April 24th, 2007

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1. Are there any foods that you really like but you don't usually keep in your house because you worry about eating all of it?
Yes, there are tons of them.

2. Why are garlic bread pretzels so delicious?
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Lightbulb Jokes

1.  Can you think of a lightbulb joke that applies to one of your (religious/political/socio-economic...) labels?
2.  Do you find it funny?  Do other jokes about that label bother you?
3.  What's your favourite lightbulb joke?

Most people I know don't seem to mind hearing the "how many goths/feminists/tax-collectors does it take..." jokes about themselves even if they're likely to be offended by other jokes.  I want to know if this feeling is shared tqc-world-wide.  I'm sorry in advance if anybody here feels that they are totally without labels.

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NYC Job Help.


Graduating very soon and looking for a full-time job.

Can anyone reccomend any good, reputable, staffing agencies/recruiters in Manhattan, NY?

Thank you.
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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

(no subject)

What things do you like to do when you can't sleep?

Answer: I'm usually talking to one or two people while watching random movies. At the moment, it's Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
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sending a money order online

I remember a long time ago, I used an online money order service to pay for an eBay auction. I have no recollection of what that service/site was. I seem to remember it being Western Union, but the site doesn't appear to offer that service any more. Can anyone recommend to me any websites I can use to reliably send a money order to an address in the United States?

Note: I do not live in the United States.

(no subject)

Damn, was that last one too obscure?  I really do want an answer.

So, different question; different film. Do you like the silver shoes in the book, or the red ruby slippers from the movie?

(no subject)

Are you one of multiples?

Do you know any? What are they called? Are their personalities Similar or not?

no, but im fascinated by the whole subject for some reason.
One of my best friends is a non identical twin, Adrienne. Her and her sister Pippa aren't similar at all. Adi is really out going and couldn't be bothered with school so much. Pippa is really studious and rather preppy.
Another best friend Alex has a non identical twin Nico and they are so so so very different. Alex is a beer guzzling steak lover. Nico's favourite thing to do is yoga, and he only eats organic. Though they're so different they both have an obvious connection though. I think it must be great to have twin.</>
Oh Kirby!

(no subject)

Do you think it's inappropriate to compliment someone when the person making the compliment is in a relationship?

It probably depends on the type of compliment but something like, "You're beautiful" says Bob.
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(no subject)

Edit because I changed the question.

Should I stay up and finish getting my shit together (it's 3:30 now) for my exam at 1:30?


go to sleep now, wake up at maybeee 9:00-10:00 am and finish getting my shit together?

FUCK exams, I'm dropping out and becoming a stripper (post-secondary education, what a waste of TIME, man...)

cake or death


my (younger) brother is getting married in about a month.
i am a groomsman and i am also supposed to sing at one point in the ceremony.

here's my dilemma.
what to sing...

i need something fairly... conservative in nature.
(The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli was suggested...but i did that once before and would rather not again.)

any suggestions?
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Are you drunk?

brought on by a conversation at work

1.Have you ever made out or had sex with a person you did not find attractive while sober?

If so, Whyyyy?

2. Do you currently have a crush on anyone you've met online?

How's that workin' out for ya'?
Is it someone you met on livejournal? Who?

3. Crushes aside, is there any person you'd make out with based solely on pictures you've seen online?

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Since the gun-control issue is in a lot of heated debate lately, I thought this story might lighten it up. What is your reaction to it?

What kind of questions do you prefer on TQC? (simple/mundane, quiz-like, thought provoking, news related, unique, a mix, etc.)

What kind of questions irk you the most?

What kind of questions do you scroll right by? (This could be due to anything about the question.) Please explain.

me championship

(no subject)

I have a test in about 5 hours on Manufacturing Processes.

Should I go or should I ask to take it at another time?

I have been sick for the past week and have a medical certificate. Due to lack of ability to study I know about a quarter of what will be in the test. It's worth 30% of the course mark. But it's better to just get it over and done with, or is it?
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I have been trying to find this and NOTHING. I lived in MN and just moved to WI. Can someone help find me information about when and how to get new license plates and a WI drivers license? I have never moved to a different state so I am not sure how long I have, how much is costs, what I need, etc. Grrr. THANKS!!!!!!
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(no subject)

what was the last weird/unexplained injury you had?

i bruise pretty easily, but this morning i woke up with a bruise on my palm. i have no idea how i got it, and i've never seen anyone with a bruised palm before.
Snoopy Enterprise


1. What's the year, make and model of the car you drive?
2. Do you like said car?
3. If you won a million dollars, what's the first car you would go out and buy?
4. Do you prefer American cars (GM, Ford, etc.), or foreign cars (Mazda, Toyota, etc)? How come?

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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

What is something you learned on LJ that you had never heard of before? (For example, before the internets, I had no idea that there were people who actually were anti-adoption, or that there were people who think that multiple people inhabit their body.)

Which would you rather have: a harelip/cleft palate that has had surgery and therefore leaves you with a fairly obvious (let's say a moderate one) scar (like this), or moderate to severe acne?

Puking your guts out, or crazy diarrhea?

(no subject)

1) What are all your current injuries and where/how did you get them?
2) What is the best way to deal with blisters if you have to wear shoes?
3) When was the last time you went swimming? Where was it?
4) Have you ever quit smoking with a nicotine patch? Why do they make the first step so strong?
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(no subject)

1. Fruit by the Foot or Fruit Roll-Ups?

2. What's your preferred Dunkaroo-dunking strategy? Do you try to divide the frosting up evenly among all the cookies? Personally I always got just a little on all of the cookies up until the last one so I could have a huge mountain of frosting on that last cookie. And most of the time I skimped too much on the others so I couldn't even get all the frosting on the last one, and I'd have to eat it with my fingers instead. Which is also good.
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Random ?'s

1) If anything, what does this mean to you? We are a generation of men raised by women.

2) Are you doing anything special for Cinco de Mayo?

3) Do you still own/use a VCR?

4) Do you think you can hold your breath longer while underwater or longer while on land? How long can you hold your breath?
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(no subject)

1)What are some odd talents you've acquired over the years?
2)Which musical artist would you say has the sexiest voice? Which actor/actress?
3)Have you ever talked to someone on the phone several times and then when you later met them were shocked because they looked nothing like how you pictured them while you were talking to them on the phone?


I used spray tanner last night and now I'm all streaky. Actually, I look slightly like a zebra.
I really want to wear a dress to work tomorrow, and will...but my legs resemble a barbers pole.

What should I tell my coworkers about what happened to my skin?

Non serious answers only pls. :)
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(no subject)

It's my birthday today! My husband surprised me by taking the day off and bringing me flowers and McDonald's breakfast.

What's something that made you smile today?
Do you like McDonald's breakfast?
Are you having a good day today?
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For the multilingual

1. What do you feel is the most effective way to learn a second language? Especially languages that are not written in roman characters.

I'm worried about traditional school classes since they seem to focus more on getting you to pass the course rather than knowing the language enough to speak with a native. (Because after three years of Spanish, I definitely was never able to.)

2. Any tips on what to do when studying a language to keep up with it and keep motivated in general? What helps make a second language "click" for you?
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I plan on going skydiving before the end of the year. I've told my dad about it and I have suggested he come too. However he does not want to go and has told me many times how stupid it is, and how many things could go wrong, and how it's more risky than other things.

1. So, should I tell him right before I go, or should I tell him after I've already gone, or should I not tell him at all?

2. Have you ever been skydiving? Was it worth the risk?
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(no subject)

1. What time did you wake up this morning?

2. What is the first thing you did after waking up?

3. What was the first thing you said out loud (to another person or yourself)? Edit: This morning, not first thing ever.

4. What was the last thing you purchased?

5. What is your shoe size?

Edit: 6. What was the last thing you dropped with disastrous consequences?
big alligator?


Poll #972466 Bigfoot

Do you believe that Bigfoot exists?

I can't decide

I'm currently writing a position paper on the existance of Bigfoot so I'm wondering what most people believe.

(no subject)

The bank has been holding ~9 dollars from me for the past few weeks. My checkings account says "Balance: $400.00" and "Available Balance: $390.68." The amount changes every time I spend money/put it in- Saturday it was $8.60. Then yesterday it was back to normal. But I put my paycheck in today and now they're withholding $9.32.

Any ideas?

Update to yesterday's question

1. When that girl invited the birthday boy, but not his girlfriend or her boyfriend, to her house for pre-dinner drinking, she also invited him to stay at her family's cabin, alone, for three nights. The boy said no, because he thought that was weird, but instead of saying it was weird, made up some excuse about work. He also didn't tell his girlfriend till a week later. What is your opinion of the situation? How would you feel if you were the girlfriend?

2. Have you ever been offended by a joke? Which one? If you know any funny offensive jokes, what are they?

Travel Assistance Needed

We are about to go on a trip to France, Monaco, Italy, Greece and Turkey and I need your help. (Here's where we're going: http://cruise-travel.tauck.com/tours/europe-tours/mediterranean-tours/monte-carlo-cruise-mae-2007)

Question #1: I am a strict vegetarian - and by that I mean a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I consider myself *strict* because I not only do not eat meat in any form, I also do not eat anything cooked with any lard or any animal stock, or any food that that might have touched any animal substance. (Please, the purpose of this post is not to debate the definition of vegetarian.)

I would like to be able to explain this dietary limitation during our trip, using the native language of each destination. Even if I have to hand them a piece of paper with it written out, I would like to respect the languages of the places to which I am traveling by communicating with them in their native tongue - or whatever is the dominant language.

Can anybody help?

Question #2: Being an obnoxious American, I am very keely aware that we are not in great favor in many places right now, and I also realize that our customs are vastly different from those places we will be visiting.

Can anybody give any cultural tips or suggestions (i.e., in Greek culture XYZ is considered offensive; in Turkey it is bad for for women to dress in ABC manner; etc.)? I am especially concerned about Turkey. Our travel agent has provided absolutely no guidance, and I haven't been able to find a good source for cultural etiquette.


(no subject)

How do I contact the lj gods? I want to know why image size tags work in some places and in others the same tag does not.

I set up a hotmail account openshared@hotmail.com. If you want to use it, you can. The password is "emailforall".

Ever sent an email to the incorrect address with hilarious results? Do tell.

(no subject)

1. What are some of your favorite movies that center around high school life?
2. What could cause a person to determine they have had or it has been a "bad internet day"?
3. If you could magically force any person to fall in love with you, who would you pick?
4. Who would you pick to completely forget that you exist?
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(no subject)

thank you for calling the __ria hotline, what's on your mind bebe?

You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. y/n?

what do you think is the difference between african-american and black?

Making a difference to your community.

Should active, physician-assisted euthanasia be legal?

If a relative you loved dearly decided they wanted to die and per a new law were now allowed to have themselves killed off, would you agree with it? Would you be sad, or would you be happy for them?

Should the starving people in Africa be killed off due to the pain they face each day, and to help funds coming in to Africa take better effect?

Suppose you were gay and in a domestic partnership for 20+ years (this would be very rare, as promiscuity is common in this community) and suddenly your partner was killed off per an agreement between lawmakers and their physician. You felt this person was your soulmate. How would you react?
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(no subject)

For those of you who drink bottled water, what brand do you drink? Is this because there's a difference in taste or some other factor?

For those of you who don't, is there a reason (besides it's a waste of money)?

I didn't used to drink bottled water at all, until the water supply in my city got infected, and now I'm spending huge amounts of money on the stuff. And at 21% tax, the government is making a fortune. It's setting all the conspiracy theorists I know off.

(no subject)

Are you the type to read through instructions when you buy something new, or do you just start randomly pushing buttons and testing things out?

My new camera got here today and I'm the 'read the book' type...but it's a beautiful day out. Should I say screw it and go take pictures in the park even though I have no idea how to use it?

(no subject)

Lets say...you are happily married. A friend of yours of the opposite sex who you would consider one of your closer friends tells you that if you were not married they would ask you out.

EDIT: Would you tell your spouse this person said this?

What would you do?

Because it would be OT in bad_service

NCO Financial keeps calling us at work looking for someone named Tamika Middleton. The former manager was a misogynist racist asshole and the current manager has never heard of someone named Tamika so we're sure she's never worked here. We're a pretty small, one-year-old place; we'd know.

Despite repeatedly asking to be taken off their list and reminding them that they have the wrong number, NCO Financial continues to call.

My question is, what deliciously wonderful thing should I do next time they call? We've already tried talking to the employees, the supervisor, yadda yadda. Clearly it's not working. I want something that will either completely solve the problem, or at least amuse the hell out of us.

[EDIT] And I can't say Tamika's dead, 'cause I've heard one can get in a big deal of trouble for that.

(no subject)

1. would you rather win $140,000 or an all expenses paid trip to the moon?

2. do you have a webcomic?

3. if yes, is it on smackjeeves.com and do you know how to make it so the rss feed works? Or even if no, do you know how to get the rss feed to work on smackjeeves

4. foor for high heel wearers - if you are going out dancing and know you are going to dance, do you wear the heels that look excellent with your outfit or the flats which look ok, defintely not as sexy, but you know you are going to be able to dance all night?

(no subject)

1. What do you think of people who often use words like awesome, dude, totally, and man in a surfer-y way? Does it matter how old they are or where they're from? How would you describe that set of words?

2. What are some words you use now that you once thought you'd never use?

Edit: 3. What does the phrase "catch your snap" mean to you? Collapse )


You ask this guy you've been seeing if he likes you. You're a bit toasty. He says he likes you a lot. You ask him again a few minutes later. He says he loves you. You act like you didnt hear. **This is all during sex**

Would you believe him?
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(no subject)

Inspired by coflower's question -

1 - If you were adopted, under what circumstances did it happen?

I mean to say, were you adopted by a family member, adopted by one of your parent's partners, adopted from the far reaches of the Amazon...?

2 - Do people suspect you were adopted?

3 - Do your adoptive parents or biological parents have any other kids? Biological or adopted?

4 - What do you know about your birth parents?


5 - Would you adopt?

6 - Would you try to have your children naturally first?


1 - My parents lived in New Zealand, but my Mum was South African and after a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy, they decided to adopt me from South Africa.

2 - Never.

3 - Yes, I have an older brother. My birth mother has other kids, I dunno how many.

4 - My birthmother's name and the city she lives in. I know nothing about my birth father. I'm not sure my birthmother even knows who he is.

5 - Yes.

6 - I'm not sure. I might adopt some and have some naturally.

(no subject)

1. Do you think that it is likely that some of the characters in children's shows/cartoons are purposefully portrayed as homosexual?  For example, Spongebob or Tinky Winky...

2. Would that affect your willingness to let your child view that show?

3. Are you allergic to anything? 

4. Would you ever ask TQC for for serious advice in regards to which tattoo you should choose? 
anti-time dispensary

(no subject)

1. What do you think of people who have a PayPal donate button or wishlist (with links to actual places to purchase items) in their info or on their site? Crazed entitlement bitches or clever businessfolk? Would you do this?

2. What about people who sell panties/have nudie websites in the hopes of getting money/free shit? Is this above or below having a sugar daddy? On the one hand, you're not sleeping with someone for money; but on the other, you're not actually providing as concrete a service for the goods...

3. I went to the campus health clinic today: neither my UT nor my ears are infected, when I thought they were. So, why do I have a fever? What's actually infected? Is the only cure more cowbell?

4. Were you private or religious schooled? I keep hearing that the teachers there are crazier, and I KNOW they don't need as much certification (at least here) as public school teachers, nor is there teaching strategy for lack of a better word as restricted, as I'm currently attempting to become one myself :) Do you have any wacky stories of your teachers from school, especially private/religious school?

Forgive any grievous errors, I'm feverish and somewhat loopy.
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(no subject)

What television actor/actress do you have a crush on at this moment?

It's a little embarrassing, but I am seriously addicted to the show Blood Ties on Lifetime, and Kyle Schmid who plays the main vampire character Henry is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. He can bite me anytime. lol

(no subject)

Where you work, do you have industry or department-specific software that you use? If so, what's it called? And what do you use it for?

Here I use two programs called LARS and TIMS. I just thought the names were kinda funny. When you work in an office, you'll take humor wherever you can find it, I guess.


Okay everybody.  This has been torturing me for the longest time so I decided I should see if anybody could help.
In the television show Firefly and the subsequent movie Serenity, what is Shepherd Book's history?  What did he do in his past?  Thank you so much.  If you can add any insight that would be incredible
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(no subject)

Have you ever been attacked, or otherwise terrorized, by a goose?

Would you rather eat baby back or country style ribs? 
Is there a difference in taste?

If drinking sweet tea is a southern thing, how do other people drink their tea?

(no subject)

I vaguely remember my father telling me years ago that I shouldn't throw away batteries .. so I've always just stuck the dead ones in a drawer ..

Recently I realized the drawer's pretty ridiculously full, so I was wondering .. what do you do with your dead batteries? Is it that big of a deal if I just throw them out? Why did my dad tell me not to throw them out, but not give me an alternative ??
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(no subject)

Cell phone charger question...

First I had a Verizon lg phone, and the charger was working fine.  Later on someone broke the screen on my phone (it's a long story) so I had to use that and dial numbers, etc.  Then my phone charger stopped working.  I bought a new one, same model, and it was working at first, then it wouldn't work on my phone (I tried it on another person's phone with the same model and the new charger wouldn't work either.

So I now have a new phone, it's a Verizon lg but a newer model.  I charged the phone for about an hour and I saw only 2 bars of battery.  The battery life isn't very long, and I just discovered that the charger will only work in certain positions, which is what happened to my other two chargers before they didn't work.

Does anyone else have this problem with phone chargers? Is there a way to not let this happen?
the oc

The OC

Calling all "The O.C." fans:
In the season 1 finale in the last montage, Kirsten is seen losing her shit sobbing. Does she know that Seth has left, or is she crying that hard over Ryan leaving? I've always wondered. Thanks!


traveling cheap?

My husband and I are (half jokingly? i don't know) tossing around the idea of going on a vacation.

We want somewhere not in the US, and we want somewhere warm.

We went to Curacao on our honeymoon, so not an option.

We love all inclusives and cruises, but somewhere like Hawaii isn't an option because it costs and arm and a leg.

Have you been anywhere not horribly expensive that was fantastic?
Christmas Jim and Pam

A few tv-related questions.

1. On the episode of The Office, season three, shown last week (which was a repeat, I believe, and titled Safety Training), why was Pam crying in the hall when Dwight found her? The pizza man came and I missed it. Darn.
2. Are you disapointed in the Black Donnely's being canceled?
3. Is House MD's Cameron starting to bother you lately? .
4. Who is your favorite doctor on Dr. Who?
5. The Tudors: Insane or strangely entertaining?
Mr. Misto
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Is anything safe anymore!?

Contaminated Pet Food, Possibly Contaminated People Food, Shootings on Busses, Minors killing defensless drunks on their way home from the bar, Increased violence in schools and colleges, robbing from former pageant winners.. ugh

(no subject)

1)Have you ever asked a SO not to kiss you because your mouth smelled and/or tasted like death?
Did he/she kiss you anyway?
2)Have you ever kissed a SO and stopped because of his/her haliltosis?
i don&#39;t want to be friends

(no subject)

A few weeks ago there was a YouTube link to an English comedian in this community and it was a bit about bad poetry and everything rhymed with Theatre. It was really funny, but I've lost the link and the name of the comedian. Does anyone know who it was or have a link to it?

(no subject)

are there plane tickets that are less expensive than the ones that are on those websites (like travelocity and orbitz)?

i'm going to brazil this summer with my boyfriend(my mom's side of the family lives there)
i used to go to brazil every year and tickets seem like they're more expensive than they were when i was little.

all i need are tickets from here(boston) to brazil(in vitoria, es).

(no subject)

Be honest with me, TQC. I need to know if this is possible. So I have two email addresses: my school account and my hotmail. My school is forwarded to my hotmail. Well, I've been juggling these two email addresses and decided it's hard to remember what emails went in what folders. So I want to use my hotmail exclusively for sorting/saving messages.

Say I have a folder with emails from professors in my school inbox. Is there any way to transfer these to my hotmail inbox, preserving the sender name? This was back before the school email went to the hotmail box too.

I know I can do a Fwd: but then all of them say from ME, not Professor So&So.

Can you help me?
Sam outside

(no subject)

1. Is it possible to never have to work a part-time job? Did you ever work a part-time job?

2. What's one thing you never wanted your parents to take away as a punishment when you were a child?

3. Do you use sticky notes? What for?

4. Do people really have sex on the beach? Doesn't sand get in uncomfortable places??
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(no subject)

What's the best book out there on how to learn/teach yourself Flash MX for web design purposes? (And/or any other Macromedia program - Fireworks if possible.)
dean - i&#39;m batman

(no subject)

What words start sounding really weird when you say them over and over again?

Obviously most words do, but I saw an ad for a hearing aid today and the guy said "hearing" so many times that the word just sounds wrong to me now :|

Disorders in children.

1. Hey! I was wondering for any of you that have children that are either yours, or your step kids, or kids that you nanny for, babysit all the time for, have some form of mental or physical dissability or problem?

2. Also, for those that have kids in their lives with attention deficit disorder ( add) what sort of things did you notice when they were in the toddler stage? Things that tipped you off that that may be an issue.. or that it was something beyond the fact that hey, they're 2, 3, 4 and that's just how kids are?

I've done some googling, but everything I've found has just managed to scare me. I'm looking for some in real life things that kind of clued you in. Thanks!!

3. And what's your favorite Dr. Seuss book? :)

Mine's The Lorax.
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(no subject)

1. What sort of deodorant do you use and how much do you put on?
ETA 1a Do you think it's possible to put on too much?

2. Do you prefer when people number their questions on here?

3. If you came across a 17/18 year old and they didn't have a cell phone what do you think the reason for them not having one is?


*feeling rushed* i wanted to post 2 things before i left the office
but now i can only remember one....*uggghhnn*

has anyone ever bought a program or book or anything to help teach
a foreign language and if so what was the best one you've found??
i can understand spanish (pretty much complete) but can't speak
it for crap...i really want to learn it (soon) i feel like such a
failure in my family and like they look down on me for not being
able to communicate "correctly" with them...*sigh*

thanks to anyone who helps!

Inspired by all the questions about acid today

I was watching PBS last night and American Experience was on and it was about the summer of love at Haight & Ashbury in San Fransisco. They were talking about how the hippies truly thought that acid would allow them to create a new way of living.

It reminded me of this book I read sometime when I was in junior high (1994 - 1997), but I believe it was written sometime during the 60s or 70s. I think it's a pretty famous book. It was about this teenager who used acid and had a bad trip and saw spiders, I believe, and then I think he jumped out the window. I think this book also involved a friend of this teenager who tried to "save" him but failed.

Anyone know what book I'm remembering?

(no subject)

Inspired by this post and the whole phone-a-friend thing in general...

1. Are you any good at giving advice?
2. Do you find yourself giving advice or recieving it more often?
3. Are you seen as someone to come to for advice?
4. a) Are there any LJ comms out there that do this? (I'm not talking plain old advice comms, but ones where they have people you can talk to over Skype, GTalk, AIM, or something...)
b) If there aren't, what do you think about starting one?
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(i'll look up how to edit later! i've been wanting to
post this all day!! please forgive for the double post)
(and yes i know this is not an important question but
there are some things i just dont understand)

with that being said:
why is it, after ellen announced she was gay, her ratings
went down dramatically? i mean, its the same show, same
content, same everything..its not like the show was a
doc. of her life...why would it matter if you were watching
a show where the actor/actress is homosexual? i just dont

sorry again
Adam Lambert
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(no subject)

This is a question for people who live in London, or know a lot about it.

If you were advising a tourist on their first trip to London, where would you tell them to go?

(no subject)

What is "One Tree Hill" basically about?

If you're going on a 11 hours trip and you're taking your cats with you, would you give them something to keep them calm during the 11 hours trip or go without?

(no subject)

1. What are your feelings on this commerical

2. Have you ever done acid? (the drug)

3.What outdoor tanning lotion/oil/spray do you use?

all very random but ive been thinking about them for awhile now haha

edit2- alright. I do know how to spell it but I copyied and pasted the way it was spelt when it was sent to me :)

4. Whats your definition of the word psycho

(no subject)

Pick a MAJOR news story of the past ten years. MAJOR meaning like Diana dying, 9/11, 7/7, Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina...

Where were you and what were you doing when you found out?

I'm a sucker for 'where were you whens'....
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Is it me, or have drugs like acid and shrooms become more popular (again) in the past couple years?

Okay well I know shrooms have still been popular... but when I was in high school, I felt like people would smoke pot, snort coke or take ecstasy, then I go to college and I feel like everyone's doing acid all of a sudden.
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Ghost apartments

I've started looking for apartments back home because I don't want to move back in with my parents after I graduate. Basically the only apartment complex I've found in the city that sounds decent (read: not ridiculously noisy and also affordable but not stark white or blah-looking) is the apartment complex my grandparents lived in. They have both since died. The apartment has been renovated by then so it's probably hardly recognizable from the inside. However, I feel sort of weird about the possibility of living there.

Would you be too depressed to live in a place where your deceased grandparents had lived?

I just imagine myself walking down the halls and thinking about them all the time.

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. It is actually legitimate.

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1. Can someone be extremely independent without seeming too self absorbed? I don't know if I'm wording this right but it's difficult. Like, where's the line between being independent and being SO independent that you're fine without close friends, an SO, etc.
1a. If you know someone like this, do you think they could really be this independent or are they just faking it?

2. When skimming through entries, does anyone else see ETA: and then think people are posting about ETA or is that just me? Edit: Guess not... Damn Spanish civ & culture for reprogramming my brain.

3. Have you tried SoBe's LifeWater? I'm addicted to it I think.

4. Where did you go the last time you went out to eat?

5. Do you use Rich text or HTML box to write your posts in?

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Would you rather get a matching//paired tattoo with your best friend or your lifelong SO?

What would you get if you did with your best friend?
With your SO?

I don't know if I would with a SO, but my best friend and I decided today that on her 18th birthday, we're going to both get the Chinese character for "sisterhood" on our feet.

any personal experience?

psh seems like all of my stuff is falling to crap.

what kind of things would make a car OUT OF NOWHERE (no accident or anything like that) suddenly not turn well.. i went to drive tonight and it was damn near impossible to turn the wheel. i drove it yesterday all day long and it was fine. and yes all fluids are filled to the right levels etc etc. its a 2001 camry if that makes a difference.

(and yes im calling a mechanic tomorrow.. im just curious as to what types of things may be wrong)
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As far as vaginas go is there such a thing as "too big?" And are we talking length or width?
If you are female, have you ever measured the depth of your vagina?
If you are a male currently having sex with a female, would you consider her vagina short, long, or average?

Edit:Who is your TQC mortal enemy?
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What's your favourite Stephen King book?

Mine would be Rage or The Long Walk. I really can't decide, I adore them both. ^^;;

Also, what's your least favourite Stephen King book?

Mine would be The Running Man. I just couldn't get into that at all. >>
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What's the name and possible web address to this drawing place? I believe it's Japanese, but I can't be 100 percent sure. You can draw on some board type thing by yourself and maybe other people?
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food on planes?

Can you take food through airport security check points/onto planes? I'm going to visit my fiance while he is working in a different state, and I wanted to bring him cookies. But I don't want to get to the airport and find out that I have to throw them all away. Is there some bullshit law about that now? Thank you.
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What do you personally think is the difference between the meanings of the words "person" and "human"? (Is there a difference?)

I got confused because lately some people have been calling animals "people" (and not in the sense of "I love my dog so much I think of him as a human")

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1. Have you ever heard of secret wall tattoos?

2. Now, I like Josh Homme a lot, but I refuse to believe he originated the concept. Do you know of anything like that that came before, oh, 1990 or so?

3. Would you consider doing something like that the next time you're staying at a hotel? What would you draw or paint?

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Is there any way to run down the balance on someone's prepaid Verizon cell phone while the phone is turned off?

What would you do to get back at your long term, live in boyfriend who turned their cell phone off after you called them once?
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Exposé help

for those of you who use Mac OX Tiger.

I have some how cause my self a problem in Exposé, my "secondary click" has now become somehow the "all windows for this application" button. I have spent 20 minutes puttering through the preferences trying to fix this.

anyone know how to fix it?

in a word: HALP!

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if you've tried them, what is your favourite gradual self tanning lotions? I tried the dove one last year and it didnt work that well for me, and yesterday I picked up the St. Ives one ..so I don't really know how it's working quite yet.


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Did anyone watch the Today show today?

Have you seen the youtube video called phone-a-friend (or something like that)?

Have you called him?

Would you call him? And if so what would you tell him?

What do you think of the whole idea?

I think its a cool idea. His phone bills are gonna suck though...

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Two of my closest friends are seeing my two favorite bands at this very moment. I introduced them to both bands and now they love them.
So do you think I have the right to be a little bit jealous/angry that they are seeing them and didn't really try too hard to get me a ticket? Because at the moment, I'm kind of seething with anger and jealousy.
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My mother's 2nd graders are doing a Flat Stanley unit. So they sent Flat Stanleys to everyone for them to draw clothes on (appropriate for the climate) and then take around to landmarks in their city to take pictures with.

If someone sent you a Flat Stanley to do this project with, how would you dress him and where would you take him in your city?
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A girl I graduated high school with has had three sets of twins.

When would you tell your ob/gyn to tie things off so it doesn't happen again?

Serious, non-serious, and OT gratuitious icon worship comments only. :-)

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What are simple recipes for a college student with thin slices of beef eye round?

What should I marinate it in? I've got a lot of Asian sauces and different spices and lemon juice and etc, but I don't know what to do! Many of the recipes I've found online are for beef eye round roasts.

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Have you or has anyone you know ever had lap band surgery?

What is recovery like?
How long were you/they in the hospital?

A family member went in for the surgery today and I don't know what to think. I'm nervous about it.
Any other info/thoughts/anything?

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Have you ever dated someone who lived with someone you didn't get along with? How did that work out?

What do you love about your country? (And I mean REALLY love..not sarcastic-really-meaning-hate love)

*me* My boyfriend is living with a racist next year and if he is really loud about his feelings around me I can tell we won't get along.

I LOVE that I can get on the road and travel to see people anywhere in this country without being stopped at the borders or worried about military lining the streets questioning my every move.

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1. Who's your favourite super hero?

2. Favourite super villain?

3. You know that issue of The Outsiders where it's revealed that Grace isn't just metahuman? The bit where Mallah goes 'we've been trying to manipulate the genetic material of your people', or something like that. So, WHAT IS SHE? I've been dying to know. Any theories?

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Can someone 'accidentaly' add you to MSN?

My ex deleted me from MSN when we split up and now he's re-added me. Then I saw him online. Is there anyway this could have been done unintentionally?
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1 - In what way do you adhere to a stereotype?
2 - In what way to you defy a stereotype?
3 - Do you hate stereotypes?

And random question inspired by a discussion I had the other day -

4 - Do you hate paedophiles?


1 - I wear glasses and like to read.
2 - I'm a teenager but don't try to prove my maturity by slamming doors and acting like a child.
3 - No, just people who judge others based solely on that fact. Stereotypes themselves are a good source of comedy. =D

4 - No. I think there's got to be paedophiles out there who don't act on their desires, and I have nothing against those individuals. But a friend of mine's cousin had a bad experience so now m friend has absolutely no sympathy for paedophiles. So I was wondering what everyone else's opinion is.

ETA: What I mean is I don't hate paedophiles as a blanket statement, but I hate people that take advantage of children. Of course, my opinion may change when I have children.

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1. What exactly are undershirts for?

2. If you watch The Sopranos, what do you think is going to happen to Tony by the end of the season?

3. Anything piss you off today?

My answers:
1. I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

2. He lived, g'damnit! He's gotta live!

3. Some woman on the subway called me a "crazy cracker" and slapped my arm because my poster I had sticking out of my bag touched her. And I said, "It's just a poster. I didn't mean to hurt you," And she went from bitchy to ghetto in .001 seconds. It was rush hour on the express train, rather crowded and she got all dramatized with my poster touching her arm.
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two Christianity questions

1) If someone only knew the English language and wanted to read the Christian Bible for the first time, what version would you recommend they read?

2) In the "Left Behind" series, millions of people disappear simultaneously including from cars being driven and planes being flown, leaving behind everything from clothing to dental fillings to pacemakers. What I don't understand is if such an even would occur, why wouldn't there be a sudden massive conversion to Christianity? On what grounds would you argue that event doesn't prove God's existance? "Nah, no way that was the prophesized Rapture. I'm sure there was a scientific explanation. Mass alien abduction or interdimensional shift maybe." Would you remain unconvinced?
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Edit: Pretend I can spell!

Dear TQC wich of the following shows should I go to? They are too close together so I can't go to both =[

Feist (I could still get okay seats)
Architecture In Helsinki (standing room only)

Edit #2: For what it's worth I've seen both of them twice.
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How would I go about helping my cat learn to respond to her name better?

I've had her for almost a year now. I talk to her whenever she's around, she can hear just fine. Her name is Q, but since I know cats seem to respond best to names with "ee" sounds, I've been calling her Q-ey for the past four or five months. She just doesn't respond when I call her. Even "kitty kitty" has mixed results. I've never had an issue with teaching any of my other cats their names, within a month or so they're very responsive. Are there any techniques out there I should try, or am I just gonna have to work with her more?

(I'll probably end up posting this in cat_lovers, I just want to see what you guys think.)

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When's the last time you told someone you had a crush on them?
Did s/he like you back?

If yes, are you in a relationship now?
If no, are you still friends? Did you need space to deal with the rejection, or were you OK with it right away?

Should I watch Quills or High Plains Drifter tonight? Joaquin Phoenix shirtless or Clint Eastwood in his prime...what a choice :)

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If any of you have a swiss/exercise/balance/whatever you want to call it ball, what are your favorite things to do with it?
I like doing push-ups with it because I'm so bad at regular ones. I also like to bounce on it when I watch TV to burn extra calories.
cole, baby
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Does anyone have any strange or funny ringtones for there cell? 
What is it and why did you pick it?

I'm thinking of finding a new one and I want something kinda different.

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Who is your favorite Law and Order detective (out of all the series)?

Although I have soft spots for the SVU detectives (especially Benson, Stabler, and Munch), I have to say my favorite as far as detective skills go is Robert Goren from Criminal Intent. He's like Sherlock Holmes crossed with Columbo.