May 2nd, 2007

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I have this poster on my bedroom wall. Does this mean I'm a lesbian?

yes, definitely.
you wanting to have sex with her for 5 hours makes you a lesbian.
no, it just means you're an idiot.
not really
no, wtf?
other (comments plz)

According to my aunt this means I'm a huge lesbian, so I'm curious as to what TQC thinks. I have mentioned this particular aunt in here before, she is the one who still holds her 22(3?) year old sons wallet, and wouldn't get him the Diesel hat because Diesel is "gay" and if he wore it all guys in existance would be hiting on him.
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(no subject)

1) I was watching National Geographic a few nights ago and it was a documentary about train collisions. In this one a freight train collided with a passenger train because the people working on the freight train had fallen asleep. The actor playing the sleepdeprived conductor looked exactly like Denny from Grey's anatomy.
Was it Denny from Grey's anatomy (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) or not?

2) Does that "Eat two bowls of cornflakes a day for two weeks and lose a clothes size" really work? Wouldn't you starve?

3) How can I get Firefox to understand that I have Flash installed? I've tried everything. I've googled everything I can think of and all I get is sent to the adobe website to install Flash but it is installed.
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(no subject)

Is there a way to make hair grow slower? I have short hair that I love, but I hate having to get my hair cut so often.
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This might be completely ridiculous, idk I'm tired

I'm not sure how to phrase this but what were some problems (diseases, poverty, violence, etc.) that didn't matter to the general population or that no one took action on until it started to affect white people? Am I making this situation up?

I'm thinking like HIV/AIDS and how people were like "whatevs, gays" until Magic Johnson and then they were like "O SHIT. STR8 CELEBS." But for a white person.

I'm trying to prove a point but I don't know much.
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(no subject)

1. If you had to choose, would you rather kiss someone with bad breath/morning breath or kiss someone while you have bad breath/morning breath?

2. Anything you want to brag about? Or just tell us about?

3. Do you prefer white wine or red wine?

4. I created a account on my old computer. I've had a new computer now for a while. Is there a way to a) switch the iTunes library that my account is associated with to my current computer? and b) update my account so that it counts all the times I've already played my songs on this computer? Or should I just make a new account?

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(no subject)

1) what's the youngest person you've ever had a crush on? what ages were you?
2) what about the oldest?
3) what about people you've actually dated?

4) what's your favorite fruit?

my answers:
1) i had a minor crush on a 15 year old i met at an open mic night. i was/am 18.
2) i currently have a crush on the 37 year old singer of one of my favorite bands, and i'm still 18.
3) the youngest was 16 and i was 17 (7 months apart). the oldest one i actually called my boyfriend was only 12 days older than me, but for a while, i was going on dates with a guy who was 22. i was 18 at the time.

4) pears!!



For those of you who wear contacts, what's the longest amount of time you've worn a pair without taking them out?

How often do you call in sick when you aren't sick?

What's your favorite snack to eat when you go to the movies?

Cheesecake. Is it cake? pie? or something entirely different but still delicious?

(no subject)

Who is this guy? And what kind of roles did he play?

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Answered thank you!

It's Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica, I have absolutely no idea why I didn't know this, I watched the entire thing in about 2 weekends.

(no subject)

1) Who in your family do you look like most?
2) How long have you known your bestfriend for?
3) What was the worst fight you have had with your bestfriend about?
4) What do you want right now?
5) Where do you want to be right now?

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(no subject)

You must choose one or the other:

Meatloaf as the only thing you can eat for the rest of your life?


Meat Loaf's music as the only thing you can listen to for the rest of your life?


Do you watch TV in the morning while you are puttering around? What?


How's your life right now? Why?

uhhhh, wha?

say your company posted a job opportunity on various employment sites online and you got this response in your email (because you're the contact person for applicants), what would you do? would you just trash it? respond somehow? hang it up in your office for everyone to mock?

hi sir,
im btech biotech,presently involved in project at iit kanpur,and m keen intrested in doing job at ur firm im enclosing my resume,plz if u can give me achance.i will be highly thankful 4 it.
with regards,

do you think it's in any way professional to use netspeak when you're applying for a job?

(no subject)

Did you know that you can lose your immunity to poison oak/ivy/ sumac as you get older?

What’s the best treatment for poison? I’ve tried everything every website has suggested but maybe someone here has a Granny who knows useful stuff.

What is the age range of people in this community? The question about pogs made me wonder because my son had pogs so maybe I’m older then most.
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(no subject)

1. Do you watch the Today show?
2. How long have you watched it?
3. What is your favorite "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" location?
4. Why doesn't Rockappella sing the "Where in the world..." theme song anymore?
5. How freaking gorgeous is Bhutan?
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(no subject)

1)If you were to offer encouragement to someone who was very nervous about giving a speech, what would you say?
2)If you were at a gathering with everyone you'd ever had sex with in the past and then had to give a speech, what would you talk about?
3)How often do you talk to your best/closest friend(s)?
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Random ?'s

1) Did anyone ever teach you how to fight?

2) Not including Heat or the Matrix, which movie has the best shootout scene?

3) What's the best advice you'd give to someone graduating from college?

Resume Question

I'm 18 years old, and looking to get a retail job at either a clothing or bookstore, but I have no prior work experience. Therefore, I only have volunteer experience to include in my resume.

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Does anyone have experience working at the following stores, and can tell me their experience working there (salary, discount, etc): Aldo/Aldo Accessories, Aritzia, B2, Blockbuster, Bluenotes, Book City, Capezio, Chapters/Indigo, Costa Blanca, Espirit, French Connection, Gap Inc, H&M, Jacob/Jacob Connexion, Le Chateau, Levi's Store, Spring (Transit), Sterling Shoes, Stoneridge, Town Shoes, World's Biggest Bookstore, Xcetera, Zara. (I live in Toronto so if anyone can name a specific location, please do)!

EDIT: Yes, you do need a resume for most of the places I've listed.

(no subject)

Do you believe in Sylvia Brown's psychic abilities?

Do you think Montel is an idiot for being such a believer/supporter?

Do you think he really is or do you think he's in it for the money?

There was just a chick on the show who asked "Do you see kids in my future and will my dogs be ok with them" (maybe worded a little differently) you think it was bellasmommy? (not serious)


Everyone's always been very adamant in telling me two things about those automatic drip coffee pots:

1. Do not put hot water into the back.
2. Do not put coffee (the drink, not the grinds) in the back.

What is the reasoning behind this? 
I've never tried either but I can't think of a reason why those would screw it up so badly.

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(no subject)

1. Last night I dreamed I was anxiously taking care of a sickly tiny baby. What does that mean? (Serious and funny answers both encouraged, so long as I can tell which is which.)

2. Hey college students, when are you going to be done with all school-related whatevers this year? What do you have left to do? (If you're already done, just shh.)

3. Where do you wish you were RIGHT NOW?

(no subject)

How do I find out where 42.39561 and -71.13051 are? I don't have a GPS unit and I'm not a good geography person.

For reference, it comes from this comic and now I'm really curious.

ETA: Found it, thanks to the XKCD forums. I suck at using Google Earth, that's the first place I went to and I can never make it work. But someone on the forums posted a link here. It's this park.
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Movie Previews

What movie(s) have you seen at the theater recently that have had the Pirates of the Caribbean 3:At World's End trailer at the beginning?

Are you looking forward to Shrek the Third?

Will the Transformers movie be awesome or totally blow?

Why are they making all these cartoons into movies?? Speed Racer, Underdog, The Simpsons, ATHF...why??
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(no subject)

Okay, since that one poster got an answer re: artists, here is mine.

He's an artist with a VERY Italian, long last name, did elfin/mystical/medieval/sci fi fantasy women and would use his wife as the model. He had a really nice website and his art was seriously beautiful. Anyone know who it is? I keep thinking of like, Delissandro or some shit.

Kitten is not doing much better, btw, but his kitten food is NOT on the list of recalls so that's good. :(

Anyone else nauseous?

(no subject)

Poll #977333 favorite coen brothers movie?

what's your fave coen brothers movie?

barton fink
the big lebowski
blood simple
the hudsucker proxy
interolerable cruelty
the ladykillers
the man who wasn't there
miller's crossing
oh brother where art thou?
raising arizona
i like all of them equally
i hate them all
i really just don't give a shit

workplace draaaaammmmaaaaaaaa

I work for a company that recently laid off a large group of people with a 60 day notice. Many of these people are upset about this and morale is...lacking to say the least.

I wasn't laid off. The few people in my department who were, now spend their days talking (negatively) about our company, talking about the people who are still working here, talking about how we'll all be out of a job in a few months, and then talking about how wonderful they are because they have interviews with "better" companies. I'm not one of those people who are super job/workplace oriented and excited about their company but this still bothers me. It feels like they're sitting there talking about me (and they will direct commentary to me at times, such as telling me that I'm going to have to look for a new job soon, the company is "going down", etc)

If you were in my situation, would this bother you?

How would you handle it?

Should I just suck it up and ignore them for the remainder of their time here?
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(no subject)

Okay, my ipod just acted really odd.

I was just listening to my music, everything good and dandy, and then suddenly it stopped playing.

So I just clicked on play to resume the music and I found out that all my music that was on the player just disappeared into thin air! As in, when I check under "Music -> Songs" there is NOTHING there, all blank.

And then I checked "About" and it says I had 0 songs, and that I had "79.5 GB" avaliable when the capacity is only 3.6 GB?

Also, I had the clicker turned off and it suddenly turned on as well. I turned off and on the ipod a few times but still like this.

What is going on?

I have an ipod nano.

Fixed! I just had to restart the stupid thing lol. Thanks aethwolf
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(no subject)

1. What are you wearing today?
2. What's the last silly/embarrassing thing you did?
3. Are you a touchy-feely person?
4. Have you ever had a threesome (or foursome, or fivesome, or some kind of orgy)?
5. Do you know anyone who is colourblind? What colour are their eyes?

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Controversy in the NHL Playoffs? NEVER!

Been watching the NHL playoffs(or as much as I can from what's been aired) and two things came to mind and I just had to ask the other hockey fans out there:

1. What's been the most entertaining series so far?
2. What's up with all the coaches whining about refs(Sens/Devils in particular)? Will the refs be replaced during the Finals? At all?

ah..hell with it..I'll toss in a third =P :

3. Will Detroit stay in the Western Conference next year?

As always, your input is much appreciated! =D

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Martin Luther

After my history final today we are doing this dinner party thing where we have all picked a historic figure to be, and we have to have one question for everyone. I'm going to be Martin Luther, and I'm trying to learn as much about him as I can but there is a lot. What question would people most likely ask Martin Luther?
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Cereal, Dirty Dancing, Clorox, and Celebrity Pets.

It's been a while since I've done a cereal question.
Have you tried Nature Valley's cereal?

Will someone please take me to see Dirty Dancing tonight?
I'm still sick but I'll try not to breathe on you.

Who else is digging the latest Clorox commercials?
H. Scott Salinas is genius.

If your pet were the animal version of a celebrity, what celebrity would it be?


It's my birthday! What kind of special things do you do on your birthday for your self?

I stoped and got a blended frozen soy chai this morning and now i'm going on a picnic with a friend

(no subject)

Do you have a favourite opening line from a book?

Mine's either "It was inevitable: The scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love." (Love in the Time of Cholera) or "Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board." (Their Eyes Were Watching God.)

(no subject)

My soon-to-be-bajillionarie boss is on the verge of being a huge internet company owner buff sort of guy, and as his personal assistant, he wants me to look around and find out how to get him on a "25 Enterpreneurs Under 25" in Business Week magazine or whatnot.

To do this, can I email or phone people??? How do people get on these lists?

One month...

For the span of one month would you rather...

Sleep 8 hours everyday in a closed coffin


Become homeless and penniless in a city you've never been to before and know no one in.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Have to only use a toilet on your front lawn


Eat only the food you hate the most
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Be in solitary confinement in a 6 by 6 room


Have someone (your choice) with you 24 hours a day, even in the bathroom.

And please feel free to elaborate on why you would choose what you choose.
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(no subject)

Does Old Navy accept a billing statement in lieu of an actual card? I have one of those Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic accounts, but I cut up the card so I won't be tempted to go on shopping sprees.

If you eat omelettes, what kind do you prefer?

What is the point of celebrating Cinco de Mayo if you are not of Hispanic origin?

What do you normally wear to work (for those who work)?


I've have been trying to find a video on youtube (or so I'm told) where Stephen Colbert is interviewing his daughter who is posing as an oil industry executive and I just can't seem to turn it up, due to my apparently retarded search skills. Can anyone help me? I'll buy you a chocolate muffin! Two!!

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All around

What is the farthest you've been in all four cardinal directions?

Did you play the board game Guess Who when you were younger? Did you enjoy it?

What is your favorite condiment to dip fruit in? Vegetables?

1. North - Eiriksstadur, Iceland; South - Guayaquil, Ecuador; West - Vancouver, B.C.; East - Moscow, Russia

2. yes and yes

3. nothing and hummus

(no subject)

I swear like

Samuel L Jackson
a fucking sailor
George W. Bush
the late Mother Theresa
an elementary teacher might in front of kindergarteners (darn, fudge, etc.)
no one else. I conjure up random, crazy shit as the mood strikes.

2)Which cartoon character would you most closely identify yourself with?
3)If you were to have a "crud war" or food fight with your friends, what kind of food would you like to have to throw at people?

(no subject)

1. I can't find this artist for the life of me.

I'm pretty sure it was a guy.
He was extremely popular in the '80s (up there with Keith Haring). Prints of his work were everywhere.
His subjects typically were women with black hair.
In my sixth grade art class, we were taught to paint using his style. This was my assignment. It's not very good and the subject is blonde, but I thought it could help.

Do you happen to know the name of this artist? I'll give you a dollar.

2. The Meaning of Life, The Holy Grail, or Life of Brian?

3. How do you take your coffee/tea?

unter das wetter

Are you sick right now?
With what (what are your symptoms - spare me any detail too gross, thanks)?
Where do you live?
Is what you have "going around"?

I'm full of barf and fever, myself.
I live in Houston. I'm told that what I have is just starting to make the rounds here.

(no subject)

Quick backstory. Two girls I know were friends when they were very young, about first or second grade. One girl's parents made her stop seeing the other girl because she was black. the girl was very upset about it and told her friend she couldn't come over anymore, but still wanted to be her friend. The other girl says no and for the next ten years says she hates the girl because of what her parents made her do.

Do you think someone is responsible for their actions at such a young age?

If your parents told you to do something at that age, would youdo it or not? What if it was similar to the situation above?

Do you think that length of time is too long for someone to hold a grudge?

Different, unrelated question. What kind of person would you consider a 'freak'?
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(no subject)

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

Now it looks as though they`re here to stay.

TQC, do you believe in yesterday?

(bonus points if you can tell me why she had to go; or why she wouldn't say.)
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(no subject)

if you could give a TQC member a piece of advice, who would it be and what would you say?

have you ever talked to another TQC member on the phone?
if you haven't, who would you care to talk on the phone to?

total up all of the bills you pay on the 1st of the month, what's your total come to? $835.22

Damn cell phone company's. companies? company's.

You know how cell phones have this whole thing going on where the operator recording gives you a detailed message about what to do to leave a message and what to do if you want to PAGE someone - press 5. WTF. Since when have we ever needed the detailed instructions, #1? It really makes me want to start a frikken revolution about the conspiracy of cell phone companies to give us that extra 10 seconds of needless recorded instruction. I'm so mad I don't even know how to intelligently word this complaint.

Do you think it's a conspiracy?

Why do they do this??

Does it really piss anyone else off?

lol @ myself.



My boyfriend invited me camping from Saturday night until Monday morning down near Brighton in England.

My question:

What the hell do I pack?!
Last time I went camping I was thirteen and got my first period...

Also, I'm a vegetarian, what would be some foods that have staying power out in the woods? If I cooked pasta dishes on Saturday, would they keep until Sunday/Monday? Or, should I just stock up on cereal and power bars and call it a day?

Any camping horror stories you'd like to share?
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(no subject)

Poll #977566 Thumbs up on this poll on thumbing rides

You're driving cross country by yourself. However, you HAVE to pick up a hitchhiker. Just cause (it's in the script). Which one would you pick up first?

Young man in a trenchcoat with a dufflebag with a sign that says "anywhere"
An old lady who's wearing camos and combat boots
O.J. Simpson
A man inexplicably wearing a hockey mask
A muslim in a suit
A hooker
Lanky man with a hook-hand, pegleg and eyepatch
Young couple in hiking gear with backpacks (that's 2 people to pick up)
Man who you'd say weighs 400lbs
A tiny, wrinkled old man with a cane, who seems to have a lot of red liquid splashed onto his shirt and pants

I know that nobody or hardly anyone picks up hitchhikers. Would any of these conditions make you consider picking someone up? You're by yourself in the vehicle

They looked well-dressed
They were elderly
They were very attrractive
It was pouring rain and it was the middle of nowhere
They were beside a vehicle that had it's hood up
It was a couple (man and woman)
They were physically handicapped in some way
They were wearing a band shirt of your favorite band in th world!
They had a sign that read "I can offer gas, grass or ass" and weren't bad looking, if it came down to it
It was a celebrity

Say you really needed a ride. Enough where you were desperate enough to hitchhike. You have to travel 400 miles. All of these vehicles slow down for you. Which one do you hop into?

Trans-Am driven by a really cute guy. He's revving his engine impatiently and Slayer is playing on his stereo. Loudly
BMV driven by Robert Blake. You notice him staring at you intently as you make your way over to his car
Minivan blaring Beastie Boys, occupied by frat boys
Electric car with 'save the environment' and 'make pot legal' stickers all over it. Driver is a middle aged hippie in clothes made entirely out of hemp. It smells faintly of pot
SUV with Jesus stickers all over it, driven by a cowboy with a W.W.J.D shirt. You detect christian music playing
An 18-wheeler pulling a big rig. Driver says up front that he's been up for 3 days and needs you to keep talking to him so he'll stay awake
Car filled with 4 people in furry outfits. Something about a convention
Middle aged man in black driving a hearse
Lowrider driven by 2 tough looking cholos. However, in the back seat, there's 3 kids, probably theirs
Harley with a sidecar, driven by a hairy 60something. You get the sidecar

(no subject)

What do you consider a good timeframe to get a new job after leaving/being laid off from another?

I was laid off/fired in very shady circumstances and I'm terrified of taking more than two weeks to find a new job. Especially because this is the first time I've ever been terminated. However, everyone I've talked to tells me to relax.

Curious....These questions came up at work.

1. What would someone have to do for you to consider them "evil"? Feel free to be as descriptive as you deem necessary

2. What's the most ridiculous band name you've ever heard? I mean so guffaw-inducing you spewed the beverage you were drinking in public.

3. Have you ever encountered a person who talked like Torgo from Manos: Hands Of Fate?

1. Mass murder for no reason, rape...that kind of stuff. I was quite surprised when I received the answer "smoking mentholated cigarettes in my car", which strikes me as kind of impolite but not "evil"

2. Honestly, I hope I haven't heard it yet. I'm not that old!

3. Yes, it was at work and quite surreal. The only thing that kept me from laughing was the "haunting Torgo theme" did not start playing.

PS If you have no clue who Torgo is don't feel too badly. Nobody at work knew who he was either!
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(no subject)

I'm trying to find/contact some old friends from high school/first years of college, what is the best way to find them?

I know their full names, schools they've gone to (of course), old AIM names, old emails.

eta. they're not on myspace or facebook, I've already checked.
JB ♥ Kiss

528 Questions in a Well-Organized List!

01. Los Angeles [I'm going May 23rd-27th with 3 other people]
A. What are L.A.'s best kept secrets? Restaurants? Stores? Sites? Special events? Whatever! I've already got all of the obvious touristy places down, and none of us are drinkers/party-ers so nothing that involves those things.
B. Do you ride the subway? Would you recommend it to someone who doesn't know their way around the city?
C. Any structures/buildings/etc. that i HAVE TO see? I love architecture!

And other stuff...

02. Creepy
A. Do you believe in the supernatural?
B. Do you believe in aliens?
C. Have you had any supernatural/otherwordly encounters?
D. Would you rather be possessed or abducted? Why?

03. Nutty
A. Do you practice any weird superstitions?
B. What are they?
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(no subject)

For anyone who was diagnosed ADD / is on medication:

1. What medication were you prescribed?

2. How long was it from the time when someone first diagnosed you to when you got a prescription?

I was diagnosed in March after one session with a therapist, and that same day he scheduled me for an appt. with a psychiatrist who could prescribe something. There was a two month wait and I'm still two weeks away from my appointment, ugh. I'm just wondering if I'm going to have to go through a ton of tests and a long wait, or if it's just different with every doctor, etc.


So after catching numerous episodes of The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search, I have a question...

It looks like the bartenders take a lot of drinks with the customers. How do they keep from getting totally hammered? Or are they faking the drinks? Am I putting too much thought into this?

Unrelated question: I'm tired, feeling lazy, and I have a 5 page paper in French due by 8 PM on Friday. How do I get truckin' on it?
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Kasumi of the DOA games

Syndicate Me!

Poll #977636 Really Simple Syndication

Are you familiar with RSS feeds?

Yes - I read them all the time
Yes - but I don't read them much
I... think so?

If yes, what's your feed reader?

Google Reader
Feed Demon
Other Application (Specify in comments)
Other Website (Specify in comments
I said I don't use RSS feeds!

How many feeds do you subscribe to?

1 - 10
10 - 25
25 - 50
50 - 75
76 +
What part of "I DON'T READ RSS FEEDS" did you not understand?

What's your favorite feeds?

(no subject)

Which do you think is harder to deal with, a mean manager or a nice manager?

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I have nothing I especially want (I've been thinking of getting a couple of rats, but I'll probably wait a few years for that) and nothing that I really need, besides maybe a car. My mom, dad, sister, and grandmother all have their own cars. While my grandmother has been in Florida for the winter, I've been using my mom's car (I'm under her insurance) and she's been using my grandmother's. My grandmother will be home on the 11th, so she'll start using her car again, and my mom is going to need hers back. The problem is, my town has a law that prohibits street parking at night, and our driveway can hold four cars.

Should I ask for money to put towards a car? Or should I wait (joy) until I have my own place? Or (not all too serious a question) should I just move into my boyfriend's house, where I can park on the street to my heart's content?

If all else fails, I'll just ask my parents to help pay for my next tattoo.


Verizon? Anyone

I just called someone on their Verizon cell and this message came up. "The person you're trying to call is not accepting calls at this time, please try your call again later."

Does anyone know if this means they forgot to pay their phone bill, or they blocked me - or somethign else? It's bugggggggging me.
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Laughing Gas

1. I have a bottom wisdom tooth about 3/4 erupted, straight up, not an an angle or pushing along the other teeth. It needs to be taken out, yet when I use my finger to push my tongue away from the jawbone to look at the tooth, I gag very easily.

Do oral surgeons completely knock out people during tooth extractions?
Have you ever been out cold for a wisdom tooth removal? How'd it go?

I really want the surgeon to gas me unconscious since I gag so easily. I think it would be easier on both of us for the extraction. I don't think I can have the surgeon work in my mouth without gagging on her.

2. I have a laughing problem. If I see someone else laugh, I laugh too. But some of my co-workers tend to be real clowns and I felt like a jackass for cracking up in front of a supervisor.

Is there a way to curb laughing without getting away from the other laughers? Escape is not an option at all times.
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Say what?!

What's the strangest thing you've ever had yelled at you from a passing vehicle?

Mine? "Show us your pee-hole!!" What's funniest about that is that it's really not what they wanted to see!

(no subject)

What was the last really shit news you got in the past week?

Uhg, emoemoemo.

Emorific edit: Found out that the student travel agency fucked up my travel information, so I might get fucked out of more than 2000 dollars soon. And about 10 minutes after that, I found out that my grandma is in the hospital again, and might fall into a coma soon.  fabaroo.

Weighing grade

My friend was wondering how to weigh her grade and I don't know how to weigh it for her. How do you weigh it?

The grade is broken down by this:
Chapter Quizzes (4)20% 
Exam 115%
Exam 215%
Class Participation10%
Listening Comprehension5%
Oral Presentation5%
Reading Comprehension5%

Here are her scores so far:

Chapter Quizzes:

Chapter 13 = 30/31
Chapter 14 = 21/26

Exam 1 = 48.5/50

Participation = 130/110


13.1 = 35.8/36
13.2 = 9.9/10
13.3 = 10/10

Oral Presentation: 125/126

Also, how do you break down the scores? Thank you!

(no subject)

Do you think it's reasonable to assign Fahrenheit 451 to seventh graders?

How would you help a kid (namely, my brother) who hates reading and has trouble reading to understand a book better?

Poll on Mood/Actions

Hey Ya'll... after reading some of the posts today, it occured to me that i can be really snarky when i'm in a good mood. that got me thinking...

what about you?

Poll #977680 actions and mood

When you're in a bad mood, how snarky/grumpy are you to your fellow humans? "1" not snarky/grumpy, "4" sorta snarky/grumpy, "7" extremely snarky/grumpy

Mean: 5.35 Median: 6 Std. Dev 1.53

When you're in a good mood, how cheerful/loving are you to your fellow humans? "1" not loving/nice, "4" sorta loving/nice, "7" extremely loving/nice

Mean: 4.98 Median: 5 Std. Dev 1.45

When you're in a good mood, how snarky/grumpy are you to your fellow humans? "1" not snarky/grumpy, "4" sorta snarky/grumpy, "7" extremely snarky/grumpy,

Mean: 3.19 Median: 3 Std. Dev 1.70

When you're in a bad mood, how loving/cheerful are you to your fellow humans? "1" not loving/nice, "4" sorta loving/nice, "7" extremely loving/nice,

Mean: 2.73 Median: 2 Std. Dev 1.35
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white dress

(no subject)

1. Inspired by an earlier post: What is your favorite closing line in a book?

2. I have a job fair to attend next week for a school district. On the invitation, I'm told to take resumes to give out to the various schools within the district. Do I need to write cover letters too even though I'd be talking directly to principals and administrators and department heads? If I need to write a cover letter, do I need to go find out all the names of the principals of the schools in the district rather than writing "To Whom It May Concern" on all of them? (I've written cover letters for other districts I applied to online, but I just don't know if it's really necessary in this case.) What would you do?

3. Tomorrow we start negotiations for next year for my current school (I haven't decided if I'm staying or not). We don't have a pay scale so we really do have to negotiate pay and whatnot. What are some demands I should ask for (monetary and otherwise)? Non-serious replies totally welcome.

4. I'm planning on making an appointment with a dermatologist to look at some moles I'm a little concerned about. I've never been to a dermatologist. What should I expect? Are they going to want to look at all my moles or just the ones I'm concerned about (because I have moles in odd places)? Or does that depend on the doctor?

(no subject)

Do you hate it when you see people who start internet drama in real life, and they're just as big of an ass in it as they are on the internets?

HOLY SHIT YES. I swear, this kid that tried to start so much shit with me on both myspace and here on LJ has been like fucking stalking me for the past week, I see him EVERYWHERE at school. D:

And I still want to punch him in the face.

Damn asshole fundie hick kids...
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(no subject)

Inspired by this post...

In your opinion, is intention or perception more important in conversation? Do you feel you're good at getting your point across?

Is there a better way I could have worded this question? It makes sense in my brain but doesn't come out very well in text. :(

"She's Special!"

About 15 minutes ago, me, my mom, and my little sister who has Down Syndrome (don't worry, it's relevant to the post) were scheduling our next appointment and such at the dentists. All of a sudden this woman comes up to my mom and says "She's special! Your daughters special!" she then proceeded to say she used to work at my sisters school and blah blah blah.

Now, what do you think the woman was implying?

My mom seems to think she meant special in a good way, like "oh your daughter is such a bright little star! so special!"

and i think the woman meant special as in Timmy in South Park special, sort of just saying "oh she is so special! all mentally retarded children are gods precious angels!"

What do you think?

Why are people always so annoyed by those who want to get high grades?

For example,

100-99%% = 4.0
97-98% = 3.9
96-95 = 3.8
94-93 = 3.7
92-91 = 3.6
90 = 3.5
89 = 3.4
88 = 3.3
87 = 3.2
86 = 3.1

I notice that people are always annoyed by the people in my class(es) who want to get that 99-100% in order to get a 4.0. They say the overachiever should be happy with 90%. It has nothing to do with them, but the person who is determined to get that grade. If the annoyed person's standards are lower, then good for him/her. Let the overachiever satisfy her/his own desires.

What's your honest reason as to why you have felt a disdain towards overachievers?
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senioritis is awesome!!!!

Ok, TQC.  I need some comic relief.

I am graduating from college next Friday.  I have two final exams in the next few days.  In addition to these two finals, I have to write a 12 page pseudo research paper for a class that I do not even need to pass to graduate.  This 12 page paper is worth 8% (yes, 8%) of my total grade.  To do this paper, I would first have to do some pretty tedious data entry into a stats program after looking up some data on the internets.  I really, really, reallydo not want to do this paper.

What should I do for my "paper"?  Please keep me entertained so I can waste more time not studying.

(I suggested to my roommate writing "I'M GRADUATING" in size 1000000 font so that it takes up 11 pages, and on the last page just have a huge picture of a middle finger.)
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1) Do you act differently when you're talking to someone on msn?
2) Do you flirt more on msn? 
3) Can you give me some tips on how to flirt (subtly!) with guy I like through msn... I'm just not good at it!! What should I say? Compliment him? Ask questions? Guys, how would you prefer it?
4) How often can someone initiate an msn conversation with you without it becoming annoying? (i.e. once a week,  a couple of times a week, a couple of times a day etc.)


(no subject)

1. What are you irrationally afraid of?
2. What phrase really pisses you off when people say it to you?
3. What is the point, aside from being an asshole, of commenting on a post with "tl;dr"?

My answers to the first two:

1. Ghosts and zombies.
2. "That's not bothering you," or any variation of that.
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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

(no subject)

I have a second interview to be a day camp counselor at the YMCA. It's a group interview, where you have to lead a group activity. The group activity has to be "educational (but fun), theatrical or related to the arts."

Collapse )

Collapse )

Do you have any other ideas for games?
What do you think of those games above?

For anyone who's ever played Elephant or Alien:
I feel like I'm forgetting some phrases. Do you know what else you use during the game?

(no subject)

We dissected earthworms in ninth grade. I nearly barfed. That ended my dissection days. So I ask:

1. Did you participate in any animal dissections during school or did you choose to opt out?
2. If you did participate, what animals/animal parts did you dissect or observe being dissected?
3. Did you ever barf (or come close to it)?
4. What was the grossest/coolest thing you saw in that respect?

(no subject)

Why are United States airlines so assy about on flight food?

(Apparently all my flights from LAX to Ohare and vice versa have only food for pay... what happened to those little bags of preztles?  QANTAS has free food all the time apparently)

(no subject)

Inspired by this post:

Anyone know of any songs that are about Colorado or anything in it, that isn't a country song? Just thought it'd be interesting to find out. :D

And if anyone even THINKS of suggesting John Denver, you're going down. Not like I haven't heard of the man before, people!
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Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

Ok, here's an incredibly useless question.

About two years ago, I asked someone to make me an icon with the phrase "Suffering in the Sunshine," which is a quote from one of my favorite books. She ended up making this beautiful icon, which I have since misplaced or deleted. It was of a tree, a very large tree, standing in what I think was a clearing. It had tall branches, with red and orange and brown leaves, and sunlight coming in through the tops, fading into a darker florest floor. Above the tree was the quote.

Anyways, I've since decided, for several reasons, this is the perfect idea for my tattoo. I feel though that when the time comes to get it, I won't be able to communicate the feeling and beauty of the picture. So, I am wondering, does anyone have any possible idea on who I can procure a lovely picture of a tree like this? I've tried gettyimages, stock.xchng, google. Nothing. I can't draw at all, or else I'd sketch out a rough idea. I know this is practically the most vague, answer-less question ever, but I've just gotta find sometihng that captures what that picture had.

And onto some other questions.

-What games do you make up at work to pass the time?
I play "Operation Cockroach." I try to find as many cockroaches as I can, and line them up according to size. Bonus points if they're alive. (I work in a pretty gross old building).

-Are you getting tired of Lost and all their dead ends and no answers?

-Have you ever moved to a foreign county for only several months? How'd it work out?

-If you could get any piercing, just one, what would you get?

-Where do you work, and how did you get the job?

Music question

Does anyone know of any songs that talk about California or even better Los Angeles?

I'm doing this for my friend who is obsessed with California--don't ask haha. I already have "Los Angeles" by Sugarcult and "More Bounce in California" by Soul Kid No. 1. Rock, rap, and popish are fine for her, but nothing too intense like screamo please.

Thanks a lot. :)
rufus, muppy

Need reading suggestions

I want to pick up a new book tomorrow, but I need some recommendations.

I like fiction, but only if it is realistic. No fantasy, sci fi, mystery, romance, etc.
I LOVE non-fiction too.

I just recently finished Confessions of a Shopoholic by Sophia Kinsella and the Birth House by Ami McKay.

I like things modern, or based in the 17-early 1900's.

Suggest some things I may be interested in :) Thanks!
santa clam

(no subject)

1)Do you like to sit/stand/walk in the rain?
2)If someone suddenly figured out how to make flying carpets, would you be one of the first in line to buy one?
3)Do you censor yourself around people you don't know? I try to act somewhat less weird around strangers, unless I'm trying to scare them off or something, and then I try and overdo it.
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Due to procrastination...this question comes up.

How the heck do you format an interview in APA style for the works cited?  Or do you fall back to MLA for an interview??

Thanks so much!

ETA: I found it in my APA Manual (;x) but it says I don't put it in the works cited page, and only right in the paper...welll my question now is where do I put the interview information in my paper?  This is an excerpt from my paper.  (name & location has been changed)
This is only one example, but when I interviewed Sarah Hansen, BSW, who is employed at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, she informed me of other things she is involved in while working for the elderly.

video question

Someone just posted this video (which contains animal cruelty, beware) to wtf_inc:

Collapse )
In response, someone commented with this:
Z. O. M. G.
Shitstorm over a funny ass video showing guys performing an act juvenile cruelty that wouldn't normally make anyone bat an eye.
Only reason people are so up in arms is "ZOMG its teh militaries!!!11eleventyoneoneoneoneone"
Internet. Serious Business.

So, TQC, I'd like to know... would you 'bat an eye' if it wasn't marines laughing at the dog, but just some random person? Or would you shrug it off as some stupid kids being immature?

(no subject) there anything that your significant other really likes (or even loves) but you can't stand?

2. anything you thought you hated or weren't at all into before, but now you like because your significant other got you into it?

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(no subject)

Where is your hometown and do you currently live there? Do you enjoy spending time there? Are there any misconceptions about it that aren't true?

I live in the Bay Area (San Jose, to be more exact) - and I think there is a HUGE misconception about it. People think it's some sort of interesting, high-tech place (which it kind of is) with really nice, vegetarian, homey people. That's not true. It's worse than a "cattle town" in some ways because everyone is so antisocial and there is absolutely NOTHING to do aside from a few movie theaters and malls and bowling alleys (but that's so 80s). And what's worse...SF is just 40 min. away, but I don't even know what to do THERE either, since I go there so much, but mostly to Chinatown to eat lunch with my grandparents. Am I wrong for complaining about a place like the Bay Area?

(no subject)

Let's say that you just got a job about three weeks ago at a crappy store (kind of like Target but bad) and now you've realized that they give you horrible hours and are just now bugging you about something you were supposed to have before you ever started... and you're going to have to take off a lot of time in the next month due to vacations and graduations, etc. I really want to quit, but I also don't want to leave because I know I'll feel like I just ran out on the job. Any suggestions? (And I'm not a total wimp... I just really hate this job.)


I am having a family reunion in June. It's really important because it's the first family reunion my mother's side of the family has had in about thirty years. I love making desserts and generally have wild success with them. So I've been recruited to bring some desserts.

So, what are some good desserts that fit these parameters.. ?:
- Not insanely basic cookie/cake/pie recipe.. something at least vaguely different.
- Nothing reeeeeeeeally out there as far as flavors go. There will be lots of old people who have never travelled outside their county, let alone desire to eat something they can't pronounce.
- Can do at least somewhat well in the delicious 90-something heat. Though I could bring a cooler. Mostly I'm just trying to say: no ice creamy things.

Any suggestions? I don't want it to be superdull chocolate cake because I'm sure half a dozen other people will bring that in.

A few fish (convict cichlid) questions

1 - How often do you feed them?
2 - If I get a boy and a girl, will they be guaranteed to mate? This is for my 12 year old sister, and I don't think she wants the responsibility of several dozen babies.
3 - If they are very likely to mate, would two girls/two guys get along?
4 - How big do they grow to be?
EDIT: 5 - Any other types of cichlids they get along very well with?

I went to the pet store today and looked around. They don't have them, but could order two for me. I want more than one, as I don't want the fish to be lonely. I just don't want a bunch of little babies.

(no subject)

why do people buy huge vehicles (like hummers, giant trucks, or suvs for example) that they can't even manage to park correctly?

are they really that hard to park, or are they just that arrogant that they think their freakishly large vehicle is more important than everyone else's?

doesn't it piss you off when people take up multiple parking spots, and then you have to park really far away? what would you like to do to those people?


1.) What quality do you admire most in a person and why

2.) What qualitiy do you detest most in a person and why?

*Please elaborate and explain why you value/detest this so much in a person. And please don't be general or vague. Be as specific and give examples.

(no subject)

1 do you use capital letters when you're mad & typing?

2 when you're online, do you act differently than you would if you were talking to people face to face?

3 do you live alone?

4 what is your favorite color?

5 what is one thing that you would do every day...if you could?

6 do you have any friends that you can't stand to talk to/be around?

7 how many purses/bags/wallets/ties do you own?

8 do you have a futon?

9 have you heard about Gleise 581 c?

10 do you know any good open-ended questions? (ones that make you think..a lot)


11 what is your favorite tv show? if you don't have one, what's your favorite movie? book?

(no subject)

I'm not the most computer-literate person out there, just to preface this.

The firewall in my university accomodation won't let me use MSN Messenger, so my friend told me I can use a proxy to be able to use it.

How exactly does one do that?

I'm running Firefox on a Mac, if that makes a difference.


She's like the wind

What do you think happens in Dirty Dancing after Johnny relieves Baby of the corner, the big fantastic dance sequence, and apologizing father?
I like to think that Johnny and Baby do the pen-pal stint whilst she begins college, but then she turns to cannabis and becomes a slag.

What 80's movie would you have liked to live in?
Troop Beverly Hills! Or Teen Witch, but only because of the ridiculousness

(no subject)

I really fucked up this semester and now my GPA is a fantastic 1.78. Is my life over? Should I kiss law school goodbye and practice saying "Ya'll want fries with dat?"

*cheerful-type answers much appreciated. serious ones are ok too.*