April 29th, 2007

Me--State Fair

ow, my eye! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!

Okay Dr. EllJay, quick question:

Yesterday I cried a bit because my now ex-bosses were being asshats. Today, when I move my eye or am in light for too long, I get a pain that runs from my eye to my hairline on my forehead. Any clues as to what the hell I did to myself? It's really weird and uncomfortable.
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Die kitty

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Can anyone here tell me exactly what this tattoo translates to? It is Chinese, duh lol.


Lol, jokes are shared, especially the potatoes shared one. But this is a girl at work, who thinks it means "beautiful" but it so does not, so I wana laugh, and tell her exactly what it means.

Keep the jokes, as it is making us laugh, but if anyone actually knows what it means, or better it means jack all, please do tell.


It means either Heavy Living, or Heavy Birth *sniggers* which is enough but if you must, carry on with the laughs.

Thanks to all that helped give the real meaning.

This person thought that it meant "beautiful" and now that is on her forever that it does NOT mean this. Oh dear....

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Quick alcoholic survey as this is the weekend:
Who is drunk right now?

Not me, I've been a good boy and stayed in to study (mostly because I won't be able to write this essay if I don't)

OK, as I have realised by now, most of you are across that date line thingie, so while it's nearly 1am here, it's 11am yesterday for you guys.
Revised question for you alcos out there, who will be drinking today?
chef hats


1.Do any of you watch Eureka Seven on Adult Swim?

2.Why the fuck did they cut big chunks out of the beginning and end of episode 50?
(Time constraints?)

3.What is the silliest thing you've gotten really angry about?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any interesting postcard books or postcards that I could buy online, or even better if anyone knows of any stores/places in nyc that I could go buy them at.

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(no subject)

1. Do you feel guilty if you have nicer/more expensive things than your friends/family? For example, if you have a higher salary than your sister and buy a nicer car than what she could afford?

2. Do you ever tone down your purchases/buy something cheaper than what you wanted, because of how it will look to your friends with crappier jobs/less savings than yours?

3. Have you ever heard of people eating cheese on their apple pie? What kind of cheese? And have you tried it?

4. Do you know the muffin man? Where does he live (this is to settle an argument)?

(no subject)

Why does a child under the age of 15 need a phone that isn't a Firefly or basic?

Parents, if your child has a cell phone do they have extras? [text, web, ring tones]

Do you pay for it or do you make them work or pay it off?


What are your grocery must-haves?

Me, I can't get through the week without potatoes, pasta, peppers (banana, bell & jalapeno), tortillas and beeeeef.

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow, but it seems like I always get the same things and make the same meals. I'm looking to try something different, but I'm kinda afraid to try something new without any knowledge of its quality... the last time I did that, I ended up with "chow mein" that tasted like barf. Still, I think tomorrow is the day to finally give in and buy some couscous!

(no subject)

1. Do you feel resentment towards anyone?
2. Would you forgive someone who hurt you really badly and who didn't feel any remorse for hurting you whatsoever?
3. Who else besides me hates attending weddings?
4. Do you wear makeup?
5. Do you find ending a friendship more difficult than ending a romantic relationship?
6. Do you have anything planned for today?

(no subject)

When i started working i said I could work about 25 hours a week since I still have schoolwork that I need time to do. This week they have me working over 30 hours and I'm worried that saying anything about it could make me look bad, especially since I've only been here a few weeks. Should I speak up or suck it up?

About how much sleep would you say you get a night?
Probably about 5 hours a night, I have so much trouble falling asleep, even when I'm exhausted :\

Someday I'll be a flower

(no subject)

I ate a few days ago at a French restaurant, Pauls, and ordered a dish I'd like to try at home. I don't know the name, but basically it was a potato pancake (hashed potato), topped with mushrooms, and on top of that, a poached egg.

I know it sounds simple enough to make, but I'd love to find a recipe. Does anyone know either the name of this dish, or have a recipe for it?

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(no subject)

1. Do you think there's someone in the world that's almost exactly like you, or do you think you're the only one who looks and acts the way you do?

2. Do you have a best friend?

3. Do you think WoW(world of warcraft) is addictive?

4. Do you practice any religion?

5. Do you shower daily?

6. Would you consider yourself(or your family) rich?

7. What time do you get up/go to sleep?

8. If you could have anything/one, what/who would it be?

(no subject)

I just bought a Macbook (Pro). When I restarted it this morning after installing ShapeShifter, I've found that all my personal files/settings are gone. The apps I installed yesterday and the day before are still here, but everything else was wiped.

Is there a way to get my stuff back? Should I start panicking?

I've already tried Google, but I don't even know where to start.
Flaming Sikozu

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I'm kinda sick right now, cold type sniffles mixed with queasyness, but I'm also feeling really restless, what are some things I can do to amuse myself?
What are the best websites/books for info about the London and New York punk scenes of the '70s/'80s?
How would you react if you locked your keys in your room and were locked into your apartment, couldn't get to any of your own things but had access to the bathroom and kitchen and your flatmates decided that since they had only just arrived at the shops they were going to just stay and shop and get back in about 5 hours?
I'm incredibly apathetic about my health right now, it's to do with depression, I'm seeing a psychologist about it but I still just can't bring myself to do anything, any advice for getting past the apathy?
Have you ever had a really strange, random crush on somebody?
For me the most random would be H. R. Giger.
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My Spoon is Too Big


Has anyone here bought a three day park-hopper ticket at Disneyland recently? (More specifically, at the door for the one in Anaheim.) I logged onto their website and it said it was only $159, which seems too good to be true. And I wouldn't want to show up with insufficient funds. Thanks.

EDIT": Uh, yeah. I meant to ask how much you spent on your ticket.

Also: What are some easy guitar songs? links to tabs/chords would be greatly appreciated.

2 random ones...

1) Would you rather be brutally honest at all times, and always have the courage to, or would you rather be perfectly tactful always, but not be able to just tell the candid truth?

2) If you could be any kind plant, what would you be?

(I think I would take honestly, and be some kind of geophyte, they look delicate and pretty but can survive fire and total devastation)
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Awww. Crap.

I just dropped my cell phone in a bucket of water. Has anyone had any luck making a phone work after that? I have a SAMSUNG SCH-A670, if that helps at all.

My husband seems to think that my Verizon insurance that I have on the phone will cover it. I think he's insane. Is he right?

Have you ever bought a phone of Ebay or somewhere else that is not a Verizon (or your cell phone provider) store? How'd that work out for you?

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Dear TQC

I re-met a boy at Relay for Life on friday/saturday. We stayed warm together under some blankets talking for practically the whole night. I'm interested in getting to know him better. Now, I haven't talked to him since Saturday morning through text messages. A whole bunch of friends and I are going to see a movie today, and I was wondering if I should invite him via text. Something to the effect of "hey, we're all going. wanna come?".

I don't want to regret not asking him, but then again I don't want to seem like I'm bothering him. What do I do?
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(no subject)

1)  If LJ drama occurs in the comments to one of your posts, do you:

Put a stop to it
Sit back and watch it happen
Add to it
Some other option that I'm not considering

2)  When do you consider it to be "out of hand"?

My answers:
1)  I'll generally sit back and watch it.  I'll take sides in my head, but I usually don't say anything.
2)  I don't really know--no drama in my posts (ok, post) has gotten that far--people usually lose interest in a day or two.
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) Inspired by a Postsecret: What do you think of someone who was molested as a child who tracks down their molester as an adult and kills them?

2) What should I do with Collapse )

I ordered a different pair, but they sent me these heels, which are completely not my style, and a size 7.5, while I wear a size 10. I've been meaning to send them back, but I'm too lazy. I only paid $15 for them, so I just want to suck it up and get rid of them. Here are my options:
- Post them on Freecycle
- Give/sell them to someone on LJ for $5 plus the cost of shipping
- Donate them to a thrift store
- Donate them to the costume department of the local theatre I am highly involved in.

What would you do, TQC?

3) Why the fuck won't my black dog stop WHINING?

4) Would you like an icon? I am practicing my photoshop skills and have been on an iconmaking kick. One per person, please. Depending on how many reply, it may take me awhile. Gimme a picture and an optional preferred caption, and maybe a backstory to the pic.
Heart & Crosskeys
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1. What are your general feelings about jealousy?

2. How do respond/react to your own jealousy?

3. How do you respond/react to the jealousy of others?

4. What have been some of your experiences with jealousy?

The word jealous is often used to describe an envious state. In its correct usage, jealousy is the fear of losing something to another person (a loved one in the prototypical form), while envy is the pain or frustration caused by another person having something that one does not have oneself.

from Wikipedia

tick tock

(no subject)

Who comes first in your life- your platonic friendships, or your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover?

You can take this question however you want.

Notice I didn't say husband/wife, and not the parent of your children, either. Not someone you've vowed to have a lifetime attachment to.

For me, it's always been friendships... boyfriends and girlfriends have come and gone, but I've had a lot of the same friends since I was 5.

Trying to create a Yahoo 360 account

When I tried to create a new Yahoo 360 account it said the e-mail address I was trying to sign up with was already in use by another user so I created a new gmail address to use for Yahoo 360 but when I tried creating my account using the new e-mail address, it once again said that e-mail address was in use by another user. I made sure the new e-mail address had been verified so I know that's not the problem. I can't figure it out. Has anyone experienced the same problem while trying to create a Yahoo 360 account?
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I made summer pudding yesterday but now I have all these bread crusts left over. I don't want to throw them away and there aren't any ducks around here for me to feed them to. Any ideas on what I can do with them? Recipes?

(no subject)

What are your favorite smells?
I mean, smells that you could smell forever and never get sick of it.

I would have to say that the smell of tires, new sneakers, oil, and paint are my favorites.
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How difficult do you find it to prioritize all the things in your life? School, work, socializing... everything. I constantly finding myself feeling guilty if I'm studying too much and don't pay attention to my friends, but if I do things with my friends all the time, then I freak out about how much homework I have left to do. What is most important to you to do first?
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I'm meant to be packing for my trip to Scotland but I keep finding other things to do that are less boring.

Give me a good reason to get my arse into gear and just pack already? I'm going to my boyfriend's place, so it's not like I'll NEED clothes, right? Well, that's my excuse anyway..
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(no subject)

Ok, so I'm chief bridesmaid for a friend who is getting married in Newcastle (UK). None of her family/ friends live anywhere near Newcastle, so don't know the area, and most of us live at least a boat journey away!

She's decided she wants to go for a meal and then a club, possibly with a stripper, somewhere in Newcastle. I think she's going to arrange where (although any suggestions for a venue gratefully accepted!).

However, myself and the other bridesmaids (who I've never met...) thought it would be nice to do something to surprise her aswell. If she organises the venue etc, we thought perhaps we could arrange for champagne to be delivered or a cake or something, but it all seems a bit boring!

Any ideas for something we could do to surprise her that is a bit unique, and not too expensive? I've seen some hen packages with things like quad biking or pampering sessions etc, but it's all a bit much considering most people will be paying over £150 just to get there.

Thanks for any ideas!

(cross posted a little, sorry)
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You've got mail

I recently joined www.43things.com and one of the things on my list is "send postcards to strangers".

Who would like a postcard?

Do you have a 43things list? What sort of things do you have on it?

EDIT: You can either leave your full name and address in a comment or email your details to "ged_henry @ hotmail.com"

Mother's Day

What would you suggest as a gift for someone’s mom who lives a long distance away? Keep in mind that I am a poor college student, and I find it outrageous to pay $50 plus shipping for flowers you can pick up at Wal-Mart for $10.
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(no subject)

1. Last night while trying to fall asleep I came up with a great idea of what to do tomorrow with my boyfriend, but them promptly forgot. Other than sex in public places, what is that I thought up to do tomorrow?

2. Does anyone know where I can buy a small-faced analog watch with a non-metal band that has an alarm on it and is also reasonably priced?

3. What kind of shoes would one wear with this dress? What about tights/socks/stockings?
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sweet sixteen and...

1. Have you ever known someone who was a "late bloomer" in the relationship area? (in that they didn't date in high school, didn't get kissed until they were older than, say sixteen)

2. If you were that kind of person, how old were you when you first started getting "involved".

3. How did you tell your significant other that you were less than experienced? Or did you not say anything at all?
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breakfast at tiffany's

(no subject)

1. What movies have you seen so many times and love so much that you can quote a majority of it verbatim?

Me: When Harry Met Sally, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, You've Got Mail

2. What do you think is the most underrated movie that is out on DVD right now, and why is it good?

Hah, I'm looking for things to put in my queue :D

3. What is special about your bathroom?

Because of the way it's laid out, I can sit on the toilet and wash my hands at the same time, hehe

4. What is special about your kitchen?

I have this light mounted on the wall above the sink that has a shade sort of thing that can be moved so the light shines up or down... not all that special :D

(no subject)

1.Do you hate when someone says "i'm so stupid" and..expects you to disagree with them? (does that question make sense?) Have you ever agreed with someone when they said something like that?

2. Have you had appendicitis?
3. Is there a limit on how many posts someone can make per day in this community?
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Fake LJ Cuts

Why do a lot of people in LJ graphics related communites use fake LJ cuts?

They annoy the hell out of me and I can't understand why someone thinks it's a good idea to use them because I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by it.
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(no subject)

What is something you eat that is absolutely unhealthy but you don't care?
English muffin with butter and deviled ham. It sounds horrid, but it is SO good. I don't even want to think about the fat content.

If you use headphones with your computer, do you hear weird noises when the computer is doing things?
Yeah.. that's why I asked. I wanted to know if anyone else's computer function noises transmit through their headphones. Mine sound slightly like wind chimes today.

(no subject)

1. Do you have testimonials (or even negative quotes about you that were made by other lj users) included on your user info page?

2. Do you have a picture of yourself on it?

3. What other assorted crap have you put on it?

4. What's your favorite movie to watch on a lazy afternoon?

Windows Media Player

If I play a video file and every time the screen is just black or has visualization if I have it turned on rather than the actual video, how do I fix it? It plays sound but no picture. I cannot figure out what setting I changed. Thanks!

Edit: Fixed. Thanks for the help!

Death and Ice

Ok, a serious question, how do people who support the death penalty feel about situations like this where, if rapists and molesters were actually put to death, an innocent person would have been murdered by the state?

And, a not so serious question. What is up with my ice cubes these days!? We have those ice trays that you fill up, stick in the freezer and *poof* in no time at all, ice cubes. The problem is, rather than regular cubes, they are cracking and falling apart so it looks like an ice try full of crushed ice. Why is this?
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Shoes- youth sizes versus adult

Does anyone wear youth size sneakers (US youth sizes 4-6)? Can you tell a difference in fit between youth and adult sizes that are equivalent?

There is a significant price difference between the youth sizes of these shoes and the adult sizes of the same style shoes. I wear a 5 mens/7 women's size in sneakers, so in theory I could order the youth size 5 and save money. One website I read said that youth sizes are sometimes more narrow than adult sizes, but I wouldn't know if that's true for this style unless I tried them on in a store... and I'd rather order online and avoid searching in stores for them.

*ETA: Shoes have been ordered on overstock.com, in women's size for cheaper than zappos.com. Thanks to everyone for the input, especially the overstock.com link!*


Dumb computer question for a friend:

Hard drive of laptop needs to be replaced. Before that happens, said friend would like to save as much of the 9gb of photos and music she has. Would the best plan of action be to burn as much of that stuff onto cd-rs? We're out of the US now, and money is a bit tight.
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.......Commercials Get Weirder and Weirder...

Sitting here watching Game 3 of the Rangers/Sabres and one of the commercials was talking about....

get ready for it....

CRAB GRASS! Yes, crab grass. I didnt know it was a gardening commercial since I had my head turned away, but from the way it sounded I thought it was like...some hooker hygiene medicine. Especially since it went like, "Got a bad case of CRAB GRASS? Try this..." Anyone else seen/heard of this commercial? XD Off to look up what exactly this crab grass is.
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(no subject)

My mother, likes to point out my very obvious flaws. Ive been a size 9-10 all my life, at my biggest a 12(her dream would for me to be a 1 or a 2, its not gonna happen). For the last 3 months ive been really cutting back on my eating and im at the gym everyday for at least an hour and a half. Even though im working on it, and seeing results she really seems to enjoy making me feel..like a whale. We went shopping today and it was goddd awful, she made my sister- who has recently lost 35 lbs- cry in my car about her weight, as well as the fact that she doesnt have many friends. She seems to have no problem bringing up the fact that her best friends daughter has recently lost 50 lbs- she was like at least 220 lbs- and how easy it was for her to loose it.
Now you cant simply bitch back at my mom..cause she cries to my dad who gets really pissed if we're disrespectful to her, and if you try to calmly talk to her she calls you a baby and wont listen to a word you say
How the hell do i get it into her little mind that im trying and her rantings, and criticism are so hurtful?
Anyone else have bastard mothers?
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Propane and Propane Accessories

Well, sorta propane accessories related. I just bought a new grill and it's all set up, the tank's full and connected and the steaks are marinating. BUT, I seem to recall that there should be, I dunno... *stuff* inside the grill. Like rocks or something? I looked through the manual and tried to search the internet but can't get a definite answer. Should there be something in it? Like those ceramic briquettes I keep seeing? I'm such a BBQ virgin :P

(no subject)

I brought my car to the shop yesterday (Kost Tire ... I think its a chain) ANYWAY. I wanted them to fix a clanking noise my car was making when I took left turns. They drove my car around, said they heard the noise, and told me they could fix it, that it was probably the stabalizer links.

Ok, whatever, im not a car person.

So they charge me 90 bucks, do SOMETHING to my car and call me later to pick it up. I drive my car off, and I think that I can still here some noise (this noise is variable, sometimes I hear it sometimes I don't) I havn't driven my car yet, but I will be all next week.

soooo.... I've had some trouble with mechanics in the past charging me to fix stuff that was never really wrong with my car to begin with in an effort to fix the problem that I actually WANT them to fix. It sounds like guess work to me. I'm not paying someone who is supposed to be a professional to GUESS.

So my question is. What can I do about this if I still hear the noise next week? Can I ask for my money back? Should I call them up and bitch to them about it until they agree to kiss my feet and apologize? If they refuse to do anything to rectify their mistake, what are my options?

Related question: When did it become standard practice in America to pay people even when they don't preform their service correctly? I wouldn't pay my barber if he cut a giant gash into my hair, why should I pay my machanic for not fixing my car?
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(no subject)

Can you come up with a moral/ethical argument against picking up money you've found on the ground?

Edit: let's establish that we're talking about actual coins/bills and not someone's wallet or credit cards or something else with their identification on it.

No, you aren't doing my homework for me. I've just found a lot of change on the ground lately and wondered if there were any other sides to the argument besides "finders keepers."
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Support the troops

Why must we support our troops? They chose to join the military, knowing that it was a possibility they'd get sent to war and have to kill people, so how come we are so heavily encouraged to unconditionally support them? The majority of them are probably not pacifists in any way and a lot of them probably believe the wars they fight in are justified.

I know it must be scary to be in a war but they had a choice about whether or not to join the military.

And I also know people join it for more reasons than just to fight in a war, like getting the possibility to go to college, support their families, etc., but still, most rational people would figure out that they might have to actually go to Iraq or an equally scary place when they make the decision to go into the military.

Basically, what are the motivations/justifications behind the phrase "support our troops", or is it just a catchphrase?
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You are a bag. A handbag, a purse, a paper sac, a backpack, shopping bag, etc. The bag represents your outer appearance or who you are on the outside. The contents represent the different sides of you and who you are on the inside.
1. What kind of bag are you and what does it look like?
2. What items are inside the bag?

Yeah it's a school assignment, gtfo.

(no subject)

1. Why do the contestants on "The Biggest Loser" never end up with big saggy skin flaps from losing weight so quickly?

2. How much does a good (realistic) wig cost? Do you have any wigs? Pictures?

3. What can I get my mother for mothers day? She doesn't really like any of the cliche girly mothers stuff.

She does like:
Dragons (but already has a million of those little statues & things).
Ancient history.
Humorous (though not vulgar) things.
» save your soul
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AIS question

Okay, if you are a girl and have AIS (meaning you have no ovaries, but internal testicles instead), do you know if it's possible to have them removed and have ovaries implanted in you, meaning you can have babies?

(Please take this question seriously. x.x.)

Btw, this is not for me, it's for a roleplay. XD
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Hahahaha, I'm sick as shit today (with one of those sore throats where you feel like you're either going to throw up or start bleeding from the inside of your throat) and went to put on a pair of boots to help me feel better - I really do feel better now, I just found 110$ in tips from my old job. I tried on one boot and discovered 80$, laughed to myself, then if that wasn't good enough, I came upon 30 more dollars when putting on the other.

What good thing happened to you today?

What bad thing happened?

Cuban drug slang

I'm doing a project for my Spanish class.  I was wondering if ANYONE knows Spanish drug slang that might be used in Spain or Cuba meaning weed, joint, etc.  Any help would be great.  Thank you thank you thank you.
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(no subject)

1- Peanut butter and...?
2- If not allergic to peanuts, do you worry about killing people with a peanut butter sammich? If you are allergic, do you fear peanut butter sammiches?
3- Most visible wound upon your person currently?
4- Are you a fellow pokemon nerd lurking around here with diamond/pearl currently? Is one or the other currently devouring all your free time, if so?

1- Honey! :>
2- Nope. I like my peanut butter. :P
3- A gaping wound on my wrist, no idea where it came from. I'm not suicidal, seriously.
4- Yeeees, and yes. :( Oh well, cheaper than going out and having a life.

women musicians

I'm doing a school project about women & music. (1900-1999) I want to look up some quotes from female musicians to include. What female musicians can you think of that play an instrument (in that time period)? So far I have Joan Baez & Karen Carpenter.

(no subject)

What does your buddyinfo on AIM consist of? Song lyrics? Quotes? Conversations? Tell me!

ETA: here's mine, for those who were wondering:

"ImTim7 (3:59:10 PM): I'm gonna grow my hair out, curl it, and wear booty shorts
ImTim7 (3:59:12 PM): with a jean-jacket

estoy tan enamorada <3"
Yin Yang Cats


1) If you could change one thing about your religion (or lack thereof), what would it be, and why?

2) There is a government now controlling the entire world. You've been appointed "Head of Religious Affairs". Everyone must follow the same belief system. What religion (or lack thereof) is now the official religion of the world? Why?
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What's the longest you've laughed straight? And I'm not talking about stopping and starting up again- I mean no breaks for breath, barely being able to talk, and never being able to wipe the stupid grin off your face. Laughter always coming out of your mouth.

I'm on record for an hour and fourteen minutes.

(no subject)

Thank you all who replied to my earlier post. I ended up going to the mall and seeing the movie with the boy and two of my female friends. There was a fair outside of the mall, so him and I rode three of the rides, including the ferris wheel (where we joked about jumping off). Then, we went back inside and sat in the bookstore and talked.

How do I prevent my friends from speculating/trying to force us to date?

I just want to get to know him and taking things slow.

(no subject)

Currently trying to do this assignment for a creative writing class:
Offer a re-working of an established fairy tale in a contemporary setting

What fairy tale would you choose and how would you convert it?
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(no subject)

Do you have any songs that you could listen to infinite times on repeat and still never get sick of them?
The past few days "Winter" by Bayside is pretty much the only song I have listened to. Also, "Bowl of Oranges" by Bright Eyes and "Love Affair" by Regina Spektor.

What songs are instant mood uplifters for you?
"Beast of Burden" never fails to cheer me up. Same with "Far Away Eyes", both by the Rolling Stones.
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

So, I live in a small house with a tiny fenced yard. I work ten hour days six days a week. Am I doomed to be a cat person forever, or is there a really lazy dog somewhere out there for me, that likes small yards and doesn't need 24/7 interaction (so long as soon as i get home I take him out, and lots of walks, and sleeping inside at night!).  I'm thinking probably not...

What do you think about America's Next Top Model? Does it need to die already?
griffin only spelled right


The prep:
1. How well do you cook?
2. Do you have a "specialty?" If yes, what is it?
3. Favorite spice?
4. What was the best dish you ever cooked?
5. What was the wost dish you ever cooked?
6. What one dish/meal do you wish you could cook, but can't or can't make well?
7. What's your most recent "discovery," be it an ingredient or a whole dish?

The eating:
8. Favorite dish?
9. Favorite condiment (if any)?
10. Favorite raw food?
11. What's something you wish you could eat, but can't for medical/dietary/moral/religious reasons?


I am trying to go back and tag entries to my community bipolarsurvival How do I make something that I can have the tags searchable?

I am totally lost.

(no subject)

I've started Work for the Dole (working for your welfare cheque, for the non-Aussies).

All I do is sit at a computer from 8.30am till 3pm on the internet. It's pretty much do whatever you want & there's only so much streaming tv I can watch before I start to feel like I'm wasting my time.

So, as much as I love taking full advantage of their cable broadband, what are some activities that I can do with my time? I want to do something relatively constructive that does not involve spending all my money on eBay.

ps. I made this icon there, so I was somewhat constructive.

EDIT: Dude, looking through employment sites? THANKS FOR THAT IDEA! Wow, I never thought about that one. It's definitely not the first thing I do every day after I turn the computer on.

Self blame

Do you ever blame yourself for things you shouldn't?

For example, it could be an abusive relationship you ended and even though logically you know this person was abusive, you still have this tendency to blame yourself for everything that went wrong.

Or if somebody isn't having a good time when they're with you, you blame yourself for not thinking of interesting things to do.

Or if anything goes wrong in any way, you automatically assume it's all your fault.

I wish the logic and emotional bits of the brain would be in sync!
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1. what games did you play as a kid that were probably not "normal"? meaning games you made up and don't think other kids played, or if you explained now would sound strange.

2. what were your favorite things to pretend to be?

my answers behind the cut

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1. Why do we blow out candles on our birthday cakes? 
2. Who's one teacher you never want to see ever again? What'd they teach?
3. Do you ever suck helium out of balloons to make your voice all high?

(no subject)

1. Do you keep random tiny things people give you as gifts? An example being my brother a year or so ago gave me this really twisty, curly twig. He woke me up and was just like "Look! A stick!" and walked away. I still have it sitting on my shelf.

2. Do you keep a (physical, paper) journal? What kind of things do you put in it?

3. What do you say in this situation (preferably something gentle and delicate, though it's not necessary):
person: Hey, what's wrong?
you: Nothing, I'm just tired.
person: I can tell something is wrong.
you: ...
person: I think I'm pretty good at being able to tell how people are feeling, aren't I?

Let me clarify: the situation is not that I don't want to talk about it, it's that they think I'm upset when I'm not and are asking for confirmation that they're great at understanding people when they're totally misunderstanding.

4. Under what circumstances do you think it's justified or unjustified to quit something just because you're not enjoying it? Or do you think you should always enjoy what you're doing?

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The 3:10 to Yuma

        Say you are (for whatever reason) responsible for guarding a prisoner that is set to be transferred to a train and then taken to another prison to be hanged.  The reason why this man is to be hanged is because he held up a bank and a man got shot trying to stop the robbers (he had been warned not to make any sudden moves.)  

So you are sitting there, by yourself, and the prisoner starts talking - he's a nice guy and while he talks he offers you fifty-thousand dollars to let him escape.  Now since you two are alone it would be easy to let him escape, and make it look like he over powered you, and for the sake of the question you will be guaranteed the fifty thousand dollars if he leaves.  

Question:  Do you take the 50K and let the man go?

Question:  What would it take to let a wanted man like him go?
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Have you ever taken an ink blot test? Why? What was it like? Did you find out anything interesting?
My shrink wants me to do one and i cant figure out why.

What other kinds of 'psychological tests' go along with that one?
He also said he wants to do more 'testing' and just used that as one example.

Photo Help Request

I am admittedly a technological idiot. Therefore, I humbly request your assistance.

I have a new camera which has more pixels than any normal person could ever possibly need. And because my pictures are so freaking large it takes about 30 minutes EACH to upload to Photobucket (and that's a short estimate). And each time I try to upload more than one picture at a time it completely locks up my computer.

I have about 500 pictures I need to upload. Does anybody have any quick fix for this problem? Is there anyway to mass-shrink these damned things? Is there any way to to load them faster?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Travel discounts?

My new husband and I are planning our honeymoon, which we're going to take on our first anniversary (he was at a new job with no vacation time, and I'd used all mine getting ready for the wedding).

We're going to Las Vegas, right after Labor Day (our anniversary is on Labor Day this year). We'd like to stay at one of the nicer hotels on the strip. I keep going to luxor.com, bellagio.com, etc., and they all say things like "promotion code" to get extra discounts.

Any idea where we might find promotion codes? We're also looking into Travelocity, Southwestvacations.com, lots of those...

ETA - thanks for the googling suggestions, I've done those... anyone know of anything more specific? Thanks!

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What is the best way to die? Why?
What's the worst way to die? Why?

How do *you* want to die? Why?

Between you and your significant other, best friend, or family member (whomever you are the closest to), would you rather die first? Or have them die first? Why?

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So i've been on my feet working for 13 hours. I didn't really feel it until I got home and rested for a little while, then tried to head upstairs for bed. My feet and lower legs hurt so bad! My dad says it's from my feet swelling, is there anything I can do to easily remedy this? Or should I just ignore it as best as I can and try to sleep it off?
My feets! They hurts!

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Alright, so I'm planning on seeing Spiderman 3 on Friday (opening day) at 7:45 with a group of friends. I kind of set the whole thing up, and my  question to you is this:
If the movie starts at 7:45, how early should I get there to get good seats? (We've all ordered advanced tickets.) Would 45 minutes suffice? Or will all the Spiderman nerds be lined up 4 hours in advance, so they can crowd surf to exact center of the theater the second the doors open?

I haven't gone opening day for any big movies since LOTR, and I can't remember how early we got there. I do remember the line stretching all the way to the outside though....
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Okay. So I bought one of those supertastic wonderknives they have on 3am telemercials that cut through tin cans and shoes and so forth. And I took it home and used it on some soup ingredients, on a chopping board, on a kitchen bench-top. The soup was good and all, but next day I discovered that superknife had scratched the bench in a few places, quite deep scratches. The benchtop has a kind of black and grey marble pattern, more black- probably a laminate surface. Scratches are quite superficial and white. I really don't want to lose my bond - short of sticking a fruit bowl over it during inspection and hoping, does anyone have any tips for getting rid of/covering over a scratch in a benchtop?
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What's it like to be/get high? I mean, on an inner level, not outward. Am aware different drugs do different things to people, so give me different examples, sure.

So many people who know me tell me that I act like I'm on drugs, but apart from crap you get at the pharmacy, I've nary done a single drug. I'm a prude, yeah, I know, woe is me, etc etc. So I wonder what it'd feel like to do all the drugs people accuse me of doing anyway.

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How many sex offenders live within a mile of your home?


From http://www.fdle.state.fl.us (FL Department of Law Enforcement) I found that there are 20. One of which is "Reported deceased" so it's more like 19, but still. My friend was spazzing out about there being 7 within a mile of his house, because of his 2 younger sisters... but... TWENTY? *explodes* plus 48 that have unknown addresses!

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I have to write an essay about the effects of violent video games & television shows on children.
I don't watch much TV & I play absolutely NO video games & I wanted to include some titles as examples, that's where y'all come in.

All I need is names of shows &/or games that contain violence, help me out?

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Would anybody like to take part in my crusade against the use of pronouns? Herod from Scarlet Monastery, Henry Kissinger, Murray Rothbard and Boris Yeltsin are but a select few of the many members in this great holy war against vagueness! Join now and get a FREE epic mount!
Pit Bull: BSL killed me ani.
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My mom is in the hospital and will probably be there til Tuesday evening. Other than flowers and chocolate, what are some interesting and creative things to bring her? I plan on visiting her tomorrow morning and would like to stop at the store first, but I don't know how to contact her to ask her what she'd like (my dad will be taking me and I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to have him ask her for me beforehand).