April 28th, 2007


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1. i'm a 5'5, 105lb, 18yr old girl... how much alcohol do you think i could have without getting drunk in terms of wine/mixed drinks?.. what about in terms of shots?.. 

2. what is the best way to prevent a hangover?

3. is there a special way to shave pubic hair?

4. what's the longest you've ever gone without peeing?

5. is there any "waterproof" eyeliner that is actually waterproof?

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So, I have a bit of a head cold.. I took some decongestion meds and I took a really hot shower. Those all helped for a little bit, but do you guys have any other tips to help relieve the pressure?
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I just tried Nutella for the first time yesterday. Mm.

What should I try it on/with?

Have you ever used Nutella as a frosting?

Have you ever tried to make Nutella or a Nutella-like spread?

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I just freaked out because I thought I saw someone through the vent in my bedroom door.
And then realized it was a piece of paper taped over the vent.
And that the vent is higher than most people are tall.
And I live in a dorm, so someone outside my door isn't uncommon.

What's your latest "DUH!" moment?

Nerdy car engine questions

1. I recently learned from wikipedia how superchargers and turbochargers work. They're terrific. The blower contributes more power than it takes. You're getting more horsepower out of an engine. That raises the question: why don't all cars have superchargers? Wouldn't they be more efficient? Wouldn't you be getting better gas mileage by virtue of having a smaller, lighter engine to meet your horsepower needs?

2. I was reading a book about the racing history of BMW and I read something amazing. In the early 1970's, they built a tiny 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine for Formula 2 racing that put out over 800 bhp! It was quad valve with 3 spark plugs per cylinder. This cylinder head was fucking PACKED! I have never heard of so much power from such a modest sized engine. It made me wonder. How many horses is it possible to get out of a motor? What is world record for highest power/displacement ratio for an internal combustion engine? I have no idea where to look up something like that.

3. The above engine had a bizarre valve layout. It was quad valve with dual overhead cams. Now I understand that you'd want all that in order to let the air flow in and out of it easier. Usually, the two intake valves are right next to each other on one side with the exhaust valves on the opposite side. But in this engine, the intake and exhaust valves were not next to each other in pairs but were placed diagonally across from each other. Why the fuck would they do that? What's the advantage of that radial design?

4. Are the terms "power band" and "torque band" different things, or are they synonyms?. I heard an English guy use the term torque band, so maybe is it just a British thing?

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So....I need a car thats a chick magnet...What do you suggest?
Restored 1964 Mustang?
Smart Car?
What makes a car a "chick magnent"? I need help...I'm coming up on the corner of Mid-life and Cool and I need to know where to turn....

Because I just scrolled back and saw his last post:

Further edit...who gives a CRAP about so_mikey's popularityz??

What kind of car should so_mikey get to maintain his "popularityz"???

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If someone you really liked had bad breath ---I mean hideous dragon breath--- but you were just burning to be with them and finally they ask you out. 

Would you kiss them good night?

Would you make up an excuse not to kiss them?

Would you tell them thier breath stunk?

Would you just not bother seeing them again without telling them the real reason was because of thier breath?

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1. What's the best thing to sop up gut-rot caused by a hangover (that's not McDonalds)?

2. What's the deal with geese?

3. What is an appropriate day activity for two hours of sleep?

4. Someone egged my car the night before last. What should I do to them, providing I find them?

5. Should I go to visit relatives with my family overnight? They're sleeping in a motorhome.

6. Do you watch ABC Kids?
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Assorted, not assortes, and pretend I spelled picnic correctly and Brooklyn. Seriously I can't spell.

What should I do today?

Take the train into New York. Go to Century 21, Crumbs, walk across the Brookly Bridge, and go some assorted other places.
Take the train to Philidelphia and take pictures of assortes stautes, go shopping, eat, and do whatever.
Drive to a local park like Longstreet Farm or Allaire and have a picninc of some variety and take my dog on a nice walk.

This is why I hate Myspace.

I have a friend who got a random IM from some guy saying that hegot a friend request from her on Myspace. She doesn't send out friend requests and this has happened to her before, so she asked him to send her the link to the profile he got the request from.

It was a different profile, with a different picture, and the entire contents of my friend's profile copied word for word. (She has her AIm screenname in her profile which is how the random guy got it).

Wha? Why is Myspace so weird and sketchy? I don't understand why someone would do that. Is this some new kind of spam that I don't know about?
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whats the name of the default windows sound editor? and why isnt it on my computer any more? and where can i get it again?

it used to be under accessories-> entertainment but its gone and i just want to make a power hour mix!
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block form incense

My father is looking for a particular kind of incense he used to burn during the 70's. It was "tranquility" scented and in block form.

I've looked all over the internet but can't seem to find block form incense. Anyone have any ideas?
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1) There's a laptop I saw at Future Shop yesterday that I'm thinking about buying. Picture.
The one I'm thinking about getting is the 14.1 inch one, and I'm wondering what people think about having a screen that small. I like to watch movies and TV shows on my laptop, so I don't know if that screen is comfortable for watching things on. If you have experience with small screened laptops, I'd love to know what you think.

2) I saw a show a couple times when I was young. I can't remember what it's called and it's been bugging me lately. I believe it was about a modern girl who went back through time and hooked up with Robin Hood's gang to save the day and whatnot. What was this show called?


I'll need a new job in the next 6 weeks or so...

Have you ever gotten a good job off the internet?

Have you used MONSTER? Another job site?

Did you tell really big lies in your resume?

Help me TQC-wan-Kenobi....you're my only hope.

The Good Side of Life

I sometimes forget that I have a lot to be thankful for and dwell on everything bad happening around me. I'm getting annoyed with my friends list because an acquaintance of mine does nothing but complain and assume that the world is out to get her. I'd tell her to "cheer up emo kid", but that would warrant my head being bitten off.

What are some things you are grateful for?

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How can I make my dog be an equal opportunity barker?

Ever since we got him I have noticed he barks less at people who appear to white or Indian, and more at everyone who doesn't. It's really embarrassing. For what it's worth we got him from a local shelter when he was 7 months old.

Do any of you have a dog like this? Did you find a way to fix the problem? Did it embarrass you?

Because we're grown-ups now, and we can admit these things...

My Mom used to tell her friends stories about my siblings and me when we were very young. (Usually, these stories centered around cute things we said while learning to talk.) If I was standing there, all I could think was "Jeez, Mom, now everyone knows how cute I was, can we PLEASE stop with the embarrassing stories?!"

What stories did/do your parents love to tell people about you, that you hated being around to hear retold?

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PLEASE tell me your parents' stories were worse than mine! :)

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I found some questions I wrote down a long time ago:
1)Is emo the new goth?
2)How many licks of the Columbian toad does it take to get put in prison?
3)Where will you go when hell is full?
4)How many of your fingerprints have swirls in them?
5)Have you ever noticed that Keanu Reeves says "whoa" in all a lot of his movies?


Are you the kind of person who can have only ONE good friend? Or do you share the love?

What is the longest friendship you've ever had with a best friend and how did it end?

Is your best friend also your worst enemy? Explain that concept to me please...I think I feel the same way.

all my good friendships seem to end disastrously. It makes me very sad.
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Football talk... in spring!

1. Who's watching the NFL Draft?

2. Follow-ups for those who are:

a. What the hell is up with Brady Quinn not being picked up yet?
b. Who's the blonde girl with him?
c. The recent trade with the Jets - good or bad?
d. Do you think fans should be allowed into the venue? Why or why not?
e. Who were you watching to get drafted? Have they gone somewhere yet? Where and when? Are you happy about it?

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Has there been an event in your life that happened years ago, in which you still wonder if it was real or if it was a dream?

Everytime I see a spider, I think back to this time when I was in my room after taking a swim in my pool when there was a spider on top of my head. I never knew if it was a dream or not, for I was about 5 and I can't remember all that well.
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Just for miseryincminor:

Do you ever want to give up, or renounce society? To me, it seems a much better option than suicide, since I'm convinced that it's my environment that's driving me crazy, but it's not like I can keep changing my environment every few months, since I have anxiety in new situations.

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What's the funniest lyric you've misheard?

My friend's mom thinks the lyric "I ain't no hollarback girl" in Gwen Stefani's 'Hollaback Girl' is actually saying "I ain't no Harlem black girl."

Also, the obvious one "Revved up like a deuce" as "Revved up like a douche."
I first heard that song in middle school and I was in the car with my friend and her dad. He turned about and said "Hey. That sounded like the word 'douche', didn't it?"
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Just a few...

1. If you're a girl who doesn't shave (or wax or whatever) her legs, or a guy who does, do you feel the need to cover up?

2. What's the most interesting love polygon you've ever been involved in?

3. I recently installed Windows on this machine, and wouldn't you know it, spyware.
Any good, free programs I could use to flush it out? Neither AVG nor PC Tools seem to be picking it up. I keep getting windows coming up warning that I have unwanted popups, and offering solutions, but I don't feel comfortable trusting such a hypocritical program.

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do you say kwuh-beck or kah-beck? how do you pronounce Quebec?

would you rather pick up around the house or mow the grass?

what's the last book you read that you would recommend to others?

do you cook more on the weekends or throughout the week?

if you're a mom, what do you want for mother's day?
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1. I'm trying to remember a certain site, it was a guy that would impersonate a 14 or 15 year-old-girl and have these hilarious chat logs with pervy guys. In the chats, "she" was extremely racist, and her "father" would often usurp the chats and talk about raping her. It was something like "sweet amanda," but that's not right because Google isn't finding that. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Thank you, jezemel! It is Amber Forever!

2. What should I see at the movies? Grindhouse or Disturbia?

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My neighbour was calling for her cat, 'Dina'. For some reason, I thought it was funny. I thought it was funny because I remembered a cat named Dina being in a play/movie/song or something and my neighbours voice matched the character I was thinking of. However, I have no idea where/why/when I got this thought.

Can anybody tell me where I might have gotten a cat named Dina from?

Edit: That was quick! Thanks so much!

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I just got a Magic Bullet for my birthday, it's amazing. So far I've made Chocolate Mousse, cheesecake, and garlic bread. Everything is soo delicious.

Do you have a Magic Bullet?
Do you want one?
Would you assume it was some sort of sex toy if you haven't heard of it? (My mom did, haha)
What are some killer recipies I should try in this?

If not,
How is your weekend going?
Do you have to do something you don't want to ?
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1. I need a program that will let me rip a movie from a dvd, onto my computer, and hen into a format that I can put on my iPod.

2. Have you ever locked your keys in your car? What happened?

>>> Last summer I locked my keys in my trunk at the grocery store. I had Popsicles in my trunk.I had to call like 4 locksmiths to help me get in my car, and then fold down the seats and rifle through all my grocery bags looking for my keys. Oh did I mention I was 7 month pregnant? Yeah that was a fun day :)

3. What was your favorite Saw movie?

>>Im watching Saw 3 right now. I really liked 2, though.

shopping dilemma...

Ok so next month I'm traveling to Egypt and Germany.
There I'll be visiting some girlfriends and relatives, naturally
gifts must be given.
I've been trying to shop for my cousins who are ages 15, 18, and 21
all three are girls. I'm thinking in the realm of bags, jewelry, cute unneccesary girly stuff.

1) Where do you usually shop online or not for gifts that aren't too expensive?

2) Are there any online shopping sites, that give benefits for multiple purchases
i.e discounts, free shipping, etc...

3) Any great sites that won't result in me living in a box, that I should check out besides Amazon?

Anything would help at this point.
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1. Do you think in thirty or so years future generations will look back at 'emo/indie' fashions the way we do 60's/mod fashion now? Or will future generations look back at it as more of an 80's/hair metal kind of way? Were there probably people back in the 60's who made fun of people who dressed 'mod'?

2. Do you like things like Relay for Life and The MS Walk?

3. If you have a facebook, could you go to the network statistics and copy paste the top 10 of your networks favorite music, movies, books, and tv shows? And how well do your personal tastes much up with them?

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My fiance and I are moving in together. I have a few questions.

What do you buy in bulk?
What are some absolute necessities (minus TP)?
What is something that you needed that you didn't think about getting beforehand?
What did you splurge on?

Biblical Plague #4... at home

1) If you came home to find your place infested with house flies (about a hundred), what would you do?*

2) Which Biblical Plague is your favorite? Why?

3) Which is your least favorite? Why?

*Yes, this did actually happen, but I didn't feel like doing a "Help me, Dr. LJ!", so it's been taken care of. I'm curious about what other people would do.
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Google isn't helping.

I'm trying to work out the name of a science video about the Periodic Table I saw when I was back in school.

I saw it in the mid-90s, it was pitched at a Year 8 or 9 level (ages 13 - 14) and it went through the first twenty elements, their properties, different kinds of chemical bonding, etc.

The catchy thing though was that it was a computer animation, and all the elements had personalities that more or less fitted their chemical properties. One piece of 'plot' was that Chlorine wouldn't take her little sister Fluorine to a disco because she was too attractive (ha ha, Chemistry joke). The other thing I remember is that atoms of Copper were acting as the police (get it, get it?).

I can't even remember the accents, whether it was Australian, British or American. If anyone can name the video (and even better, link it to me on Amazon or something!) I would greatly appreciate it!
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for all you golfers

what is the most important part of a course to you?
A specific hole? The club house? The water features?

I'm not asking for an action here, mind you. I know a hole-in-one is important, and shooting a better score than ever before.

I want to know, what do you see in your head, when you think of your favorite golf course.

Computer Problem

For some reason, all of the website text is abnormally big now; my emails print that way too. I don't know why it happened; no one using this computer did anything to it out of the ordinary. This has happened once before, and it stayed this way for months. I don't remember how it was fixed.

Does anyone know how to get the text back down to normal?


Did/do you receive a weekly/monthly allowance from your parents?

If so,
How old were you when they began giving you this money?
Did they make you do chores for this allowance or just give it to you?
How much did you typically receive from them?
How did you typically spend this money?

For those of you who no longer receive an allowance, when did it stop?
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Green stuff

1. Do you like Guacamole?

2. How much money do you have in cash in your wallet right now?

3. When did you start being a burnout?

4. How much did you get back from taxes?
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I'm going to Philadelphia tomorrow with my dad. We're driving to Cherry Hill and taking the train, so we won't have our car in Philadelphia. Where should we go?

Philadelphia is the kind of place we randomly decide to go about once a year, just like Delaware. We usually don't do too much there. Last time we went we took a different train and we made the mistake of sitting in the very front, and a pigeon hit the windshield, and I cried so the man told me that they get back up in a few minutes and are okay =[
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1. Do you have a car?
2. What kind of car?
3. Manual or Automatic?
4. Would you share a picture of it with me? (I like looking at cars)
5. Will you show me your dream car?
6. If you don't have a car will you tell me how you get around?

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What is your initial reaction to this t-shirt? Is it something you would wear? If your opinion of it is negative, could you explain why (beyond the obvious)?

Edit: If by some chance you want it, you can buy it off of Jason Mraz's website.
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Current day urban legends

What is your favorite really hilariously awful urban legend that many people still believe today?
My favorite are the ones about reproduction,contraception, etc. Uhhh getting STDs from toilet seats, douching will keep you from getting pregnant, you can retain your menstrual cycle while pregnant*, two condoms are more effective than one.. to name a few.

Question sparked from this thread in a previous post today.

*Bleeding while pregnant, even in a regular monthly cycle, is not the same as menstruation. Even if it totally happened to your cousin all nine months omg omg. Not all vagina blood is menstruation, dammit.
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who is that sad little person?

for those of you who have seen/read The Devil Wears Prada..
1) would you take a job like Andy's?
2) If you did take it, would you suffer through it? or do you think you would quit?

My Answers

id take the job in a second
i think id suffer through it, for the perks, and where it could get me after..


Someone just started playing music incredibly loudly in the courtyard of my apartment building. I go out there...they have a the whole 9 yards set up and there's guy playing his guitar and singing. Singing off-tune and mumbly, even...the same song over and over again, more than words. YES, more than words by EXTREME.


I don't want to listen to this, especially since my kid goes to bed in 10 minutes. I don't pay rent to live an a concert hall for shitty people who can't sing well enough to be booked at REAL venues.

What would you do in this situation?
(no real need to be serious, since I won't do anything. I'm a pushover)



My google-fu is weak today.  I am looking for a tutorial to learn how to make the "slideshow" type of icons that I see here.  I have 6 images that I want the icon to flip through.

What should I be searching for?  I have Photoshop.

EDIT: THANKS!! I made my first animated icon!  /does a nerd dance

Another question:  Do I have too many animals? LOL

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So I have the book Linux for dummies in my lap and I feel like a dummy alright. The book says that I can install Linux in a "partition that is unallocated." I ckecked my hard drive and I have two partitions, both of which are allocated, does this mean that I can't install Linux or is there a way around it?

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1.)  What do you think of a the name "AMBER" for a new baby girl?
2.)  Do you like the name?
3.)  Do you think the name is out-dated or old?
4.)  What would you name a baby girl if you had to right now?

all you need is

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1) if you are straight, would you avoid a movie simply because it features a homosexual love story?

2) if you are gay, do you look specifically for movies with gay characters?

3) do you think dakota fanning is annoying and overrated or just plain talented?
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1. Do you and your SO have your own bank accounts, joint account or joint AND your own account (what percentage in each)?

2. What event/point of knowing each other would you consider having a joint (or joint AND own) bank account? If you don't have one/don't want one - why don't you want a joint bank account?

3. Is it unusual to be married/in a serious relationship and not have a joint back account?

4. How long have you been together?

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My son's father gets fine wines and champagnes at wholesale prices for his business. My husband realllly wants to try a bottle for a special occasion, but we can't afford to pay retail for it. Would it be tacky if I asked him to sell me a bottle at his price? Money is not an object to him, so he wouldn't really miss the profit and we have a fairly good relationship.
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What's your favorite song(s) that Judy Garland sings?

I'd say mine is either Over The Rainbow, The Man That Got Away, Little Drops Of Rain, or By Myself.

*PS. How the Hell did the settings to this post get on "members only?" WTF?*
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2nd question for the night.

Would you forgive a "friend" who had been a bit standoffish for several months (but never indicated there was a problem) and who agreed to attend your wedding and then never showed and (6 months later) never bothered to apologise, offer congratulations or otherwise communicate with you? 

Isn't it just plain rude to not even apologise/provide an explanation for not attending (she told another friend that she was "sick" and wasn't coming on the day of the wedding - friend who decided to come to the wedding told me when I asked where she was, but she has never communicated with me directly)? I was going to contact her after we got back from honeymoon, but I was pretty upset and hurt and wanted to see whether she would contact us first (she hasn't). I'm still pretty pissed that we spent the money on her dinner when (it appears to me) she had a problem with me/us and probably never really intended to attend anyway.

What would you do in this situation?
Ignore them? Contact them and ask for an explanation? Send hate mail? Other?
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I'm making an origami lei for my best friend's grad tomorrow. No comments on whether it's lame since I'm almost finished (I had planned on asking before I started making one.)

There are five different colours. In which order should I place them?

Here are three options. Which do you like the best?

If you prefer another way, could you use the ABCDE format? I am so indecisive. Thank god for TQC. :|
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i've been having a lot of problems with my stomach for the past few months (the doctors have attributed it to having bile in my stomach if that matters). i haven't drank alcohol hardly at all in this time, because i used to always drink either mike's hard cranberry lemonade or something equivalent to that, and now carbonation absolutely KILLS my stomach so much that i'm doubled over in pain so that's no fun. it's hard to tell what's causing it sometimes but i think drinking vodka hurt my stomach another night (it was a small amount and also could have been something else i ate/drank though).

what kind of alcohol should i get tonight that would probably have the least chance in killing my stomach? i'm thinking maybe wine but i know absolutely nothing about picking out wine, i've never actually found any i liked.

EDIT: i know i could just not drink. which is what i've been doing. it's not a huge deal. i basically just want recommendations for wine that doesn't taste horrible, because i'd like to find out through trial and error if it is alcohol causing my pain, or if it was something else. that's the only way i'm gonna find out. i'm 24, and i'm a responsible drinker. i'm going to be at my own house and i'm not doing this to get drunk, i'm doing this to find out if my stomach can or can not handle any alcohol.

Hey Alright

When was your last brainfart?
When was your last buttfart?

What's your favorite condiment?
If you had to put the same condiment on every food you ate, which would you pick and why? Like, everything had to taste salty or everything had to have ketchup on it..

Do you know anyone who wears their shoes on the wrong feet?
Did you know anyone who wore their pants backwards when Criss Cross was hep?
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Computer question...

Anyone have a recommendation on a good (srsly!) .avi to dvd converter program?  My Bluesman found one that sounded good, but once I did some review research, it really isn't....Oh, and the "watermark" the free trial puts on everything has a BLACK background that is not clear/see-through, AND its right in the middle, so it completely blocks out stuff going on.  Ugh!!!!!!!  :(

Crossposted to my journal
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Piercing question

I just stretched my ears to 12g and put some new CBRs in. However, I cannot get the stupid beads on them. I can do it fine when the rings are out of my ears, but I've been struggling with it for about half an hour and I can't get it to go. Does anyone have any tips on how to make it work?
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1. How old were you when you got drunk for the first time?

2. Was there any specific reason, or was it just some random party?

Hm, I was fourteen. And I just had a really bad day, and decided to open a bottle of rum or something.
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PDA in Airplanes

I recently took a two-hour flight. The plane I was in was the kind with three seats in a row, one group on the left, one in the middle, one in the right. Since I was travelling alone I sat in an aisle seat next to this couple. For over half of the flight, they were kissing and and putting their hands all over each other. In an airplane. With me sitting to the left of the girl, trying to fall asleep and block out the noise they were making. Isn't that kind of inappropriate? Airplanes aren't exactly public, but still...
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Can someone please tell me where I can find scented candles that are not half assed? I want to be able to light a candle and have a whole room, regardless of size, smell great. The only candles I've come across so far are ones that are, well, weak. Thanks. :)
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i've got five friends coming down for the weekend and shit to do. i live in miami but i've been here only for a few months and i've go absolutely nothing.

why is this place so dead if i don't want to party, drink, or get high?