April 30th, 2007

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How does one regain lost self esteem when everything attempted ends in miserable failure, thus reinforcing the complete miserable lack of ability? Alternatively; How much do escorts earn?

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I have a meeting with a recruiter in CT for a job here in NYC. Should I travel there tomorrow and keep my appointment, or cancel and send out resumes on one of the busiest days of the week?

HIgh end of the pay range is within my acceptable limits
Title and location okay
Nice job duties
is only way to be considered
will make me feel good, most likely a nice prep for the second phoine interview I have tomorrow night

trip will cost about $40 and take all day for a 45 minute meeting...
depending on the recruiter I talk to I'm over qualified or underqualified
the minimum range is not doable
I will not get a resume out tomorrow
May make it difficult to schedule a second interview for a similar job with similar pay range
No guarantee recruiter meeting will turn into interview
I'm tired and will not get enough sleep, nor can I guarantee I can catch up on Tuesday because my second interview may be that day.
recruiter is unlikely to have additioal leads for other jobs for me

Poll #975865 Should I go>

Should I go to Connecticut to meet this recruiter tomorrow?


ETA: I think it's hilarious that the nos are from people in the NYC area. People who likely understand what a giant bitch this would be to do. Traveling involves a 30 minute subway ride to Grand Central (takes 2 lines to do it), a 1 hour+ communter train ride one way, and a cab ride once I get there to get to the building. To get home, I have to find a cab, or call a car service to pick me up from the agency and take me back to the train where I face the same 2-2 1/2 hour commute home. In a suit. When there are tons of agencies in the city looking for Admins. :-)

ETA 2: A LJ friend just pointed out that the salary range includes 3 separate positions, one of which is a paralegal, whose definitely earning more than an office assistant, the title of the position I'm going in for. I'm checking with the recruiter tomorrow, but there's a good chance this position doesn't pay enough to warrant the hassle. Thanks for you're help.

And this leads me to ask a follow up question: Why did you personally advise me to go to interview?

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So, TQC... I've got some rather hot issue questions:

1) How do you feel about circumscion? For, or against?

2) Breastfeeding? Are you a tit nazi, or just don't care?

3) Gay marriage? For or against?

4) Abortion? For or against?

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shannon heaven's a lie


1. What are your favourite vegetarian sushi fillings?

2. If you are having sushi for a meal, how many pieces will you typically eat? Would it be different if it were lunch or dinner? Please also specify the style of sushi in these cases (pieces from a roll, nigiri, etc.). If you don't know what the various types are, Wikipedia reference for you.

3. If you were making vegetarian sushi, which of the following fillings would you put together? Which of the fillings would you not put together? Options: Mushroom (shiitake or portobello), cucumber, avocado, asparagus, tofu (marinated and lightly fried), carrot, broccoli.
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This morning, I woke up with my head at the foot of my bed..with a pillow and everything. I don't remember doing that at all. What's the weirdest position you've ever woke up in?
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In the U.S., why should a woman get sole decision making rights over an unborn baby because it's her body when Congress and local governments like to tell us what we're allowed and not allowed to put in our bodies?

I want my Flintstone's chewable Valium over the counter with a valid proof of age, damn it.

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1) Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you?
2) Was it really a surprise?
3) If you are a girl and got married (or are married) would you keep your surname?
4) Has a movie ever turned you off something?
5) What should i say in an email to my crush today?

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Oh what a thing to ask of a woman.

1. What do you do when you get really irrationally angry at people and it's obviously best to just keep your mouth shut? Where do you put the anger/frustration/etc?

2. Is there a record number of comments on a post in TQC that anyone knows of?

3. Please go answer this question that I posted last night, if you haven't already. I need as many perspectives and answers as I can get.

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What are your personal favorite albums for a road trip or even just tracks to listen to when you're driving?

What song are you listening to right now?

Which personals/internet dating sites do you have a profile on?
Yankees Base


1. Why is everyone asking stupid Abortion questions this morning?
2. Although it's exactly one month away, what are you doing for Memorial Day (if you live in the United States)?
3. Do you have satelite radio? Do you like it? Is it worth the 12 bucks a month?
4. Where did so_mikey go? I want an update on his STD dilemma.
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i'm trying to upload a video on youtube (which i've only done once before) and the file won't start uploading. it just says "connecting..." and goes no further. what's going on?

thank you!
x-treme geekdom

it's been over 2 decades and I still don't get it

Namor, the Submariner & Avenging Son, is a human/atlantean hybrid and an atypical mutant. He's got superhuman strength, can breathe underwater, and can fly while supporting a ridiculous amount of wiehgt with those tiny little ankle wings. These are the essentials of the character but they all explain nothing of one particular thing.

I've been through several editions and upodates of the Marvel Universe and while it goes into exhaustive details about him it sheds no light on this on something I just don't get.

The guy's got this thing he says all the bloddy time. You hardly ever see him without him finding some way to work it into the conversation at least once...sometimes twice. It's a combination greeting/insult/battlecry/and point maker. When I wasa lot younger I thought it was like a Captain Marvel thing, where the kid says "Shazam!" and it gives him a massive dose of power...but that's not it either.

What the Hell does Imperious Rex mean?
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Is there a proper way to address an invitation to a homosexual couple? We are having a family gathering (my parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary) and I'm in charge of mailing out invitations. If it matters it's not an overly formal event. There's going to be a blessing by the church and a get together at my sister's house. The invitations aren't formal at all but my sister wants everyone's invitation made out to Mr. & Mrs. XX and family.

Should I mail it to Mr. Joe Smith and Mr. John Doe or should it be addressed as Mr. Joe Smith and John Doe?

What say you TQC?

ETA: This particular couple does not have kids.

Answered! THANKS!!
lost constant

Research for my Statistics class.

1. Do you own a computer?

2. What type of computer have you owned, PC or Mac, and how many?

3. How do you generally use computers (choose all that apply)
  • A- General use (web-surfing, IM and Email, music etc.)
  • B- School/Business
  • C-Media (home theatre, editing movies, graphic design etc.)
  • D - Gaming (detailed high-end games)

4. Which do you prefer? PC or Mac

5. What is your gender?

6. What is/was your major? (undecided/undeclared are OK)

7. Age
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party planning.

1. What theme would be best for an 8 year old boy's birthday party?

2. If you're a parent, please give me your success stories from past parties you have planned for your kids.

3. Didn't Fantastic 4 suck?

Thanks in advance.
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1- Is there anywhere you simply cannot be on the internet arguing? (IE, you get too worked up, so if you were at a computer in a library, and since they don't appreciate temper tantrums there... yeah.)
2- Do you suffer migranes? Does it bother you that they could be causing brain damage?
3- What's a food/drink you like that no one else you know likes?
4- Last time you stayed at a hotel? What were you doing there? ;P
5- Why not?

1- Work. I stopped responding to the males having rights over a fetus Q for this reason. :p
2- Yes, and yes... though that would explain a lot.
3- Aloe! Either in chunks or in juice form. Mmmmmmmm. :)
4- Last Friday and Saturday. Was waiting to pick up a friend at an airport in Buffalo.
5- Because, dammit.
Lean deep

Traveler's Checks

Do people still use traveler's checks? We are going to Mexico this month and were wondering if they are worth the trouble. If so, how does one go about obtaining said items?


**EDIT: Thanks for all your answers!

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1. What are you nervous/paranoid about?

2. What object(s) do you have on you every day, that mean something special to you?

3. Formula 50 is the best vitamin water, Y/N?

For me:

1. Trying to get into a conversation (online and in real life) and making posts or comments online. It's pretty silly, but I tend to sweat the small stuff a lot. I have some paranoia about what my friends really think of me.

2. I always have on a jade pendant and Tintin Swatch that my mom gave me; also two rings that I'd been eyeing for a long time and finally saved up enough for as of several months ago.

3. I'm addicted to this stuff.

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Recently I found out that American Girl Dolls are $80+. I really wanted the Samantha one when I was 6. Does anyone know/remember how much it cost in 1992?

Is the flute considered a difficult instrument to play? Obviously it depends on the person but I mean in general.

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1)Did you ever have a Trapper Keeper in school? Do they still make those?
2)Do you make To Do lists or keep everything in your head?
3)Do you use any tricks to help you remember things? If so, what?
lulu guinness clutch

Pictures Please!

1. What does your garage look like? What is in it right now?
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2. What is the last thing one of your pets did that made you laugh?
My cat was walking around the computer chair and rubbed his chin on the thing you pull to make it go up and down while I was sitting it. The chair went down super fast, so he ran away to the next room. Then he gave the chair a few nasty looks.

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1. It's nearly 80 degrees today. I want to wear my jacket because it has lots of pockets and girl jean pockets are pathetic, so I can't use them. It's black and goes down to about my knees. What will the other students on my campus think of me if I wear it, if they think anything at all?

2. I hate purses because they're a pain in the ass to keep track of and carry around, so. Which should I do - start buying boys jeans because they have huge pockets, or wear my jacket all summer long? Or something else else that would involve me not having to carry a purse?

3. How do you adjust from winter clothes to summer clothes? I get so spoiled by getting to wear layers of comfy clothes, so I typically go through a month of angst in the spring when I can't wear sweatshirts anymore because it's too warm.

4. One of my friends on MySpace just sent out a bulletin that had Collapse ) inside it. Tell me, did you laugh when you read it?

cheesy question

I was talking to my friend the other day and she told me how she cheated on her bf and I asked her what she would do if she found out he had also. She told me that she'd be upset, but she wouldn't be surprised because "stuff like that happens."

Does anyone still believe in pure, true, meaningful love?

Call me naive or whatever, but it seriously makes me sad that so many people have lost their faith in love and just think you gotta make do with it.

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NOT that I want to cause any drama...

But what do you think about:

Global Warming? Hoax or scam?

President Bush: Better than Washington or Jimmy Carter?

The Death penalty... for parking tickets?

Iraq....when can I plan my vacation in Baghdad?

iPod customer service?

misc - not a weapon

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I am writing a cover letter, but I'm stuck on one key part. The name of the person I am addressing it to is Casey, and I don't know if this particular Casey is male or female. Other than calling them up and talking to them on the phone (it says no phone calls), is there any good way to deal with this? I don't want to say "To whom it may concern" because the name is very specifically given in the job description.

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My father and my baby sister, whose picture is RIGHT next to the definition of "teenage angst", had an explosive argument this past weekend over her quitting college.

My sister's husband happened to over hear what was said:

My father ranted that "I have one daughter who shacked up with her boyfriend and another who got pregnant out of wedlock . I was expecting more from you!"

I moved in with my boyfriend (now fiance) when I was almost 25. That was two years ago. I moved out because I'm basically disabled because of my seizures. All I did was sit on the couch, watch TV, and cry because my friends were going on with their lives and my boyfriend lived 6 hours away because he's in the army. I couldn't handle it anymore and had to get out because I felt like I was in prison for something I have no control over. I was even suicidal at one point.

My younger sister got married after her daughter turned 2. My father adores his granddaughter, but I was surprised when he got so angry while talking to my baby sister.

I would think that he would figure out that since we're both adults, he would talk to us about his feelings to our FACES instead of behind our backs.

So here's my questions guys:

Do you think it was right of my father to say all of this behind our backs?

Not trying to be self-centered here or throw a pity-party, but why doesn't he understand one of the main reasons I moved out? Did he just want me to stay at home and be miserable because of my fiance living so far away?


Something I should've mentioned, but neglected to because I am feeling hurt at the moment:

I have a BSE in Social Science Education, and my younger sister an AA in Surgical Tech.

I'm unable to work because of my epilepsy. My sister works a full-time job as a surgical technician.

Thanks for making me remember to point this out
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misc - cemetery

three unrelated (and very wordy) questions!

1. I've applied to transfer to two different colleges. I should be hearing back from both of them this week. Well, letters will be sent to my home. I'm still at school, taking finals this week. I have a little bit of a dilemma. I'm not sure when I should allow my parents to tell me the results. Part of me wants to know ASAP, but another part of me knows that I have three exams left this week, and I should wait until afterwards to find out so I don't risk having to take a test while upset. My last exam is Friday morning, so it seems reasonable to ask my parents to tell me what the letters say on Friday after my test. BUT, on Saturday morning I am flying halfway across the country for a concert, and I don't want to spend my weekend moping there either. However, there are forms I need to fill out for the registrar once I figure out where I'm going. So.. what would you do? Should I just let my parents tell me as soon as they get the letters? Or how long should I wait? :\ (In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little nervous that I won't get accepted!)

2. I'm almost 21 years old, and I have never in my life gotten a shot without one of my parents in the room with me. I've never had a shot without crying and squeezing my parent's hand. I had kind of a bad experience with shots when I was younger (I nearly passed out) and ever since then I just can't do it. However, I need to get a TB test for my new summer job. I won't have time to get it done at home, since I won't be there until Monday night and my appointment with HR is on Tuesday. I'm getting the test done today. I know I'm a big fat wimp, but... how should I handle it? I don't have any friends here that I could bring. Should I tell the nurse ahead of time how bad I am? Normally they can tell since I'm an adult and yet I have to bring my dad in with me, but since I'm alone should I warn her that I'm really bad with shots and that I can't see the needle? How do you recommend I calm down? I have to be there in about an hour. I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep and I've got coffee in my system so I'm already jittery. I don't want to make a fool out of myself, but... really. I can't handle shots. Halp?

Thanks :\

ETA: 3. Can you recommend a brand of really super temporary black/dark brown hair dye or spray? Like, out one wash or so?

ETA Again: Okay, the shot is over. Thanks for your help, people. I got a little teary-eyed and I was digging my nails in to my leg, but I didn't cry, and the nurse was really sweet about everything. I am a little light-headed though. Bagel time!

Oh, and for the people who are talking about the set of teensy short needles - I know that kind is fine; in fact when I was little I used to enjoy getting them because my doctor drew a face on it. But this is the newer type where it's one needle and it goes under your skin at a steep angle. That's all.
Pez&Ziv colour

Allow Circ or Jewish Exodus

As for the question of Circumcision.

If the option was to allow infant circumcision or have all Jews in America leave the country or certain states with large Jewish populations like NY, CA and FL leaving the union. Which would you choose?

That would include people on this list.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=list of jewish americans for the entire list.

*edit* Sorry I wasn't clear. In a previous post a number of people posted that they were very much so against male infant circ. So I asked the next question as, as an Orthodox Jew, if the Country tried to prevent me from practicing a basic and fundamental tenant of my religion, I would either continue to circ (G-d willing) any male child I would have or leave.

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So my boyfriend and I have very similar cell phones. The other day I picked up his, thinking it was mine, and went to the text message area. I saw there was a text from one of my boyfriend's friends, went "Wtf when did I get this?" and opened it. It said something like "when are you dropping off the money for the ketamine?"

Yeah. My boyfriend apparently was going to do this behind my back with NO intention of telling me.

How should I approach him about this?

Not all replies have to be serious. Laughs needed. :-)
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I tried Google and Wikipedia, but I can't seem to find an answer.

My question is, How do you clean a Dustbuster? I'm thinking I can put the plastic parts in the dishwasher, but for the spongey filter thing I don't know what to do. Maybe the washing machine?

My husband threw away the box with the little manual in it. =(

Also, how do you get a 2 year old to stay in his bed for a nap?

I say Beatings and lots of them. =)
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I am absolutely sick of shaving my bikini/waxing my bikini line.
Does anybody have any experience with epilators? Any reccomdations? None of my friends have used them, and if i'm going to be spending a lot of money on something i want it to come with thumbs up from people!

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so...this is a weird question, and i hope it doesnt make me look too stupid, but everytime i talk about my anxiety, anger management and stress problems...the advice given to me always consists of several things and i just realized they all say to fix/change my diet...will changing my diet really help with anger problems??? that doesnt make sense to me ...why???

note: i'm appearantly really bad at taking care of myself...so if this seems like a silly question, i apologize now.


1. In all honesty, do you ever dislike famous and well-liked people just because they're famous and everyone likes them?
1a. Who, for example?

2. Is there anyone "TQC-famous" you dislike just because everyone else likes them?
2a. Who?
Me outside 2004 happy

Our hot tub

1. Has anyone heard of any hot tub lawsuits ?

2. Should I post hot tub rules on the deck or is that tacky ?

3. If you had to choose, do you like to hot tub at night or daytime ?
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Prom ?'s

1) Where'd you eat dinner at on prom night?

2) Would you think it was weird if you went out to Moe's Southwestern Grill and a prom party was eating there?

3) Did you "light the lamp (score)" on your prom night?
life is pain

Oakland bridge collapse

Are you one of those conspiracy nutjob wackos that thinks the accident was an "accident" caused by terrorists/Bush/the Pope/Cheney/aliens/Al Qaeda?

Who wants to take bets on the day the fucking thing will reopen, if ever?
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I sent in a resume to a temp agency I've worked with before on Jobing.com in response to a job they'd posted there. They got back to me with all their info and when to come in and register, etcetera. There was a copy of the e-mail they'd been sent from Jobing.com attached to the bottom, yadda yadda.

Right after that e-mail, I get one that simply states:

PJ Smith would like to recall the message, "Jobing.com: Light Bookkeeping/Reception Resume From: [my name] ".

PJ Smith is the one who sent it to me. What in the world does that mean? "Nevermind, don't come in, we don't want you?"
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1. do you have dimples?
2. do either one of your parents have dimples?
3. do people usually point out the obvious whenever you smile?


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Last night on The Tudors, King Henry VIII received a letter from Anne Bolyn, and later sent her one. On the letters where his name or signature would go were the initials H R. What does the R stand for? I think I have seen this regarding the current Queen of England too.
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As a required part of my job uniform, I need to put my hair in a ponytail...or up and away from my face for that matter.

I really dislike ponytails, but since I have no choice what are some ways to spice it up, make it cute, or just plain original? The only thing I can think of doing is putting a ribbon around the ponytail holder. I'm a server at a dine-in movie theatre if that makes any difference.
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Does anyone have a cat that tries to talk to birds, or alternatively a bird that tries to talk to a cat?

My cat and this bird have a really odd arrangement. This one myner bird will come and sit on the edge of the balcony, and tweet really loudly until my cat comes out and meows back. They meow and tweet at each other for a little bit, and then go about their business once more.

It's freaky.

to settle an argument

1. Look at the pictures under the cut. Which of the last three men do you think looks most like the guy in the first picture?

Collapse )

2. Do you think Nick Cave sounds like Tom Waits?

3. Do you think Mark Lanegan sounds like Tom Waits?

4. Do you think the cookie monster sounds like Tom Waits?

5. Do you sound like Tom Waits?

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Ever been told you're not a real man/woman because you don't live up to someone's expectations of what men/women should be?

Yes, more times than I can count.

I've been told before I'm not a real woman because:

-I swear.
-I get angry sometimes.
-I don't wear makeup much.
-For various interests/likes/dislikes.
-For not being Christian.
-For dying my hair.
-For being a night owl.

I could go on and on. I've been told I'm not a real woman for so many ridiculous reasons.
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hello lion-o

Strict jobs?

Have you ever worked at a job where they had serious restrictions on how you could look/act/whatever?

Did in change your perspective on customer service after a while?

I work for a rather huge company that has strict rules on how we can dress (including hair colors, nail polish colors, makeup, piercings, jewelry, etc...) and how we can act when in view of our customers (no cell phones ever (not even to check time) no sitting/leaning on anything, no crossing arms in front of you, no food/drink/gum/tictacs/cough drops/etc ever where customers can see you) and I could go on and on but I'll spare you the rest.

It's crazy because it's really weird for me to go to Target now, for example, and see the employees sitting outside the store smoking or seeing a cashier with a piercing other then one set of ear piercings

(no subject)

I was just informed (from my mother not the car insurance company) that my car insurance has gone from $1,840 a year to $790 a year.

Is she just screwing with me? (otherwise this would be huge news to a poor car insurance paying college student)

Edit: I turned 20 in February, not 21 or 25, and I'm a girl....... and that's about it. No traffic tickets? No accidents (that were my fault)

What's the best news you've heard lately?

How do you stop someone from always asking to study with you only to get answers?

The person I talk to most in this class always asks to study or do homework together. When we do get together and do homework together, I end up telling her everything and have to explain everything to her. She usually asks to get together when an assignment is hard to her. I understand the material very well and I feel like when we get together, I have to tell her everything because she doesn't know that much. It's easier for me to do it alone and I like to study a lot better. What pisses me off is when she doesn't get it then she asks to get together, but when she does understand, she doesn't ask. She called and asked to do this big assignment together today and I have to call her back. What's the best, nicest, and most believable excuse as to why we can't?

I feel like such a bitch, though. I feel like I should help her because I feel like I should be nicer. But it's not so much helping her because she asks what everything means and that's giving her the answer. Helping is like giving her the answer. It's hard to help without giving answers. I never really hang out with her, btw. She usually calls for homework help.
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inspired by this post

Why do people use checks? Am I the only one who's annoyed by people who pay by check at the grocery store and hold up the line? Doesn't a debit card work the same way, only faster? And why should I spend time balancing a checkbook anyway, shouldn't it be the bank's job to keep me updated on my account?

Maybe it's just because I'm originally from a place where no one uses checks and everything is done either by bank transfer (paying bills etc.) or debit card (shopping etc.), so they just seem useless to me.
Love Actually

Mental health and letters

1. My level of anxiety for the past 6 months has been on a continual rise. I was medicated for anxiety until I was 20, and I'm thinking at this point it would be a good idea to get on it again. I hail from NY but am in the UK being all studious, so how do I go about doing this? Do I just make an appointment with my campus physician and he prescribes the medication?

Daft question, I know, but back in the States all I had to do was open up my physician father's closet of wonders and my shrink was a family friend who took me out for Indian food every month.

2. Have you ever written a letter to someone you admire, whether it be a celebrity or public figure? Did they write back?

3. Did you ever write absurd letters to people when you were younger? I had this special Baby-Sitters Club Book where they sent each other letters, so my friend and I copied the addresses and sent all sorts of ridiculous mail out. They were probably fake addresses, but I hope somebody got a kick out of them. I also wrote to Pope JP because I swore my rabbit was a miracle, due to the black dots on his back that formed a Cross. Popers never wrote back :(
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Basically, my school is retarded and accepted way too many freshman into housing for next fall, and as a result, people have to be kicked out.

They started a waitlist a couple months ago, I was number 320 out of 350.  I transferred in the middle of the year, which was my freshman year, and I'm working with Adaptive services, which gives me more priority.  I'm now 108 and they have 15 spots left, and I've tried finding off-campus housing, and I've been rejected by every place.  Also, my parents didn't want me to go off campus because apparently, I "haven't been going to classes," even though I have been going.  And I'm not transferring a second time in one year, but my parents think that I should.  I've talked to the Housing department a number of times, and all the people that work in there are RA's who can't seem to give me a good answer to anything.

Basically... what else do you think I should do?  To college students, has this ever happened at your school? How did you solve the problem? Shuold I just get a gun and start shooting everyone in the Housing Department for being dumbasses?

birds building

7 is a lucky number

1) Dr. Orpheus, Dr. Girlfriend, or Dr. Venture? (Dr. O all the way.)

2) Am I the only person in the world who seriously thinks Al Gore is a stone fox with that beard? Mrrrrow. (I think maybe yes.)

3) Have you ever gone down on someone and had a piece of hair stuck in your throat for a long time? (It's going on at this exact second in time. The hair, not the head.)

4) Do you think the phrase "white people are crazy" is okay to say? (Only if I can say other groups are also crazy.)

5) How many floors does the building you work in have and which do you work on? How about the one you live in? (Four, and I work on the 4th. Eight, and I live on the 8th. And I'm scared of heights!)

6) Do you think I'm a whore? Why? (Sure, and because I said so.)

7) (last one, I promise. I'm just bored and hoping people will respond.) Plz post your favorite macro?
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Re this post:

1) When you're asked about people that you have loved, would you count your unrequited love(s)?

2) Have you ever experienced it? Are there anyone whose first love was unrequited? Do you think the feeling felt are the same as in the requited love?

I'm never sure whether I should even count it, because my one and only love so far has been unrequited.. 
Any further thoughts/experiences? 
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Hey TQC - I need to sell my useless textbooks!
Where do you sell yours back?
How much did you pay this semester for books?
How much did you get back?
Wouldn't it be nice if they just told us right away which books we'll NEVER EVER use so we don't have to buy them?
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It's not likely that anyone'll have an answer to this, but, I'd like to get some Word docs onto my Ipod [I've heard you can do that], but I'm really technologically impared. Does anyone know how to do this, who could maybe step-by-step with me, or at least get me started?

I'd really appreciate it.


Anyone know of some cute styles? Something kind of hipster or punky, but managable. I was thinking of getting it cut at an angle, with it shorter in the back and longer in the front but I have yet to find a decent picture to show my hair dresser.

Or does anyone know a good hairstyle website I could browse through?
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sex toys

1.  Ladies, do you have names for your sex toys?  I've heard of 2 people in the last week naming theirs, and I'm wondering how common it is.  (in case anyone wonders, the vibrator names I heard were Bobb and Long John Silver)
2.  If yes, what name(s) do you use?
3.  What kind of toy(s) do you have? 
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Love's A Bitch

-My very first ex has come back into my life. Both of us are in casual relationships which might bomb, more on his side than mine, and VERY attracted to one another. Should I risk my heart once more or just keep things on the DL?
Note: We dated over 4 years ago.
-Anyone heard of the band Sick Puppies and if so, what do you think of them?

Edit: Just in case anyone's curious and wants to base decision on his looks.
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How should i deal with this effin' Flight Coupon?

in december i bought plane tickets to visit a guy i was in an LDR with.
we're no longer an item, so i canceled the flight out there (he's in MN, i'm in CA)
now i have this credit on the airline he suggested


the random airline only flies out of my area to MN.. no where else..

do you think i should...
(1) try to contact one of his friends to offer them my plane tickets at cost (presumably to go see him)? i'm not friends with any of them, but i could pick them out of line-ups...
(2) try to sell the ticket credit to someone on Craig's list or something? it does go from other places to other places (like NY to FL) so could be of use to someone... potentially..?
(3) say fuck it, and lose the money/flight coupon?
(4) find a reason to go to MN?
(5) alternate suggestions/hilarity?

i called the airline to see if they have sister companies that i could use the coupon on and they said no. grrrr

i should note that me and him are not on the best of terms, so i have no motivation to sell it back to him particularly. i mean, i dont even really want to contact him about this. i'd rather just be done with it.

i should also note that I KNOW NO ONE ELSE IN MN, nor do i have any motivations to go there with the ticket randomly. so. not. interested. (not that it's not a *great* place, i'm sure) ^_^

[as always, i expect a spectrum of responses from snarky to serious]
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What's your favorite product to pour in the water when you're taking a relaxing bath? (aka bubble bath, salt, whatever) What brand is it?

What are you getting for your mom for mother's day?

What's your favorite hairspray product?

(no subject)

In what way does someone's usericon determine how you picture them in your head?

(I always picture seanseansean as an old man with a beard smoking a cigar.)

What factors do you use when guessing someone's gender online (assuming that you don't look it up in their userinfo)?

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Biggest dealbreaker on a first date

Admits during dinner that they're on anti-psychotics, but that they keep forgetting to take them
Single parent with 2 kids from two different partners
First half of the date they gripe nonstop about their ex
Within the first hour, they say, out of nowhere, "buttsex...yay or nay?"
Morbidly obese
They're unemployed. They're not even in a band
You catch them checking out the backside of your waitress/waiter. They're not even subtle about it
You find out that they have a poster of the Olsen Twins over their bed
Admits that he or she has an enormous Barbie (if female) or Star Wars collection (if male)
They show up in sweatpants and a t-shirt that doesn't match, color-wise
They smoke
When you pick them up/they pick you up, they're more than slightly inebriated
Turns out, they're one of your friend's exes. One that really hurt your friend badly when they dumped him or her
They're missing a hand
They're a born-again christian

What is your 'ejector seat' when the date goes sour? Like, what's your tactic for getting out of a bad date?

Excuse yourself to the restroom and just leave
Complain of a headache and say you should probably go home
After you find out that not only are they annoying but they're also bad in bed, I storm out angrily
Pepper spray
You talked to your friend earlier to call you at a certain point in the evening, and if the date's circling the drain, you pretend it's an emergency and that you have to go
Make it a point to be really annoying, creepy or batshit crazy. Surely the other person will find some reason to end the date
I outright insult them to their face, either voicing my inner opinions or calling them on their many obvious flaws and delusions
I have no escape plan. I bear with them and hope that they don't ask for a kiss goodnight
Just get drunk. Then you stop caring and maybe the night will actually get better
Start talking about your ex. Whether or not your ex is a sore subject, the mere bringing up of an ex in a bitter way usually waylays any progress on the date

What are some 'don'ts' that you will not do on the first date

Will not sleep with them
Will not order anything larger than a salad or appetizer, no matter how hungry I am
Will not get drunk
Will not kiss them
Will not offer to pay (the guy should pay)
Will not talk about any dependents that you have, aka, children
I don't date
Honestly, none of the above really applies. Way I see it, anything can happen
I consider the date a failure UNLESS 3 or more of those things above happen
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I know I just posted but I had to ask.

So we were all kids, and when we're kids we're dumb, and we've all done something stupid.

So... when you were a kid, did you ever eat/snort something that wasn't supposed to be eaten/snorted? What were the results?

...As a kid I snorted Ovaltine.  I guess I thought as a kid that I would get more of my daily 'tine fix...  Nothing bad happened, I just had a vitamin-filled chocolatey drip.


There are a whole bunch of little tiny whiteheads and pimples in my cleavage. I have no idea why they've started to pop up. Stress perhaps? I've tried everything: sulfur lotion, popping them, Neutrogena acne wash, salicylic acid, etc. Nothing works.

How I can get rid of them? What works/worked for your blemishes?

i suck at computers.

i can use my computer super well, but no matter what, i do not know the answer to these two questions:

1. I have a Dell 700m (a teeny tiny little laptop that i love).I bought it in, um, summer of 05 maybe? and at some point the battery was recalled. I'm an idiot, and so i thought, "whatever, mine works fine". Well, now it DOESNT work fine. My computer does not recognize or charge my battery, so the moment i unplug my computer to take it into another room, it shuts off. AWESOME. Does anyone know how i go about getting a new battery? Do i have to send my whole laptop in or something?

2. My wireless internet has just, um, stopped detecting wireless internet connections. Nevermind that i HAVE a wireless internet connection as does my neighbor etc, about six months ago it stopped finding wifi connections. So even though I have wireless, which my husband enjoys on HIS computer, I have to have my computer plugged into the modem (which is fine for now, as i have this whole battery issue, anyway). WTF is going on with my wifi?

point being, my laptop is no more useful than a desktop computer.

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Online school.
Like instead of going to school you take all of your classes online. It's a form of homeschooling obvi.

To the question:
Did you like it and would you reccomend doing it?
Or just your opinion on it in general.
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Work and Play

1. This semester I told my boss I could work any time before 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays and any time at all on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I ended up working two hours per week. I am making around $50 per month. So why does my boss expect me to continue working for him in the fall? Does he really think it's worth my time?

2. If you had to choose between a free 10-day vacation to Israel and a week-long cruise to Alaska with your family that your parents are paying for, which would you choose? I may be in this situation as I signed up for a trip to Israel that was supposed to be at the very end of June or beginning of July, so my parents scheduled the trip for the middle of July, but now the Israel people haven't contacted me yet and it's kind of past the deadline to contact participants on the June trip. If the trip schedule conflicts with the Alaskan cruise I'll have to choose one. I want to choose Israel, but that might screw my parents out of money. But I don't really care since no matter where we go our family vacations always end up being really boring anyway.

3. Have you ever seen a really good modernized/modern dress version of a Shakespeare play? What did it entail?
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Posting for a friend - wireless internet

My homegirl needs your help!

"Lately my internet connection has been really unstable and it times out frequently. When I do manage to get online I can download things at a relatively good pace but I cannot upload anything at all--not even attachments to emails. I'm hoping it's just a matter of having too many users on my connection. What are other possible causes?

Also, how do I encrypt my wireless network? My brother set it up a while ago and I'm not sure how to make it password protected. Maybe if I shake off some freeloading neighbors the issue will be resolved."

Help a sista out!

Also, what's your favorite kind of muffin?

friend: omfg ppl only care about the muffins! >:o
yeahwellalright: :-\

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So I'm 18 and I have what my mother calls "laugh lines" and I know as time goes on they'll get worse, so I was wondering if I'm too young to start using an anti-aging moisturizer or something. Would it preserve my youth or not do anything at all?

Which brand would you recommend if it'd be a good idea to even use it?


1. what size are you ?

2. would you ever get a reduction if you are large?

3. if you are smallish, would you get inplants?

4. does your SO want your boobs, bigger, smaller or the way you are?


are you a boob man?? come on.... fess up!
is there such a thing as too big or too small?
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i missed the end of house so they could interrupt for a severe weather warning.

it would seem, a really really really bad thunderstorm is coming.

am i irrational for being mad that they interrupted broadcast for a friggin thunderstorm? i'd think tornadoes, sure, nuclear holocaust, yeah, but rain?

is there a good reason to fear heavy rain, other than the impending doom of relative wetness?

does anyone want to email me and tell me how the show ended?

edit: yes, tonight was a repeat, no spoilers ahead. unless you're like me and you haven't seen this one, in which case, house has an epiphany at the last minute and realizes his crazy off-the wall-theory was right all along, and saves the day, much to the chagrin of always plays by the rules dr. foreman.

edit^2: the sky out my window is *still* clear and dry. assballs.
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1. If you were to type a word in capital letters do you hold the shift key or tap caps lock?

2. Can you tell over the internet if someone is having a bad day (assuming you talk to them online daily)?

3. I'm under 18. My parents use my name to pay certain bills. They insist it's an okay thing to do. How is this possible? Is this a terrible WTF sort of thing? Why would the companies even let them do that?

4. Why do you think people who never contribute anything here jump on the questions that involve posting pictures of things?
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Which of the following places have you peed?

a moving car
the forest
a water bottle
a Snapple bottle
some other kind of bottle
a can
a bucket
a sewer
a straw hat
someone's mouth
I haven't peed in any of those places.
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When was the last time you...

1. Made a wish? (What did you wish for?)
2. Did something spontaneous? (What did you do?)
3. Hugged someone? (Who did you hug?)
4. Broke a rule? (How did it happen?)
5. Felt truly and amazingly content? (And why?)

EDIT: My answers
1. Yesterday at 11:11. (I wished that I would finish my essay before the due date.)
2. Today. (I skipped school and went for doughnuts with a friend.)
3. Today. (Many different people.)
4. See number two.
5. Not in a while. (My life has been pretty hectic lately.)

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What do you think of people who are married and do not live together? Do you think that a marriage like that can last? What difference does it make if the married couple is long distance?

I've met a few couples like this, and I do not get it. At all. Maybe someone else does.
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Hay Hay TQC do my homeworks plz!

So, I just finished BSing a 5 page essay on the 2007 minimum wage increase. I was wondering these things as I wrote

1) How do you feel about the increase?

2) Do you think that it negatively effects small businesses/businesses in general?

3) Are you suprised to find out that families have seen their real income drop by almost $1,300 since 2000, while the costs of health insurance, gasoline, home heating, and attending college have increased by almost $5,000 annually. ( Government Reform 9/21/06)

4) Has the increase helped you in any way?

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For those of you who have traveled to Europe, have you had experiences with cell phones from this website?

I'm just wondering if this is better than just getting an unlocked phone and buying SIM cards over there.
I'm going with my boyfriend's family, and his dad wants to have a phone with us.

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so after a craptastic start to the week, i made cupcakes today.  when i cracked one of the eggs, two yolks came out.  have you ever had more than two yolks in an egg?  if so, how many were there?
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Omg TQC....

About two months ago, I made a post in here about abnormally shaped yards and a really, really ugly neighboring house. We knew that our next-door neighbors were hicks when we bought the place, but I didn't realize how much it was going to get on my nerves.

It seems trivial, but they leave their back porch light on every night. Because our house is caddy-cornered, it shines right into my fucking eyes while I'm trying to sleep. I swear, the light ninja-sneaks through our blinds and drives me insane!

To remedy the problem, should I:

1) Buy really, really dark/heavy curtains
2) Knock on their door at 11pm and ask them to shut it off
3) Buy a pellet gun, snipe out their bare lightbulb nightly, and hope Pavlov was right

Edit: Alright, since option 3 seems to be the winner, my next question is this:

Do they make silencers for BB guns?
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1)Do you make your bed every day?
2)If cats could read, do you think they would enjoy reading Garfield or do you think they would find it insulting?
3)What movie do you think had the best gory effects?

salad-tossing questions

1. When's the last time that procrastination bit you in the ass?

2. Has anyone here ever married their first boyfriend/girlfriend? Or at least, is convinced they're spending the rest of their life with them?

3. I'm watching Spiderman 3 tomorrow. Is anybody else looking forward to the movie?
After two films, it's starting to feel like a chore, now, haha.

4. What movie that's going to be released within the year are you most excited to see?

5. What's the best thing that's happened to you so far this year?

6. Would you know if Sweden and/or Belgium air Doctor Who simultaneously with the BBC One broadcast in the UK?
I have no idea where to get this information. :\

7. Inspired by the gay Jesus movie hoax, which internet urban legend had you most fooled?
This would probably be it. My elementary school made all of us sign the petition when they first heard about it ten years ago. :|


I'm shadowing a PA tomorrow. While I'm really excited, I have to say I'm more nervous than anything. I'm not sure why I'm so nervous either. Maybe because I won't really be DOING anything. At least with a job orientation, you're expected to work. But this is just following someone around for a few hours.

It'll be in a hospital, so if anyone who's shadowed someone in the medical profession can help me out here, I'd appreciate it. Any advice on avoiding awkwardness while job shadowing someone? Dos/donts? My coworker jokingly told me not to follow the person into the bathroom, lol. But to be honest I have NO idea what I am doing. Just walking around, talking to the person and feeling awkward all day? That sounds like a recipe for disaster. I blush easily when I'm nervous too, so great. Ick.

HELP! How do you "shadow" someone? Do you have any good/bad experiences with it?

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Just wondering what people's opinions would be on this.

My boyfriend is coming up on the end of his lease right now.  When he moved into his house a year ago, he and his roommate split the security depost and each paid $550.  They each had their own bedrooms.  His roommate, a few months later, got a dog that tore up pretty much all of the carpeting in her room.  She's already moved out and the landlord had checked out her room and remarked about how he's probably going to have to replace the carpeting in there.  I'm fairly positive that carpeting a decent sized room will go over her half of the $550 security deposit.

Would it be right of my boyfriend to request reimbursement for whatever part of the security deposit he does not get back? (assuming there is no further damage found throughout the house or in his room) Not from the landlord, from his roommate.

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How important is it for your family to like your SO?
Ever been in a situation where your family hated your SO?
Ever been in a situation where your family liked your SO a little too much?
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(no subject)

1. What was your favorite thing you did today?
2. Ever been to a comic book convention? Was it any fun?
3. What would you do with a bright pink hat with a glittery butterfly on it, you got as a gift? *silly answers preferred*
4. Do you think it's cheesy that my twin sister and I wore the same dress to prom?
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Oh hay thar

(no subject)

Is there any plausible reason why all of someone's teeth (rapidly - within a year and about 10 teeth) would decay to the point of needing to be extracted if they brush and floss their teeth everyday, are a non-smoker, not on the (crack) pipe, etc.?

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Hello all!

I really love Harlan Coben books.  They're kind of my favorite summer reading material, and I'm about to finish his new one, The Woods.  Do any of you have any recommendations of similar fun semi-light plot twisty mysteries?

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1. Is there a way to rollerblade down a hill gracefully? Or slowly? Or with enough control so that I don't feel the urge to jump onto the grass?

edit: yeah, I am aware of the break. But I've tried it, and it seems pretty ineffective. I'm probably doing it wrong.
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Hey guys! I love listening to funny audio clips (like prank calls etc) while I draw, since I can't watch funny stuff on YouTube at the same time or anything. Does anyone know of a really great site with a big archive of funny audio clips? I need some real quality stuff!
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I need to vent because I'm going crazy

My upstairs neighbors, whose room location I haven't exactly pinpointed yet but I have a feeling they're in the apartment directly above me, play music with the bass turned up as loud as possible for up to 18 hours per day, and at a minimum 12, 7 days a week.

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I know I could go to the library to write papers, but I don't want to. BUT I can't go anywhere else to sleep, and my sleeping schedule has gotten completely thrown off, no thanks to them. It takes me hours and hours to fall asleep and I almost never get to sleep before 4:00 in the morning, regardless of what time I go to bed.

As far as I know, there are no quiet rules here, although there should be, but it's not a dorm even though almost everyone here is a student. My lease is up in December. Most likely it will be my luck that these people won't leave, and will most likely be here during the summer (most people sign August-August contracts), and I will be, too.


1. What should be the acceptable times to make noise when you're living in a large apartment community?
2. Should I "tell on" them to the people at the front desk, even though I have a feeling they can't do anything about it and even if they do tell them to shut up they probably won't listen seeing as they play the music so f***ing often they have to know that they're disturbing other people?
3. Should I request being moved to another room in the building even though this might result in me getting a crappy apartment mate or even worse neighbors?
4. If you were in my situation would you go crazy as well?
5. How come whenever I tell this story to someone they're always sympathetic to the noise-makers and think I'm being a prude for actually wanting to study and sleep *a couple* hours a day?

I know this post is egotistic but it feels good to get it all off my chest. You can make fun of me if you want but I seriously am at the end of my rope here. It is never, ever, *ever* quiet here. Ever. Except really early in the morning. I used to get up at 7:00 to do homework and sometimes even then I could only get an hour or two in before they started with the noise, but now that my sleep schedule is so messed up I can't do that anymore.

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is google calendar acting funny for anyone else? the bar under the date (in week view), where it displays all day events, is stretched way the fuck out on mine and it's lame. and i'm pretty sure i have events that aren't currently showing up. wtf?