April 25th, 2007


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I've been wondering about something with infertile couples. At what point do they know they're infertile. Is it after some sort of test? Or is it after years of trying with no results? If you know any infertile couples/individuals, how did they find out?
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this post makes very little sense

I hope this makes sense.

Do you ever wonder if everyone is actually seeing different colors? Does it bother you? Like they way I see pink is the way Kelly sees blue. Like Kelly's blue = my pink. How do we know we are seeing the same colors, or is there no way of knowing, or maybe we aren't? Does this make any sense? Can you tell what I'm trying to get at? If so, could you suggest a better way to word this?

When my grandmother was alive I tried explaining it to her many times but she never had any idea wtf I was talking about. My dad knows what I'm talking about but it doesn't bother him at all and for some reason it really bothers me.

EDIT: Do you ever wonder if we interpret colors differently?

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First off, no one rides for free. Whatcha got for me?

Bass (ale)
The Hass(lehoff)
Nas (got his CD in my pocket)

Like Rose McGowan, you've lost your leg in an unfortunate zombie attack (is there ever a fortunate zombie attack?). Oh noez! The good news is that the zombies were vanquished. Now what device will you use as your new leg?

Machine gun
Beer dispensor
An enormous Pez dispensor
Pogo stick
Paintball gun
Movie projector
Garden gnome
Wooden stake (die, vampire, die!)

The Simpsons and ATHF are both cartoons that have been turned into feature-length movies. What should the next cartoon movie be?

Moral Orel
Tom and Jerry
Drawn Together
The Critic
Ren and Stimpy
The Tick

Ice Cube used to be in NWA. Now he's in sappy family movies like 'Are we there yet?'. How much street cred does he have left?

Mean: 2.55 Median: 2 Std. Dev 2.32
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If you told your mother that you wished to get a tattoo, and she said "Over my dead body, I'll throw you out of my house", what would you do? Get one anyway? Argue your point? Just wait until you move out to get one?

Old Photos

Why is it that if you look around nowadays, about 85% of people (in my opinion) are attractive in some way, or at least not too bad, (and in the case of boys anyway, it's without makeup, and even girls without makeup are attractive or decent) and you look at old pictures, from the 50s and before, and the percentage of people who are attractive are so much lower? What's up with that?? And don't say 'we have plastic surgery' because most of us don't *use* plastic surgery. Okay, less diseases. But, i doubt the diseases would do that. Weirder hairstyles? That doesn't make someone ugly. Makeup? That doesn't excuse the men, or the fact that lots of unmadeup women now adays are really pretty.
So... explanation?
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As a disclaimer, I'm not against abortion, at all..

But would you be against it if a 20 year old girl told you she was having her fourth abortion?  If it was your place, what would you tell her?

A girl I know is going for her fourth abortion.  Honestly, even though I'm not against it, I personally don't even know if I could even face one abortion.


Also, if you've never had an abortion, and you weren't against it, would you yourself get an abortion (if you were in the situation of being pregnant and not being able to take care of the child)? Why or why not?

in ur blank, brains, grunny

Japanese translation help.

So, I recently got the new Pokemon Diamond game, and one of its features is the ability to trade pokemon with people all around the world. As a result, I now have a pokemon from Japan, or at least from a Japanese game cartridge, and I can't read its name.

It looks pretty much like this: except the lines are all one pixel thick rather than the weird thicknesses I gave them. I just want to know I'm not wandering around with a pokemon named 'Asshole' in Japanese or something. XD Help?

Also, in an entirely different subject - When/if you let your nails grow out, what do the tips of the nails look like? Are they mostly see-through, or are they sort of white and more opaque?
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1. What the hell is it with women who say "I'm pro-choice" but then consider women who actually have made the choice to be evil/insensitive/slutty?

2. Also, why do people think that most women who have abortions are horribly emotionally screwed up by it?

My answers:

1. They like to judge people. And hey, they would "never have an abortion" even though theoretically they support choice. Not that they've had to actually consider what 9 months of pregnancy would do to their bodies and their mental state. Nor do they think about the impact of raising a child on their lives.

2. It's part of judging the women. By positing this emotional impact, they can then feel superior to them. I have had an abortion, and it has had no significant impact on my life. I know more women who had depression issues after giving birth than after an abortion. And yet, no one counsels women that they should avoid having kids because it causes depression in a significant number of cases. The meme that women are devastated after having had an abortion is quite well accepted. It irritates the hell out of me.


1) Are you good at dealing with rejection?
2) How do I get over someone who I thought was my type (and should've been attracted to me too, but wasn't :-\)?
3) What could be someone's reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship? 

WMAs and DRM - ugh!!!!!!!!!

I downloaded the new Kelly Clarkson song "Never Again" from the site kellyaccess.com, because I went out and bought the Vitamin Water she's endorsing. I happen to like the song, and Kelly. Anyway, as luck would have it the audio file is a WMA and not importable to iTunes since its DRM protects it from being in any player other than Windows Media. Is there a way to get around this so I can import it in iTunes (short of searching LimeWire, which I've already done and haven't found the song)?

Figured it out. Thanks.
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Snow questions!

Just because I got a snow day today. :P

1. Does it snow where you live? (You can disregard the rest if you want if you answer no to this xD)
2. When's the latest (in the spring season) that you've had snow where you live?
3. When's the latest that you've had a snow day?
4. Do you like the snow?
5a. For those of you that it snows where you live: Would you move somewhere where they never got snow?
5b. For those of you that don't live in snow-prone areas: Would you move somewhere where it does?
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I love going to class. The teacher is a sweetheart, the projects are enjoyable, and the class itself is easy and fun. So why is it that I can barely get myself out of bed to go?

I keep finding that I care less and less. As in, if I were to fail class I don't think it would faze me. I'm even less amused by things I used to find hilarious. What's going on, TQC?

Weight Loss Commercials, ick.

1. Does anyone get increasingly tired of TV commercials being centered on weight loss centers? I generally try to ignore commercials, but I'm noticing all these gimmicks on losing weight more and more. It's really quite sad when you see the one where they show a perfectly normal person and portray them as "fat". 

2.  What do you think about taking pills to lose weight?

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Beast mode!

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Do you ever get crazy person letters at your job? (For those of you who don't know, these letters are from people who sit at home with nothing better to do than write to random businesses about what they see as the ills of the world.)

What was your favorite crazy person letter about?

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1. What is the last thing you waited until the last minute to do?
I have to write 3, 3 page book or movie reviews for World Civ which I have at 1:30 PM. I've known about it all semester too.

2. How hard is going to be writing book and movie reviews about books and movies I've never seen?
EDIT: I know where to look and everything I'm just worried because I have very limited bullshitting abilities so I don't think I'm going to be able to make them nearly long enough.

EDIT #2: I finished 2 of them and since they are extra credit I'm not going to bother with the 3rd.
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Vroom vroom

If you know how to drive...

1. How old were you when you learned to drive an automatic, and who taught you?

2. How old were you when you learned to drive a car with a manual transmission, and who taught you?

3. If you own a car now, is it manual or automatic?

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The Dow ?'s

1) The Dow has just surpassed 13000 points for the first time in it's history. Does this mean anything to you?

2) Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

3) Slightly related: Do you watch Good Morning America?

Picture Happy

What digital camera do you reccomend buying?
I'm willing and able to spend $200 tops, and I will be using it for taking pics of friends and family, nothing professional looking really. So what camera should I get?
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a photo says, you were happy, and i wanted to catch that. a photo says, you were so important to me that i put down everything else to come watch. show me that picture? Collapse )

physically -- what do most people compliment you on? my smile.

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Do you have plans for your lj once you die? If so, what are they?

Yes, I plan to have my gf write a message saying I'm dead, how I died & when. & possibly open up all entries... depending on how that's going to impact on everyone.

I've given her the name of the band that sings the song that my password is from, how many words & how many letters - so she can find it, but its too much hassle for now when she has pretty much full access anyway.

EDIT: Is it completely lame to have a postmortem plan for an lj or is it justified because it's sharing your life with your friends & such?


I'm fillinf out my college acceptances and declensions. One of my schools did not give me a form where you check yes or no as to whether you accept their offer, etc. So I'm writing a letter. Should I adress it to the director of admissions, or "to whom it may concern"?

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What brand and flavor of toothpaste do you currently use?
Next time you buy a tube of toothpaste do you plan to remain faithful to your current toothpaste or will you ditch it for something new?

I use Crest mint explosion (with 50% more Scope!)
I'm in love with it
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A girl that I work a part-time job with is also attending the Paul Mitchell School of Hair Design or whatever it's called.  I've made an appointment with her to cut my hair this Saturday.  

My question is this: are cosmetology students allowed to accept tips?  

She's doing my hair for something like $15 and if she does a fantastic job, I'd really like to pay her what I normally would for a hair cut somewhere else. 

more travel questions.

yesterday i posted that my husband and i were going to take a hopefully cheap vacation out of the country last minute. 

now we've changed our mind. isntead we want to take a relatively cheapish trip IN the country in July and we'll do a more expensive trip to an all inclusive in like March or April.

So where should i go IN the country? Thinking about Charleston maybe. Dunno though because I'm already going with fam in January (but then i won't be able to use the beaches).

For what it's worth, I live right outside of DC.

switching cell phones

for those of you that have t-mobile:

my friend is selling me his sidekick3 today, do i just need to take the sim card out of my phone and put it in the sk and then it'll work? (i have t-mobile now) or do i need to do something else like call t-mobile and let them know i have a new phone?

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I sent an e-mail to my professor an hour or so ago, about how long do you think it will take for him to respond?

I made an image in photoshop and saved it as a jpeg. The image is 17"x11" on my computer screen and 300 pixels per inch. I have to print on my sister's computer since my printer has gone insane, and the image prints out as a little under 12"x6" on her printer. Why is that happening?

Do you have any interesting/crazy/amusing customer stories you're willing to share? Are you a member of customers_suck?
I don't have any, but I joined the community a little while ago.

Utne-inspired questions

1. "Going green" is the new black.  Where do you draw the line at what you are willing to do to live "green"?  (For example, I am unwilling to use less toilet paper.  Others don't want to use reusable grocery bags.  How about you?)

2. Do you believe pacifism/non-violent protest is an effective way to make your voice heard?  If not, what are some better alternatives?

3. In your opinion, Is ethanol the answer to our oil troubles?  Or is it basically a waste of time?


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1) Have you ever chased someone with a kitchen knife or other weapon, not in jest?

2) Do you watch House, M.D.? What do you think of it?

3) What lie should I tell my teachers about why I wasn't at school today?

4) How do you feel when you show someone something you thought was hilarious only to see that they're thoroughly unimpressed with it?

5) How has your day gone so far?

6) What did my friend see in her ugly, annoying, lying, cheating, immature, abusive boyfriend? Also, why does she feel the need to become bestest of friends with him now that they're broken up even though he's still treating her like crap? Creative answers plez. (P.S. They never had sex and he doesn't own a car)

Hump Day Q

Oh! it's been a LONG time... since this one! Whats for lunch?!


Today's HDQ: What three people would you combine for an idea mate (and for what qualities would you pick them)?

[edit: added one more:]

Would-You-Rather Wednesday:    Have a permanent smile OR Be permanently aroused

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For the Spanish speakers out there...

I'm reading up on ETA on Spanish news sites (specifically elmundo.es) for a class... I'm fairly proficient in Spanish but not fluent.  Many articles mention "un alto el fuego" or "el alto el fuego" which clearly cannot be literally translated because it makes no sense.  I've tried to just pretend that I don't need to know what it means (hah) but it seems pretty vital. Does it mean like a "cease fire?" Here's an example of one of the sentences.

"EL 22 de marzo de 2006, la organización terrorista ETA hace público un comunicado en el que anuncia un «alto el fuego permanente», efectivo a partir de las 00.00 horas del día 24, con el objetivo de «impulsar un proceso democrático en Euskal Herria»."
Edit: Answered... thanks guys!

and here's some other questions so I don't leave people out.

1. What do you believe more--what people do or what they say?
2. What's the last book you read for pleasure? Would you recommend it?
2a. If you're in school, what's the last book you had to read for school? Did you learn anything from it? (Er, if this relates to you in work somehow you can go ahead and answer this as well...)
3. What's your favorite kind of ice tea? (Is it iced tea or ice tea? I confuse this for some reason.)

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1. Do you like black jelly beans?

2. What is the etiquette for macros? Is it generally accepted that you may only use macros you have made yourself, or are they more or less gankable? EDIT: answered, thank you. :)

2 1/2. What is your favourite macro?

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There's a little girl in the neighorhood that my daughter likes to play with. I have no idea why because she's pretty mean. She won't let my daughter even touch any of her toys and is extremely bossy. Her parents will say something to her about it but she doesn't listen to them and they really don't seem to care that she doesn't listen.  I also feel like I should mention that the little girl is the neice of my SO's boss.

What would you do in this situation? Let the kids work it out, say something to the parent or even the kid, just not allow your child to play with the other kid, or something else I haven't thought of?
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Some spyware/adware program or virus got into my system yesterday. My virus scanner (AVG) picked up two trojans and cleared them. After that happened I ran AdAware to clean off my system and found 15 items that it cleared. Then, the popups kept continuing, and my entire system was slowing down. I ran AdAware again and found 5 more items to clean. And then again a few hours later, and another 5. I assume this virus is reinstalling whatever this program is that is slowing my system and causing these popups.

I tried searching my drives to find anything that was created that day and didn't see anything suspicious. And I have no idea what site I visited that caused this. How can I get rid of whatever is doing this (without reformatting my entire computer; I don't have the system disks to it anymore)?

I use FireFox as my main browser, but the popups continue in IE.

Is there a better scanner that is available for free besides AdAware and AVG?
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Tralalala yay!

1- Who/what do you miss?
2- Why are you at the computer and what would you prefer to be doing?
3- Do you run with scissors?
4- Are there any words you use online, that you don't say in the real world much/ever? (I don't mean internet acronyms. :P)
5- Are you any good at DDR?
6- How the hell are ya, TQC?!

1- Being up north. I breathed so much easier up there, sigh. :(
2- Cuz I'm at work! I'd way prefer to be roaming around outside.
3- No, I'm scared of sharp objects. O_o
4- 'Albeit'. I don't even know how to pronounce it. And I never say 'save for...' in the real world. I always say 'except for...' (or whatever) instead. But I almost always type it when talking to people, or writing. Huh.
5- No idea, it's been a few months, hope to play tomorrow to find out how shitty I've gotten.
6- Could be a lot better, and not at work. The two things might be connected.

mothers day

1. What are you getting your mother for Mother's Day?

2. My mom is in her mid 50's. She's disabled, knows next to nothing about technology, and doesn't have a car to get anywhere far so gift cards aren't really a good idea. In the past my siblings and I have gotten her a mothers ring and similar jewelry, and mostly clothes. Any suggestions for this year? I'm stuck!

clothes question

Hey TQC! I'm going to a literary magazine release party for my college tomorrow afternoon and was wondering what you guys thought of my outfit...I'm wearing a fitted t-shirt that has Cap'n Jack Sparrow on it (looks kinda rock n roll, really) with a long, black and white necklace, and dark blue denim capris (very well-fitting without looking sluttish), with patent leather heels for shoes. Think it's professional looking enough? I just got a really nice halter, summer-y dress, but I don't want to over-dress and I don't know how dressed up to get, either, but seeing as its in the afternoon, I don't think we have to be too fancy. Thoughts?

Edit: I'm one of the authors being published in said magazine, I'm not just going to go. XD
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what is your preferred headache medication?
I have a headache coming on- affected vision and such... I'm trying to decide if i should go to my math class or not. But the thing is, I've missed this class so much... Should I go or not?

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1. What's the worst name you've ever called someone in anger?

2. a) Another follow-up (sorry, edited my mistake): What would "catch her snap" mean to you Have you ever heard "catch her snap" used in the following context: "I don't know why it's taking her so long to catch her snap; it seems pretty obvious to me."?
b) Do you know what it means to "catch the snap" in American football?
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Radioactive ?'s

In honor of Spider-man 3 opening soon I ask the following questions:

1) Other than a spider, what other radioactive animal(s)/insect(s) would you like being bitten by, if you had to be?

2) What cool or unique (serious or humorous) superpower(s) could it offer you?

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One of my guy friends is moving back to California since school is over. I'm putting together a DVD for him and intend to make him cry, lol. I've got a strong basis for the soundtrack, but need some help -- what's your favorite cheesy quote about friendship?
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Let's say that everyone in TQC (or at least the active members, anyway) met in person.  What do you think would happen? Would we get along? Would a war break out? Your thoughts.

edit:  Sweet ideas--I'll get all of us some hookers and blow :D

Edit once more: Do you think we'd need to wear nametags? If we had those nametags would we have to have a tiny picture of our default icons, so people could be like "I KNOW YOOOOUUU" so then we can treat them as we did online?


Unfun technical question.

If I use my friend's power cable from her gateway laptop into my dell, will anything bad happen to it? It fits and works, but is there any other way to check compatibility so I don't fry my precious computer? Not worth the risk, I'll use my own cable.

In fun question-related news, what are you doing this summer?

I'm working for a labor union, doing a writing competition and camping.

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1a. Is your county experiencing a tornado warning right now?
1b. When was the last time it did[if ever]?
1c. Do tornados freak you out?

1a. Yes, the warning is playing on TV right now.
1b. I don't remember specifically, but we have them pretty often this time of year.
1c. No, I'm kindof jaded about them, living in the Midwest my whole life. This warning is covering a very large area too, so I don't think much of it.

2a. Inspired by a previous question, how do my eyebrows look? Any suggestions?[picture under cut]
2b. How do yours look?
2c. Are you an eyebrow fanatic?

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Completely random questions!

1) If you had to live your life inside any movie which would you choose?
2) Have you ever met a geisha? What was that experience like?
3) Are you an only child? Do you like being an only child?
4) What do you like and dislike about being an only child?

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most importantly, question number one.

1. i have decided to change my username. what should i change it to?
2. ihop is suddenly the only place within 300 miles of you that you can get food. what do you order for dinner?
3. what is the worst cooking-related injury you have ever sustained?
4. if you are a secretary or administrator, did you get anything for administrative professional's week?
5. why does the microwave at work burn my popcorn even on its' lowest setting for half the time it's supposed to cook for? WHY MUST I SUFFER SO.
6. if you work in a place where you are dealing with customers a lot, do you ever use fake accents to keep yourself occupied?
7. you are going to have to hit an animal with the car you are driving. (i don't care if you don't drive, this is hypothetical, so suck it up!) there is just no way to avoid hitting at least one. what type of animal would you least mind hitting? edited to add: must be a mammal or bird. no insects, cheaters.

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doing anything fun this evening?

me: we're going to a Sake tasting... we've tried it twice in our lives before and are hoping the five year gap has strengthened our palates... - crossing fingers that the third time is the charm! -
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that's what she said!

turning down invitations, part two

Several weeks back, I posed a question here, asking how to politely but firmly decline the increasingly regular social invitations issued to me by an overeager co-worker.  To sum up: not interested in spending time with her, don't want to hurt her feelings, just don't want to hang out.

I got a lot of good feedback, mostly along the lines of "say that life is hectic right now and you don't have much free time to spend socially."

I've tried this approach, to no avail.  The girl ain't getting it. She stops by my desk and more adamantly proclaims "we should go out! let's make plans to go out!" 

I am still at a loss as to how to respond to these invitations, and I want a nice catch-all phrase that says "stop inviting me to do crap. I don't wanna."  But of course, I don't want to come across as bitchy. Can this be done and, if so, have any suggestions as to how to phrase it so I can end these invites once and for all?

crisis lines

Have you ever prank called a crisis/help line? (not 911, but a line where you can call and talk to someone when you are having a crisis) If so, what did you do/say? What did the person on the other end do/say? If not, would you ever do it?


what color are your bedsheets?

when you sleep do you keep the blankets over your feet/legs or tuck them around you?

What state does your room need to be in for you to be able to sleep? (total darkness/some light, music/no music, cold/hot, etc)
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I have an interview with Kroger in an hour and a half. I'm positive I'll get the job, but I was wondering what kind of pay I should ask for. Since I'll only be working 2-3 nights a week and one weekend shift and I have 3 years of experience, I think $8 is a reasonable request.

For those who work/have worked for Kroger, what was your starting pay? Did you have experience?

For those who were SAHMs and went back to work, how was the experience? I suppose I'll still technically be a SAHM since I'll only be working nights.
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1. If you've gone to college and graduated (or know what this answer will be when you graduate), how much debt did you graduate with?

2. How long did it take you to pay it off?

(no subject)

1. has anyone else (besides the girl who told me to) sucked on lemons to shorten their periods?
2. how exactly does that biologically work? 
2.5. does drenching it with sugar alter the effect?

3. what will happen if i eat too much acid in a day? 
4. (i've eaten a whole lemon already today and i plan on eating a whole lime later... would eating tomato soup also be pushing it way too far?)

5. if you are for stem cell research, why?.. if you are against it, why?

A good idea.

My doctor's appointment isn't until tomorrow and I've already tried piles of products my mom bought (which don't have the active ingredient necessary for killing crabs!) and now the problem feel worse. The crabs keep biting me. I suppose I'll have to force myself to Saks and/or at least part of my runway run-through but OMG.

What can I do in the meantime? I can't possibly get my pubes shorter by trimming them. My lawn already looks quite mowed. And I can't wax them with Nair as it's not made for that. And even doing those things won't necessarily kill the crabs as their eggs are buried in the hair follicles. Be creative with your advice on ways to keep the biting pains away and/or kill the crabs.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? 
It's beginning to hurt just so much.

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Ok, so I've wanted a tattoo since I can remember. My dad has several so I've always loved them. Thing is, I'm an extremely indecisive bitch when it comes to these things. A few years back I had a print off of the tattoo I wanted but lost it. Now I can't decide between 50 bloody things.

How did you first decide what tattoo to get?
Should I just say 'fuck it', close my eyes & randomly pick one? I'll be 50 before I get my first tattoo at this rate.

Also, apart from TattooJohnny, do you know a site where I can find some quality good designs? The stupid previews on TattooJohnny are bullshit.

Edit; When I said 'close my eyes & randomly pick one', I did not mean any random ass tattoo. I have about 10 that I love equally, I meant pick between those.
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Harvard referencing

I'm writing an essay in which I'm referencing some of the many speeches available in transcript form from the whitehouse website. I think I'm meant to be doing this with the Harvard system of referencing, but I can't find the format for speeches anywhere. Anyone know how to reference a presidential speech using the Harvard referencing system?
(Bonus Karmic Cookie to anyone who can help me out here :) )
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group projects suck, part 2

Some of you may remember my post about my project group fucking me over and not showing up, and how the girl claimed she was in a car accident and she was at the hospital because something had hit her in the face. Well we met at the library yesterday and there was nothing on her face. So today we were supposed to meet at the library at 4:30. At 4:19 she texted me to say she was on her way. So I got there early because my class ended early, the guy from my group was also there. We worked on our presentation until 5 PM. And the guy called her to see where she was. She told him she had stopped for "a bit of shopping" and that she'd be there soon. So at 5:35 PM she calls him and says something about how her car broke down so she wouldn't be able to make it. Seriously, what the fuck? Now this bitch is supposed to be the group leader, which means she gets extra credit. The best part? I know where she lives and the town she said her car had broken down in was definitely not between her house and school.

Now in my last post some of you mentioned I should tell the professor.

So our project is due tomorrow. Should I say something to car accident girl? Should I say something to the professor? If so, what? Would it be better to email him? I mean I don't want to seem like a huge bitch but this girl seriously fucked us over.

The other girl in are group is no where to be found and none of use have heard from her. If that bitch tries to do the presentation with us tomorrow, what should I say?

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A 6th grade student attempted to insult me today for walking "slow" up the stairs. I told him there was no reason to be rude about it, but now that I think about it, I should have kicked him in the face.

What do you think I should have done?


1) Are you a grudge holder?

2) What is your longest standing grudge?

3) What behaviors do you consider unforgivable?

4) Do you go out of your way to get even with people?

5) Who is the person you hate the most? (You don't have to give names, just describe the person's behaviors and why the person is the person you hate most)
Feet Pyramid

hair and skin

1. What is the best face wash to use for normal skin?

I use Cetaphil.

2. What is the best shampoo and conditioner to use for straight, thin hair?

I alternate between Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and Hairapy volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

3. What is the best (cheap) deep conditioning treatment for those of you that blow dry and/or straighten your hair?

4. How fast does hair grow?
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[lost] Goodbye lost


I am thinking of taking a trip sometime soon, sans child. Where do you suggest I go? 

I want to go to London, but know nothing about the weather, when is the best time to visit?

Cruise or Road Trip?

Anyone want to be my tour guide?

(no subject)

My girlfriend really wants a Toyota Yaris, so I'm thinking of trading my car in and buying her a Yaris.

Do any of you have opinions on the yaris?
Ever driven one?
Anything you like or don't like about them?

I've read tons of reviews, but I want some feedback from TQC as well.

broken sidekick

i just got this beatup sidekick 3 from my friend today, and the casing has broken..can the actual phone casing be replaced? i can't seem to find anything on ebay except for snap on outer case things..help? =(



It's been a couple weeks now, and I still haven't found the 12th egg that was hidden on Easter. How worried should I be now? Is the Easter Bunny going to extract a painful revenge on my egghunting deficiencies?

Paypal question

I just signed up for paypal (...yeah, I'm slow). I connected my credit card and everything, but I want to be "verified." It says I need my routing number and my account number. It says to just look on a check and write the info down.

I don't have a checkbook, though. How else can I find out my routing number? I'm pretty sure I have my account number (the bank gave me a laminated card with it when I first signed up).
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I bought neon underglow lights for our car. We have searched for hours for something stating the legality of these lights in Ontario and have come up with nothing.

We've read everything from certain colours being illegal, to "as long as they don't pulse/blink/strobe/fade" they are legal... We tried the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario's site and they had nothing, and even called the police department and the woman gave me a speech about how I better not be racing ??? and basically gave me the runaround.

Maybe we are not Googling properly. So...does anyone know the law in Ontario for these lights?

(no subject)

Yet another lyrics question for you guys:

What DO they lyrics of Death Cab for Cutie's We Laugh Indoors mean? My partner and I've been puzzling this over and we can't make anything make sense--other than that Ben Gibbard really likes to get drunk and write lyrics.

...so what d'you guys think?

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kiv dancin.
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omg, you guys

so, there's this flag that hangs outside practically everywhere i go.

it's got these red and white stripes, and a blue box in the corner with all these stars in it.

me and reagan 24th

credit card..help!

I am applying for my first credit card. I have very limited credit history, I'm pretty sure. It will just be for emergencies, as in it will stay in a file and only be used if the car breaks down, etc (my husband drives a lot for work, we have to have some emergency back up funds available for the occasional repair).

I have limited to zero knowledge about the intricacies (sp) of credit cards.

What is a "good" interest (APR?) rate? What is average? What should I shoot for? I'm looking at Capital One for limited credit history, it says the APR is a variable one and is currently 19.78. Is that high? Man I feel like I'm 12 years old or something.

What card do you recommend (keeping in mind I have little to no credit)?

Any general tips?

I'm fairly responsible and I'm not worried about abusing this card (if I'm even approved), I'm just sick of borrowing money from family when something happens to the car that has to be fixed ASAP and we have no money.


*ETA: I should just apply for one and wait, right? Doesn't it look bad on your credit to apply a bunch of times for different cards? Forgive my ignorance. lol*
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The Dude Abides

Go ask ?'s

1) You're having an argument/discussion with someone and you think they're lying to you. They say, "I'm telling the truth, go ask my [mom/dad/someone else closely related to them]!" do you usually do it?

2) Are you usually the "go ask my [mom/dad/someone else closely related to me]" person?

3) Who in TQC do you wish would ask more questions?

Nails on a chalkboard.

What is your opinion of Josh Groban?


I cannot stand him. His voice is so annoying to me that I had to change the channel just now when he was on American Idol. He makes a mockery of opera. I wish he would go away.
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I'm sure someone's asked before

(1) Aside from religions beliefs, what are good (scientific-esque) reasons for not believing in Evolution?

I've heard of the "mousetrap" argument that argues that animals are so intricately designed that none of their parts can function on its own and couldn't evolve into anything else but that's been refuted pretty well.


(2) What explanations do fundamentalist Christians who believe the Bible is the absolute truth give for the Bible contradicting itself, such as the two creation stories in Genesis 1?

(no subject)

What are some old tv shows that you love?

I absolutely love The Waltons, I've been watching it since I was a little kid.  John Boy is sort of my hero.. don't laugh. I also love The Wonder Years, which is why I decided to make this post because I just found out that they're showing it on tv again .. I'm pretty excited. :)
Cherry Cheesecake or Pie


how do you pronounce the o with the line through it...&what's that even called, for that matter?

how do i reset the settings on psp7, without uninstalling it, and install it back?! i know there was a .exe file to do that, but i cant find it anywhere. i used to have it. blaaah. help?!

Can someone explain to me how after watching a Missy Elliot video on youtube, a video for the song 'He Lives In You' from the Lion King would pop up? Like, I just started laughing really hard. How the hell are those two things connected?

I have Roxio DVD burner..but I don't know how to use it? Does anyone here know how? & would you be willing to kinda help me out? =)
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south park

(no subject)

1) I'm writing an extra-credit English paper along with a final paper, and the extra-credit has to be on a film (I'm writing mine on American Beauty, if it helps) and we have to write about themes, symbolism, etc.  I googled good sites to get critics, etc., but does anyone know of any particular sites that would be reliable?   ...Also, it's a 3-4 page paper, would you say that 2-3 sources is enough to write about that topic in 3-4 pages?

2) What is the difference between a transvestite and a transexual? I know it may be Googleable, but I'm afraid of just finding things that are... I'll just say, irrelevent, lol

(no subject)

I'm thinking of starting a credit card account with Saks Fifth Avenue (they make Saks credit cards). I do not have any sort of credit card yet. In fact, my current bank account is stuck in my mom's as a Savings Account.

The Saks card includes seasonal (I think) discount possibilities and a $25 Saks gift card for the first time you use the credit card somewhere other than Saks. As I have not had a credit card anywhere prior, I do not know if there are strings attached or not or what to ask. I'd want it because it could save me a lot on my Saks purchases.

What are your opinions? How do credit cards (or the people buying them) manage to screw up credit and stack up big debt? Is this a good idea? What key points should I be thinking of or asking when opening a credit card account?


(no subject)

I need a picture of one of those lame road signs that says "YOU ARE NOW ENTERING MICHIGAN" while you're driving on the highway. Does anybody know how I can find one? I'm not having the best of luck in googlification. Thanks =)
mornington crescent
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(no subject)

It's the last week of the semester and I still don't know how to pronounce one of my professor's names. She said it once, the first day of class, but that was definitely not enough. So, my question is:

How would you pronounce this name?

Zvjezdana Vrzic

It's Croatian, if that helps.


When deciding or not to be in a relationship, is it okay to be affraid of commitment?
Is it wrong to hold or hide your feelings instead of letting them out?
What makes any friendship great and long lasting?
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