April 23rd, 2007

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Recently I've been going deaf in my left ear. I just randomly get this really clogged feeling and can't hear well. I've tried q-tips and water to see if there's something to be dislodged, but other than having extra clean ears, there's nothing I can see/get at.  After a few hours my ear itches and then I can hear again.

So, what the hell is wrong with my ear?

Has this ever happened to you?

If so, does it go away? Cause this sure as heck is annoying.

Today, Dr. LJ is a dermatologist!

Has anyone here ever had a chemical/fruit acid peel?

Did you like the results? How long was the recovery time? How much did it cost you?

I'm thinking of saving up for one for my birthday so that I can start out the summer with nice skin and have motivation to keep it sun-damage free (yay sunscreen!) But unfortunately I don't know anyone that's had one, and Dr. Zizmor keeps staring at me on the subway.
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I went to Teavana in Chicago this weekend and bought 2 oz. of Rose Marzipan Delight tea. It really does taste like marzipan. I'm not sure if I like it or not but it's definitely interesting.

What's the most interesting flavor of tea you've ever tried?

What about coffee?


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Have you ever hooked yourself with a fish hook?

What is the most annoying toy your child has ever received as a gift?

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost where you live, on average?


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1. Do you watch batches of movies with common themes? If so, what "theme" are you doing currently and what movies have you watched in it?
Lately I've been watching movies with Jon Stewart in them. In the past couple weeks I've watched Half Baked, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Wordplay, The Aristocrats, Death To Smoochy, Big Daddy, and The Faculty. Before that was stoner movies (which provided a sort of segue into my current batch, thanks to Half Baked and Jay and Silent Bob) and before that it was Frat Pack movies. I can't be the only one who does this...right?

2. Should I watch Mixed Nuts, Doogal or Playing By Heart next?

3. What's your favorite zombie movie?
I've only seen Shaun Of The Dead and Dead/Alive.
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Probably been asked before, but...

Have you ever met anyone in real life that you originally know through livejournal?

Yes. One of my friends started out as a friend of someone I went to high school with's sister. I met him irl because he commented in my journal once and we started talking and getting to know one another.

I also went to Disneyland with an online friend once, and she had met up there with numerous wacky and random livejournal people from Southern California. It was a crazy experience

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Dear Doc TQC:

This probably sounds really stupid, but I have the first canker sore in my life and have no idea how to treat it.  I seem to vaguely recall gargling salt water as a remedy, but can't remember for sure.  Anybody care to share home remedies?


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i am using AIM 6.0 and i am seriously annoyed with something. i am an obsessive away message checker, and when i hover the mouse over a screen name on my buddy list the buddy info comes up, and sometimes it stays up until i play around with it.

this is really hard to understand, i imagine, but does anyone know how i can possibly stop the buddy info thing from comimg up and staying there?

also, i have lent a "friend" a DVD that i really enjoy. i lent it to her 4 months ago and now we're leaving school for summer break in a few days, and i still don't have my movie back. i have asked her literally, a dozen times to get it back, and she always says that she'll give it back to me but when it comes time to get it back, she says that she has forgotten it at home. i don't know where she lives, or else i'd stop at her door and demand it back. so, how do i get this movie back without causing anyone physical harm?
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I just did a buy it now on ebay, and the item isn't showing up in my ebay page. Do I have it? I paid already. Does it take a few minutes for these things to show up?

edit: its not in my paypal history either

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1. a) What was your latest impulsive act?

I went to a hair salon and had my hair cut really short recently. It was previously shoulder length. Apparently I pissed off some of my friends by doing this including my girlfriend.

b)Do you regret it?

Yes, very much so. I miss my long hair.

2. For those of you who are reading this past midnight...

Why aren't you in bed?

I went to bed but couldn't sleep so I decided to go online.
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I've heard that most eyebrow piercings eventually reject, because they're basically surface piercings. I was somewhat dismayed by this, since I've had my eyebrow pierced for four months and I'd like to keep it a long time. So, questions for those with pierced eyebrows:

1. How long did you have/have you had your eyebrow piercing?

2. (if applicable) Why did you retire it?

Feel free to answer for anyone else you know who has a pierced eyebrow, if you don't yourself.

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Would you buy your son a pistol or rifle if he wanted one?

Would you sign off on your 17 yo daughter going into the Marines?

Would you let (agree with )your daughter go to auto mechanics school?

Ya'll crack me up.....

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My printer won't print and I've tried all the troubleshooting tips the computer gave me. I've been trying to print out a project for class and the printer just keeps spitting out more test sheets instead of what i'm trying to print. It has the document in queue, and it says it's printing, but nothing is coming out. Up until I moved my computer to another room while I was painting in here, I haven't had any trouble with it.

If you have an HP PSC 1315 all-in-one, have you ever had a similar problem? How did you solve it?

Any other tips for how to print this out? I have class in a couple of hours and I might just get killed if I don't have this project in :\
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1. Have you seen stuff around the internet jokingly arguing that Pluto should be a planet?

2. If you saw one of these magnets on somebody's car what would you think it meant? Would you think it was funny?

3. Would you put that magnet on your own car?

4. If I send you a free magnet, will you write some very brief reaction to it?

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Edit: Wow, thanks everybody! The magnets are now all promised away and will be in the mail today! Thank you TQC for the huge (and speedy) response. And sorry to anyone who didn't see this in time and won't be able to get one. If you still want to give me some input on the questions or the project or whatever else, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks again, all!
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (US only)

Poll #971721 Harry Potter...Preorder?

Where did you all preorder Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Barnes & Noble
Walden Books
other (specify in comment)
I haven't preordered it yet
I don't plan on preordering, but just waiting until it is released

Long flights

OK, how do you cope with long flights / jet lag?

I get to deal with a 19 hour flight (elapsed, with two connections) and a nine hour time change. So any tips would be appreciated.
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Mozilla Firefox errors?

My Mozilla Firefox is all messed up. Recently I've noticed that certain websites have errors on them when I look at them through Firefox, even though they've worked before. Most notably, the entire left side of my myspace home page and my calender disappear when I go to them. I've updated everything, I'm just wondering now if there's anything else I can do to fix it. Thanks.
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Have you ever printed your own t-shirts? What method did you use?

What was the last thing you won?

I'm going to get groceries tonight after work; what should I get for dinner from the grocery store that is ready-made or microwaveable?

What is your favorite ethnic food?

Is your "online personality" similar to your real life personality?


So tell me TQC, where should my boyfriend and I go on our next vacation? We are adventurous 27 year olds, we live in Florida, and on our last vacation we went to Germany/France/Ireland/Netherlands. So besides those places, and besides North America (seen it all), tell me about spectacular places all over the world that are absolutely must-see-before-you-die places. We don't really like to go to one place and hang out the whole time and relax. We like to be constantly on the move and exploring as much as possible, and it will likely be an 8-9 day trip. Money isn't really an issue. Thanks!


1.) When you post pictures on the Internet (LJ, Photobucket, etc.) do you care if random people save them?

2.) Does your answer change depending on the picture?  If yes, why?

3.)  Would you feel better watermarking your pictures?  Why or why not?

4.) Are there any software/programs (preferably free) to watermark pictures that you would recommend?

5.) If I make my Photobucket account "private", can I still post pictures in my journal and have them show up?
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1)Who takes care of your pets while you're out of town?
2)Do you know anyone who reminds you of someone from MTV's The Real World? If so, who and from what season?
3)What are some things you do or habits you've started to keep yourself/your life organized?
4)Are you a patient person? Please provide evidence/examples verifying that you are or are not.

Graduation Gifts

I have to come up with 1st through 3rd prizes for graduating Mechanical Engineering college seniors. I am wondering what we can give them (under $50 each) that they will actually use. So, if you are a college graduate, what did you receive that you liked/used, or what would you have liked to receive? If not, what do you think you would like to get?

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1. Don't you hate those days that you think you look really awesome, then someone takes a whole bunch of pictures with you in them, and the next day you realize you didn't look anywhere near awesome?

2. Urban Outfitters recently opened in Vancouver. I was excited for it, but went there yesterday and was severely disappointed. Do you like Urban Outfitters?

3. Is the same thing going to happen when I go to H&M for the first time? Will I be blindsided by hype and be severely disappointed?

4. I saw a guy in a Lamborghini yesterday. It sure was shiny, and he sure was shady looking. What are the odds of the Lamborghini being rented?

5. In my circle of friends, a few people are always called by their first and last names. Not because there are multiples with the same first name, needing differentiation, but just because it flows. Do you have friends that are called by both first and last names? You know, like, "Hey! Joey Jackson is here!"

Photography and Random Qs.

I am by no means a professional, and I am trying to branch out a bit from my usual outdoor photo-taking (buildings, people outside, nature, etc). I'm currently using a Canon PowerShot S3 IS and, no matter what settings I use, my indoor photos always come out very noisey, with very little detail. And, depending on the subject, using the flash throws a large shadow behind the subject, making the photo look just as bad as a noisey one. Also, when I don't use the flash, the ISO speed is so slow (even when on the highest setting) that most movement appears blurry.

1. Any tips for taking better indoor photos with this camera? Preferably in situations such as a banquet or ceremony.
2. Which lens(es) would you recommend in the aforementioned situations for a Canon Digital Rebel XTi?
3. Which lens(es) would you recommend for outdoor banquets or ceremonies for a Canon Digital Rebel XTi?
4. Perhaps you know of a website (besides dpreview) that has the information I'm looking for?

5. What is your favorite Olympic sport?
6. How come the Dairy Queens in Detroit have sundaes in waffle bowls and those pie blizzards, but the Dairy Queens here in Ann Arbor don't? We're only 45 minutes apart :(
7. What does your ideal salad consist of?
8. What's one toy you really wanted as a child, but never received?

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1. Are you generally aware of the time?

2. Do you wear a watch? If yes, do you wear it while you are at home?

3. When engaged in an activity, do you generally allow yourself a pre-determined amount of time? Does it matter if the activity is work or leisure?

4. Do you have any Google Alerts set up? What are they for?

5. What was the best thing to happen this past weekend?
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1. Do you know about the Dead Zone? (if you don't want to click on that link, it's an area in the Gulf of Mexico affected by hypoxia annually-- a condition that sucks all the oxygen out of the area, rendering it impossible for sea life to survive and forcing them to migrate elsewhere. It is a "serious threat to commercial fishing, shrimping and recreation industries. The livelihoods of many thousands of people and their communities are at risk, as is the large marine ecosystem on which they depend.")

2. Do you care about the Dead Zone?

3. Do you care enough to write to a congressman/woman about it?

4. What would it take for you to write to a congressman/woman
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Why don't people flush toilets in public restrooms?? It's really gross and it's not that difficult to flush the darn thing using your foot. I kinda understood in elementary school, when you're just a kid and maybe not potty trained properly yet. And then when I was at a large University, i constantly ran into this problem too, but I was told that since we had a lot of people from various countries, that some people in other countries are taught to "save water" by not flushing all the time...I mean ok, maybe I can sort of udnerstand that a little bit...not really, but just a little bit...but now that I'm working for a company full of responsible, mature, well-educated individuals, maybe they can have a little bit of sence of decency to flush the damn thing so that I don't have to walk in there and encounter their nasty leftovers.

Is that really so difficult??? To flush in public? Do you flush the toilet? Why or why not????

keyboard key

I'm on a laptop. The N key fell off last night. I've got essays to write, and though I *can* type like this, it's really not good. We've tried putting the key back on but either we have no idea what we're doing (is there a trick to getting the little hooks to fit together?) or one of the little bits is broken and that's why it fell off in the first place. It doesn't look broken to me. Any idea how to get it to go back on? And how can I type this essay without breaking the little rubber thingy where the key should be?
Dad wants it to be taken to get fixed, but I have an essay to write, as I said, and I don't have time to not have a computer.
That said, anyone know anything about anthropology of modern popular culture who can help me with understanding the concepts about mass culture and low and passive culture and if mass culture? these damn readings make no sense to me.

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Think about your favorite fattening food, something you crave but don't dare let yourself eat too much of.

Now say for one day, you can magically consume as much as this as you want without worrying about calories, fat or health problems.

What would you eat and how much of it COULD you consume in one sitting?

Because seriously, right now I bet I could inhale a WHOLE freaking blackberry pie and and still come back for seconds.

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1. For his birthday, this guy is going out to dinner with several friends and his girlfriend, all of whom have been friends for approximately the same length of time. A female friend invites him over to her house for drinks beforehand. She doesn't invite anyone else, and they both show up to dinner mildly drunk when everyone else is sober. What is your opinion of this situation?

Note: This didn't happen to me, so I don't know too many more details.

2. Kimonos are traditionally worn with the wearer's left flap over the right, so people can stick their right hands in and use that space as a pocket. Even left-handed people dress left-over-right; the opposite is a major taboo, reserved for dressing corpses.

a) Knowing this, would you make an effort to dress left-over-right, or would you not mind?
b) A lot of companies that sell things they call "kimonos" let their models dress the wrong way, like half the models here. Does that matter?
c) Lots of "kimono-style" garments are sewn to permanently go the wrong way, like so and so, I guess because women's blouses button right-over-left. What do you think about that?
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Book HELP!!!

I haven't read a book in like over a month. I just haven't been able to complete one...I don't know why!

What are you all currently reading? Is it any good? Any other recommendations for me? Maybe I can get motivated to read SOMETHING...
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Toxins. I keep hearing about these detox diets and other things you can do to detox your body and life or whatever, but no where can I find what these toxins are suppose to be. Personally I think the whole concept is total bullshit, but I can't really argue a point without knowing the facts.

Toxins, from my understanding are the things that are bad for you. Like alcohol, where the bad stuff gets flushed out of your system anyways.

But people keep saying that it's the stuff that builds up in your body over time. What stuff? What are these toxins that supposedly build up? And why doesn't our body deal with them?

As an example, a friend of mine does a detox every once in awhile. The most recent time was a couple days ago when she was detoxing from the pain medication she's been on for awhile for something with her foot. So she's detoxing from whatever the pain med stuff built up in her system and she gets sick, like she does every time she does this. Logic would say if it makes you sick, don't do it. But apparently logic doesn't belong here.

I just don't get it. I read something awhile ago that said if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise, your body will take care of everything for you. So tell me masters of the internet, what are these toxins?
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New to all of this so I hope that I am doing this correctly.

Was just wondering if anyone knew the artist or creator of Life in four pictures. I think it's an amazing piece of work and I would really like to know who is behind it. All the searches I have conducted only refer to the picture with no information on the person behind it.
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the question that plagues my work office.. mayo or mustard? i say mayo, most of my office says mustard. where do you stand in this debate?

if only _____ would had _____ then i could've __________.
why can't _____ just ______ already?

when's the last time you did something stupid? (that at first you thought seemed like a GREAT idea but afterwards you were just like.. um, wtf?) this past weekend me and my best took this challenge and walked it all.. i could've sworn it was more than freaking 9.1 miles! thee fuck?! my face and arms are sunburned (thank goodness it doesn't hurt!) and i'm still sore, lol. but! i did it and although i doubt i'll be doing it again, i'm glad that i did it... but about 20 minutes from our final destination we couldn't help but call the whole idea.. stupid!
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Hey everybody;

I am going to Italy (Florence mostly) as part of Study Abroad. And I don't think I'm prepared for it. Namely, in the department of shoes.
Because I am a lazy person, like, 90% of the time, I don't have any really good walking shoes. And I will be walking for FOUR WEEKS STRAIGHT.

So, for those less athletically challenged out there, are there any good walking shoes you recommend? Good support/sturdy/won't kill me feet if I'm on them more than 15 hours? I'm also looking into orthopedic shoes because I have heard they are loads more comfortable.

And also, if anyone has been to/lives in/goes to Florence/Italy recently/all the time/right now, what would be a good, but small, array of appropriate clothing to bring? I've heard jeans are too heavy, especially if we have to wash them ourselves and hang-dry them. So, any suggestions?
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All Clue.

1. Have you ever seen the movie Clue?
2. Which ending do you like best?
3. Do you own the DVD?
4. When you watch it, do you choose the option to play all three endings, or to choose one at random?
5. If you choose one at random, does it usually choose one ending more often than the others? Mine only ever shows me the third ending when I choose that option. :(
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Does anyone know a good place to get larger gauge body jewelry (say, over 44mm or 1 3/4")?

I'm at a point now where I need to buy new plugs and i'm looking for either glass, amber, titanium, stone or something besides wood.
I've tried eBay and google, but I'm looking for recommendations.

Etiquette and potency

My boyfriend has a sister who was born with the name Sherri. Later on in life, she changed her name to Shaelyn. Her whole family still calls her Sherri (which they say she isn't crazy about) and I've gotten very used to hearing her be called Sherri to the point where that is the name that I automatically go to when they're talking about her.
So. When I meet her, should I call her Sherri or Shaelyn?

Does caffeine lose its potency over time? If I have a cup of coffee, will it be just as caffeinated the next day? Week? Five years from now?

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Okay, guys. I need your help. I have a question regarding resumes. Boring, I know.. sorry to disappoint the folks looking for Ipod questions. (I'm quite content with my SanDisk, if you must know.)

So I have two jobs right now. Let's forget job #2, it's the first one I have a question about. I got hired in at Curves when I was 17. My history with is this:

June 2003 - February 2004: My title was "Fitness Technician."
February 2004 - October 2005: I was promoted to Assistant Manager.

In October 2005, I started a new job. In order to apply to grad school, I need "patient-contact" hours so I started working at a pysical therapy clinic.

But I didn't quit Curves. Instead, my title is technically Business Manager now. I just handle all bank deposit, cash, checking, and credit transactions 1-2 times per week. So for all intents and purposes:

October 2005 - Present: Business Manager.

NOW for my question: on a resume, how the hell do I list this? Do I have to separate each one or what? I want to keep my resume nice and compact, so any advice is helpful.

And on a CV, is it any different? I'm putting together a packet of my awards/accomplishments/intentions to give to the people who will be writing my grad school letters of rec. I would like to give them a CV so it's a little more detailed.

BONUS: What was the best letter of rec you ever got for, and what made it so good?


My boyfriend wanted a Pokemon game that was just released for the Nintendo DS. I've checked online and see that there are two versions, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. I would like to surprise him with it when he comes home today but I don't know anything about video games. So... what's the difference between the two? Does he need both? If not, which one is better?

Thanks guys!


Oh dear god, why

I just found out that I have 2 weeks to write a 25-30 page note/comment for a writing competition to get on law review.

Have you ever written something substantial and meticulous in a short amount of time? Did you get a good grade? While working 35 hours a week?
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Myspace question *groan* Help appreciated

Ok I have been working on this entirely way too long, and I am giving up and asking for help. I really want to change my myspace background. I found one I liked, but I cannot get it onto my profile. I have tried everything under the sun, and it's a no go, Houston. Can someone PLEASE help me out? I would love it. The layout I want is on myspace.com/finalfanx. My myspace is myspace.com/jessicafrancis26. I really love this game, it has a special place in my memories with my late husband. Can someone give a girl a break?
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Being VS Potential

All factors considered (comfort of who you are, uncertainty of who you can be etc..etc..), in a conflict between WHO YOU ARE NOW and WHO YOU CAN BE, who would win?
To phrase it another way: would you kill off everything that you are, to make room for (or embrace) everything you have the potential to be? (Note: this doesnt necessarily mean that you'd are giving it all up for a little more, you could be giving it all up for something different).
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Does anyone have better luck finding a store that sells "Jackson's of Piccadilly Traditional Breakfast tea"?

I challenge you, can you find a store online that sells it? I've tried to find it.

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Are liking Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby mutually exclusive?

When was the last time you were robbed? What all got taken?

Do you have a drink-related pet peeve?
To clarify I mean like I fucking hate it when all the sugar in your coffee sinks to the bottom and you accidentally drink that last sip and it's alll sugar. That's so gross. Or when all the ice in a frozen drink floats to the top and there's just sugary warm crap in the bottom.

What's something you learned in high school that you poo-pooed at the time but actually turned out to be really useful?
Matrices are the greatest invention ever and I don't know why I ever hated them!

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So, I haven't been to a dentist within the last five years. I'm 19 and I'm in college. I don't have health insurance and neither does my family. I live in New York (not the city), is there anything I can do to get a check up and some cavaties taken care of? I know sometimes you can go to a dentist school and they will do things for you for cheap. Anybody know how to find out some more information?

*edit* I live in Buffalo and go to school in Fredonia

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Okay, after my last post about wanting to eat a whole blackberry pie and then some...I'm now feeling guilty and need some recommendations of upbeat tunes to work out to.

So...what songs make YOU want to move your body?
Big Love


Has anyone had a tonsillectomy? How bad is it really?
Keep in mind I've never had surgery, a broken bone, stitches or even a cavity before. This is all very new to me and I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Know of any new alternatives to gettin' these babies removed? They're not infected or anything if that matters.

ETA: They are not infected, but they are ginormous. They're actually touching. I had strep not too long ago and they ended up severely scarred from it. I can't sleep because I can barely breathe when not upright and I choke on my food a lot because the space is so tiny. Other than that I feel fine. They're not sore or anything, just really interfering with my day to day life.
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1) I'm kind of a shut-in. I don't go outside much, the sun and I never got along well. Today I drove to school and back and now my arms are all sunburned, even though I used sunscreen.

Is there some kind of super sunscreen that I can use? I used only SPF 15 today cause my other one was old and needs to be replaced, but i usually use SPF 50-55 and still get pink.

I know that by tomorrow the burn will have faded back to my normal pasty white, I just can not hold pigment. How easy it for you to get some color?

2) Is your computer located in a room like a bedroom/family room/etc, or do you have a separate room for your computer needs?
Mine is in my bedroom, pretty much everyone saved up for their own computer after sharing one family computer for so long. We're all such computer junkies that it drove us nuts.

(no subject)

1. Has a tv show ever made you cry? Which one? Do you think it's stupid to cry over TV shows?

2. Who's your favorite Doctor?

3. If you were offered the chance to take one round trip journey either into the future, back into the past, or into a parallel universe, which one would you pick?

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How long can a person go without sleep and still think reasonably clearly?

How long can a person go on very little sleep and still function?

What's your personal record for sleeplessness?

(no subject)

Do any of your friends have a major difference of opinion with you on something? How do you handle that?

For the most part, my friends are all extremely liberal, but some of them are pretty intensely pro-life. It's just something we're never going to agree on, so we try our best never to talk about it.

(no subject)

1. Your father is a racist. Not only does he admit it, he's not remotely ashamed of it. How does this make you feel?

2. I'm about to send The Machinist back to Netflix(which, if you haven't seen it, do so. 120-pound Christian Bale, ladies!). What should I see next? Go crazy with this one.
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Thank you for calling TQC headquarters, (insertnameofpersonthatsincharge) is unavailable right now to take your call, would you like to leave a message, or may I help you?
call me vera
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Bad flirting?

What are some good examples of bad flirting?

I'm writing a couple of scenes in my screenplay where these two people (in their mid-40s, if that makes a difference) are really into each other but both really awkward and dumb about it, and I'm trying to write their conversation, but I don't really know how to flirt and I don't think it's coming out right. :/
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Fuzzy Dice!

My boyfriend just bought a car after not having one for about 5 years and I bought him a present for it: a pair of fuzzy dice. (D20 fuzzy dice from thinkgeek.com, to be exact, because he is a huge roleplaying nerd)

I know technically they are illegal to have in your car in many states.

Has anyone ever been pulled over solely for having a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from their rear view mirror?

If so, how much did it cost you, or did the officer just tell you to take them off?
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Sexy body quick

Ladies, is there any way to get your body to look better/more firm in a short period of time?
Say you had to be naked or practically naked in like a week or so, what would you do to improve your body's appearance?
Tan? Take a water pill? put hemorroid cream on your behind like beauty pageant contestants claim to? go crazy with some specific excercise regimen for a few days? eat particular foods? anything else you've ever tried or would try?
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1. Do you find square pizza hard to eat?

2. Do you get an odd sort of satisfaction when someone replies with "IAWTC" to a comment you made?

3. Who should get to decide if a fan stays on? One person wants it on because the temperature in the office is around 90 degrees F. The other wants it off because they keep sneezing.
The Dude Abides

Movie ?'s

1) What's one of your favorite bad movie? in terms of acceptance by critics
2) What is one (or are some) memorable quote(s) from your answer to #1?

3) What's a scene in a movie that you've watched w/ someone else that made everyone uncomfortable?

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Angry icons

Which icon do you use when you're pissed off and ranting?

I like to use my bloody Diamanda Galas icon when I write an angry post.

What songs/artists do you like to listen to when you're pissed off?
Me: Just about anything by Diamanda Galas.

"Stigmata" and "Flashback" by Ministry

"Sin" by Nine Inch Nails

"Let's Lynch the Landlord" by The Dead Kennedys

"Chemical Warfare" by The Dead Kennedys

"So What" Metallica. I can't remember who the original artist is. Does anyone know?

I had one hell of a bad day. It was all I can do not to betch-slap someone.
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Have you ever had any run-ins with dangerous or potentially deadly creatures in your home? [ETA: details of encounters in other places are also welcome, as long as it wasn't in a zoo :)]

(I live in a country where the deadliest foe we know is the slug. :)

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1. Vampires are seem to always be portrayed as very classy. They look well put together and rich. But, how do they do it if they can't even see themselves? Am I missing something?

2. This is more of a practical question that I didn't know where else to ask. Does anyone have a problem with jeans? I mean, I always buy them at a comfy size and they look nice, but they always stretch out, like, a size or two then look like poo.  Anything I can do to stop that?
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Volunteering abroad

Have you ever volunteered abroad?

After graduation I want to do some sort of volunteer work in India. Do you know of any reputable organizations that would allow me to do this short-term (a few months)? I can find a bunch online but I don't know how to start sorting through them. I do NOT want to live in a big city and I need to live some place with running water (yeah...), and I also don't care if I have to pay to do it. But I have no specialized skills so it has to have zero prerequisites, unless it's just having a bachelor's degree or being older than 21 or something. So if you or anyone you know has had any experiences with these types of organizations, help, please?

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I really, really, really, want this shirt Collapse )

I found it on ebay in a size small and I need an XL. I have googled extensively, looked at every store I know that sells Doe shirts...nothing. All I know is that it is the Mighty Fine line by Doe.

So, my questions...

Where can I find this shirt?? Can you find it? What else can I do to find it?? I am counting on you TQC!
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A question for a friend

One of my friends posted a question on his journal today. I have no clue how to answer it, so I figured I would ask it here.

He wants to make a copy of someone's voicemail recording. Like the "Hi, this is leastlikely, I can't come to the phone right now" bit. Does anybody know how to do this? He's aware of a plugin for Skype called Pamela which lets you record, but it doesn't seem like it's going to work in this situation.

Any ideas about what he could try?

PS: I promise this isn't a creepy stalker thing. Don't ask for details, because it's not my place to give them.


Attention people that know about fish!

My 12 year old sister's fish just died and she was beyonnnnnnd heartbroken. She loved that fish. She would say things like "Oh! It's time to go feed my baby!" and run off. It lived for 8 months, so she did pretty well with taking care of it. I'm not sure what kind it was- short fins, about the length of a goldfish, silver, thin, and very zippy. It was really energetic- she claims it would greet her when she walked in the room.

I'm not looking for that exact same fish, as I offered to buy her another one, but she said she doesn't want to replace him. She does, however, want another fish. Does anyone know of any fish that are like him- energetic, semi-smart, and recognizes its owners?

I would get her an Oscar, as they're hardcore awesome fish. But those grow, and she has limited space in her room for a tank. I bought her a beta the other day, but she found it really boring. Then it died. Needless to say, we're going to buy her another tank. I'm scared to put another new fish in it. :Blink:

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What part of the body do you find attractive (that isn't tits or ass)?

I'm a jeans and hoodie type of gal and I pretty much always have been. If I were to suddenly start wearing skirts and dresses, what would that make people think?

What would you put in the blank?
"The best video game ever is obviously                ."

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1.  Who else is graduating this semester!?  High school or college?  I'm graduating from college on May 11!

2.  Is a MacBook really worth the price tag?
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1. Why did my dad pick out Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, but eat all of the Creme Brulee ice cream I picked out?

2. What is the last picture you uploaded?
This one.

3. Will you be having dessert tongiht? If so, what will you be having?
No. I was going to have creme brulee ice cream.
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Is the name Zooey, as in the name of actress Zooey Deschanel and also the character in J.D. Sallinger's book Franny and Zooey pronounced like:

a) The name Zoe, like Zoh-ee?
b) The word "Zoo" with an "ee" suffix?

Edit: It seems consensus agrees a) is correct.
Edit Again: Nevermind the consensus. It seems there is no consensus. So keep commenting!

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Where do you keep your spare change??

In a jar? can? piggy bank?
Hidden in the back of your closet ??

It all kept seperate? pennies in one, nickels ect?

do you use coinstar?
if not, would you?

I save mine in a giant jar under my bed and once a month I go to the local coinstar to cash it in...

You're fired!

A professor at my college was fired last week for something he said about the VT shootings.

Collapse )

So TQC, what do you think?

1. Would you have fired this man?
2. Would his status as professor affect this decision (new/veteran, well loved/hated, ect)

3. If you had been in that class, would you have been offended?
4. Would you have been offended as a PARENT of a student in that class?

6. Did the college violate his 1st ammendment freedom of speech?

5. Lastly, who do you think was "in the wrong" here or is it too much of a grey area?

Oh and sorry that's so long.  I don't blame you if it's tl;dr.
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1. What are your favourite film scores?

2. (I know language questions come up a lot, but bear with me :)
a) Apart from your mother tongue, what languages are you fluent in?
b) How do you retain your foreign language skills if you don't get the opportunity to use them very often? Do you just have to be a superbrain with the memory of an elephant?
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i always seem to ask some school related question. . .

This is for my boyfriend. He doesn't have a livejournal, but he posted this question on another forum and I assume that he would get more response from here.

Anyways, in his words:
Is anyone going to culinary school?
Or has anyone gone?

I looked into it before I graduated high school but didn't go. I've been thinking about going lately because I am getting no where in college right now. I have a couple of questions that i would like to know from someone who went there or knows about it.

Do you have to know how to cook very well before you go? I can cook basic stuff like meatloaf but not anything too fancy.

Which school did you go to and where?
How much did it cost you?
What kind of job do you have now?(If you graduated)


GRE scoring scale

This is for people who are familiar with the 1600 point SAT (revised version).

Is the GRE scoring scale (800 Verbal/800 Math) comparable to the SAT's scale? For example, a 1400 is considered a respectable score on the SAT; is it considered likewise on the GRE?

Also, if you've taken the computerized GRE test, did you feel it adequately assessed your aptitude? Would you have preferred the paper or computerized version given a choice? Why?

And for everyone: Would you want to go to grad school? Why or why not?
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Does anyone remember who it is that has a bunch of gross icons? They've posted here before with one of a soda can coming out someone's ass or something? Got it, thanks!

And a replacement question: Do you like granola bars? How about cereal bars?
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muchachos! ayudame!!

what is the pluscuamperfecto subjuntivo?

[could you use it in a sentance and translate it to english]

what is the pluscuamperfecto indicitvo?

[translate a sentance]

what is the difference between the two tenses?

how can i remember this bs for my test tomorrow?
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I have this friend, that I really like, that I met online that wants me to go visit him in Minnesota (I'm 18 and I live in Texas). I want to, but my parents would kill me and/or disown me if they ever knew about it.  I know this will probably never ever happen, but I feel bad when I talk to him now because he keeps saying its my choice and I have to make decisions for myself and its driving me nuts, because I can't just jump on a plane to go see him for a week! I'm feeling a bit down, so...

What would you do if you were in my situation?

(Any suggestions welcome!)
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What is the name for an image that looks like one thing when it is right side up, but looks like something different when you flip it upside down?

I've seen the one where it's an old woman, but when you flip it, it's a princess.

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Got any songs to recommend to me?

I'm open to anything except for country and hip-hop/rap, unless they're like OMGZ SO AMAZING that they could change someone's opinion of the genre.

EDIT: And as thanks for everyone's recommendations, here's some of mine:

Single File - Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Mayday - Watchin Me
Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night
Powderfinger - Waiting For The Sun
Saosin - Finding Home
Steriogram - Just Like You
Mika - Any Other World
Muse - New Born

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Last thing that you were afraid to do but did anyway?

I just caught a spider that was on the ceiling, right above a pile of my clothes *shudder*  I trapped him in a little dish and sent him to a watery grave.  (I looked for my roommate's fiancee, who is a Marine, but he wasn't there, so I had to do it myself, ha ha.)

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Welcome to my imaginary, hypothetical world. In this world, everyone wants kids but is having trouble getting pregnant, so we have all turned to IVF.

Only, whoops, instead of getting one or two kids, you're going to have a litter of children. 6 of them, to be exact.

Do you keep them all? If you don't, how do you decide which ones to selectively abort?
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Another diet/exercise question

For those of you who have tried Weight Watchers, specifically, the Winning Points System.

Did it work? Did you have difficulties adhering to it? Any tips on how to "stay strong"?

I signed up today, as my athlete of a boyfriend has me thinking the time is nigh for me to get my butt in shape again.

As for exercise, I can't run (lol thanks scoliosis for pressing my ribs on my lungs like that) so I was thinking of 45 minutes to an hour of power walking? And then supplementing with what pilates I can do? Sound okay? I'm only looking to lose about 5-10 pounds, but it's the get myself toned/healthy thing I'm especially aiming for.


Next year I hope to take a vacation completely by myself. I've always travelled with family or friends, but I'd like to go somewhere on my own. However, I'll need to go somewhere where it'll be relatively safe for a 19 year old woman to travel. Also, I'd like to go somewhere where living is relatively cheap. I've already been to Thailand, and I'm leaving on Monday for Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Romania and Czech Republic, so I'd prefer to go somewhere new.

So where would you suggest should I go? I'll probably only stay for a week or two, and I'll be backpacking so hostelling is totally okay.

Writing question

I'm a violinist and writer when I'm not being a student, and I'm thinking of writing some fiction about a violinist. What do you all want to know? Do you want to know about the craft, the rest of the violinist's life, or both? There's just so little fiction out there about musicians that really center on the music, I thought I'd fill the gap. Comments?
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I smoke Marlboros.  Sometimes Golds, sometimes Reds.  Depends on how nasty I feel like being to my lungs.

The other day I walk into the smoke shop, and spot the usual suspects.  Plus Marlboro Green (which I know is menthol due to a drunken mishap) and a new feller, Marlboro Blue.

Whats the point of Marlboro Green?
Do you think the Marlboro man would be turning over in his grave if his lungs weren't so tarred up?
Where does Marlboro Blue fit in the range?
Since all markings of strength have been obliterated out of Australia, what bl**dy strength are these things nowadays? 

Fell Frosch.
Oh hay thar

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My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary on Canada Day (July 1st) and in addition to a small gift I am surprising him with a night in a hotel in nearby Niagara Falls.
I've narrowed it down to these two (with pictures and descriptions from the site.

Collapse )

And what's the difference between a jacuzzi and whirlpool? Is one nicer than the other?

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What would you choose?

Walk for your college graduation    OR   Move out of state earlier

(I'm trying to decide if I want to move to chicago before may 25th (i'm really excited to move), or wait for my graduation and get my diploma officially handed to me) Keep in mind... graduations are so boring.. but memorable.

Digital Cable or Direct TV? What's the difference?

Country Song

I'm looking for the song name, artist and/or lyrics of this song that I heard/saw on GAC (Great American Country). All I remember was that she was blonde, short to medium in length (curly I think), and she wore a couple different scarves in the video. I'm assuming she isn't as popular as Carrie Underwood or anything....It also looks to be a newer video. How new, I have no idea. I know that's pretty vague but I need to know what this song is and who sings it. I've been Googling everything I can think of for the passed three hours and I have absolutely nothing.

I can't remember the artists I've already ruled out but I know Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are on that list.

Any help would be appreciated!

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1) What was your first gyno appointment like? were you uncomfortable? details.

2) I just got my period, my appointment is tomorrow. Is this going to be a problem?

FYI, I'm 16 and i have my first gyno appt tomorrow. So nervous.


Where should I on vacation this summer within the United States? I'll be going with my dad. I'm 19 and he's 57.

Past summer vacations have been to Seattle, Victoria and vicinity two separate years. Yellowstone, Salt Lake, Jackson Hole, and the Grand Tetons two different summers. Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Arches, and assorted places between them. Last summer we went to Minneapolis, and drove up to International falls and went to places near there that I can't remember.

I loved all of them but I would really like to go back to Bryce Canyon. My dad has suggested going to Glacier National Park, Denali National Park and some other places I can't remember and have never been to.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here know any private investigators or do any of your have access to a police database by any chance?? I was recently screwed out of a lot of money by an exroomate and I need to look up her new address...

ETA: I already went through all the free search sites online that I can think of... I found the name through one site, but I really don't want to have to shell out $40 for the address if at all possible...

ETA2: I just want to file a lawsuit against her... I'm not stupid enough to stalk her or anything...

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Last year in my Humanities class we were doing modern artists and in the same unit as Kandinsky and other abstract artists, we covered the artist that painted big squares of like .. blue, red, yellow, white, black. I can see the paintings in my mind, but I can't think of his name for the life of me .. I think it started with an M?

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about??

Got it, thanks!!
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ARGH. Need recommendations. Please & thank you.

Is there someplace where I can upload my videos and not have the server (*coughPhotobucketcough*) distort the dimensions of the original video? I have nice, pretty 320x240 videos that look pixelated when they get uploaded, as Photobucket likes to stretch the hell out of 'em.
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For the off-beat film/Buffy fans...

Probably not the right forum but here goes:

Do you think that the Spike character on Buffy was partially influenced by the blond character in Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome?  I've never really watched the show but the mannerisms and darkness of the character make me think of the few glimpses I've had of Spike.

For a class:

What do you believe Britney Spears would have to do to make a legitimate, successful comeback?

Edit: Also, I'd like to know what everyone's favorite brand of (relatively cheap) champagne is. We're planning graduation celebrations at my house... :)

Edit Edit: No, seriously, guys. Pleeeeeease no Britney hating - I'm looking for serious answers, unfortunately.
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Ah, what the hell

Is anyone else so ambivalent about what you should study in school or want to study basically everything your school offers?

If you could have as many majors/minors as you wanted and still graduate from university in four years (or three years if you're in a country where you only go three years), what all would you study?

1. yes
2. majors: linguistics, anthropology, history, Scandinavian studies, cultural studies, film studies; minors: biology, creative writing, French, gender & sexuality studies, international relations

I'm regretting only majoring in one thing. Too late now, though, unless I want to spend 6+ years in school.