April 27th, 2007

death from above!

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For those of you in long-distance relationships:
1)  How long-distance?
2)  How did you meet?
3)  How long have you been together?
4)  How's it going?
5)  Do you realistically see yourself spending the rest of your life with this person?
6)  How often do you see each other?

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in my college's newspaper we dedicated a page to the victims at virginia tech. people just wrote things like: "you're in our prayers" or "stay strong" and signed their names. one guy wrote: "VT FTW!"
funny? offensive? thoughts?

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I just watched American History X with my boyfriend and ended up crying by the end of it. I don't usually do that, but this movie had me bawling.

What movies make you cry?

Are there any movies that make you cry that don't usually make people cry?

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What's up with "guy" being used as a synonym for "dude"? (As in, "Hey, guy, what's up?") I never heard it until I went to college (in upstate New York). Is it some regional thing, or am I just not up with the new slang?

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this isn't my question; i just have no idea how to answer this and curious as to how people will respond:

what role does copyright play in furthering the goals of democracy?

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1) edited out as it broke community rules.

2) do you ever have one finger be cold to the touch, while the others are hot? is it normal? is there a name for it? i have this happen sometimes and it's weiiiird.

I'm a Quitter

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What year did you graduate from high school?

How many people were in your graduating class?

What high school did you graduate from and where was it located?

What was the school's mascot?

What did you do after (college, military, work)?

If you went to college, which college was it and where was it located?

What was your major?

What was the highest degree you recieved in college?

When did you graduate from college?

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how are the warez quality and quantity for macs?
i'm considering buying a mac notebook, but i'm worried that i won't be able to get a buncha apps i need for it, like photoshop, dreamweaver, and a buncha other developer/power user stuff. buying soft isn't an option, i'm still a poor student :)
last i remember, dreamweaver wasn't even being made for macs, but that was before adobe bought them...

please direct all arguments re warez to debate. none of them are new or original.

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Have you ever heard of a three-way relationship working? Do you think it can work? Edit: How did it work for these couples? Triples? :|

I don't mean just threesomes, mind, I mean three actual people in a loving relationship with each other. All three of them should reach an understanding of sorts, maybe? This is different from polyamory, I think, but it IS a variant of it, so I was wondering if it's happened before or not.

Would you have a three-way relationship if the opportunity presented itself?

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Wire hangers, plastic hangers, wooden hangers, those puffy satin-y hangers, or something else?

What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

What kind of milk do you drink?
eta (pls specify cow, soy, rice, almond, goat, human. etc) :)

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Ya'll are boring....

What are some slang/improper English words ya'll use and think nothing about?

What do you think life will be like after you graduate? Harder? Easier?

Do you like foreign films (non-English)? ones that are subtitled? Give me a good one if you can....
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Would you rather have a thirst you could not quench no matter how much water you drank (a constant parched, dry mouth feeling) or a hunger that you could never satisfy (constant gnawing hunger pains)?

...I think I might have to go with the hunger. Due to some new medication, I'm having the constant dry mouth thirsty feeling and it is driving me batshit crazy.

Cochlear implants

Does anyone have a cochlear implant? Thought about getting one or otherwise dealt with the topic in depth? What are your thoughts/experiences with it?

[I'm doing a presentation on them next week; is there anything I really should include to give a complete view on the topic?]
yellow smiths

Fruit flowers?

Awhile back someone asked about getting a gift for their mum
besides flowers. A couple of you suggested a place that sold fruit flower arrangements.

They looked something like that.
Anyone remember the company? I wanna say it is Edible something.
Can't remember at all!

Please and thank you.

for all you drama queens

around the neighborhood

Because I'm just this bored...
  • Do you have more than one livejournal account?

  • If so, what do you use the other one for?

  • Do you run any communities of your own?

  • Are you affiliated with any of the other journal (deadjournal, greatestjournal, insanejournal, etc.) sites?

  • What are your 4 favorite communities to post in on livejournal?

  • Of all the things on livejournal, what do you like the most?

  • What do you like the least?

  • Do you think LJ is overdoing it with the special features?

  • Is there any special options you'd like them to implement?

  • If you were to create your own livejournal type site...what would you call it?

  • Is your own journal fairly basic or did you do anything to customize it?

  • Do you use standard mood themes or something of your own?

  • Are you still even reading this post?
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When Rachael Ray says EVOO, why does then go on to say Extra Virgin Olive Oil? I mean, I realize that's what EVOO means, but why use an acronym if you're just going to say the words too? That's like saying "WTF, What The Fuck"
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I have spiders in my house. I like them there, they eat flies and other annoying things, they don't bother me, they stay out of my way. However, a real estate agent is coming around today to do an inspection. How will they feel about spiders? Surely they can't ...mark me down... the spiders aren't doing any damage.

These spiders, thus not very scary.
dead zone johnny & sarah

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1.So one of my latest duties at work is creating a "Pandemic Flu Emergency Contact List" for all of our health centers. I realized I need to find a list of places that would have refridgerated vans to store/transport bodies in the event of a flu pandemic.  This seems impossible because such a variety of places could have refridgerated vans, anyone know of any companies that sell/rent/own etc. that would have large amounts of refridgerated vans?

2. What are your weekend plans?

3. If you sign a month to month lease with the rent stated in the lease, can the landlord raise your rent while you are a tenant since it is month to month rather than yearly?
The Dude Abides

Wealth ?'s

1) How much money (in the bank, assets, etc) does one have to have before YOU consider them to be wealthy?
2) Do you think there's a difference between someone being rich and someone being wealthy or do you use the words interchangeably?
3) Which do you think is more accurate: More money = more problems or No money = more problems?
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1) Do you have any images on your personal checks? What? (I just ordered these and I am so excited over them.)

2) Are you on good terms with any bartender that hooks you up?

3) Did you know that you can make a cake with a can of Diet Coke?

4) Do you sneak snacks into the movie theater?

5) When eating an apple or similar, do you cut it up first or just eat it straight up? Do you peel it?

6) Do you eat the bruise-y parts of a banana?
pyramid eyebrows

a few random Q's

1.  Where could I buy some large cardboard boxes (still flattened)?  I need to be able to 'make a make-shift tent out of cardboard' tomorrow and I don't know where to get the cardboard from, at least not boxes in larger sizes.  ETA: Duh, storage places.  I should have thought of that.  Thanks, you guys!
2. Have you ever used a piece of technology (eg. a cell phone, a lap top, an iPod, etc.) to cheat in class?
3. How often do you consume food from a fast food restaurant? 
nana smoking

Some Randomness

1. What foods are you craving right now?
2. Any plans for the night?
3. What do you think of Paulina Rubio?
4. Cuter: Newborn kittens or newborn puppies?

1. Pizza Bites. The Bagel Bites guys used to make them but I cannot find them anywhere for the life of me.
2. Dinner date with my boy.
3. Hotness.
4. Both. ^-^
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For those who are vegan/vegetarian, if you know you're gonna spend the night at a meat eaters house, do you expect them to accommodate your lifestyle and have foods you can eat around the house, or do your bring your own food?

If the host had what they thought was vegan food for you and it actually wasn't, would you eat it anyway?

If you are a meatatarian, would you find it rude if your vegan/vegetarian friend expected you to have foods around that they can eat and complained the whole night about the lack of those foods?

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What is your "oh well, I'll just make do" moment today so far?

I burned my nachos because I wasn't watching them in the microwave. I had an "oh well" moment and ate them anyways because I am starving/hung over, and it was the last of the cheese.
got milk?

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The internet is for porn?


It's not easy being

a wolf boy
the best
easy peasy lemon squeezy

What else is the internet for?

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Ok....so my ex is an idiot/liar/criminal...I'm so mad.

Anyway, I get the impression he's currently doing some serious wrong shit, serious fraud I mean.
Well, I just got a call from some car dealership asking for him, saying that he is looking for financing on a car (he has no job, hasn't had one in years, lives with/off his grandmother. He also lost his license ages ago). Which means he's giving people my phone number and lord know what other information. I'm terrified he's somehow going to ruin my credit or my life by doing this crap. I'm waiting for his idiot ass to wake up so I can talk to him (he's not here, or I would be kicking him awake) ....Apart from convincing him to knock it the hell off....What are my options? Is this something I can go to the police about? Should I change my number? I mean...I'm really clueless, but I'm freaked out.



I am the owner/maintainer of BipolarSurvival, and I want to start a Database of emergency contact information for the members who want to participate here online. I need the members to be able to enter their contact information, as well as their lj screen name, and I need to be able to have only myself and the board hosts be able to access it in case of emergency. (If someone is suicidal for instance). 

Where can I find something like this? 

Second question. 

I want to start a Bipolar Survival web page with our links and a chat room. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it, because I am on disability and have three kids and the money is just not there. So -- anything free or low cost like that I can access?

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Do you think society is too hard on celebrities?

Are we (society) to blame for paparazzi going overboard? Do we really want to see stories and photos of celebrities in ordinary-every-day situations (eg shopping, taking kids to the park)?

Last question:

For those of you in Australia, do you think the winner of The Biggest Loser this year has lost too much weight?

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I hate confrontation, I hate fighting. I even hate defending myself in front of people. But there is a girl who constantly flirts with my boyfriend in front of me and I have no idea what to do. The three of us had a class together on Wednesday and all class she kept flirting with him until he snapped and yelled at her to leave him alone. She just laughed and made some joke about him settling for me :/ I left class crying. I honestly don't know what to do with this. She's so loud and outgoing and would probably make a huge deal out of anything I might say to her, but she gets me so upset and my boyfriend gets so mad at her for it. He's told her repeatedly to leave him alone, he has a girlfriend, and he wasn't interested, but she just doesn't stop.

What can I do TQC?

Have you ever had a situation like this? What did you do?



I was eating some hot wings then touched my finger to my eye...now my eye ball is BURNING...help help...WHAT SHOULD I DO??


Have you ever used a heating balm/ointment then "touched" youself??
ummmm...not me but this friend I had once....

I pledge allegiance...

For those of you who grew up/went to primary school in the US..

Have you ever stopped to think about the pledge of allegiance? Did your school require you to do this? Did you participate? How did you feel about it? Now that you're older, do you have a different view on it?

It seems really strange to me. A coworker and I were just goofing around repeating it and I was a) surprised I still remembered it and b) kind of weirded out by the symbolism.

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I ordered a pay monthly phone off the 02 (uk) site on the 25th. I have pretty bad credit rating so I don't know if I'll get it.

I haven't recieved any emails from them. Do you think I have passed the credit check? I mean, has anyone used this site as well? What happened with you?



This morning i was on the #76 bus 1403 west bound. I was the only one on the bus besides the driver. She had to use the restroom extremely bad so she pulled over at Panera, peed, and left me on the bus alone (i know that is a no no but she was super nice). Well, she dropped one of her gloves while in Panera. I got off at my stop and went into a leasing company and got turned down for an apartment that i really needed (sorry for the rant) but afterwards I walked back down to Panera to look for her glove and I found it. So i decided that if I was going to have a shitty day that I should try to make eveyone elses day good. So i waited for about an hour for the the #76 bus 1403 to come back around. It never did so i got onto the the #76 bus 6644 (i think) and told that driver the story and asked for him to give the glove to her if possible.
Do you think he'll give it to her?
Do you think I should have jsut left it at Panera?

sorry for the long back story.


How long should it take for a letter to get from Pennsylvania to Newfoundland?  
How long should it take for a letter to get from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles?  

I won two things from eBay and am getting impatient and paranoid that my letters never got there.  It's been two weeks since I sent payment.  I was never good at waiting.
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naughty snapples!

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1. What is a common misconception that people have about you?
2. "Envy is hostility towards the very thing one desires." True or false?

My answers:
1. That I'm shy or concieted. I just need to take some time to warm up to people. I think some people could get the snobby angle because I'm not afraid to tell people what I do and don't like.
2. True.
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stock- budding flowers


Do any of you all have Motorolla Razr phones? Which version do you have? Are they any good? If not, what is wrong with them?

What about the LG Chocolate phones?

I am getting a new cell phone and I need opinions! If you like any other ones better than these two, please tell me what phone is most reliable. Thanks! :)
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Saw a post concerning this in hip_domestics, and now I'm curious:

Female ejaculation: myth or reality? Gross or sexy?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

Do you remember a book called "The Girl in the Box" about a girl locked in a dark room with only a typewriter and paper? What happened at the end? I can't find a play-by-play synopsis anywhere.
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have you ever been brought to orgasm from other parts of your body? Or if not orgasm, what's a place that your S/O could touch that could drive you absolutely *nuts*?

ex: I had a girlfriend who had orgasms when I kissed her inner thighs. My current girlfriend really gets turned on when I kiss the back of her earlobes.


1) What do you consider a good grade on the ACT?
2) What did you get?

I just got a 26 on my ACT, but I need the writing part for University of Florida so it's a lost cause. I'm kind of stunned because I didn't study for it at all, and I haven't taken Algebra 2 or Chemistry yet. Everyone is telling me that it's good, but I wanted to make at least a 30 if not higher. So I wanted to see how different opinions vary.

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1. do you budget your money well or do spend too much? 
-if you spend too much what is it usually on?
-if you budget well, whats your "secret"?

2. how often do you check what time it is?

3. do you have more than one job?
-what do you?
-which do you like the best?

4. what do you think of getting the flu shot?

--- my answers
1. i budget enough to pay my bills, but i spend more than i save.
2. constantly.
3. i have 3 jobs. i'm an admin assistant at an accounting firm, a waitress, and i also work at a pizza/sub shop. i like my office job the best.
4. I've gotten the flu shot once, a couple of years ago. I didn't notice too much.


default black mage coke slurp


I'm in a bind, TQC.

I forgot to turn the crock pot with our roast beef in it on before I left this morning. It takes 8 hours to cook on low. Seeing as I want to eat my dinner before 11 o'clock tonight...yeah.

If I set it on Medium instead of Low, will it get done faster? Will the potatos and carrots still cook evenly, or should I take them out and re-add them later?

Motorola Q vs. Palm Treo

I'm looking into getting either a Motorola Q or a Palm Treo. I'm currently with Verizon, and am staying with them but my main issue is having to pay for every little feature on a phone. I want one where I can browse the internet but not necessarily pay Verizon an extra $25/month just for internet access on my phone. I'm under the impression that the Treo connects to wireless. Is that true?

Which one do you think I should get?


Many people get a fever when they get sick. But for some reason I sort of do the oppoiste. My temp DROPS. Usually to about 95-97.00 degrees or so. Is this just as effective as a fever and does it happen to anyone else?

(no subject)

1. Do you think it's strange if someone makes little to no noise during sex? Does the moaning, groaning, grunting, screaming etc. add to the experience for you or do you find it otherwise humorous or distracting?

2. A teacher I know just lost a close friend in a car accident. Would a "Thinking of You" or a "My Sympathies" kind of card be best? Or does it really matter? I've never had to buy one of these before and I'm unsure of the proper etiquette.

This r serious post. SRSLY.

I'm done being silly.

- Have you or has anyone close to you (family, friends) been diagnosed with a mental illness?
- If you feel comfortable divulging this, which one(s)?
- Were you / they treated or are you in the process of being treated for said mental illness? (By a psychiatrist, with medication, etc.)
- Do you feel this treatment has helped alleviate or control your symptoms?
- Are you interested in learning more about your illness(es), or these illnesses in general? Would you join a mental health support or advocacy group? Are you a member of any now?

Okay, one last silly question.

- Do you eat the red ones last?
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Digital cameras

1. What type of digital camera do you have? Are you happy with it?
2. Could you please post an un-edited photo taken with your digital camera?

It would be best if you could post a picture with your answer, because the clarity/color quality of my camera isn't that good and I've always wanted one that's really sharp.
Me-Michael Meyers

Random Friday Stuff

Bonus Points if questions are answered in picture form

1) What has made you happy lately?
2) What's your favorite color?
3) What was the weather like where you are located today?
4) What do people compliment you on the most, physically?
5) Do you have a picture of your favorite person/people?
6) What is/was for dinner tonight?
7) If a coworker came out of the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of her pants, would you tell her?

(no subject)

Lets say you're in the mall doing some shopping, when you see a girl (laughing, talking, etc) with a tongue ring. What would your first thought about her be?

Same girl, but this time she's working in an upscale store. Would your opinion change?

What is the appeal of designer lables? (think Prada, Gucci, or Coach)

help me decide?

A youth theatre that I used to do shows at will be having a "premiere" for their show Peter Pan. It includes free food. (although last time I got a danish and it had a hair in it!)

A high school I didn't go to but was very infamous at for a fling's prestigous arts department will be having a "premiere" for their Footloose show that will be starring many people that usually star at aforementioned youth theatre and/or I already knew from said infamy.

Some friends want me to go to Mexico, get drunk and makeout with strangers.

Which should I doooo? All of these are happening tonight and I can only choose one! I can't pick, felt the timing was cutting close to having to pick and I needed a decision fast, so I decided to turn to you guys! Either of the 3 will maintain my popularityz.

Also, would making out with people tonight be bad considering I'm still not fully over my crabs?

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Are you a pessimist or optimist about the future? In other words, look forward 50 years, do you see:
b)same shit, different technology
d)smoking ruins, world populated by a handful of shell shocked, disease ridden survivors eking out a barely sustanable agrarian existence suplemented with occaisional bouts of cannibilism, while armies of mutated radioactive cockroaches ravage the countryside, devouring small children and the like.
Mitty box

I'm a post whore today!

What kind of school did/do you go to (public, private, religious, homeschooled, montessori, etc)?

What was your school experience like?

If you have kids, what kind of school do you send them to? If they aren't of school age (or you haven't had them yet), what kind do you plan on sending them to?

We have pretty crappy schools here, so we are considering sending my son to Montessori school when he comes of age.
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The Dude Abides

You're FIRED! ?s

Inspired by Rick Carlisle being fired while drinking a beer with his boss, Larry Bird

1) (Severance packages, quitting benefits, etc aside) Is there a good way to be fired from your job?

2) (Severance packages, quitting benefits, etc aside) How would you want to be fired?
big alligator?

(no subject)

1. Who was the last person to insult you? What did they do/say?
When I was in the car with my dad he poked at my stomach and made a comment about it getting bigger. Which it is as I have gained a little weight lately but I'm getting back on track. Funny thing is he didn't say a thing when I lost 50 lbs.

2. Why has it taken me so long to discover Lean Cuisine?
I bought a Santa Fe-Style Rice & Beans one when I was at Target today and it was delicious.

3. What is your favorite Lean Cuisine? What is your favorite meatless Lean Cuisine?

(no subject)

So, a cream I was using for a week on my face has burnt my skin all over; it's red and peeling and dry, not to mention sore :( I have a good friend's party tomorrow night to go to, and I'd love to know if there's any way I could quickly get rid of the flakiness? Applying foundation to help the redness (it's kinda like a rash) just highlights the dryness and makes my face look like a big peeling mess with skin just...SITTING there in flakes. Any suggestions?? I really don't wanna miss this party :( I already know about exfoliation (I have an exfoliating scrub which I've been using since last night when this problem came to light) but is there anything which will hurt less or work quicker (or better?) If not, whats the best way I should be exfoliating? I'm also using a moisturiser for greasy skin (only one I've got atm, cause my skin is usually greasy)

(no subject)

For those of you who studied literature (or some other book-heavy subject) in college:

Did you do all the reading as you went through the year, or did you leave it all to the week before finals?

I have seven books to read in the next six days.


OK, without looking it up or reading the other comments, what would you say is the definition of the word "xenophobia?"

EDIT: Y'all are a bunch of smarties! Thanks for playing!!

Morning Music, and Mascara

1. If you could wake up to any song, what would it be?

I just purchased an alarm clock that allows me to wake up to the CD track of my choice. I have a really hard time getting up in the morning, and am looking to make a CD with a number of tracks that will help jump-start my day.

2. What kind of mascara do you wear (brand, name, waterproof or not, colour, price)?

What's the best thing about it?
Do you find that it flakes or smudges under your eye, or does it stay in place?
Where do you buy it?
What do you use to remove it?

(no subject)


What could this stand for?

Some answers I've come up with:

Gremlins on grass.
Girls out gossiping.
Ghosts out giggling.
Guarding our gold.

Anyone got any more suggestions?

The more ridiculous the better.
waiting to sing

(no subject)

I started to look through the 70 pages of member icons, but then I decided it would be easier & quicker to just ask... somewhere in TQCland there is someone with an icon that says something about having ADD and ooh a kitty. I think it was green. I would like to gank that icon. Would the owner of that icon please respond? Thanks!
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(no subject)

what foods sound better before you actually eat it?

weird wording but i'm not sure how to properly ask this one.

taco bell always sounds so good. and then i eat it and i feel vile. oh and cheetoes.
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(no subject)

I think I'm pregnant guys, my period is 3 days late...

I'm not quite to the "Oh shit" stage yet, cause stress could be doing this, but I've also been nauseas for the past week, and I've also been having dizzy spells. I know I'm not dehydrated.

My boyfriend took the news of my possible pregnancy surprisingly well though.

But what do we say to our families if I am?  We've only been together a month!  And though we're moving in together in August and very much in love, I'm a little scared of my dad!

For those of you who've gotten pregnant in not the usual circumstances, how did your families handle it?
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(no subject)

Are there any local bands that you really like and think will eventually come to be well known, or are there any well known local bands that you've loved from the very beginning? If so, names please.

(no subject)

I bought a book for my boyfriend (for his birthday) today and a heart-shaped candy dish with an angel on it for my mom for Mother's Day. I have discovered that I really like buying presents for people.

So! What's the last gift you received, why, and what was the last gift you gave, and why?
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite online adventure/roleplaying game? (I'm not into like, medieval stuff, I just want to waste time running around collecting things and doing puzzles.)

2. What's the most you've ever eaten in one sitting? Didn't it suck? (I just ate like.. 4 baguettes and a big tub of hummus.. owww.. )

3. Are you with the band?

4.  Have you ever heard of the genre Nintendocore? Or the band, Horse The Band? If so, know of any similar bands?

Thanks in advance ;D
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The Receptionist Classic

Wash Your Hands! Eat Your Peas! Send Me Money!

I'm making a pasta salad (not with mayo) and want to add some peas. I have a package of frozen peas to work with. Mushy peas would be very bad and gross in this dish.

How do I cook the peas and keep them from getting mushy? Or do I even need to cook them? Can I just throw 'em into the pasta after I drain it?

And here's one that's been bugging me:
When you wash your hands in a sink, do you keep your hands low (in the bowl) or way up over the bowl?
Can you wash your hands without getting the counter around the sink and the floor soaking wet?
Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

Besides Hot Topic, where would I be able to find pantyhose/stockings with fun and exciting prints on them? I want them to wear under my wedding dress, not to wear them with like short mini skirts or anything.

(no subject)

Today's been weird. I could access any site except gmail and a phpbb.com forum. Whenever I try to access any of these, I get an error page saying the connection was timed out. How can I fix this?


Online forum, with 400 members, and about 20 really active members, and others who are much slower but around. Community is good, people post about their lives in general, as well as the main topic of the forum. Chatroom is installed.
Does the forum 'die' and then discourage more people from joining/attempting to post, because of the chatroom and people hanging out in there rather than on the forum? Does the forum end up abandoned?
I've seen it happen many many times. What about you in your experience?

Stuck on.

The boyfriend plays WoW just about everyday. He also plays his PS2 from time to time. His television is limited to Simpsons, Family Guy & South Park. And in the last year, he just discovered the greatness of Law & Order because of my tele habits. He is good about jumping off the game if I need something. He does try to go to bed at a reasonable hour on workdays.

So why does it bother me so much that he plays video games and watches cartoons?
Am I wrong to feel like I'm with a 12 year old?
Is it me with the stick up my ass?

(I'm half venting, half serious here.)
Bug-eyed Earl

Comcast DVR

Has anybody had the Comcast DVR? Opinions? I remember reading mixed reviews on it somewhere on the intarwebs. I don't know the exact model, I haven't had it installed yet, I think they use Motorola.

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What are the weirdest lyrics from a song you have heard?

I'm just listening to "The Who" and they wrote some pretty weird stuff, like "Pictures of Lily" about how a young boy feels very.....tense until his Dad buys him some porn:
As you do.
Or "Squeeze Box", which seems to be about his parents having sex all night:
Or "Pinball Wizard" which is the greatest song written about blind pinball players. What a riff too:
The prize, for my money, goes to Black Sabbath, for "Iron Man":
Seriously Ozzy, what were you not on?

Ahhh, vintage rock. What songs they wrote. What drugs they took.


1. Are there languages that you've studied/wish to study for the curiosity value only? That are not important to you in everyday life, career etc. or are not "world languages" and therefore useful to know? Why do you want to learn them?

2. I consider Latin to be in the "non-useful" group of languages. Am I correct, or is it actually useful?

3. Which would be a better universal world language - Latin or Esperanto? Why?

4. Are you bilingual? Like, you've been raised bilingual and actually have to first languages. If yes, what are they? Which one do you think in? Is it even possible that they're totally equal as first languages and neither one is dominating? Or does it depend of the company and surrounfings you're in?

5. And because I'm curious about this and it's hard for me to see - is it totally obvious that English is not my mother tongue? I mean, does my text look somehow "funny" to you?

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I haven't worn earrings in years, and now I'm beginning to wear them daily. I've picked up a few pairs from target labeled "nickel free" because I've had an allergic reactions to nickel in earring posts in the past (scabs, the holes turned black for a couple weeks, it was yucky).
The problem is, when I wear these earrings (they're all dangling, lightweight earrings, btw), my ears feel really warm and itchy, which is kind of what my ears felt like when I wear the earrings with nickel in them.
Does anyone know why this happens? Could I be allergic to a second type of metal that's found in these earrings? The only ones I've ever worn that haven't done this are the surgical steel ones. Is there anything I can do about this to make the earrings less irritating? I've heard that you can put a coat on clear nail polish on it, does that actually work?
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What does it mean when you're sick and your teeth are sore and throbbing? I've had that annoying feeling all day and I feel like taking a plier and yanking all my teeth out >=[

Also, how can some people eat whatever and still have great skin? I'd really like to know how to get flawless skin.

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So I have a zillion and 2 old cell phones. Nothing to dinosaur old just old ones that I never use because of upgrades and what not. What I want to know is there any charity or organization I can donate them to? I know they could be used still and or melted down and then they can get the cash for the recycling. I did get $$ off on a new phone once with Cingular for doing just that(the donating to be melted down thing).
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1) How do you usually have your showers? (Extremely hot, Lukewarm or Freezing cold?)

2) Chicken or Fish?

3) Which do you find more repulsive (Dung beetles or Cockroaches?)

tl;dr lame, but srs question. :(

I turned a guy down for a date (2 years ago!) because he had dated a girl who was in my circle of friends and she and I had some history (basically, she hated me) Since then I've moved on to a different circle of friends and recently ran in to the guy again. We spent a large portion of that night catching up but I didn't bother to try to give him my number or anything. He and I still have mutual friends but none that I'm close with and could talk to about him. We're friends on myspace (lol, lame) but don't ever hang out on our own. I see him occasionally at the bar in our neighborhood (we live about 10 blocks apart)

Tell me oh great TQC, what would be the best way for me to let him know I'm interested?

(serious and non serious answers are always fun)

Sticky, gummed edges!

1. I crave brownies. What are you craving right now?

2. I just ate some fruit loops, but I wanted something else. What's your favorite cold cereal?

3. Only cool people do it. Do you sleep naked?

4. Isn't my icon cute? Will you post an icon with your pet in it, or at least an animal?

5. I like talking about everything with her, but I'm curious, what do you like to talk about with your mom?

6. Can you tell I'm so bored? What are you up to as you type?
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Cat Food

What kind of food do you feed your cats, if you have any?

I posted a question in the cat_lovers community and I found out that animals have been getting sick on the Iams brand food, which is the one we use. Our cat hasn't been getting sick, but I still don't want to feed him the stuff if it's been known to be contaminated.

For the love of Christ, is there ANY foods out there that aren't contaminated??

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do you like Higglytown heros??
how about the wiggles...they are pretty stupid...but my 7 month old LOOOOVES them!

we both like higglytown...they are cute...anyone know where i could find higgleytown birthday decorations?

Anti-climax question

Okay, this is probably sudden but i really need an answer, and I can't get any from myself.

I've been offered a place in Monash and Uni of Queensland (both uni are in australia) to study communications. But I can't decide! After comparing so many aspects of both unis, like living cost, syllubus, i still can't make a decision. 


ok the question is, monash uni or uni of queensland?
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i keep seeing a commercial on tv for a lexus that parallel parks itself.  i have yet to see it in person though.  (yes, i've been keeping my eyes out for one.)

would you trust that car to parallel park itself?

are there other cars that have this feature?

what's one awesome feature you wish you could add to your car?

International Texting (From the US)

I've been trying to do some research on cell phone service providers that allow free international texting. So far, it appears that Sprint/Nextel allows free international text messaging. I'm still looking for the fine print.

Anyway, onto my question - do you know of any cell phone service providers that have good fees (or even charge next to nothing) when it comes to international texting or calling?

Two sets of questions

I did a quick Google on this, and although most processed food manufacturers include some basic nutritional information on their foods online, I can't find any actual lists of ingredients.

1. If you eat frozen ready meals, and have any handy, could you possibly type up the ingredients list for me? Or just use your superior Google-fu to find some lists of ingredients.

And on a different topic entirely:

2. Do you consider yourself to be an ethical person?

3. In which of these situations do you consider the ethical implications of your actions/choices?
a - Where you do your general grocery shopping.
b - What kind of cosmetics or bath products you buy.
c - What kind of food products you buy.
d - Where you buy your clothes, or what brands of clothing you buy.
e - What kind of coffee / tea / chocolate (etc) you buy.
f - What kind of transport you use.
g - What kind of job you do.
h - Who you have sex with.
i - Whether you tell someone a lie.
j - What you'd do for a friend.
k - How you vote.

4. Did you struggle to see an ethical component to any of those? Which ones?
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messenger bags

Anybody want to make website recommendations as to where I could get a messenger bag with sturdy backing?

This is not for biking... just for everyday use.

At this point in time, I'm open to any kind of recommendations. Thank you!
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This homework assignment

What grade/school level does this homework assignment seem to fit?

Collapse )

I ask because I was just assigned this as a final exam for an upper-division college course and it seems a little high-school (or younger)-ish in nature but maybe I'm just really bored and felt like typing up a lot of stuff on here just to see what types of responses I would get if anyone even reads this thing at all.

My professor said he wanted to be creative with the assignment.

It doesn't involve research at all! yeah!