April 26th, 2007


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Is anyone else here a masochist when it comes to sleep?
Yesterday it was one of the American girls 21st in college (Pity she's in Australia where it doesn't mean as much. Oh yeah! 18 legal drinking age all the way. Actually, as a sub-question, how many Americans on this board actually agree with that stupid law? You can drive, vote and join the army before 21, but you're not responsible enough to know when you've had enough? Give me a break), so I rolled into bed around 3-3.30ish, woke up about 7, got up having decided i really really wasn't getting back to sleep no matter how much I willed myself to about 9. I was feeling wrecked, seedy and hung over all day and have been fantasizing about my bed all day. It's now 12:30 in the morning and even though I know i have to get up for early lectures tomorrow and that I am actually very tired indeed, still I sit here typing away and I could stay here for many more hours.
Anyone else ever find themselves doing anything similar?
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Random shite

1. Why do (what I feel are) my weakest jokes usually get the most laughs?
2. What was the last thing you purchased?
3. Have you seen Blades of Glory? What did you think of it?
I swear I'm the only one who thought it was completely horrible and stupid. Everyone else seems to love it.
4. When you listen to music do you just listen, sing along, lip sync, whistle, dance or something else entirely?
In public I just listen. Alone I usually sing along or harmonize because I like singing high, lol. I used to lip sync a lot more but now it feels weird. I only dance if I'm alone and am already standing when the mood strikes.
5. Have you ever heard of Improv Everywhere? What's your favorite mission? Have you ever participated in one? Would you?
I thought the first MP3 Experiment was completely amazing and I wish I could have been there. Best Gig Ever and Best Buy were great too. I don't live in New York but if I would participate any chance I get!
6. Did I step on your trumpet or did I lump, lump them in with you?
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Ive been on lots of different drugs over the past year and a half, and ive noticed that most of my medicines for anxiety, depression, bipolar etc (klonopin, ativan, lamictal etc) are also used as treatment for epilepsy.

Whats the connection?
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Logo prices

What is the standard/acceptable price range for a professionally commissioned logo or banner?
How about a website?

Are there websites or lists out there on the standard pricing for logos and websites commissioned from designers?

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I need to get a certain smell out of my blanket before I go home, but I'm out of Febreeze. Would rubbing baby wipes work? How about a dryer sheet? Those are the only things I have to cover up/remove a smell that wont stain.

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If I were to squeeze aloe-goop out of a leaf and into a little bottle (probably a one-ounce plastic bottle with plastic screw-cap), would it 'keep,' or would I end up with a disgusting gummy disaster?

I need a word or description to help fix some writer's block. You have two people. One is a 30-something male, fairly streetwise but now respectable and doing some high-profile construction designing. The other is the 20-something daughter of one of his employers, who seems enamoured of him, but more in the "I want to bat my eyelashes at him and get him to take me to dinner" way than a "I want to bat my eyelashes at him and get him to sleep with me" way. Absolutely willing to do odd jobs for him like run blueprints to his subordinates. Man is only passingly interested in a "well, that's interesting" way (not like women more his type aren't easily attainable). I have him describing her as "cute and 'workably stupid'," but that sounds weird. How would you describe her from the man's point of view?

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1. I'm going to Las Vegas for a weekend, and I'm staying the Four Queens hotel on Fremont Street (downtown Vegas, not on the strip). I'm not a gambler, and I'm low on cash. I like to drink and go out, but I don't know which bars in downtown Vegas are any good. Any suggestions for what to do with my time in Vegas?

2. Is there such a thing as a healthy relationship?

3. Where can I find an inexpensive pair of ballet flats?

Googling is fun, but TQC is better

Okay, I have a sore throat--have had one for DAYS, actually--and I finally caved. I now have a cup of recently-boiled-will-be-lukewarm water with salt, which I've heard was a remedy for sore throats. The question is: Should I just gargle this or drink it? Answered. Gargling ftw, hurrah!

What have you found to be the best remedy for sore throats?

And for something completely unrelated: Who fans! Rose Tyler or Martha Jones?

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1. What do you think of the saying "the customer is always right"?

I work in retail and I really hate that saying.

2. Ever been unjustly fired?

3. Are there any deleted communities you miss?

4. If I told you you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
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Al Gore is coming to my college today to lecture. Afterwards, there's a reception which I get to attend. What do you think I should ask him? :D
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Is there any other way to cook meatballs besides frying them in a skillet? Would they really turn out so differently if I stuck them in the oven instead?

BESIDES THE OBVIOUS EXCEPTION OF COLD TEMPERATURES, is it safe to use plain water as your wiper fluid?

How much do you spend on groceries per week?

How often do you eat out?

1. idk
2. idk
3. Less than $50
4. Appx 3 nights a week. I'm spoiled.

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Let's say something terrible happened. Something that caused the WHOLE WORLD to be annihilated.
But, good news! We have a time machine!! Only one person can fit in it though.

1. Who would you personally vote that we have go back in time and fix the world?
2. If the whole world voted, who do you think would end up going back in time?
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Why can't I make an account on journalfen.net? Whenever I go to the "create" link, I get the 404 of death. Ah, it's by invitation only. Well that settles that!

What is your favorite kind of donut?

Who should be president of LJ? Not TQC, LJ as a whole.

EDIT: Alcohol + milk (like White Russians or chocolate martinis): gross or delicious?
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Security Officer

So, I'm in the market for a job. I found one with great hours and pay. It's to be a security guard. I want to apply...

However, I'm only 5'1" and barely 105lbs. I'm afaid all be rejected because of this. I know it's against the law (discrimination and all). But do you think they'd hire me?

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you have to ban one "liked" member of TQC or be permanently banned yourself. which/who do you choose, and why?

-edit- By "liked" I mean well liked by the community, someone who you feel would be missed.
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Recommendations, please!

I loath Jane Austen. I tried and I tried to get in to her works, and failed at each attempt. I'm not one to give on a book, but each time I tried to read both Emma and Pride & Prejudice, at least twice each, I felt I was being tortured and had to move on to more interesting authors (such as John Steinbeck, a favorite). It was not her writing style -- I have read more difficult works -- but rather her subject matter that I detested. I wanted to slap her characters upside the head. The only character I enjoyed was Emma's father. I wonder what that says about me?

Do you have any recommendation for pre-20th century female authors?

Any other authors (male or female) from any time period that I may enjoy are also welcomed. I love book recommendations.

I'm making a library stop tonight, cantcha tell?

So you can get an idea of what I'm looking for, I've been recommended the following already from other sources (I'm a nerd, yes?). Note that they are not all female or pre-20th century authors, obviously:

Athol Fugard (specifically Tsotsi)
The Brontes sisters
George Eliot (specifically Silas Marner)
Mary Shelley
Kate Chopin
Toni Morrison
Edith Wharton
Virginia Wolfe
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sup dudes.

I am going to Coachella this weekend (huzzah!) and I'm staying in a hotel.

what kinds of food should I bring for the road & to have in our room?

I've got bread, peanut butter, honey, sun chips... what are other good foodstuffs to bring that don't need to be refrigerated or heated?
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Working at home...

My main goal is to be able to work from home and to be able to spend more time with my son (and not have to pay daycare).

Has anyone heard anything about a group called Writers Research Group? Good? Bad?

From the looks of it, I'd be writing articles for a website. This does fit with what I like to do/my college degree, but I was wondering if this company was on the up and up.

Thanks TQC!!
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Rawr! my wisdom tooth is growing on top of another tooth (molar?) and it hurts so bad I can't chew on that side of my mouth at all. My dentist is proving to be the most annoying person to get in contact with. Thing is, I'm only trying to get an appointment with him so I can get a referral or something to see a dental surgeon who can remove the tooth.

Can I just skip seeing the dentist and call the surgeon?

I've already had four teeth pulled so I can get braces, now I need my wisdom teeth pulled. Why isn't there enough room in my mouth for all my teeth? That just seems like a horrible flaw in our anatomy.

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How common is it for someone to not know their partner is cheating?

And I don't mean that they're in denial. They truly don't have an idea, and would be completely shocked to find out. I think in 99% of cases it would be completely obvious, but I've never been in the situation, so...


Whats good to get at JambaJuice?

I've never been there but I got a coupon in the mail for a free no purchase necessary smoothie so i figured i'd go get something.

Edit: I got the Aloha Pineapple smoothie and it was pretty good! thanks for everyone's suggestions, i'll probably go back and try some of the other ones :)

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What Generation comes after Generation X (ending in 1980)? I was reading wikipedia and it seems there is some controversy. They kept throwing around the term internet generation for people born pre-2000 or myspace generation.

Don't know about you, but I don't want to be represented as the myspace generation at all. Its like being proud of bad grammar/spelling, poor layouts, and pedo stalkers.

Tangent question: How do you feel about myspace?
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What can I do for my best friend that is moving away? I'm a very sappy person and like to give the WOW gift that makes people cry lol. I've already made him a scrapbook of all his friends. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Pain ?'s

Which do you think hurts more physical pain or emotional pain?

Which hurts more:

Emotional Pain
Physical Pain

Let's be reasonable with the physical pain. We will confine it to things that aren't permanent like stubbing your toe really badly, getting punched in the eye or falling awkwardly and spraining your ankle.

Emotional pain is usually heartbreak, but could be other types of pain such as mourning the loss of a loved one, or being ridiculed.
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You're knocked-up? Uh, would this be a bad time to tell you I'm married?

I'm stealing from Dear Abby:
DEAR ABBY: I am 24 years old and pregnant by a married man. I didn't find out that he was married until after I learned I was pregnant. I love him so much, and he swears he loves me, too.

He has not told his wife anything about me or his expected child. I am afraid to tell my family that he's still married. He has promised me that he's going to leave his wife, but I don't see that happening. Please tell me what to do. -- ALL ALONE IN EUSTIS, FLA.

What would YOU do?

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Do you know of anyone with an unusual name? Do they introduce themselves to people using this?

See, my friend Lisa is now known as Dazy. Everybody calls her by this and when she meets new people she uses the new name. I'm Georgina but I usually get Gee altough when I meet new people I use Georgina by habit when I meet new people. I'd rather everybody called me Gee. Do you think there could be any downsides to using Gee for absolutly everything. I'm considering even changing it legally.

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What's your addiction? Do you try fight it? How are you fighting it?

Mine: World of Warcraft- Yes, I try to fight it by unistalling it from my computer and cleaning the house but man... the urge is strong.

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1)Which sports did you play as a child (like little league or something similar)? Were you any good and do you still play those sports?
2)Do you ever lay just right on your ear so that you can hear your heartbeat and pretend like it's footsteps? wtf how is that creepy?
3)If you were Alice in Wonderland and had the choice between eating something that would make you a giant and eating something that would make very tiny, which would size would you try first?
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Do you like cheesy techno/trance/dance stuff?

Do you have any good recommendations? Stuff like "Lonely" by Deep Spirit, "Breathe Without You" by Milk, Inc., Basshunter's stuff, etc.

Do you like rap?

Do you like any ethnic music? (speaking from the US)
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My mate came to visit me and told his "wife" that he is on vacation but he is sleeping in my bed. with me of course. He is SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD in bed and i don't want to give him back what should i do?

~Kehki the horny squirrel~
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So I know that Voodoo tradition isn't just, if at all, about sticking pins in dolls etcetera...

But a mate of mine recently got a voodoo doll as a gift and I was wondering:
1. Have you ever used a voodoo doll on somebody?
2. Did it work?
3. The majority of the time when talking about using voodoo dolls, it's always in a negative way... But can you use it in a positive way? Ie - give someone a big hug, put some fake money in it's hand etc? Has anyone ever tried to use a voodoo doll in a positive way?

I don't have any experience... was just something I was wondering because if you can use them in a positive way there's a few people I wouldn't mind giving hugs, money and love.
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Does anyone know of a website that explains sayings? (or whatever they are called).

EXAMPLE: Blood is thicker than water, you catch more flies with vinegar, kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

Those sort of sayings. I've tried looking, but no such luck.
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Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Some random guy just poked his head into our office, looked around, and went away. Thinking it was a new delivery guy, I go out in the hallway to see what's up. He's walking up and down the hallway, twitchy and nervous, disheveled, and generally not the usual person you'd find on this floor. I asked him if he needed help finding something (our doors don't have numbers so people tend to have trouble finding places - quite common) and he just said "No, man, just lookin, yeah." Which makes me wonder...

Who is this guy and what does he want?

My guess is that he's really quite lost and he's supposed to be in the other building with the web guys - he had that "I've had about 50 cups of coffee today and no shower in four days" look going on that they all tend to have right before a new site launches. That or he's casin' the joint and is going to steal my stapler tonight.

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1. my boyfriend's a student catering server at our university, which basically is what it sounds like; he serves food at catered events around campus. he also sets up break tables with coffee and refreshments and stuff for smaller events. he gets to wear a bow tie!

anyway, today he was going to have a really slow day with too many people working a single cookie break, but he got his schedule changed at the last minute so he didn't know what he was going to end up doing today. he just sent me a text saying that apparently he's catering food and refreshments for musiq soulchild's dressing room. i didn't even know musiq soulchild was here.

i find this funny. why do i find this funny?

2. are you any good at chess?

3. should i do my nails today?

4. if you washed all of your clothes tomorrow, how long would you be able to last without doing laundry?
4a. do you have any clothes that you don't really like but hang onto just in case you have nothing else clean?
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Er....Gas Alternatives Ads...?! NOOOO!

Was watching one of those gas alternative ads on tv where some guy was asking people about how Canada can grow corn and wheat and other things the alternative gas product could come from. Then i was thinking...with the price of fuel as it is...wouldnt that just shift to wheat, corn, etc? Will we end up paying $5 for a stalk of corn....how about $15 for a box of cereal? I know, I'm exaggerating here(hopefully!)..but just wondering how some of you feel about those ads. =)
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I had my taxes done by the school (I figured that it'd be best, since it was free and I had no clue what I was doing).  They E-Filed and informed me that I owed the state $27.  Since I'm insanely absent-minded, I forgot until the last possible minute--and by that time I didn't have $27.  So my taxes didn't get paid.  I now have the money to pay, and I still have all the paperwork, so my question is this:  Should I pay?  On the one hand, if they didn't notice I'd rather not bring their attention to it.  On the other hand, I really don't want to go to jail or get slammed with huge fees, which they might do if I send it in too.  I don't know how this stuff works.  This is my first time filing (I got paid under the table for years).

Any advice would be appreciated.  And yes, I'm expecting to get told how much of an idiot I am.

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what is the shortest period of time you've had between relationships? (assuming you weren't dating more than one person at a time)

What is the shortest period of time you've had between meeting someone and having sex/hooking up in some physical way with them?

What assumptions and/or judgements do you make when you see a couple where one person is really attractive and one person is not so attractive, or even really unattractive?


1. Do you have road rage?
2. What really ticks you off when your driving?
3. Whats the worst road rage incident you've experienced if you do have it?
4. Whats the worst incident you've witnessed as far as road rage is concerned?

and lastly (unrelated)
5. Is ther anyway to search for questions that have already been asked in this community? Like, what if someone had already asked this less than a week ago? I think it may get annoying to see it posted again...and with that being said, I'm sorry if this has been asked recently
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Which of the following foods do you generally find to be tasty?

bell peppers
corn bread
ranch dressing
snow peas
sugar snap peas
sweet potatoes
I do not find any of those to be tasty.

EDIT: These yams.
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paying off credit cards

Is it true that leaving a small balance on your credit card builds up your credit faster than paying everything off in full each month? I always pay $100-$50 less than the balance on my card, per my mother's instructions. Googling hasn't gotten me very far, so maybe you accounting whizzes here at TQC could help me out!

Happy return

I have returned from my adventure to San Francisco....Unfortunately I didn't get to make as many pit stops as I would have liked. I would like to thank everyone for the suggestions. But I will keep the list to use down the road for our next visit. Thank You all again!:)
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My boyfriend didn't send his taxes in and owes just over $400 for his Federal...

I'm just wondering what the penalty will be if he sends the paperwork in without the payment...
And what they can/will do if he doesn't pay it anytime soon?

RE:San Francisco Thank You

Why is it so hard to just say thank you for the info that I got from others of this community? So was it wrong of me to do so without a question in hand? or can I show a little appreciation for someones help?
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Has anyone ever thought about doing a "TheAnswerClub"?
Would you join such a group if someone posted and answer and you had to come up with a relevant question?
Totally awesome idea or totally lame?
Me--State Fair

*drums fingers on table restlessly*

How do you pass the time when you are waiting to hear important news?

I'm waiting to hear from my mom how my grandma's appointment went today. She's got an ovary the size of a baseball and it has to come out, but they aren't sure what it is and the waiting to find out details is driving me nuts. I already called Mom's phone twice, but no answer.
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What do you think the public reaction would be if a woman was elected president/prime minister/whatever is the equivalent where you live, and became pregnant during her term?

What would your personal reaction be?


Be honest. Isn't it even the slightest bit funny/fun to be bitchy/snarky online?

And come on, if someone is snarky and you bitch at them for it, aren't you just jealous that the snarker beat you to the punch?

What's your favorite macro? POST IT

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happy birthdayyyyy

My husband's birthday is today, and for a bunch of random reasons, he has already seen all of his presents! I got him some pretty good stuff, but now I'm sitting here at work realizing that, although i'm taking him out to dinner tonight, i have NOTHING FOR HIM. 

I'm going to stop on the way home to get him a card.. but can you think of anything else little i could do (can't take too much time, as he thinks i'm coming straight home from work) to acknowledge his birthday?

cute, serious, or entertaining/stupid answers welcome. :)

ETA: another question: are there any professional photographers in here? or banjo players? i always feel like i'm one of the few people that have those 'hobbies'.
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LJ customization question

can anyone who is really LJ savvy please explain to me how I would go about making the main text box on my LJ transparent, so that one could see the background through the text? actually, i want it to be like... a light shade of gray, so that you can still easily read the text, but you can also sort of see the background. Does that make sense?

I really just need someone to post the code for it. thanks. :)

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1. what percentage of alcoholics develop cancer?
what about smokers?

2. what is the contact information for the senators of pennsylvania?

(please include where you found this stuff. I need to cite it. i can't think of where to look)
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At the risk of sounding stupid and out-of-touch with the conspiracies....


Collapse )

Can someone explain this to me, please?

EDIT: Ok, maybe I should have explained that I didn't know that there was any debate over the existence of internment camps in the US.  By "conspiracies", I meant that I was wondering if there were any conspiracies connected with these things, since this guy obviously thought there was some huge, terrible secret connected to these things.  How is this a secret?
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Today my work had its annual party at a restaurant/bar a few blocks away. It started at 2:00pm. Taxi chits were to be provided if you were drinking.

I told a few people I was planning on going, but ended up... not. But I left at 2:00 pm anyway. I get off at 4:00 pm.

Do you think I skipped work? It wasn't my understanding that if you didn't go, you had to work your regular hours. I never asked anyone about it (I'm the kind of person who is never sure about anything).

I need to come up with an excuse for tomorrow. Can you help me think up one that sounds believable?

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have you ever heard of chinchilla poop being used as a fertilizer?

i have a chinchilla and someone my boyfriend knows was telling us that he saw a pound of it for sale on ebay for $18. I was so surprised!


(no subject)

1) What is the strangest meal someone has ever served you?

2) What foods do you mix that you think tastes yummy but everyone else says is horrible?


1) One time my ex-bf cooked me a piece of steak done in cajun spices. That was it. A piece of steak, no vegies, chips or salad to go with. Plus it was practically coated in spices. Never mind the fact i dont actually ever eat steak cos i dont like it lol.

2) I like having scrambled eggs with tinned spaghetti or baked beans on top on a piece of lavish bread.
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(no subject)

1 - What were your fave movies as a kid?
2 - Who were your fave celebs as a kid?
3 - What were your fave games (as in hide 'n' seek, tag, marbles, making up stuff sorts of games, not Sega, Playstation etc) as a kid?
4 - What was the last thing you got extremely excited about?
5 - The last thing that made you laugh?


1 - The Lion King, My Girl, The Little Rascals, The Secret Garden, Star Wars
2 - Elijah Wood, Jeremy Irons, Devon Sawa, Jake Lloyd, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Zac Hanson, Aaron Carter
3 - Tag, acting out things like Harry Potter, Pretending we were on a spaceship, climbing trees
4 - The Harry Potter Trailer, and hearing that my brother's coming over (He lives overseas).
5 - This.

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What French verb tense would I use when trying to translate "She has known my aunt for years"?
I've put it into Freetranslation.com but that only gives me the translation "she knew."
If I used passé composé, "elle a connu," it would be "she knew."
If I used imparfait, "elle conaissait,"it would be "she used to know" or "she was knowing."
The pluperfect, "Elle avait connu" would be "She had known," so that's close but not quite.

Anyway, anyone who knows French, respond plz.

I know that asking "homework-y" questions is frowned upon, so I'll add in another to compensate:

(I erased my original question about what does the term "hot" mean.)
What are the different connotations of words that describe how good-looking people are? (i.e. "hot," "pretty," "beautiful," etc.)
fuck that

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ever get into a good debate in tqc and then the entry gets deleted?

so good or no good?

the odd thing is, it was an OT debate with someone other than the OP.

why delete? irritation with ot debate? i'm talking maybe 5 comments.

edit: actually, it was a metaquotes post. but still.
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half.com and feedback...

I ordered 2 books via a vendor on Half.com on 3/31. I should have rec'd them no later than 4/20. By 4/24 I hadn't rec'd them so I sent the vendor an e-mail asking about the status. The vendor responded w/in 24 hours and offered me a full refund as the books couldn't be tracked and had not been returned to them.

Would you offer positive (for the prompt refund), negative (crappy shipping) or neutral feedback?

Just curious...

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Hello fellow TQCers. Tomorrow is my local Relay for Life. For those of you who haven't heard of it: it's an overnight event to raise money towards a cure for cancer. There are activities from 6:00 in the afternoon on Friday through 8 or so the next morning. I'm on my friend's relay team, and I'm super excited. This is my first year staying all night, so I'm wondering what I should pack. Any ideas?

Oh, and have you ever done Relay in your community? How did you feel about the experience?
Stitch Mummy!

Don't Say There's Nothing to Do in the Doldrums

I really love the songs from the Phantom Tollbooth, however there's no soundtrack for me to buy since it's such an old, unknown movie. So my question is: Does anyone know of any free software that converts DVD movies to .avi file format? Or one of the many other video types that VirtualDub can open because I can use VirtualDub to take out the audio by itself to make MP3s of the songs from that movie to listen to on my computer.
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microwave mystery (to me!)

...uhm... does anyone know ~ am i partially microwaving my hand when i take the food out of the m.oven as soon as it 'dings'?  i mean, am i supposed to wait a second or two before opening the door?  will i grow a claw?!  (haha!)

lost the manual
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When I have been sitting for a while (which happens when I'm at work, since I have a desk job), something very embarrassing happens when I stand up. It doesn't happen all the time, but it definitely happens pretty often and even one time is once too often. This is my problem: I get "vagina burps" and that is all I can think of to call them. Upon standing up, burping noises come from down there, and I can feel that they are coming from my vagina, as opposed to where a normal burp comes from. They are not painful....just "light, bubbly" burps.

If you have any idea what I'm talking about.....has anybody ever had this happen to them, and if so, is there anything I can do to make it stop????? I cannot control it when it happens, and it comes without warning. I wanted to melt into the floor when it happened today and one of my co-workers heard it. She was polite enough not to say anything, but I was horrified.

I am terribly sorry for being so crude, but this is the only place I can ask without dying of embarrassment, because none of you know who I am!

qt: animal cookies

(no subject)

1. Martians have landed, and you have been selected to show them around on Earth. What places do you visit with them (pick three)?

2. What makes a person cool or admirable in your eyes?

3. What's your mood theme?
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(no subject)

1. My bras are starting to show signs of needing replaced. Worn straps, hooks that become unhooked at inopportune moments, etc...

How much money should I budget for a good bra? How many should I get? What colors?

2. What is worse in the case of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should":

Natalie Cole's posthumous duet with her father

- or -

Celine Dion's posthumous duet with Elvis on American Idol last night?
everyone loves lucy
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I tried googling but I'm too computer retarded to even understand what they're talking about. I just got a new Dell computer and this new monitor makes every single thing look extremely contrasted. It's nice and bright and vivid but 95% of the photos I look at look like ass. Things that were yellow or gray are now white. I went to the display settings and tried to tone it down and it worked a little when I turned the contrast down but it makes the screen dark and pooey. Is there any way to get the same settings/effect that I had from my old CRT monitor or am I fucked? I need a simple explanation :(

This is the monitor. It's black and not silver, though.

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Have you heard about that toad they just discovered that has anti-freeze stuff in their cells?

My friend has this theory .. one day scientists will be able to take that anti-freeze stuff out of the toad's cells and put it into human cells, making Futurama totally possible.

What do you think?

I think she's full of shit.

She also thinks that because the new life supporting planet just discovered has more gravity than Earth, the "people" there are super strong and will be able to take us down when we start messing around over there.

What do you think of that theory?

I think this is also bullshit.

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ok i'm still adjusting to the weather in Indiana....

what's the difference between a Tornado warning?

and a

tornado watch?

have you witnessed a tornado ?

any saftey tips if i'm caught in one??


we are currently under a tornado watch

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would you be more willing to forgive your SO for cheating on you emotionally or physically?

Collapse )

eta, I'm not asking for help on the situation. I'm just using it as an example. :)

eta pt 2. In the situation I described, would you consider those actions to be cheating?

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this may sound creepy, hah, but ok theres this girl at my school, and i don't know, i really like her style and she seems nice. i kind of want to be her friend, yknow? but she's not in any of my classes or anything. so, any ideas on how should i talk to her?


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i'm about to add to a mural that was started on my wall. my sister's fiance started it with an airbrush, and airbrush paint, and i'm going to do some random background color. my walls are already yellow. i want to do a background similar to one of these pictures

i have some acrylic paint, but it's the craft store kind, i'm not 100% sure how it will work on a wall. i was gonna just go to walmart (cause it's probably the only thing open now) and get some orange and/or pink wall paint. do you think something else ould work better? what would you use for the texture? i'm thinking either towels or paper, but i guess we'll see how it goes. i have a little background in art, but i haven't done anything like this in a while. anyone have any other good ideas on how to go about this?

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1)How do you feel about cross-dressing in schools?
2)Do you think a guy who wears fake breasts and a wig to high school (along with women's clothing and high heels) should get detention if he does not remove the wig and fake boobs when asked to do so?
3)How do you feel about uniforms in schools?

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hi guys. my roommate needs help. she is making a mix cd for her little brother who is going to be graduating from high school in a few weeks. she wants to make a cd of "happy songs with a message".

do you guys have any ideas?
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Hey, write my thesis for me!

No, this isn't a homework help post. I hope.

I'm going to be writing a "senior project" (20-25 pages) in the fall and I can choose any topic I want so long as it relates to my major. I'm a Scandinavian studies major.

I originally wanted to do it on the portrayal of the mentally handicapped in Danish film but I can't really find enough sources for it. I wanted to do some other topic in film but it turns out I pretty much suck at film analysis.

What would be interesting for me to write about? What kind of things relating to Scandinavia would you want to read about?

I am at all costs avoiding any issues having to do with immigration/assimilation from Eastern Europe and the Middle East because it's been done so many times. Or anything about the healthcare system.

I'll think of a topic on my own, obviously, but any suggestions you have may give me a little boost.

Earless, ftw.

Have you ever watched people have a conversation, out of earshot, and make up a dialogue for it? What were they talking about?

On the other hand, have you ever been in the middle of a conversation, perhaps making weird gestures or funny faces, and realized that there is someone out of earshot looking at as if you were very strange?

Does anyone watch South Park anymore? Do you agree with me that it's starting to get lame, just like the Simpsons has been the last few years?

My dog can kick your honour student's ass. Who can kick my honour student's ass?

*edit* I don't have kids. No honour students. Seriously. Bumper stickers, people. Humor. Get a sense.
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How do you think?

I can't think of a better way to phrase this. For example, my friend says he thinks in internal monologues. I sort of get knowledge/feelings without a form all connected coming to the forefront of my brain, without any words.

Final "catch the snap" post

I asked my co-worker, and she says she got "catch the snap" from her father, who got it from football. She uses it to mean realize/pay attention.

1. What do you think of her repurposing of the phrase?

2. Have you ever known anyone who used one metaphor so often it became slang to them? What metaphor?

3. What would you think if I started saying "catch the snap"?
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i want to do a painting on a 12" x 38" mirror, but i want a large field of text as a backdrop covering it top to bottom. i really don't want to paint all that text by hand; it'll take forever, and it's really more work than i'd like to put into the background filler that i'll just be painting over in many places.

any suggestions? i could scalpel out vinyl or cardboard or something and spraypaint, but that seems like it would be almost as much work. are there any kinds of printable transfer papers i could use for this?


Refresh, refresh, refresh!

1. do you ever find yourself constantly refreshing your browser/email to see if something has come in that you are waiting (or hoping) for?

2. if so, does this secretly annoy you that you are constantly refreshing your browser/email?

3. if not, do you think people who constantly refresh their browser are being stupid?

my A: (yes to 1, 2, and n/a for 3)

EDIT: yes, i have gmail, yes, it's the best thing ever, yes, yes, yes.
BUT gmail doesnt have notification options for all my internet needs. also, i tend to have my "google" home page open with gmail as a tab on *that*, since it has to-do lists and other crud.
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I got vaugely nostalgic and went back and looked at some of my old journals from middle school the other day, so:

What were you like when you were about twelve or thirteen? And though it's a given, how different are you now?

I was crazy obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, had a new crush on boys I went to school with every week, and I was extremely outgoing. Now, I'm still a bit of a fangirl (but over different things, like Lost and Supernatural), and I'm prone to random crushes on people I'm around a lot, but I'm a lot more reserved and less obnoxious around people.
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As I'm getting increasingly paranoid about my chances of doing my Philosophy essay on time, I ask the following questions (sorry if they've been asked a million times before):

1) How long do you procrastinate before starting an assignment? Days/weeks before due?
2) What's the closest you've come to not handing in an assignment?
3) How well did you do on it?

My answers:
1) varies, since starting uni I've been forcing myself to start the required reading/research weeks ahead of time because I know I'll slip back into my high school night before approach if I don't.
2) Did the entire assignment at school in my free periods, on the day it was due and got it in just before the 3pm cut-off.
3) I think I came first or second, so 85%+


1) Do you have a nickname?
2) If it's not just a contraction or variant on your own name, how did you get it?
3) Do you like it?
4) If you don't, what one would you like to have?

For me:
1) Chuz was what I wore for the entirety of high school
2) My last name=Goldzieher (long, hard to say for some, contains a [z], unless you say it like me when it's an [s]). Charles Dickens wrote a novel with a character with last name Chuzzlewit (long, hard to say for some, contains a [z]) who I share a first name with. Some well-read smartarse drew the parralell, so I went from being Cuzzlewit to just Chuz
3) Hated it at first, but grew accustomed to it. At least I didn't have the nickname Penis like one of my friends (I aint lying either)
4) Please just call me by my real name, I don't want a nickname.