sure, but there are limits
no, he better shave his whole head

tell me something random. What are you thinking right now?

favorite ninja turtle character?

April O'Neal
someone else less cool than these

edit: y'all have some entertaining random comments, just to say that...
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Okay, so I am in the process of losing weight (20 pounds down so far, woot), and every Thursday night after my meeting, I indulge in whatever it is I have been craving that week.

This week it has been fast food. So, TQC, where should I go tonight, and what should I get?

- McDonald's
- Arby's
- Wendy's
- Taco Bell
- Burger King
- Sheetz (kind of like Wawa)

EDIT: KFC is also an option.
blue flower

(no subject)

I know everyone hates these kinds of questions, but...
My Microsoft word for some reason has stopped allowing me to use the backspace key to delete highlighted sections of text. Instead of deleting, it just transports my cursor thing to the beginning of the text that I highlighted. Also, I can't highlight over text and replace the text with the new text that I type in. Instead it just adds what I'm typing right next to the highlighted section. Any ideas on how I could fix it?


My boyfriend's professor the other day said it usually takes 360 copulations for a pregnancy to occur (without birth control, etc.). That seems horribly incorrect to me. Most people I know who've had kids didn't spend a year trying to conceive them. How long did it take you to conceive? (or to be conceived...if you know?) Is his professor really wrong? or am I misinformed?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. If a hairdresser stops you on the street and tells you they would love to do your hair, would you consider that a good thing or a bad thing?

2. Have you ever pretended to be on a scavenger hunt just so you could get pictures of strangers doing odd things?

3. What are your plans for this weekend?

4. What should I do this weekend?

5. Someone from The Hague was reading my LJ this morning. How long do I have before I'm arrested for war crimes?

(no subject)

Are you the kind of person who licks your fingers to turn a page?

Did you start doing it because you saw someone else do it?

To those who have given birth: What did it feel like directly after having your baby?

Did your stomach feel empty?

Did you notice the weight of the baby gone?
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(no subject)

1. If someone said "tickley on the pickley" what would you think they were talking about? What if the said it to their cat?

2. What is the last recipe that you found on the internet and used? How was it?
These peanut butter things, they are delicious. I don't even like peanut butter.

EDIT: Does anyone know wtf is going on with NJ 1015? I know they were telling people not to speed because the state police were going to be giving people tickets left and right, and now those 2 annoying guys quit or something? And the head of the State Police union put the one guys addresses on the internet.
box o&#39; sloth

(no subject)

1)Do y'all want to come to my party on Friday? I'll be serving hot fruit.
2)I need to make another little speech soon so I don't allow myself time to freak out too much. I'm not sure what topic to choose. If you were in my audience what would you want to hear a speech on?
3)Are there any words you feel you use a little too frequently in everyday conversation? If so, what are they?


Is there any fiction books with aboriginie characters? or any other kind of book. it doesnt really have to be fiction.
I read walkabout a few years ago, and i really liked it, and i was fascinated by the character.
and i was wondering this just now. if anyone can help me, id appreciate it :D
at seven

(no subject)

1. Who are some smart girls/teen girls in movies and television from approximately the past 10 years? e.g. Hermione from Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice...

2. This is less paging Dr. LJ and more what would you do-- my tonsils look a little red and swollen and on one side there's some fantastic white spots of nasty gook. My throat doesn't hurt though, my mouth just keeps tasting like ass, so I haven't bothered going to the doctor-- would you? I've been gargling with salt water, anything else I can do?

3. Let's say you were me and you have a 10-page easy Women's Studies paper, a 10 page hard Whiteness paper, and a 15 page hard Horror Film paper all due simultaneously in a week. What would be your mode of attack? (e.g. jump around between all three, get the easy one done first, lock yourself in the library until you finish one...)
Evil Grin

silly servitude

Have you ever had any silly/bizarre/wonky/crazy notions regarding your religious background? Nothing etched in stone, not even something you believe seriously, but just a lil' something that makes you smile?

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[lost] Goodbye lost

International Help!

I am trying to buy something for a friend overseas, and I am having trouble finding places that sell and ship there. I found what I was looking for on and I was wondering if this was the same as basic ebay. Do I have to sign up again and all that jazz or can I just go for it?

Sweet things.

1.What sweet things have happened to you today?

I stayed home from school because I'm sick, and when I came up my auntie had made me homemade chicken noodle soup. And my boyfriend brought me Jamba Juice.  I like being sick :)

2.Are you a vegetarian?  What meat dishes, if any, do you miss the most?

I'm not.  Sometimes I think about it, but I my will is too weak.  And sick days without chicken noodle soup wouldn't be the same.  Or taquitos.  Alright.
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child abuse!

1. You have two kids who are around 2 and 4 years old. You come home one day and see your husband hitting one of them. What do you do? EDIT: I think she meant really hitting, not just a swat on the butt. Either way I'l find out next time I talk to my aunt.
I would call the police immediately. I was on the phone with my aunt and her friend called her while we were taking because she came home and saw her husband hitting one of their kids and she wanted to know if my aunt thought she should call the police or not.

2. Does the person in my icon look like a man?

(no subject)

What's the stupidest thing you've almost done lately?

Just now, I found myself standing on the roof of the little porch that lets onto the alley next to our house from our basement, holding a foam-covered aluminum rod, fully intending to clear the downspout next to the large bundle of live wires coming into our house with it. In the rain.

Then I came to my senses and got down, which involved a moment of hanging out over space feeling with my toe for the stepstool I'd used to get up on the porch roof, wondering if I was going to be stuck there until someone came looking for me.
  • 0livia

(no subject)

Hey guys,

What the maximum jail time one can get for selling stolen goods?

We're assuming in this case that the person in question did not actually steal the items, they're just selling them without a license to do so. (And no, it's not me :P)


(no subject)

What's the best bit of trivia you know?

It's definitely not the best trivia I know but:
Did you know that the strawberry is the only fruit with its seeds on the outside?
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Today is my last day of classes.

And I celebrated by buying Gerbera daisies.

1. Which color Gerbera daisies do you like best?
1a. Do you call them Gerbera or just Gerber daisies?

2. Are there any well-known female film directors in the US? Any that most people could think of off the tops of their heads? I can't think of any.

(no subject)

1. If you had infinite amounts of food, would you be able to say enough is enough or would you eat until you made yourself sick?

2. Do you hold onto the railing when you go up/down the stairs?

3. Do you have the ability to quickly come up with witty things to say in real life conversations? If you don't, are you more witty online because you have more time to think about responses?
  • ejw829

They say things...

...come in 3s (3's ?).

1) My wallet was not in my purse Wed. afternoon. I found it on the curb next to my car. It was out there for over 12 hours and NOTHING was missing: not a dime, not a card, etc.

2) I won free tickets to see The Waitress tonight from the local paper

So, TCQ folks, what is my # 3 going to be?

(no subject)

1) How do you deal with bossy friends?

2) Is Splenda bad for me?

3) How long do your friendships usually last?

4) Is everyone at my school really having sex (excluding the ones who live with their boy or girlfriends/are or have been pregnant of course) or are they just making it up?

5) If you could get risk free, cost free plastic surgery, would you?

(no subject)

- the string quartet tributes to various artists: is it always the same string quartet or what?
- also, is there any way i can somehow find the music they use for these tributes? free would be great, but i'm also willing to purchase it if necessary.

(no subject)

My laptop was stolen so when I got a new laptop all my music from iTunes was gone. Now that I have different music on iTunes and I want to upload it to my iPod, what is the setting that I change my iTunes to so that I can add my new music without completely deleting all the music that's already on my iPod? Thanks!

And so everyone can comment- what's your current favorite song?

world without nuclear weapons?

I've long wanted to find a book (non-fiction preferably) about what the world would be like today if the atomic bomb had never been developed by anyone. How the Cold War would have turned out differently, what technology would never have been developed as a lack of atom-splitting technology, how the space race would have turned out differently without ICBM technology pushing it, what might have been developed with all the money that various countries (especially the US and USSR) spent on nuclear weapon related costs, etc.

Feel free to share your hypotheses and opinions on the subject or even a fiction book on the subject (I'm aware of "The Jesus Factor"), but I'm mostly hoping to find a non-fiction book about it.

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Tattoo go where?

I want to get the number 11.2 tattoed on my body somewhere. I'd like it to be about two inches wide and one or so inches tall. I have a semi conservative future, and some body mods on my stomach and chest. Where would you put this tattoo? Please be specific. Non serious answers are cool too.


Q) Say that you hypothetically conceal a gun (the question is not whether you believe the US should be allowed to conceal), and that you carry your weapon with you at all times.  Lets also say that you see someone approaching you with a gun and it becomes apparent that their intent is to steal your wallet or kill you.  (Yes, the liklihood that you would be able to pull your gun and respond in the same time frame this becomes apparent is very very nill...but this is hypothetical!).  Would you shoot to kill /impair or give up your wallet without any altercation?

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citation question...

Okay, I'm asking this here because there's more of you than in some of the language communities, and I'd like to think that TQC is smart...

I'm knee deep in writing a French research paper, in French, on Marcel Aymé. I've found a bit from an article I want to use, but it's in English. Do you think I should cite it as is, or translate it, with a note that I translated it? This isn't extremely formal, and my professor is really very kind. The source is good--do you think I should go for it?

(my gut says to leave it as is, since I'm citing it, but I have never run into this before, so I wanted to get some other opinions on it.)
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(no subject)

1. Where in the seven hells is my can opener?!
2. When (if) you eat ramen, do you add stuff to it, like eggs, meat, or veggies? What?
3. Do you have any tips for a first-time, would-be actress auditioning for a play? I'm going in for an audition for a musical tomorrow and am kind of nervous about the cold reading. :S
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(no subject)

Alright, so I'm going to Boston to visit my sister. I'll be arriving on a Saturday, and leaving the next day, Sunday (short visit!).

I've actually never been to Boston, and my sister just got out there two weeks ago (she's out there for business) so... what's there to do? Will it still be cold up there? What else should I know?

(no subject)

When I was about 8 years old, my grandfather passed away and left me money on a CD in the bank. I'm not allowed to touch the money until I'm 18 years old to buy a car and pay for school.

Supposedly the interest earned from my CD is going to my mother instead of back into the account (I think my grandfather made it like this in his will).

Well the thing is, taxes have to be paid on the interest earned on the CD. My mother has been filed me by myself since I was 11 years old. Under me solely, not under her name.

Earlier this month, I received a letter from the IRS claiming that I owe a bunch of back taxes from a few years. My mother never paid the crap! So I call the IRS to see what the hell is going on bc when I ask my mom she tells me nothing.

The IRS told me that I am responsible for paying the taxes since it's under my name solely. So I owe taxes as far back as 2001 WHEN I WAS 11 YEARS OLD!!!

How the hell is an 11 year old child liable to pay their own taxes?

I filed my taxes this year by myself for the first time. The income earned on my taxes was the money that my MOTHER is receiving. So I had to pay $113 this year for the money that she is getting. On top of that, I was supposed to be getting a little bit of money back but the state took it right away bc of the back taxes that I (or my mother) owes.

Please SOMEONE tell me that this is complete bullshit. How am I liable for paying taxes when I was 11 freakin' years old?
bang bang


The skin on my face is extremely dry and sensitive. The other day I caught a bit of sun on my cheeks, and ever since it's just been horrible - my whole face feels tight and tingly and there are a few patches that are peeling and one patch that's really swollen and red and anything I put on it feels like acid. My cheeks are all blotchy and lumpy. I've been moisturising like a mother and drinking lots of water, but nothing is helping. :( Is there anything I can do that I'm not doing, apart from go to the pharmacy (which I'll do tomorrow)?
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(no subject)

My job sucks. Should I look for a different job or get a bunch of student loans and go back to school?

I'm 24, about 2 years away from graduating, and would have to live almost entirely off loans during that time. No, I don't have the motivation or energy to go to school AND work, and fuck doing both part-time.
boobies of the easter egg variety

(no subject)

1. I googled "hideous dress" and encountered this (NSFW) wtf is on this woman's ass? I have a feeing that it's really obvious and I'm just an idiot.

2. On my way to school I go by the church of a guy that I was sort of friends with in high school. I secretly really liked him. Anyway, on my way to school today there were a bunch of cars in the church parking lot so I turned in and looked for the car he drove last year during high school. Is that totally creepy of me?


(no subject)

Does anyone know any short vacation areas (3-4 days) my family and I could go to? Anywhere in the U.S. is fine. My parents want to go to Mammoth Cave, but... I don't really want to, so they're asking me for other suggestions.

Any like...breathtaking sights like a forest or a mountain-y place?
Sam outside

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1. Can you type with your eyes closed? 
2. What's the last picture you uploaded somewhere?
3. Do you have one of those online count down thingies? If you do, what's it counting down to and how many days?
-I have one counting down the days until I move to Cali for college, 104 days =)


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My kitten is okay, you guys! He's kept food down for over three hours, he's playing, biting and running around!

What FABULOUS thing has happened for you, TQC, that you did not expect today, or maybe you were preparing for the opposite?

What big slap of joy has left you giddy?!?

EDIT: I cried hard, I cried hard happiness when I watched my kitten eat after I scoped out the apartment for barf, and realized he'd held down his lunch.

So, what SERIOUSLY happy tears have you cried? What were they for?
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1. Do you get angry when you see pregnant women smoking? How about drinking?

2. I plan on writing my SO silly little notes to leave places - other than idly slipping them into his pants pockets, where could I leave them where he would find them AFTER I left the scene?

3. What's the last piece of homework you worked on? If you don't have homework, what's the last piece of work you worked on?

4. Are you the type of person who forgets what you ate for breakfast that morning?

5. What was the last illegal thing you did?
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I have just noticed I am very passionate about the environment.  I don't even know where to begin with volunteering and jobs! What are some things you can study in college about the environment? What majors? What types of jobs will that get me? What are some bigger organizations that have to do with helping the environment that might be around my around area (Southeastern CT) that might allow me to volunteer?
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How can I make an animated .gif of a movie clip that's .wmv? Are there any on-line tutorials of it?

(I'm using Windows, by the way.)
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Is there any way in which I can prevent my brother from downloading limewire (or anything similar)? I uninstall it and he just installs it again next time he is on the computer. I have an administrator account on our computer. We use windows xp and firefox if that makes any difference.

The reason being really, I am worried that he does not know how to avoid viruses. About a month ago our computer suddenly started going really slowly (I mean, CRAZY slow, taking taking minutes to change application etc) and I CANNOT for the life of me work our why. I have did a virus scan practically every day, nothing comes up. Our hard drive is less than half full and I've run check for spyware and ad ware. I've deleted all unnecessary and/or suspicious things but it's still going unbelievably slowly. What of earth can it be ??

as always, thanks in advance.

On a roll!

I thought of another good question that I'd love to hear all of your answers for.

A movie is being made about your life up to this point and you get to pick three songs that are included in the soundtrack.  One is the intro, the second is a significant event in your life, and the last song is the ending.  Which songs would you pick and why?

1. Opening: What a Good Boy (What a good girl) - Bare Naked Ladies.  There is a part in the song where they talk about the boy/girl being born with high expectations.  I feel like some people had high hopes and expectations while some didn't. 

2. Significant Event: Shephard Moon - Enya.  This was one of my Granny Franny's favorite songs.  She died December 26, 2006 of lung cancer and I find myself increasingly saddened by her loss.  We were close and she wasn't your average meak mild granny - she swore, she wore those old golf hats with style, was an exceptional writer.  I just would want people to see that she contributed to so many good parts in my life and has shaped me to be the person I am.

3. Closing: The Final Fantasy Theme.  I'd play this because I feel guilty for not playing it at my wedding reception.  I was dodging the nerdiness of my husband and was avoiding nerdom in the wedding even though its who he is and I love it. The closing song would be playing in the back ground as we had our typical chats where he was making me laugh hysterically while interupting me while I'm trying to be serious.
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What are your favourite sad songs?
Do you have any 'man (or woman) and his (or her) piano' recommendations? (Kinda like Ben Folds' Songs For Silverman)

Do you like Tori Amos?
What do you think of her new album?
Do you think I'm a bitch for calling her Tori Emo (to piss off my co-worker who listens to her obsessively)?