April 22nd, 2007

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What's the worst thing you've done to your car (as in you were at fault)?

I was moving my mom's car earlier and managed to scrape half the paint off the rear door, as well as dent the wheel-well pretty bad.

Drinking Age

Why is it that we, in the US, cant drink until 21?

We are an adult at 18, can marry at 18 (actually maybe before 18), buy porn and adult products at 18, join the army at 18, take care of medical issues at 18 and smoke at 18 legally. The only thing you cant do at 18 is drink.

One person in a previous post mentioned that its 21 because alcohol affects (effects?) your body. Well so does smoking yet we can do that at 18.

Some have argued about responsibility/maturity level....well I would argue if you are not mature/responsibile enough to drink at 18 you arent responsibile enough to do everything else you can do at 18.


1) What is so special about 21?

2) Why cant we go back to 18 like it used to be?

3) If you dont like 18, what age should it be legalized and why?

4) Should your other legal rights of being 18 change so once you reach X age you can do everything?

5) What age should X be?

6) Any other thoughts
Bug-eyed Earl


Does anyone even know what 4/20 really means? I've heard things like 420 is the cop code for possession of pot to the bloods and crips get together in peace on April 20th and smoke pot. I don't think most pot heads even know wtf it means they're just like "huh huh 420 dude yea".

for you writers out there

I'm in the middle of hashing out the details of a book I'm never ever gonna write. So I wanted to see if I'm not alone:

1) Have you ever had an awesome idea for a book, but once you started to put it down you realized it would never be as good on paper as it was in your head, and stop?
I have, about 20,000,000,000 times.

2) If you have any book ideas now, what are they?
I have an idea for a young adult story about a girl who doesn't know if she can measure up to her best friend, but then the best friend betrays their group of friends and she realizes that she had nothing to worry about at all.

3) Do you have a fictional character floating around your head that you'd like to write a story about, but don't have a plot that fits them?
I have this punk kid with maroon hair named Ranelli I tried sticking in a book once, but he didn't mesh well with the other characters. His mom throws batteries at him when he breaks stuff and he likes listening to the Sex Pistols except he can never remember the name of the band.
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I'm in a very question-y answer-y mood:

1) Don't you want me baby?
Yes, yes I do!

2) Do you call Q-tips Q-tips or cotton swabs? Do you call bandages Band-Aids or bandages? Do you call tissue Kleenex or tissues?
Q-tips, bandages, tissues.

3) Do you use body butter?
Aloe vera body butter is a savior.

4) If you're not 18 yet, what's the first thing you're gonna do when you turn 18?
I'm going to get a tattoo, and possibly a Monroe piercing.
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These are probably the most random questions ever but no one's home and I don't know who else to ask at 4:04 in the morning. Recently, about an hour or two ago I was beat up on the subway and my phone was stolen. I'm okay, but I have a few questions.

1.) Is a broken nose an immediate medical issue? I'm not sure if it's broken, but my nose is swollen and hurts, a lot.

2.) I might have hit my head, but I'm not sure. I had been drinking a little, and am still a little intoxicated, so I don't know what the signs of a concussion are and if I should be worried. What does a concussion feel like?

3.) Is there any way I can get this crazy bitch in trouble? There were a few witnesses but I don't really remember what she looks like.

Sprint phones/Ring tones

I just got a cell phone (sprint, katana) and I want to get some new ring tones BUT I didn't sign up for an internet web... thing with my plan and I really have no idea how to do this.

Does anyone a) know how to download them to your phone? b) know if its free (excluding the cost for a ringtone-- not that Id buy one) to do the actual DOWNLOADING or if they'd charge me, and... c) have any other info about this topic?
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Quick question. For mysterious reason I have a virus or at least something on my computer where sites randomly pop up. Also a program tried to download itself on my computer. I tried doing a virus scan but nothing worked. I remember sometime ago when something like this happened a friend told me to restore the computer. Which I did and it worked. I vaguely remember how it worked so would anyone help me out on how to do this?

Love in fuckyoulist

1. Why is it there are so many "Fuck you for making me love you"/"Fuck me for loving you"/"Fuck you for not knowing I love you"/"Fuck you for making me cry".....etc posts in fuckyoulist?

2. When you see so many whiny posts like that, do you, like myself, think that these people are weak and dependent on another person for giving them some sort of validation?
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moving far and away

Has anyone here moved from where they've lived most of their life in the USA to elsewhere in the country where they didn't know anybody (excluding going to college)?

Did it work out well? Would you recommend it if you're not happy with the area you grew up in?

How did you go about the move? Did you find a place to live, move, then find a job? Or did you try to secure a job then move? How did you chose where to go?

I've grown in up in Florida, which I don't like due to the heat, snowbirds, tourists, and hurricanes. I went to college in Jacksonville, which was nice. I hate the Orlando and Palm Beach / Lauderdale / Miami area because of how congested it was. Any personal recommendations outside of Florida but still in the USA based on that?

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Is there a program (like Itunes Publisher) that allows for someone to publish their complete music library track listing without having to type them up? I'm using windows media player.
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1. Do you have a favorite Lovecraft story?

2. I need to have a metric cock-tonne of sketches in my sketchbook by the Art Final on Wednesday--what should I draw?

3. Have you ever been non-chemically addicted? Do you mind telling what it was?

4. Do you know what the different coloured bands on headphone jacks mean?

5. Have you never been mellow?

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i dont know if this is appropriate but i'll give it a shot
i am a controll freak, it is in my nature. i am entering exam time and my parents are on my case all the time and i feel like i have lost control completely. when i feel like this, i tend to starve myself because that is the only way i know how to gain control back.
quick, give me something else i can do to 'control' my chaotic life other than not eating.
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Bug-eyed Earl


My drinking glasses always come out of the dishwasher smelling like rotten eggs or something. No matter which detergent I use. There is no food trap to clean out that I can see, so why is it doing this and how can I stop it?

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1. When you were a kid, did your parents take you to get your hair cut professionally or did someone in your family do it at home?
2. Did you wear hand-me-downs?
3. If so, were you excited to get them or did you think they sucked?
4. Did you get a car for your sixteenth birthday?
5. Were your parents (or guardians) pretty open with you about familial financial issues? Enough to make you cognizant of what the cost of your existence was to them?

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yesterday at the grocery store, i got lean ground beef and had the butcher make patties.  i had one yesterday and stuck the rest in the fridge to cook for today.  so i pull the  meat out just now, and it looks like this.  what the heck?  now, this is exactly the second time in my life that i've cooked with ground beef (i'm a raw-meat-aphobe), so i'm really grossed out and confused right now.  it smells okay..no funky odor or anything.  is it okay to eat?  what the heck happened to it?  a google search says meat turns brown when oxygen hits it.  but good god..  

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thanks guys! you saved the day!!  er, at least lunch.. =]

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can anyone tell me the name of this cactus? I bought one yesterday on a whim and the tag doesn't mention it's name, I want to find out more information about it but can't seem find anything on google. Damn Walmart.

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1. If you were in a class full of men, (i.e. engineering classes) and you saw a woman walk in who wore excessive makeup, had long nails, showed a lot of skin, was really tan what would your first thought be?

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Pick an unusual death for yourself

Eaten alive by the world's first successful batch of hamster-pirranha hybrids
Having your butthole sewn shut, You die from fecal poisoning or something
While vacationing in Saudi Arabia, your burka blows up, Marilyn Monroe-style, when you step on an air vent. You're prompty stoned to death
You're used as a human sacrifice to appease the volcano gods by some obscure jungle tribe
Anal probe malfunction during a routine alien abduction
You pass out in an old car in the junkyard, and the car ends up in a trash compactor
You accidentally spill hot coffee on Mike Tyson's lap on the very same day they repossess his house (bankruptcy). You're pummelled to death at Dennys
You die peacefully in your sleep. However, no one finds your body until 2 months have passed, and someone notices the smell...
You accidentally get your head stuck in a fishbowl. Panicking, you accidentally stumble over the ledge of the penthouse you were at. You fall 30 stories, but drown on the way down
Spontaneous combustion
While camping out one day, you're violated by Bigfoot. It ain't pretty. Let's say Sasquatch is pretty violent in the sack
You come across a light grenade. It says "pick me up". You disintegrate (hats off to whoever knows what movie this is from)
Zombie attack! You're made a meal by the walking dead
You contract scurvy from your vitamin C boycott.
Unsuccessful attempt to join the mile-high club while hanggliding, you meet with the business side of a mountain

If all dogs go to heaven, where do all chinchillas go?

Heaven as well
Hell. The deepest part of hell. If you only knew the evil thoughts that went through their heads
They get reincarnated as dogs, then go to heaven
The Happy Hunting Grounds, where they're promptly hunted down and eaten by Indian spirits

If all dogs go to heaven, what special accomodations does heaven now have to have?

A fire hydrant every 100 yards
Lots of celestial cats to chase
Their missing nutsack, which they haven't seen since they were fixed
Mandatory harp lessons (for all heavenly residents must play the harp), but taught by Lassie, the smartest of all dogs
Heaven has rows of butts, for them to sniff
People in purgatory (including the chinchillas maybe) have work visas in heaven, to burn off their sins by picking up dog poop
BSG - Kara Glee

Parental Wisdom

Have you ever said something and one second later realized, "Holy shit, I sound just like my mother"?

What did you say?

I'm babysitting my twelve-year-old brother and he's bouncing this toy up and down on a ball. I saw him doing that and said, "Don't you realize you could put your eye out?"

quitron red

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There is a house I drive by sometimes that frequently has a seemingly bitter old man standing outside giving dirty looks to all the cars that pass by. I used to smile and wave but he never waved back so I gave up. He has a plastic chair that has something in it. I'm convinced it's a clown cosutme, but I have hard time believing this man ever dressed up as a clown. Well today I took a picture while when I drove by.

Dearest TQC members, what do you think Collapse ) is?

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How often do you do nice things for selfish reasons?
I was dogsitting for a friend this weekend and got this terrible craving for brownie batter. So I made them brownies to eat when they get back. I really had no desire to make anyone brownies for any reason nor to do anything particularly nice for these particular people, but I would have felt wasteful if I bought brownie mix, ate some of the batter, and threw the rest away. Like, 75% of the nice things I ever do are for reasons similar to this. It's not that I totally loathe doing the nice thing for them, but I never would have bothered going out of my way to do Nice Thing X if I hadn't already had something else in mind.

Does it degrade the quality of the good deed if it's done for a less-than-selfless (though obviously not outright evil) reason?
I'm not sure, so I'm asking you. I only mention my true reasons for doing nice things for people about half the time. They never seem to mind. Then again if they did they probably wouldn't tell me for fear of sounding ungrateful/rude.
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Is there a way to buy back issues of a magazine?

Specifically, I'm looking for the April Penthouse with Dita von Teese for a friend of mine. I looked at the Penthouse site and didnt see anything about buying just ONE issue, and I havent been able to find it in any local stores.

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1) Do you think American culture is obsessed with sex compared to other cultures? If so, why?

2) What do you think is a 'normal' age to start having sex? At what age does it become 'weird' to have not had sex yet?

3) Should television programs address the issue of protection and birth control?  (To clairfy a bit, I mean television programs intended for entertainment. There's usually a lot of sex on those but rarely do we see the characters pull out a condom or mention birth control unless it's meant to further the plot or make a point).

4) Do you believe aesxuality is a real orientation? (I'm aware that 'asexual' doesn't really mean to be without a sex drive but I'm pretty sure you all know what I'm asking.) Are any of you asexual?

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should people ask their question and then give their answer/explanation, or should their opinion/explanation precede their question? or should they not even give any opinions or explanation or response?
if the situation is actually a part of the question, it should come first, but otherwise i like having the question first to be able to have my own frame of mind and opinions before finding out theirs. their response is just like any other commenter's response then.


My boyfriends band has just started doing some gigs in our local area and I'm looking for suggestions of songs theyeshould learn. They havent  exactly got enough originals to fill a night. Keep in mind they're a 3 piece band with a female singer (she can sing quite low though)

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Make some suggestions!!

Bee hum bug.

Look, I know bees are normal and one here or there is not a biggie. But it's 70+ today and I can not go out on my balcony without them basically buzzing all around me. The big ones, little ones - I really don't remember bees being normally abundant like flies on crap. I don't like bees but can normally just handle them. I would like to go out on my porch and enjoy the day, but there's not a 10 second span when an effing bee isnt buzzing about.

What's with the bees?
What can I do to make them go the hell away without aggitating them?
Do the big ones sting too?
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Inspired by this post.

Poll #971279 Active members

Are you an active member of TQC?

No I don't even know what's going on who are you people!?

As a member of TQC I...

Post questions
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Mostly lurk like a mofo
I'm not a member
What's happening I'm so confused

Most importantly: What do you think of the male in my icon (Michael Tapper)?

clearly a perfect biological specimen
ho for sho
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1. Why is batter so much better than the finished product? (like chocolate chip and sugar cookies or pancake, etc)

2. You're making something from a really good batter... How much of the finished product could you make with all of the batter you just ate?

3. Do you have seasonal allergies? Don't they suck? What do you take for it?

4. Have you ever played the movie game? Do you ever study IMDB for hours in preparation for it?

5. If you play disc golf, how many discs do you have? What brand and type are they? Are you good?

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every so often the pinky toe on my left foot like...loses circulation and it feels like it is cut off from the rest of my foot.

Does anybody else have this happen to them?

What causes it?

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i am a relatively skinny girl (i haven't weighed myself in months, but i'm probably 120-125 lbs. and i'm about 5'6"-5'7") and i get sassed at it A LOT.

i've always been skinny and sometimes my friends or my extended family members will sass me about it. i've been called every "skinny minnie" "lets put rocks in your shoes so you don't blow away in a strong wind" "you better wear some black clothes because we can see right through you" "toothpick" etc etc etc. it's annoying. really, really freakin' annoying. there's nothing i can do to change how i was made and i even have a little bit of anxiety about it. i am 99.999999% happy/comfortable/in love with/satisfied with my body, but sometimes i think i'm too skinny and even if i tried, i could not gain weight if i tried.

so, when someone sasses me about being skinny, how should i respond? if i say something in response (which is rare), i usually say "oh, my metabolism does that to me", but i don't really think that's a fair/proper response.

help me!
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French film

Does anyone know of a French film (not just Francophone; one that also takes place in France) that serves as a cultural representation of the country? I need to do my final project on that and I don't know what to do.
Pointificus Trafficus

Accents and blind dates

1. For English-speakers not from the United States:
What does an American (meaning US) accent sound like to you? What connotations does it have? For example, a British accent of *any* kind sounds "educated" to some Americans. Do most people you know distinguish between different regional American accents? Can you imitate an American accent? Do actors or comedians from your country often imitate American accents? What kinds of characters usually have American accents?

2. I'm going on a blind date a friend set up for me next Friday. Do you have any tips for minimizing ackwardness, in terms of places to go, topics to avoid, expectations not to have, etc.? Is a group date or taking him along when I go out with my regular clique a good idea?

3. My mom claims that it generally takes about half as long to get over someone as the time you two were together. In your experience, has this been true?

4. Do you think matchmaking for friends is a good idea? Under what conditions would it be bad or good? Has a friend ever set you up with someone? Did you ask them to? How did you feel about it? Did your friend make a good choice? How did your blind date feel about the whole thing? Have you ever set someone up? How did it work out?
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(no subject)

1) About how much water do you drink a day?
Does anyone here not really drink water? I rarely drink water (maybe a glass a week) and people think it's really weird. Hmmmm.
2) Is it preeetty today where you are? It feels like summer here.
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What happened to that Canada vs. USA question?

are there certain people who you talk to and then later think "man, i'm so boring!"?
my parents visited today and throughout it i kept thinking "wow, i sound really boring", because i cant talk to them about anything interesting because it's basically a taboo.

do you have any friends that you feel sorry for occasionally cos they are telling the most boring story ever but it's supposed to be funny?
what do you do? do you tell them? do you laugh at their terribly boring joke?

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Is there a totally random song that would make no sense for you to like that you're totally enjoying or have stuck in your head right now?

I've got that theme song from Super Size Me (the song's called Super Size Me as well) stuck in my head and I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD ARGH D:
Text - best is yet to come

lol, meta post

When someone doesn't like something you love, do you just accept that people have different likes and dislikes or do you insult them whenever you can and call it pleasant then declare that you are much more mature than that?

Edit: If someone put down Ayn Rand as their favorite author when applying to a literary magazine, what would your opinion of that be?

(no subject)

Do you like salty food? WHat about food that's sweet and salty (like a chocolate covered pretzel)?
I love salty food! And sweet and salty, it's so yummy.

When you go grocery shopping, to you buy store brand, or do you have certain brands you always buy?
Half and half, usually it's whatever is on sale, but there are some products where I stick with a certain brand.

If a total stranger came up to you on the street and pointed out some physical flaw of yours, what would you do?

What are you proud of?
It's stupid, but I work in the mall and it would be so easy for me to just grab some greasy burger or something from the food court, but instead I put in a little more effort and ate something healthy :)

Red head

Spray-On Tans

So I know some people that get spray-on tans and they always look really good and pretty natural.
But there was one girl I know that got all splotchy when it started to fade, and I never saw the others when theirs started to fade.
Now, is the splotchyness something that happens all the time?
I heard somebody say that if you exfoliate then it won’t get splotchy. Now, is that before or after the tan? Or does it even work?

I guess I’m just asking for any tips that anyone has about spray-on tans.

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I have a feeling I shouldn't ask this question. Clearly, I don't care all that much about that feeling because I'm going to ask anyway:

If global warming is liberal media bah humbug polar bear sympathizers whatever the theory is for why it isn't real: what are people gaining from lying about it? What is their motive for making up something like this, or exaggerating it to such an extent?

Do you like raspberries? I have raspberries and ice cream for tea and I am very happy about that.

Do you think the strawberry is overrated? I like them and all, but they don't seem all that special.
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(no subject)

Strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup: am I going to regret that? (Chocolate syrup like Hersheys, out of a bottle.)

My dad got me Fruit-of-the-Month again for Christmas and this month I got pineapples. I'm not usually a pineapple eater, so I have NO idea what to do with the one I have left. If you had a ripe pineapple, what would you do with it?
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I'm writing a paper for my psych class. I have to use four to five journal articles, summarize, critique, blah, blah, blah. She wants a works cited page. Since the majority of the articles have multiple authors, how do I cite them? Would it be the
Main author, secondary authory, so on so on. Journal Title, blah blah blah. ?
and if so, I know the main author's last name is first, but the rest of them?

Or would it be
Main author, et al. Journal Title, blah blah blah. ?

Someone smart please help me before I rip out what remains of my hair.

edit: I'm using MLA format. Why? Because that's what the lady wants.

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The other night, I found in my handbag collection a pretty chinese brocade handbag. Inside, was a silver foil packet - it looked like it was meant to come together. I opened the packet, and inside was about 40 or so tea bags. I have no idea where this came from or what flavour this tea is.

The little pull tab on the bag is green and reads "KTE - Kanchanjangha Nepal Organic Tea". Googling found me the company, but there are no product lists on the site. The tea smells of mint and something else, possibly clove. It reminds me of the smell of an unlit menthol cigarette. I brewed the tea, and it tasted horrible. Very bitter, and not at all tasting of mint.

So, internets, tell me - what the hell flavour is this tea? The company seems to make green tea (among others) and it says it tastes a bit like Darjeeling. I have no idea what that tastes like. What smells of mint but doesn't taste of it?

Sorry, this is driving me nuts.

(no subject)

Does the religion you follow have any specific beliefs/guidelines on what food should and should not be eaten?

Do you follow these guidelines? How hard is it to dine out while following these guidelines?
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(no subject)

For my 23rd birthday, my mom wants to get me a "trip". My question is, where do I want to go? I'm already in England, so preferably something outside of the United Kingdom.

Warsaw? Budapest? Moscow? Paris would be nice, but I can do that easy from here to begin with. I'll most likely be doing this alone, unless my boyfriend comes with, so preferably somewhere that's easy to navigate, relatively safe, and with lots of sites in walking distance.
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online work? need money.

i'm kind of in desperate need of money, but i'm only sticking around my area for a month of so I can't really get a real job.
I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas to make quick cash, doesnt even have to be a lot.
Does anyone know of any legitimate online survey sites or one of those ad-review work from home sites that actually work? I've signed up for survey things online, but they never came through actually. Are there any legit ones? please help.

(no subject)

When I started my job I stopped listening to music. I just never had the time. I recently started again, as I bought a mp3 player and can listen in my car. :-) Thing is, 99% of the bands I listened to before, I can't stand now.

Below the cut is my list of bands I still listen to. Can anyone reccomend any bands that you'd think I'd like? I only have a few bands, now, and I want a bigger collection to chose from. :-\

Collapse )

I mean... that looks like a lot... but it's really not. I can't ever find anything I feel like listening to. I've heard it all over and over for the past few years. I want some new bands/soundtracks!

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. :-)

(no subject)

I’m getting my hair cut in a weeks time, and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I’m seriously considering something like this or this . My only concern is: what will it look like when it isn’t properly styled, if I just let it flop down, and put the minimum of styling products into it, how would that look? I ask because where I work is, while not exactly conservative, not really the kind of place I could wear that hair at. I just need to know if I could comb it down into something a little less startling. Could anyone here who has or has had hair like that post a pic or two of what it looks like ‘normally’? Also, just out of interest, how long does it take to do every morning? (I like my sleep…:P)

EDIT: to clarify: I work weekends, so I would be getting the most out of this hairstyle for five days out of every seven.

Thanks to anyone who can help. :) (This part of the question in x-posted to madradhair)

And, totally unrelated: what song is so bad/irritating it actually causes you pain to listen to it? For me it’s Hinder’s ‘Lips of and Angel’. I might not have hated it so much, but it seemed like every radio station in NZ played it twice an hour for months on end.
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a coupla questions

i. Does it bug you when you find typos/spelling errors/grammatical errors in textbooks? I've found three in this book I'm reading for history and it bothers me that I'm forced to read such boring material that even the authors couldn't find the time to proofread before it went to press. And some of the sentences in my history textbook don't even make sense.

ii. I got a new dress this weekend and it's really colorful. Mom wants to get laundry detergent that will help prevent colors from fading in the wash before we wash it. The majority of the dress is dark blue but it has some bright greens and pinks on it. Suggestions? Bonus points if it preserves bright colors and is hypoallergenic/recommended for sensitive skin.

Oh, how original of me.

If you could only read three books for the rest of your life, what would they be? What three movies? Three songs?

Do you think that nurses are overworked and underpaid? How do you feel about the fact that some people, like Paris Hilton, get paid crazy amounts of money just for showing up at a party while others work themselves to death for a small paycheck?
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(no subject)

1. Have you used diva cup or other cup type products? What did you think?
2. Have you used gladrags or another type of cloth pad? What did you think?

I think both are a great idea, but I think I am a bit weirded out with them still. I'm starting to feel guilty with all of the pads/tampons I'm using and throwing away and am thinking I should us something re-usable.

(no subject)

1.) Do you regret getting a tattoo?/ Do you want a tattoo?
I want to get one very soon!

2.) What is your favorite quote? Inspirational, funny, long, short, lyrics, prose, whatever.
I don't have one favorite, but I like quoting the Simpsons in everyday jargon like "Cat IN the furnace" or "Those should be your millions, Dad"
and "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams" from Willy Wonka.


Hello =)

I am working on a project for french and we need to invent a product that improves upon its successor. So we're basically doing flavoured/edible school supplies but that's besides the point...

We have to film a commercial and I'm looking for background songs. The commercial will be around 1:00 give or take 10 seconds. Do you know any songs that have something to do with food, or just a lighthearted sound that's sort of commercial-ish?

Dee xx

oh europe

GUYS I ran out of this and I stink and I'm in Europe and European deoderant stinks.

If you live in Europe, please advise me as to which antipersperant/deoderant works well. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Okay TQC, I need a lesson in etiquette.

My friends are all graduating from college.
I am not, as I got pregnant while in college and had to drop down to part time.
Should I be getting them presents for graduation?
I know that graduating college is a big deal, and I know my mom always hands out massive checks to graduates. I just dont know what is appropriate to get a friend? Keeping in mind I am a single mommy, and I dont have a lot of money. (So the massive check idea is out)

Card it is! Thanks ;)
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I need to record a short clip(no more than 30 seconds) of someone speaking. I need the recording to be put on a cd or an ipod. Sound quality is pretty important as this will be played over a sound system but cost is an issue. Any suggestions on how to do this?

(I was thinking some sort of ipod accessory, but I would need one compatible with the 2nd generation nano and the video ipod.)

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Is it possible to be in love with someone, and yet... cheat on them repeatedly?

I think people can make one mistake and still be completely in love with someone, but I'm not sure about repeatedly lying and cheating. My gut says no, they couldn't possibly be in love with someone and do that to them, but I'm curious to know if anyone disagrees and why.


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1. How do you deal with awkward crushes on friends? And I don't mean "what should I do?" but "what do/have you done?" Especially crushes that are of the hopeless variety - where you're crazy about them, and they have some idea, but it's never going to happen. Let's say there's an 11 year difference between you, they're in a very cute, very committed relationship, and they think of you as a really good friend and probably little sister.

all hypothetically, of course.

2. Have any good stories about awkward crushes on your friends, or ones your friends had on you? Or just awkward stories in general?

3. What one hit wonder of the 90s makes you thank everything holy that the 90s are over?
edit: wow, didn't know how I didn't catch that. yes, duh, britney is not a one hit wonder.

"Sometimes" by Britney Spears

4. What do you think when you see kids with those wheelie shoes?

I agree with the PostSecret postcard about them. And I realize that America is getting fatter and lazier.

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1)What's the most disgusting thing you've ever tried to eat? Did you swallow it or spit it out?
2)Would you rather date someone who was attractive, successful and extremely patriotic or someone who was just attractive and successful? ('Splain please)
3)Where were you born?
Big Love


What do you consider to be one of the greatest moments in television?

I'm going to go with Roots, but I know that there are many other important or irrelevant yet memorable moments.
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1. if you've had a piercing (other than your ears) and took it out why did you?

2. How long did you have it before you took it out?

3. What did you have?

4. Do you sometimes wish you hadn't?

5. What was your worst break-up?

6. What is the longest its taken you to get over someone?

7. Why did it take so long?

8. How much time do you give yourself in the morning to get ready before you have to go somewhere?


What make/model of car do you drive?
What do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?
What color is it?

Is this the car you want to drive? If not, what would you prefer to drive? (Realistically....)
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2 jobs.

I am trying to juggle 2 job this summer. nothing serious, one at the gap, and one at a restaurant. the only problem is, i have NO idea how to arrange my schedules, or what to list as my availability for both places. another complicating factor -- i have about 3-5 doctors appointments a week on an ongoing basis.

have you ever had 2 hourly jobs that you had to manage? any advice or experiances?

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i have an even bigger problem than my hamburger scare from earlier.  i have spiders in my apartment.  most are wolf spiders.  the others look exactly like wolf spiders, but they are black and just a tad bigger.  i've lived here for almost four years and see them every once in a while.  maybe it's just my paranoia, but it seems like there are more this spring.  i have one living under the carpet in a corner of my room.  i've tried everything to coax it out, but nothing has worked.  

so anyway, i've googled and such about how to get rid of spiders.  everything just says to keep things clean, use screens on doors and windows, etc.  my apartment is immaculate, there are screens on all the windows, i dispose of any spiders i find..but i still have spiders.  =[  the little spiders aren't so creepy, but the wolf spiders are disgusting.

what can i do to get rid of these damn spiders?  anything to prevent them?  anything to trap/kill them?

edit: i'm looking for something maybe like the sugar + baking soda trick for ants.  would that work for spiders?  is there a spider equivalent?

edit number two: don't google for a picture of wolf spiders.  and if you do, i'm not responsible for mental trauma or nightmares.
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What, in your opinion, are some of the best love songs ever written?

My picks:

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Your Song - Elton John
Something - The Beatles
Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues
Lover Lay Down - Dave Matthews Band
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